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pooliehi all00:25
mgzhey poolie.00:25
pooliehi there00:30
pooliei'm working a bit today on a plan to bring bzr-colo into core00:31
jelmer'morning spiv, poolie00:34
jelmer'evening maxb, mgz00:34
* jelmer wonders what part of the day fullermd is in00:34
mgzjelmer, have you filed a bug against launchpad yet to enable projects to remove certain states from the drop down box yet? :)00:34
jelmermgz: I think it'd be closed as "Won't Fix" :)00:35
pooliehi jelmer00:36
pooliemgz: certain bug states?00:36
pooliewhich ones do you want to remove?00:36
* fullermd doesn't know himself anymore :|00:37
mgzpoolie: I'm winding jelmer up a little, he's forgotten bzr doesn't use 'Triaged' a few times. :)00:37
mgzokay, now I need sleep.00:43
pooliein that particular case i think we'd be better off removing triaged altogether00:51
maxbOn the other hand, the distinction between confirmed and triaged is rather vital if a project wants to separate user confirmations and "has had developer attention"00:53
aromanhow can bzr have a conflict with a file that doesn't exist?01:00
mwhudsonif you delete a file, and the branch you merge from changes it, that sounds like a conflict to me01:04
pooliethat's right01:06
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leo2007If I have 2 commits in my local bzr branch and the parent has new commits, what happens if I do a 'bzr up'?04:43
spivThe 2 local commits become a pending merge.04:44
spivWhich you then need to commit.04:44
pooliehi spiv04:48
pooliespiv, have you used bzr-colo yet?04:48
leo2007spiv: thanks.04:50
leo2007why 'bzr up' always report I am up-to-date when in fact there are 9 new commits from parent?04:51
poolieleo2007, if it's a separate branch you may need to pull or merge them.04:56
spivpoolie: no, I haven't04:59
leo2007poolie: pull says conflicts. But merge will not place my local revs on top of the remote parents, right?05:01
poolieleo2007, are these separate branches, or is your local branch a checkout of trunk?05:01
pooliespiv, how do you manage your branches?05:02
pooliejust separate trees within a shared repo?05:02
leo2007poolie: a checkout.05:02
poolieleo2007, what does 'bzr info' show?05:04
leo2007poolie: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/lGSnxK33ZSi6vAKxlWmq05:05
pooliewhen you say '9 new commits from parent' where do you see that? by separately running 'bzr log' on the parent?05:05
leo2007poolie: from 'bzr missing'05:06
poolieleo2007, this looks like just a regular standalone branch then05:06
poolieyou're trying to bring the latest stuff from trunk into your branch, and then continue with development of your branch?05:06
leo2007yeah, and my branch has two commits.05:07
leo2007two extra*05:07
poolieok, so you should probably just merge trunk05:08
poolieyour own revisions will still be visible in history, but they won't be on top of it05:08
spivpoolie: yes, exactly that layout05:08
poolieif you want to rewrite history so it looks like they were done after what is now on trunk, use bzr-rewrite05:08
leo2007poolie: I also need to push my commits to trunk at some time later.05:09
pooliebut not right now?05:10
leo2007poolie: no, not right now.05:24
leo2007I basically want to pull from upstream compile and submit my commits.05:25
leo2007I am familiar with git but not bzr.05:25
pooliespiv, when you get a chance could you install it and have a play05:25
poolieleo2007, ok, the typical bzr thing would just be to merge from trunk, resolve any conflicts, compile and test, then send up your changes05:26
leo2007would that mean my branch having different history than upstream?05:26
pooliewell, your branch is going to show you did some work, then you merged trunk and resolved conflicts05:27
pooliewhich is accuarte05:27
pooliewhen trunk merges from you, all the history will be accurate05:27
leo2007Is it possible to push an individual commit to upstream? In my case, I have two new commits locally, one is more mature and the other is waiting for confirmation before submitting.05:28
pooliewhen you say 'push' do you mean actual bzr push direct into trunk?05:30
pooliedo you have access to write to trunk?05:30
