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afiestasI'm trying to use Trunk in Kubuntu compiled by myself, and I'm getting an error I never had 02:21
afiestas"Could not find mime types: " inode/directory ...02:21
afiestasin fact, running kbuildsycoca I can see that almost any mimetype is recognized 02:22
afiestas(image/jpeg for instance :/)02:22
ScottKshadeslayer: ^^^ similar reports with Neon maybe?02:23
claydohDaskreech: really really late pong02:41
Daskreechclaydoh: When did I ping you?02:42
DaskreechOh no I remember now I was checking if you had enough ops to ban sabdfl from the chan02:43
claydoh1;24 am est, in the midlle of th sab dl's connection issue02:43
DaskreechWas really really annoying02:44
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RiddellQuintasan: if the slideshow was full screen it would mean people who get bored can't start up a web browser and do something else09:08
Riddellyay, mobile arm images http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-mobile/daily-preinstalled/current/10:07
Riddellfirst time those have built in about two months10:07
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apacheloggerRiddell: I think the slideshow should just be replaced with a web browser whenever intarwebs is avaialble ;)10:29
Riddellapachelogger: how come you didn't merge https://code.launchpad.net/~goelkunal/kdelibs/debian/+merge/51994 directly?10:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 51994 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer crash" [Undecided,Invalid]10:56
apacheloggerRiddell: I found that upstream and packaged it :P11:01
Riddellapachelogger: do you have a paticular interest in not using openGL?11:02
apacheloggerRiddell: yes, recursive symbol resolution ... inshort: plasma-mobile loaded libgl at runtime due to libplasma making it impossible to start with --opengl ... long version: anything that linked against libplasma would load libgl at runtime as libplasma was linking against it, this was causing a symbol clash at runtime as both libgl and libgles were loaded essentially breaking usage of QtOpenGL in all applications that link against libplasma11:05
apacheloggerplasma-mobile can now use opengl on the n900, not that one would want to do that as I got horrible rendering bugs with it *shrug*11:06
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ari-tczewdebfx: how do you get upload access for libgadu?12:27
debfxari-tczew: it's in the kubuntu package set12:28
ari-tczewdebfx: aha ok12:28
ari-tczewdebfx: thanks ;))12:28
debfxari-tczew: you're welcome12:30
debfxRiddell: kubuntu-mobile doesn't have any dependencies/recommends12:31
ari-tczewdebfx: where can I find kubuntu package set list?12:39
debfxari-tczew: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuDevelopers#List%20of%20Packages12:40
Riddellrevu needed http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/qt-at-spi12:45
Riddelldebfx: hmm, that's curious12:46
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c2tarunare there any other packages like amarok, whose newer version is available? How can I check the list of packages whose newer version is available?13:07
Riddellc2tarun: rekonq release candidate13:10
Riddellc2tarun: watch out for announcements on planet, kde-apps.org and elsewhere13:11
c2tarunRiddell: thanks :) I'll look into it13:11
c2taruna patch failed to apply because there is a slight change in a file. should I update the patch so that it applies properly?13:24
Riddellc2tarun_: yes13:36
Riddellyou can do  quilt push -f  13:36
Riddellthen edit the broken files 13:36
Riddellthen quilt refresh13:36
c2tarun_Riddell: well I deleted that patch and created a new patch of same name with same changes in same file. is it wrong?13:37
Riddellthat should be ok13:38
c2tarun_Riddell: here is the diff b/w two debian folders http://paste.kde.org/7799/ please take a look13:41
Riddellc2tarun_: looks ok13:42
