MocI'm sorry for all the bug report I've done today00:04
LLStarksbug 739068 kudasai00:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 739068 in unity (Ubuntu) "Multiple Super+Num keypresses should cycle through multiple windows of an open application" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73906800:22
humphreybcgood for a laugh00:49
humphreybchey, godbyk!00:54
humphreybclong time no chat :)00:54
LLStarksis wayland feasible for oneiric?03:08
RAOFDepends on what you mean.03:11
LLStarksimplementation-level, rather than just as an experimental display method and sandbox.03:18
RAOFIf we dumped a bunch of resources into it I suspect we could default to wayland for oneric.03:19
RAOFAssuming you're ok with throwing the binary drivers under the bus.03:19
LLStarksif prime gpu switching materializes this summer, i would.03:21
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RAOFBuy me a switchable-graphics laptop and I'll work on it for you :)03:24
LLStarksit sucks when driver development requires investing in machines that may never work properly04:23
LLStarksi'm sure nvidia could do something that works within the constraints of x.04:23
Mocsladen: I hope you don't hate me too much04:39
sladenMoc: not at all!  File away, there are tonnes of bugs to find and it's very useful that you are hunting them down and taking the time to document them05:27
sladenMoc: testing is a very important, and often forgotten aspect of development05:28
Moctrue, just that I'm a little late to report them05:30
MocI really didn't like the unity idea, I like my current desktop look.  But I must say I wasn't as disapointed as I though I would be05:31
MocI think, mostly as it, it be great for mostly every light usage05:33
sladenMoc: I think other people share your thoughts too05:33
sladenMoc: the GNOME 2D panel won't be there forever.  Everyone is being forced to jump (GNOME 3 Shell/Unity).  Hopefully the presence of Unity means that the jump is shorter and less of a step/surprise05:35
LLStarksit's a logical progression.05:35
LLStarkslinux needs a fresh face05:35
MocLLStarks: I agree05:35
MocThe problem I find with a left dock (or any docs) is it reduice the clear txt list of active windows running05:36
Mocalso, the move to the OSX style to have the file/edit at a single location is really bad for multi screen setup... no idea how Apple lover stand it05:37
sladenyup, and another is the spatial assocation.  For instance on a taskbar, the first terminal (right at one edge) is the one with my email in it05:37
Mocsladen: yes,, I need to learn the right term, thx05:37
sladenunder Unity who knows which Terminal I'm going to get when I click the Terminal icon (I have 10+ open)05:38
sladenwell 41 terminals05:38
Mocexactly, having a list of group terminal show at the right of the Launcher Application icon might be what needed05:38
sladenbut a lot of that is down to Alt-Tab disrupting the stack order (Fix now Committed I believe)05:39
MocOne annoying default Alt-Tab setting is the 200ms delay before the list of window is shown05:39
MocI figured out today that it actually a setting ! But I think it should be at 0 by default05:40
MocI also change it so the background window switching when I press alt-tab is darker, because I was really being  hypnotize when I was going from a white page to a black terminal05:41
MocI couldn't find a way to make it display on both screen or on the screen where the cursor is on05:41
sladenMoc: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/683635 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/684843  I think.  Please add your thoughts on those bug reports05:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 683635 in compiz (Ubuntu) "remove fade from the compiz plugin list" [Medium,Fix released]05:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 684843 in compiz-plugins-main (Ubuntu Natty) "staticswitcher/ Alt-Tab can be slow to appear" [High,Fix released]05:42
MocAnyway, I'm very picky to these details05:42
sladenMoc: join the club.  Being picky about details is how Ayatana and Ubuntu got to where they are05:44
MocWhen you use a OS more than 14 hours per day ! Everything picky stuff matter !05:46
sladentalking of which, it's past 5am, and I should be getting up about now, not going to sleep!05:47
Mocabout the same, I need to get up in 3 hours05:47
Mocunity need lot of work in multi screen experience05:55
LLStarksyo guys, how do i bugfile against the ppa scrollbars?05:58
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soreauI dont understand where File Edit Etc bar is for firefox06:10
soreaurunning compiz and unity-panel06:10
soreauEven when the window isn't maximized, this bar is not present06:10
soreauWhere is it hiding?06:11
