HelloWorld321my fstab is # NTFS Windows VistapPartition (?)00:00
HelloWorld321/dev/sda2 /windows              ntfs-3g    quiet,defaults,locale=en_us.utf8,umask=8,rw 0       200:00
Lancelotcould you help me?00:00
kpomaneverything launches instantly, runs smoothly. impressive00:00
HelloWorld321bAdSystems: Are you a multi-system expert?00:00
LancelotbAdSystems, can you help with an input issue. My numpad is controlling my mouse00:00
robdigHelloWorld321: mine is xp ntfs on a remote box00:00
HelloWorld321bAdSystems: yes, that's me.00:00
terryastley: What does iwconfig say?00:00
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, Yes i am. I am knowlageable in Unix, Linux and DOS systems, aswell as all their roots.00:01
bAdSystemsbAdSystems, you have turned on a accessability option that allows for controlling of the mouse via the keyboard.00:01
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, what seems to be your issue.00:01
terryastley: I'm not sure what your situation is, but sounds like you need an application to control your wireless connections.  If that is the case, I would suggest installing wicd.  sudo apt-get install wicd00:01
HelloWorld321bAdSystems:   I have a big Vista partition, and I need to get my big files (like mysql databases) onto my big Vista NTFS partition00:02
scarleoHelloWorld321: I believe umask=000 would give you full permissions so it might be fine for temporary00:02
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, why not resize the partitions? or e00:02
smwscarleo, wouldn't 777 be full permissions?00:02
bAdSystemsSet up a RAID array to increase storage*00:02
HelloWorld321bAdSystems: I mounted my Vista partion in fstab as # NTFS Windows VistapPartition (?)00:02
HelloWorld321/dev/sda2 /windows              ntfs-3g    quiet,defaults,locale=en_us.utf8,umask=8,rw 0       200:02
RedLanceUbuntu 9.10 seems to work fine on my system.  10.10 shuts the system down randomly, but always after only a few minutes of being booted up.  AMD Athlon X2 64 5000+ CPU, 3 gig ram, Nvidia graphics card.  Where do I start looking for the issue?00:03
Mannyueli downloaded skype and i dont see the webcam call feature????????00:03
astleyi use network manager already terry:00:03
scarleosmw: No I think it's 000 but I have been wrong before00:03
Jancsy-hello! anyone here who could help me starting my tv tuner on ubuntu?00:03
HelloWorld321bAdSystems: Because UltraDefrag couldn't move some stuff near the end00:03
scarleosmw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab00:03
terryastley: Looks like your wireless device is not supported.  What does lspci say about it?00:03
robdigHelloWorld321: good luck. i've got to run.00:04
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, i would do a full system defrag on windows, then use gParted to shrink. But that is besides the point. What is the issue you are having, it its most simple form of explanation.00:04
terryastley: lspci | pastebin00:04
Jancsy-any helpers around?00:05
UcefKHyes me00:05
UcefKHwhat do u need00:05
HelloWorld321bAdSystems: I'm trying to follow these instructions to move my databases, but the chmod doesn't take ... http://www.ubuntu-howto.info/howto/how-to-move-mysql-databases-to-another-location-partition-or-hard-drive00:05
HelloWorld321I'ma try umask=000 ....00:05
astleyterry: http://pastebin.com/kBstMJjM00:05
Jancsy-UcefKH, I'd like to start my tv tuner card on ubuntu00:05
dustinhello, i am not in need of assistance, yet... but it's' nic eto know where to go! have a great night everyone!00:05
NocturnalI am needing some help with flash for firefox. When I go to websites that use flash, a blank box comes up with a F button, when I put my mouse on it, it turns to a play buton then loads the flash. I need something that will auto load/play the flash. As I do some online gaming that requires flash. Any suggestions?00:05
zhxkexcuse me, where to paste file?00:06
Jancsy-the card's software is for windows only.00:06
edbianNocturnal, You have flashblock installed in firefox.  Turn it off00:06
overclucker!paste > zhxk00:06
ubottuzhxk, please see my private message00:06
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, this stinks of a problem i had on my very first ubuntu installation. I was unable to change any permissions for a few arbitrary files.00:07
terryastley: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=858151000:07
Nocturnaledbian, I allready did.00:07
phoenixsamprasbAdSystems: chmod or chown00:07
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, hmm. So your trying to move your database from one Linux to the next.00:07
rbnswartzbAdSystems sudo chmod?00:08
Steristanyone know if ubuntu is being ported to android? I know it's available on a few phones via hack but its messy00:08
bAdSystemsphoenixsampras, it was about 5 years ago, i cannot remember.00:08
bAdSystems4 years*00:08
terry!flash | Nocturnal00:08
ubottuNocturnal: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:08
brockcan someone help me00:08
HelloWorld321phoenixsampras: sry, I said chmod, I meant chown.  the chown doesn't take00:08
astleyterry:sorry that doesn't help, it is a different wireless card00:09
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321,  it never came back, but anyway. So your moving the database from one linux to the next? I belive NS said you were trying to move it to windows?00:09
HelloWorld321I'm trying umask=000, and the "service mysql start" is taking forever00:09
rbnswartzfire away brock somebody will try00:09
HelloWorld321Both partitions are NTFS.  That's how the installer set it up.  The other partition runs Vista.00:10
phoenixsamprasheard mongodb is great00:10
brocki have a asus laptop running ubuntu 10.10 and my webcam and microphone do not work00:10
smwSterist, ubuntu can not be ported to android. One linux distro can't be ported to another.00:10
phoenixsamprasHelloWorld321: are you putting production db's on NTFS?00:10
Jancsy-anyone willing to help me too, please?00:10
jwandborgJancsy-: What do you need help with?00:10
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321,  i could not make out his words, he seems in a hurry. But if he was correct, then i must inform you that you cannot simply "copy and paste" your database from one system to the next. Only if the systems are of the same operating system.00:11
Jancsy-jwandborg: i have a gigabyte gt p6000 pci tv card which has only windows software00:11
HelloWorld321phoenix: still in dev, and behind a big fat firewall .... but that would be next.  Why?  Would that be bad?00:11
Jancsy-i'd like to start it on ubuntu00:11
rbnswartzbrock you know for certain that it doesn't work? Have you tried using the cheese photo booth to test it?00:11
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, you would have to export your database, rebuild your configuration, then import your database back in.00:11
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phoenixsamprasJancsy-:did you contact the Manufacturer?00:11
terryastley: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168003900:11
HelloWorld321bAdSystems: I see.00:11
jwandborgJancsy-: Have you tried Wine?00:12
terryastley: Is this a laptop?00:12
Jancsy-nope, i don't see any importance.00:12
Jancsy-yes, i tried.00:12
astleyterry: yes00:12
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, with but few exceptions, you cannot simply take somthing working in linux, and copy it into windows. For more reasons then it is worth listing.00:12
terryastley: Looks like your wireless device is not supported. You might try trading it for another00:12
rbnswartzjwandborg I don't think wine is does drivers that well are you sure on that one?00:12
HelloWorld321I guess I'll leave my files where they are, then.00:13
jwandborgrbnswartz: Not at all, just out of the blue. (cc Jancsy-)00:13
brockrbnswarts      yes i have tried and it does not work00:13
Jancsy-actually wine could do nothing :))00:13
brockrbnswarts  it says no device found00:13
Jancsy-someone told me that VLC could help me, but I don't have any idea how. i'm too new on ubuntu :)00:13
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, if at all possible, i would find a equal or better to all your windows needs, then delete vista and become a "pure" ubuntu user. As someone who uses all three systems everyday... i can say with great confidence that windows is, and always will be, a horrible system to its very core. From the kernel to the userland, it wreaks of horrible code.00:14
astleyterry: thats not true, i had it working before, but the driver disappeard...i forgot how i did so in the first place00:14
jwandborgJancsy-: I'm having a hard time trying to see how VLC would help you with driver problems.00:14
terryastley: Oh, ok... Well look at this: http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/00:14
rbnswartzbrock then you don't have the driver. Depending on who made it and what device it is there might not be a linux driver00:14
gluonmanedbian, so I got the following: http://pastebin.com/R5L1hPxe00:15
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, windows was never ment to be used in todays world, it was build to be a stand alone system, with no internet. You set it up, and use it. Everything put into it was ment to be put in via CD or other input. Thus, it cannot survive in a modern world.00:15
brockrbnswarts   how would i go about getting the driver00:15
terryastley: http://www.downloadatoz.com/driver/articles/ralink-rt3090-rt5390-pcie-wireless-lan-linux-driver-for-ubuntu-10-10.html00:16
bAdSystemsHelloWorld321, if you must use it, i suggest virtual box.  Anyway , i must take my leave. I am needed elsewhere.00:16
Jancsy-jwandborg: so, any chances to make it work?00:17
rbnswartzbrock If the restricted drivers tool can't find anything and google draws up a blank you might have to wait till someone writes one.00:17
phoenixsamprashow to install the 'import' command?00:17
phoenixsamprasJancsy-:  you should forget any chances to get multimedia work properly on linux, its a pain00:17
Jancsy-thanks anyway:)00:18
Jancsy-no what?00:18
UcefKHu can insall windows xp under ubntu00:18
UcefKHuse vmware00:18
UcefKHjust wait00:18
Jancsy-UcefKH, we're talking about something else.00:18
jwandborgJancsy-: I don't think so.00:18
UcefKHi gonna show00:18
mongyJancsy-, what tv card is it00:19
Jancsy-Gigabyte GT P600000:19
jwandborgJancsy-: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platform_virtualization00:19
hiexpophoenixsampras, why say that it's hard to make multimedia  work on linux itworks great00:19
rbnswartzbrock I must leave. Sorry for not being very helpful. Try posting it on www.askubuntu.com00:19
phoenixsamprashiexpo: doesnt, not even hibertantion and suspend works on my laptop00:20
UcefKHRunnig Xp sweet under ubuntu 10.10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJWLg-kAvx800:20
jwandborgUcefKH: Jancsy-: Still, if Ubuntu doew not know the AV input device, VMWare will neither.00:20
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=== IPNion is now known as IPNixon
UcefKHmay be00:20
Jancsy-UcefKH gosh, please understand that I'd like to run it from ubuntu and not windows!00:20
Jancsy-no vmware and other virtual machines00:21
hazzaruxevening, guys!00:22
jwandborgJancsy-: I bet you've googled for anything that could be of some sort of help?00:22
mongyJancsy-,  look at dmesg when you plug it in, what does it say00:22
jwandborghazzarux: G'day mate!00:22
Jancsy-of course, that's why i'm here00:22
Nocturnalhmm I removed the flashblock and its still not loading flash00:23
Jancsy-uh, mongy.. i'm too new for those dmesg thingies.00:23
mongyJancsy-, a decent hauppage nova T usb stick costs like £20 btw :)00:23
Jancsy-but I'll try to colaborate if you could help :)00:23
mongyand works ootb00:23
Curatorhello, i'm running ubuntu 10.10, and when i use headphones i get a high pitched ringing sound only on my left channel00:24
Jancsy-nah, not that important. just wanted to check if it can be resolved00:24
mongyJancsy-, unplug it, run tailf /var/log/messages and plug it in00:24
Curatori've found lots of old threads with a solution to the problem, but it did nothing for me00:24
hiexpoJancsy-, what you trying to get working there00:24
mongyJancsy-, and paste the output00:24
Curatorhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221875 this is the main thread00:24
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Curatorcould anyone help me?00:26
smw!ask | Curator00:26
ubottuCurator: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:26
Curatorwell i asked the question00:26
Curatorbut didn't get a response00:26
RobmillernowInstalling Ubuntu 10.10 on an old PC (it's still got a 1/4" floppy drive) -- getting the following error after first "Ubuntu" graphic startup screen: << (initramfs) mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: Input/output error00:26
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almoxarifeRobmillernow: a wubi install?00:27
Robmillernowsecond line:  Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem/squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs00:27
[segfault]Curator: folks come and go here, so if you don't get a response, wait a few mins and then ask again.  perhaps in that time someone has come on who can help you.00:27
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
Robmillernowalmoxarife:  i'm a n00b -- don't know what wubi is00:27
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
almoxarifeRobmillernow: the install was thru windows?00:28
hiexpo!wubi | Robmillernow00:28
ubottuRobmillernow: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe00:28
memorygap01what software i can use on video conferencing in ubuntu?00:28
mongyRobmillernow, did you md5 check the iso00:28
Curatorhello, i'm running ubuntu 10.10, and when i use headphones i get a high pitched ringing sound only on my left channel00:28
RobmillernowOH.  no, i was installing from a bootable CD00:28
Curatorhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221875 this is the main thread00:28
mongymemorygap01, skype.  !skype00:29
memorygap01mongy: thanks00:29
mongymemorygap01, or empathy with a xmpp/gtalk account00:29
Robmillernowdidn't do an md5 check, whatever that is.  just followed the instructions on ubuntu.com for making a bootable CD00:29
AmpelbeinCurator: is it similar to bug 709869 ?00:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 709869 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Noise in left channel with USB audio device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70986900:30
phoenixsamprasNoise in left channel with USB audio device <<< wuahahaha00:30
RobmillernowI'd like to REPLACE windows on the machine.  it's old and dying under Windows.00:30
mongy!md5 | Robmillernow00:30
ubottuRobmillernow: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:30
mongymemorygap01, gmail actually has a browser plugin also for it with use in gmail.00:31
astleywhen i try the command edit in terminal i get this http://pastebin.com/jF0LdbQs00:32
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
mongyastley, edit isnt a command.00:33
Robmillernowthanks -- doing the md5 check now00:34
[segfault]mongy: its a mailcap program00:34
astleywhat is?00:34
[segfault]astley: if you are just trying to edit a text file, try gedit00:34
mongyits not a command he needs to be using is it.00:34
[segfault]mongy: probably not :)00:35
astleyi know what  i needed it for00:35
debuggerfuck ubuntu00:35
green__I broke compiz by installing 9.2 anyone with help fixing it?00:35
mongygreen__, how did you install it00:36
UcefKHLove Ubuntuuuuu00:36
mongygreen__, use ppa-purge00:36
UcefKHlove 10.1000:36
green__did that but purge is cannot find package00:37
IdleOnegreen__: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge00:37
IdleOnegreen__: after that the ppa-purge command will work00:37
* mongy read that as purge couldnt find a package00:38
IdleOneyeah on second read I am not sure either00:38
green__says unable to locate ppa purge00:39
mongyIdleOne, you were right then.00:39
IdleOnegreen__: ppa-purge is the package name00:39
[segfault]green__: don't forget the dash there '-'00:39
Robmillernowokay so no match on the m5d.  do i download and burn a new .iso?00:40
IdleOneRobmillernow: yes00:40
Robmillernowthanks y'all.00:40
bastidrazorRobmillernow: burn at a slower speed, 4x or 8x00:40
green__says ppa-purge is already the newest version00:41
Robmillernowcopy.  thanks.00:41
neizis there an easy way to upgrade 10.10 to 11.04?00:41
mongygreen__, what was the command you used to add the ppa00:41
IdleOne#ubuntu+1 for natty00:41
bastidrazorRobmillernow: i mean once you get a new ISO00:41
memorygap01i'll always get this on terminal00:42
memorygap01N: Ignoring file 'karmic_0.list.1' in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension00:42
memorygap01is this an error00:42
green__sudo add-apt-repository ppa:unity/ppa00:42
mongygreen__, sudo ppa-purge unity/ppa00:42
Robmillernowbastid:  okay.  so no way i can use that old .iso?  it worked in a similar situation in January.  I only ask because I'm looking at a 2-hour download.00:43
Robmillernowand if waiting for the download is the answer, i can wait.00:43
bastidrazorRobmillernow: if the old ISO passes an md5 then yes, if it fails then a new ISO is the only solution00:43
Robmillernowcopy that.  gotta wait.00:43
green__ Could not find package list for PPA: unity/ppa ppa00:43
IdleOnesudo ppa-purge unity00:44
bastidrazormemorygap01: remove the .1 on that file00:44
green__same thing00:44
astleyhow do i do number 13 on this list of instructions? http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/00:44
memorygap01 bastidrazor:  how can i remove?00:45
Robmillernowthanks, everyone.  you've been very helpful so far.00:45
bastidrazormemorygap01: sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/karmic_0.list.1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/karmic_0.list00:45
th0rastley: open a terminal and type that command, but you will probably have to prefix it with sudo00:45
Nocturnalhey guys, I still havent got my flash player working. Any suggestions...00:46
mongygreen__, thats odd, I cant seem to do it either for that ppa00:46
mongyanyone else get this problem with trying to remove unity ppa..other ppa's remove fine, this does not00:47
astleyth0r: http://pastebin.com/QmhJaTsA00:47
green__mongt how do i purge the regular compiz?00:47
memorygap01bastidrazor: thanks00:48
bastidrazormemorygap01: you're welcome00:48
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[thor]astley: waht?00:50
th0rastley: try 'sudo restart network-manager'00:50
[thor]oh.. sorry.. highlight got triggered.. hi th0r00:50
green__im not seeing the unity/ ppa in synaptic00:52
StarminnHow can I place a desktop shortcut for Trash?00:52
fabio333Starminn, gcong-editor -> apps -> nautilus -> desktop00:53
green__starminn add to panel00:53
StarminnThank you, fabbio.00:54
memorygap01how to check if firefox installed00:54
wjwI can ssh but when I try to sshfsd to the same machine I get "remote host has disconnected".00:54
wjwI mean sshfs00:55
plustaxim having an issue with getting files over to my 5th generation nano00:56
aeon-ltdmemorygap01: type 'firefox' in terminal, if it launches then yes it installed fine00:56
plustaxusing ubuntu. Anyone help me out?00:56
jiffe99question, I have an ubuntu 10.10 server and if I reboot or gracefully power it off, when I turn it back on it boots right up, but if it is hard powered down and I turn it back on it hangs at the grub menu, no countdown or anything, is there a way to ensure it always boots up?00:56
aeon-ltdmemorygap01: firefox (then press enter)00:57
* randomuser is away: dog poop00:57
memorygap01 aeon-ltd: thanks00:57
wjwplustax, pose your question and see if anyone comes out of the woodwork to answer it.00:57
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jiffe99and when I say it hangs I mean it is waiting for user input00:58
mongygreen__,  I am stumped.  This is a new one on me.  Unity ppa not able to be used with ppa-purge00:58
TeggehHey guys, when I boot, I have a heap of different ubuntu versions. I go to use the janitor and it is empty. No previous versions to delete. Any ideas?00:58
=== Guest20968 is now known as mayberryandy
wjwTeggeh, I removed some manually.00:58
nit-witTeggeh, do you  mean kernels at the boot menu00:59
astleyi cannot use the wireless card in my computer, depspite having installed the driver and restarting00:59
wjwTeggeh, I found in /boot about two directories and one plain file for each old version.00:59
green__mongy, im still showing compiz9.0.2 in my synaptic also and i just want the older one back00:59
CuratorAmpelbein: it seems very similar to bug 70986900:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 709869 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Noise in left channel with USB audio device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70986900:59
Curatorthough i'm not using an audio device00:59
TeggehYes nit-wit00:59
th0rastley: does the wifi card appear in iwconfig or ifconfig?01:00
nit-witTeggeh, you have to be careful removing those and it s not from the janitor01:00
terrymemorygap01: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/firefox*01:00
astleyth0r: no01:00
mongygreen__, you will have to manually go in synaptic and select the version for each package then01:00
TeggehArrg. Ok thanks nit-wit, guess I'll have to get used to it. I gotta go down 8 options to get to windows lol.01:00
wjwTeggeh, look up "rm -rf".01:01
Curatori mean01:01
Curatornot using a USB audio device01:01
wjwTeggeh, man rm01:01
nit-witTeggeh,  install ubuntu tweak it hasa easy remover . http://ubuntu-tweak.com/01:01
green__all the same versions though?01:01
th0rastley: does the rt5390 module show in lsmod?01:01
mongygreen__, the standard ubuntu versions.01:01
mongywhatever is part of maverick or maverick-updates01:02
TeggehThanks nit-wit01:02
TeggehThanks wjw01:02
wjwI can ssh to a remote machine fine but I can't get sshfs to work.  It says remote host has disconnected.  Ideas?01:02
th0rastley: try 'sudo modprobe rt5390sta'01:03
Robmillernowi heart this #ubuntu channel.01:03
bastidrazorTeggeh: by all means use synaptic.. search for 'linux-image' then uninstall the old versions.01:03
Robmillernowyou can never get help for windows or mac this easily.  you guys fairly rock.  just sayin.01:04
wjwbastidrazor, cool.  I didn't think of uninstalling them.01:04
wjwbastidrazor, Teggeh only has to scroll down.  In my case, I was out of space on /boot01:04
TeggehYeah, this is purely for making it look pretty.01:05
mer_gedoes anyone use a vertical gnome panel? is there a small clock for such a setup?01:05
bastidrazorwjw: uninstalling them would be the proper way01:05
wjwTeggeh, do what bastidrazor says.01:05
nightsha1ei'm trying to install ubuntu on my desktop, and it won't go past the part where you set up the time zone.  I don't want windows on this computer!01:05
green__well i installed compiz again did compiz --replace and nothing01:06
=== nightsha1e is now known as niteshade
ju1c3just upgraded to ubuntu 10.04+ where did the /boot/grub/menu.lst go? how do i edit the new one?01:06
niteshadenightshale was a typo01:06
bastidrazor!grub2 | ju1c301:06
ubottuju1c3: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:06
LinuxReignnightsdale, you should try a known good disc, probably was a bad burn01:06
TeggehUbuntu tweak seems to have done the job.01:06
niteshadei tested it on another computer, and it worked01:06
MnCCcan anyone help me, im trying to upgrade clamav .. just no success .. googled for 20 mins .. no luck01:06
LinuxReigntry to swap the optical drive then01:07
niteshadeand i went through the disk test utility and it was successful01:07
Nicolas_Leonidaswhy does su not work in ubuntu?01:07
astleyth0r: http://pastebin.com/y5p8JGYS01:07
terryMnCC: Is this a server you are working on?01:07
Nicolas_Leonidashow do you switch to root?01:07
mongygreen__, you can check the /var/log/apt/history.log for list of apps that were upgraded/installed., also, maybe you need a reboot01:07
MnCCterry, nope: just my laptop ..01:07
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:07
bastidrazorNicolas_Leonidas: sudo -i01:07
terryNicolas_Leonidas: sudo su -01:07
niteshadeit all works up to the time zone.  Is there any way to bypass that step and set it up later?01:07
th0rastley: looks like the 'make' didn;t work....you probably got errors when you tried to compile the module01:08
terryMnCC: Why are you installing clamav?01:08
terry!virus | MnCC01:08
ubottuMnCC: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:08
Nicolas_Leonidasterry: I wanna create a luncher on desktop to run that command, it doesn't work when I click on it nothing happens01:09
MnCCterry: thats exactly my problem .. i deal with windows computers in my line of work ..01:09
LinuxReignniteshade, if you have another computer with Ubuntu, you could create a USB start disc and install Ubuntu from there01:09
terryMnCC: I deal with windows computers too, but find not need for antivirus software.  Where would we get the virus software to pass on to a Window computer in the first place?01:10
jiffe99question, I have an ubuntu 10.10 server and if I reboot or gracefully power it off, when I turn it back on it boots right up, but if it is hard powered down and I turn it back on it hangs at the grub menu waiting for user input, no countdown or anything, is there a way to ensure it always boots up?01:10
hiexpoMnCC, sudo apt-get install clamav   than when thats done go to softprdia and get clamtk01:10
MnCChiexpo: thats already done, i need to upgrade my gui and engine01:11
astleyth0r: i did make again...01:11
astleynow what?01:11
th0rastley: I don't do much programming or compiling....did you get any errors in the make?01:11
green__mongy, what am i looking for in there?01:12
astleyth0r: no01:12
th0rastley: then try 'sudo make install'01:12
hiexpoMnCC, oh ya ubuntu only has the 95 issue need the 97 one sec let me find it01:12
MnCCterry: i create thinapp packages, i dont want an av on my windows vm , and i need to make sure they are clean (better safe than sorry)01:12
astleyth0r: yup i did that...do i have to restart?01:12
th0rastley: if there are no errors, try 'sudo modprobe rt5390sta'01:12
mongygreen__, any packages that were upgraded from the compiz ppa01:12
terryMnCC: Oh, ok.01:13
mongygreen__, just go through it and mark them force package version01:13
MnCCi used avg for a while .. but no gui .. it gets anoying after a while  ..01:13
mongyclamav/clamtk is enough01:14
mongyif you really need one01:14
gluonman_I ran update-initramfs -u && update-burg in kernel 2.6.35-27 and then after rebooting, the kernel woudn't boot passed the splashscreen.  I just installed kernel 2.6.35-28 hoping I could forget about it and move on, but it's broken in the same way.  I have a configuration issue, and I have no idea what it is.  How can I fix my latest kernels?01:14
MnCCmongy, i have that .. just need to upgrade the gui / engine .. cant find out how ..01:15
mongyMnCC, gui and engine are irrelevant.  database is upto date, thats all thats important01:15
green__,omgy, im there buy i don't really know what in looking for01:16
astleyth0r: now i can view netowrks but i cant use my keyring how do i do this rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring01:16
th0rastley: enter that in a terminal01:16
MnCCmongy, as that is entirely true .. i just want to know01:17
astleyth0r: i get this error http://pastebin.com/hvgLLquT01:17
MnCCi have all the stop signs in clam .. screaming to update01:17
mongyMnCC, you get gui from sourceforge.  engine is updated in repo.  anything newer you can get the source and compile yourself if you are paranoid.01:18
hiexpoMnCC, i can send you latest deb01:18
mongyMnCC, with freshclam you will have up to date virus defs, which is all that matters01:18
azizLIGHTSits not possible to have a .file and .dir/ of the same name in a dir?01:19
th0rastley: you don't have a default keyring....probably because that command worked the first time you tried it01:19
astleyth0r: i get this error http://pastebin.com/hvgLLquT01:19
MnCChiexpo, ok01:19
astleyth0r: i use the right password letter for letter number for number, but it still doesn't work01:19
mongyazizLIGHTS, yes, you can01:20
hiexpoMnCC, take it01:20
bastidrazorazizLIGHTS: why not?01:20
taggerbearhi there01:20
MnCChiexpo: figuring out how =)01:20
th0rastley: I don't know where to go with that. I never did get wpa to work right in linux....and I tried several different distros01:20
azizLIGHTSso a file called .dropbox and a dir called .dropbox can exist in /home/ubuntu?01:20
bastidrazorazizLIGHTS: yes, are you trying to create them?01:21
azizLIGHTSbastidrazor: no im trying to rename01:21
MnCChiexpo: autoget .. its starting01:21
hiexpoMnCC, ok01:22
th0rastley: put the question to the channel.....someone else here probably can help with that01:22
azizLIGHTShow do i rename the dir ".dropbox (Conflicted Copy)/" to ".dropbox", it wont even tab complete01:22
hiexpoMnCC, it timed out gonna resend it01:23
bastidrazorazizLIGHTS: oh, i thought you meant a .file inside of directory .file .. no a filename can not be the same as a directory01:23
MnCChiexpo: ok01:23
azizLIGHTSwhy not??01:23
bastidrazorazizLIGHTS: because a directory is really a file to begin with.01:24
induzHow can i make ISO of a CD, i have only one Cd tray on my system01:24
induzCd is a bootable CD01:24
mongyinduz, right click, copy01:24
astleynetwork manager wont accept my keyring, it is the correct one, is this common, please help01:25
induzmongy,  its not copy and paste as its a bootable CD so some files are hiden  i guess01:25
mongyinduz, I didnt say copy paste.01:25
=== Guest37114 is now known as DarkDevil
MnCChiexpo: dcc dont work .. ill find it somewhere01:26
mongyinduz, brasero can copy to iso01:26
MnCCtnx though01:26
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest38190
induzsomething like cloneCd01:26
bastidrazorhiexpo: if you had a ubuntuone account you could use that to share.**use the cloud**01:27
induzI have braseero01:27
hiexpobastidrazor, ok01:27
exsi have already asked in the german ubuntu chan, but i repeate the question here again. how to restart the pulseaudio daemon after shutting down with pulseaudio -k?01:28
astleynetwork manager wont accept my keyring, it is the correct one, is this common, please help01:28
th0rexs: 'sudo restart pulseaudio'?01:28
induzbrsero is music Cd program01:29
induz not for clone Cd01:29
ramonpi have an ubuntu cd, how do i install it to a removable drive from within ubuntu?01:29
exsrestart: Unknown job: pulseaudio01:29
mongyinduz, you only need 'clonecd' to copy protected cd01:29
induzhow can i clone a bootbale Cd01:29
mongyinduz, brasero can copy a bootable cd fine.01:30
bazhanginduz, k9copy01:30
bazhanginduz, as can many others01:30
joxxcan someone help01:30
joxxmy ping is exteremly slow01:30
bazhangjoxx, with what01:30
cgcardonais there a place where I can find the stock install of my .bashrc file?01:30
gluonmanIf you run sudo sh -c 'echo -n "0000:00:12.2" > bind' and then also run sudo sh -c 'echo -n "0000:00:12.2" > unbind', does that cause problems when updating the kernel?  If so, how can I reverse that?01:30
induzbazhang, i have k3b01:30
joxxI got windows on this same pc and internet is fast01:30
joxxon linux, its slow01:30
bazhanginduz, k9copy01:30
joxxbazhang: internet01:30
astleynetwork manager wont accept my keyring, it is the correct one, is this common, please help01:30
induzbazhang, is it on repo?01:31
bazhangastley, how pw's on that keyring01:31
bazhanginduz, correct01:31
cgcardonai messed with my PS1 and I can't figure out what up and I would just like to replace it with the stock .bashrc01:31
astleybazhang: i'm not sure what you mean01:31
bazhangastley, how many, sorry01:31
UcefKHwht is a thread01:32
induzbazhang, i am installing k3copy01:32
bazhangUcefKH, in what context01:32
joxxlike on the internet, it feels exactly as a really slow proxy01:32
bazhanginduz, k9 not k301:32
astleyi still dont follow you bazhang, what is a pw?01:32
joxxyet there is no proxy01:32
bazhangastley, password01:32
induzbazhang, yes k9copy...i took it for k3b01:32
mongyinduz, as far as copying a bootable cd goes, k9copy does nothing different.01:32
astleyjust one the wep code on the bottom of my router bazhang01:33
mongyinduz, but, your choice.01:33
induzis copying and cloning is same01:33
bazhangastley, that should not be stored in your keyring manager01:33
[segfault]cgcardona: here is mine.. should be default for 10.10 - http://pastebin.com/90DvR5LH01:33
hiexpobastidrazor, ok i created an ubuntuone account now how do i use it01:33
astleythen what passord are they looking for bazhang?01:33
cgcardona[segfault]: thanks :)01:34
mongyinduz, cloning is raw...  you only need to do a raw copy for things you shouldnt be copying.01:34
astleyit does it on networks without a password to01:34
=== will_ is now known as Real0pty
hiexpobastidrazor, to sendhim thatfile01:34
bazhangastley, I suggest you delete the old one as its only the network key01:34
astleyit refuses to connect bazhang01:34
jiffe99question, I have an ubuntu 10.10 server and if I reboot or gracefully power it off, when I turn it back on it boots right up, but if it is hard powered down and I turn it back on it hangs at the grub menu waiting for user input, no countdown or anything, is there a way to ensure it always chooses the default grub entry and continues to boot?01:34
killownubuntu doesn't detect my sound card Realtek ALC888B code, how can I enable it?01:34
mongyinduz, bootable isnt something voodoo you need to 'clone'01:34
joxxbazhang: any ideas man?01:34
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?01:35
astleybazhang: what is a network key?01:35
bazhangjoxx, not with so few details, no01:35
gluonmanIf you run sudo sh -c 'echo -n "0000:00:12.2" > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd/bind' and then also run sudo sh -c 'echo -n "0000:00:12.2" > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd/unbind', does that cause problems when updating the kernel?  If so, how can I reverse that?01:35
joxxbazhang: internet sites are taking forwever01:35
bazhangastley, the key to your connection01:35
mongyinduz, its upto you man.  I use ubuntu built-in.01:35
joxxbazhang: like a slow proxy01:35
induzmongy, i have a bootbale CD and its Old, i want to make a same copy/clone od that CD media01:35
joxxbazhang: also downloading updates have taken like an hour now01:35
astleyyeah, my wep key on the bottom of my router is what i used in windows, but it does not work in ubunut bazhang01:36
induzmongy, i am trying to understand here01:36
bazhangjoxx, then switch mirrors in synaptic package manager01:36
mongyinduz, so right click it and choose copy disc.  unless its some protected game/dvd01:36
hiexpoMnCC, ok i created a ubuntu one accoutuploading that file to it now01:36
joxxbazhang: its not just the update proccess01:36
killownalso I have compiled alsa-driver and I get http://bpaste.net/show/14665/, this is because ubuntu disable open sound support without a logical reason01:36
=== maitreya is now known as Guest58136
bazhangjoxx, do that first01:37
joxxbazhang: it took a while to get in here also01:37
astleyyeah, my wep key on the bottom of my router is what i used in windows, but it does not work in ubunut bazhang01:37
induzmongy, its not protected but its Xp cd01:37
joxxbazhang: so I cancel the updates?01:37
joxxits at 83%01:37
bazhanginduz, then that wont work, and is illegal01:37
mongyinduz,  so just do what I said.01:37
bazhangjoxx, no, let it finish01:37
mongyinduz, and use your legal serial01:38
astleynetwork manager wont accept my wep key01:38
joxxbazhang: ok01:38
bazhangastley, so delete the old keyring and start afresh01:38
astleynetwork manager wont accept my wep key please help, i just installed the driver01:38
joxxbazhang: its saying its gonna ake 2 days to finish01:38
astleybazhang: how?01:38
bazhangastley, please pay attention to what I just said01:38
astleybazhang: i dont know the method of doing that, which is why i'm here01:39
induzThe Cd media just getting scratches so i want to make a new copy of it01:39
induzits not illegal01:39
bazhangastley, just a moment, please be patient01:39