c2tarun_Riddell: can you upload it?13:42
Riddellc2tarun_: got the whole source package for me?13:43
Riddellc2tarun_: did you check for any new files?13:44
c2tarun_Riddell: looking13:45
Riddellc2tarun_: is it working for you?13:45
c2tarun_not tried, wait let me install it.13:45
c2tarun_Riddell: sorry gotta go :( I'll test it and ping you when I'll come back , thanks13:48
Riddellhmm, needs less haste does that one13:48
Riddelldebfx: well I agree it's not creating dependencies but I don't know why13:49
highvoltageFYI: KDE langpacks are breaking Edubuntu builds... again :) http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/natty/edubuntu-dvd/20110321/livecd-20110321-i386.out13:54
Riddellhighvoltage: see discussion with pitti in #u-d this morning13:57
highvoltageRiddell: ok13:59
shadeslayerScottK: iirc yofel fixed that using XDG_DATA_DIRS14:01
ScottKshadeslayer: Fixed what?14:02
shadeslayer<afiestas> "Could not find mime types: " inode/directory ...14:02
shadeslayerthat :)14:03
ScottKOh.  Great.14:03
ScottKyuriy: Looking at http://lucidfox.org/p/2011/03/21/installation_report_my_mother you need to be tranlating Muon ....14:04
Riddelldebfx: ah, fixed it, typo in metapackage-map14:05
afiestasshadeslayer: yes, I did (fix that) 14:07
shadeslayerafiestas: and the issue still exsists?14:07
lucidfox"With the USB, was there not a pop-up from the device notifier? Clicking on that should have giving a somewhat intuitive experience." <-- As I said, I changed the notification system to Colibri, the notify-osd clone14:08
afiestasnope, the problem was mine, because I assumed that Kubuntu set a XDG_DATA_DIR (to /usr/)14:08
shadeslayerhehe :)14:08
afiestasbut as the standar says if not set, /usr/share is assumed, so Kubuntu doing it well14:08
shadeslayerwe had the same issue in Neon14:09
shadeslayerafiestas: have a look at Neon's environment.rc ... should serve as a example to setup a dev env14:09
ScottKlucidfox: That's not a knotify notification.  It still should have been there (I think).14:14
lucidfoxHrm de hrm...14:15
agateauScottK: I think it was there, but the "open in file manager" entry is not immediatly visible,14:15
agateauScottK: you have to click the device to reveal it14:15
agateauScottK: which is a bit stupid according to me, the choices should always be visible14:16
ScottKlucidfox: I'd say that one's on you then for using a non-standard system that doesn't provide the expected functionality.14:16
ScottKagateau: Perhaps.  I could imagine it might get unwieldy in some cases.  Not sure.14:16
agateauScottK: it is quite uncommon to plug multiple devices at once, isn't it? in the worse case the whole content could be made scrollable, but that would not happen a lot14:17
ScottKagateau: Makes sense.  If only you knew an upstream KDE developer who could fix that in 4.7....14:18
agateauScottK: If only :)14:18
agateauScottK: one of those trendy shaps from #plasma maybe :)14:18
txwikingerAnybody ever use openvpn with knetwork manager?14:44
Riddellno but new network management snapshot needing testing in my PPA https://launchpad.net/~jr/+archive/ppa/+packages14:47
skfinIts a trap.14:48
txwikingerRiddell: haha14:48
txwikingerYou try to tell me the new snapshot does things the old one on maverick dose not?14:48
Riddelltxwikinger: mobile broadband things14:49
txwikingerRiddell: I do not have mobile broadband14:49
txwikingerI use vpn over wifi ;p14:49
* txwikinger wonders if the mobile broadband works on ipv614:50
* tazz wonders how difficult would it be to port a kde3 app to kde414:52
* tazz goes to rtfm14:52
\shtxwikinger: when you setup tayga eventually ;) (NAT64 (ipv6 to ipv4 nat gatway software ;))14:53
Daskreech!info quanta14:53
ubottuquanta (source: kdewebdev-kde3): web development environment for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 2548 kB, installed size 6168 kB14:53
Daskreechtazz: ^^^ there you go Test subject :)14:53
tazzDaskreech, you mean porting qanta from kde3 to kde4 ?14:54