TheMusosoreau: Move your mouse up tot he top panel, and you should see the menus appear... Its personally a bad design IMO.06:12
TheMusoThe hidden menus by default that is.06:12
soreauTheMuso: I can only grab the title bar there, no other menus clicking any which way06:15
soreauAnd don't start talking about design06:15
soreau(don't get me started, srsly)06:15
soreauI only want to learn enough how to use this thing so I can support other users that will be a kabillion times more confused than me at using their desktop06:16
soreauNot exactly smooth transition from the expected gnome desktop experience06:19
TheMusohrm don't know whats going on then.06:22
Mocsoreau: if you want the file/edit... back in your window, sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu06:22
Mocand logout and log back in06:23
bwrightHello. I am writing a patch to move the launcher to other locations (Top, Bottom, Left, Right). Any tips in where Launcher.h|cpp is documented or where to look? I am not keen to filter through 4k lines of cpp this afternoon.06:32
DBObwright, you are welcome to ask me questions06:58
DBObut you are not going to easily just move to a positionable launcher right now06:58
DBObwright, I wish I could tell you that we engineered the whole thing to be positionable06:59
DBObut we just never had the time to make it that clean06:59
DBOand with changing designs the code gets stale and ugly quick06:59
soreauMoc: Thanks, that was ridiculous07:18
soreauWhat's going on there?07:18
bwrightDBO: Alright how tied to the left is it?07:24
DBOimagine driving two trains head on into each other at 100 MPH07:25
DBOthen try to separate them...07:25
DBOand yes, I purposely use the trainwreck analogy here07:25
bwrightArlight, so I am looking at a major refactoring.07:26
bwrightWhen/where is the launcher actually drawn to the screen?07:27
soreauWhat is this unity thing modeled after?07:27
DBOthere is a method called DrawContent07:27
DBOwhat do you mean?07:27
soreauQuite possibly the most confusing way to use a desktop, evar07:28
bwrightDBO: Cheers found it I am going to give this reactoring a shot. It may take a while for it to be remotely functional07:29
soreauthere is no preview in ring switcher for vncviewer from xtightvncviewer package07:42
didrocksgood morning07:51
DBOmorning didrocks07:52
DBOdidja get my email?07:52
didrockshey DBO!07:52
didrocksDBO: didn't finish the emails, just back from a 3 days week-end, still have hundreds :)07:52
fta2guys, please re-open bug 72487407:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 724874 in unity (Ubuntu Natty) "unity-window-decorator crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT()" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72487407:56
didrockssmspillaz|zzz: ^^07:56
RAOFDBO: You guys aren't planning on enabling the blur plugin by default anytime soon, were you?07:56
smspillaz|zzzthe hell ?07:56
=== smspillaz|zzz is now known as smspillaz
smspillazRAOF: no07:56
smspillazfta2: how did you reproduce it ?07:57
DBORAOF, no07:57
RAOFDBO: smspillaz: Rock.07:57
fta2smspillaz, closing googleearth, see #2007:57
RAOFSo I don't have to treat r600g's blur craziness as an OMGCRITICAL.  Superb.07:57
fta2i meant , #2307:57
smspillaz*sigh* have to install proprietary software :/07:57
fta2smspillaz, #22 said it happens with banshee too07:59
smspillazdoes it happen all the time ?07:59
smspillazis it random or reliable ?07:59
fta2not sure08:00
fta2i'm not on the same machine right now08:00
smspillazoh, hrm, the stacktraces are actually useful now08:00
smspillazwhen I was doing this before there was stack corruption and it made debugging this a complete pain08:01
fta2yep, i attached a fully resolved trace08:01
fta2wouldn't have bothered otherwise08:01
smspillazuh-huh ... the version ubuntu is using and upstream is using differs slightly08:02
smspillazmy lin 726 is just blak08:02
smspillaz        win = <value optimized out>08:04
smspillaz        d = 0x008:04
smspillaz        iter = 0x008:04
smspillazwhat the hell?08:04
smspillazwhy on earth would d have two values!?!?!08:05
* smspillaz thinks something is up here08:05
MacSlowhey folks08:05
smspillazhi MacSlow08:05
MacSlowhi smspillaz08:05
fta2didrocks, last friday, i filed a bug with a unity/compiz crash on startup: bug 73781408:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 737814 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73781408:12
LLStarksraof, speaking of blur: http://i.imgur.com/27wr1.png08:12
didrocksfta2: thanks, I'll add it to the list of this week fix08:12
oSoMoNgood morning08:14
fta2boom, compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in DeviceLauncherIcon::UpdateVisibility()08:19
zniavregood morning08:21