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?01:40
Chr|s_how do I get to my /etc/int.d/ folder? I need to add a file01:40
Chr|s_on ubuntu server01:40
induzis cloning and copy are the same??01:40
terryChr|s_: cd /etc/init.d/01:40
theamazingbeatya that is not going to happen lol01:40
theamazingbeatcould someone please take a look at my forum thread :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171033701:40
fotoQuestion: what if I had 10 computers, how would I manage them all at the same time? I don't want to have to ssh to every machine. I see there's something called landscape in canonical, is there anything free to do that?01:42
MiciahHello.  I'm getting a lot of 'Failed to fetch ...: Size mismatch' today when I try to install various packages with aptitude.  apt-cache and curl -I confirm discrepancies between Size: in the Packages and Content-Length on the mirror.  Any thoughts?01:43
astleynetwork manager wont accept my wep key please help, i just installed the driver01:43
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
joxxman I duno why its so slow01:44
=== marc is now known as Guest74811
astleynetwork manager wont accept my wep key please help, i just installed the driver01:45
=== clay_ is now known as ClayG
MagizianHey ya'll 2 questions, second hangs on the first, are any of you affiliated with the organisation known as GNU?01:46
terryastley: Turn off wep01:46
bazhang!ot | Magizian01:46
ubottuMagizian: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:46
astleyterry how?01:46
terryastley: Log into the router's web based config page and go to the security page and just turn it off.01:46
MagizianBazhang, if you don't see how GNU is connected to ubuntu.. ??01:47
bazhangMagizian, not in scope for this channel01:47
MagizianBazhang, then you should have said, no, we aren't.01:47
=== jay is now known as Guest33782
niteshadei tried replacing the cd-rom drive, and still no result01:48
bazhangMagizian, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please01:48
niteshadeis there any way to skip the time-zone setting part of the ubuntu install?01:48
niteshadein ubiquity's man page, it didn't have it there, but could there be hidden arguments?01:49
=== paddez is now known as Paddez
azizLIGHTScd irssi01:50
plut0is there a way to prevent updates overwriting the mbr?01:51
terryniteshade: Try alternate CD01:52
terryplut0: Updates do not overwrite the MBR01:52
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
plut0terry: sure they do, experienced it many times01:52
plut0terry: i believe the kernel updates do01:53
claygFor some reason after reformatting and reinstalling ubuntu on my netbook it does not recognize media cards like an sd card for example, any idea what i need to do to fix this01:53
terryplut0: Are you talking about kernel upgrades?01:53
plut0terry: yup01:53
exaltskillet, kill me!01:53
joxxbazhang: I have installed updates01:53
terryplut0: Well, why would you not want grub to be updated?01:53
joxxbazhang: what should I do now?01:53
plut0terry: i use truecrypt for a boot manager and its a real pain to repair it after the fact01:54
terryplut0: Oh, well why not just use grub?01:55
plut0terry: i couldn't get grub to boot an encrypted windows partition01:55
xlogikCan someone explain this error &/or how to fix it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/582683/01:55
Guest33782Whats a good way to image an ubuntu installation to DVD?01:57
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?01:57
terryplut0: Oh... hummm.  Well, I suppose you could set it up so that grub loads from the partition rather than from mbr,.. er, well that must be what you've done in the first place, right?01:57
FaeHi all -- just downloaded ubuntu and then vuze, and I'm not sure where to find vuze in order to select that for downloading torrents, can someone help?01:57
terryGuest33782: You would first have to create the iso and then write it to DVD01:58
plut0terry: i tried to get it to work with no luck but this was months ago01:58
FaeI know its in Applications, but I cant find Applications lol I know its silly01:58
plut0terry: i don't think its that simple01:58
[thor]Fae: your applications menu is in the top-left corner of the desktop01:58
[thor]on the panel01:58
plut0anyone know how to prevent kernel updates from overwriting the mbr?01:59
randomuserjoxx, if you just set up ubuntu, maybe it just needs to fill up the local DNS resolving cache; does the same page load faster the second time?  perhaps the entire site had been cached before (images, etc) now you have to wait for them to load for the first time?01:59
exsi have already asked in the german ubuntu chan, but i repeate the question here again. how to restart the pulseaudio daemon after shutting down with pulseaudio -k?01:59
Fae@thor -- I know how to get to my applications by itself, I just don't know how to select one on firefox for it to use that one01:59
[thor]exs: isn't it just "puseaudio" with no arguements?02:00
Faehow do I pm you Thor?02:00
=== a is now known as Guest31166
[thor]Fae: i have pm blocked.02:00
exs[thor], too but the same effect. i get E: pid.c: Daemon already running.02:00
exsE: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() fehlgeschlagen.02:00
clayton@Fae: go into edit>preferences then the application tab and search for torrent then you can select what program to open it with02:02
aaaoooaaahi guys have a question, is there any softmodem applications for adsl services?02:02
[thor] Fae 4c1de8d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. :is messaging you, and you have umode +g.02:03
[thor]Fae: do not /msg users of this channel02:03
FaeOh I see thor02:03
[thor]pm does not work for me. ask questions in the channel02:03
researcher1how to join a different channel? what comand?02:03
FaeI didnt want to load up the chatroom, sorry,02:03
aaaoooaaasay i have a dialup modem card and would like it to dial up an adsl service, is that possible?02:03
researcher1aaaoooaaa: no02:04
FaeI am just trying to find a program I just installed (Vuze) from the file selection offered under mozilla firefox open file selection02:04
Faeso like... go into firefox, try to download a torrent, click "Other" under what to open the file with,02:04
Faeand it brings up this standard looking folder selection,02:04
researcher1aaaoooaaa: u need LAN card with ADSL connection02:04
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
Faewell... it has my username, desktop, file system, documents, media, etc. but not applications over on the left02:04
Faeand I can't for the life of me find what folder applications must be inside of somewhere in there02:04
[thor]follow clayton's advice maybe, i use neither firefox, nor vuze02:04
Faeor how to get there from what i'm looking at02:04
[thor]<-- chrome ++ deluge02:05
aaaoooaaaresearcher1: i thought adsl ran off twisted pair?02:05
FaeI'm sorry.. clayton?02:05
researcher1aaaoooaaa: actually im using this way02:05
[thor]210206< clayton> @Fae: go into edit>preferences then the application tab and search for torrent then you can select what program to open it with02:05
terryGuest33782: Something like:   dd if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/hd-image.iso ; growiso -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=/tmp/hd-image.iso02:05
FaeWell okay...02:06
terryGuest33782: Something like:   dd if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/hd-image.iso ; growiso -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=/tmp/hd-image.iso ; rm /tmp/hd-image.iso02:06
FaeI suppose that will allow me to open it up with vuze, but what I really want to know02:06
Faeis where the applications folder is located02:06
[thor]Fae: is it installed as a linux app? or are you using wine to run it?02:07
Faeits a linux app02:07
Guest33782Thanks Terry..!! thats all I need to do?!02:07
plut0anyone know how to prevent kernel updates from overwriting the mbr?02:07
FaeIm thinking of this like windows right? Applications are going to be in C:/Program Files/02:08
[thor]Fae: this is only a guess, but possibly installed to /usr/bin/ ?02:08
clayton@Fae: applications in ubuntu are in various locations. if you go to the command line and type: 'which vuze' it should give you the full path to the program02:08
Faeisnt there some like... path that applications are standard installed in?02:08
Faehm I will check there02:08
terryGuest33782: That will probably do it. (long as /dev/dvd is soft link to the DVD burner, and there is a blank dvd in it. etc.02:08
azizLIGHTSis it safe to move all my files in ~ to another-dir/, and then just ln -s /another-dir/whateverfile /home/ubuntu/whateverfile and expect things to work correctly?02:08
[thor]Fae: clayton has this sewn up.. listen to him.02:08
aaaoooaaaresearcher1: what are you using again, in what way?02:09
Faeoh Clayton! Thats exactly what I was looking for02:09
researcher1aaaoooaaa: ADSL router with LAN card02:09
FaeThank you thank you thank you, thats what I wanted to know02:09
Faeand I will still go in and change the preferences for this purpose. Thanks!02:09
clayton@Fae: no prop02:10
aaaoooaaaresearcher1: yeah thats pretty much what i have(adsl router + ethernet router)02:10
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?02:10
aaaoooaaaresearcher1: but im curious, i grew up in the days of dial up, and am just curious if there is a software adsl modem out there that will work with dial-up modems that are still shipped with mobos02:11
linuxNewbwhen I do 'net setauthuser' am I supposed to give it a domain administrator account?02:11
syn-ackaaaoooaaa, yes.02:11
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
researcher1aaaoooaaa: I too grew up the same way.Never tried what u r up to02:11
aaaoooaaasyn-ack: how do i find out more about them? A quick google doesnt seem to yield much; are they all proprietary?02:12
syn-ackaaaoooaaa, yes. linuxant.com02:13
aaaoooaaasyn-ack: :(02:14
GaryDHi everyone. Do you know why I have 7 instances of chromium-browser running as root?02:16
=== jason is now known as Guest136
linuxNewbhow do i shutdown samba (10.10)?02:18
=== trism_ is now known as trism
aaaoooaaasyn-ack: i found the answer to my question : http://serverfault.com/questions/33877/can-linux-function-as-its-own-adsl-modem02:19
syn-ackGaryD, Because root started them?02:19
astleynetwork manager wont allow me access to wireless networks, so i installed the divers, and i was able to view them, but when i attempted the wep key it didn't work, so i turned wep and it still wont connect with maximum signal strength. it wont connect tomopen networks either02:19
syn-ackaaaoooaaa, I misunderstood your question. Sorry.02:19
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
aaaoooaaasyn-ack: the hardware's different to begin with, apparently 33/56k dialup operates on lower frequencies02:20
=== ninline is now known as coldfire
astleynetwork manager wont allow me access to wireless networks, so i installed the divers, and i was able to view them, but when i attempted the wep key it didn't work, so i turned wep and it still wont connect with maximum signal strength. it wont connect tomopen networks either02:24
GaryDsyn-ack: why would root start 7 instances of chromium-browser?02:25
syn-ackDon't know. Are you logged in as Root?02:26
=== Guest38190 is now known as DarkDevil
syn-ackGaryD, Do you presently have any sessions open as your user?02:27
vantagewhat is the default terminal ubunt uses?02:27
vantageeterm? xterm?02:27
syn-ackvantage, gnome-terminal02:27
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest76018
vantagesyn-ack thank you02:27
GaryDI am logged in right now as the only user on the system02:27
vantagesyn-ack how come i cant su to root?02:28
linuxNewbwhy do I not see samba in etc/init.d/, but when i do apt-get install samba it says samba is already the newest version?02:28
vantageor what is the best way to verify what ubuntu came up with for my use flags?02:28
razz1how to make stardict autostart minimized to the notification area at startup? what is the command I need to use?02:28
syn-ackvantage, Because you can't.02:28
syn-ackvantage, man sudo02:28
vantagehow can i verify my use flags or what is the best way to edit make.conf?02:28
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?02:28
GaryDvantage: sudo su02:28
syn-ackGaryD, What I mean, is does your user have any chromium sessions open?02:29
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?02:29
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?02:29
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?02:29
UcefKHprocessus thrads ?02:29
vantagegaryd thanks02:29
bazhangUcefKH, ask an actual question02:29
GaryDI have 3 instances as my user02:29
syn-ackGaryD, Shut Chromium completely down and see if those root sessions close...02:29
astleynetwork manager wont allow me access to wireless networks, so i installed the divers, and i was able to view them, but when i attempted the wep key it didn't work, so i turned wep and it still wont connect with maximum signal strength. it wont connect tomopen networks either02:29
GaryDvantage: if you look at the samba package in synaptic package manager, you can view all files installed by the package.02:30
astleynetwork manager wont allow me access to wireless networks, so i installed the drivers, and i was able to view the networks, but when i attempted the wep key it didn't work, so i turned wep off and it still wont connect with maximum signal strength. it wont connect to open networks either02:30
vantageGaryD there is a make.conf right... ?02:30
astleysorry i had to correct my spelling02:31
syn-ackGaryD, also it should be something like sudo -i/s. never sudo su02:31
GaryDsyn-ack: they are gone, but why would there be 7 instances started by root, when I have 3 as user, and I am only using 1?02:31
syn-ackGaryD, Don't know. Never had that happen here.02:32
GaryDsyn-ack: thanks for the correction. I am not too much of an expert on the terminal yet. I have always just used sudo....but I have used sudo su.02:32
StarminnFor whatever reason Firefox is no longer placing my videos in /tmp. Where can I find them? youtube-dl doesn't support the format apparently.02:32
GaryDI actually never log in as su. i did once or twice back in the day.02:33
astleysorry i had to correct my spelling02:33
astleynetwork manager wont allow me access to wireless networks, so i installed the drivers, and i was able to view the networks, but when i attempted the wep key it didn't work, so i turned wep off and it still wont connect with maximum signal strength. it wont connect to open networks either02:33
bazhangStarminn, why not just use video download helper addon02:33
vantagegaryd is ubuntu's core way different from other distros like gentoo/slackware?02:33
syn-ackGaryD, su doesn't set root's environment, whereas sudo -i, which would be similar to su - does.02:33
syn-ackvantage, yes and no.02:34
bazhangastley, repeat every 15 minutes or so please, not two02:34
UcefKH ,-O02:34
UcefKH      O(_)) ubuntu02:34
UcefKH -hrr- `-O02:34
gbear14275anyone worked with SD cards recently?  Mine don't seem to be registering with my T61 laptop02:34
vantagesyn-ack is anything handled via terminal on ubuntu??02:34
dewwgbear14275: same, 'cept it's not a t61. i have a usb card reader as a work around02:34
syn-ackvantage, I have multiple terminals open on my system(S) every day.02:35
vantagesyn-ack i meant for configurations purposes02:35
syn-ackI do too.02:35
gbear14275deww, work around... meaning you couldn't get the ricoh card reader working?02:35
dewwgbear14275: yeah02:36
gbear14275deww, dang...02:36
dewwgbear14275: same with my netbook. i didn't really try anything, just noticed the cards dont pick up. these are all sdhc cards i have02:36
clayton@gbear: unplug the card (if it's plugged in) and then plug it in and type into the terminal: "dmesg | tail" that's the kernel log, there should be something there about it being plugged in and maybe an error02:36
gbear14275this one is 4GB so I'm guessing it is sdhc02:36
GaryDvantage: to the best of my knowledge....yes. Even debian and ubuntu differ a lot.02:37
syn-acklike I said. Yes and No.02:37
gbear14275clayton, no dmesg... thats not good :(02:37
GaryDvantage: you can configure anything on ubuntu in the terminal. gui applications are just using "terminal" commands in the background.02:38
raidogbear14275: use /var/log/messages instead of dmesg02:39
raidogbear14275: Also, I had a T61p and never had an issue with the card reader, so this should be figured out.02:39
gbear14275raido, no messages since my last USB connect02:40
raidogrindcrusher: do this $sudo tail -f /var/log/messages    then unplug and replug the card while watching the terminal02:41
raidogbear14275:  do this $sudo tail -f /var/log/messages    then unplug and replug the card while watching the terminal02:41
bastidrazorraido: you don't need sudo for that.02:41
raidobastidrazor: oh, ok02:42
Usuario234ווער עס יז קענען רעדן ייִדיש?02:42
=== derp|gone is now known as derp
gbear14275raido, no luck, and I even plugged in another device to make sure messages were showing up02:43
syn-ackgbear14275, have you tried another card?02:43
syn-acklike a different SD card?02:44
raidogbear14275: are you sure your memory card is functional02:44
gbear14275syn-ack, don't have another, and raido this card works in the camera it came out of02:44
astleynetwork manager wont allow me access to wireless networks, so i installed the drivers, and i was able to view the networks, but when i attempted the wep key it didn't work, so i turned wep off and it still wont connect with maximum signal strength. it wont connect to open networks either02:45
raidogbear14275: Have you ever successfully used a card on the t6102:46
gbear14275raido, yes, i have read cards from here before but i remember it being buggy02:46
gbear14275I had to play with it to get it working, but I don't recall where I found the howto's and such02:47
syrinx_astley: are you using a livecd/usb?02:47
gbear14275raido, that was an sd card though... not a sdhc card02:47
astleysyrinx: no02:47
raidogbear14275: oh, there may indeed be a hardware limitation to sd on that chipset02:47
gbear14275i'm trying to look now02:48
raidogbear14275: I do believe that SDHC is not supported on that hardware02:48
gh0st`anyone run into a wacky issue where rfkill is enabled when 10.10 is installed? Never had issues until my current installation.02:48
raidogbear14275: so you will have to get a reader, or connect your camera by USB02:49
gbear14275raido, did you find dcumentation? or just recalling?02:49
gbear14275raido, you're probably right, but was curious02:49
raidogbear14275: you just jogged my memory, Im pretty sure its the case02:49
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
=== Skyline is now known as Guest80487
raidogbear14275: this seems to say it should work, http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?sitestyle=lenovo&lndocid=MIGR-7088102:52
astleysyrinx: no02:52
astleysyrinx: no02:52
astleynetwork manager wont allow me access to wireless networks, so i installed the drivers, and i was able to view the networks, but when i attempted the wep key it didn't work, so i turned wep off and it still wont connect with maximum signal strength. it wont connect to open networks either02:52
FloodBot2astley: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
ftwayneanyone have an idea to reduce choppy TV playback from Kaffeine? i don't have this problem in Windows. MythTV just logs me out when I try to watch TV, so that doesn't work either02:53
callaghanwhat's the currently released kernel for Ubuntu 10.10?02:54
gbear14275raido, yeah, and I just looked at lspci -vv and it says it has a sdhci-pci driver so...???02:54
raidogbear14275: hmmmm02:54
callaghanI"m looking to pull in 2.6.35-27, but mine is still at 2.6.35-22 (did; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade)02:55
zurioanyone know the game minecrafty02:56
raidogbear14275: is your card sdhc or sdxc02:56
trismcallaghan: apt-get upgrade won't select new kernels in general, you need apt-get dist-upgrade;02:56
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends02:57
gbear14275raido micro sdhc in sd card adapter02:57
callaghantrism: dist-upgrade doesn't pull in anything either it would seem02:57
gbear14275raido, found this too http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?p=12946302:57
kothaguy_ubuntui want to know the default applications which are installed in the natty narwhal 11.04,where can i get the info please02:57
callaghan0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.02:57
raidogbear14275: ok is the micro card sdxc?02:58
gbear14275raido, no sdhc02:58
hiexpo!11.04 | kothaguy_ubuntu02:59
ubottukothaguy_ubuntu: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.02:59
ftwaynehm... may have fixed the reception issue.  the default buffers are way too small for HDTV, i bumped them up like 10x.  :)02:59
kothaguy_ubuntujoin #ubuntu+103:00
raidogbear14275: ok, im at a loss. Will you try the suggestion in the post you found?03:00
kothaguy_ubuntuubottu, :how to join ubuntu+103:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:00
gbear14275raido, trying now but got this...03:00
kothaguy_ubuntujoin ubuntu+103:00
gbear14275$ sudo setpci -v -s 15:00.2 0xCA=0x5703:00
gbear14275setpci: Missing width.03:00
gbear14275Try `setpci --help' for more information.03:00
kothaguy_ubuntuhow to join a chaneel03:01
hiexpokothaguy_ubuntu, #ubuntu+103:01
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, /join #channel03:01
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, /join03:02
hiexpojust click on it and click join channel03:02
raidogbear14275: hmmm03:02
gbear14275not sure what that error means but wont let me execute03:02
trismcallaghan: dpkg -l 'linux-image*'03:02
hiexpogbear14275, what you trying to run03:02
mongyanyone know why someones keyboard locale would be changed when they are connected to my ssh session?03:03
mongytheir own locale, not the ssh03:03
gbear14275hiexpo, http://pastebin.com/CaAXmRk003:03
callaghantrism: http://pastebin.com/yJe0NT0h03:04
erik333because they're on windows and press alt+shift by mistake?03:04
callaghantrism: the "2.6.35-25", is from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/642421.  The workaround there didn't work, so I uninstalled that kernel.  Looks like it's kicking around in some way still.  What's "rc" mean in this case?03:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 642421 in Linux "Maverick could not load /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic/modules.dep" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:04
trismcallaghan: you don't have the linux-image-generic package installed, so it won't pull i the new kernels03:04
gbear14275hiexpo, did I make a dumb mistake somewhere?03:05
hiexpogbear14275, probally simple error not familar with set pci but you can man setpci03:05
callaghantrism: so just do it? (sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic) -- it wants to install: linux-image-2.6.35-28-generic, linux-image-generic03:06
hiexpogbear14275, so it is to setup a pci wireless card  ?03:07
trismcallaghan: that would be what you want right?03:07
gbear14275hiexpo, no, sd card reader to recognize a micro-sdhc card in a sd card adapter03:08
green__this compiz 9.2 problem is strange03:08
callaghantrism: yeah thanks, I think so.  Interesting, oh I see.  SO linux-image-generic always depends on the latest kernel available, which is how it auto-pulls the latest released one in. cool03:08
hiexpogbear14275, oh ok03:08
FloodBot2babyc: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:08
callaghantrism: giving it a shot (need to reboot of course)03:08
trismcallaghan: good luck03:09
accelfuck ... so I just added myself to the audio user group .... and apparently it nuked me from the admin group .... and now I can't sudo .... how do I get root on my own ubuntu book now?03:09
accelfuck ... so I just added myself to the audio user group .... and apparently it nuked me from the admin group .... and now I can't sudo .... how do I get root on my own ubuntu box now?03:09
FloodBot2accel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:09
bazhangaccel, no cursing03:09
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,recently i downloaded an iso image of ubuntu using zsync,download is completed,i want to use the iso image,a lock mark and cross mark is there on the image,i am unable to copy that image to other folder,i want to make a live cd of it and i want to use it,help please03:09
arandaccel: recovery grub menu entry on boot03:10
accelso reboot forced?03:11
shcherbakaccel: How did you add yourself to audio group?03:11
vantagewhat is the easiest way up changing my window manager to fluxbox03:11
bazhangvantage, install it then choose at login window03:11
vantagethat works..03:11
digitalstimulusdoes anyone know if it is possible to have "separate" screensavers on a dual monitor setup (nVidia + Xinerama, not twinview)03:12
accelmoduser -G audio me03:12
acceli can't sudo rebot03:12
hiexpo!fluxbox | vantage03:12
ubottuvantage: fluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox03:12
raidogbear14275: you there03:13
gbear14275raido, yes03:13
gbear14275raido, still searching03:13
shcherbakaccel: Way is to drop to root shell via recovery mode, hard reboot?03:13
raidogbear14275: do sudo lsmod | grep sdhci03:13
gbear14275$ sudo lsmod | grep sdhci03:14
gbear14275sdhci_pci               8083  003:14
gbear14275sdhci                  18400  1 sdhci_pci03:14
gbear14275led_class               3393  2 thinkpad_acpi,sdhci03:14
FloodBot2gbear14275: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:14
gbear14275sorry FloodBot203:14
raidogbear14275: well you have the proper dirvers loaded03:14
dreamer000aplay -l ?03:14
raidogbear14275: does it show in sudo fdisk -l03:14
gbear14275raido, nope :(03:15
gbear14275raido, brb... going to reboot.03:15
raidogbear14275: ok03:16
vantagewhat or where is fluxbox on ubuntu package repository03:16
bazhangvantage sudo apt-get install fluxbox03:16
bazhang!info fluxbox | vantage03:16
ubottuvantage: fluxbox (source: fluxbox): Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1+git20100807.0cc08f9-1 (maverick), package size 1012 kB, installed size 3888 kB03:16
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
digitalstimuluswhere would someone turn to for advanced help with xinerama / xscreensaver?03:23
jitithey, im having some trouble compiling. i get this error when i make: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL. any ideas?03:23
Paul6253hi ...I know I've pissed some people off b/c I asked for help with a EOL version ,BUT I am now up to Karmic...but Java is really pissing me off. Any ideas where log files are kept for Java? I checked /var/log03:24
RobmillernowI had a bad .iso of Ubuntu 10.10, so I downloaded a new one.03:25
Robmillernowit came down at 726 megs...too big to put on a CD.03:25
RobmillernowI'm installing on a machine that can't boot from USB, so i must make a CD.03:25
jukRobmillernow: DVD?03:26
Paul6253jitit...did you check your ENV paths to make sure pointing to correct locations?03:26
Robmillernownope.  i'm installing on a machine that still has a 1/4" floppy drive...03:26
gbear14275raido, no luck... no change03:26
Robmillernowit can boot from floppy, CD, or the HD03:26
jukRobmillernow: why you must make a CD then?03:27
gbear14275raido, thanks for the effort, gf is home now though so I have to go do stuff :).  Talk to you later03:27
=== Guest76018 is now known as DarkDevil
Paul6253linking issues usually involve resolving sources03:27
Robmillernowi'm making a bootable CD on another windows machine because it's the only way i can install on an older Windows machine03:27
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest51181
raidogbear14275: well, the only thing I can suggest now is that you get another SDHC card to try in there. It could be the card and/or the combination of the card+adaptor03:28
Robmillernowthe QUESTION is:  why the eff is ubuntu 10.10 TOO BIG to put on a CD?  when the download page explicitly SAYS that you use the download to make a CD??03:28
gbear14275thanks, yeah that would help narrow the problem.  I'll see if I can find another one.  Anyways, good night03:28
=== dpac_ is now known as dpac
Robmillernowcrisis averted.  thanks for letting me rant.03:34
cosmoomg I am going to scream! every time I try to reinstall alsa driver it always errors out during sudo make http://paste.ubuntu.com/582744/ and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong03:34
Sinani201Hi everyone, how do I mount a cd with unhide? I googled it but nothing seems to work03:35
jont2383i have a question.... how do you enable a telnet server on ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition ?03:35
joeb_Sinani201: it should mount by itself03:35
Sinani201joeb_ no, with unhide03:35
joeb_my bad don't know03:35
Sinani201Anyone else?03:36
jititsorry im a bit new - during compiling, where do i go to check the path env?03:37
Br0sephStalin Alright Ubuntu God's, here is today's request. I am trying to install puzzle pirate03:38
Br0sephStalinthe bin wont open03:38
Br0sephStalinhow do i get it to work03:38
Sinani201The trick is to use proper apostrophe placement03:38
jititnice name broseph03:38
sagaciBr0sephStalin, from source?03:38
tfidfhi, i upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 and my suspend stopped working03:38
Br0sephStalinpuzzle pirates website03:38
tfidfi am using a toshiba satellite laptop03:38
syrinx_!enter | Br0sephStalin03:39
ubottuBr0sephStalin: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:39
tfidfis this a known issue?'03:39
Br0sephStalinin my home folder. Anyhow, can any one help me with this puzzle pirates deal.03:39
tfidfi see kernel messages and the os just hangs up when i try to suspend.03:40
tfidfwhat is the best way to debug this?03:40
Br0sephStalinsagaci you still there?03:40
ChrisGagnonBr0sephStalin: is it executible? chmod +x the .bin file...03:40
sagaciBr0sephStalin, where's the source03:40
Br0sephStalinno, it is not an exe. its a .bin and the source, www.puzzlepirates.com03:41
ChrisGagnontfidf: does it fail to sleep or does it fail waking up?03:41
tfidfit fails to sleep03:42
sagaciBr0sephStalin, i'll try installing it03:42
tfidfit just shows up the dmesg messages instead of going to sleep03:42
Br0sephStalinthanks sagaci03:42
tfidfthis seems a very weird bug to me03:42
sagaciBr0sephStalin, what do you get stuck at03:43
tfidfi checked on google, i have not yet seen this issue reported03:44
cosmoI just want some sound back, is it too much to ask? the computer isn't much fun without sound03:44
tfidfmay be i should re-install from scratch instead of upgrade03:44
ChrisGagnontfidf: http://nixliving.blogspot.com/2010/03/workaround-for-broken-ubuntu-suspend.html03:44
ChrisGagnontfidf: installing powersaved might fix it?03:44
Br0sephStalinAlright, i have the bin saved in my home folder, it downloaded off firefox, and now i cant open the bin?03:45
tfidfthanks ChrisGagnon , i will give that a try03:45
Br0sephStalin"Archive type is not supported"03:45
sagaciBr0sephStalin, make it executable via chmod +x yo....etc03:45
sagacijust tab complete it03:46
Br0sephStalini know03:47
Br0sephStalini was pasting it to recopy03:47
sagacithen ./yohoho-81--en-install.bin03:47
syrinx_Br0sephStalin: <tab>complete03:47
Br0sephStalin"chmod: cannot access `./yohoho-81--en-install.bin': No such file or directory"03:48
syrinx_take the ./ out03:48
Br0sephStalini did03:49
Br0sephStalinstll not going through03:49
Br0sephStalinjust do the whole thing, one command03:49
Br0sephStalinim now getting confused03:49
syrinx_cd /home/"username"/03:50
syrinx_then chmod -x yohohblabhblabh03:51
lwizardlok I'm a techie kind of person but for some reason I do not know what something is anyone ever here the term "knock" as in if your server room is a knock03:51
sagacisyrinx_, or just cd03:51
syrinx_+x *03:51
syrinx_sagaci: im assuming hes in a completely different directory, hence why its not working03:51
syrinx_lwizardl: google?03:52
Br0sephStalinits in home03:52
Br0sephStalinpwd = home03:52
overcluckerwatch it be in ~/Downloads03:52
syrinx_pwd != home03:52
ldunnCan't he modify the perms via nautilus anyway?03:52
overcluckerBr0sephStalin: litterally /home ?03:53
Br0sephStalin /home/"username"03:53
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
ldunnbtw, protip. `cd`on its own goes to your user's home directory03:53
johnsaviorHi I've got a tarball installation file, how do I install it?03:53
ldunnBr0sephStalin: what does `ls *.bin`say now03:53
eamonHi I'm trying to make a shortcut to a wine program in the taskbar so I make a launcher in in the field "command:" I put in "wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Exact\ Audio\ Copy/EAC.exe" but when I click on the launcher nothing happens03:54
sagacijohnsavior, what's it for03:54
overcluckerand you've checked that the file exists in your home directory?03:54
eamonThing is it works fine in terminal03:54
johnsaviorip messenger sagaci03:54
ldunnextract it and read the readme that is hopefully there03:54
sagacijohnsavior, is that what it's called03:54
Br0sephStalin"will@will-laptop:~$ chmod +x yohoho-81--en-install.bin03:54
Br0sephStalinso did it go through?03:54
ldunnBr0sephStalin: apparently03:55
sagaciBr0sephStalin, ya03:55
syrinx_looks like it03:55
overcluckerls -l yohoho-81--en-install.bin03:55
sagacinow ./yo  then press tab03:55
Br0sephStalinjesus christ03:55
Br0sephStalinthat doesnt work03:55
grendal-primewell when praying doesnt help03:56
ldunnDo what overclucker said03:56
vitorlobodon't have women here?03:56
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu Women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.03:56
ldunnMeh. That's not all that helpful, but I'm sure we do03:56
syrinx_lotta chicks in offtopic03:56
grendal-primewholy shit...there are chicks there??03:56
johnsaviorsagaci yes, I downloaded the tar installer for linux but I can't seem to install it03:56
sagacijohnsavior, you need to extract it first03:56
syrinx_stop spamming grendal-prime03:56
Br0sephStalink, taking overcluckers advice03:57
Br0sephStalin"-rwxr-xr-x 1 will will 1160330 2011-03-19 23:24 yohoho-81--en-install.bin"03:57
grendal-primei just got here...03:57
johnsaviorsagaci, uhm i did, after that I do not know what to do03:57
ldunnThat's right.03:57
overcluckerBr0sephStalin: looks good03:57
sagacijohnsavior, what's in the resulting directory03:57
ldunnBr0sephStalin: so what happens when you try  `./yohoho-81--en-install.bin`03:57
grendal-primei swear...and there was praying chicks....directions for channels where there are womens....i was confused...excited...what did i do?03:58
Br0sephStalindoesnt work ldunn03:58
ldunnBr0sephStalin: does it give an error message?03:58
Br0sephStalink, overclucker, how do i find it now03:58
sagaciBr0sephStalin, what error03:58
xlogikCan someone explain this error &/or how to fix it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/582683/03:58
Br0sephStalin"bash: /yohoho-81--en-install.bin: No such file or directory03:58
ldunnBr0sephStalin: you need a . before the /03:58
ldunn./ means "Current directory"03:59
sagaci*rolls eyes*03:59
johnsaviorlots of files, sagaci what exactly do I look for in it?03:59
Br0sephStalinnow its going03:59
ldunnjohnsavior: look for a readme03:59
sagacijohnsavior, README, INSTALL03:59
Br0sephStalinthrough the license agreement03:59
syrinx_xlogik: were you doing an apt-get upgrade?03:59
johnsavioryes they are there04:00
ldunnRead them04:00
xlogiksyrinx_: yes04:00
Br0sephStalin"Which Java Virtual Machine would you like to use?04:00
ldunnparticularly INSTALL04:00
dogarrheahas anyone ever paid attention to the following detail:  Sudo AUTO prompts you for password.. even if the command you entered is wrong.04:01
dogarrheathis seems like a really dumb design decision04:01
TiktalikHey guys04:01
TiktalikI have a problem04:01
johnsaviorI tried the readme, and I got stuck on this command "./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-systray  \04:01
johnsavior   --with-ext-charcode=CP932", sagaci what does it do?04:01
syrinx_xlogik: do "apt-get -f install"04:01