shadeslayersomeone was actually asking for that14:55
Daskreechtazz: :)14:56
tazzDaskreech, actually i was thinking of http://ekaia.org/blog/2011/03/21/small-applications-missing-in-kde-4/14:56
ScottKtazz and Daskreech: There's a partially complete port of Quanta done already.  Somewhere in KDE svn/git.14:58
tazzScottK, thats interesting.14:59
ScottKKDE4 version of Quanta would be seriously wonderful.14:59
Riddelltazz: it's fiddly, needs the build system changed, the classes moved over to Qt 4 equivalents then lots of bugs fixed14:59
skfinIndeed it would14:59
ScottKThe guy that was working on it just lacks time.14:59
RiddellQuanta was waiting for kdevelop to be ready to port it to kdevplatform, I expect it's ready now14:59
* tazz thinks about looking into it.15:00
txwikinger\sh: I have already a ipv6throughipv4 tunnel15:01
txwikingerI do not need such a gateway15:01
* txwikinger 's servers are all fully ipv6 enabled15:01
Riddelltazz: Quanta is not a small project and porting it to kdevplatform would be a big task15:03
DaskreechRiddell: Kinda like the we should just Fork KDE3 and port it to Qt4 just to show Aaron crowd?15:04
txwikingerDaskreech: You have too much time to waste15:05
Daskreechtxwikinger: how so?15:05
txwikingerForking KDE3 and porting it to Qt4?15:05
ScottKRiddell: The aubergine should be gone from your debconf in ~105 minutes.15:06
Daskreechtxwikinger: I think it was SJVN who called for that on his blog15:06
* txwikinger would be happy if the everything would work without bugs in KDE415:06
Daskreechtxwikinger: True of any software that has been touched in the last year15:07
RiddellScottK: no more fluffy ? :(15:07
ScottKRiddell: You can set it yourself if you want, it's just not going to be default for us anymore.15:08
ScottKPurple and Blue don't mix very well.15:08
* txwikinger wonders what ScottK statement really means15:09
* txwikinger hates those IO-lockups all the time15:11
ulysseswrong console :P15:14
Riddell /win 1415:14
c2tarun_Riddell: I tried to install rekonq and here is what I got http://paste.kde.org/7805/ can you please take a look15:30
Riddellc2tarun_: that's fine, run  apt-get -f install15:31
Daskreechtxwikinger: When do you get IO lockups?15:42
debfxScottK: imho we should keep the vtrgb change and only revert to the original newt-palette15:51
ScottKdebfx: I'm OK with that I suppose.  We should probably discuss it a bit and see what the consensus is.  As long as DI/Debconf/etc aren't purple, I'm happy.15:52
txwikingerDaskreech: from swapping15:59
debfxScottK: ideally console-setup would install /etc/console-setup/vtrgb.vga as an alternative and k-d-s switches to it if /etc/vtrgb is in auto mode16:01
Daskreechtxwikinger: Swapping windows or the computer writing out to swap partition?16:01
ScottKdebfx: If only this had been coordinated before upload we might have something more sensible.16:01
txwikingercomputer writing out to swap partition16:01
ScottKdebfx: I don't mean to block improvements, I'd just like us to opt in to them (which we now have the chance to do)16:02
yofeltxwikinger: try to change the I/O scheduler to deadline instaed of cfq in /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler (for sda)16:02
yofelthat made swap a bit more usable on my notebook at least16:03
txwikingeryofel: noop deadline [cfq]16:04
yofelecho deadline into the file, cfq is the default (and currently selected)16:04
yofeldefault on desktop at least16:05
steveiremilian wolff worked on quanta in GSoC I think16:05
txwikingeryofel: I changed it.. will see if this helps16:06
c2tarun_Riddell: rekonq installed succesfully but didnt run may be a problem in my chroot. http://paste.kde.org/7806/16:16
Riddellyes, dbus foo16:17
Riddellc2tarun_: want an ec2 machine?16:18
c2tarun_Riddell: sure16:18
c2tarunRiddell, sorry I got disconnected, is that ec2 machine ready?16:25