zniavrean idea when unity and nux will be updated please?08:22
LLStarksbug 73906808:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 739068 in unity (Ubuntu) "Cycling through multiple windows of an application needs improvement" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73906808:44
RAOFDBO: Oh, by the way?  Your nux commit fixes the unity crash for me.  Also, HOW DO YOU STAND THE NUX BUILD TIME?!‽09:04
htorqueRAOF, have you tried to build it w/o documentation (--disable-documentation)? seems to save some time.09:08
DBORAOF, i make sammiches09:10
DBORAOF, also, make -j409:10
didrocksRAOF: don't complain, you don't build the doc as well :)09:13
didrocksRAOF: which asks for a pbuilder :/09:14
htorqueDBO, what should i do when getting an invisible window on all workspaces? it happened twice in the last week, i have no idea what's causing it and what i should add to a report when i see it happening again.09:18
DBOuhm... didrocks ^^09:19
DBOmy brain is off...09:19
didrockshtorque: xprop + click it09:19
didrockshtorque: if it's not that important, then, you can xkill it :)09:19
htorquedidrocks, no, invisible windows aren't that important to me :P09:20
htorquedidrocks, i only got this from the last time it happened: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575909/09:22
htorqueguess it doesn't help a lot09:22
didrockshtorque: hum, not really, smspillaz is aware of this anyway09:23
htorquedidrocks, but it's not the one in the top-left corner - it's located on the bottom half of the screen (something like this: http://img.xrmb2.net/images/335779.png)09:24
didrockshtorque: the position depends on where compiz set it09:27
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htorquedidrocks, ok, thanks! i will just follow bug 709461 for the time being :)09:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 709461 in unity "Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask regions of the screen" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70946109:35
didrockshtorque: thanks, do not hesitate if you can find any reproducible testcase :)09:38
Mocgood morning09:51
LLStarksdidrocks, the new launcher icons don't appear when upgrading to 3.6.609:54
LLStarksand explicit --reset-icons call is required09:54
soreauhi Moc09:54
didrocksLLStarks: which new launcher icons?09:54
LLStarksbug 71470709:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 714707 in unity-2d "[launcher] New Default favorites" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71470709:55
LLStarksin short, updating unity should reset its icons and/or settings09:57
didrocksLLStarks: yeah, we don't upgrade unstable release users09:57
didrocksit's a lot of work and corner cases09:57
LLStarkswhat if i'm alpha 1/2? they won't see unity progress unless they know specifically to reset their icons.09:58
didrocksLLStarks: most of alpha user reinstall and don't ugprade09:58
didrocksso I prefer spending one hour fixing actual crash than writing migration code for some folks that can reset their icons TBH09:58
didrocksbut of course, a patch for that is welcome :)09:58
LLStarksmakes sense09:58
LLStarksmaybe i will write a patch... the usage case warrants it imho. the launcher should refresh its icons whenever updated without being destructive to user-added launchers.10:04
LLStarksi think it'll be small things like this that'll bring unity up to par with gnome-shell's seamless and immersive look. unity, component-wise is amazing, but it lacks a comprehensive focus to make everything (indicators, global menus, etc) look pretty together.10:07
dbarthrodrigo_: ping?10:18
rodrigo_hi dbarth10:18
dbarthrodrigo_: hi10:22
dbarthrodrigo_: i just wanted to give you and apinheiro a heads up about DBO's lastest branch10:22
rodrigo_oh, ok10:22
dbarthrodrigo_: it fixes some more launcher issues but may create a regression with a11y again10:23
rodrigo_oh, key navigation again?10:23
dbarthrodrigo_: see lp:~unity-team/unity/unity.hide-cleanup and lp:~unity-team/nux/nux.unity-hide-cleanup10:23
dbarthrodrigo_: not keynav10:23
dbarthbut focus/grabs may be impacted10:24
dbarththe branch is still being reviewed, as we want to be super cautious with such a late refactoring10:24
dbarthrodrigo_: but please give that one a try and subscribe to the merge prop10:24
dbarthrodrigo_: apinheiro should already be on it as well; can you make sure he knows when he connects?10:25
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kamstrupKaleo: Hi - please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses?action=diff&rev2=13&rev1=12 I added an (optional) signal to the place dbus API for the shell(s) to track when a place considers a search "done"11:49
kamstrupKaleo: both place daemons support it in their trunk branches which will be released this Thur11:49