Mr_MidnightI have a question... I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit on my Windows 7 machine using WUBI and for some reason when I try to use the Ubuntu Software Center to install software and it asks for my password I enter the password and it just kinda freezes until I close the authentication window and then everything starts working... any ideas?04:01
eamon Hi I'm trying to make a shortcut to a wine program in the taskbar so I make a launcher in in the field "command:" I put in "wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\04:01
TiktalikWhen I try to install ubuntu, I get the following error.04:01
eamon               Files/Exact\ Audio\ Copy/EAC.exe" but when I click on the launcher nothing happens04:02
jont2383dogarrhea, its because you typed sudo first no reason to check what comes after sudo if you cant type in thta pass04:02
eamonthing is it works fine in terminal04:02
sagacijohnsavior, wouldn't have a clue, I'd have to look at the package04:02
eamonwhy can't i make a shoortcut to a wine program04:02
joshmcdogarrhea: sudo isn't supposed to care about what you are doing ;) perhaps there's a program in root's path that's not in the current user's path, and they want to use it (the converse often holds true).04:02
Tiktalik(initramfs) Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs04:02
Tiktalik^The error I get when I try to install04:03
joshmcdogarrhea: What i mean is, it is certainly deliberate, sure, but that's not always bad.04:03
TiktalikCan anyone help?04:03
ldunnjohnsavior: that line tells the compiler what options to compile the program with04:03
dogarrheait just bugs the heck out of me.. when i type some new command and it asks me for password and it just errors after making me type my password anyways04:03
eamonTiktalik: is this when you're running the liveCD or when you go to install?04:03
xlogiksyrinx_: same error04:04
jribdogarrhea: write a wrapper for sudo then :)04:04
Tiktalikeamon: when I'm running the liveCD04:04
Br0sephStalini exited out of terminal, how do i view my previous session04:04
ldunnI don't think you do.04:04
johnsaviorldunn, I punched that in the console and yeah it genarated a bunch of files, then the readme told me to punch in make, but nothing happens04:04
=== pewe_ is now known as Wi
johnsaviorsagaci i'm sending you the file04:05
ldunnjohnsavior: nothing at all happens?04:05
=== Wi is now known as Wid
syrinx_xlogik: i was going to tell you, you have to do "apt-get -f install" then "apt-get upgrade" back and forth a few times until theres only the package with the error left04:05
Tiktalikeamon: So, any clue what's happening?04:05
dogarrheaotherwords: build my own die casting workshop from dirt.04:05
ldunnNo error at all?04:05
syrinx_xlogik: so you mave have to do it 4 or 5 times04:05
=== Wid is now known as PWe
sagacijohnsavior, I know but any particular reason why you aren't installing it via the repos04:05
dogarrheaso i can die cast a tool. which builds another machine that builds screws. which do nothing. because i ahven't built a machine that presses metal yet04:05
dogarrheao well that's linux in general04:05
bazhangdogarrhea, actual support question?04:06
johnsaviorldunn, am I supposed to see messages on the console when I run make?04:06
ldunnjohnsavior: yes04:06
Tiktalikeamon: It also happens when I select the "Install Ubuntu" buttom04:06
ldunnAre you seeing nothing at all?04:06
dogarrheabazhang it was answered04:06
aZuhey guys i'm having trouble getting grub  to boot on xu meerkat04:06
syrinx_xlogik: I mean, don't forget, your upgrading to an unstable release04:06
ldunnDoes it just give you another prompt? :/04:06
johnsaviorsagaci i tried app but it's not available there04:06
bazhangdogarrhea, then please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic04:06
eamonI'm trying to make a shortcut to a wine program in the taskbar so I make a launcher in in the field "command:" I put in "wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Exact\ Audio\ Copy/EAC.exe" but when I click on the launcher nothing happens. Any ideas?04:06
sagacijohnsavior, ?04:06
sagacijohnsavior, what version of ubuntu are you using04:06
aZuits a fresh install and it completes...but when it reboots nothing04:06
johnsaviorldunn, oh seems i got something wrong04:07
johnsaviorsagaci 10.1004:07
ldunnjohnsavior: ok04:07
Tiktalikeamon: It also happens when I select the "Install Ubuntu" buttom04:07
rcmaehlIt installs ubuntu04:07
Br0sephStalinits now saying04:07
Br0sephStalin:Details: Failed to execute child process "/home/will/puzzlepirates/@client_name@" (No such file or directory):04:07
overcluckereamon: maybe ~ is not being expanded04:07
ldunnhuh. o.O04:07
Br0sephStalinit shouldnt have client name at the end04:07
johnsaviorldunn, what's a GNU?04:07
sagacijohnsavior, it's in maverick 10.10, the same version you're trying to install via source. You're much better and easier to install the version that's already been packaged04:07
Br0sephStalinhow do i change that04:07
ldunnjohnsavior: GNU is an organisation. Why?04:08
ldunnBr0sephStalin: I'm not sure. That's strange04:08
sagacijohnsavior, just go sudo apt-get update04:08
ldunnCould be a bug in the installer04:08
rcmaehlIndiana Linux Fest <- what is and info?04:08
sagacijohnsavior, then sudo apt-get install g2ipmsg04:08
Tiktalikeamon: So, can you help me?04:08
eamonTiktalik: no, sorry04:09
ldunnBr0sephStalin: by the way, you do have java installed, right?04:09
johnsaviorldunn, the readme says "Compile g2ipmsg with make(GNU Make may be needed.)"04:09
Br0sephStalink yes04:09
Br0sephStalinjvm 604:09
eamonoverclucker: thanks that solved it:-)04:09
TiktalikI have a problem04:09
TiktalikWhen I try to install ubuntu, I get the following error.04:10
ldunnjohnsavior: Right. GNU makes a program called make, which is for compiling. But if it's in the repos, get it from there04:10
Tiktalik(initramfs) Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs04:10
Br0sephStalinnow its downloading it says04:10
ldunnBr0sephStalin: curious04:10
Br0sephStalinil keep you osted04:10
ldunnoh. mk04:10
Tiktalik(sorry if I sound like a broken record)04:10
sagacijohnsavior, please, just install it via the terminal or synaptic. You're making it much harder for everyone unless you want to learn how to compile from source04:10
aZucan anyone help me with my fresh install?04:10
JasonnTiktalik: Well, are all your harddrives working and connected properly?04:10
TiktalikJasonn: AFAIK04:11
sagaciaZu, what's wrong04:11
TiktalikAs far as I know04:11
johnsaviorsagaci, :) okay i will, I'm still trying to get comfortable with Ubuntu04:11
aZui installed a fresh copy of xubuntu meerkat04:11
johnsaviorldunn, I see thankx04:11
aZuand i'm not getting anything when i load it up04:11
ldunnaZu: What does "Not getting anything" mean04:11
aZugrub isn't loading04:11
aZuat all04:11
ldunnooh. That's bad.04:11
TiktalikJasonn: I formatted it with partedmagic, I also did an error test, said it wasn't broken04:12
aZuafter the bios loads nothing happens04:12
ldunnDo you remember which hard drive you installed GRUB to?04:12
sagacijohnsavior, lots of things can stuff up if you don't know what you're doing, and even then there could be broken parts of your package if you don't know how to fix them manually04:12
ldunnWell, first. Do you have more than one hard drive in the PC?04:12
aZutheres only one hard drive on this computer04:12
JasonnTiktalik: what about the cd drive, is that working fine, and reading properly?04:12
aZui devoted the entire harddrive to xubu04:12
aZuso no other partitions04:12
TiktalikJasonn: Yeah04:12
Jasonnmy comp keeps just wandomly freezing, anyone have any ideas?04:13
ldunnThat's strange. :(04:13
aZui tried installing via cd rom drive04:13
JasonnTiktalik: try the alternative CD04:13
aZuand it wasn't able to finish04:13
Jasonn!alternative | Tiktalik04:13
ubottuTiktalik: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal04:13
ldunnaZu: oh, the install didn't finish?04:13
aZuhold on04:13
aZuthe usb install did finish04:13
eamonTiktalik: see if anything here helps - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158854704:13
ldunnoh. :/04:13
aZui made a bootable usb and it did the same thing as the cd install04:13
TiktalikJasonn: It started when I was copying some rather large files to my external drive to format my computer and reinstall04:13
aZushould i try the alt?04:14
johnsaviorgot another question, how do you set up virtual hosts on apache204:14
eamonjohnsavior: #httpd04:14
ldunnaZu: yeah. There's no possibility you failed somehow and installed it on the USB or something?04:14
aZuand i did a fsck ...but it didn't look like nothing was wrong04:14
johnsavioroh sorry :)04:14
eamonjohnsavior: and they will tell you to /topic04:14
aZui always made sure that i was installing on the hard drive04:15
ldunnThe only thing I coud suggest is try the install again04:15
aZui have...04:15
aZuall day long04:15
TiktalikJasonn: Then my computer shut off, and started chucking that error.04:15
JasonnTiktalik: is the external drive connected now? I would disconnect it during install04:15
johnsavioreamon, thanks04:15
ldunnOh. >_>04:15
TiktalikJasonn: No04:15
aZuits not my first time installing ubuntu04:15
JasonnTiktalik: try the alternative CD04:15
aZuso i'm a bit perplexed04:15
ldunnAs am I o.O04:15
TiktalikJasonn: Will do!04:15
JasonnTiktalik: really your best bet during any install problems04:16
TiktalikJasonn: Thanks!04:16
* Tiktalik gives Jasonn a hug04:16
JasonnTiktalik: np :004:16
* Jasonn hugs 04:16
aZuis this a bug with the new revision?04:17
dr0idman says -z option for tar stands for "filter the archive through gzip" , i dont understand this, could anyone explain pls ?04:17
PAblo_xubuntu¿Algún español?04:17
xlogiksyrinx_: No Change after executing "force install" and "upgrade"04:17
eamondr0id: it's for .tar.gz files04:17
syrinx_xlogik: hmmmm, can you find out what package it is that's causing the error?04:18
eamon.tar.gz is a tar file with gzip compression04:18
eamon.tar is just a bunch of files stuck together04:18
rcmaehlwhat is a tar file?04:18
aZuldunn, i looked at gparted04:18
aZuand it said the install made 3 partitions04:18
aZuone is swap and one is probably the system....the last one i'm confused about04:19
eamonrcmaehl: it's like a zp file but without the compression04:19
aZui thought it was a boot partition04:19
eamon*zip file04:19
aZubut nothing is booting...04:19
xlogiksyrinx_: using what apt/dpkg command?04:20
eamonaZu: did you install GRUB04:20
dr0ideamon: we can have file.gzip , isnt it ?04:20
syrinx_xlogik: try dpkg first04:20
aZueamon, i thought grub was typically installed in the installation process04:20
oven_any idea why I can't take screenshots with SMPlayer? I already tried running mplayer from cli with -vf screenshot and was able to take screenshots fine, SMPlayer settings have screenshots enabled..the screenshot button won't even let me click it though, it's faded04:21
syrinx_xlogik: dpkg -C04:21
eamonaZu: I don't know i don't use ubuntu. But it would be a good idea to check thqt it is installed:-)04:21
aZufuck i should have gone back to debian04:22
eamondr0id: yes you can have a gzip file04:22
dr0ideamon: then whats the point of having a .tar or .tar.gz ? :P04:22
bazhangaZu, no cursing04:22
hezinhohelp - how do i set up usb wireless on ubuntu 10.1004:22
aZusorry, just very frustrated04:22
eamongzip and gz are the same thing dr0id .tar.gz just means its a tar file that's gzipped04:23
nit-witoven_, have you tried it from the menu or a key press04:23
dr0ideamon: true. but instead of tarballing a file, anyone would just gzip, becuz gzip = tar + compression. isnt it ? :)04:23
eamonif you want to gzip a load of files then you need to tar them all together first04:24
dr0idi have been using them for a long time, just ever gave them a thought :D04:24
hezinhohelp - how do i set up usb wireless on ubuntu 10.10 netgear wna110004:24
dr0idthat was the answer i was looking for. thanks :)04:24
eamondr0id: 1000 files --> 1000 gzip files OR 1 .tar.gz file04:24
dr0id1000 files -> 1 gzip not possible ? just like .zip ?04:25
dr0ideamon: ^^04:25
dr0idok, thanks :)04:25
johnsaviorhow do you assciate a program to a file?04:25
eamonluckily tar has auto gzip and 7-zip built in04:25
jrib!defaultapp | johnsavior04:26
ubottujohnsavior: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.04:26
johnsaviorubottu, thanks04:26
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:26
eamonjohnsavior: jrib answered your question04:27
Strykerjohnsavior: remember to have the box checked b4 u click open that tells it to be default04:27
=== Guest51181 is now known as DarkDevil
johnsaviorjrib, thanks too04:28
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest65241
* ldunn wanders back in04:28
johnsaviornow I get it :) shucks im so new to irc04:29
* PWe mangan sek04:29
xlogiksyrinx_:  Didn't seem to change anything http://paste.ubuntu.com/582758/04:29
johnsaviorjrib, thanks04:29
Stryker"hey, what about stryker, he's a cool guy" johnsavior04:29
* eamon pats johnsavior on the head in a condescending fashion04:29
xtheshadowgodhey kind of a random question if you are looking to start a new project are there any good rooms in particular to sort of advertise or look for people to work with on something04:30
hezinhocan someone help me install netgear wireless usb wna1100 on ubuntu 10.10 ?04:31
Strykerxtheshadowgod: ask that in #freenode04:31
eamonthat would depend on the project now wouldn't it xtheshadowgod?04:31
xtheshadowgodthank you stryker04:32
syrinx_xlogik: GRUB error....04:33
syrinx_don't know what though04:33
Stryker"hey, what about stryker, he's a cool guy" xtheshadowgod04:33
* ldunn looks oddly at Stryker 04:33
rwwI have a suspicion!04:33
rwwldunn: thanks04:34
* ldunn hands rww a deerstalker cap04:34
ldunnrww: what.04:34
Stryker"hey, what about stryker, he's a neat intelligent guy that i look oddly at" ldunn04:34
ldunnrww: You just thanked me before I did it! You psychic :(04:34
rwwMy suspicion is not borne out by reality!04:34
btrackhathow to you add backtrack tool in ubuntu 10.1004:34
rwwI mean. Yes. Yes I am.04:34
eamonbtrackhat: apt-get install backtrack I would assume04:35
Strykerubottu backtrack04:35
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition04:35
ldunnBackTrack is a distro focused on security04:35
ldunnhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BackTrack <-- You could install the tools manually there04:35
ldunnok, maybe not metasploit. >_>04:35
btrackhati just want the tools not the os04:35
xlogiksyrinx_: any solution? How would I get grub to update with the new settings or to recognize the new kernel?04:36
ldunnAnd a few others. Basically, you'll have to find them yourself. Ubuntu doesn't provide a pre-packaged set of them04:36
eamonbtrackhat: /j #backtrack-linux or the wiki page then04:36
=== mapbot2 is now known as forrestv
Strykeri agree with eamon, btrackhat04:36
syrinx_xlogik: I guess you could try to upgrade GRUB first, let me kind a link04:36
Strykerxlogik use sudo update-grub04:37
Strykeroh u need an upgrade04:37
hezinhotired of linux !!! i installed on 5 computers and i have only problem --- can someone help me install netgear wireless usb wna1100 on ubuntu 10.10 ?04:38
xlogiksyrinx_: thx      Stryker: thx let me try04:38
syrinx_xlogik: what Stryker said, sudo update-grub04:38
Jasonnhezinho: Cant you just call netgear?04:39
oven_i figured out the smplayer problem if anyone cares - apparently screenshot counts as a video filter, and you can't use filters with vdpau04:39
Abhijithezinho, its not linux problem. its your vendor who is living in 10th century and dont wan to co operate with new technology04:39
Stryker"hey thx stryker, he's a neat intelligent guy that i look up to" xlogik04:39
eamonxlogik: It's very easy to re-install grub and to configure it where to look for the new kernel, follow this guide http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?part=1&chap=1004:39
btrackhatwhen i try give me a error about scrapy 204:39
Abhijit!details | hezinho04:39
ubottuhezinho: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:39
rwwStryker: stop that :(04:39
Strykerfine rww04:39
eamonxlogik: just replace "emerge" with "apt-get install" and you'er good to go04:40
forrestvis there a key that works like ctrl-c but sends sigkill instead of sigint?04:40
Strykerstryker offered the time to make a thank you letter, and is turned down04:40
jribforrestv: no, but ctrl-\ usually sends sigquit04:40
hezinhoI have a problem with Netgear USB Wireless WNA110 - i am running a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.1004:41
Strykerubottu upgrade grub04:41
syrinx_thank you letter from who, Stryker04:41
Strykerubottu grub04:41
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.04:41
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:41
hezinhoI have a problem with Netgear USB Wireless WNA110 -  the device is not recognized by the system - i am running a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.1004:42
eamonhezinho: have you tried googling "WNA110 ubuntu 10.10"?04:42
bazhangStryker, /msg ubottu04:43
Strykeri am new to this command line chat, how do i do so in irssi, and come back to #ubuntu?04:44
johnsavioris there a way to use a usb 3g stick in ubuntu?04:44
eamonhezinho: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:44
Abhijithezinho, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159459204:44
eamonStryker: ctrl+n04:45
syrinx_this channel has gone horribly awry04:45
hezinhoi tried to find something on google but no luck04:45
hezinhothank u all04:45
Abhijithezinho, see the link above04:45
eamonAbhijit: /msg ubottu04:45
* Abhijit kicks eamon 04:45
Stryker"i said 'lol' to indicate i have laughted earlier, how original!" syrinx_04:45
ldunnStryker: what are you doing :(04:45
* eamon does a jihad04:45
* KTL can't even get his normal wireless properly working04:46
bazhangeamon, Abhijit thats enough04:46
hezinho i am looking04:46
syrinx_ldunn: being a dick04:46
Strykerty eamon04:46
ldunnsyrinx_: now now04:46
bazhangStryker, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat04:46
syrinx_ok ok04:46
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,can i use ubuntu 11.04 kernel to my ubuntu 10.04?04:47
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, no04:47
* Stryker will not mess around any further unless provoked04:47
ruanStryker: also, alt+ tabnumber04:47
syrinx_I'll provoke you all you want in #ubuntu-offtopic04:47
bazhangsyrinx_, thats enough04:47
dpac_kothaguy_ubuntu: Kernel is something entirely different from Distro..04:47
=== dpac_ is now known as dpac
eamonkothaguy_ubuntu: you want gentoo, you can have any kernel you want. Or linux from scratch if you have time to learn stuff.04:49
NixDoucheUgh. Why can't I find the C++ compiler  on netbeans04:51
NixDoucheWhere did you go :'(04:51
forrestvjrib, ctrl-/ works amazingly :304:51
forrestvctrl-\, rather04:52
=== dpac is now known as dpac_away
xlogikNixDouche: Try Ubuntu Tweak04:52
=== dpac_away is now known as dpac
eamonNixDouche: gcc isn't preinstalled on ubuntu?04:53
eamonI find that very hard to believe04:53
ldunnI don't think so04:53
ldunnIt's in build-essentials I'm pretty sure04:54
btrackhati need help to login into the X when i install ubuntu server04:54
btrackhati try startx but nothing came up04:54
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:54
eamonbtrackhat: nothing at all?04:54
ldunnFigures there'd be a factoid for that04:54
xlogiksorry  build-essentials it is04:55
ruanbtrackhat: does it return anything?04:55
rwwbuild-essential. without an s.04:55
ldunnShould be essentials, is lots of packages!04:56
btrackhatis there a faster way to do that04:56
ruan!info build-essential04:56
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.5 (maverick), package size 7 kB, installed size 48 kB04:56
Loshkibtrackhat: I thought ubuntu server came without X11 by default?04:58
btrackhati try startx04:58
eamonbtrackhat: what does /var/log/xor.0.log say?04:58
bazhangbtrackhat, did you install lamp?04:58
eamonbtrackhat: what does /var/log/xorg.0.log say?04:58
bazhangbtrackhat, server has no gui, you realize04:59
NixDoucheJust got build-essential. Thanks guys. Lets see how this goes.04:59
eamonomg lol04:59
Loshkibazhang: no gui? or no X11 at all?04:59
eamonyeah, you need to install X04:59
bazhangLoshki, strictly cli04:59
Loshkibazhang: thanks05:00
eamonX is useful is a strictly cli environment05:00
btrackhatno more thing how to i turn on my wifi card and connect to the internet with an wep key... to login in05:00
bazhang!wifi > btrackhat05:00
ubottubtrackhat, please see my private message05:00
eamonbtrackhat: what sort of server connects to the internet with wifi?05:02
ldunnHis server, apparently05:02
eamonbtrackhat: I think you'd be better off with the desktop edition05:02
vantageI Just installed Ubuntu today. and it seems really laggy. It takes lke 10 seconds to execute a program. Is this typical?05:05
=== Senix|ingame is now known as Senix|home
eamonvantage: are you running from the llive-CD?05:05
eamonvantage: is your computer really old05:05
vantagedude i have had 386's preform better...05:06
hezinhowhy i feel i am the only one who has problems with this system ?05:06
slakcvantage: was it while synaptic was updating the db or whatever?05:06
vantageunless ubuntu is taxing05:06
btrackhati just want to know how to turn on my wifi in terimal with a WEP key and connect to the internet...05:06
vantagewell i kind of lost connectivity when it was installing. but i updated all of the packages once i rebooted05:06
slakcbtrackhat: ceni05:06
bazhangbtrackhat, then check the links I sent you05:06
vantagebut yea it took a while05:06
slakcbtrackhat: try aptosid05:06
psycho_oreosbtrackhat, search for article on ubuntugeek in regards to troubleshooting the wifi05:07
vantageits a 64bit proc05:07
=== ruan_ is now known as ruan
eamonvantage: some programs take longer to launch than others. And as slakc pointed out, if you run many programs at once your computer will run slower05:07
=== jamie is now known as Guest27897
vantagei am new to ubuntu but i have never experienced this on gentoo or slackare typically i have used fluxbox but this just seems weird05:08
btrackhatwhat link05:08
vantagemy cpu isnt being taxed when i execute a program05:08
dr0idbest way to rename a file is mv , right ?05:08
ldunnI'm not aware of another way from the command line :o05:08
ruandr0id: yes05:08
eamonvantage: are you running it in a virtual machine?05:08
dr0idthank you ruan05:08
vantageis there any way to confirm what ubuntu populated for use flags?05:09
eamonvantage: gentoo is a fast OS you'll always get better perdormance on gentoo05:09
=== max_ is now known as Synthead
eamonvantage: ubuntu doesn't use USE flags05:10
vantageah yea all binarys huh05:10
fizy[laptop]after installing the nvidia 3d something or another hardware diver, i can no longer see my screen after boot up. it will show the blinking cursor fine, but after that it dies. i tried SSHing into it, but i think the wifi is screwing up. guess ill never know. does anyone know how to boot without the hardware drivers?05:10
ruanfizy[laptop]: can you boot into recovery mode?05:11
Guest27897hey i need some help with some passwords can any one help05:11
ruan!info flgrx05:11
ubottuPackage flgrx does not exist in maverick05:11
fizy[laptop]ruan: it spits out a bunch of text, then the monitors just die again05:11
slakcGuest27897: what?05:11
eamonGuest27897: have you forgotton your password?05:11
ruan!info nvidia-common05:12
ubottunvidia-common (source: nvidia-common): Find obsolete NVIDIA drivers. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.24 (maverick), package size 13 kB, installed size 180 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)05:12
eamonGuest27897: you're in the root account so you can change passwords easily05:12
Guest27897no need help get something that i can break othe password with05:12
fizy[laptop]ruan: im in 10.04, and i cant see my screen. i dont need other drivers yet. i need to boot without ANY drivers05:12
slakcGuest27897: you sound too stupid to understand05:13
ruanyeah im thinking of what package to remove05:13
Guest27897no your not understanding what im trying to ask its passwords on other things not my laptop05:14
eamonGuest27897: you'll have to be more descriptive - what is this password you speak of ? Is it for a user account on your system? Do you have to break the password or is just recovering the files on that account enough?05:14
fizy[laptop]its not a package. its the thingys in system>administation>hardwaredrivers05:14
Mr_MidnightGuest27897: are these devices you own and forgot the passwords to?05:15
Guest27897its for my routor i bought it years ago and for got the password05:15
fizy[laptop]Guest27897: you mean the admin password? or the wifi password?05:15
eamonGuest27897: reset your router05:15
Mr_MidnightGuest27897: what type of router?  usually you can do a full factory reset05:15
Guest27897i have tryed that it didnt work05:16
overcluckerGuest27897: hold the reset button on your router for 5-10 seconds05:16
eamon!google how to reset a router05:16
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/05:16
fizy[laptop]if you need the wifi password and it uses wep encryption, you can use the aircrack-ng suite to crack the password. NOTE: this IS illegal unless it really is YOUR router05:16
Mr_MidnightGuest27897:  after the reset did you use the right default username and password for the device?05:16
Guest27897ok ill try05:16
ruanif ubottu had a google command....05:17
overcluckerGuest27897: then look up the default pass for your router05:17
eamonGuest27897: yeah, reset is the way to go, if it isn't working, you're doing it wrong05:17
fizy[laptop]ruan if my pc worked, i would so write a bot that had one command. "$google"05:17
ruanfizy[laptop]: are you sure you can't boot into recovery mode though?05:18
fizy[laptop]it spits oout a bunch of text, but then it dies05:18
fizy[laptop]it worked fine before i installed the drivers05:18
eamonfizy[laptop]: try sshing into it05:19
ruan^already tried05:19
fizy[laptop]eamon: the wifi is screwing up i think. i cant connect to it05:19
eamonplug it in directly05:19
fizy[laptop]eamon: i just lugged the damn thing up the stairs. in the office, where the router is, there is no desk space, so i had it on the middle of the floor with a crap monitor plugged in hunching over on a hardwood floor for 3 hours trying to get the damn wifi drivers installed05:21
fizy[laptop]and plus, i dont know if it still listens to std input. i may not even be able to blindly log in05:21
fizy[laptop]does removing the hardware that a driver is installed for automaticly disable it in ubuntu?05:22
ruani believe so.05:23
fizy[laptop]sweet. ill just take out the video card and use onboard video05:23
ruannot sure05:23
fizy[laptop]also, does ubuntu support triple monitors?05:23
__gktprofizy: yess05:24
ruanit could possibly disable the drivers05:24
fizy[laptop]its worth a try05:24
ruansince its an entirely new device05:24
__gktprouse grandr05:24
ruanand different devices use different drivers05:24
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__gktprowhy i am only see two guys talking what are other guys doing???05:26
syrinx_playing guitar?05:27
=== Guest65241 is now known as DarkDevil
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest21738
thraspicI need to save a small video clip from a movie.  I just need a simplistic, basic video editting program.  Anything to recommend?05:31
s5fsMy laptop drive is running out of space. I have ordered a new disk and an external enclosure, what is the fastest way to clone my smaller drive to the larger one? dd?05:35
vantageis there a hotkey for swaping desktops?05:36
s5fsvantage: ctrl+alt+arrow keys05:36
s5fsyou're welcome05:36
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i just downloaded 11.04,i want to install it with clean,if any new update is there,i can get it from the update manager na?05:37
rwwkothaguy_ubuntu: /join #ubuntu+1 for 11.04 discussion and support.05:37
jonii3so... apt is returning some really weird errors and I have no idea where their coming from. can anyone help me pick them apart?05:38
rwwsyrinx_: hopefully that wasn't your password ;P05:38
s5fsrww: it hopefully won't be for long05:38
neithamhello, i am unable to open VCD disc, it says Error mounting: mount: /dev/sr0 already mounted or /media05:38
neithamWhat might be the problem?05:38
Mahjongghello, I have installed incron successfully. my incronjob runs on a certain file change only once after the user table is reloaded. What am I doing wrong?05:39
syrinx_damn you 2 keyboards05:39
pmp6nlBanshee crashes anytime I click on last.fm, any ideas?05:39
jonii3apt-get update is returning things like:W: Failed to fetch /~/ubuntu-wine.ppa/~/  404  Not Found  /~/ = parts of the path that aren't important. my point is, the .ppapart of that path shouldn't be in there, and I don't understand where its coming from05:40
JuNeXhello guys, im using wubi in my ubuntu 10.10 can i upgrade my windows w/o destroying my ubuntu? thanks05:40
rwwjonii3: somewhere in /etc/apt/sources.list or a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, presumably.05:40
neithamhello, i am unable to open VCD disc, it says Error mounting: mount: /dev/sr0 already mounted or /media. anybody know what might be wrong? Is it because I use ext4?05:40
jonii3rww: I found a very similar path in /etc/apt/sources.list but it didn't have the .ppa05:42
ubu_vbCan anyone tell me a distor which does not use pulseaudio as default...05:42
rww /whois ubu_vb05:42
rww!ot | ubu_vb05:42
ubottuubu_vb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:42
rwwjonii3: nothing in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?05:43
jonii3rww: well....05:43
jonii3rww:I'm not really sure05:43
rwwcharless40: /join #ubuntu-es05:44
jonii3rww: ahah!05:44
rwwjonii3: why?05:44
rwwah, I guess you found it05:44
jonii3i opened up ubuntu-wine_ppa-ppa-maverick.list05:44
vantagewhere does ubuntu mount usb storage devices?05:44
jonii3and thats where the path is05:44
ohzievantage: In /media05:44
ohzievantage: and then it tries to use the volume name05:45
vantageits not in there..05:45
charless40canal backtrack???05:45
ohzievantage: run "sudo dmesg" and pastebin the last like 50ish lines05:45
ohzievantage: No problem05:45
rwwcharless40: #backtrack-linux. I don't know whether they're okay with Spanish, you'd have to ask them.05:45
fizy[laptop]how can i auto run a command at startup?05:46
ohzievantage: I'm waiting for my pillar to reboot and I'm kind of drunk and I can't play COD with this dude on the phone so I'm in helping someone in ubuntu instead.05:46
=== linux is now known as vikas
fizy[laptop]ohzie: sounds like a good plan05:46
ohziefizy[laptop]: Are you using gnome or xfce or kde?05:46
soreaufizy[laptop]: sys>prefs>startup applications05:46
fizy[laptop]soreau: will it work it the command needs root access?05:47
soreaufizy[laptop]: No, that's for user commands. For root, use /etc/rc.local05:47
ohziefizy[laptop]: Possibly, if sudo takes STDIN output, but that would be heinously insecure.05:47
ohzieand would require you to put your password into a shellscript or something05:48
ohzievantage: Sec brb05:48
fizy[laptop]all i need is this command that starts up the wifi drivers05:48
vikashi all, i want to make software on linux os i know programming language like c, c++, java and perl and also tell me which language will be best05:48
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »05:48
rwwfizy[laptop]: put it in /etc/rc.local05:48
rwwvikas: try #ubuntu-offtopic05:49
ohzievantage: Hello!?05:51
vantageohzie yea dmesg didnt list anything. its  a portable docking station05:51
vantagefor a SATA drive05:51
vantageit appears in "computer"05:51
ohzievantage: What?05:51
vantagebut i have not been able to locate it05:51
vantagelol this mouned device05:51
ohzievantage: No, dmesg lists a lot of stuff always05:51
vantagei realize that05:51
ohzievantage: unplug the device, plug it back in, and then pastebin thelast 50 lines of your dmesg05:52
ohzierww: I'm amazed that ubottu doesn't autoban on !list05:52
ohzieubottu: !list05:52
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »05:52
vantagedo they acutally mount usb devices or link them05:52
made2shredi need help with apache. it wont start. error and the config files: http://pastebin.com/bsvjYGDd05:52
ohzievantage: dmesg doesn't do anything, it just keeps track of what everything else is doing05:53
ohzievantage: It'll show me what your uisb controller is doing05:53
ohzieand I would like to see what it's doing, if your system is not automounting the device in /media/05:53
vantageyes dmesg has not changed. Last entriy was mounting /dev/sdb05:53
ohziebecause that's what it *should* be doing05:53
ohzievantage: Oh then df -h05:53
ohzievantage: brb again, one sec05:53
vantagebecause mount would have shown it too05:54
vantagein the stupid computer gui the location is like Computer:///05:54
ohzievantage: Okay back05:57
ohzievantage: type df -h and tell me if /dev/sdb has any mountpoints05:57
dinzyMorning all!05:57
vantageSDB is not the correct device05:57
vantagethats another harddrive i have05:57
dinzycan i get the code for joining ubuntu off topic and other channels?05:58
dinzyi forogt to save it..thanks05:58
rwwdinzy: /join #ubuntu-offtopic05:58
dinzyAny more channels?05:58
ohzievantage: Okay, look, I asked for your dmesg to see what your usb controller was doing and you mentioned sdb, and I just inferred05:58
ohzievantage: so uh05:58
ohzievantage: go ahead and let me know when you're ready to give me your dmesg because I have no clue what's going on other than 'it sounds broken'05:58
vantageumm ok so lets see what is the best way last -n 50 dmesg | text ?05:58
ohzievantage: brb for now05:59
vantageis -n the right flag?05:59
fizy[laptop]so i looked in the etc/rc.local thingy, but it doesnt seem like what i need. all i want is to run sudo modprobe ndiswrapper06:00
dinzyand one more i need to update my Xchat which im using as IRC. How do i do it from the Terminal?06:00
vantagewhat flag on last specifies how many lines06:00
ruandinzy: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ?06:02
dinzyThanks mate. Cheers.06:02
brophati am going to install ubuntu 64 bit and i want encryption and i can do that right from the cd no?06:02
fizy[laptop]so i looked in the etc/rc.local thingy, but it doesnt seem like what i need. all i want is to run sudo modprobe ndiswrapper06:02
Tohuwbrophat: hard drive encryption or home directory encryption?06:02
Tohuws/hard drive/partition06:02
brophatTohuw either one would be good which is better?06:03
Tohuw!best | brophat06:03
ubottubrophat: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:03
Mahjonggis it possible to run ufw as non-root user06:03
ohzievantage: dmesg | tail -n 5006:03
TohuwMahjongg: defaultly, no. And for good reason...06:03
vantagetail ahah!06:03
MahjonggTohuw, I'd like to give a certain user ufw rights06:04
brophatTohuw so if only home directory is encrypted then i can just stay in home directory and everything i do is encrypted no?06:04
vantageohzie you accept msgs?06:04
ohzievantage: No06:04
vantageok one sec06:04
ruanbrophat: anything in home directory will be encrypted, yes06:04
brophatruan i am going to install ubuntu 64 does the install cd enable me to set up home directory for encryption?06:05
dr0idhi, i wanna count the lines in my codebase. is there some tool/program/utility to do that ?06:05
Tohuwbrophat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome06:05
jrtaylorivWhen I'm working on a project that's using a newer version of a library than the one that's Ubuntu repos use, what's the best way for me to be able to build packages that require the newer version, without installing the newer library systemwide?06:05
brophatthanks Tohuw06:06
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory06:06
brophatthanks ruan06:06
Tohuwdr0id: man wc06:06
jrtaylorivFor example, I'm trying to build gimp, which needs a newer version of libbabl, but I don't want to just download a newer version of BABL and build from source and make install, because that would (a) possibly break something since it's not tested with the other installed packages (b) not be maintainable with aptitude anymore06:07
dr0idok , thx06:07
brophathey you guys seen that girl making videos about ubuntu?06:07
vantageohzie http://pastebin.com/wEWDMM0H06:07