poolieor just to submit for someone else to review?05:30
leo2007poolie: I have write access.05:31
lifelessspiv: hi, re bug 739144 - making it critical is fine; please don't set to confirmed though - if you've triaged it, set it to triaged.05:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 739144 in Launchpad itself "Code review comment via email truncated, most content lost!" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73914405:34
poolieleo2007, perhaps the cleanest/easiest thing is to make a new branch off trunk to integrate your work05:36
pooliedo a 'bzr merge -r whatever' from your branch into that05:37
pooliethen push that back up05:37
leo2007poolie: is it possible to export a commit to a file which I can then put back in easily? something like git format-patch and am?05:38
leo2007I am thinking since I have only two commits for now. I could save them to a file and drop them in my local branch. Sync my branch and put them back.05:39
poolie'bzr send -o FILE'05:39
leo2007that would appear solve all my questions.05:39
poolieor perhaps 'bzr shelve' is a better idea05:40
poolieor, if you have only two, just uncommit, shelve, pull, then unshelve05:40
leo2007poolie: bzr: ERROR: Operation denied because it would change the main history, which is not permitted by the append_revisions_only setting on branch "/Users/Shared/sources/EmacsBZR/trunk/".05:45
spivlifeless: ah, ok.  Thanks for the correction.05:46
poolieleo2007, ok, in that case you will need to make a new checkout of trunk trunk, merge your work, then commit05:49
lifelessspiv: you may not have read https://dev.launchpad.net/BugTriage in a while - its been refreshed05:50
spivlifeless: I haven't read it in detail, no, although I did skim it to check that I wasn't being too outrageous in choosing Critical05:52
spivlifeless: I just didn't think at all about Confirmed vs. Triaged because I'm totally out of the habit of ever considering Triaged :)05:53
spivjelmer of course is having the opposite problem these days :)05:53
leo2007poolie: I changed branch.conf and go ahead with uncommit.05:55
pooliejust curious, what change did you make?05:55
leo2007poolie: append_revisions_only = False05:56
poolielifeless, how about you, did you ever use bzr-colo05:56
poolieoh, for the real emacs trunk?05:56
pooliethat might make other people unhappy05:56
leo2007poolie: my branch05:56
leo2007poolie: could you recommend some good docs for using bzr?06:06
pooliewell, mostly the current version under doc.bazaar.canonical.com06:06
pooliei know emacs also have some special conventions that i think are on their wiki06:06
pooliei would also really recommend using bzr-colo with bzr06:07
wgrantspiv: :(06:11
leo2007ok, i'll take a look after reading http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/migration/en/survival/bzr-for-git-users.html06:11
leo2007poolie: thanks for your help.06:11
wgrantspiv: Processing that same email locally works fine.;06:11
spivwgrant: whee06:13
wgrantspiv: So I wonder if an MTA ate it... or something.06:14
wgrantI guess we should check that jam's copy is intact.06:15
spivwgrant: yeah, that's a good idea06:16
wgrantIf it's intact, we might need to go through MTA logs and find where the size drops...06:16
lifelesspoolie: no, I have used looms, and pipelines, and for non-distro work I just use a lightweight checkout of branches in a shared treeless repo06:17
poolieyou might like to try this as an alternative to the latter06:19
pooliei would appreciate your feedback if you do so06:20
lifelessit will be a bit tricky right now -  my lp dev environment is down to 200MB free :( (and my host os 2GB free :( :( )06:20
lifelessI need to get a larger SSD06:20
lifelessI've been looking at getting a larger desktop box in fact - but the price for ones with 48GB of memory is ridiculous ;)06:21
pooliehm, it shouldn't use any more space than what you do now06:21
wgrantpoolie: Is colo fairly usable these days?06:22
poolieit might take more than 200MB to convert into it06:22
pooliei think it's really good06:22
wgrantI haven't tried it since the week it was announced.06:22
pooliei'm just drafting a mail proposing we should bless it as the standard way to use bzr06:22