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Kaleokamstrup: nice12:25
Kaleokamstrup: "Places are not required to emit this signal * and the Unity shell must assume that they do12:25
Kaleothe wording is a bit odd12:25
Kaleokamstrup: thanks a lot12:36
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fta2didrocks, bug 73908314:04
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 739083 could not be found14:04
fta2bug 73908314:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 739083 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in DeviceLauncherIcon::UpdateVisibility()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73908314:05
didrocksfta2: yeah?14:05
fta2another crasher14:05
fta2many dupes14:05
didrocksfta2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73731814:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 737318 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in DeviceLauncherIcon::UpdateVisibility()" [High,Confirmed]14:06
fta2mine was a dupe too14:06
fta2well, if you already know, i'm fine14:06
didrocksfta2: yeah, we should get a fix this wekk14:07
fta2i hate crashers, even if i would prefer fixes for 739205 & 728428 & 69246314:08
didrocksfta2: yeah, right now, respawn and crashers are the first focus14:10
aruizkenvandine, 0.1.014:17
aruizkenvandine, :-)14:17
kenvandinearuiz, woot14:18
kenvandinearuiz, highlights for the changelog?14:18
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aruizkenvandine, fixed crashers when opening the printpreview and the formula editor15:00
aruizkenvandine, no bug id for those15:00
aruizkenvandine, code cleanup15:00
aruizkenvandine, and documentation in README/HACKING15:00
kenvandinearuiz, yeah... i already found that and uploaded15:00
jordanany appmenu-gtk devs around?15:35
jordanI'd like a second pair of eyes to look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transmission/+bug/71822315:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 718223 in transmission (Ubuntu) "transmission-gtk crashed with SIGSEGV in g_atomic_int_exchange_and_add()" [Medium,Incomplete]15:36
jordanthe crash seems to be happening in register_application_window_cb() inside of appmenu-gtk15:37
seb128jordan, try pinging tedg or mterry15:44
* mterry looks15:46
* tedg clicks 15:46
mterryjordan, this may be a dup of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appmenu-gtk/+bug/72906515:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 729065 in appmenu-gtk (Ubuntu Natty) "gnome-display-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in g_object_set()" [High,Fix released]15:52
mterryjordan, in which case, it is fixed as of the 10th.  is it still reproducable?15:53
jordanmterry: OP reports that it happened "everytime" on 3/16 but I'm not seeing the behavior15:59
jordanit's also possible he hadn't / hasn't updated to the newest version16:00
kenvandinewow, i just hit that unity focus problem... haven't seen that in ages...16:13
kenvandinecan't click on the launcher :/16:13
kenvandineseb128, do you know the bug number for that focus bug where you can't click on the launcher... clicks go right though16:19
* kenvandine is always amazed at seb128's bug finding magic16:20
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apinheirojaytaoko, can I make you a question?16:20
jaytaokoapinheiro: sure16:22
seb128kenvandine, sorry but I don't know about this bug16:22
apinheirojaytaoko, I realized that BaseWindow has the signal sigVisible, but as it is an Area subclass (via View)16:22
apinheiroit also has the signal16:22
apinheirowhat signal I should use in order to know when the BaseWindow change his visible status?16:23
kenvandineah, bug 73742016:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 737420 in unity (Ubuntu) "Windows are maximized under Unity Launcher and receive clicks when clicking on Lanucher icons" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73742016:23
kenvandinei am sure there was a bug like this in the past that was fixed16:24
apinheirojaytaoko, well, and also remembered that the WindowCompositor emit this signal16:27
apinheiroas I asked for that16:27
jaytaokoapinheiro, yes, the WindowCompositor emits that signal16:27
jaytaokoapinheiro: is the WindowCompositor signal ok for you?16:28
apinheirojaytaoko, ok, anyway that would be good from a third object16:28
apinheiroin the case of the basewindow itself16:28
apinheirowhat should I use?16:28
tedgkenvandine, Are you looking into bug 730528, how should I triage it?16:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 730528 in libappindicator (Ubuntu) "Impossible to inherit a class from AppIndicator*.Indicator in Python (gir)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73052816:28
