CharlesAI just compared the module created with dkms and one from using just "make install" with modinfo and they look exactly the same00:00
Bachstelzeand the one with make install works fine, I presume?00:02
CharlesAI just hooked up the production drive back up and booted it up to compare and they look exactly the same00:04
CharlesAThe only difference is the filename.00:05
CharlesAwell the filename in that the path is different: Prod: filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.32-30-server/kernel/drivers/scsi/rr26xx/rr26xx.ko00:06
CharlesA    test is: filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.32-26-server/updates/dkms/rr26xx.ko00:06
CharlesABachstelze: The rabbit hole gets deeper - dmesg returned this from the one that doesn't work: rr26xx: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout00:18
CharlesABachstelze: I found the problem - it was using the current kernel to compile the module, not the new one00:43
CharlesANow I get to figure out how to tell it to use the new kernel 00:44
CharlesAwhen I'm booted into the current one00:44
mcurrananyone wanna help me bride a couple interfaces and then share an internet connection?01:49
theamazingbeatcould someone please take a look at my forum thread :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171033701:53
Bachstelzemcurran: what's the problem?01:53
theamazingbeathasnt gotten any attention01:53
mcurranI wanna bridge wlan0 (ap connected) to eth0 and then connect eth0 on PC1 to eth0 PC2 for use with a single master node cluster01:54
mcurranI haven't successfully bridged wlan0 to eth0 and have it share the connection yet, so far I tried brctl and then dhcp-server for assigning PC2 an ip, but not working01:55
Bachstelzeyou need to do some iptables magic to forward the packets01:56
mcurranyou think it would be worth it for parallel processing in a cluster?01:56
Bachstelzemcurran: google "gentoo home router guide", that's what I use, only minor adjustments are needed to make it work on Ubuntu01:56
Bachstelzeonly you can answer that questin, it depends on the kind of work you're doing01:57
Bachstelzeand how well it can parallelise01:57
Bachstelzetheamazingbeat: can't help you with SAMBA, sorry01:58
mcurrancool, also, thanks, I've been looking for that site for a long time for custom firmware for my router as well.01:58
mcurranyeah, I have no clue about samba either, other than connecting to remote machines01:58
theamazingbeatwell i have a gigabit network so how can i at fastest speed possible transfer files from my windows machine to my ubuntu01:59
Bachstelze"fastest speed possible" is a bit ambitious I think02:01
BachstelzeI don't think your equipment is capable of that :)02:01
Bachstelzebust SFTP shoult be good enough02:01
theamazingbeatfastest speed possible for gigabit network : 1GB/ps02:02
theamazingbeatthats what i heard02:02
Bachstelzesorry to disappoint, but you're not going to really get 1 Gbps02:02
theamazingbeatya but i can get close to it02:02
Bachstelzeexactly how close depends on a lot of things abot your setup02:03
Bachstelzeonly way to know what you can get is to try ;)02:03
theamazingbeatwell i have cat 6 cables, gigabit router, gigabit NIC's, what else?02:04
theamazingbeatdo u have gigabit network?02:05
theamazingbeatwhats ur average speed02:10
Bachstelzeno idea02:12
BachstelzeI don't move big files often02:12
theamazingbeatbut when u do....02:12
Bachstelzeby "not often" I mean never02:13
Bachstelzeor at least not often enough to pay attention to speeds02:13
theamazingbeatbut u use sftp02:14
Bachstelzegenerally yes02:14
Bachstelzebut for small files02:14
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sumedhCan ne1 help me?18:46
aztekhello all...22:49
aztekany body wanna help me..22:49
ubot4`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:50
azteki have problem in installing canon ip130022:51

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