poolieand ship it by default etc06:22
stylesenpoolie: ping06:22
wgrantIIRC the main problem I had with it was shelf.06:22
poolieit gives people a less manual way to set up the single-tree multiple brancehs thing06:22
pooliehi stylesen06:22
stylesenpoolie: Hi poolie, would like to have a private chat with you!06:23
lifelesspoolie: yeah, converting is what I was thinking might be an issue06:23
pooliesure, see pm06:23
poolielifeless, i think the default conversion does copy all your histoyr06:23
pooliethis could be optimized of course06:23
pooliefor the common case of turning a repo + branches into a colo workspace, just moving the directories ought to be enough06:25
poolielifeless, i just bought a 750GB magnetic disk to go into my laptop base06:25
poolieto store (my own) photos06:25
poolielifeless, it's kind of ironic that you just converted me to the convenience of not having separate laptops/desktop machines :)06:26
lifelesspoolie: nice!06:27
lifelesspoolie: thats in an expansion bay, or the main unit?06:27
pooliein the sata bay of the ultrabase06:28
pooliethe base does work pretty well for using it as a desktop replacement06:28
lifelessah, nice.06:30
lifelesspoolie: I'm finding my biggest limit is RAM06:31
lifelessthe disk is a bit annoying, but I can juggle tolerably (though 128GB is quite constraining)06:31
lifelessbut I can barely use all 4 cores with 8GB06:31
pooliei probably will ssh into my desktop box again if i'm doing something on lp and don't anticipate travelling soon06:32
poolieit seems like i touch dkim infrequently enough that every time i do, i spend 30 mins trying to get all the dependencies going again :/06:32
lifelesspoolie: so if I do get a new desktop, I'll setup testr to run tests on the desktop from my laptop06:32
wgrantlifeless: Are new ThinkPad motherboards still limited to 8GB? :/06:32
lifelessprobably set that up locally too so that I edit in a local vim session, and the lp-dev VM runs the tests06:33
lifelesswgrant: the W something or other can do (IIRC) 1206:33
lifelesswgrant: need 4GB for a lp test run end to end last time I tried to put a figure on it06:33
lifelesswgrant: (4GB in a VM)06:34
lifelesswgrant: so to parallelise robustly-before-we-fix-the-test-suite, I'm thinking we want 4GB*cores.06:34
wgrantlifeless: It's a lot less if you run i386.06:34
lifelesswgrant: but then I'd be running i386.06:34
wgrantIn the VM :)06:35
wgrantHow do I grab a remote branch into an existing colo workspace?06:35
lifelessI'd expect 'make a branch, pull --overwrite'06:36
wgrant'bzr branch lp:launchpad colo:devel' seems to work.06:36
poolieor bzr colo-fetch lp:launchpad06:37
wgrantcolo-fetch says it creates a new workspace.06:37
pooliesorry, i misread06:37
poolieyes, i think your command is correct then06:38
wgrantI wish bzr switch had an option to shelve changes into the branch or something.06:47
pooliewgrant, that was just requested06:47
poolieit shouldn't be too hard to add06:47
wgrantpoolie: Except that shelves are in the WT, right?06:47
spivwgrant: right06:48
wgrantI guess it's useful to have them visible in all, but it would be nice if I could tell where each shelf came from.06:49
wgrantSince I use shelve a *lot*.06:49
spivwgrant: hmm!06:49
wgrant(and I just about never give a message... perhaps I should)06:50
spivwgrant: bzr-colo could perhaps auto-fill the --message option of 'bzr shelve' with the branch nick?06:50
wgrantThat would help.06:50
pooliewgrant, well, what i meant is that it seems like it would be a small code change to put them in the branch dir06:51
pooliegiving better identities would be good06:52
pooliei'd like if they showed a diff stat or a snippet of the change more easily06:52
vilahi all !07:19
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pooliehi vila07:34
vilapoolie: hey !07:36
pooliehi vila07:40
poolievila, did you try bzr-colo yet?07:40
poolies//at all?07:41
vilanot at all07:41
vilaI still favor using a different working tree for each branch and looms for more involved feature dev07:42
vilaI also use bound branches for specific needs (so multiple working trees but on different hosts)07:43
poolierfc sent07:48
poolievila, like multiple machines all on the same network, bound to branches on one of them?07:55