apinheiroI tried to connect to BaseWindow sigVisible signal16:28
apinheiroand it seems that it is not called16:28
jaytaokoapinheiro: let me check16:29
kenvandinetedg, not sure, probably should be a low... there is a work around16:29
kenvandineto specify the constructor16:29
kenvandinethere are quite a few cases like that i have seen16:30
tedgkenvandine, Okay, but "Confirmed" is appropriate?16:30
dbarthklattimer: ping?16:31
dbarthklattimer: can't remember if you merged your branch with the ask_password fix?16:32
dbarthie, to mark https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/724856 fixed16:32
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 724856 not found16:32
klattimerdbarth: I think it was, my browser is slow though16:33
dbarthah, the bug is still marked private for whatever reason16:33
jaytaokoapinheiro: on which BaseWindow were you trying to get the sigVisible signal?16:33
apinheirojaytaoko, on the main three16:34
artfwokenvandine, tedg that bug does not have a workaround - it makes subclassing Indicators impossible16:34
apinheiroand panel service16:34
apinheirothe ones that we are looking at16:34
apinheiroat this moment16:34
dbarthklattimer: can you check and mark the bug accordingly?16:34
kenvandineoh, true16:34
dbarthklattimer: i'll move it to this week's milestone, just in case16:34
klattimerdbarth: it hasn't been merged yet16:34
kenvandineartfwo, there are quite a few cases where that is true with gir though16:34
artfwokenvandine, unfortunately, I've stumbled upon it when porting over my indicator to gir (I had a MyIndicator(Indicator) subclass)16:35
kenvandineartfwo, yeah16:36
jaytaokoapinheiro: on the Dash I think there maybe a bug. But on the launcher it should be working...16:36
jaytaokoapinheiro: are you getting that signal from the launcher?16:37
kenvandineartfwo, i think that happens wherever there is more than one constructor available16:37
kenvandinein this case new and new_with_path16:37
apinheirojaytaoko, sigVisible?16:38
jaytaokoapinheiro: The launcher itself is not a BaseWindow, you have to get the signal from the container of the Launcher16:38
kenvandinealthough i would think there would be a way for it to know which is the default16:38
apinheiroor you mean the signal defined on Area?16:38
jaytaokoapinheiro: yes, sigVisible16:38
apinheirojaytaoko, no, Im not getting that signal from the BaseWindow that contains the launcher16:38
apinheiroin fact this is why Im asking if I should use other signal16:38
apinheiroright now I will try to use the windowcompositor one16:39
apinheiroI also tested the Area ones, as BaseWindow is also an area16:39
apinheirobut it didn't work either16:39
artfwokenvandine, anything like superclass.__init__() in the gir world simply calls g_object_new in the c world16:39
jaytaokoapinheiro: yes, OnVisibleChanged is not completely hooked yet, do not use it16:40
kenvandineartfwo, yeah we could include an overrides file16:40
apinheirojaytaoko, ok16:40
apinheiroanyway, as I said16:40
apinheirosigVisible doesn't seems to work either16:40
kenvandineartfwo, just seems to me there should be a more general way to fix this16:40
apinheiroat least in my tests16:40
LLStarksa wild shuttleworth apppears: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/739068/comments/216:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 739068 in unity (Ubuntu) "Cycling through multiple windows of an application needs improvement" [Undecided,New]16:40
kenvandineartfwo, since it seems to happen in many cases16:40
apinheirojaytaoko, if the launcher is hidden16:40
apinheiroand I press alt+f1 to start to16:40
apinheirointeract to it16:41
apinheirothat signal should be emitted, right?16:41
artfwokenvandine, please comment in the bug, if you know the solution sometime :)16:41
kenvandineartfwo, well i am going to fix it :)16:41
jaytaokoapinheiro: wait, I am not sure about that16:41
kenvandineeither with an override or other16:41
Kaleojcastro: hi! do you know how much time it takes for somebody who does not know Unity to implement a very simple place?16:41
jaytaokoapinheiro: I think the launcher is not really "hidden" in the code. It is just moved outside of the screen16:42
jcastroKaleo: it took stefano about 2 hours of sort of poking around and asking some questions16:42
jcastroKaleo: for his first one. I suspect if he does another one it will be easier16:42
jaytaokoapinheiro: I think the launcher is always visible and it is just translate in or out of the screen16:43
LLStarksjcastro, is there a hotkey for the appmenu in unity?16:43
apinheirojaytaoko, ah ok16:43
jcastroLLStarks: f1016:43
apinheirothis is also the case with the dash?16:43
jcastroor alt-f or whatever normal one the apps have16:43