brophatforget her name06:07
ohziebrophat: lol girl on the internet06:07
jrtaylorivSo how could I make it where I can build the latest dev. snapshot of gimp using a newer version of libbabl than the one I've actually got installed through aptitude?06:07
brophatno really she has a ton of ubuntu tutorial videos06:07
brophatlet me find her name06:07
rww!girls | ohzie06:08
ubottuohzie: Girls exist on the internet. See http://www.escapistmagazine.com/print/17/27 | http://www.xkcd.com/322/ | For more interesting reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/06:08
rwwohzie: protip: some of them are ops here.06:08
vantageohzie there is a possibility it didnt actually get mounted at all and what i am thinking it is.... is actaully a cd.....06:08
brophatohzie she is totally hot a 1006:09
dr0idTohuw: well, thats for files only. but anyway, sloccount is good :)06:09
rwwbrophat: new topic time06:09
Dejavou42When I try to directly  call scripts in /etc/acpi  I can't call them06:09
vantageohzie no that actaully is it i was wrong....06:10
Dejavou42where are those  scripts stored for unprivileged users?06:10
brophatok lets talk about the supermoon bwahahahaha06:10
Tohuwdr0id: "codebase" is a vague enough term that I expect you are parsing files, which wc can do. Ask a vague question, get a vague answer :)06:10
rwwbrophat: let's do Ubuntu technical support, since that's what the channel's for. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for supermoon.06:10
brophatNixiePixel anyone heard of her?06:10
rwwbrophat: also #ubuntu-offtopic for non-faily comments about Nixie Pixel.06:11
Dejavou42Where are the unprivileged user  scripts for ACPI stored?06:12
Abhijitis there any software which will show me rgb value of a colour? does gnome colour chooser does this?06:12
rwwDejavou42: the buttons in GNOME or whatever for ACPI all use dbus, I think. No idea what the commands are, though.06:12
ruanAbhijit: it shows the RGB value06:13
=== rich is now known as r5416
Abhijitruan, ok let me install it then06:13
=== mike is now known as Guest55295
brophatok rww thanks will do06:13
ruanhue, saturation, value, colour name (#FF0000), red, green, blue.06:14
=== Guest55295 is now known as monX
ruanAbhijit: thats what it shows06:14
Dejavou42rww: so instead of allowing  my  username access to /etc/acpi, I should look into dbus?  (I'm configuring lirc to use a  remote to control ubuntu.)06:14
=== koolhead17|afk is now known as koolhead17
rwwDejavou42: that's what I'd do, though I've never actually done it, so maybe I'm off track.06:14
ohzievantage: Sorry, back06:14
Abhijitruan, no06:15
ohzierww: I know there are actually girls on the internet, it's just the joke that cannot be escaped.06:15
Abhijitruan, thats not what i want06:15
vantagetheres a link somewhere up there06:15
Abhijitruan, but ok that will also do06:15
rwwohzie: Thankfully, #ubuntu and other channels have a fun policy where we remove people making stupid comments, so it's rather simple to escape here. Something to bear in mind.06:15
Dejavou42 rww: :(  not  looking promising.  Just found a post in the forums where someone was trying same thing in 2009. No responses.... :)06:17
Dejavou42rww: thanks for  the help  though06:17
ohzievantage: I don't see any usb devices. Try using a different usb plug. When you're unplugging it and plugging it back in, watch a terminal running watch -n .5 'dmesg | tail'06:18
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
firestormHi. I love that I can ssh to my linux mediabox, type in 'export DISPLAY=:0.0' and then launch mplayer and have it display on the remote host. Of course, this requires me to have already logged onto the X11 instance locally on the mediabox. Is there a way that I can remotely log onto the X11 session?06:19
vantageno update in dmesg06:20
Abhijitruan, its agave i was looking for06:20
ruanAbhijit: ok06:21
ohzievantage: It sounds like your usb device is hosed06:21
ohzievantage: Is it plugged in?06:21
vantageno i can explore the device06:21
ohzievantage: Oh then df -h06:21
vantageit populates int the computer gui06:21
ohzievantage: and you'll see where it's mounted06:21
red2kicfirestorm: Use "ssh -Y" instead of export DISPLAY.blah.06:21
vantageits not mounted06:21
ohzievantage: Then you can't browse it06:21
red2kicfirestorm: auto gdm login? ;o06:21
vantagethats the whole thing.06:21
vantageman i gota get screen shots lol06:21
firestormred2kic: thanks re: ssh -Y ... would like to avoid auto login if possible06:22
red2kicfirestorm: Login -- but use screensaver lock-out?06:22
vantagein the properties in the location of "computer" using gnome gui the location is like06:22
red2kicfirestorm: I dunno.06:22
firestormred2kic: interesting ... with screensaver lockout would I be able to deactive the screensaver remotely ? i could always kill the process i guess06:22
vantageohzie Computer:///06:22
vantagewhat ever that means06:23
ohzievantage: That isn't your USB device I think.06:23
vantageohzie is there a faster way of searching beside find / -name RAWR06:23
vantageit has to be its the only 1 TB drive i have06:23
vantagedoes ubuntu use locate or slcoate06:24
ruanvantage: try it and see?06:24
red2kicvantage: "which locate ; which slocate ; which mlocate'06:25
red2kicvantage: What did it say?06:26
vantagei used find..06:26
vantageyou have to actually update locate before you can use it right unless that has changed06:26
red2kicvantage: You want to know if Ubuntu use locate or slocate. Please run "which locate ; which slocate"06:26
vantagejust so where on the same page as far as hardware topogoly there are 3 drives present, 2 in the box /dev/sda 500G /dev/sdB 500 and anotehr in a usb docking station that is a 1TB06:27
vantageyes locate is a binary ont he system06:28
red2kicvantage: cd to that path ; then run "ls -la | grep locate" -- It is possible that slocate and locate is well, same thing.06:29
=== Guest21738 is now known as DarkDevil
MagnavoxDoes anyone know how to disable onboard graphics in a compaq pc without using the bios?06:29
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest89758
red2kicMagnavox: Without using the bios? Rip out the onboard graphic card.06:30
vantageis ubuntu fast for you guys?06:31
vantageits feels pretty slow for me.06:31
Magnavoxred2kic, rip it out?06:31
red2kicMagnavox: Use the bios. (If you already have the solution, use it.)06:31
Magnavoxred2kic, I can't see it...06:32
Magnavoxred2kic, my video is gone06:32
fizyplanktondoes anyone know how to get an nvidia geforce 9400 gt video card humming along peacefully with onboard video so i can get triple monitors? i can only get the 2 onboard ones to show up06:32
DaPenguinvantage, depends what you mean by fast06:32
red2kicMagnavox: When you start the PC -- do you see the bios?06:33
brophatCan the ones who run this room unban Stryker he is a good tech guy06:33
red2kicMagnavox: Or you just can't see Ubuntu?06:33
Magnavoxred2kic, No, I can't see anything.06:33
Magnavoxred2kic, Monitor displays "No VGA signal"06:33
vantageDapenguin like 5-10 seconds to run a program06:34
red2kicMagnavox: I see. What were you doing?06:34
Magnavoxred2kic, Computer was on...screen went fuzzy and started shaking...now its off...no vga signal06:35
red2kicvantage: Install htop. Run "htop" or use Gnome System Monitor. Look for unusual activity such as high CPU/MEM usage.06:35
Magnavoxi didn't install anything, add anything, nothing.06:35
randomuserhow can I remove a user from the predefined usernames in gdm?06:35
bullgard4What is the file /usr/share/irssi/help/mircdcc for?06:35
Magnavoxred2kic, trying to use different video card but its not working..no vga signal there either06:35
vantagecpu is not peg by any means using top06:36
Magnavoxi think its because the onboard graphics are enbled06:36
DaPenguinvantage, my ubuntu is pretty fast compared to windows, not as fast as a stripped down gentoo install, but not bad considering06:37
red2kicMagnavox: I see. Check the monitor + cable. My cable have been known to cause monitor flickering. Make sure everything is plugged in solidly. When you turn off the PC... and turn it on, you should see bios regardless.06:37
bullgard4randomuser: System > Administration > Users and Groups06:37
red2kicbullgard4: cat that file.06:37
Magnavoxred2kic, I don't .. no signal..06:37
bullgard4red2kic: Ah! This solution was simple. --  Thank you very much for your help.06:39
red2kicbullgard4: That file exists so irssi can access it.06:40
vantagewell i have had enough fun for one night im outa here06:41
red2kicbullgard4: Run "/help mircdcc" in irssi.06:41
=== k is now known as mindframe
mayilany pc inventory software is available in linux?06:42
BaribalHi. Can I somehow create a second totem window?06:44
weecolwhat for06:44
red2kicmayil: OpenOffice / LibreOffice / Google Spreadsheet? I'm not sure what you're looking for.06:44
NixDoucheSo what games do you guys play on ya ubuntu?06:44
NixDoucheOr do you restart to windows for ur gaming fix?06:44
red2kicNixDouche: I boot up Xbox360 for that one.06:45
NixDoucheAhh, I'm more of a PS3 man for my console fix.06:45
Baribalweecol, watching something, pausing it, watch something else and after that, going back to the first one without memorizing where I paused.06:45
red2kic!games | NixDouche06:45
ubottuNixDouche: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/06:45
weecolyou want storing time indexes06:46
tiedaerialhello, can someone help me?06:46
weecolhello tie06:46
NixDouchered2kic, Was more asking to see what people played :)06:46
Baribalweecol, fine... How?06:46
tiedaerialhi weecol06:47
weecolneeds implementing06:47
tiedaerialhaving a little problem with a game "teeworlds" on xubuntu06:47
red2kicNixDouche: http://www.wolfire.com/humble06:47
weecolfancy coding it06:47
weecoland submitting the feature06:47
red2kicNixDouche: http://www.yofrankie.org/download/06:47
BaribalAaah... So in practice the answer is "Right now, you can't". ^^06:47
red2kicNixDouche: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/ubuntu/10.10/06:48
BaribalOr rather, "Also use mplayer."06:48
weecolis there a mutual exclusion on two windows06:48
weecolit seeks the first window06:48
weecolid help with coding06:49
weecoli dont just hang out here06:50
weecoli profess coding abilities06:50
brophatok thanks for all the help06:50
weecolneed some promting to use it06:50
fisixhey, why can't i use gcc-mingw32? it says command not found but i installed it through synaptic06:50
weecolwhat's the synaptic package06:51
weecola package installer?06:51
weecoli use aptitude myself06:52
red2kic!synaptic | weecol06:52
ubottuweecol: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto06:52
YcareneHow do I restore my bootsplash after updating my kernel?06:52
weecolfrom the terminal or package kit06:52
weecolbut then im on kubunt06:52
weecolredkic a yes would suffice06:53
red2kicweecol: I'm lazy. Sue me.06:53
Unknown0BC1I am using06:54
weecoltyping more than what is required isn't lasy just stupid06:54
Unknown0BC1Ubuntu maverick 10.1006:54
weecolbe consice if you are able06:54
weecolthe doc has put me on tablets06:55
weecoli get them in about half an hour06:55
Unknown0BC1Is is suppose to be difficult to use your cellphone as a modem via bluetooth ?06:55
weecolsome one tell me the way to usde that06:56
weecoli want to do the same06:56
weecoli'm using the usb lead06:56
red2kicUnknown0BC1: I heard it's possible (I was surprised about it) -- but difficult? I have no idea.06:56
weecoljust for options on how to connect06:56
jakeriverdoes anyone know if there's going to be a new update fixing the red youtube bug any time soon?06:57
firsttimecallerhey all, i can still connect to my wifi network, but i can't figure out how to view other wifi networks. this just happened. can anyone help?07:00
edbianThe channel is actually quite?!  Doesn't anybody need any help at 3 a.m. ?07:00
edbianfirsttimecaller, Click the applet.  They should be listed in there.07:00
firsttimecallerddbian: where's the applet?07:01
firsttimecalleredbian: where's the applet?07:01
edbianfirsttimecaller, How do you connect to your network?  (you should be using the applet)  Upper left corner on the panel.07:02
red2kicfirsttimecaller: In default layout, top-right corner.07:02
edbiansorry, upper right corner07:02
firsttimecalleryeah, it used to be there, but now it's not07:02
red2kicfirsttimecaller: ALT+F2 --> nm-applet07:02
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firsttimecaller i still don't see anything in the upper right of my screen07:03
red2kicfirsttimecaller: Meh. Try killing your gnome-panel. Maybe it'll come back, maybe not. "killall gnome-panel"07:03
edbianfirsttimecaller, Do you have a panel up there at all?07:04
firsttimecalleryeah, i think so07:04
firsttimecalleri have the thing that says main07:04
firsttimecallerthat's the panel, yes?07:04
mobius2would upstart be causing my wireless card to channel hop? Is there a simple way to stop that process temporarily?07:05
edbianfirsttimecaller, On the upper left it has applications, places, system, on the right there are icons and the clock07:05
firsttimecalleryeah, i have it07:05
firsttimecallerit's just that there's no wifi applet there now07:05
edbianfirsttimecaller, did nm-applet in the terminal work?07:06
firsttimecalleri just did the "killall gnome-panel" the panel disappared and then reappeared but still no wifi applet07:06
edbianIs there an op in here?07:06
red2kicedbian: Always.07:06
Flanneledbian: If you'd like to speak to one, they're available in #ubuntu-ops07:07
firsttimecaller$ nm-applet07:07
firsttimecallerAn instance of nm-applet is already running.07:07
=== mikea- is now known as mikea
mobius2firsttimecaller,  what are you up to? I'm a little late to the party07:07
red2kicfirsttimecaller: You do see the icons, right?07:07
red2kicfirsttimecaller: I want to make sure notifcation area exists. I'm not talking about Network Icon, I mean many other icons that usually sit by the clock.07:08
firsttimecallerhow mobius2: my wifi applet has vanished. i still have a panel, but no wifi applet. i tried "killall gnome-panel" but that didn't work either07:08
mobius2firsttimecaller,  so then the wireless adapter hardware has not changed?  Can you still control your wlan with the terminal?07:09
firsttimecalleryes, i have clock, an icon with main and another one with a circle in it07:09
mobius2firsttimecaller,  this wireless cared has worked previously?07:09
firsttimecallermobius2: my entire network connection came down after my pc crashed07:10
red2kic!resetpanel | firsttimecaller07:10
ubottufirsttimecaller: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:10
firsttimecalleri followed instructions online to get that back and i automatically connected to one of my wifi networks07:10
red2kicfirsttimecaller: Try that... :P07:10
mrdebcan someone tell me how to install the newest stable kernel and where to get the debs07:11
mrdebover 10.0407:11
morgani got a bug report for chrome under linux but I dont know how/where to file it? Anyone interested or should I forget it..07:11
red2kic!bug | morgan07:11
ubottumorgan: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:11
mobius2firsttimecaller,  by "entire" network connection... do you mean both your ethX and your wlan connections stopped functioning?07:11
firsttimecallermobius: i now have a bunch of applets, including my wifi one07:12
Strykerah, yes!07:12
rwwmorgan: If you're using Ubuntu and Ubuntu's Chromium packaging, what ubottu said. If you're using Google's Chrome packaging, http://www.chromium.org/for-testers/bug-reporting-guidelines07:13
mobius2firsttimecaller,  how are you connecting to the web right nya?07:13
mobius2man ,  my 1990's tech supprt skills suck07:13
dospodwhen trying to update to 11.04 rc3 I can't get the update-manager-d towork07:14
mrdebcan someone tell me how to install the newest stable kernel and where to get the debs07:14
red2kic!ubuntu+1 | dospod07:14
ubottudospod: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+107:14
red2kicmrdeb: https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa07:14
red2kicmrdeb: Usually, you should be patient. It'll come eventually.07:14
firsttimecallerok, so i still don't see how i view what wifi ssids are in range. when i right click on the wifi applet i don't see any way to do that07:15
mrdebred2kic: not in 10.0407:16
dospodwhen trying to upgrade to 11.04 I can't get run application to run update-manager-d07:16
firsttimecallermobius, i'm  connected to the internet through wifi07:16
rwwdospod: it's update-manager -d, not update-manager-d.07:16
rwwdospod: and you should be asking that in #ubuntu+1.07:17
firsttimecallerit's just that i want to connect to a different wifi ssid than the one i'm connected to07:17
red2kicmrdeb: Do you have a valid reason to use the latest kernel? People favor PPA more than deb because you'll be ensuring that you're always staying with the latest package provided by the ppa.07:17
firsttimecallermobius2: did you get my response?07:18
Strykerred2kic: the latest kernels usually have security fixes for servers and DOS attacks07:18
red2kicmrdeb: That link is for 10.04 (or lucid).07:18
mrdebred2kic: the reason is that latter kernels are faster and have less lag in alsa than .3207:19
firsttimecallercan someone please help me figure out how to view wifi networks within range?07:19
red2kicfirsttimecaller: If you're only seeing your wifi as the option, then you may not be in the ranges of any other wifi.07:20
firsttimecallerno, i have another machine here that can see 5007:20
firsttimecalleranother machine in the other room can also see the same 5007:21
red2kicfirsttimecaller: Mess around with network icon (top-right). Most of us learned by trying to find things.07:21
mrdebred2kic: will there be a speed increase07:22
firsttimecallerred2kic, i've never had trouble doing this before . . . all of the sudden tonight i'm having trouble07:22
red2kicmrdeb: I have no slight clue. Your mileage may vary.07:22
firsttimecalleri right click on the network manager applet and go to edit connections, and then choose the wireless tab. is that what i'm supposed to do?07:23
red2kicfirsttimecaller: Restart your machine and see if it's still same. It's not the elegant solution but I don't want to tell you how to restart gdm or network setting in fear of you getting disconnected.07:24
gluonmanWhen trying to boot kernels 2.6.35-27 and 2.6.35-28, they freeze at the initial splash screen.  Kernel 2.6.35-25 still loads fine.  It started when I ran 'sudo update-initramfs -u && sudo update-burg' using kernel 2.6.35-27.  Then after downloading 2.6.35-28, it had the same problem.  How can I determine a way to fix this?07:26
dinzycan  i have the link for offtopic ubuntu?07:29
rwwdinzy: #ubuntu-offtopic. Write it on a post-it note or something :(07:29
Last_Biscuithi people, i am new on ubuntu, required little help regarding sharing on ubuntu07:30
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dinzyTHanks rww.07:30
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest30819
=== Eddie is now known as Guest21668
Last_Biscuiti have a complete sharing setup right now, the problem i am facing it , when i share any file from any other drive except C:, i received an error, unable to mount, while if file store on C drive it opens07:31
=== crypto-nome is now known as cryptonome
Last_Biscuitany one ?07:32
Last_Biscuiti have a complete sharing setup right now, the problem i am facing it , when i share any file from any other drive except C:, i received an error, unable to mount, while if file store on C drive it opens07:32
zetheroomy laptop screen res is 16:10 and I am outputting to a 24" LCD which seems to be using 16:9  ... is there anyway to correct this withou buying a new laptop or monitor? :P07:32
allknowingeyehow do i list all programs installed ?07:35
Last_Biscuiti have a complete sharing setup right now, the problem i am facing it , when i share any file from any other drive except C:, i received an error, unable to mount, while if file store on C drive it opens07:36
moucheLaserbeak43: ~/part07:36
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shentinoHey, does anyone remember anything about a message Linus Torvalds once sent to the kernel list about "feel free to contribute and don't be shy, I'll jus tlet someone else actually handle it"07:38
shentinoGoogle has come up with bupkis so far07:38
mrdebhow do you clone a running system onto a larger disk that will replace it in the same computer?07:38
shentinomrdeb:  With or without shutting the system down first?07:39
mrdebshentino: whichever is easier07:39
bullgard4How can I check if my IBM Thinkpad T42 has outdated Thinkpad BIOS/EC firmware?07:39
shentinoI would most likely shut the system down, boot from a live CD07:40
mrdebshentino: and then?07:40
shentinonow, what you do next depends on some things07:40
shentinoNo, not dd07:40
mrdebi dont want the larger disk to be limited in size if the origianl is smaller07:40
shentinogetting partition math right with disparate disk sizes is tricky07:40
shentinowhat OS are you using?07:40
mrdeb10.10 x6407:40
shentinoand what filesystem is /boot and /?07:41
mrdebext2 and 407:41
shentinook, sounds simple.07:41
shentinodo you care if your inode creation times get mucked?07:41
mrdebwhat does that mean07:41
shentinoprobably not.07:41
shentinoBasically what you want to do is07:42
shentino1.  Partition your new drive.07:42
shentino2.  Copy the root partition contnets over to it07:42
shentino3.  Update the bootloader so that the boot sector of the new drive will load grub07:43
shentinodouble check that your /etc/fstab is sane after the migration07:43
mrdebcopy with what partitions, so that i don't get permission issues accessing it later07:43
shentinoprobably a mv -r or a cp -r07:43
mrdebwill the uuid change?07:43
shentinouse the live cd to mount both of them at the same time07:43
shentinothe uuid will probably change, hence the part about updating fstab07:43
shentinoand don't forget about grub.cfg if needed07:44
mrdeband how do you install grub to the new disk07:44
shentinoupdate-grub probably07:44
shentinobut I'm no expert.  What I've described does mesh well with common sense though07:44
mrdebi dont know07:44
Last_Biscuiti have a complete sharing setup right now, the problem i am facing it , when i share any file from any other drive except C:, i received an error, unable to mount, while if file store on C drive it opens07:44
shentinotbh I've never done a migration of a live system before because reinstalling on the new disk has always been more convenient.07:44
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
Adkq093Hi, i need to install Ubuntu on an UEFI computer, is there something i should know before attempting?07:45
shentinobut basically "get your stuff on the new disk and then make sure everything's pointing the right way"07:45
shentinowhich includes the boot loader, the fstab, and anything else that needs to worry about disks instead of files07:45
jayd3e_http://pastebin.com/6W48wD2v wpa_supplicant problems, can you guys take a look07:47
=== citizen is now known as wbr-citizen
dinzyWhat does the green light near Floodbot1 means?07:48
Adkq093Hi, i need to install Ubuntu on an UEFI computer, is there something i should know before attempting?07:49
rwwdinzy: FloodBot is opped, yes.07:49
Adkq093dinzy: United Extensible FIrmware Interface07:49
dinzyah, must be careful! :)07:49
rwwFloodBot1 **07:49
rwwdinzy: On freenode, channel operators usually aren't opped unless they need to be. The only reason FloodBot1 is is because it's part of our automated anti-spam system and needs to be able to react quickly :)07:50
rwwdinzy: For example, I'm a channel operator, and your userlist won't tell you that.07:50
dinzyMan.. to be honest. i love linux!:)07:50
kuttanscompiz breaking in natty07:50
dinzyFree and safe.07:51
wbr-citizenif i want to learn ubuntu deeply,what should i know07:51
rwwkuttans: #ubuntu+1 for natty discussion and support07:51
dinzyIm not able to install natty..anyone tried it?07:51
dinzyas soon as i installed natty, did a re boot.. all i got is a a black screen.07:51
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.07:51
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arandv_v`: Better luck in #debian07:56
mrsmeehani need help with ubuntu for netbooks07:56
mrsmeehandoes anyone know how to view other files on other computers with ubuntu for netbooks07:58
Abhijitmrsmeehan, explain07:59
mrsmeehani have an acer netbook i installed ubuntu unity or 10.10 for netbooks and i downloaded file share like i did on my 2 other desktops that can share between them and i cant find out how to access those machines with my netbook08:00
mrsmeehanthere is no browser to speak of that shows me my other computers08:01
lytemrsmeehan: the "browser" you refer to is probably actually the file manager "nautilus"08:03
lytei'm not sure what's natively available on the netbook install, but you probably could just install nautilus on it until you figure out the "ideal" method08:03
=== mike is now known as Guest11016
Avaszhi.. is there a way of degrading X.org 1.7.4 to X.org 1.7.3+10ubuntu10.2 or 1.7.108:04
Shaydhow do i remove old versions of my kernal from grub after an update?08:05
quentusrexHelp! I've just tried to update from 9.10 to 10.04 and I'm getting sent to a grub prompt rather than a kernel selection.08:05
AbhijitShayd, search for kernel in synaptic and from there remove it08:06
Abhijitit will automatically remove from grub08:06
quentusrexI know I made a backup of the grub menu.lst file, if I can only find a way to get to the file system.08:06
mrsmeehanhmmmm i just enabled file share on my desktops and they poped up under places/network but there is no such menu in ubuntu for netbooks08:06
Avaszquentusrex: cant you use live cd to get into your file syste?08:07
quentusrexI can't.08:07
quentusrexThis is a remote machine with a KVM access.08:07
mrsmeehanive tried smb2k and dolphin but didnt work to help me see my other computers08:07
Adkq093hi,  i need to install ubuntu on a uefi pc, is there anything i should know before attempting?08:08
lockheedhi room08:09
lytequentusrex: use "e" key to edit the grub lines and run whatever is in your backup08:10
quentusrex'e' is an unrecognized command.08:10
quentusrexand I'm trying: configfile (hd0,1)/boot/grub/menu.lst08:11
quentusrexbut it response with cannot mount selected partition08:11
Avaszwhat is the current default xorg version in lucid?08:11
Pr0jectRec0nin my Firefox, I'm using/getting 'Movieplayer' in place of the DivX web player (that I'd get in windows ) : http://imgur.com/ySwtV08:12
Pr0jectRec0nwhile it works fine.. some random quirks I've noticed :08:13
Pr0jectRec0n1) the buffer progress bar that's shown with divx web player is not seen with the 'movie player'08:13
Pr0jectRec0n2) I cannot seem to pause and replay it. It just stops if I do that in ubuntu, whereas in windows with divx web player, i could pause and then resume as and when I need it.08:14
Pr0jectRec0nany workarounds?08:14
randomusereamon, hi, you can probably find native tools to work with audio files08:16
Pr0jectRec0nLooks like I'm on the Totem 2.30.2 plugin in firefox with the divx web player version
quentusrexok, I was able to get it to boot08:17
quentusrexNow the issue is that 'update-grub2' is not updating the /boot/grub/menu.lst file.08:18
quentusrexAny ideas?08:18
bullgard4How can I check if my IBM Thinkpad T42 has outdated Thinkpad BIOS/EC firmware?08:18
StarminnAlright, who wants to tell me how I can totally start from fresh with WINE? It is very messy and I want to entirely wipe it and all of its apprently hidden configs from my system, as if it wasn't there.08:19
ldunnrm ~/.wine hasn't done it?08:19
ldunnwell, rm -r. But yeah.08:19
randomuserBr0sephStalin, for a lot of things, you can add the -v switch, for 'verbose' to see what's going on. Some of them allow multiple v's, like -vvv to be extra verbose.  With others, it means something else (usually version) but its probably save to include a -v with almost everything just to see whats going on08:20
Starminnldunn: I've uninstalled it via Software Center, I deleted ~/.wine, and then I sudo apt-get purge wine just to make sure (since it's not installed it of course didn't do anything)08:21
Starminnldunn: I now reinstalled it and it's got garbage menus everywhere.08:21
=== king is now known as Guest84556
randomuserfor example, chmod -v +x yohoho-81--en-install.bin08:22
randomuserwow, i will never show my lady that link08:22
Guest84556is everyone here?08:25
greppyGuest84556: there are 1300+ people here.08:25
Starminngreppy: Read my mind.08:26
Guest84556how are you?08:26
greppy!ot | Guest8455608:27
ubottuGuest84556: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:27
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randomuserBr0sephStalin, note that this is a standard procedure for executing things from a shell; chmod to executable, then ./file to execute.  This is not special for whatever gazmooh you just downloaded, you will be doing this again08:32
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
Starminnldunn: No suggestions? L(08:34
ldunnno :(08:34
zetheroomy laptop screen shows 16:10 aspect ration whereas the LCD I am outputting to displays 16:9 ... is there a way to correct the image on the external LCD?08:35
theDomHi so my other hard drive (with Windows XP) doesn't boot any more. its still on the boot menu and i can still access the files on the hard drive through the mount point in linux, it just wont boot. Can anyone help?08:36
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
Starminnldunn: Fair enough. :) Thanks.08:37
ontherunim thinking of installing a hidden truecrypt OS. Should I also hide my pirated downloads?08:43
Starminnontherun: We don't discuss piracy here.08:43
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o08:44
Starminnontherun: But I'd say that if the thought "Hmm... Should I hide these" cross your mind, then you probably should.08:44
ontheruni dont want to pirate anything08:44
ontherunI was just thinking that it would look to sus, being too clean you know08:45
wentori want to install xen in ubuntu 10.10 where a could find documentation?08:47
Pr0jectRec0nwhile it works fine.. some random quirks I've noticed :08:49
Pr0jectRec0nFlash under firefox under wine sucks bad - what stable version works ?08:49
bullgard4How can I check if my IBM Thinkpad T42 has outdated Thinkpad BIOS/EC firmware?08:50
greppyPr0jectRec0n: why not use native firefox?08:50
StarminnWhat does WINE have to do with anything, Pr0jectRec0n?08:51
Pr0jectRec0ngreppy, divx web player works crappy under FF in ubuntu08:51
=== prashant is now known as yes2life
Pr0jectRec0ngreppy, Starminn, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142901508:52
=== prashant is now known as yes2life
dinzyWhich is the best ubuntu distro?08:55
Starminn!best | dinzy08:55
ubottudinzy: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:55
jah123mam pytanko bo chce sprawdzic czy dobrze zabezpieczylem linuxa08:56
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.08:56
Starminndinzt: According to BestBot in #ubuntu-bots: "The BESTEST Ubuntu distro is ubuntu-desktop, because 3 people (43%) said so! Follow in order, xubuntu-desktop (1 votes, 14%), linux (1 votes, 14%), kubuntu (1 votes, 14%), xubuntu-desktop. (1 votes, 14%)"08:56
alkisgWhat's the equivalent of "apt-get update" in the software center UI?08:57
robotti^alkisg: use update-manager08:57
Starminndinzy: I misspelled your name. Read above though if you missed it.08:58
alkisgrobotti^: so it's not available on software center, thank you08:58
dinzyi read it starminn. Thanks for the info.08:58
Starminnalkisg: System->Administration0>Update Manager.08:59
darthvaderI know this isn't the right room but I am getting 0 responses elsewhere. Anyone have any experience with janusvm?08:59
Starminnalkisg: It's not something you get in the Software Center AFAIK. ;)08:59
alkisgStarminn: yup, it's there on synaptic though. Well... :)09:00
robotti^Starminn: it would be cool, if we can update software from software center09:00
Starminnrobotti&: I agree. Update Manager *does* handle it automatically, but I do agree. They should streamline the process should you wish to do it manually. All in one place.09:00
StarminnNice idea09:01
allknowingeyehow do i check my logs and specifically check for intruders?09:01
=== gpa is now known as grocernine
mrdebupdate manager and synaptic should be merged09:03
darthvaderNo one?09:03
mrdebwhat darthvader09:03
alkisgrobotti^, Starminn: I was thinking of a tutorial for this use case: a person opens software-center and wants to install a program. His sources might be out of date, so I need to tell him to update them before installing it. So he needs to run 2 programs, while with synaptic he just needs to run 1.09:03
darthvaderI am having an issue with janusvm09:03
Starminnalkisg: How often does Update Manager poll for updates?09:04
alkisgIt's configurable, let me see the default...09:04
alkisgIt's "daily" here09:04
alkisgAlthough if one just installed ubuntu and wants to install another program, his sources will definately be out of date09:05
mrdebim unfamiliar with janusvm09:05
darthvaderOh nvm :/09:05
darthvaderthanks anyways09:05
mrdebsorry. try debian also09:05
Starminnalkisg: But I'd say that a daily thing (I've gotten back-to-back days before so I'd agree) should be sufficient.09:06
mrdebi dont think software center should exist apart from synaptic09:06
alkisgStarminn: it should, unless (1) he just installed ubuntu, (2) he doesn't have regular internet access, (3) he just added a new repository. So to be on the safe side I need to tell him to update his sources before installing.09:06
mrdebit should be integrated as a "simple" mode, vs synaptic's advanced09:06
greppy!ot | mrdeb09:07
ubottumrdeb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:07
zhangchenglicense key   avast09:07
zhangchenghow to get one09:08
greppyzhangcheng: contact avast.09:08
cosmofinally I have sound back09:11
Starminnzhangcheng: They should e-mail it09:12
YankDownUnderHave to be extremely paranoid about viruses in linux...oh my...09:14
zhangchengi do not receive my license key.then what should i do09:15
greppyzhangcheng: contact avast.09:16
NoCodeI just put Ubuntu 64 bit on my USB key, turned on the computer but it's evident that I get I/O errors everytime I open a program.09:16
NoCodeAny suggestions?09:16
YankDownUnderNoCode, Run a check on the USB stick's filesystem.09:17
jrtaylorivIs there a way to determine the minimum kernel version supported for a given version of glibc?09:17
NoCodeYankDownUnder, will do thanks. How can I do that in windows?09:17
YankDownUnderNoCode, Sorry mate - no can do. Has to be from a liveCD, or you can drop down to terminal in grub and do an fs check09:18
jrtaylorivYankDownUnder, Nope. That doesn't say how to determine the minimum kernel version supported for a given version of glibc?09:18
jrtaylorivThanks for trying though.09:18
NoCodeYankDownUnder, what's the command to do it?09:19
YankDownUnderjrtayloriv, I'll assume that you read through the current status and the availability and the resources...either which...09:19
NoCodeThe USB drive is fat16. WIndows should be able to pick it up09:20
YankDownUnderNoCode, I charge for MS Windows support, I give away GNU/linux support.09:20
feignthison trying to aptitude install i get "aptitude: command not found" any ideas? Ubuntu 10.409:21
ileawould a cannon multifunctional printer work with ubuntu?09:21
YankDownUnderapt-get install insert-filename-here09:21
=== sarts is now known as psybsd
alkisgfeignthis: 10.04? Or 11.04?09:22
feignthis10.04 sorry09:22
=== lance_ is now known as Guest82791
alkisgIt should be there on a default 10.04 installation.09:22
quentusrexCan anyone assist with a hard disk recovery? The MBR and partition table has been corrupted.09:22
quentusrexluckily it is an ubuntu guest09:23
feignthisah apt-get seems to work, this tuturoail just had aptitude there09:23
quentusrexkvm guest.09:23
feignthisi have a not-so good vps host so wouldnt be surprised if its not09:23
Starminn!recover | quentusrex09:23
ubottuquentusrex: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel09:23
quentusrexThat is not quite what I need.09:24
quentusrexI'm trying to recover a failed grub2 upgrade09:24
