Laira-TRhello, its possible to use "Ubuntu One" from a command line (without graphical user interface)?16:27
mongyso, I still seem to have this file publishing bug, where is doesnt remember its published later..20:09
mongythe url works, but thru nautilus its as if its not published...20:10
beunomongy, this is 10.10?20:28
beunothere's a known bug that does that20:28
mongyI am using nautilus elementary if that matters20:28
beunoI think a fix is available on -proposed20:28
beunoI know it's fixed in nightlies20:28
dobeyit is not fixed in nightlies20:30
mongyits not a big issue for me, so I can ignore it till natty... just thought I would put it out there.20:30
dobeythe fix in maverick-proposed should fix it on 10.10 though20:31
dobeyi'm not even sure if the bug exists in trunk, but the code is a bit different, so it may or may not, but the fix would be different from what is in maverick-proposed20:31
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zombymanhi... How do I disable synchronization of certain folders on ubuntu one?22:45
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