pooliefor fixing failures inside vms, or something?07:55
vilawell, the branches are called my/setup and my/admin and they centralize/share all tweaks/setups I do on all my hosts07:56
vilathat includes VMs07:56
vilabut I still haven't a good story for fixing failures in VMs, partly because I keep encountering corruptions due to hard crashes and partly because I don't want to put valid auth tokens in VMs07:59
vila(thought I cheat a bit with the later ;)07:59
vilaI work around corruptions by using mounted file systems for most of the VMs08:00
vilaI'd prefer a bzr-based workflow but each time I need it, I'm already in bugfix mode and procrastinate08:00
vilaurg, one more random kill of a VM as a write this :(08:01
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vilahmm, death may be more appropriate in fact, *2* VMs died (out of 3 running) and only the 3rd one should have shut down...08:02
pooliedied in the vm infrastructure, or in the guest os?08:03
vilathe vm just vanished08:03
vilan ologs, no core, no nothing08:03
pooliethis is with virtualbox?08:04
vilamost annoying "babune" bug for months, no idea how to progress, last attempt was configuring core dumps but none ever appeared08:04
vilayup, and vbox is my first suspect, I keep hoping that the next version will address the issue :-/08:05
pooliemaybe some of these things could run under kvm, vmware desktop, or something else?08:05
vilaI chatted in #vbox several times but no one has any idea about what is going on nor how to collect useful infos to help debug it08:05
vilaand since most of the time it happens during my sleep it's very hard to even caracterize it (hence my kill/death remark above)08:07
magciusThis is the most annoying thing.08:32
fullermdvila: Really, it's your own fault for sleeping   :p08:52
vilaaaaaaaah, of course !08:53
pooliehi vila,09:19
pooliewould you like a quick chat09:19
=== jelmer changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: jelmer | 2.3.1 is officially out, 2.4b1 has been frozen
leo2007how to show what's in a commit?10:14
jelmerleo2007: do you mean the tree contents, the changes in that commit, the commit message / committer information?10:14
leo2007the diff, the message, etc10:15
jelmerleo2007: bzr log -p -rREV10:15
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spivjam1: LP appears to have mangled an email I sent to it: https://launchpad.net/bugs/739144.  You were CC'd, did you receive it intact?12:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 739144 in Launchpad itself "Code review comment via email truncated, most content lost!" [Critical,Triaged]12:05
spivjam1: probably best to reply on the bug, it's zzz time here :)12:06
jam1spiv: I got the email in-tact12:06
jam1and broken from lp12:06
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spivjam: I'm not sure if I feel relieved to hear that or not!12:08
jamspiv: sleep well. But yes, you sent the email correctly to me, LP messed something up12:08
jamor LP's mailhost did :)12:08
Sp4rKyI get an error when trying bzr update :12:54
Sp4rKybzr: ERROR: exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe8' in position 85: ordinal not in range(128)12:54
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CaMasonhi guys. In our current team workflow, we occasionally have a 'merge session' where we merge in all changes prior to a release. After that, I get the team to `bzr pull` from the master branch, so we're all now working from the same code12:56
CaMasonis that last bit sensible?12:56
CaMasonit seems to work OK, as all team members then get everyone elses changes in their own branches12:57
maxbSp4rKy: See if there is a traceback in ~/.bzr.log, and pastebin it12:57
jelmerCaMason: that seems perfectly sensible12:59
Sp4rKymaxb: http://paste.dunnewind.net/show/eVa29Aq8XkZ8ySIA0Xrt/13:01
mgzSp4rKy: set you LANG/LC_ALL env vars to something sensible.13:03
maxbSp4rKy: to expand slightly on mgz's answer - you're trying to check out code with non-ascii file names. To do this, you need to be configured to use a locale which uses a character encoding which can represent them, so that Bazaar knows how to write the filenames to disk13:20