quentusrexso the file system is fine,09:24
quentusrexI just need to fix the mbr09:25
ileai want to know if a cannon multifunctional printer will work on ubuntu09:25
Starminn*shrug* Bot usually fixes issues. I don't know how to advise, lol09:25
ileasomebody knows?09:25
YankDownUnderilea, Check at: http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/openprinting09:26
OrsHi there, how can I delete the 'open with' application in firefox, because the default app is no longer installed on my pc?09:27
StarminnOrs: There's usually a "Remember my selection" once you choose an app09:27
OrsStarminn: I want to open with Transmission, but I do not know how to add it to the list.09:30
=== Guest73183 is now known as DarkDevil
StarminnOrs: It's not in the default droplist?09:31
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest65499
OrsStarminn: the default is currently Vuze, but I have installed it. I can go 'Other', but do not know wherer to find Transmission.09:32
=== Termana_ is now known as Termana
StarminnOrs: Try in /usr/bin/transmission09:36
StarminnOrs: /usr/bin are where most binaries are if I recall correctly.09:36
OrsStarminn: Yes, I have found it! Now how do I delete Vuze as I already uninstalled it, but it still shows default? Can I delete the entire .azureus folder?09:40
vingtrashi, i'm trying to create an automatic login without a login manager using this guide: http://it.dennyhalim.com/2008/10/linux-automatic-login-startx-and.html, but i can't find the file called for: /etc/event.d/tty109:40
vingtrasit doesn't seem to be there on my computer, i'm running ubuntu 10.1009:41
StarminnOrs: I would delete whatever of it you could find (I'd say .azurreus sounds about right) in ~ and in /usr/share09:41
StarminnOrs: Sometimes configs are left behind... Usually an uninstall + deleting whatever's hidden in your home directory is enough though09:41
Starminn(Note: Not always in both places. Usually just one, but I, personally, like to check in both. Also, by the way, "sudo apt-get purge <packagename>" deletes all configs for you too, as opposed to "sudo apt-get remove <packagename>" which is what the Software Center does)09:42
tripchipuse linux, not bsd09:43
OrsStarminn: I have already deleted the filed in /usr/share, but now I also deleted the folder in home.  Thanks for your help09:46
=== patryk is now known as Guest68980
pakoteshhyay alguna chica disponible09:47
soreau! es | pakoteshhy09:47
ubottupakoteshhy: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:47
StarminnOrs Is it gone from the list now like you wanted?09:48
OrsStarminn: No, it is still there as default, but now transmission is there too.09:49
StarminnOrs: Alright. Well, I'm not really sure what to say regarding getting Vuze out of there, but at least you've got Transmission now. :)09:51
OrsStarminn: Exactly, that little achievment makes me happy :)09:51
StarminnOrs: And you learned some neat things too! :) Learning is always fun.09:52
OrsStarminn: that is why I like ubuntu!09:52
sargonrosecan someone help me?09:54
soreausargonrose: not if you dont ask your question09:55
osearthyes, you need to think LOUDER09:55
tripchipIcelos : that is better than windowzez because i gawt 1 xtra desktop09:56
soreauosearth: telekinesis?09:56
=== k is now known as Guest33964
osearthi coulnd't think of it09:57
osearthalmost said someting emberassing like 'gawt' etc..09:57
sargonrosehi, i really really need help.09:57
soreau! ask | sargonrose09:58
ubottusargonrose: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:58
osearthsargonrose: you need to help yourself ask a question perhaps09:58
_antantwell you can't get help if we don't know what the prob is09:58
sargonroseOk, sorry. I need to burn a .iso with ubunto. I have never used ubuntu before and i kinda wana kill myself09:59
_antantGoogle has instructions and ideas on how to kill yourself09:59
twitch!brasero | sargonrose10:00
osearthi am trying to make a redundant web clucker. is it still true what they say abought omelettes10:00
sargonrosei was thinking about going with my head in the oven10:00
_antantAlso, probably, on how to burn an iso10:00
_antantIf you went with the oven at least you'd burn something10:00
lytethe instructions for brasero might be more relevant at first10:00
twitchmicrowave would end in a better statement/result :P ... !ot :P10:00
=== Termana_ is now known as Termana
_antantYeah, but then you have to have the technical know how to rig it so it turns on with the door open10:01
sargonroseAt this point. I literally just found out i can alt tab between windows in lunix >.<10:01
zetheroois there an Intel control panel for the graphics like Nvidia and ATI have?10:01
_antantAnd if he can't burn an iso (or google it to find instructions) then I don't think he could bodge the door10:02
mapkycahi all: sorry to jump straight in with a Q... have just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.10 (spare weekend after months). All ok except it has killed twinview (see this post to avoid flooding the channel: http://askubuntu.com/questions/31122/twinview-broken-on-upgrade-to-ubuntu-10-10) ... i'm at a complete loss, so before I back up and nuke it from orbit, anyone have any suggestions?10:02
sargonroseNot with an oven. I wouldent use a microwave.10:02
Starminnsargonrose: How about Super+tab?10:02
sargonroseno idea10:02
twitchsargonrose: if you want to burn a iso looking at a file through nautilus right clikc on file and burn using barsero10:02
lytesargonrose: how about just trying brasero and a deap breath...10:02
twitchbrasero too10:03
sargonroseno idea what that is10:03
twitchsargonrose: it's an app .. kinda like nero if you want to get an idea10:03
phoenixsamprasWhat is the ultimate Development language available?10:03
soreaumapkyca: You may need to reinstall the nvidia driver10:04
snttis there anyone who's got some time to help me a bit with some sound driver problems? :> Thanks a million.10:04
twitch!ask > sntt10:05
ubottusntt, please see my private message10:05
sargonroseOk were do i get  barsero?10:05
twitchsargonrose: if your using ubuntu 10.04+ desktop it should be already installed10:05
twitchsargonrose: applications -> sound and video10:06
mapkycasoreau: I've tried reinstalling from nvidia's prop. binary as well as various downgraded versions from the karmic and lucid repos and so far the best I've got is both screens displaying the same and hanging at the "Ubuntu ...." screen, the second monitor winking. Can still ssh into the machine, but X never progresses any further...10:06
sargonroseok, so if i looked for  barsero in apps would i find it?10:07
sargonroseIf it was installed i mean10:07
soreaumapkyca: Try a different kernel perhaps10:07
twitchsargonrose: applications -> sound and video (top left coner in gnome)10:07
lytesargonrose: yes, are you on the machine now?10:07
tripchipme find the bug report10:08
sargonrosenow i have to ask what gnome is >.<10:08
lytesargonrose: do you know what ubuntu you installed?10:08
tripchip: yes ! now how do i get barsero ?10:08
_antantCan I create a symbolic link that goes to 2 folders?10:08
twitchthe default gui for ubuntu10:08
tripchipusing ubuntu 1010:08
_antantsorta combining them into 1?10:09
lyte_antant: no, one destination only10:09
johanharIn 10.10, what is the daemon for fan control? I am running awesome window manager, and I think some essantial daemons are not working as intended ... My fan is too low, and computer too hot.10:09
_antantany way of doing it?10:09
snttI ended up with no working sound at all after some failed attempts to fix my mic in skype. I have purged pulseaudio but skype still thinks i have it and wont let me change to anything other than pulseaudio in the sound settings, any ideas? Thanks alot!10:09
lyte_antant: you want to merge two directories together or some other task?10:10
_antantI only really want to have 1 folder with my media collection10:10
mapkycasoreau: I did try the one from karmic, will try lucid...10:10
twitch!info brasero | tripchip10:10
ubottutripchip: brasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu2.2 (maverick), package size 175 kB, installed size 544 kB10:10
lyte_antant: have you got a drive big enough to hold everything?10:10
_antantAnt my movie collection is about to hit 2T10:10
soreaumapkyca: You will have to install the driver for each kernel afaiu10:11
lja_antant: well one could make one folder and link to there the (source-)folders10:11
lyte_antant: i spread my media across multiple drives mounted as /big/[0-9] and then put symlinks from $HOME/downloads/blah pointing at /big/[0-9]/blah10:11
tripchipgone from the karmic and lucid repos10:12
sargonroseTruthfull, i have no idea. I got into this mess because about a week ago i got a tool kit in win7, after i removed it apparently it did alot of damage, i was trying to partition my drive so i could backup my stuff when my pc froze and windows would no longer start. Boot manager was missing. So i went to ubuntu to download there netbook os. I have always heard of ubuntu and wanted to try it. Thinking it wouldnt be that hard to bu10:12
sargonrosern an iso with ubunto i ran ahead and installed it. here i am and this is the extent of my knowledge10:12
lytesargonrose: so you installed the netbook edition?10:12
sargonrosei did try a quick serch for programs but i couldnt figure out how to install any of them or use them10:12
twitchsargonrose: best way to learn :) dive right in!10:13
sargonrosei have installled for the app store thing iso master and a cd creator but i have no idea how to use them10:13
twitch!synaptic > sargonrose10:13
ubottusargonrose, please see my private message10:13
_antantI was hoping that I could either mount 2 or 3 drives to /mnt/Media/ or mount them as /mnt/Media[0-9] and then join them by links10:14
Pr0jectRec0nok - I just happened to install an update for my ubuntu (via the synaptic package manager)  - and installed this  - ttf-mscorefonts-installer (3.2) to 3.2ubuntu0.1 - and my display seems to be less bright and fuzzy compared to what it was earlier10:14
sargonroseok ill look into the sight10:14
twitch!software > sargonrose10:14
ubottusargonrose, please see my private message10:14
sargonrosei did >.>10:14
Pr0jectRec0nit looks like my image sharpness if off drastically10:14
ubottuA general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents10:14
twitchsargonrose: different info10:14
sargonroseahh ok10:15
ljadoest that thing anything ?10:15
Pr0jectRec0nhow do I change my display driver properties in ubunut (liek in windows)?10:15
osearththings sometimes that10:15
twitchlja: ?10:15
ljatwitch: the !something ?10:15
fidde766Hi people, i'm trying to becom a new user of Ubunto 10.10 but i don't get passed the who are you screen in the installation. Does anyone have any solution for this?10:16
Pr0jectRec0nok - I just happened to install an update for my ubuntu (via the synaptic package manager)  - and installed this  - ttf-mscorefonts-installer (3.2) to 3.2ubuntu0.1 - and my display seems to be less bright and fuzzy compared to what it was earlier - like sharpness is off10:16
twitchlja: yes it commands the bot but someone asked !software 3 sec's before you so the bot won't spam the channel try something else in private message to the bot e.g.   /msg ubottu !kernel10:17
ljatwitch: aa, ok then10:17
twitchPr0jectRec0n: System - > perf's -> monitors10:18
bazhangfidde766, use all lower case10:18
sargonroseyea, same thing happen to me.10:18
twitchPr0jectRec0n: that's for your first question.10:18
sargonroseok, how do i get to system.10:19
twitchsargonrose: look top left10:19
Pr0jectRec0ntwitch, I'd seen that earlier, but as it did nothing I was wondering on windows' lines -if like nvidia's drivers could be installed and some such..10:19
zetheroois there an Intel control panel for the graphics like Nvidia and ATI have?10:19
Pr0jectRec0ntwitch, but now, I see my setting in Sys -> Pref-> Monitor -> Resolution was wrong :) it was 1360x768 where it should have been 1366x768..10:20
shentinowhen I'm connecting on IRC how do I change the username as in, nickname!<thispart>@yourhost10:20
Pr0jectRec0nand that was the problem - and i know 1366x768 is a weird resolution!10:20
sargonroseall i see in the top left is the ubuntu sign, and i didnt see a system folder. Sorry10:21
bazhang!manual | sargonrose please have a read10:21
ubottusargonrose please have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:21
brosciao a tutti10:21
sargonrosei did a serch for system and it cam up with system moniter10:21
oZeehey all: is it possible to teach my new OS to automatically mute my rear out (speakers) , when i plug a headset to the front panel?10:22
twitchPr0jectRec0n: you can download the nvidia proprietary drivers directly from nvidia if you want and install ... but remember it will then be out of ubuntu repos so everytime a kernel update comes down you will have to reinstall the mod's10:22
Pr0jectRec0nso, yeah, now the other question - i'm connecting an external display - that gets detected and i want different views (not mirror views) on both screens & I think the external display is 1360x768 - I open a flash video in firefox and move it to external display - however if I full screen it, it plays in monitor 1 - why ?10:22
bazhanghttp://ubuntu-manual.org/   sargonrose please go to this link read, and look10:22
sntthow do i check what sound drivers i have installed? (uname -a10:22
snttLinux ubuntu 2.6.35-28-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 1 14:39:03 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux)10:22
osearthsntt: dmesg10:23
Pr0jectRec0ntwitch, screw that, I'm happy with ubuntu's default drivers now10:23
sargonrosealready there, thanks10:23
snttosearth: do i grep for something?10:23
bazhangzetheroo, no control panel for intel , no10:23
osearthsntt: maybe grep snd or grep aud10:23
Pr0jectRec0nis that error I described occuring due to conflicting resolutions between the 2 displays ?10:24
=== allknowingeye is now known as racecardriver
snttosearth: thanks a million :)10:24
zetheroobazhang: shame ... do you know per chance if there is a way to change display from 16:10 to 16:9 ?10:24
fidde766Anyone who would like to help me through installation of ubuntu 10.10? the installation freeze by the "who are you screen" - why?10:24
tripchipversions from the list now like you wanted ?10:24
bazhangzetheroo, not really, no10:24
twitchPr0jectRec0n: heh it's not hard .. you know when you have to do a reinstall which takes 2 minutes .. when you boot gdm doesn't loads .. login as a user in th tty and goto folder and reinstall .. easy ;)10:24
zetheroobazhang: shame again - ha10:24
cdbsfidde766: did you try waiting for a few seconds?10:24
bazhangfidde766, use all lower case, as I said before10:24
zetheroobazhang: I wish my monitor would display 16:10 ... :P10:24
fidde766bazhang: I'm sorry but i don't understand what you mean by that. :/10:25
bazhangfidde766, use all small letters.  not BIG ones10:25
lytebazhang: can i ask why?10:26
bazhanglyte, its a known bug10:26
SyriaHow can I change permissions for this folder using terminal? /var/www/site  using sudo chmod -r 755 site is not working!10:26
lytebazhang: why are you asking for all lower case?10:26
bazhanglyte, I'm not, fidde766 is, he's stuck on the who are you screen10:26
lyteoh i thought you meant in the channel :p10:27
ljaSyria: try sudo chmod -r 755 /var/www/site, and check the owner/group of the site dir10:27
snttHow do i find out if i have the right audio drivers? (skype will only detect pulseaudio in sound settings and nothing else)10:28
Pr0jectRec0nI'm connecting an external display - that gets detected and i want different views (not mirror views) on both screens & I think the external display is 1360x768 - I open a flash video in firefox and move it to external display - however if I full screen it, it plays in monitor 1 - why ? is that error I described occurring due to conflicting resolutions between the 2 displays ?10:28
MnCCneed help with hdparm ..10:29
Pr0jectRec0nmonitor 1 - 1366x768 & monitor 2 (external) - 1360x76810:29
MnCCif i alter the config, settings are not set10:29
hmca /msg NickServ identify lisbon201110:31
lyteyeh, ouch.10:32
lytehmca: change your password, change it now!10:32
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: I believe that is more a matter of "default" screen, you could try to take FF to the external, close it and see if you can get it to open by default in external screen10:32
=== Guest65499 is now known as DarkDevil
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: A lot of GCs are very limited in how they handle external screens10:32
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest89748
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, hmm and I'm not even on a dedicated GC - onboard crap10:33
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: But try to make FF open by default in the external and see if that helps10:33
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, oh well, this is what I did10:34
Syriaplease help me changing permessions for a folder using terminal10:35
Pr0jectRec0nhad some tabs open in FF in monitor 1. Opened a new firefox window and pushed it to monitor 2 and played a flash video on the FF window in monitor 2. This on fullscreening - played back in monitor 1 :(10:35
barterblyWitam :)10:37
mang0Guys, i have a .ko file that i need to install for my wifi card. how do i do that?10:37
MnCCi need to copy a file to /etc/acpi/suspend.d/, /etc/acpi/resume.d/ and /etc/acpi/start.d/ .. but the directories arent there .. did this change ?10:38
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: What I meant was take the only FF window, move it to #2, close it there, start FF again. If it opens in #2 it might make that it's default screen10:39
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, ah, will try!10:39
scarleoSyria: use chmod, man chmod if you don't know how10:40
johanharany1 got link to zenburn theme to gnome terminal?10:41
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions10:41
mapkycasoreau: tried the other kernels I had from before, reinstalling the driver each time and x won't even start (no obvious errors in log). Looks like a downgrade is my only option at this point :/10:42
gedOHello. Can someone tel my how to add some directory to Places panel???10:42
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
oCean!afk > Axlin|AFK10:42
ubottuAxlin|AFK, please see my private message10:42
gedOGuys how to add link to folder in Places panel?10:43
v_v`gedO: drag and drop ?10:43
scarleogedO: In Nautilus add a bookmark, it's in the nautilus menu10:44
gedOv_v: thx10:44
fidde766anyone who would like to help me through installation of ubuntu 10.10? the installation freeze by the "who are you screen" - why? anyone got an idea?10:45
mang0how do i install a .ko file for my wifi card?10:45
v_v`mang0: insmod10:45
Jordan_Ufidde766: Your username must be all lowercase.10:45
v_v`mang0: that's a 'kernel module , ko'10:46
zeldainsmod for install rmmod for remove10:46
oCeanmang0: .ko file is a kernel module.10:46
mang0So i need to download that?10:46
oCeanmang0: download what?10:46
mang0Sorry for late replies im on my phone10:47
mang0Um insmod10:47
oCeanmang0: no problem. The insmod command is always available since it is required for loading any of the modules10:48
twitchmang0: install module10:48
=== mau is now known as Guest16437
mang0So how do i use it?10:48
oCeanmang0: kernel module files (.ko) should be in /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/kernel/drivers subdirectories10:48
johanhar         10:49
sargonrosehey uhh twitch you there?10:49
oCeanmang0: usually they are installed on that location when the softwarepackage containing that module file is properly packaged10:49
alkisg_To give everybody access to run anything without a password, the sudoers line is this? ALL ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL10:49
jsoftwIm getting dramas with flash crapping out all the time on youtube10:49
kristian-aalborghi all10:50
mang0Hm it is in the right place then just not working10:50
jsoftwOften have to reload the page to fix it. Says 'Oops, flash plugin broke'10:50
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, okay, some interesting results10:50
oCeanalkisg_: better add a line for a specific group, say 'admin', then add all users to that admin group10:50
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, WMV videos (that play in totem plugin in FF) & DivX web plugin videos - fllscreened work on external monitor, but is' only the flash videos jthat are misbehaving. Some settings in flash maybe?10:51
alkisg_oCean: thank you, it's for a demo, i need to give root access to all 200+ users, I'll put them in a group and give access to that group10:52
fiddehi, i'm having trouble installing ubunt 10.10. installation freezes at the "who are you" screen and the forward button don't get clickable. Anyone having an idea how to get passed this? Any idea of what the problem can be?10:52
oCeanalkisg_: you don't need me to warn you what could happen if you give such access to 200 users?10:53
alkisg_oCean: nope, thanks :)10:53
Jordan_Ufidde: What username did you enter?10:54
fiddeJordan_U: name: Fredrik, usr fidde10:54
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: I don't think there is much you can do with flash settings10:55
Jordan_Ufidde: Could you post a screenshot?10:55
Jordan_U!screenshot | fidde10:55
ubottufidde: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.10:55
fiddei don't using that computer for the moment10:55
fiddeJordan_U: i'm not sure to be abel to get a screenshot over the installation if that is what you would like to see. :/10:57
Jordan_Ufidde: How much RAM do you have?10:57
fiddeJordan_U: 2 gb10:58
oZeehey all: is it possible to teach my new OS to automatically mute my rear out (speakers) , when i plug a headset to the front panel?10:58
caulkzmorning ppl - sunny here :D10:59
Jordan_Ufidde: How comfortable are you with the terminal?10:59
|Long|good morning folks, can someone help me plz? i bootup on blank screen but i can ssh to it, how can i fix it?10:59
fiddeJordan_U: by that do you mean the hardware or software?11:00
Jordan_Ufidde: Software, the *NIX shell interface.11:00
twitch|Long|: on the blank screen hit ctl+alt+f1 ... should give you a tty ... sounds like X server needs tweaking11:01
|Long|ok thanks twitch11:01
fiddeJordan_U: Not at all I have to say.11:01
polarbearAnyone else having trouble with mail.com sign-in?11:03
Jordan_Ufidde: OK, there is a way to get and post a screenshot using the terminal but it's probably not worth it. Can you cancel the installation and reboot with the "Try Ubuntu without installing" option (there will still be an icon on the desktop so you can start the installer, but you'll be able to run other applications like firefox at the same time).11:03
bazhangfidde, have you tried fredrick (ie all small letters) and throughout?11:05
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, looks like this IS an issue : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137508411:05
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, also, would installing xinerama help?11:06
MnCCcan someone help me  ? .. im stuck .. i need to execute a command for start/sleep/resume  .. cant seem to figure out where11:06
|Long|twitch, im on login screen now, how I get GUI back?11:06
fiddeJordan_U: well i tried that but I didn't get anything started. I tried open firefox and some other things byt didnt get anything going.11:06
gaelfx|Long|: ctl+alt+f7?11:07
Jordan_Ufidde: Did you check that the iso file downloaded correctly, and that the CD burned correctly, by checking the md5 checksum?11:07
twitch|Long|: ok well you Xorg is loading but not displaying .. what type of video card do you have?11:07
|Long|gaelfx,ctl+alt+f7 didnt do anything11:07
fiddebazhang: no i havent, can that be the case? I will try. thnx i'll come back with screenshot if the problem still appears.11:07
barrajonassegundhow to search for connected  devices11:08
twitchit's just alt+f7 btw11:08
|Long|twitch, i have nivida video card11:08
bazhangfidde, that is a well known bug, please use all small letters11:08
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: Don't know, never used xinerama11:08
twitch|Long|: what model mate11:08
|Long|i dont know it old11:08
|Long|let me open the box11:09
=== KolakCC|Zzz is now known as KolakCC
bazhangbarrajonassegund, lsusb for the usb bus11:09
fiddeJordan_U: md5 checksum? well everytnig seemd to work properly due to that I could boot with disk and so on. I didnt know that there was a way to control the iso before burning11:09
gaelfx|Long|: lspci would be better than opening the box probably11:10
fiddeJordan_U: thank you for you're help, i will try installing it again and if not working i will get back with screenshot.11:10
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: sounds to me like xinerama is made to use several screens as one big, that's not what you're after is it?11:10
fiddebazhang: Jordan_U  - Thank you both!11:10
Jordan_Ufidde: It's not controlling it per-se, just checking it. The easiest way to check that the CD has the bits that it should is to press any key in the first five seconds of boot and select "Check disk for defects".11:11
twitchgaelfx: sounds like he needs to blow out the cobwebs anyway :P11:11
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, well, i dont want mirror displays on both, so yeah I'd be okay with that11:11
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, thats the only other option if I dont want mirrored anyways, right?11:11
dr0pb3arg'day everyone can someone give me a hand with a problem I am having... it's probably an easy one. I downloaded a program today called Mobile Atlas Creator 1.8.1 in the file there is a file called start.sh, mobile atlas creator.exe and mobile atlas creator.jar. I have tried making the files executable but nothing seems to work. any ideas?11:12
|Long|twitch, it said geforce 8400gs11:12
fiddeJordan_U: is that something that i can do regardless to which OS i use?11:12
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: I'm not sure but I think with xinerama your full screen flash will spread over both displays11:12
gaelfxtwitch: prolly true11:12
_2F_Hi, i got this night more than 2000 packets udp from google dns, is it normal, i got of course google dns but never seen that before, seems port scan because about 1000 ports has benn tried (sry my english)11:13
Jordan_Ufidde: Yes, since it's a feature you get to by booting from the Ubuntu CD.11:13
twitch|Long|: i suggest first in tty "sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get nvidia-current ; sudo reboot"11:13
|Long|twitch, thanks11:13
lvyiwangled start.sh(for linux), mobile atlas creator.exe(for windows) and mobile atlas creator.jar(for all).11:13
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, ah, that is something I didnt think of, and don't want too :)11:13
fiddeJordan_U: nice feature :) - i'll be back11:14
Pr0jectRec0nscarleo, I'm kicking myself - as to why I didnt think of it that way XD11:14
twitch|Long|: sry forgot the install .. so sudo apt-get install nvidia-current11:14
|Long|twitch, thanks11:14
kudo-shinichiKnow if you still can not use the proprietary drivers in Ubuntu natty ?11:14
|Long|twitch, yes it updating 82mb11:15
|Long|i hope this will boot to GUI11:15
scarleoPr0jectRec0n: No problem :)11:16
gaelfxkudo-shinichi: check in #ubuntu+1, this is for current stable releases11:16
barrajonassegundis vmware included free witt ubuntu11:17
kudo-shinichigaelfx thanks you !!!!11:17
oCean!vmare | barrajonassegund11:17
oCean!vmware | barrajonassegund11:18
ubottubarrajonassegund: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware11:18
gaelfxbarrajonassegund: not as far as I know, but I think most people will recommend virtualbox instead11:18
ravenpossible to convert isos to real 9660 isos?11:19
barrajonassegundi have a question. i just built ubuntu desktop box and when connect to wireless network can ping ubuntu from win7...why ? seem insecure11:19
gaelfxbarrajonassegund: usually virtualbox's performance is better anyhow11:20
oCeanbarrajonassegund: the wireless network (your network?) is just 1 network, sure machines can see/ping other machines on that network11:21
gaelfxbarrajonassegund: I've never heard of pingability as an indication of insecurity11:21
barrajonassegundwell win 7 box will not accept ping from ubuntu11:22
ravenpossible to convert isos to real 9660 isos?11:22
Jordan_Uraven: What iso and what do you mean by "real 9660 iso"?11:22
zetheroocan anyone suggest a system resources widget ?11:22
barrajonassegundat very minimum indicated a device is alive11:22
twitch!corky | zetheroo11:22
oCeanbarrajonassegund: if you want, you can use UFW (firewall) to prevent something like that11:22
gaelfxzetheroo: you mean like CPU/RAM usage or temperature?11:22
zetherootwitch: in the repos?11:22
zetheroogaelfx: all of the above ... if possible11:23
gaelfx!info corky11:23
ubottuPackage corky does not exist in maverick11:23
twitch!info corky11:23
Dave105Hi im new, please help me!!11:23
ravenJordan_U, i wrote iso files with dd but the files in it are ending with ;111:23
twitch!info conky11:23
ravenDave105, just ask11:23
ubottuconky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.0-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 31 kB, installed size 68 kB11:23
Dave105i have a problem on my computer please help me11:23
* twitch facepalms11:23
gaelfxzetheroo: for temp, I use the libsensors applet11:23
gaelfxzetheroo: for the other info, I've got nothing, sorry11:24
zetheroogaelfx: ok ... that is a good one thanks11:24
zetherootwitch: thanks11:24
scarleoDave105: what's your problem?11:24
Jordan_Uraven: Wrote them to what? dd doesn't change the format of an iso so it's likely that it's just not mounting with the proper Rockridge / Joliet extentions (why not I don't know).11:24
boumai think ive noticed a 'bug' in nautilus, if you dont have the permission to view a dir, the size is first listed as ?, then after clicking on the folder and being warned, the size is changed to 0 items11:25
Dave105well when my computer starts or shutsdown it goes all weard like the screan goes big and the letters go huge11:25
Dave105Please help me11:25
Dave105i think its to do with plymouth or something11:25
Dave105scarleo well when my computer starts or shutsdown it goes all weard like the screan goes big and the letters go huge11:26
zetheroowhere in the menu is conky?11:26
boumai wonder if this 'bug' is this way for some known reason, eg so that fileusage like programs function correctly.11:26
Dave105scarleo i think its to do with plymouth11:27
scarleoDave105: Did you try change your screen resolution? System->Preferences->Monitors11:27
ravenJordan_U, written isos from cdroms with brasero do not have this error11:27
scarleoDave105: Or you mean only during startup/shutdown?11:28
Jordan_Uraven: What did you dd them to and how did you mount it?11:28
zetherooI started conky from the terminal but it's at the wrong place on the screen, too big and pretty ugly .. where is the settings for this thing?11:29
Dave105scarleo yes during the startup/shutdown11:29
Dave105scarleo ive got a nvidia11:30
wingnut2626Hey guys i was wondering if there is a way to speed up graphics in ubuntu without hardware11:30
delacdoes anyone know how to (properly) insert <constant name="CloseButtonColor" value="#F07746"/> to, say: <line color="shade/CloseButtonColor/0.98" x1="2" y1="0" x2="width-3" y2="0"/> in metacity-themes-1.xml?11:30
oZee_hey all: is it possible to teach my new OS to automatically mute my rear out (speakers) , when i plug a headset to the front panel?11:31
scarleoDave105: Can't say I know much abt plymouth, but have a look at this: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml11:31
=== denny- is now known as denny
red2kicSoftpedia = Content Farm. It blows.11:32
scarleoDave105: Thats a step-by-step to change the resolution11:32
=== Guest89748 is now known as DarkDevil
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest95054
Dave105scarleo thnks ill have a look at that11:33
johanharHi, can someone help me with symlinking? http://www.mail-archive.com/awesome@naquadah.org/msg03926.html11:35
NoCodeWhen dualbooting windows and Ubuntu and creating data partitions, do I need to specify where the bootloader goes?11:35
johanharIf this is the wrong place to ask, sorry.11:35
zetheroowhat is the command to search for something system-wide ?11:36
oCeanzetheroo: you can use 'locate'11:36
zetheroook thanks11:36
NoCodezetheroo: "man find" "man locate" "man grep"11:36
NoCodewhere should I place the bootloader?11:37
Jordan_Uraven: This is in-channel.11:39
real_ateHI all! i'm having a bit of trouble with a package that i've installed... it is installed and it was working a while ago but i can't figure out how to remove it. and i keep getting an error when i try to do anything with the package:11:40
real_atedpkg: error processing mongodb-10gen (--install):11:40
real_ate subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 111:40
=== chris_ is now known as Guest22254
real_atehow do i "force a purge"11:40
Jordan_Uraven: Instead of mounting it via nautilus mount it using "sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /mnt/"11:41
dinzyWhen i update  and restart im not able to get into the Os. why?11:41
wliaodinzy, u must be using Wubi?11:42
bazhangreal_ate, you're installing mongodb from the repos?11:42
real_atebazhang: well i'm using their repo, its more up to date11:43
dinzyYes..wliao.. im using Wubi11:43
real_atebazhang: but yes i am installing it from "a" repo11:43
bazhangreal_ate, ok, its in the ubuntu repos, any particular reason to use theirs11:43
dinzyWubi doesnt support updates for OS?11:44
real_atebazhang: the version is too old on 10.0411:44
_antantIs there an app that I can use to strip down my installation so it boots quicker?11:44
wliaonot so good.11:44
bazhangdinzy, sure it does; how much space did you give it?11:44
twitch_antant: synaptic ?11:44
dinzy8 GB11:45
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ravenJordan_U, mount -o loop works but it is shure no iso 9660 because nautilus mounts isos from brasero with double click without ;1 at the end of filenames11:45
scarleo_antant: You could have a look at System-Pref->Startup Applicatioins and turn off things you don't need11:46
homebrewciderhi guys, got my server up and running again, mounted the 2nd HDD, how do I keep it mounted after a restart? Is there a simple command?11:46
oCeanhomebrewcider: add a line for it in /etc/fstab11:46
oCean!fstab > homebrewcider11:46
ubottuhomebrewcider, please see my private message11:46
blkdghi, i am using 10.10 64 bit (fully patched). I installed bittorent client + gui tools via the software centre. i checked off the gui addons. from a terminal i cannot find the bittorent app with 'locate' or by auto completing the command with TAB.  it is also not in my internet menu.  where did it go?11:47
homebrewcidercheers, will check it out11:47
Jordan_Uraven: There is nothing wrong with the iso. dd just takes the bits straight from the CD and you said yourself that "mount -o loop" mounts it without the ;1 (if I understood you correctly).11:47
oCeanreal_ate: PPA's are unsupported11:47
ravenJordan_U, right but how to mount it with nautilus correctly by doubleclick?11:48
real_ate oCean: yes i understand that, but i was just hoping someone could help me purge my changes11:48
bazhangblkdg, transmission? deluge? which torrent client are you referring to11:48
scarleoblkdg: If you tried locate directly after install it's probably not updated. You could do sudo updatedb first to update it manually11:48
* real_ate is a developer11:48
Jordan_Uraven: I don't know.11:48
ravenJordan_U, ok but thank you for the way11:48
Jordan_Uraven: You're welcome.11:49
oCeanreal_ate: use supported repositories, then we can help11:49
real_ateoCean: well in that case.. how to I revert the installed mongodb back to the ubuntu version?11:49
cloudowinddo i have to keep the old kernel headers after i upgrade to a newver version?11:50
johanharWhere is .Xclients ? cant find it in my homefolder11:50
blkdgbazhang, bittorent .11:50
blkdgscarleo, thanks will try11:51
bazhangblkdg, tried alt f2 appname?11:51