agateauScottK: lucidfox: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdebase/kde-workspace/repository/revisions/d2fe2b20f0a1d13a3a38ba6f171d04e741022c3f16:26
lucidfoxWow, that was fast :)16:27
Riddellc2tarun: ubuntu@ec2-50-16-122-254.compute-1.amazonaws.com16:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: poke16:40
shadeslayerok so what would be the best return type for sending HTML data back? any ideas>16:41
shadeslayerback as in back over the network16:41
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c2tarun Riddell my connection seems to be too slow to check :( can you please run rekonq on ec216:59
Riddellc2tarun: yes lovely, working17:01
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c2tarungrt :)17:02
c2tarunRiddell, I dont see any anouncement section on kde-apps.or17:02
c2tarunRiddell, I dont see any anouncement section on kde-apps.org17:02
Riddellc2tarun: the whole website is for announcing software17:03
Riddellc2tarun: can you upload the rekonq packaging to that ec2 machine for me to upload to the archive?17:03
c2tarunRiddell, sure. which files are necessary?17:04
Riddellc2tarun: the .orig.tar.bz2, the .dsc and the .debian.tar.gz17:04
shadeslayeroh c2tarun packaged rekonq? goody :D17:07
debfxScottK: we still have an aubergine grub screen :(17:07
shadeslayeryeah ^^ :P17:07
shadeslayerdebfx: iirc apachelogger made it possible to have a blue screen17:08
Riddelldidn't harald have a change to that?17:08
shadeslayerhe did, but didn't commit anything17:08
ScottKdebfx: Rats.  Can you work with Kirkland on figuring it out?17:08
debfxI had a quick look at it and think it needs some refactoring in grub17:09
RiddellI do wonder if the colour of grub is really our greatest problem :)17:10
c2tarunRiddell, done17:10
debfxindeed it is :P17:10
* apachelogger has a kickass migraine17:17
ScottKah.  I missed you said grub.17:19
ScottKThat's different than Kirkland's thing.17:19
apacheloggerdebfx: aha!17:20
apacheloggerdebfx: indeed there is a brief moment of auberginess17:20
apacheloggernot particularly a showstopper for blueness though17:20
apacheloggerdebfx: do you have a color ready?17:21
* apachelogger thinks his choice of blue is a bit too dark17:21
debfxapachelogger: no I was relying on you for the color scheme :)17:22
apacheloggerwell, I can digg up mine eventually17:23
debfxdo you have a way to hook that into the grub config?17:23
apacheloggerjust drop in /etc/grub.d/ and make sure update-grub is triggered17:25
debfxapachelogger: wouldn't that overwrite all the magic in /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme?17:27
apacheloggerdebfx: http://aplg.kollide.net/tmp/06_kubuntu_theme17:27
debfxapachelogger: it seems to call set_default_theme only if no background image is configured17:27
apacheloggerno background image on kyoubuntoo17:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: whats the cmake var to include QNetworkInterface class?17:28
apacheloggerI dont even know what that is17:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: qt_network includes I suppose17:29
apacheloggeror you just add qt_includes17:30
apacheloggerwhich is probably the better option anyway17:30
shadeslayerit's there17:30
shadeslayeri get : /home/shadeslayer/tmp/Presentateur/src/MainWindow.cpp:-1: error: undefined reference to `QHostAddress::QHostAddress(QHostAddress::SpecialAddress)'17:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: there's also /home/shadeslayer/tmp/Presentateur/src/MainWindow.cpp:-1: error: undefined reference to `QNetworkInterface::allAddresses()'17:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: you need to link against it17:32
apacheloggerit = qtnetwork17:32
shadeslayeryeah i'm adding target_link_libs 17:32
apacheloggerit.next() ^^17:32
shadeslayerheh :P17:32
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debfxaha, yofel filed bug #69691517:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 696915 in grub2 (Ubuntu Natty) "make it possible to configure grub background color in a usable way" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69691517:47