maxbNowadays, everyone ought to be using a utf8 locale, really13:21
Sp4rKymaxb: in fact I am using utf-8 locale13:21
Sp4rKybut for some strange reason puppet (I manage the bzr repo with it) reset it ;)13:21
Sp4rKyso nothing bzr-related I think13:22
maxbline 56 of your pastebin says you are not13:22
Sp4rKyI am :)13:26
Sp4rKybut puppet reset it13:26
santagadais there any benchmarks comparing bzr 2.1+ to mercurial and git?13:31
santagadaI've only seem really old ones and people told me bzr improved a lot in the 2.x line13:32
jelmersantagada: I haven't seen any recent benchmarks13:36
jamjelmer: care to finish your review of https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.4-cheaper-iter-entries-by-dir/+merge/5399413:51
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 not found13:51
jelmerjam: Sure13:52
CaMasonwhat's the easiest way to output all files that have changed between revisions? Sometimes we get a customer that needs a 'patch', and we want to send only the PHP files that have changed14:25
jamCaMason: "bzr status -r X..Y" ?14:26
CaMasonwe might be talking a few hundred files :) Any way to `bzr cat` based on the revisions?14:27
CaMasonif not, I could set up a script14:27
jamCaMason: so you want the complete contents of all files that changed recently (that end in .php)?14:27
CaMasonbetween specified revisions, yes14:27
jamCaMason: "bzr status --short" is quite scriptable14:28
jammy 'cut' experience is limited14:28
CaMasonah, hadn't seen that :D14:28
jambzr status --short -r X..Y | grep ".*\.php"14:28
jamgets you a sart14:29
jamI would use sed to get just the filenames, but that's because I don't know cut14:29
CaMasonno sweat, that output is great, I'll get that scripted14:31
CaMasonbzr st --short -r last:4 | cut -c 5-14:33
jamCaMason: still need 'grep .php'14:35
jambut yeah14:35
jambzr st --short -r last:4 | cut -c 5- | grep '.php' | xargs -n1 bzr cat -r -114:36
CaMasonah that's no bother, I actually want all files. I just said 'php' so people didn't worry about a build script :P14:36
jamCaMason: though you could probably just pass the list to tar so that it will include only those files in a tarball14:37
CaMason`bzr st --short -r last:4 | cut -c 5- | xargs zip ../patch.zip` worked great14:41
CaMasonits for windows clients unfortunately :)14:41
jamjelmer, vila: ping about https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.4-cheaper-iter-entries-by-dir/+merge/5399414:47
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 not found14:47
vilaubot5: where do you find a bug 2 ?14:49
* mgz eyes ubot5 suspiciously14:49
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found14:49
vilamgz: ;)14:50
jammgz: it *really* likes bug 214:50
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found14:50
jammgz: currently reviewing  https://code.launchpad.net/~gz/bzr/create_delta_index_api_change_633336/+merge/5413014:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54130 in Ubuntu "no sound of any sort 6.10 knot 1" [Undecided,Invalid]14:51
jamwhy do you return the Error class rather than just raising it?14:51
mgzokay, someone just borked poor ubotu5.14:51
vilagee, unplug that bot !14:51
jammgz: at least it didn't mention "that bug" again14:52
mgzjam: I don't really like helpers appearing in the stack, and to raise I need to return object from the cdef anyway14:52
jammgz: well,there are other ways, and you don't have to explicitly list object (it is the default if you say nothing)14:52
mgzso it's either helper than raises or returns None, or returns exception instances14:53
jamcdef foo() returns None14:53
jamsame as regular python14:53
vilajam: oh, and pong https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/udd/735477-kill-harder/+merge/53837 ;)14:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735477 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "some imports survive a kill -SIGTERM leading to massive log output and no kill" [High,In progress]14:53
mgzI picked the way that gave me a shorter path in the common case, and one less level of stack when something goes wrong. but I'm open to all suggestions of this kind, made various stylistic judgement calls.14:54