cloudowindand why upgrade manager does not clean the automattically the upgraded package11:51
blkdgbazhang, when the terminal couldn't auto complete it ......11:52
oCeanreal_ate: you're in a situation that is not supported (by using a 3rd party repo.)11:52
gaelfxreal_ate: if it's installed from a PPA, or something like that, you should be able to purge the package from Synaptic or using apt-get if you're more command-line oriented, then disable the repo (again in Synaptic) and reinstall the standard package from Ubuntu repos11:52
=== Niglop is now known as Clerisy
green__in ubuntu tweak do i need to keep linux headers= when i have 2.6.35-27 also listed?11:52
Helenyany help appreciated11:53
bazhangHeleny, with?11:53
cloudowindgreen__, ?11:53
Helenyanyone has faced the famous "realtek ac97 issue ?"11:53
real_ategaelfx: purge isn't working as apt-get thinks it is not installed (when it clearly is)11:53
green__in ubuntu tweak do i need to keep linux headers= when i have 2.6.35-27 also listed?11:53
EnissayHey guys, I'm had a problem with coreavc... I found the solution on "forum.ubuntu.org.cn"... but I can understand nothing from the translated version with google.translate... so please, is there any Chinese speaker here who can explain to me ?11:54
blkdgscarleo, i ran the updatedb, and there's nothing for bittorrent11:54
gaelfxreal_ate: well, it sounds like you installed a pretty crappy PPA, you might try asking whoever made it for help11:54
_antantHow much faster can I make my boot time by customizing my kenel?11:54
real_ategaelfx: thanks will do11:54
blkdgscarleo, forget that TYPO....11:54
gaelfxreal_ate: did you try purging in Synaptic?11:55
real_ategaelfx: is there a log that collects output from dpkg subprocesses ?11:55
bazhanggreen__, ask the ubuntu-tweak maintainers as thats not supported here11:55
gaelfxreal_ate: well, if it's not in dmesg, I wouldn't know where else it might be11:55
Helenyanyone knows how to get realtek ac97 drivers to work?11:55
gaelfxreal_ate: otherwise check everything in the Log File Viewer for the time that you installed it11:56
blkdg_antant, i don't know about you, but 10.10 boots very quickly.11:56
bazhanggreen__, keeping the kernels is quite small however, and nice to keep an extra around11:56
real_ategaelfx: HA! you are a legend! synaptic seems to have sorted it ;)11:56
_antantYeah, I'm using it for my HTPC though, so I'd like it as lightning as possible11:56
blkdg_antant, that's my experience without recompiling the kernal.11:56
gaelfxreal_ate: no prob :D11:56
gaelfxwho says GUIs are useless?11:57
* real_ate <3 GUIs11:57
drbobbhey guys, something weird happened with some recent update of java: I can no longer paste text into a java applet11:57
scarleoblkdg: If you installed the package I think it looks like the actual package name is 'gnome-btdownload'11:57
drbobbit used to work just a few weeks ago, I'm fairly sure the applet's code didn't change11:57
_antantAlso, when I boot I've got what looks like a terminal based boot screen (same when I shut down)11:57
_antantHow do I get rid of them?11:57
gaelfxdrbobb: you could try reinstalling java? or is this a known issue?11:58
Helenyany see my chat?11:58
blkdgscarleo, no gnome-btdownload11:58
oCeanHeleny: we can see you11:58
gaelfxHeleny: receiving you loud and clear11:58
Helenycool I got an issue11:58
Helenyanyone will help me11:59
blkdgHeleny, just ask11:59
bazhangHeleny, using pulseaudio? got pavucontrol and padevchooser installed?11:59
drbobbgaelfx: well that's what i'm trying to find out, whether it's a known issue11:59
Helenyrealtek 97 audio11:59
Helenyanyone got issue with that?11:59
gaelfxdrbobb: well, if it is, it should be in the forums, so I would search there first11:59
bazhangHeleny, check for them in synaptic package manager11:59
drbobbgaelfx: haven't found anything relevant11:59
HelenyIt is already in kernel.. did alsaconf as su12:00
_antantWhen I boot I've got what looks like a terminal based boot screen (same when I shut down)12:00
drbobbchecking out the bugtracker now12:00
Helenybut it ain't working even after12:00
gaelfxdrbobb: if you don't find anything there, then I would try reinstalling the offending java package, otherwise we can get into nitty gritty here and now12:00
_antantCanI get rid of it?12:00
Paddy_NIhey bazhang12:00
bazhangHeleny, you enabled the root account?12:00
bazhangPaddy_NI, hi12:00
drbobbgaelfx: well I could try but I'll bet this won't do anything12:01
bazhangHeleny, not a good idea, use sudo -i for a root shell12:01
Helenyshould I continually stay as root throughout to use audio drivers?12:01
gaelfx_antant: what do you mean?12:01
gltechguyhello all12:01
Helenyokay .. I'm trying my best12:01
gaelfxdrbobb: I really think it's the best place to start12:01
bazhangHeleny, alsaconf?12:02
gltechguywould anyone happen to know if synaptic touchpads have a fix yet?12:02
Helenyyep doing that right now12:02
Helenybuilding card database12:02
_antantgaelfx: I have 'ubuntu' in what looks like a terminal font with 4 dots above12:02
sinisterstuf_antant, with a purple background?12:02
=== hugo is now known as Neddio
bubblegummybearwhat's the abbreviation for Ubuntu?12:02
Helenydone configuring.. should I restart?12:02
oCeanbubblegummybear: do you have a support question?12:03
bazhangbubblegummybear, abbreviation? you mean codename for the latest?12:03
bazhangHeleny, where did you find alsaconf12:03
bubblegummybearno, for the word "ubuntu", I want to name my machines according to their version, but ubuntu1004 is so long12:04
Helenyin terminal,12:04
gltechguyanyone know how to get a syaptic touchpad work correctly with scrolling and right click?12:04
Helenysudo -i gave me root access. then I alsaconf12:04
drbobbgaelfx: I think it's the switch from sun-jdk to open-jdk, it appears that a sun-jdk is no longer available at all12:04
Helenyit done configuring ..12:04
bazhangbubblegummybear, there is none. maverick meerkat is the latest codename12:04
Fuchsgltechguy: yes, either use synclient or any graphical frontend to configure it12:04
sinisterstufbubblegummybear, I think ubuntu is pretty much as short as it gets, if you want it shorter you could try write just 'u'12:04
jukhello, how do i force all applications to use same font?12:04
bubblegummybeargood idea sinisterstuf12:05
Helenyit said no soundcards found...12:05
=== alex_ is now known as Tr4sK
sinisterstufbubblegummybear, or umm for Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat12:05
_antantsinisterstuff: Any idea how I get rid of it? I've tried installing plymouth manager and setting a new splash screen but to no avail12:05
soebhi, does anybody have any experience with rt2070 cards?12:05
sinisterstuf_antant, you want to change the purple to something else? I saw a tutorial the other day on how to correctly configure plymouth, it worked for me, let me find it for you12:05
bubblegummybearsinisterstuf: I think I'll take the first letter of the OS followed by the computer12:05
Helenybtw I used the noacpi launch option.. does that affect some drivers?12:05
sinisterstufbubblegummybear, ok :)12:06
oZee_if im opening a command in the terminal  terminal, the program closes as i clkose the terminal. how can i avoid this?12:06
jsoftwStupid adobe flash plugin crapping out all th etime12:06
gaelfx_antant: you have nvidia drivers, don't you?12:06
juki checked in appearance to use wqy, but in firefox and in thunderbird it's still rendered mixed12:06
Wormboymy bluetooth cant scan...12:06
drbobbit looks like java.com only has packages for redhat and suse12:06
_antantcheers sinister12:06
_antantNope. ATI12:06
scarleoblkdg: if you du tab completion for btcomplete...12:07
bazhangdrbobb, install from partner repos12:07
drbobband ubuntu repos no longer carry a sun jre12:07
sinisterstufjuk, I think firefox and thunderbird have their own settings for fonts for different things, monospaced serifed etc. check their settings12:07
bazhang!partner | drbobb12:07
ubottudrbobb: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »12:07
bazhangdrbobb, sure they do12:07
_antantWish I had discovered that I should've got nvidia before I bought this one12:07
Heleny!partner | bazhang12:07
ubottubazhang: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »12:07
sinisterstuf_antant, why should you have got nvidia>?12:07
bazhangHeleny, ?12:07
blkdgscarleo, ok i see  btcompletedirgui12:08
Helenybazhang, can you help me know why it says no soundcards found12:08
gaelfxdrbobb: also worth noting that you can add it graphically in Synaptic12:08
blkdgscarleo, that's it i guess...12:08
ceno3xHey, does anyone know if utouch has been ported to 10.04?12:08
Helenyon nearly all distros I got his issue12:08
Helenyubuntu 8.04 to 10.1012:08
Paddy_NIceno3x: I am yet to see that12:08
blkdgthanks scarleo12:08
_antantbeen told by many people that they play better with linux12:08
juksinisterstuf: i checked in thunderbird prefs > display > Default font WenquanYi Micro Hei12:08
Paddy_NIceno3x: perhaps a ppa might have it.. but nothing official afaik12:08
scarleoblkdg: yeah, you can launch btcompletedirgui.bittorrent12:09
scarleoblkdg: not sure how to use it though :)12:09
hazzaruxmorning, guys!12:09
Helenymorning hazzarux12:09
sinisterstuf_antant, you're right. it is unfortunate though, since i'd assume ATI is the less mainstream of the 212:09
blkdgthanks scarleo12:09
drbobbbazhang: thanks I'll look at that12:09
oZee_if im opening a command in the terminal terminal, the program closes as i clkose the terminal. how can i avoid this? lets say i want so start a program via console like a click in the starter menu12:09
ceno3xPaddy_NI, bah, I don't want to upgrade to maverick just because of a library... but thx for the input : -)12:09
Paddy_NIoZee_: append & to the command12:10
sinisterstufoZee_, for example: transmission &12:10
NeddiooZee_: You could make a shell script to do it for you, then it should work the way you want.12:10
Paddy_NIoZee_: you can then close the terminal12:10
sinisterstufoZee_, the & starts it up as a new process instead of in the current terminal12:10
oZee_very nice thank u12:11
oZee_is this the same as screen?12:11
Helenythank paddy12:11
=== jens is now known as Guest99125
oZee_but it doesnt work12:12
hazzaruxWith just half a dozen close friends online, she has a strict regimen to remain invisible on the web. Each night she wipes every one of her web accounts and deletes every email in her inbox.  She has no physical hard drive and boots her computer from a microSD card. “I could hide this card anywhere or chew into a million pieces in a few seconds,” she says by e-mail. She keeps her operating system on a USB stick and uses a virtual machine (VM) to carr12:12
hazzaruxy out her online shenanigans.12:12
hazzarux---------------------------------------------------- is this even possible?12:12
FloodBot3hazzarux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:12
oZee_istart vlc & but as i terminate the console it closes12:12
drbobbunfortunately the sun-jre fails to install, with an error in the pre-install script12:13
hazzaruxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/582890/ -- is this possible?12:13
sinisterstufoZee_, not the same as screen. to start VLC try run it by pressing Alt+F2 and typing vlc ?12:13
oZee_yay that works, but i want to do it in console12:14
gltechguyFuchs thanks for advise on synclient but my touchpad still doen't recongnize the right click and can't scroll b/c 2 fingers makes mouse  jump all over. any ideas?12:14
Fuchsgltechguy: yes, pastebin the output of synclient -l12:15
oCeanhazzarux: do you have an ubuntu related support question?12:16
hazzaruxoCean: not really. i only had an attack of curiosity?12:16
gltechguy LeftEdge                = 175012:16
gltechguy    RightEdge               = 517812:16
gltechguy    TopEdge                 = 162112:16
gltechguy    BottomEdge              = 424312:16
gltechguy    FingerLow               = 2412:16
FloodBot3gltechguy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:16
gltechguy    FingerHigh              = 2912:16
oCeanhazzarux: #ubuntu-offtopic for chat please12:17
Fuchs*sigh*  gltechguy: that's why I said pastebin it12:17
Ben64gltechguy: pastebin does not mean paste in the channel. its a website, check out pastebin.com12:17
sinisterstufoZee_, the graphical mode of VLC is not the one that's supposed to be opened from the terminal, that's probably the reason why that happens. I guess it makes an instance of itself in our terminal even after you send it to the background.12:17
Fuchsgltechguy: that means: use a pastebin, don't put it in the channel. Thanks.12:17
oZee_isnt there a terminal command for the alt+f2 thing?12:18
oZee_this alt+f2 thing only emulates sth 4 the console - doenst it?12:18
sinisterstufoZee_, Alt+F2 is from the gnome-panel, it's used to start applications12:19
sinisterstuf_antant, are you still there? are you OK with changing the theme using the commandline?12:20
juksinisterstuf: ok, i figured, i set Other languages to Wenquanyi too, it worked :)12:20
Paddy_NIhmm... was that tumble weed?12:20
oZee_humm ok12:20
sinisterstufjuk, thanks for sharing that I'll remember it. glad you got it working12:20
sinisterstufoZee_, what are you trying to do?12:20
oZee_i want to start vlc like the alt+f2 thing does, but from console. not for practical reasons but for training12:21
sinisterstufFuchs, if something is pasted into the ubuntu pastebin does a link get posted in the channel? How does it work I've never used it…12:21
oZee_like connecting X and console u know12:21
Fuchssinisterstuf: no, after you pasted it will give you an url which you can give us here.12:22
sinisterstufoZee_, why not pick a different program then? VLC is the only one I know that does this.12:22
sinisterstufFuchs, ok, thanks12:22
oZee_so does skype and any other12:22
Fuchssinisterstuf: you can also   sudo apt-get install pastebinit; synclient -l | pastebinit   in a terminal, which will directly give you the url12:22
oZee_i want to understand what X does when i start a program12:22
raven mkisofs -input-charset utf-16 -o test.iso /dev/dvd only writes 384 kb - what is wrong?12:22
mrtsanyone else experiencing grub breakage after today's updates? Suddenly `/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: not a directory.` has appeared out of the blue12:23
scarleooZee_: If you want to start vlc from terminal just write vlc and press enter12:24
Ben64raven: what are you trying to do12:24
sinisterstufoZee_, gvim does it properly ;) , when you type gvim & it opens it in a new window, displays the new process ID and returns you to the prompt. that's how it's supposed to happen12:24
ravenBen64, mirroring cdroms as 9660 iso image12:24
sinisterstufscarleo, the problem oZee_ is having is that if you then close the terminal VLC closes too, even if you've opened it in a seperate process12:24
scarleosinisterstuf: oZee_ Ok, so do 'vlc &' then12:25
mrtsoZee_, nohup12:25
sinisterstufscarleo, that's what doesn't work ^_^12:25
scarleosinisterstuf: ok, sorry12:25
mrtsoZee_, nohup vlc &12:25
Ben64raven: tried using dd?12:25
oZee_nohup did the trick12:26
juksinisterstuf: font looks good, apart i was used to zero with dot inside and now O and 0 are looks same for me12:26
sinisterstufthanks mrts12:26
ravenBen64, yes that gives me ;1 at the end of filename mounted in nautilus - isos written with brasero do not12:26
oZee_thanks a lot12:26
Ben64raven: huh?12:26
mrtscheers, no problem12:26
sinisterstufmrts, does that mean if you had just redirected the output away from stdout/stderr, say into a file, that that would work too?12:27
mrtssinisterstuf, nohup takes care of that for you12:27
sinisterstufmrts, I see, VLC seems a bit more complicated…12:28
ruanin system monitor, what does Nice mean? pulseaudio has -11 nice12:28
Ben64ruan: nice is priority12:28
ruanoh ok12:28
sinisterstufruan, that means it has a *very* high priority12:28
Ben64Nicenesses  range    from -20 (most favorable scheduling) to 19 (least favorable).12:28
ljahmm, ubuntu update done.. seems like rebooting time12:28
polarbearhey guys, tryin to run XAMPP, but terminal says some other web server daemon is already runnin12:29
polarbear(from Openbravo - i uninstalled it, restarted, but still there)12:29
polarbearhow to remove that server daemon12:29
polarbearso i c ould start xampp12:29
Ben64raven: dd from a cd i burned gives me the same exact file as the iso i burned from12:29
mrtsanyone else experiencing grub breakage after today's updates? Suddenly `/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: not a directory.` has appeared out of the blue12:30
ravenBen64, what is wrong here then?12:30
Ben642d0539839d49a35d1aa0b572201d962a  trinity-rescue-kit.3.4-build-367.iso12:30
Ben642d0539839d49a35d1aa0b572201d962a  trk_ddtest.iso12:30
sinisterstufhaven't updated today... maybe I shouldn't12:30
Ben64raven: dunno what you mean by ;112:30
ravenBen64, the filenames inside the iso end with ;112:30
Ben64well dd is making an exact copy12:31
ravenBen64, but what is the ;1 then and how to "repair"/convert12:31
Ben64have you tried burning the iso it creates12:31
polarbearaaight, got it - sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop :P12:32
Ben64chances are it works fine12:32
lorizeanheyhey, got a problem setting up compiz-wallpaper/nautilus. When I choose several wallpapers in the plugin and then disable the nautilus show_desktop (like suggested in many guides), I get no background at all (i.e. just a black desktop that doesn't refresh).12:32
ravenBen64, i want the cdroms on hd and mount it from it for example in virtual box but it cannot read it12:32
lorizeanusing ubuntu 10.1012:32
Ben64maybe you're mounting incorrectly?12:33
ravenBen64, i only mount by doubleclick with the archive-mounting tool and with isos written by brasero it works12:33
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Ben64raven: dunno what to tell you then, dd makes a perfect copy12:34
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Hen770i a question about mount with fstab and the user option12:50
oCeanHen770: just describe your issue in the channel, and see if someone comes up with an answer12:51
Last_Biscuiti have a complete sharing setup right now, the problem i am facing it , when i share any file from any other drive except C:, i received an error, unable to mount, while if file store on C drive it opens12:51
Hen770i have an entry in my fstab that will let me mount a partition in another HD to my home directory (with the user option), but when i am mount it (without sudo) i can't actually write to it.12:52
Hen770just read12:52
jribHen770: what filesystem?12:52
jrib!permissions | Hen77012:53
ubottuHen770: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions12:53
oCeanHen770: what are your mount options in the fstab file?12:53
mer_gehi! Can I simply put the path to a *.ko fire in /etc/modules ???12:53
greyhatsalafiMy bash history is not getting saved from within ubuntu terminal...any solution (my user is the owner with read/write access to ./bash-history so that's not the issue)12:53
Hen770yea that is, but where i need to change them ?12:53
Last_Biscuiti have a complete sharing setup right now, the problem i am facing it , when i share any file from any other drive except C:, i received an error, unable to mount, while if file store on C drive it opens12:53
jribmer_ge: just the name of the module12:54
jqkeLast_Biscuit: i thing that you have a probleme with the rights on your d:12:54
jrib!repeat | Last_Biscuit12:54
ubottuLast_Biscuit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:54
mer_gejrib really? how does the system know where to look12:54
Last_Biscuitjqke, how to assign rights ? as i tried but its automatically came back to previous one :S12:55
jribmer_ge: my guess is it does the same thing modprobe does12:55
mer_gewell modprobe needs the path12:55
jribmer_ge: no :/12:55
jribmer_ge: see « man modprobe »12:56
mer_gejrib at first loading?12:56
jqkeLast_Biscuit: on your windows system, right mouse then property. somewhere you should be able tou manage right. Just ensure that everybody can read/write12:56
jribmer_ge: "modprobe looks in the module directory /lib/modules/`uname -r` for all the modules and ..."12:56
jqkeLast_Biscuit: depending on what you want12:56
elm__hi, I'm having a "slight" performance problem with a linux software raid, e.g. mkfs.ext3 takes half an hour because it takes forever to write the inode tables. Has anyone a suggestion or can point me to a room that deals with this specific problems?12:56
Hen770i know how to work with the permissions, but i don' t know were i need to change them in my problem12:56
jribHen770: please read the link ubottu gave you.  You need to set the permissions you want on the files you want to have permissions12:57
greyhatsalafiMy bash history is not getting saved from within ubuntu terminal...any solution (my user is the owner with read/write access to ./bash-history so that's not the issue)13:00
Last_Biscuitjqke, yup exactly i did, by default file access has --, when i change it to read and write i comes back to -- again13:00
jribHen770: are you still unsure of what to do?13:01
Last_Biscuitjqke, on next stage is has group option, i guess i need to select samba share, but again its on ubuntu by default, if i change it on sambashare, i came back on ubuntu, any solution13:01
jqkeLast_Biscuit: i think i'm missing something.13:02
jqkeLast_Biscuit: what are you trying to do exactly ? share a windows folder from ubuntu ? or access a windows shared folder from ubuntu ?13:03
Last_Biscuitjqke, i am trying to share a folder from my laptop (ubuntu installed) on my desktop (ubuntu install)13:03
MkaysiHow can I choose default filemanager? I want to use Nautilus, but Dolphin opens automaticly. (I have both installed)13:03
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Last_Biscuitjqke, i just want to copy that folder from the D: drive of my laptop, i am able to copy it by moving that folder from D: to C: drive, but directly from D: drive i can't13:05
jqkeLast_Biscuit: ok, that's strange. They are auto-mounted partitions ?13:06
Last_Biscuitjqke, i can see that folder on my network but when i tries to open it i got that error, unable to mount (failed to mount windows share)13:07
Last_Biscuitjqke, yes they are auto mounted, it does not ask password on mounting13:07
jqkeLast_Biscuit: are you sure to have the same options for both partition in you fstab file ?13:08
jqkeLast_Biscuit: on your laptop13:08
Last_Biscuiti do not now what fstab is, i am new to ubuntu.13:08
bl4ckcombLast_Biscuit, man fstab13:09
jqkeLast_Biscuit: oh, so you just clic on the partition then i self mount13:09
Last_Biscuityes when i click any partition,its mount automatically.13:10
xujianboI am new to ubuntu13:11
jqkeLast_Biscuit: ok so13:11
jqkeLast_Biscuit: can you open a new console then go to your c drive ?13:12
Last_Biscuiton laptop ?13:12
Last_Biscuitok terminal open13:13
Last_Biscuitwhat to do now13:13
jqkecd /media/ ...(c drive)13:13
Last_Biscuitno such file or directory :S13:14
jqkecd /media13:14
bl4ckcombLast_Biscuit, ls /dev | grep sd13:14
Last_Biscuita list appeared13:15
bl4ckcombLast_Biscuit, how many sd* entries are there in the list?13:16
bl4ckcombok I suppose you want to mount sdb113:16
=== p is now known as Guest57686
Last_Biscuitshould i write mount sdb1 ?13:17
bl4ckcombwhat is the file system? ext* (linux) or ntfs (windows) ?13:17
bl4ckcombor fat (msdos), for some USB flash disks13:17
jt13Hey guys. I just got a Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N300 gigabit Router with USB WNR3500L My Problem is this. When I connect an external HDD to the usb port on the router It goes active. However, My ubuntu 10.10 doesn't see it. I know it's working because the win 7 computer sees it and i can see it in the routersetup menu.when I open "network" the only option is for "windows-network" but it "fails to retrieve share list from server". can anyo13:17
jt13ne help me???13:17
Last_Biscuitbl4ckcomb, on laptop i plugged usb right now, and normally i use ntfs file system on hd13:19
Last_Biscuitbl4ckcomb, am i able to login with root access ?13:20
jsoftwLast_Biscuit: ?13:20
bl4ckcombLast_Biscuit, ubuntu has root disabled by default, but you can sudo for root operations13:20
jt13Hey guys. I just got a Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N300 gigabit Router with USB WNR3500L My Problem is this. When I connect an external HDD to the usb port on the router It goes active. However, My ubuntu 10.10 doesn't see it. I know it's working because the win 7 computer sees it and i can see it in the routersetup menu.when I open "network" the only option is for "windows-network" but it "fails to retrieve share list from server". can anyo13:20
jt13ne help me???13:20
jsoftwor alternately sudo passwd13:20
jsoftwwhich makes life easier if you spend a lot of time doing things as root.13:20
Erendoes anyone have amd's new e-350 cpu with ATI radeon 6310 graphic core?13:21
Last_Biscuitjsoftw, i want to give rights for sharing on a folder13:21
ErenI'ill buy one today, and I am wondering if it will work out-of-the-box with HD video acceleration13:21
jsoftwI doubt it13:21
Last_Biscuitwhat to do i am totally confused now13:22
=== mehdi is now known as Dattebayo
jt13Eren, it will.13:22
jsoftwLast_Biscuit: I barely know what you are trying to do13:22
oCeanjsoftw: don't tell people to set a rootpw13:22
Erenjt13: with 10.10 ?13:22
visI'm looking for some recommendations for ftp clients13:22
viscan anyone suggest some?13:22
jsoftwoCean: meh.13:22
jqkejsoftw: is there any advantage to use sudo passwd over sudo -s ?13:22
jt13Eren, it will have to install the restricted extras drivers but thats automated13:23
=== solstice is now known as Guest38335
bl4ckcombLast_Biscuit, when you mount your drive, you'll have fs rights according to your mount options. then to share your data you will have another layer of permissions that depend on your samba or nfs conf.13:23
Erenjt13: okie, thank you13:23
ruanis there a command to open a port?13:23
oCeanjqke: there is absolutely no need to set a root passwd.13:23
jt13Eren yep np13:23
Last_Biscuitjsoftw, ok let me tell, i am trying to copy a file from my laptop's D: drive on my desktop pc, i can copy a file store on C: drive of my laptop on desktop, but can't copy file from D: drive, its my problem.13:23
Erenruan: you mean, listening to a specific port on your machine?13:23
jsoftwWeirdo sudo fannatics13:23
Erenruan: you can do it with netcat13:24
ruani'll try that13:24
Erenit will just listen to that port, and print out the data going there13:24
jt13Hey guys. I just got a Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N300 gigabit Router with USB WNR3500L My Problem is this. When I connect an external HDD to the usb port on the router It goes active. However, My ubuntu 10.10 doesn't see it. I know it's working because the win 7 computer sees it and i can see it in the routersetup menu.when I open "network" the only option is for "windows-network" but it "fails to retrieve share list from server". can anyo13:24
jt13ne help me???13:24
oCeanjsoftw: drop the attitude please13:24
jqkek thx13:24
Erennc -l <port>13:24
Erennc -l 8080 , will listen to port 8080 on tcp13:24
Last_Biscuitbl4ckcomb, why i am able to copy from C: drive than ?13:24
ruanhow long will it open for?13:24
Erenruan: I don't know, actually13:24
Erenruan: you can see man page13:24
Erenruan: it depends on how you will use it13:24
ErenI personally use nc to debug the forwarding rules on my machine13:25
Erennot for initiating a server13:25
bl4ckcombLast_Biscuit, can you pastebin the output of $ mount ?13:25
bl4ckcomband please refer to something correct like /dev/sdb1 or /media/* instead of c: (linux has no drive letters)13:26
Last_Biscuiti am afraid, that u have to tell me the way, how to do it13:26
ruanhmm. still cant connect to any trackers13:27
bl4ckcombLast_Biscuit, you can do this : mount > ~/Desktop/output13:27
bl4ckcombthen open output in gedit or another text editor13:27
bl4ckcomband copy-paste it to pastie.org13:27
ruanwhat does it mean when nc suddenly floods a massive amount of random chars?13:28
jribruan: solar flare?13:28
ruanwhat does that mean?13:29
jribruan: provide more context :/13:29
scarleojt13: Did you try to enter the disk ip in your browser?13:29
ruani opened a port with nc -l 8081 and after a while it spams chars like ���w��Ag���h13:29
jribruan: well that's what it heard on the port presumably13:30
Set_I need information howto correcly in symple way make metapackages for ubuntu 64bit... in internet i found only howto make one package... but i neet do make metapackage13:30
ruani started the application that uses the port, and it spammed those chars again13:31
jt13scarleo, yes it opens that way13:31
ruandifferent chars though13:31
oCeanSet_: a metapackage is only a package with (a lot of) dependencies13:32
jt13scarleo, however it has everything on myh hdd listed as a list instead of window front end13:32
ruanit looks like its crashing though13:32
scarleojt13: What if you go to Places->Connect to server, choose Windows share and enter your disk ip?13:32
ruanafter the chars are spammed, the port is closed and i get ruan@ prompt13:32
Set_oCean: yes i know but howto make this dependies??  I crated only one package from one simpel program from binaries13:33
oCeanSet_: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MetaPackages#Creating%20Metapackages13:33
jt13scarleo it faills to retrieve share list from server.13:33
Set_oCEan: thanks ... I will read it:)13:33
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ruanis there a reason for nc crashing like this?13:34
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest48150
oCeanSet_: it is actually very limited on how-to-create, as I see now. It just suggests to use equivs-control and equivs-build, that's all.13:35
scarleojt13: If you open Nautilus, press ctl + L and enter your disk ip?13:35
ruanim using nc to open a port for qbittorrent. it works, and it gets to 1 peer, then nc spams a bunch of random chars and crashes. and i go back to 0 peers13:35
jribruan: redirect the output to a file?13:36
ruanjrib: ok, how would i do that? >file.txt?13:36
jribruan: yes13:36
juk!port | ruan13:37
ubotturuan: For instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall13:37
ruanim unable to port forward normally, my isp doesnt let me control my router13:37
Set_ok i must in control file get all dependecies:)  but withc metod of create one package you prefere as the best the most simple? the mos correcly? by dpk-deb? ny checkinstall?13:38
van7huhi,is there a variable TZ in ubuntu?13:38
jribvan7hu: why?13:38
ruani redirected it to file.txt but i only see random chars as usual13:38
van7hustands for timezone13:38
ruannot a single word in there13:39
jribruan: what do you expect?  Why are you doing this?13:39
ruanjrib: i need torrents to work13:39
jribvan7hu: yes, but why do you care if there's a variable?  Are you asking how to change your time zone?13:39
jribruan: I don't see what nc would have to do with that13:39
ruanjrib: the app can't open ports correctly by itself13:39
van7hujust learning about time system13:39
van7huto use in C13:39
jribruan: ok?13:39
ruani've tried transmission but it crashes after a while13:40
pbearafter compiling a kernel, can i remove the softlink /usr/src/linux and the extracted folder /usr/src/linux-2.6.35?13:40
jribpbear: should be fine.  Remove the corresponding package for the source if there was one used instead of just deleting13:40
jribruan: what is "the app"?13:41
Unknown0BC1Is it just me or dont you guys who  uses maverick 10.10 have devices like modem and rfcom either ?13:41
ruanjrib: qbittorrent13:41
scarleojt13: Did it work?13:41
mrdebmost people dont use modems13:41
jribruan: do you have a firewall either on ubuntu or on your router?13:41
pbearjrib: what do you mean corresponding package, u mean the compressed version?13:41
ruanjrib: neither13:41
jribpbear: how did you obtain the source?13:42
pbearwget it from kernel.org13:42
jribpbear: then you can just delete it13:42
jt13scarleo oh sorry, no that didn't work but my brother just brought to my attention that it is showing up on his ubuntu machine fine13:42
pbearjrib: delete that AND the extracted version and the softlink to the extracted version too?13:43
jribpbear: sure, you don't need any of the source if you don't want to keep it around13:43
pbearjrib: ok, thank you13:43
delachow does one debug metacity themes?13:44
jribvan7hu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime describes how to set the timezone.  I don't have any TZ variable set in my environment but maybe applications will respect that if you set it13:44
van7hujrib:ok,I am reading it13:45
scarleojt13: You could try opening ports for zeroconf service in firewall13:46
scarleojt13: your Ubuntu firewall that is13:46
KaptenRodSkagganyone knows ig wine works fine om ubuntu so i can intall wingames in ububtu?13:46
scarleoKaptenRodSkagg: Yes wine works fine in Ubuntu, it's in the repos13:47
jt13scarleo one second13:47
Guest82204Why does installing phpmyadmin install apache2 as well?13:47
oCeanGuest82204: it requires apache as the (web)server? phpmyadmin is webbased13:48
linxehGuest82204: because its a web application that needs to be served by apache or another php capable web server13:48
Guest82204i mean I understand the whole dependencies thing, but I don't see why apache is hard coded.13:48
Guest82204linxeh, oCean I had nginx installed before hand..13:48
Guest82204yet it still forced upon me apache13:48
linxehGuest82204: the package is provided to work with apache13:48
WormboyWhere Can I Download Blue_ron?13:48
Wormboyanyone can help me?13:49
ruanWormboy: what is blue_ron?13:49
Guest82204linxeh, well I don't think I should have to download it with it considering phpmyadmin doesn't only run on apache.13:49
Wormboyi search whole 4 hours13:49
KaptenRodSkaggscarleo>> i woundering if i should throw vista out and only run ubunu instead of dualboot.13:49
Wormboyblueron...u dont know blueron is?13:49
ruani dont13:49
Wormboyits like exploit bt13:50
oCeanWormboy: this is ubuntu technical support13:50
Wormboyow sorry wrong section13:50
hwndhate to ask but any tutorials or guides for setting up a adhoc for wireless printing in ubuntu netbook 10.10?13:50
scarleoKaptenRodSkagg: Of course you should :) Just make sure that you can run any software you nreally eed.13:50
scarleo*really need13:50
KaptenRodSkaggscarleo>>  vista as a virtual computer maybee?13:51
scarleoKaptenRodSkagg: Sure, that's one option13:51
linxehGuest82204: I dont let mysql touch my systems if I can help it, so I'm not really in a position to help. the distribution provides packages that are configured to work in a particular way, so that is likely why.13:52
melsaswahhi every body13:52
KaptenRodSkaggany good idea about virtual app for isntalling a guest os?13:52
linxehKaptenRodSkagg: virtualbox ?13:52
scarleoKaptenRodSkagg: Virtualbox or VMWare13:52
melsaswahi need some help on my newly installed ubuntu13:52
sb-bbVirtual box13:52
melsaswahi can get to the login screen, if i  log into recovery mode it's ok13:53
melsaswahnormal mode i can't see any thing (just the mous and a wallpaper) any ideas ?13:53
MnCCmy wd hdd is clicking like crazy .. per 4 secs .. how do i solve this13:54
mcl0vini have installed GNS3 and i want to know how i can run it as root13:54
mcl0vinwhere does it get installed13:54
MnCCterry: you there ?13:55
melsaswahanyone ?13:56
mcl0vincan someone help me please find were does ubuntu install programs , such if i did apt-get install something13:56
bl4ckcombwhere does ubuntu store samba share information that was set via nautilus? They aren't in /etc/samba/smb.conf13:56
=== share is now known as \share
bl4ckcombmcl0vin, whereis <program-you-just-installed>13:57
aeon-ltdmcl0vin: yhe executable is in /usr/bin13:57
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
melsaswahi can get to the login screen, if i  log into recovery mode it's ok13:58
melsaswahnormal mode i can't see any thing (just the mous and a wallpaper) any ideas ?13:58
melsaswahcan someone help me plz13:58
delacmcl0vin: can you use synaptic?13:58
