metroid1one restart.  desktop loaded, home folder accessible.  i am bi-winning!00:00
metroid1although it wasn't the smoothest, it is all i need.00:00
aZuguys i'm having trouble booting 10.1004:05
aZuthe install completes and reboots...but when the computer starts back up again, nothing shows up04:09
aZuthere's a black prompt with nothing but a white space bar against a black screen04:10
aZusorry repetitive04:10
dumberI run xubuntu 10.04 on IBM 300GL PIII 450 MHZ 256MB RAM and 10Gb Hdd. but the resolution is locked on 800x600, I need more resolution,, anyone can help me??04:39
Unit193!x | dumber04:44
ubottudumber: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:44
dumberok I will try. thanks04:48
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YcareneHow do I restore my graphical boot splash screen after a kernel update?06:35
tiedaerialhello, can anyone help me?06:49
tiedaerialanyone here?06:50
bilal03i have installed xubuntu but cannot see disk drives like ubuntu06:54
bilal03can anybody tell me??06:55
zrutyIn Ubuntu no problem connecting to SMB share, but in Xubuntu same connection errors with "invalid". What can I check?07:54
Sysizruty: how you're connecting?08:16
zrutySysi: On Ubuntu in Nautilus, typing the address in the locator bar. In Xubuntu with Gigolo.08:22
zrutyIn Gigolo it reports as connecting, but when I try to start Thunar on it, the error message comes that it fails to open "the path" then stating the URI is invalid.08:29
Sysiuhm, i think i've seen that but dunno how to actually fix it08:30
Sysiyou could try google08:30
xubuntu066Do you speak Russian?12:30
xubuntu066I test xubuntu first time.12:30
knome!ru | xubuntu06612:30
ubottuxubuntu066: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:30
xubuntu066Last month I use ubuntu 10.10. but my komputer was slowly. Does Kubuntu help me make my computet faster12:32
xiaosheni'm about to install xubuntu 10.1013:40
xiaosheni want to know what are the advantages by manually create the partitions when installing13:41
Sysiyou get to choose what kinda partition setup you want13:49
PaulW2UI have multiple Ubuntu installations on this PC. By choosing to manually create partitions I can have a separate /home which I can share with other installations. When upgrading the /home can be kept safe.13:52
xiaoshenl heard that if i have / and /home separated, when something happen with / my /home is save then i only have to fix the /13:54
xiaoshenbut i haven't faced problem like that before13:55
Sysii do/did reinstallation often, separate /home is handy13:56
Sysiif you just need to have data safe, it doesn't need to be /home but just some partition13:56
xiaoshenSysi, when everytime you do reinstallation you don't have to define /home anymore?13:59
PaulW2UYes you do, but you tell the installer NOT to format the partition13:59
xiaoshenso then if you reinstall for the 1st time then you have 2 /home14:00
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PaulW2UNo, you only ever have one /home. The installer uses the existing /home but does not format it so the data is kept safe.14:01
xiaosheni see14:02
xiaoshenPaulW2U, so when i do the reinstallation i only need to define / and swap14:04
PaulW2UYou still need to define where /home is but you must tell the installer NOT to format /home.14:06
xiaosheni don't need to define /home ,beccuse i want to use my existing /home14:06
xiaoshenYou still need to define where /home?14:06
PaulW2UIf you don't define /home it will create a /home under / and not use your existing partition. Your data will not be lost but you will have to mount the partition and call it something else.14:07
xiaoshenthen how to tell the installer that i want to use the existing /home?14:08
PaulW2UWhen the time comes, choose the option to manually create the partitions and all will become clear. Just choose the partition, e.g. sda3 and call it /home using the dropdown list . Don't tick the box that is labelled "Format"14:11
xiaoshen PaulW2U, i got it now, sorry for asking such basic question ^^'14:12
xiaoshenoh it's ok to use /ext4?14:13
PaulW2UYes, all my partitions are ext414:14
xiaoshenso it's stable14:14
xiaoshenoh last time i used xubuntu the thunar is very basic, is there any improvement in 10.1014:15
xiaosheni get some problem with xfce panel16:07
xiaoshenhow to reset it into the 1st insatalled 116:08
cobra-the-jokerHey guys ... will 10.04 get XFCE 4.8 ?18:44
cobra-the-jokerany body here18:53
ochosicobra-the-joker: afaik there is a ppa for that18:57
ochosicobra-the-joker: not sure the xubuntu-dev team will make an "official" backport18:57
ochosicobra-the-joker: or let's say i'm really sceptical about that18:58
cobra-the-jokerochosi: i hope it will19:01
ochosicobra-the-joker: have you tried the ppa-version for maverick or lucid?19:01
Sysi4.8 is nice, but it doesn't have launcher-moving bug in 10.04, like in 10.1019:02
cobra-the-jokerochosi: no ... didnt try it yet19:06
cobra-the-jokermaybe i try on a VM19:06
cobra-the-jokerdont trust ppa very much .. especially in something like a DE19:06
zer0s hey guys can you help me get lidbtn.sh working properly?19:43
Sysiwhat is lidbtn.sh?19:45
zer0sits supposed to determine what the screen is going to do when the laptop lid is closed19:46
zer0sor open19:46
zer0swhile it does its job of turning off the screen19:46
zer0swhen i open the lid, it won't come back19:47
Sysixfce4-power-manager should handle that19:47
zer0sit doesn't19:48
zer0si tried19:48
Sysisounds problem is lower level then19:49
zer0sthat's why i tried to work inside /etc/acpi/events19:50
zer0si'm starting to think i should go to 10.04...10.10 is nothing but headaches19:51
_antantHi guys. I was hoping someone could have a look at quick vids of my boot up and shut down processes and tell me why they changed from splash screens to what they are now20:43
_antanthttp://tinypic.com/player.php?v=w86efq&s=7 is my boot up20:45
_antantand http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=zl3fyt&s=7 my shutdown20:45
Sysiif you didn't install propiatary drivers, remove possibly text-plymouth theme and maybe reinstall the regular one20:46
_antantI've tried changing the plymouth theme and it doesn't do anything20:48
_antantI'm using the ATI video drivers20:54
Sysipropietary? there are some fixes but i don't know, google does20:55
_antantRight. Here we go20:58
_antantcheers Sysi21:01
stanley_hi guys i'm using xubuntu 10.10 a bit of a newbie and all of my streaming video is slow, nothign else can anyone help me with this?\23:09
ochosiwhat do you mean? your connection is slow or playback is choppy?23:09
stanley_no playback is choppy it isn't flickering so I know i don;t have a bad refresh rate and I have very fast download and browsing speeds so I know my connection is good23:11
ochosistanley_: well, i don't know what you used before but flash-performance is just not as good in linux as it is in windows23:16
stanley_I did use windows before, do you think that would be the problem because its just about not worth it to watch streaming media thats how choppy the video is23:16
ochosiyou can have a look what flashplayer-plugin you have installed, adobe's plugin is what usually works best23:17
ochosibut in general there's not very much you can do23:17
ochosiapart from trying a different browser maybe23:18
ochosii hear chromium is a tad faster with flash23:18
stanley_ok cool thanks alot23:21
ochosistanley_: np23:24

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