LLStarksfirefox is alt+f16:43
jaytaokoapinheiro: no the dash is hidden in the code... but I think there is a bug there... let me check...16:44
jcastroKaleo: there's an example python place that we point people too if he wants to whip one up. http://www.grillbar.org/wordpress/?p=54416:44
apinheirojaytaoko, on the dash it works16:45
apinheiroI properly get the notification of a visibility change16:45
apinheiroso you are right about the launcher16:45
apinheiroprobably it is always visible, but "out of the window"16:46
LLStarksi honestly think the unity learning curve is going to be difficult unless all of the unity hotkeys are made readily apparent before download during a features tour or during ubiquity installation16:46
apinheiroin fact, "out of the screen"16:46
jaytaokoapinheiro: ok so that is good for the dash... I thought there was a bug there16:46
apinheirojaytaoko, yes, no problem16:46
apinheirojaytaoko, just one last question16:46
apinheiroabout the focus16:46
jaytaokoapinheiro: as for the launcher, yes I think it is just "out of the screen"16:46
apinheiroin the end when you start to interact with the basewindow16:46
apinheirojust the launcher gets the focus, right?16:46
MocThe only thing that I didn't catch, is the middle button that can be used to start a new instance of an application from the launcher16:47
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apinheiroI mean, the basewindow gets the focus16:47
apinheirojaytaoko, there is any way to know which is the "active window" on that moment=16:47
MocI got lot of complaint about unity, but I think it show interest to progress from the linux legacy look16:48
jaytaokoapinheiro: let me check...16:48
MocFor home/low usage desktop, I think unity is great16:48
Kaleojcastro: nice to know, did Stefano do it in Python?16:50
MocI find unity require too much mouse movement.  Everything is far16:51
Kaleojcastro: thanks!16:52
jcastroKaleo: send the person my way when they have something, I'd like to highlight all the lenses people are making, and also kamstrup is doing a great job answering questions so you can send the guy here too16:53
jaytaokoapinheiro: that would depend on the definition of focus. following Alt+F1, the launcher window is placed on top of all the other BaseWindow. That is how it gets the key events first...16:54
jaytaokoapinheiro: but it does not have the "focus"16:55
apinheirojaytaoko, well, in the case of the launcher, i know that it have the focus because I connect to the signal OnStartFocus16:55
apinheiroand this is fine16:56
apinheirobecause is the object you are interacting with at16:56
apinheirothat moment16:56
apinheirobut it is also true that at that moment16:56
apinheirothe "active" BaseWindow16:56
apinheirois the one that contains the launcher16:56
apinheirothere is any way to know which is the BaseWindow active on that moment16:56
apinheiroany signal?16:56
* apinheiro checking gtk doc16:56
jaytaokoapinheiro: you are right16:56
jaytaokoapinheiro: tyhe launcher receives a focus... we just implemented a grab mechanism that gives the pointer or mouse focus to an area.16:57
LLStarkstrying to figure out exactly which projects bug 739506 should be filed against. i probably dun goofed.16:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 739506 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcuts are critical to the Unity experience and should be readily apparent." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73950616:58
LLStarksnot sure if ayatana design is appropriate16:58
apinheirojaytaoko, so, any way to know which is the current active BaseWindow?16:59
jaytaokoapinheiro: I think you are looking for the BaseWindow that contains the area that has the pointer or keyboard grab16:59
lamalexcan anyone tell me if this is true? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73512016:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735120 in unity (Ubuntu) "print screen key no longer works in unity" [Undecided,New]16:59
apinheiroone way would be just "set as active" the BaseWindow that contains the focused object16:59
lamalexis it false in gnome 2.x?16:59
jaytaokoapinheiro: let me check...17:00
jcastroLLStarks: there's a project on lp for the opening animation thing. I can't remember what it is though17:00
jcastrothe tour in the installer17:02
ftajcastro, hi, any update on the webapps issue?17:04
LLStarksprobably the ubiquity project or something associated.17:04
jcastrofta: no response yet17:05
ftaok :(17:07
DBOapinheiro, i need you to test a branch for ATK regressions17:08
DBOapinheiro, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/unity.hide-cleanup/+merge/5416717:08