Error404NotFoundhow can i load a module at bootup? i have a module at /lib/modules/2.6.35-28-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt5390sta.ko, i am running 2.6.35-28-generic (the very same kernel version), and i have put rt5390sta in /etc/modules but i still i have to do "insmod" manually after bootup.13:59
GEaglehi everyone i'm using ubuntu 10.10 desktop last night gdm crashed and never opened again so i'm using command line i'm trying to reinstall gdm but i cant connect to wireless dhclient returns no dhcpoffer recived13:59
mcl0vinaeon-ltd: i found it , but how do i know if it runs as root -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1932 2009-05-18 10:37 gns314:00
mcl0vinthat tells me it does , but its not14:00
=== istok is now known as chmod
GEagleby the way wlan0 is up14:00
whitecyberin ubuntu what the tools to monitor our network ?14:01
rethusi have set http_proxy env variable a long time ago and forget where i have set this. Can anybody help?14:01
Neddiowhitecyber: I don't know of any but doesn't your router have anything on it? Try typing into your address bar in any browser and see what comes up?14:02
Error404NotFound how can i load a module at bootup? i have a module at /lib/modules/2.6.35-28-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt5390sta.ko, i am running 2.6.35-28-generic (the very same kernel version), and i have put rt5390sta in /etc/modules but i still i have to do "insmod" manually after bootup.14:02
GEagleso anyone can help me14:03
rethusWhats your Question Geagle14:03
ksbalajiI have ff 3.6.15 running in ubuntu lucid. how to update plugin quicktime4linux-2.2-src.tar.bz  I've already installed quicktime and firefox says it is outdated. I just downloaded the above file to update. Just cannot figure out how to update with it.....! - this may also convey what I mean: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=193014:03
GEagle(15:59:46) GEagle: hi everyone i'm using ubuntu 10.10 desktop last night gdm crashed and never opened again so i'm using command line i'm trying to reinstall gdm but i cant connect to wireless dhclient returns no dhcpoffer recived14:03
rethusmhh, seems to be a bigger problem. have you got any errors during startup (see dmesg or messages) ?14:05
NeddioGEagle: Can you use an ethernet cable?14:05
NeddioGEagle: Do you have any back up disks with Ubuntu installed on them?14:05
GEaglei have a cable somewhere in here14:06
induz good morning guys14:06
GEaglerethus:  no errors14:06
MILKMAN08linus,  rhymes with virus ...14:06
rethusGEagle: gdm crash, don't came up and ou have no errors, thats realy strange14:07
GEaglemy /etc/network/interface like this14:07
mrdebis it necessary to reinstall the nvidia drivers when switching from one card to another within one generation14:07
mrdeborplug it in14:07
coz_mrdeb,   are you having issues?14:07
rethusGEagle: so first of all, make a HDD test. May your HDD are broken... cause there is a reason why system crashed14:08
|Long|i have few users loging to my box.. is there away to check what processes they are runining in the background?14:08
GEagleauto wlan014:08
GEagleiface wlan0 inet dhcp14:08
GEaglewireless-essid dlink_wireless14:08
GEaglewireless-channel 614:08
GEaglewireless-mode managed14:08
FloodBot3GEagle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:08
IdleOne!ot | MILKMAN0814:08
ubottuMILKMAN08: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:08
ksbalajiMILKMAN08, linus = (no)virus :)14:09
=== DiNozzo is now known as U8untu
mcl0vini keep getting 206-unable to create generic ethernet NIO14:09
U8untuhey,can i install ubuntu 10.10 from my mobile? from micro SD card?14:09
bigbanghey q.. i followed the instructions on help.ubuntu for the mail filtering which installs spamassasins clamav amavisd and i think i got everything set up right.. my question is.. is it normal for it to take so long to send the email out now ?. and recieve ?.. it takes a minute to scan such simple files ?.14:09
coz_mrdeb,   I am going to say "no"  to that...however if you are having issues....14:10
GEagleafter apt-get update returned me run dpkg --configure -a14:10
GEagleso i did it14:10
coz_GEagle,  and did it work?14:10
GEagleeverything gone well and i restarted and then gdm wont open14:10
U8untuhey,can i install ubuntu 10.10 from my mobile? from micro SD card?14:10
zhazhello... :) *:))14:10
GEaglei tried service gdm restart14:10
mcl0vinanyone here with GNS3 experience14:11
GEagleit wont open14:11
scarleo|Long|: ps -U [userid]14:11
coz_U8untu,  not sure ,, I have never tried it,, however ,, if the image on the sd is clean ,, probably14:11
NeddioU8untu, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, you can install it from a USB so a Micro SD should work.14:11
|Long|scarleo, thanks14:11
coz_GEagle,  are you dropping to text console on boot?14:11
rethusGeagle: and no errors on console whiel executing gdm?14:11
zhazwhy my virtualbox usb still grey? after i install on Ubuntu 10.1014:11
coz_GEagle,   ok  try  sudo restart gdm14:11
rethuszhaz: may a permission problem14:12
GEaglei did it but it didnt work14:12
coz_GEagle,  ok try   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:12
GEaglethats my problem14:12
rethusthere should be a user for vbox... add them to the group for usb-devices.14:12
GEaglei cant connect wireless lan14:12
Neddiozhaz, What do you mean "USB still grey" ?14:12
zhaznope, i already install extension and add groups vboxuser... but still grey14:13
coz_GEagle,  ah I see,,, can you hard wire for the updates?14:13
zhazi can't attach my usb device14:13
|Long|scarleo, i have 26 hard drives on this box,,,i just added another one, is there a cmd to tell me whick one is NOT mounted yet?14:13
rethuszhaz: maybe try on channel #vbox i ever get fast and professional help on this irc.14:13
NeddioGEagle, plug in an ethernet cable?14:14
coz_GEagle,   I am not there... I dont know what options you have for internet,,, besides wireless... but if you have cable connection that should work temporatily for the inital updateing14:14
zhaz#ubuntu yap... thanks :)14:14
coz_temporarily I mean14:14
GEagleyeah i found a cable14:15
scarleo|Long|: I guess you could compare 'sudo fdisk -l' with 'df' output, not sure how to do that otherwise14:15
coz_GEagle,  ok then do the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     to see if that fixes the problem14:15
GEagleeth0 worked14:15
|Long|scarlo, thanks14:16
coz_GEagle,  cool14:16
GEaglethanks guys14:16
mcl0vinanyone here with GNS3 experience14:16
Helenyrealtek ac'97 issues still on14:17
Helenyanyone will help me figure my audio issues?14:17
=== mang0 is now known as mang0|OUT
ooxihi how do i find out which programms listen on ports?14:19
scarleoHeleny: What's the issue?14:19
ooxii did netstat --ip but it only shows acitve connections14:19
coz_Heleny,  I am not really great with sound issues,, however,, did you open a terminal ,, type   alsamixer,, and check to see if any sliders are down or muted?14:19
GEaglei found the error14:19
ooxii want do see all daemons listening for connections14:19
GEaglein /var/log/Xorg.0.log file14:19
GEaglefailed to load the Nvidia kernel module14:20
smwooxi, netstat -ltpu14:20
GEaglefatal error no screens found14:20
|Long|scarleo, that cmd doesnt tell me which drive is NOT mounted14:20
smwooxi, I have absolutely no idea what those flags do, but it works :-).14:20
runman71ciao a tutti14:20
ooxismw, thanks, i'll try :-)14:20
coz_GEagle,  which vide card      lspci | grep -i vga14:20
|Long|anyone know is there a cmd to tell which drive is NOT mounted yet?14:21
ooxismw, yes seems to work :-)14:21
smwooxi, it is one of two commands that I only know a couple sets of flags that work and no idea what they do.14:21
smwooxi, ps is the other one :-P14:21
scarleo|Long|: fdisk should tell you abt all disks while df -h shows you what is mounted, just compare to see what is not mounted14:21
coz_GEagle,  ok and this is ubuntu 10.10...yes?14:22
zhazada yang ngerti bahasaku?? | no luck, #vbox14:22
|Long|scarleo, thamks14:22
oZeeanyone experienced with skype and linux?14:23
Abhijithow to open .db file?14:23
Abhijitlibreoffice base giving error14:23
coz_GEagle,  you can try  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current  ,,, I believe the fx5200 can use that driver14:23
smw!anyone | oZee14:23
ubottuoZee: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:23
Helenyor will try that coz_ sry late reply.. was cruising madly some forum14:23
bloodycoolhi there14:23
oZeexD kk14:23
coz_GEagle,   you have to reboot  after that14:23
smwAbhijit, do you know what program made the db file?14:23
Abhijitsmw, supybot14:23
Helenyfunction snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or dir14:24
oZeeim experiencing hard distortion/dark voice with skype. running mumble shows that the mic is working,14:24
smwAbhijit, it is probably a sqlite db14:24
karlo94I forgotten do I need to format computer before I install ubuntu, or ubuntu format it by it self?14:24
Helenykarlo94: it format it14:24
oZeehow can i fix this?14:24
|Long|scarleo, those 2 cmds are still no good.. if it doesnt listed on fstab, then im screwed14:24
smwAbhijit, you may want to google for a gui. I don't know of any.14:24
karlo94Heleny, I do not need to do it manually?14:25
wierd0{}could someone using maverick please archive /etc/fonts directory for me, and link a url i could fetch it from ?  i replaced mine from that of hardys and the results was less than hopeful.14:25
Helenygui for what?14:25
smwAbhijit, directly modifying the db if you do not know what you are doing is a bad idea14:25
smwHeleny, a gui for modifying an sqlite db14:25
Helenyokiz i see14:25
GEaglecoz_ it has already installed14:25
Abhijitsmw, if you know how to edit that file tell me14:25
Helenyanyway, I am screwed with no sound here14:25
smwAbhijit, if you use the command sqlite3, you can give sql statements to modify it.14:26
smwAbhijit, that is the only way I know.14:26
Helenyyep because if not mistaken it is encrypted14:26
HelenyI totally need some help14:27
HelenyI'm getting no sound right now.. using realtek ac'97 audio card14:27
coz_GEagle,  mm   it should boot into the system with nouveau driver  as fallback ... you can reboot holding down the left Shift key to get to the grub menu,,, press the  "e" key to get to kernel stanza to edit it... just before   quiet splad  type    nomodeset  then hit the listed approprate key to boot from there,, see if that gets you into the DE14:27
coz_be back a bit later14:28
Helenyyou may need to type "-nomodeset" w/o quotes14:28
scarleo|Long|: But you are trying to find the last disk you connected, right? Isn't it just the last one in fdisk -l?14:28
smwAbhijit, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/sqlite-manager/ looks good. Everyone seems to recommend it on the links from google.14:28
scarleo|Long|: Then check if that last one is mounted, if not then that is it, right?14:28
Abhijitsmw, okay. i installed sqlite 3 browser but it gives error that my .db file is 2.1 that is of older versioon14:29
Helenyanyway, anyone will help me with my issue14:29
Helenytry an older version of sqlite browser14:29
Helenycan I define my issue and get some help pls?14:30
rusty149Heleny | ask14:31
smwHeleny, if you give the full issue, instead of "can anyone help", ui will be more likely to get responses14:31
oledole2Q: So setting SGID on a directory ensures that new files and directories created will inherit the group, but these new directories do not inherit the SGID bit, so files and folders in those dirs are still the default group. How do I solve that?14:31
Helenyit's been sometime since I posted my issue.. I hate repeating myself that is why :s14:32
HelenyI have a realtek ac/97 audio card.. and ubuntu ain't detecting it14:32
wierd0{}would someone using either maverick or natty do me a favor and archive the contents of /etc/fonts/*  and link the zip to either dropbox or ubuntu one for me ?14:32
Helenyit happened since version 8.0414:32
smwHeleny, aplay -l ?14:32
Helenyeven 7 LTS had issue14:32
Helenydevice_list:207: no soundcards found..14:33
GEaglei loaded linux kernel
GEaglenow desktop works14:33
rusty149Heleny: Is there anything in dmesg about it?14:33
BluishDid falefel ever come here?14:33
GEaglethanks guys14:33
smwHeleny, I am very bad with sound. All I can do is point you to the audio help docs.14:34
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:34
Helenywait.. I try @ rusty14:34
Helenybasically, my issue is a well known one14:34
Helenythe famous 'realtek ac 97 issue"14:34
=== Guest48150 is now known as DarkDevil
Helenyit happen on all distros14:35
majorastroHi everybody I need to recover email from a windows drive that I mounted in ubuntu14:35
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest5661
Heleny@majorastro.. make sure you got full root access to that drive14:35
smwmajorastro, this does not sound like a linux question.14:36
majorastroI am trying to recover saved emails from a hardrive that was in windows14:36
ruanmajorastro: which email client?14:36
Helenymy audio card show up in lspci14:37
ruanmajorastro: do you know where emails are stored?14:37
rusty149Heleny: Can you post your dmesg at paste.ubuntu.com please14:38
HelenyIntel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-l/ICH4-M) AC14:38
majorastronope but I am shure they are there14:38
HelenyAC' 97 Audio Controller (rev 03)14:38
HelenyI'm kinda noob at terminal thingy14:39
Helenyhow I copy my selection?14:39
Helenyctrl+c not working due to obvious escape command issue14:39
scarleoHeleny: did you try to sudo modprobe -a snd_hda_intel14:39
rusty149Heleny: Use the ediy meny14:39
erUSULHeleny: middle click?14:39
rusty149HelenyL edit menu14:39
Egbert9e9I have a problem with my bluetooth transiever. It's a Dell Inspiron Duo (1090).14:39
ruanmajorastro: http://www.argentuma.com/backup/email-backup.html14:40
ruanmajorastro: check those paths14:40
Helenymy linux crashed14:41
douglI am trying to connect my ubuntu 10.10 install to my network wirelessly with notebook with intel link 5100 but when I try to connect with wicd it says bad password - any suggestions?14:41
majorastrookay thanks14:42
Helenymiddle click was worst than anything I've seen14:42
Unknown0BC1Ok, I probably must start a support ticket. But just perhaps someone can help me:14:42
Helenyany way I will post my dmesg soon14:42
ruanctrl shift c14:42
Unknown0BC1I installed Maverick 10.10. When I set up my mobile phone as a new device using the bluetooth Indicator applet everything goes14:42
ruanUnknown0BC1: then?14:42
=== RussellAlan-bah is now known as RussellAlan
Unknown0BC1It asks me if I want to use DUN as my internet connection. I say yes and it asks me14:43
Unknown0BC1provider and billing plan etc. It gets sets up. When I try to activate the connection using the14:43
Unknown0BC1NetworkManager applet, it bluetooth connects to my phone, but the connection is dropped.14:43
Unknown0BC1I have seen this before when the number is wrong. But I cant find any option through the14:43
Unknown0BC1User Inerface to change the number.14:43
FloodBot3Unknown0BC1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:43
thruxtonhey can the ubuntu ind14:43
thruxtonhey can the ubuntu installer resize a windows partition or do i need gparted?14:43
scarleoUnknown0BC1: Android?14:43
Mr_BondHi, I'm trying to install ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a IBM bladecenter (virtual console). I've tried vga=770, 771, 791, 789 - and I've tried vga=ask and various VESA modes like 300, 303, and so on14:43
ruanthruxton: ubuntu livecd has gparted14:43
ruanthruxton: use that14:44
Neddiothruxton: The Ubuntu installer can resize a Windows partition IF you're actually going to install.14:44
Mr_BondI just can't get the damn thing to get past the "welcome menu". Any tips?14:44
thruxtonruan: Neddio cool thanks14:44
Neddiothruxton: No problem :)14:44
Unknown0BC1scarleo: Its not an android phone. And I am not an android either ... :)14:44
scarleoUnknown0BC1: ok :) Well I never had any luck with DUN but if I set up my phone for tehtering it works without choosing DUN14:46
wierd0{}would someone using either maverick or natty do me a favor and archive the contents of /etc/fonts/*  and link the zip to either dropbox or ubuntu one for me ?14:46
Unknown0BC1scarleo, oh well I dont think my phone can do that ?...14:46
Mr_Bondhaha! If I choose vga=ask, and then select "space to continue", it works!14:47
scarleoUnknown0BC1: What phone/OS is it?14:47
wierd0{}android phones can.  there is a wireless tethering app that works out of the box with ubuntu14:47
ech0s7it's more faster kde or gnome ?14:47
Unknown0BC1scarleo, nokia 2710 navigator.14:48
Helenymy dmesg requested : http://paste.ubuntu.com/582953/14:48
Unknown0BC1When I try to make a new broadband connection in NetworkManager it goes through and I can set the number, but then it does not appear on the available connections list.14:50
RussellAlananyone experience with nvflash?14:50
oZeegrub added 2 entries with a new kernel within my machine- i hab to reconfigure and run update-grub14:50
scarleoUnknown0BC1: Sorry, don't know anything abt how to do that then14:50
oZeesry fc14:51
Helenyrealtek ac'97 audio controller issue.. here is my paste.ubun : http://paste.ubuntu.com/582953/ dmesg command14:51
Unknown0BC1scarleo, ok.14:51
douglis this the right place to discuss/troubleshoot a wireless network connection for ubuntu 10.10?14:51
CallumlordIt is a Help channel14:51
CallumlordFor Ubuntu14:51
Helenystill waiting for help :)14:52
ech0s7it's more faster kde or gnome ?14:52
scarleoHeleny: Did you try to do sudo modprobe -a snd_hda_intel ?14:52
Heleny@ echos7 GNOME14:52
Helenyit gave no result14:52
Helenyjust executed normaly14:52
ech0s7thanks Heleny14:52
Helenyno problem ech0s714:52
douglAll the info I am finding googling says my wifi should work with 10.10 but the closest it comes to working is my wireless router gets listed in wicd but everytime I try to connect it says bad password = any suggestions? intel link 5100 wifi adapter14:53
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:54
Heleny@ruan the docs ain't helpful.. too generalistic14:54
Helenymy sound issue is well-known but not documented14:55
ruanit still can help though14:55
douglruan, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Intel%20WiFi%20Link%205100?highlight=%28AND%29|%28ManufacturerModel%29 <- what do you make of that?14:55
Helenyit does.. but a more personalised approach will be best14:56
douglruan, that is where it says it works but gives no help on troubleshooting or howto14:56
Helenymost people come here as last resort.. thus, they should at least has gone through these papers14:56
Helenyanyway, excuse me,.. I'm stucked with no sound since 1 week.. I'm going crazy14:57
scarleoHeleny: What does System->Prefs->Sound->Hardware say?14:57
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:59
riakuim attempting to use dropbox on my computer, and i was wondering. is there any way to link files but only have them link one way. like the files in the pictures folder are linked and copied over to the images folder, but the files in the images folder are not synced with the ones in the pictures folder.14:59
Heleny@scarleo.. no soundcard found.. everywhere it says that except if I do lspci command14:59
Helenythen I see my hardware14:59
Guest38335hi. chromium is blocking flash plugin but I have not chagned any setting regarding plugin. so how do I enblae it ?14:59
Helenywith a ALSACONF too14:59
lvyiwanghello, everyone!14:59
ryfyslvyiwang~» hi dog15:00
riakuanyone have a solution? :p15:00
eBittindo there exist any good wget gui written i gtk?15:01
kodezhow do i install fifa on ubuntu 10.1015:01
eBittinwith wine :p15:01
smweBittin, gwget is good15:01
scarleoHeleny: And you are sure it's not disabled in BIOS?15:02
sledgesiwl3945 gives SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132 on ifup, and rfkill always shows "Hard blocked: yes", no matter what googled solution I apply (hw: 04:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02) on Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pro)15:02
Jak3i am trying to install google chromium on my backtrack 4.... but when i type in sudo apt-get install chromium it installed a 2d game... can i get help off of any1?15:02
eBittinsmw: yea but that dosen't have a ppc package :(15:02
kodezcan u send me a link 2 download it?15:02
smwJak3, this is not backtrack support. however, did you try chromium-browser?15:02
smwJak3, chromium the game predates the browser ;-)15:03
Jak3that is what im trying to install...15:03
Jak3i will try...15:03
smwkodez, I have no idea what fifa is15:03
=== maelstrom is now known as Guest74855
d3ath101hello. so i have a problem, my wireless is not working, ubuntu is the only os on my system, and i have it fully updated. netbook edition.  it says  "wireless networks - device not ready"15:03
d3ath101i cannot seem to get it to work15:03
chmodJak3, yeah, try sudo apt-cache search browser | grep chromium15:03
scarleoHeleny: Also do you have several audio jacks in your pc? Tried a different one? I had to change the plug when moving from Win to Ubuntu15:03
cfwaynecan the "Hibernate" option in the indicator applet be removed? gconf-editor only lets me hide logout, restart, and shutdown15:03
smwd3ath101, the first thing to try is make sure the wireless is on (the hardware switch)15:04
Jak3could not find package in E:Drive...15:04
chmodif it's listed in the repos, sudo apt-get install .. <- otherwise add the deb15:04
d3ath101smw, yea it is, light is lit up blue, and software block is also disabled15:04
Heleny@scarleo.. not really.. only one.. only one audio card15:04
smwd3ath101, next plugin to a hard wire and go to system -> administration -> additional drivers15:04
Helenyas you may see :)15:04
kodezim stl waitin 4 da lnk15:04
smwd3ath101, you may need to apt-get update first.15:04
Jak3chmod i did i just showed me my drivers and users and my web utilities15:05
d3ath101smw, done already, also the update i just did, i am using the laptop right now, hardwired at the moment15:05
smwkodez, you have yet to tell me what the software is.15:05
Helenymy kernel module is : snd-intel8x015:05
IdleOnesmw: it is a video game (soccer)15:06
smwd3ath101, does it show up in sudo ifconfig? sudo iwlist scanning?15:06
IdleOnekodez: ask in #winehq they should be able to help you.15:06
Jak3if you are a ssh program user type sudo apt-get install putty for a ssh, RAW, Rlogin, HTTP and a comp remote viewer15:07
d3ath101smw, wlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down15:07
Helenysudo ifconfig wlan0 up15:07
Jak3if u r logged in on root type apt-get install putty15:07
=== solstice is now known as Guest32440
smwJak3, putty is a windows program15:09
d3ath101ill brb15:09
scarleoHeleny: so lsmod also says snd-intel8x0?15:09
Jak3smw if you type it in on terminal or konsole it installs perfectly15:09
robotti^but you can run putty on linux15:09
robotti^because there is also linux binary15:09
chmodJak3, so does; ssh hostname.of.target -l loginname15:10
greppysmw: putty is available to install from apt.15:10
Jak3thankyou robotti!15:10
smwJak3, wow, never knew that. But why not just use the ssh cmd?15:10
d3ath101smw, any ideas? wont work, i reinstalled ubuntu, it used to work, then my hdd crashed, so i reinstalled, as only os, and it wont work15:10
=== kiran is now known as namsha
Jak3it sometimes can be alot easier.... depends on your skills15:10
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
Jak3chmod i tried to click the link but never worked... dunno y....15:11
Heleny@scareleo it doe say that.. snd_ac97_codec: snd-intel8.015:11
Jak3putty works on any ubuntu OS15:11
smwd3ath101, did you try sudo ifconfig wlan0 up?15:11
scarleoHeleny: Can you try to sudo rmmod snd-intel8x0 and then sudo modprobe snd-intel8x015:12
cfwayneso can I remove Hibernate from the logoff/shutdown menu?  I tried gconf-editor.  the option isn't there. I tried Ubuntu Tweak, it's not there either15:12
smwJak3, but putty is useless on linux. There is no reason not to type ssh user@host15:12
scarleoHeleny: Then check again if it's detected15:12
eBittinbtw is there any good way to get the volumekeys and eject key on a mac keyboard working on Debian PPC?15:13
Jak3it depends... if you are a newb then u use putty.... if your an expert user then type the ssh and the host15:14
Heleny@scareleo.. I've done it15:14
Helenydoing lspci shows it was detected15:14
Helenywait I do an alsaconf15:14
Helenythat's where it broke and did the No soundcards found.. issue15:15
smwJak3, but there is no difference in ease of use. One requires a separate shell from the one you normally use, the other does not.15:15
Jak3same with me heleny i have a problem with my sound card..... yesterday it was fine, now its malfunctioning15:16
Jak3smw y r we still talking bout putty?15:16
Helenyamixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory?? @scareleo what does that mean?15:16
smwJak3, no idea lol15:16
Helenythen it returned No soundcards found...15:16
scarleoHeleny: Did you check your BIOS?15:16
Jak3rofl.... we just spent 5 mins of our live arguing over a program... lol15:17
HelenyI got a second OS namely windows xp sp3 running stable with full audio support15:17
Helenythe only issue is EVERY linux OS/disro15:17
LittleRedHello... on a laptop with ubuntu 10.10 64 bit -- anyone know if there may be a glitch with saving passwords for users or root?15:17
scarleoHeleny: Well, then I'm not sure, this is as far as my sound knowledge goes, sorry15:18
icerootLittleRed: can you be more specific? what is the problem exactly15:18
shaneohow do i remove previous linux kernels once a new version has been installed15:18
erUSULshaneo: i use synaptic for that task15:18
Heleny@scarleo.. thanks..15:19
icerootshaneo: only remove older kernels if you are sure the newest is running15:19
erUSULshaneo: search them nd remove/purge them15:19
LittleRediceroot: when I logged in I was told incorrect password... tried it 3 times... rebooted and was able to use the same password to get in15:19
Jak3it should remove theme automatically15:19
shaneohow can i tell which kernel is running15:19
ruanshaneo: sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.35-oldver-generic15:19
Jak3wwhat version r u using shaneo15:19
ruanand linux-headers-2.6.35-oldver15:20
icerootLittleRed: ls -l /etc/shadow   was it modified after your 3 failed logins? what is /var/log/auth.log telling about the failed logins?15:20
ruansynaptic also works15:20
Jak3when u r booting into that version look at the numbers it may look like
douglam I understanding correctly - 'network manager' manages network connections and wicd manages network connections too?15:20
icerootshaneo: uname -r15:20
Jak3is there a server for backtrack 4?15:21
ruan!info wicd15:21
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-5 (maverick), package size 40 kB, installed size 88 kB15:21
ruan!info network-manager15:21
ubottunetwork-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1+git.20100810t184654.ab580f4-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 400 kB, installed size 1352 kB15:21
iceroot!backtrack | Jak315:21
ubottuJak3: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition15:21
douglruan, thanks again :)15:21
airtonixover the last week i've noticed that every time i suspend my 10.10 desktop, it fails the first attempt and just comes to the screen lock login , attempting a second suspend after that seemed to work. but just now i've tried to suspend 9 times and it won't suspend.15:21
LittleRediceroot: shadow log was not changed - created 6.12.101015:22
namsha<airtonix> u have to wait for sometime for the process15:22
d3ath101anyone have any ideas of how i can get my wireless working?15:22
shaneowhat about headers can i also remove previous installs15:22
d3ath101i updated, upgraded, and rflist unblocked all15:23
icerootLittleRed: then i would say you just misstyped the password15:23
LittleRediceroot: other one is incorrect password15:23
d3ath101and it shows that my card in is15:23
d3ath101is on***15:23
douglif I uninstall network-manager and look all network connectivity with out it is the install package still on my hd or cd so I can just 'sudo apt-get install network-manager' and get back up and running?15:23
airtonixnamsha: no i think you mis understand what I am saying.15:23
Jak3i am going to go to the backtrack 4f r2 servers.... bye guys nd gals15:23
namshaok tell me correctly15:24
shlmhow to check what is the version of ftp client on system ?15:24
namshacorrect ur sentance15:24
airtonixnamsha: i'm pretty sure i did the first time around.15:24
icerootshlm: ftp --version i guess15:24
ruandougl: i dont think so. you could download it as a package though15:24
namshaya u but not in an understandable way15:24
namshadescribe it in detail15:24
shlmno iceroot15:25
airtonixshud i talk leik did?15:25
shlmnot working that one15:25
* airtonix rages15:25
shlmok an other question15:25
shlmhow to check user presence using ftp access on a system ?15:25
icerootshlm: dpkg -l ftp15:25
douglruan, good thinking = thanks... err where should I download package from?15:26
ruandougl: possibly packages.ubuntu.com15:26
icerootshlm: "last" should show you15:26
icerootshlm: also "who"15:26
sledgeshi, sorry had to restart. did you reply to my question (look up the nick). Cheers!15:26
douglruan, sounds like a good place to start - thanks for your attention and help15:26
shlmlast give Connexion history15:27
UrocyonHey all, I have a server which has crazy high load, and io wait of 99.9%   I can still log into the thing, but I can't get it to reboot.15:27
LittleRediceroot: as bad as this sounds I think I must have hit one of the 'function' keys and activated the number pad on the keyboard...15:27
UrocyonApache processes won't die.15:27
shlmwho show only ssh user presence15:27
icerootLittleRed: :) a classic15:28
UrocyonAny ideas on how to get this thing to cycle remotely?15:28
shlmi think you are newbie iceroot15:28
shlmmy question is how to check FTP user presence ?15:28
shlmon  a session15:28
icerootshlm: no need to support you anymore if you call me noob15:28
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
LittleRediceroot: it was one of 'those' nights last night... all seems well now15:28
shcherbakshlm: netstat-tuep, iftop15:29
shcherbakshlm: and be nice to iceroot15:29
airtonixover the last week i've noticed that every time i attempt to suspend my 10.10 desktop, it goes through the motions of suspending, but returns to the login screen for a locked screen. normally since installing maverick i just tried again after that and it suspended. but tonight, i tried to suspend nine times in a row and each time it just keeps returning to the locked screen login prompt.15:29
icerootshlm: on my system "last" is showing me logged in ftp-users (proftpd)15:29
LittleRediceroot: thanks for the info on how to check that stuff  :-)15:29
shlmi use sftpd i thing15:29
yonijhi...I wanted to confirm something.....ubuntu 10.10....kernel source ...it is a 73 mb tar rite....and not a 33 mb one ?....please help...i need the kernel source to built a kernel for asm purpose..15:29
shlmbut not giving such info15:30
shcherbakairtonix: remove lock from screenserver15:30
GEagleguys i fixed the problem thanks for every one15:30
icerootyonij: you need the ubuntu-patches also? or just the normal source?15:31
pozzi0someone could suggest me15:31
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:31
pozzi0an application for ipod that works with ubuntu 1'.-1'15:32
airtonixshcherbak: that's hardly a proper solution. especially since it was never the problem before.15:32
iceroot!ipod | pozzi015:32
ubottupozzi0: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod15:32
pozzi0iceroot thank u i've read that one15:32
shcherbakairtonix: Wait, suspend always will lock screen, you can use sudo pm-suspend to avoid lock (need to instell pm-tools)15:32
yonijice799, just the normal source will do...am not sure what an ubuntu patch is...but the purpose is to test adding extra modules to the kernel15:33
pozzi0gtk pod gives some error15:33
pozzi0suggest me one that works15:33
icerootyonij: for normal source (kernel.org) ubuntu is patching the vanilla-kernel, so you will get the patched sources when using the repos (imo)15:33
weezin9980is there a good irc for newbies?15:33
icerootyonij: you should build the 2.6.38 from kernel.org15:34
shcherbakairtonix: another is http://superuser.com/questions/71465/how-to-disable-screen-locking-after-sleep-on-ubuntu-9-1015:34
icerootweezin9980: xchat15:34
airtonixshcherbak: why should i want to do that? i never had to remove a security feature in lucid or the first week of using maverick to have a functional and secure suspend feature15:34
airtonixshcherbak: the lock screen is obviously nothing to do with the problem. it's merely a stage in the normal cycle of suspend > sleep > resume15:35
agent42where should i place a bash script to be available for me no matter which folder im in?15:35
cfwayneso gconf-editor no longer has the option to remove Hibernate from the logoff menu/applet.  is there another way to do it?15:35
=== Guest5661 is now known as DarkDevil
cfwayneHibernate doesn't work, so i don't want a "crash me" button on the menu15:35
shcherbakairtonix: let me scroll up, maybe missed something.15:35
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest90189
phobixhey all, can anyone point me to some software that will let me download videos that are streaming off of the internet, similiar to IDM for windows?15:36
scarleoagent42: /usr/bin/ I believe should work15:36
ruanphobix: flashgot15:36
icerootagent42: any folder which is in "echo $PATH"15:36
agent42scarleo: thx15:36
phobixthanks ruan15:36
ruanphobix: for firefox15:36
yonijiceroot, okie..actually am running 2.6.35-25 ..so if I build this 2.6.38 one will that appear as a new entry ....I would preffer a 2.6.35 source..hope I will get it in kernel.org15:36
airtonixshcherbak: i had working suspend for ages in lucid even after i installed maverick.15:36
shcherbakairtonix: oh, it do not suspend?15:36
phobixruan: is it a plugin?15:36
ruanphobix: its an addon15:37
phobixruan: ok, thanks alot  =)15:37
bastidrazoragent42: or you could create ~/bin and add scripts there. it would keep you from having to use sudo to copy them.15:37
ruanphobix: hmm, streaming content..15:37
icerootyonij: grub will detect it after running update-grub, it also should build a new ramdisk15:37
ruanphobix: hold on, going to test that15:37
phobixruan: ok15:37
ruani know it works with youtube vids15:37
yonijiceroot, okie...thanx a lot :)15:38
phobixright, I am trying to do it with CBTnuggets15:38
agent42bastidrazor: thx15:38
ricky_dshi folks. trouble with sound-juicer: it gets totaly b0rked data from music brainz wich makes it crash. Since I don't see any option to disable music brainz I shut off my network but it seems to still find the data. It must be cached on my disk but I'm unable to find where. Does any one happen to know?15:38
phobixruan: what download manager do you use with flashgot?15:41
ruanphobix: i use fatrat15:41
phobixruan: ok, ill give that a try15:42
airtonixschatan : this works fine (but then on resume my desktop isn't locked and so anyone can use it): sudo /usr/sbin/s2ram -f -m -p15:43
induz_hello guys i downloaded k9copy from repor and its installed but i can not find it15:46
induz_where it is stored on my system?15:46
induz_ under what category15:46
induz_I want to copy a CD15:46
ruaninduz_: you can launch it from terminal15:46
induz_I want to clone a CD15:46
phobixruan: hwo do you gnerally get it to download videos?15:46
induz_ how can i launch it from terminal15:46
mrdebis it possible to skin gnome terminal15:47
coz_induz,  yes it is probably   k9copy  in terminal15:47
ruanphobix: no, you go to the video page and it pops up a video icon at the bottom15:47
phobixo, see it15:47
coz_mrdeb,  if you go to edit preferences15:47
ruanphobix: right click that and it'll give you the video name and size15:47
ruanphobix: click it to download15:47
coz_mrdeb,  edit / profile preferences15:47
coz_mrdeb,  there you should see  6 tabs15:48
ruanmrdeb: yeah edit > profile preferences > colors15:48
coz_mrdeb,  also "Background"  tab15:48
ManateeLazyCatI found many mirrors at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors , how do i get the *real* mirror list?15:48
l1nuxmananyone know of a tool that can send me an email based on a condition in a log file? For example if a specific user shows up?15:49