jamvila: you didn't respond to my comment on that proposal14:54
jamI don't usually like hard-coded constants in the middle of code, can you bring it to a module/class level constant?14:55
vilajam: it wasn't related to the proposal but to another script :)14:55
jamotherwise seems good to me14:55
jamvila: though isn't that script broken by any grace period that isn't 0?14:55
jamsince it only waits 1 second before starting the next process14:55
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vilajam: no, as explained in the cover letter (updated before asking for re-review) during the grace period no kills are issued but the mass_import script doesn't wait either14:57
jamvila: I saw the update, but probably missed the details in the 5-pages-of-text14:57
vilathe discussion then went about how long it takes for the mass_import to stop14:58
jamvila: so only ImportDriver is using the new kill_with_escalation, and mass-import is doing?14:58
vila61 lines == 5 pages ? a page = 12 lines ?14:59
jamanyway, it isn't very clear how your first comment how it ties in with the last comment. since you seem to say it should switch, but then say it doesn't14:59
vilajam: sorry I don't understand your question14:59
jamor maybe just doesn't fast enough?14:59
jamvila: I'll try to start at the top15:00
jam"For the first case, we don't really care about what is currently15:00
jamgoing on since this denotes a bug"15:00
jamthat sounds exactly like the case we care about15:00
jams/the case/a case/15:00
vilaexcept we can't any data from a process that doesn't respond to SIGTERM (as shown with nexuiz-data)15:01
jamvila: certainly15:01
vilaand we *currently* generate log files 1GB/day with attempts to kill it15:01
jamI think martin and my point is that under load, 2s is actually pretty short for something to even generate a backtrace15:01
jamI'm happy to have the SIGTERM end up with SIGKILl15:02
vilawell, not *currently* because it's seen as failing but still15:02
jamafter a reasonable time15:02
jam10s seems good to me15:02
jama bit long for "die now please"15:02
jambut good for most situations15:02
vilajam: which is what the proposal implements hence asking for a re-review15:02
jamvila: which is the part I've certainly approved already15:02
vilameh, there are currently 2 NeedsFixing vote and no Approve15:03
jamvila: reload15:03
jammgz: why is "delta_data" a "void **" rather than a "delta_index **" ?15:04
jam(in the pyrex header)15:04
mgzit was a straight change from returning void* to taking void**, but it could be unsigned char** instead given the actual value15:05
jammgz: and in the docs, I would say "when DELTA_OK "fresh" contains a struct ..."15:05
mgzwas it some cython being to clever with strings workaround thing?15:05
jamrather than "outparam" which isn't defined15:05
jammgz: the actual value is a delta_index pointer15:06
jamat least from what I'm reading in delta.h15:06
mgzpossibly the header is misleading?15:06
mgz    unsigned char *out;15:06
mgz    *delta_data = out;15:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54130 in Ubuntu "no sound of any sort 6.10 knot 1" [Undecided,Invalid]15:06
jamline 28515:07
jamyou added a new parameter, it should be called "fresh" not "delta_data", or whatever you want to do with it15:07
mgzcreate_delta and create_delta_index have different signatures.15:07
jammgz: ah, just misreading it15:08
mgz282 in diff-delta.c is 197 in delta.h15:09
mgzadding to the function descriptions in the header might help things, the similar names are confusing to start with.15:10
jammgz: overall approve, just needs a news entry15:11
jamsomething about getting better error messages when things fail15:11
jamis probably enough15:11
mgzI'll do that and take another pass at the comments.15:13
mgzwhich news heading should it be under? :)15:15
jammgz: probably either internals or bugfixes15:15
mgzI'm just having a closer look at your tar export branch now, the push fixed the broken tests clearly.15:17
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vilajelmer: what do you mean in bug #739481 ? Repository has too many methods - iter_reverse_revision_history " ... "in favor of Repository.iter_reverse_revision_history" ?17:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 739481 in Bazaar "deprecate Repostory.iter_reverse_revision_history" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73948117:15