apinheiroDBO, Im right now compiling those branches17:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54167 in mozilla-thunderbird (Ubuntu) "purging configuration files does not do its job" [Medium,Confirmed]17:08
DBOapinheiro, super dude17:08
apinheiroDBO, no problem, thanks to you17:08
lamalexguys, this is a bug in chromium or compiz? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73536317:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735363 in unity (Ubuntu) ""Use system title bar and borders" messes up Chromium integration with Unity" [Undecided,New]17:10
lamalexi would imagine it's chromium doing something funny17:10
LLStarksthe global appmenu is ridiculously misguided with respect to un maximized apps.17:11
DBOLLStarks, the mailing list is trolled by design more than this IRC channel17:14
LLStarksi avoid mailing lists whenever possible because of the gated access makes everything so elitist17:17
LLStarkslp is the great equalizer. post a bug, it goes to ayatana-bugs automatically.17:17
LLStarkswho needs mailing lists when you have a benevolent dictator being the first to comment on your bug?17:18
apinheiroDBO, after my test it seems to work fine,17:20
apinheirowell at least17:20
apinheiro"as fine as before"17:20
DBOapinheiro, can you approve in the review too then17:21
DBOnjpatel, ^^ my hear is all a-flutter17:21
apinheiroas it seems that at-spi and at-spi2 behaves different, Im trying to solve it17:21
apinheiroDBO, ok, I will also take a look to the code, but as I said, at17:21
apinheiroit is working as without ig17:21
DBOi just needed you to approve based on it not breaking your stuff17:22
DBOyu are not responsible for the code review itself17:22
DBO(3 reviews are requested on that branch)17:22
apinheiroDBO, as far as I see this changes is more about how to hide/show it17:22
apinheirobut current support is based on the launcher icon selected17:22
apinheiroand if the launcher has the focus or not17:22
apinheiroand this seems to have not changed17:22
DBOapinheiro, you checked in places too right?17:23
apinheiro(where "support"=="a11y support")17:23
DBObecause i made some BIG changes there17:23
apinheiroDBO, well, right now there isn't any a11y support on places17:23
apinheirolast week I was busy with a regression and other things17:23
njpatelDBO, awesome, I'll finish off the review in 30mins wrt places17:23
apinheiroso as I need to start from zero on places17:23
apinheiroit doesn't matter if it is before or after your change17:24
apinheiroDBO, anyway, as Im seeing the code, there are also some changes on the panel17:29
apinheiroso it is still missing rodrigo review17:29
DBOyeah some small ones17:29
apinheiroas he was the one that implemented the a11y support for the panel-service17:29
apinheiroso it would be better if he test/review that part17:29
apinheiroDBO, I have just approved that branch, and included rodrigo on it17:38
DBOthank you17:39
apinheiroDBO, you are welcome17:39
apinheironjpatel, BTW, as we are talking about review17:39
apinheirocould you review this:17:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54190 in linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth doesn't work (HP Pavilion dv8220ea)" [Undecided,Invalid]17:39
apinheiroor ask somebody to test it?17:39
DBOim less worried about the panel17:40
apinheiroDBO, yes17:40
apinheiroas most of the work was done on the panel-service17:40
apinheiroright now unity just expose the button there17:40
apinheirobut just in case17:40
om26ernnnaji, question: how do you read 'Nnaji' ?18:19
nnnajinaaa geee ;)18:19
om26ertoo bad he left, in Urdu it means 'no, dear' :)18:20
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kenvandinewow bug 737420 is driving me crazy... i was just reading an email in evolution full screen and i saw the window slide under the launcher18:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 737420 in unity "Windows are maximized under Unity Launcher and receive clicks when clicking on Lanucher icons" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73742018:30
kenvandinewithout me even doing anything18:30
Mocyea, the launcher poping up and doesn't auto hide is really annoyin18:47
lamalexanyone around? can someone please confirm or deny https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73512019:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735120 in unity (Ubuntu) "print screen key no longer works in unity" [Undecided,New]19:04
Mocsorry, I'm back on 10.10 for the moment19:06
lamalexjcastro, ^19:06
lamalexapinheiro, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/735645 >:O19:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735645 in nux (Ubuntu) "Timestamp field on the event structure is always 0" [Undecided,New]19:20
apinheirolamalex, yes?19:20
apinheiroI should confirm it19:20