LittleRedIs there a way to only save log file for a certain timeframe and then have them autodelete?15:49
coz_ManateeLazyCat,  which country are yo u in?15:49
airtonixschatan : possible reason: (i use ssh mounts in nautilus) http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5258115:50
coz_ManateeLazyCat,  open system/administration/synaptic package manager15:50
ManateeLazyCatcoz_: I'm write a tools that to test mirrors speed, then choose fast server add in my /etc/apt/sources.list, so i don't care which country, i just want get a list that contain all those mirrors.15:50
ManateeLazyCatcoz_: I'm writing package manager, so i want to the mirror list. :)15:50
coz_ManateeLazyCat,  then on the very first tab,,,"Download from:"  you can choose mirrors from there15:50
greppyLittleRed: take a look at logrotate.15:50
coz_ManateeLazyCat,  unless I am misunderstanding you15:50
LittleRedgreppy: thanks I'll do that15:51
MnCCfinally fixed my driveclicking ... pffff took me 5 hours15:51
ManateeLazyCatcoz_: I'm not ask how to use or choose those mirrors, i want find a way to get mirror list, then test mirror speed, understand?15:51
coz_ManateeLazyCat,  I see,, so on that link with mirrors... you can click on any one of them which will then take you to t he appropriate page to insert the deb http for sources list,,,again if I am not misunderstanding...if I am  then I probably cant help15:52
ricky_dsGot trouble with sound-juicer15:53
douglhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1650064 suggests wicd has some sort of conflict with network manager so I have decided to uninstall network-manager and just use wicd - when I select it thru synaptic for removal is it a clean uninstall - ie will all the conflicting data on my system be removed?15:53
ricky_dsit gets totaly b0rked data from music brainz wich makes it crash15:53
ManateeLazyCatcoz_: I know that, but i want automatic way, how does Ubuntu administrator generate those mirror list?15:53
ricky_dsSince I don't see any option to disable music brainz I shut off my network but it seems to still find the data. It must be cached on my disk but I'm unable to find where. Does any one happen to know?15:53
ManateeLazyCatcoz_: I'm looking for no click way, that return mirror list directly.15:54
bastidrazorManateeLazyCat: in synaptic go to setting > Repository > Download from: select Other and the list will come up. you can then allow synaptic to pick the best ping time from each mirror .15:54
coz_ManateeLazyCat,  this may or may not help  its an older post   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Debmirror15:54
ManateeLazyCatbastidrazor: Yes, i know , how does synaptic get those list?15:54
airtonixdougl: no changed configuration files will not be removed.15:56
airtonixdougl: ie : anything that deviates from the installation profile will remain15:56
coz_ManateeLazyCat,  I think  debmirror is what you want but again... I dont know for sure,,,15:56
douglairtonix, hmmm - thank you :)15:57
coz_I am going for a break,,, and maybe chinese,,later15:57
ManateeLazyCatcoz_: Ok, thanks, let me check.15:57
LittleRedgreppy: software center shows that logrotate is installed, but I can't locate the file in any of the dropdowns15:57
LittleRedgreppy: didn't mean file... meant application15:57
greppyLittleRed: take a look at the man page, in a terminal, "man logrotate" or look in /usr/share/doc/logrotate15:58
LittleRedgreppy thanks....15:58
l1nuxmananyone know if you can configure PAM to send email after successfull login?15:58
zacktuis an iso file on a flash drive "just another file" or is it "special" as on a cd?16:00
amalgamahello... itried to install lekhonee-gnome package through apt, but it returns lekhonee-gnome : Depends: python-gtkhtml2 but it is not installable16:01
amalgamaE: Broken packages16:01
amalgamaany ideas?16:01
SageOfBladeshey in new to linux and have started to play with ubuntu16:02
SageOfBladesbut the dual boot is not working16:02
SageOfBladesit just goes to windows16:02
steve0hhdual boot with ?16:02
SageOfBladeswindows 716:02
scarleol1nuxman: Look at this: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/08/11/how-to-get-linux-server-sends-email-alert-on-root-login/ (also read comments)16:03
SageOfBlades64 bit16:03
amalgamaSage0fBlades, where did you install grub??16:03
SageOfBladesbut its not a server16:03
SageOfBladesi dont know ..16:03
SageOfBladeswas i suposed to put it some where16:04
SageOfBladestotal nooob here16:04
SageOfBladesi thought the ubuntu live cd put it in for me...16:04
SageOfBladeshow would i fix it?16:05
SageOfBladesif you ask me for info i will gladly give it...16:06
SageOfBladesi just want to use ubuntu16:06
oCean!dualboot | SageOfBlades16:06
ubottuSageOfBlades: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot16:06
SageOfBladesi'll get to reading then16:07
steve0hhfollow the steps.. using grub from the ubuntu CD too.. and it's working well..16:07
SageOfBladesok afk16:07
anthonyp985hi all - I'm having trouble using suspend and hibernate on my laptop with ubuntu 10.10. It seems to actually complete hibernating after a couple minutes, and then comes right back up with my X login prompt16:09
WeThePeoplei am using utorrent. when i try to download something specific it says ' former volume not mounted' what does this mean16:09
anthonyp985the pm-suspend.log says "performing hibernate", and then "Awake" 2 minutes later16:09
anthonyp985any ideas?16:09
sledgesiwl3945 gives SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132 on ifup, and rfkill always shows "Hard blocked: yes", no matter what googled solution I apply (hw: 04:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02) on Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pro V3505)16:09
induz_ok I got k9copy from the terminal16:10
induz_how can i clone a CD?16:10
ManateeLazyCatAny neat tool to test server's speed?16:10
induz_is it a ISO or just copy16:10
induz_its a bootable Cd16:11
andress\j #colibri16:11
andressi think i am a bit confuse16:11
andresshow can i change the channel16:12
bastidrazorandress: /join #colibri    :will join that channel16:12
root__can any one tell me how to decrypt rar file16:12
riakuget 7zip for archive manager16:12
wildc4rdafternoon all16:12
daniel__hey is there a pandora aplet type thing or a thing for it to b on ur tool bar16:17
daniel__hey is there a pandora aplet type thing or a thing for it to b on ur tool bar16:20
bejoe95hey all, i need help installing the latest version of perl (from source, i believe)16:20
bejoe95can anyone help?16:20
nyRednekhey, i'm trying to get bitlbee to work in lucid...where's the xinetd dir now?16:20
scarleodaniel__: This maybe of some help: http://eatthepath.com/2009/05/29/installing-pandora-under-ubuntu-linux/16:21
IdleOnedaniel__: http://kevinmehall.net/p/pithos/16:21
ruan!source | bejoe9516:22
ubottubejoe95: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html16:22
ruanwhat was install from source factoid16:22
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)16:23
francesco_c qualcuna che parla italiano16:24
IdleOne!it | francesco_16:24
ubottufrancesco_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:24
bejoe95ubottu: That did nothing to help me.16:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:25
ManateeLazyCatIt's absurd, #debian kick me just i use Ubuntu?16:25
Laira-TRhello, its possible to use "Ubuntu One" from a command line (without graphical user interface)?16:25
Adkq093hi everyone I'd like to know if there is a way to make Grub "blank" a partition, more details : i have bought a dell computer which has a "dell utility partition" , a fat16 partition containing some pointless (to me lol) files which actually have no use, neither for windows nor for linux (dualbooting), i'm not sure if it would void my warranty so is there any way to just make grub ignore it?16:27
=== Pilif12p_ is now known as Pilif12p
nyRednekstill wondering how to get bitlbee working16:29
ruanAdkq093: you could remove it from grub.conf, but it will be re-added on the next kernel update/ update-grub16:29
Adkq093ruan: ouch16:29
drcAdkq093: The Dell Utility Partition contains diagnostic programs that CAN help if your hardware decides to go south.  Personnaly I leave it ther (it's < 100bm), and I have used it when I needed to call Dell Tech Support.  Just to say...:)16:30
SageOfBladesThank you ubottu!!!! You are FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!16:30
SageOfBladesit worked16:30
ruan!language | SageOfBlades16:30
ubottuSageOfBlades: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:30
SageOfBladesi fucking love you!16:30
ruanthis is amusing16:30
SageOfBladesoh ok16:31
SageOfBladeswont happen again16:31
Adkq093drc: your just to say is very helpful to me, have you ever wondered tho if removing it would void your warranty , and most important, do you know whats actually in it? i dont trust oem software lol16:31
drcAdkq093: Do I know EVERYTHING that's there? No, but if I wanted to place something nasty, I'd place it somewhere that NEVER gets deleted, like BIOS,  not a visable partition..16:33
ruanbios cant store 100mb though16:33
suicidoltis there a way to do a "windows" virus scan in linux?  I need to clean up some files....16:34
drcAdkq093: As to voiding the warrenty, I have no idea, but I would not think so (If you replaced the hhd with another, it would not viod the warrenty)16:34
Adkq093drc: but if you werent smart enough to place it on bios you'd surely go for an invisible (from windows) partition lol, thanks for the warranty info, oh and about bios i have last revision....no updates grrrrrrrrrrrrr16:34
erUSUL!info clamtk | suicidolt16:34
ubottusuicidolt: clamtk (source: clamtk): graphical front-end for ClamAV. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.26-1 (maverick), package size 200 kB, installed size 1116 kB16:34
drcruan: I know, but the BAD STUFF wouldn't be 100mb16:34
suicidoltthanks erusul, I downloaded clamAV, so I'm glad I was going the right direction16:35
mrdebis it worht installing a dedicated graphics card in ubuntu if the integrated one works fine?16:35
mrdebdoes it make the mina board more likely to break down bec it draws more power16:36
ruanmrdeb: if you believe it will have a reasonable effect on rendering16:36
Adkq093mrdeb: for playing? yes, for usual stuff? no16:36
=== Guest90189 is now known as DarkDevil
Adkq093drc: anyways, thank you very much16:36
mrdebit may have some rendering increasd, ubt i dont konw. if it means the motherboard will get used up more, bec it uses more power through the slot, then maybe i should not do it16:36
ruani've used integrated graphics for years and it hasn't broken down.. 3 motherboards, 2 years16:36
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest93511
drcAdkq093: np16:37
ruan!cz | kindziuk16:38
ubottukindziuk: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.16:38
mrdebwell? what should i do16:40
MosterdWhen I want to remove linux-image-2.6.35-33-generic (since it is an old kernel) it warns me that future items will not contain updates in generic linux kernel image set. What does this mean?16:40
vantagecan anybody suggest a good program for repartitioning a drive. i need to move sdc3 to sdc1 but everything needs to be restructured16:40
ruanMosterd: from where are you doing this? synaptic or apt-get?16:40
Mosterdruan: software-center16:40
ruanMosterd: try synaptic16:41
Mosterdruan: why, what does it matter?16:41
ruani've removed an older kernel recently with synaptic16:41
bejoe95i need help installing perl 5.12.316:41
suicidolthow do I change directories in linux?  I am trying to install clamtk and it says to run some terminal commands but I can't get to the directory to run them16:41
SlutLoverUbuntu runs on Tiger Blood. It's WINNING! :)16:41
blkdghi, does anyone know how to get a SERVER list to show in UrbanTerror ?16:41
ruansuicidolt: cd16:41
suicidolthow do I change directories in linux?  I am trying to install clamtk and it says to run some terminal commands but I can't get to the directory to run them16:42
suicidoltso cd dekstop?16:42
ruansuicidolt: cd Desktop/16:42
bejoe95cd ~/Desktop16:42
czardozit is case sensitive16:42
ruancase sensitive in linux16:42
ubottuFile names in Ubuntu are case sensitive, MyFile is not the same as myfile, and if you put spaces in there and use a console you need to "escape" the space, thus "gedit My\ File.txt"16:42
mrdebsuicidolt: man cd16:42
mrdebwhy are files case senseitive in linux but not in windows?16:43
bubblegummybearbest way of naming stuff is_like_this16:43
suicidolthmm, I don't think that's working either though...could someone explain how to install clamtk?16:43
bl4ckcombhm... can I span a wallpaper over multiple monitors? I'm using nVidia TwinView16:43
red2kicmrdeb: Because Windows is derp.16:43
suicidoltthe readme says run yum16:43
Mosterdruan: Okay, what is the difference between removal and complete removal?16:43
suicidoltI managed to install yum16:43
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?16:44
MosterdIs complete removal like purge or something?16:44
blkdgthanks anyhow16:44
bl4ckcombmrdeb, they are case-insensitive because windows is not a strict OS. It tollerates users that do not get things like case-sensitivity16:44
ruanMosterd: i assume. you can try both and experiment16:44
red2kicmrdeb: Linux treats everything as a file. It's a secure by design. MONKEY is not same as monkey.16:44
bejoe95windoze is derp, like red said lol16:45
induzhello I want to clone a CD bootable disk to another disk16:45
chouchouHello good morning all,16:45
suicidoltso none of that made any sense to me...16:45
Mosterdruan: when installing and removing kernels, I prefer not to try and experiment.16:45
icerootinduz: you want to make an iso of a cd?16:45
red2kicAlso, Windows was never designed to handle Internet. In the past, everything were done via trustworthy discs and floppies.16:45
oCeansuicidolt: yum is packagemanagement for distributions as redhat, centos. It's a frontend for rpm, which is not a supported packagemanager for ubuntu16:45
induzwhat program should i use, its not a movie Cd16:46
chouchouPls I m currently using php 5.3.2 how do I downgrade it to php 5.2 ?16:46
icerootinduz: you want to make an iso of a cd?16:46
bejoe95try Brasero16:46
ruanMosterd: i guess. personally i used removal instead of complete remoal16:46
bejoe95its preinstalled on Lucid16:46
ruanMosterd: though in the apply dialog it does tell you what you're about to remove16:46
induziceroot, i am confused about ISO...its a Xp Cd and its getting old so i want to make a copy16:46
suicidoltoCean: so if clamtk /is/ supported for ubuntu, but the readme says to use yum, how do I install it?16:46
kyenteiHello there everyone. Quick and odd question... why is it that in the first gnome-terminal I open I cannot use ctrl+shift+c/v, but in all the others I open after that I can?16:46
gengeri want to run windows 7 in a virtual machine, what vm runs well under ubuntu ?16:46
red2kicsuicidolt: readme is not perfect.16:46
icerootinduz: copy to another cd or copy the cd to your harddisk?16:46
bl4ckcombgenger, virtualbox and vmware16:47
i_is_brokeinduz then its an iso16:47
bejoe95induz: open Brasero and click Make a Copy16:47
icerootgenger: virtualbox16:47
oCeansuicidolt: it is in the ubuntu repositories. "sudo apt-get install clamtk" will do16:47
ruangenger: it depends what you want to do16:47
ruangenger: if you want to have full windows 7, then virtualbox/vmware16:47
red2kic!antivirus | suicidolt16:47
ubottusuicidolt: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus16:47
induzBrasero is on Repo?/16:47
gengerbl4ckcomb, i want good video hardware support16:47
ruangenger: if you simply want to run applications from windows, try wine16:47
gengerruan, cheack above16:47
icerootinduz: its installed by default16:47
i_is_brokeinduz, it comes with gnome. i myself use k3b16:48
gengerruan, i want to run an app that is marked as garbage under wine16:48
suicidoltthanks red2kic these are files I'm cleaning for a windows user as they may have a windows virus (a nasty one)16:48
bl4ckcombgenger, guest additions or vmware tools will help with that. but iirc those things are quite experimental (if you want 3D acceleration)16:48
bejoe95Applications>Sound and Video16:48
ruangenger: you can try virtualbox then16:48
induzi have k3b16:48
gengerruan, i mean wine appdb16:48
icerootgenger: 3d is only supported in the nonfree version of vbox if i am correct16:48
gengerok thx ruan, bl4ckcomb16:48
i_is_brokeinduz, then just tell it to burn it will auto detect.16:48
chouchouany answer please?16:49
icerootchouchou: why using 5.2?16:49
xanguachouchou: download it & compile it16:49
red2kicsuicidolt: Last night, I have been asked to do that. :( The best tactic would be to nuke the OS. Reinstall OS. (Of course, with backups). It's far effective than relaying on silly antivirus yearly subscriptions.16:50
bl4ckcombchouchou, you could deinstall your current version and built another from source16:50
suicidoltred2kic: these are files, not an entire os16:50
bejoe95stil waiting for answer to my q lol16:50
oCean!patience | bejoe9516:50
ubottubejoe95: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:50
red2kicsuicidolt: For CLAMAV -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV16:51
induzi have k3b and i need to know if its Cd cloning/16:51
icerootinduz: yes16:51
bl4ckcomb<bejoe95> i need help installing perl 5.12.3 <- try being more specific16:51
Incarus6induz, you can copy cd's with k3b, yes16:52
induzwill it be bootable ... i am nervous as i have only one DVD left[empty]16:52
ruan!compile | bejoe9516:53
ubottubejoe95: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)16:53
muteHaving trouble with some equations written in powerpoints being read in Open Office.  It's stacking some characters and moving others around. http://ompldr.org/vN3c2NQ/output.png16:53
mrdebwhy are files case senseitive in linux but not in windows?16:53
AlexandreMBMHello! Where is fuse-source on Maverick?16:53
bastidrazormrdeb: linux is smarter16:53
mutemrdeb: because we like more options.16:53
hiexpomrdeb, because this is not windoz16:53
AlexandreMBMDo it isn't necessary? And its subtitute?16:54
Jkesslermrdeb: why do civilized people poop indoors?16:54
=== RobotCow is now known as nanomachine
erUSULmrdeb: in windows to mantain compatibility with MSDOS (you know the OS from the 80's of the last millenium ).16:54
erUSULmrdeb: unix is sane despite being designed in the 70's ;P16:54
=== dave is now known as Guest26255
AlexandreMBMI see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+search?text=fuse16:55
Incarus6AlexandreMBM, doesnt exist since hardy16:55
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, a tutorial teach me to install fuse-source with build-essentials...16:56
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, what change?16:56
Incarus6AlexandreMBM, it seems to be a old tutorial, check for newer tutorials or ignore that. fuse-source is for ppl, who compiled their kernel by their own, its not necessary any more, i think16:57
suicidolthow can I format a drive?16:57
ruansuicidolt: use gparted16:57
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php16:57
induzcan k3b clone from CD to DVD or it has to be a empty CD16:58
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, ok, but I want to know which binary packages I install?16:58
induzI am cloning a CD and its stuck in between 50%16:58
Incarus6induz, data or audio cd?16:58
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, I see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+search?text=fuse16:58
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, I see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/fuse/2.8.4-1ubuntu1.316:59
icerootinduz: 50% means the cd is read, now it time for writing (inserting the empty cd) :)16:59
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 not found16:59
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, the libfuse2 package?16:59
induzits data bootable16:59
bejoe95ive just downloaded 2 versions of perl 5.12.3, one from CPAN and the other ActivePerl. Neither version wants to install. CPAN throws error of "No such file or directory" when looking for interpreter. ActivePerl throws error of "Syntax error: ')' unexpected". Anyone have an idea how to fix this?17:00
Incarus6AlexandreMBM, im not sure about that. are you trying to compile something? try without fuse and wait if a error appeared17:00
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, no me but mariosilvabr17:01
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, http://rafaelgimenes.net/2006/11/23/lendo-dados-do-celular-siemens-cx-75-no-ubuntu-edgy-atraves-do-usb/17:01
wihoutjHello, Ubuntu does not support my internet driver. Is it possible to download another internet drives elsewhere?17:01
wihoutjWell, an internet driver Ubuntu does work with,17:02
induzi think it has to be a emty CD not an empty DVD to copy from a CD17:02
Incarus6withoutj, if you are talking about your wlan card, thats a good documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo17:02
icerootinduz: doesnt matter17:02
steff12321hello, i need help, would the alternative cd fix the bootloader?17:02
muteWhere should I go for open office support?17:03
Incarus6AlexandreMBM, that website doesnt load17:03
wihoutjI will check that out Incarus617:03
steff12321mute: openoffice.org17:03
gfsreinstall grub17:03
icerootmute: i guess #openoffice or #openoffice.org17:03
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, it teach: apt-get install module-assistant fuse-source fuse-utils libfuse2 libfuse-dev build-essentials17:03
steff12321gfs: its not grub, its AFTER it goes through grub, it goes to a terminal looking page, and then it sais cannot load boot17:04
bejoe95steff: reinstall from disc17:04
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, mariosilvabr say that fuse-source and build-essentials don't install on Maverick17:05
steff12321bejoe95: is there a way i can do that without losing my files?\17:05
wihoutjIncarus6, mine is a Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n, I can connect to the internet via WLAN on my other laptop, but not this one.17:05
Incarus6AlexandreMBM, then type "apt-get install module-assistant fuse-utils libfuse2 libfuse-dev"17:05
induzbut its ejecting my DVD17:05
wihoutjI think that Broadcoms don't really cooparete with Ubuntu much17:05
vantageso what is the easiest way of increasing my default text size since my monitior is a 55" lcd17:05
bejoe95steff12321: back up what you want to keep to a flash drive or such17:05
=== nanomachine is now known as RobotCow
xanguavantage: system>preferences>appearence17:06
Incarus6withoutj, try that documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:06
steff12321bejoe95 but how would i do that if my comp wont boot?17:06
AlexandreMBMIncarus6, but this isn't complete, it is?17:06
Incarus6AlexandreMBM, try to continue the tutorial, it should work17:07
=== emil is now known as Guest92080
vantagexanga what is name of that application i dont use gnome anymore17:07
red2kicvantage: Change font size? Or Change DPI (in Font size, Details)17:07
eater9How can I get a USB camera to mount automatically when I connect it? I can mount it manually with nautilus gphoto2://[usb:001,007] from the command line.17:07
bejoe95steff12321: if it wont boot from hard drive, then run from disc and see if you can get in that way17:07
steff12321bejoe95 thanks "))17:07
vantageredzkic yea i was sure if it was handled in xorg.conf or..17:07
steff12321:)) **17:07
bejoe95np :)17:07
ZnowHow can I force close a program that wont close by normal17:07
Incarus6Znow, type "ps -u  USERNAME" in the terminal to look up the process id, then type "kill PROCESSID" to kill the process17:08
red2kicZnow: Run "xkill" -- Click on the stubborn program.17:08
wihoutjThanks Incarus6, I will try the method that I find fit for me17:10
Incarus6withoutj, you are welcome17:10
Znowthanks, ive tried xkill but it just showdown my top bar, thats where the program appears17:10
ZnowEasy Crypt is the program17:11
Incarus6Znow, can you paste "ps -u USERNAME"?17:11
Znowa large set of cmds17:11
joe_9anyone know how I can use a newer version of libjpeg in my applications? I tried installing version80 but it keeps linking the old 6.2 version no matter what I do.17:12
=== corey is now known as Corey-needhelp
Corey-needhelphey, is flash gpu accelerated under linux? i noticed i got around 60 % cpu usage on a 360p video when i would usually get 10 % on a 1080p video on windows17:13
suicidoltthanks for the help with clam, is there a way to update it, it looks like it needs an update17:14
dylswhile installing ubuntu 10.10 i get  "error installing bootloader on partition" and it doesen't matter which partition i choose, I still don't get pass this step. Shall I continue without a boot loader and install this manually afterwards or what do you recommend?17:14
Incarus6Corey-needhelp, depends on your flash player version, 10.2 is gpu accelerated, as i know17:14
bejoe95are you dualbooting, dyls?17:14
Corey-needhelpokie dokie, shall re-install that and check again.17:15
dylsbejoe95: No i am making a clean install - booting thrue liveCD right now17:15
Incarus6Corey-needhelp, the latest flash player version is in the repos, just update your system17:16
bejoe95dyls: are you choosing to use the whole hard drive?17:16
Corey-needhelphmk, pretty sure its the latest @
Corey-needhelpstill 60% cpu usage :s17:17
Incarus6suicidolt, "freshclam" should update the clamav virus database, but im using the gui "clamtk" for that17:17
dylsbejoe95: yes i haven't changed anything just installing with everything default - use whole drive17:17
Incarus6Corey-needhelp, are you sure its the flash player that is using 60% cpu and not your browser?17:18
bejoe95dyls: you may have a corrupted disc. Check the disc for scratches when you get a chance.17:18
Corey-needhelpyes Incarus6, i looked in system monitor17:18
Incarus6Corey-needhelp, GPU acceleration is just working with cooperating drivers17:19
dylsbejoe95: how would you recommend me to do that the easiest way?17:19
edgei have my ubuntu system stuck in a dependency issue trying to upgrade the distro. can anybody guide me through this dependency issue ? http://pastebin.com/hPGW5pm117:20
Incarus6Corey-needhelp, does that issue appear in youtube? the website have to support "stage video" http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ODg1Mg17:20
bejoe95dyls: there really is no way to check a CD for internal corruption, that i know of. The disc may havae become scratched, and it cant read from the sector that contains the bootloader.17:21
rattlebone/msg rattlebone test17:22
bubblegummybearfail lol17:22
tommisahello, i installed x-ubdates ppa to get newere intel drivers, those didn´t work so i removed ppa and gpg key, but even though when i update the packages don´t downgrade (duh) to the packages provided by ubuntu that worked. please help17:22
Corey-needhelpyeh Incarus6, i don't see on how it would matter what site it's on though17:22
Incarus6edge, ask in #debian (and use a 32bit-system next time)17:22
tommisasorry if it is hard to understand17:23
erUSULtommisa: you have to use ppa-purge17:23
xanguatommisa: install ppa-purge , enable that X ppa you mentioned and run: sudo ppa-purge <ppa's name>17:23
dylsbejoe95: Ok you ment like that - i thought that you ment my hdd = diskdrive.. :) Well i did a check of the cd prior installing it and during that test there where no problems found, well, thank you. Ill be back after som more testing17:23
erUSULtommisa: enable again the ppa and install ppa-purge. then use iot to purge the ppa17:23
tommisathanx will do>17:24
bejoe95dyls: if the hdd was corrupted, it wouldld any data.n't ho17:24
bejoe95wouldn't hold data*17:24
Incarus6Corey-needhelp, "For content providers, Stage Video will work with all of the existing video viewed in Flash Player once they utilize the new API in their video player SWFs."  http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplayer/2010/11/flash-player-10-2-beta.html17:25
bejoe95where would I go for help installing perl?17:25
Incarus6tommisa, i allways use "aptitude reinstall PACKAGE" for that17:27
=== D_N_X is now known as DNX
scarleoCorey-needhelp: I believe you also need libvdpau1 for hardware accelerated flash. That is if you have Nvidia, I don't remember the name for the other GPUs17:28
Corey-needhelpi have an ATI card17:28
bejoe95does anyone know anything about perl here?17:28
dnivrabejoe95, head to #perl.17:28
erUSULbejoe95: why do you need the newer version of perl¿ why is the version shipped with ubuntu not enough?17:28
dombnexenhow i can setup the output on idjc for play online music?17:28
zakwilsonMaybe you want #perl17:29
themillIncarus6: #debian is for debian support, please don't send ubuntu users in there for support; they won't get help there.17:29
Incarus6themill, he is a debian user and asking in the wrong channel.17:29
dylsanyone that have experience regarding to problem by installing bootloader in ubuntu 10.10? shall i continue without bootloader - may I somehow get an extended error message which can help me find out the problem?17:29
bejoe95erUSUL: im trying to install something dependant upon perl, and the preloaded perl doesnt seem to be present.17:29
Krycekeh, how can i remove Networkmanager without it disabling the wifi card?17:30
themillIncarus6: he is not.17:30
xanguaKrycek: why do you want to do that¿17:31
induzwhy k3b gwets stuck and says there is no Cdcreator permission17:31
erUSULbejoe95: perl is installed by defalt in all ubuntu systems17:31
RealEyesls /system/bin17:31
Kryceki am using something that need it too be disabled. i wanna do it manualy17:31
RealEyessudo how-do-i-make-conky-look-siiick17:32
bejoe95erUSUL: the application doesnt register my current installation, for some reason.17:32
xrdodrxRealEyes, look for .conkyrc files hosted online17:32
Incarus6themill, he seems to be, his name is edge (and he is using edge, when im right). "please add lenny sources to your /etc/apt/sources.list and run:  apt-get install -t lenny linux-image-2.6"17:32
RealEyeswhere is a badass place to look?17:32
Jak3i am using a Hp Mini.... some windows on backtrack 4 are not showing fully..... I think it may be the resolution..... if any1 could help me, can u help me plz?17:32
Sary_Anybody know of a sweet way to customize an auto-hide option for the side panel in 10.10?17:32
Jak3are you using netbook edition?17:33
Sary_I am17:33
erUSULbejoe95: so what makes tyou think it will register a manually installled perl?17:33
erUSULbejoe95: what is that app?17:33
Krycek... i will use google then. :)17:33
Sary_From what I've found, there's no automatic auto-hide option, but surely there must be someone who has developed a way around this,17:33
Sary_it seems so obvious17:33
Jak3sorry... i was using it but it messed up when i rebooted it... i would tell u if i knew.... sorry17:33
themillIncarus6: take a look at the version of libc6 he has installed. "edge" isn't a debian release in any case.17:33
bejoe95erUSUL: aphunter17:33
xanguaSary_: there is not, in natty there is17:33
dnivra!backtrack | Jak317:34
ubottuJak3: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition17:34
Sary_I have switched to desktop edition and if I can't find an auto hide optino I might just stick with that... but I like the netbook edition for the most part17:34
Sary_Hmmm okay, I went check out the alpha releases of natty,17:34
Sary_how long will I be waiting for auto hide then? lol as in, how long til natty is supposed to be full release?17:34
coz_Sary_,  on natty open ccsm  go into the unity plugin and tick autohide17:34
Jak3can any1 help with my backtrack 4 problem?17:34
red2kic!bt | Jak317:34
dnivra!backtrack | Jak317:34
ubottuJak3: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition17:34
Sary_Aw I don't have natty yet, I'm brand new to linux and am not sure if downloading an alpha version is a good idea for me17:34
Incarus6themill, right, its etch. looks like he mixed up debian with an ubuntu ppa, that was the reason i was poting to #debian17:35
xrdodrxRealEyes, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865 might be a good starting place17:35
Jak3i did.... dood17:35
dnivraJak3, please read what ubottu just told you above ^^.17:35
red2kicSary_: Nah. It's never a good idea for newcomers.17:35
RealEyesthanks xrdodrx17:35
Sary_Jak3 you downloaded natty, you mean?17:35
dnivraJak3, then go to the appropriate channel and ask :).17:35
Sary_red2kic, yeah, that's what I figured, so I might just default to desktop edition and forget all about this netbook edition,17:35
Incarus6themill, *pointing17:35
Sary_I've already changed my swappiness for faster loading and tried changing to Unity 2D too but it was too slow,17:36
=== fizyplankton is now known as ubottu2
quieldo these wireless mice without the usb dongle thing work with ubuntu?17:36
Sary_Things are working pretty great and I'm learning fast, but I just REALLY want to auto-hide that sidebar, really bad17:36
gimpy4685For some reason on of my Ubuntu boxes won't let me change the ownership of a directory that I own and have rwx on, what gives? http://pastebin.com/5LfGWkfu17:36
=== ubottu2 is now known as fizyplankton
Sary_I'm amazed at how much more I understand in just about 15 hours of linux17:36
esing123I have a big question17:36
=== Guest93511 is now known as DarkDevil
PolahSary_, with Natty ther will be no distinguishment betweem desktop and netbook17:37
Sary_or ubuntu, I guess, is what I should be referring to it as17:37
esing123I must know what happened to my ubuntu !!!!17:37
dnivra!ask | esing12317:37
ubottuesing123: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:37
red2kicSary_: The whole point of linux is to customize it to your likings. Right now, you're using desktop environment Ubuntu Devs have set it up for their end-users. You can change anything you want -- but I understand you're new and don't even know how to do that in first place.17:37
Jak3sary_ type sudo GNOME-Panel-autohide_side -d 5017:37
scarleoquiel: You mean bluetooth mouse?17:37
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest97641
Jak3in terminal17:37
Sary_Polah - yes I heard that, and that's fine, just excellent... I like the sidebar if I can have it auto hide17:37
coz_Polah,  well not exactly... you can log into either Unity = netbook or  calssic gnome =  regular gnome of sorts17:37
Sary_oh woah ! Jak3 really? Okay hold on lemme give it a try17:37
arandIs there a way to find (and rename) all files with filenames which would be win-incompatible?17:37
quielscarleo, yes, but the ones without the usb-bluetooth thing.17:37
coz_Sary_,  and as I said  you have to tick the autohide option under the compiz unity plugin17:38
quielscarleo, the way apples mice connect17:38
esing123Suddenly out of nothing I could observe that a NEW kernel has been installed !!! Now I have two Kernel in my Bootloader (Grub2)!! Was there a new kernel release recently or is this something dangerous/malecious???17:38
scarleoquiel: If you have built-in bluetooth it works17:38
coz_but  #ubuntu+1  is the more appropriate channel for ubuntu 11.0417:38
gimpy4685esing123: You must have updated, newer kernels come out all the time.17:38
dnivraesing123, highly likely a new version was instaleld.17:38
Sary_coz, I thought that was for Natty?17:38
dualcorewhat software is good for editing audio?17:39
coz_Sary_,  11.04  is natty17:39
xanguawhy would it be malecious esing123 ¿17:39
red2kic!info linux | esing12317:39
ubottuesing123: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)17:39
coz_dualcore,   whoa several out there hold on17:39
Jak3did it work?17:39
Sary_I'm on 10.10 coz17:39
red2kicesing123: Notice the number,
Sary_hold on Jak3 haven't gotten there, things started moving fasssst lol17:39
Jak3lol kk17:39
Incarus6xangua, same happend to me, the update wasnt mentioned in the update manager17:39
muteAnyone ever have problems with how MS Office made ppt display in OO or or Google Docs? http://ompldr.org/vN3c2NQ/output.png see what it's doing to some of the formulas? maybe it's a ttf font issue?17:40
dualcorei'm using lmms and hydrogen but i'm wondering whats good for editing audio into samples17:40</