fullermdObviously, he means there's madness in its methods   ;)17:16
gypsymaurosuppose my shared repository is offline, can I commits locally and then when I can reach my serve again move all changes to the shared repository?17:32
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maxbgypsymauro: Yes, but a little advice on terminology - a "shared repository" in bzr terms usually refers to a location on disk created with "bzr init-repo" which exists to share one copy of history between multiple branches within it.17:37
maxbWhereas I assume you are talking about a remote server hosting branches.17:37
gypsymauromaxb: no I'm talking about a shared repository in bzr terms :)17:39
maxbHow can a directory on disk be offline?17:39
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sidneivila, is anyone running the bzr benchmarks that ian was running?17:55
sidneior jam ^^17:56
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jelmerg'morning poolie18:34
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santagadasidnei: I think you will have to run them18:42
sidneisantagada, yeah, why not18:42
sidneisantagada, you could too :)18:43
santagadasidnei: if you can get the scripts used, I can try18:44
sidneisantagada, yay!18:44
sidneijelmer, would you know anything about ian's benchmark scripts?18:51
santagadaif it is a simple shell or python we could run it on my mac on windows and osx, you could do it on ubuntu18:55
jelmersidnei: I think it's on Launchpad as lp:bzr-usertest18:55
santagadajelmer: yep it is in there but the docs http://people.canonical.com/~ianc/plugins/usertest/doc/ are 40418:57
jelmersantagada: I think the docs are probably in the branch too18:59
sidneiyeah, looks like it19:00
sidneisantagada, see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr-usertest/trunk/view/head:/scripts/script_network.py for example19:00
cody-somervillejelmer, Hey.19:03
cody-somervillejelmer, I got that information you requested: https://pastebin.canonical.com/44973/19:03
cody-somervillejelmer, It... looks like a bigger issue at hand. And the fact that someone else also reported this is rather concerning.19:03
jelmercody-somerville: who did?19:05
jelmercody-somerville: that all looks reasonable19:05
cody-somervillejelmer, Why is the group owner of somethings users and not jagosta?19:06
cody-somervillejelmer, LP #66167819:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 661678 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr whoami: unable to copy ownership from '$HOME/.bazaar' to '$HOME/.bazaar/bazaar.conf'" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66167819:07
jelmercody-somerville: I don't know, but that shouldn't really be an issue19:08
jelmercody-somerville: or maybe that breaks the ownership copying19:09
jelmercody-somerville: what groups is he in ? is he in both jagosta and users?19:10
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cody-somervillejelmer, weird... no. users but not jagosta19:12
jelmerThat would explain why bzr is errorring out - as it probably can't set the group for that file19:14
* jelmer reopens the bug19:14
cody-somervilleI think this might be a regression in Ubuntu.19:17
jelmercody-somerville: yeah, looks like it19:20
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Pilkydoes anyone have any experience pushing a bzr branch to a new github repository?20:39
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PilkyI'm trying to do a dpush but it's giving a respository not found error20:41
rockstarabentley, you around?21:31
AfCShame about bzr-git only using 1 CPU22:02
* jelmer waves to AfC22:06
AfCHi jelmer22:06
jelmerAfC: It could very well use more in theory, we just haven't put the work in yet and I imagine the GIL would be problematic in this case.22:07
AfCjelmer: I've been trying to get a checkout of Cairo. It's been 20 minutes so far. Might be a good test repository for you (especially seeing as how it's probably the third oldest Git respository out there).22:08