c2tarunRiddell, well is my connection gone or that ec2 machine is switched off?17:53
Riddellc2tarun: I turned if off, were you using it?17:54
c2tarunRiddell, there was a package Qtiplot its new version is available, I thought to pack it.17:54
Riddellc2tarun: hmm, sorry17:55
Riddellwant me to start another one?17:55
c2tarunRiddell, noproblem :) if possible please start it, because its little big package on my connection it will take whole night.17:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: solved ... needed target_link_libs17:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: isn that what we said? :P17:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: now there's a new issue my label gets cut off in the Layout >.>17:57
apacheloggerbecause you did not properly lay it out17:57
Riddellc2tarun: ubuntu@ec2-50-17-20-131.compute-1.amazonaws.com17:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.kde.org/782517:58
apacheloggershadeslayer: couldnt you just commit and push stuff? :S18:01
shadeslayerdifferent project :P18:01
apacheloggershadeslayer: you really should be using foreach18:02
ScottKAnyone updating bluedevil?18:02
* shadeslayer is having fun with QDbus18:02
apacheloggershadeslayer: easy solution is to activate wordwrap I suppose18:02
* Riddell is busy building RPMs on the build service18:03
shadeslayerRiddell: O_O18:03
shadeslayerusb-creator right?18:03
shadeslayerapachelogger: what's the correct solution?18:03
Riddellshadeslayer: yes18:03
apacheloggershadeslayer: depends on what you want to do18:06
* apachelogger has too much a headache to read that code though18:06
apacheloggerNightrose: ping18:06
Nightroseapachelogger: pong18:08
c2tarunits weird, I copied debian folder to new upstream version, on running quilt top I am getting message no patches upstream. How can it be possible?18:08
c2taruns/upstream/in series/18:10
kubotuc2tarun meant: "its weird, I copied debian folder to new in series version, on running quilt top I am getting message no patches upstream. How can it be possible?"18:10
c2tarunits weird, I copied debian folder to new upstream version, on running quilt top I am getting message no patches in series. How can it be possible?18:10
apacheloggerNightrose: who of KDE is going to LT and would like to do a talk?18:10
apacheloggerNightrose: my how to change your wallpaper talk got accepted, but I'll probably be @ UDS18:11
Nightroseidunno tbh18:11
Riddellooh, apachelogger is coming to UDS?18:11
Riddellc2tarun: export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches  maybe?18:12
apacheloggerNightrose: oh, actually, maybe I can do it18:12
shadeslayerapachelogger: LT?18:13
apacheloggerRiddell: if I get sponsorship for mon-wed18:13
apacheloggerNightrose: talk is scheduled sat afternoon and I probably have an exam on friday afternoon18:13
apacheloggerif I take a late flight friday or a early one on saturday that might just work out18:14
apacheloggershadeslayer: linuxtag18:14
apacheloggeractuall it is at noon ^^18:15
* apachelogger has reading problems from headache it seems18:16
* apachelogger better reads this tomorrow again18:16
apacheloggerNightrose: in any case if you could watch out for someone to take the talk that would be swell18:17
shadeslayerScottK: incoming ARM question for ya18:26
shadeslayersomeone from Nokia18:26
c2tarunwhat is the meaning of this line? Hunk #1 succeeded at 18624 with fuzz 1 (offset 889 lines).18:29
ScottKshadeslayer: Shoot.18:31
* shadeslayer picks up a gun and fires at apachelogger18:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: my aim is lousy18:32
shadeslayerdid it hit your ARM? :P18:32
shadeslayerScottK: HorusHorrendus was supposed to ask the question, but i have no idea what happened .. /me checks #amarok18:33
