azmHi, should be linux-rt or do I have to download it?01:14
azmseems like its not in repos01:14
holsteinazm: do you need it?01:15
azmholstein, I thought it would fix my xruns01:15
holsteinyou can use abogani's or falks PPA01:16
azmok, thanks.01:17
holsteinazm: did you get jack-pulse sorted?01:17
holsteinpulse-jack *01:17
azmnope, I have no clue where to start01:17
holsteinis pulse running?01:18
azmit worked fine and after reboot it stops01:18
azmI will ask falktx if he will be around01:18
holsteinyeah, he'll know01:19
holsteinyou can try issuing via alt-f201:19
azmalso how is it solved in ubuntustudio, the pulse and jack issue ?01:19
azmI never got it properly working together01:19
holsteinazm: solved?01:19
azm*solved = done01:19
holsteinazm: not sure if there are plans to do anything about it really01:19
holsteinJACK usually suspends pulse01:20
holsteinand so far, thats usually fine for most folks01:20
azmyea but then you have no sound in firefox eg01:21
holsteinthats not what my production machine is for anyway01:21
holsteinso, thats fine with me01:21
holsteinbut, i see the need01:21
holsteinand the frustration01:21
azmkinda sad. I would expect things like this resolved for such distro.01:21
holsteinazm: i was going to suggest not shipping with anything that doesnt support  JACK ;)01:22
azmactually I thought it must be my personal problem01:22
azmnot the ubuntustudios01:22
holsteinwell, out of the box01:22
holsteinsound works01:22
holsteinpulse FF whatever01:22
holsteinyou may or may not need JACK01:22
holsteinand if you do, there are certain things that come with using JACK01:23
azmyea with patch that normal user can barely found01:23
holsteinazm: nah, out of the box, everything is normal01:23
holsteinjust like ubuntu vanilla01:23
azmthat is what I find weird01:23
holsteineh, you cant please everyone01:24
azmI think it could be better to somehow got it ready for sound production01:24
holsteinlots of folk use it for graphics01:24
holsteinand US needs to kinda be in the middle ground i think01:24
azmwell that is not big deal01:24
holsteinazm: BUT, i totally hear you01:24
holsteinand remember my frustrations trying to set up any buntu for audio production01:25
azmok, I understand that01:25
holsteinbut, we are chipping away at what we can01:25
holsteinwhen we can01:25
holsteinand actually making some nice progress01:25
azminstead of this, maybe some readme popup tutorial how to get it working properly for each user base would be nice01:25
holsteinazm: you mean for JACK?01:26
holsteinthat would be great... but all hardware is kinda different01:26
azmyep jack and pa together01:26
azmor just jack01:26
holsteinbest we can do is spread the word about the wikis01:26
holsteinand try and keep them updated01:26
azmboth solution actually works and get broken sometimes for me01:26
azmthats true01:27
azmbut eg. jack pulse brisge works out of the box01:28
holsteinin theory01:29
holsteini have to start pulse manually01:29
azmfalk does not have any tutorial on site01:29
holsteinor make my own startup entry for it01:29
holsteinBUT, i dont use it much anyways01:29
holsteinazm: falk made it01:29
holsteinthe pulse-jack brige01:29
holsteinand for his purposes01:29
holsteinthere doesnt need to be a tutorial01:30
holsteinsince its usually 'just working'01:30
holsteinin the background01:30
azmwhat is the difference ?01:30
holsteinazm: JACK is running at login01:30
holsteinand the pulse-jack bridge is already running01:30
holsteinSO, he doesnt need to explain how to use it01:31
holsteinone of us would need to do that for the ubuntustudio community01:31
holsteinand i dont feel like i understand it enough01:31
holsteinnor, use it enough to comment on it01:31
holsteinor do a tutorial01:31
azmI see, so there are some advantages to run it before login01:32
holsteinazm: sure, its just out of my usual workflow01:32
holsteinand im still not a fan of KDE01:32
azmso you use jack for all stuff?01:32
azmme neither01:33
holsteinon my production machine01:33
azmah, well I have now one ntb only01:33
azmah, falk is here01:33
azmI will ask01:33
holsteincool :)01:33
azmdoes someone running -33 realtime with nvidia drivers?17:06
azmI had no luck installing them from cmd17:06
holsteinazm: i just dont17:09
holsteini just use nouveau17:09
azmif it would have 3d support I would use it too17:10
azmits kinda still in development17:10
azmnope, blender eg.17:10
holsteindoesnt work?17:11
holsteinazm: try catching falk17:11
azmto be honest I never tried17:11
holsteinOR ask in #kxstudio17:11
azmI just read specs17:11
holsteini know folks are doing it17:11
holsteinBUT, 3d works on my card17:11
holsteinjust not compiz17:11
holsteinwhich is fine for that box17:12
azmand how is the performance with flash and browser?17:12
holsteini dont know17:12
holsteini dont hav flash installed on that machine17:12
azmthat problem is that you are not using it for everything like me17:12
holsteinother video plays fine17:12
holsteinits a pretty peppy box17:12
azmwell I will try -31 now or compile -33 myself17:13
holsteinazm: falk addressed that17:13
holsteinthe nividia drivers17:13
holsteinhis kernels are supposed to be patched of nvidia proprietary drivers17:13
azmthat should do it17:14
holsteini just never tried to confirm that17:14
azmI downloaded newest driver from nvidia17:14
azmtried to run but i to got some error17:14
holsteinazm: the -lowlatency is friendlier17:15
azmthe distribution provided pre install script failed!17:15
holsteinazm: what latency setting are you running at?17:15
holsteini mean, i can hear anything above 11ms or so really17:15
holsteinSO, if you're getting xruns at like 20ms17:15
holsteini say, go ahead and relax JACK settings17:16
holsteinand just use tht generic kernel17:16
azmnow periods 3 frames 102417:16
azmwhich already kinda sucks17:16
holsteinazm: yeah, so you're not getting anything you can use in realtime anyways17:16
holsteinSO, you might as well bump that up17:16
holsteinand just roll with what you got17:17
azmif I relax jack settings I have delay in seconds17:17
holsteinazm: yeah, but does it really matter?17:17
holsteini mean, you're already at like 60ms17:17
holsteinSO, who cares if its a second17:17
holsteinardour adjusts17:17
azmwell If you play in rackarrack eg. and the sound goes out delayd from speakers its weird17:18
holsteinyou already cant use rakarrack live17:18
holsteinor soft synths17:18
azmbut its problem with media too17:18
azmyou play youtube video17:18
holsteinazm: just stop JACK17:18
holsteinand play the video17:18
azmand its start to get xruns and I get lags17:19
azmthat is not option17:19
azmnot for me17:19
azmtoo demanding17:19
holsteintheres a GUI for it17:19
holsteina button and all17:19
azmI know17:19
holsteinnot too bad17:19
azmIm usingi t17:19
holsteinand i have a mixer17:19
holsteinline mixer17:20
holsteini route whatever cards/devices to whatever speakers i want17:20
holsteinazm: thats a realtime connection ;)17:20
holsteinanalog, outside the box :)17:20

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