AfCjelmer: $ bzr checkout git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/cairo22:09
AfCjelmer: is the command I ran...22:09
AfCPerhaps one to add to the "large foreign repos we performance test" collection.22:10
jelmerAfC: There probably should be one, though..22:11
jelmerAmong other things I'm currently working on getting all the Bazaar interface tests passing against the foreign formats. After that, I hope to take a look at further improvements, including performance.22:11
AfCjelmer: doesn't John maintain some large family of test repos, ie Open Office?22:15
AfCjelmer: but anyway22:16
AfCjelmer: yeah, I saw you remark about that. Very cool indeed.22:16
jelmerAfC: Yeah, I think he has something like that, but he tests the converted trees, not the conversion itself.22:18
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IceGuest_77hi, quick question, hoping someone can help me. I am having a look at the stats plugin, and trying to understand how it works. Why are the numbers of revisions it reports more than from bzr log -rsomerev -n0 | grep revno | wc -l. What revisions is log not showing, and why?22:50
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kingosstats gets the revisions by doing : ancestry = a_repo.get_ancestry(revision)[1:]22:52
jelmerhi kingos23:01
spivkingos: off the top of my head I'd expect the ancestry of a revision to match the log -n023:01
jelmerspiv beat me to it, that's what I'd say as well23:02
jelmerget_ancestry() is a bit weird as the first entry it returns is always None, hence the "[1:]" bit.23:02
spiv('bzr ancestry' is a simpler way to see the revisions in the ancestry of a branch)23:03
spivkingos: "bzr ancestry" and "bzr log -n0 --line" give the same number of lines for me.23:05
spiv(on the two branches I tried, one with 34k revs the other with 688 revs)23:06
spiv(the stats plugin is not working for me atm)23:07
jelmerspiv: hmm?23:07
spivjelmer: AttributeError: 'ProgressTask' object has no attribute 'note'23:07
spivjelmer: with trunk lp:bzr and trunk lp:bzr-stats23:08
kingosspiv: yeah you can't specify an initial range I htink23:08
spivkingos: to bzr ancestry?  No, unfortunately.  You could always do 'bzr branch --no-tree -rSOMEREV' (maybe add '--stacked' if you aren't using a shared repo) to work around that :/23:09
kingosspiv: I meant with stats23:10
spivOh ok.23:10
kingosspiv: bzr stats -r2..5 fails, where as bzr stats -r5 works23:14
jelmerkingos: please file a bug about that23:19
jelmerkingos: does it simply ignore the range or does it crash?23:19
kingosjelmer: It fails with that progress note error23:22
kingosjelmer: do I file it under bzr, or is there a plugin specific bug page?23:23
spivkingos: oh, I'm not passing any args to bzr-stats at all23:23
spivkingos: bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-stats I expect23:23
jelmerit works happily here with both trunks afaik23:24
spivjelmer: a puzzle!23:24
jelmerspiv: I'm only getting that error when I specify a range23:25
spivjelmer: ah, hmm, pebkac in my ~/.bazaar/plugins symlinks23:27
jelmerkingos: can you try with trunk?23:27
spivWhee, 'ln -s ~/code/bzr-stats/trunk stats' does something confusingly different if you already have a 'stats' directory...23:28
jelmerspiv: heh23:28
kingosjelmer: still fails23:29
jelmerkingos: do you have r46?23:29
jelmercan you pastebin the backtrace?23:30
kingosjelmer: backtrace on the ticket23:30
kingosBug #73982323:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 739823 in bzr-stats "bzr stats cannot handle revision ranges like -r2..5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73982323:30
spivkingos: By 'r46' he means "the revision I committed 3 minutes ago23:31
kingosof stats?23:31
spivkingos: yes23:31
spivjelmer: thanks, r46 fixes the -r2..5 bug for me23:31
kingosjelmer: no I didn't, that fixes it :(23:32
kingosjelmer: what should I close the bug report with?23:32
kingosjelmer: fix committed, or something else?23:33
jelmerkingos: yeah, fix committed23:33
jelmerit'll be fix released after the next bzr-stats release23:33
pooliehi spiv, jelmer, all23:44
spivHi poolie23:47
jelmerhi poolie23:48

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