lamalexyeah, or triaged if you know how to fix it already19:21
lamalexand assign whoever is supposed to work on it19:21
apinheirowell, I don't know to to fix it now19:21
apinheiroI suppose that x11 structures includes that timestamps19:22
apinheirobut not sure19:22
apinheiroand don't know who solve it19:22
apinheiroso I just put Confirmed19:22
lamalexwell nux is usually good to assign to jay19:22
apinheirolamalex, so I directly assign that bug to him?19:37
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jporsinikenvandine, ping?20:04
kenvandinejporsini, pong20:05
jporsinikenvandine, I am close to finish the pidgin patch, but I have one bug that I cannot find a solution20:06
jporsinikenvandine, during the shutdown of pidgin, it is impossible to modify the unity launcher entry20:06
jporsinikenvandine, it seems that the dbus events are not sent20:06
jporsinikenvandine, I guess it is due to the fact that gtk event bus is shutdown before20:06
jporsinikenvandine, do you have some hints? Is there a way to force emitting of dbus unity events?20:07
kenvandinehow does it clear the indicator?20:07
kenvandinei would think if would work if you put it in the same code path20:07
jporsiniit does not....20:07
jporsiniI am exactly in the same path20:08
kenvandineso it only gets removed from the indicator because it dies?20:08
=== AndreaAzzarone|f is now known as AndreaAzzarone
jporsinikenvandine, it is never removed from the indicator, or at least it is longer than my patience20:08
kenvandineit wouldn't get removed complete20:09
kenvandinebut the triangle next to it should20:09
kenvandineand if there are pending messages20:09
kenvandinethose should get removed20:09
jporsiniyes there no more triangle on the left20:09
jporsinibut the pidgin entry is still here20:09
kenvandineyeah, that is a launcher20:09
jporsiniwell, it seems that there is just a call to indicate_server_hide in plugin_unload which is where I am calling without sucess the entry_set_visible(false)20:13
jporsiniI am going to investigate what this function is exactly doing, thanks20:13
kenvandinejporsini, anytime20:14
jporsinipfffff, it is a function of libindicate, it owns the dbus connection and co, and directly emit the dbus event...20:20
jporsiniI cannot do the same `:(20:20
jporsinino equivalent of indicate_server_hide in unity lib `:(20:32
bcurtiswxwhen something crashes i'd typically gdb it.. but with unity what would I do?20:42
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OmegaDaekdroom: Did you update your gstreamer0.10-plugins-good to version 0.10.21-1ubuntu6? It removes ubuntu-desktop and packages for me.21:14
DaekdroomOmega, that package is marked as "broken", I believe21:14
Daekdroombut it didn't remove anything.21:15
OmegaIt conflicts with a whole bunch of stuff here.21:15
DaekdroomObter:6 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty/main gstreamer0.10-plugins-good i386 0.10.28-0ubuntu3 [1.573 kB]21:16
DaekdroomRan safe-upgrade now.21:16
DaekdroomThere is a package being held back21:17
Daekdroomand now everything is on its place..21:18
OmegaI upgraded the user guide.21:18
OmegaWhat do you mean everything is on its place?21:19
DaekdroomNo packages are broken or being held back.21:19
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ronocDanRabbit, hey22:42
DanRabbitronoc: hey there22:42
ronocDanRabbit, have those voip icons made into natty ?22:42
DanRabbitronoc: it doesn't look like that branch has been merged yet :/22:42
ronocDanRabbit, who is responsible for that ?22:42
ronocDanRabbit, is there a packager you know of who takes care of the icons ?22:43
DanRabbitronoc: not sure to be honest. It was Ken Wiimer who had control over icon stuff before.22:43
DanRabbitronoc: I think kenvandine is packaging now, but I'm not sure who should merge work into trunk22:43
ronocDanRabbit, okay grand i'll talk to ken22:44
ronocDanRabbit, thanks for doing those playlist icons so quickly22:44
DanRabbitronoc: no problem :)22:44
ronocDanRabbit, i'll hopefully get to try them out tomorrow22:44
ronocso we can chat tomorrow evening to see where we are at, but hopefully all should be good for the UI freeze22:45
ronocDanRabbit, ^22:45
DanRabbitokay sounds good ;)22:45
ronocgood night22:45
ronocDanRabbit, are the voip icons in that branch you sent on also ?22:57
ronocDanRabbit, is it Otto who should do that merge request ?22:57
DanRabbitronoc: right, they are all together in that branch22:57
DanRabbitronoc: that's possible. I was working with him when I started the branch at the last UDS :p22:58
ronocDanRabbit, okay cool I'll hassle him first thing22:58
ronocdefo gone this time, laters22:58
DanRabbitronoc: cool thanks bye22:59

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