yofelc2tarun: part 1 of the patch was successfully applied. 18624 should be the line number it was applied to, 889 is the distance from the original line it was supposed to be applied to I think. No idea was fuzz is18:33
sheytanRiddell ping18:33
ScottKshadeslayer: The answer to most Qt on arm questions is "Remember Qreal = Double".18:34
shadeslayerhehe 18:34
HorusHorrendusScottK: well not Double/Real in our Lib ;)18:34
HorusHorrenduswhat happened ... not much ... not sure if it is ARM or Meego what is the problem18:35
yofelc2tarun: ah, fuzz: the top and bottom line in the patch context (the part before and after the lines that were patched) were ignored.18:35
yofelc2tarun: see man patch18:35
rbelemwrong channel :-D18:37
ScottKHorusHorrendus: What was the issue?18:39
HorusHorrendusa mail we got from a Dev at Nokia18:40
HorusHorrenduswho wants to build my Library (atm used only by amarok 2.4.1) on Meego18:40
HorusHorrendushe also made the error to don't see what I meant with BASE_PATH_OF_INSTALLATION18:40
c2tarunyofel, ok I read the man page, what should I do in case of fuzz?18:41
HorusHorrendusbut the errors are really really strange ;)18:41
HorusHorrendusScottK: so if you have time, an experienced Builder for ARM would be cool to check our small Library out: https://github.com/ase23/libmygpo-qt18:41
HorusHorrendusjust clone and try to build under ARM18:41
yofelc2tarun: nothing, as long as the patch applies you're good usually, It's just a warning that the file has changed very near your patch so it might be needed to update it sometime.18:42
ScottKHorusHorrendus: That doesn't look like anything arm specific to me.18:45
ScottKIt'll probably be a couple of days before I have any time.  Ping me on Wed. if you still have it unresolved.18:45
HorusHorrendusScottK: well I also think it is Meego specific18:45
ScottKI'm pretty sure it is.18:46
HorusHorrendusshadeslayer was so eager to point me to you ;)18:46
shadeslayerHorusHorrendus: well you said it was a ARM issue :P18:46
ScottKapachelogger knows a bit about Meego stuff and he's got access to the arm boxes.18:46
ScottKshadeslayer: It is on arm, but it's not arm's fault I don't think.18:46
shadeslayers/was/might be18:46
debfxyofel, c2tarun: iirc quilt doesn't allow patches with fuzz, you need to manually refresh the patch18:47
* shadeslayer goes head banging against calligra and dbus18:47
c2tarundebfx, I refreshed it.18:47
HorusHorrenduswell you don't need a ARM box ... you only need this CrossCompiler Scratchbox with QEMU and so on ...18:47
apacheloggerwhat is with me?18:47
apacheloggerare you draging me into work again?18:47
* apachelogger runs18:47
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: always ;)18:47
yofeldebfx: ah, never had that case here before.18:47
debfxc2tarun: then it wouldn't have fuzz and an offset18:48
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: any idea what http://paste.kde.org/7832/ might be (MeeGo related, that Guy from Nokia tried to build my lib on MeeGo/ARM and failed)18:48
c2tarundebfx, yup it resolved aftr that :)18:48
debfxah ok :)18:49
HorusHorrendusa Nokia Dev who can't figure out why a Build doesn't work under MeeGo ... probably a good Idea they switched to Windows Phone 7 *ducks & runs*18:49
apachelogger  mmap: No such device or address18:49
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: sounds like the emulator is crapz18:49
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: we tried to tell him that ;) he says: "Scratchbox should be ok, at least everything else compiles fine and lib compiles in i486 target."18:50
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: just that he is in the armv7 target18:51
apacheloggerand that requires emulation unless he actually runs scratchbox on an armv718:51
apachelogger(which would be utterly pointless)18:51
shadeslayerso calligra uses a pid in it's dbus interface18:51
shadeslayerNOT GOOD18:51
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: you know more about ARM then Nokia Devs ... ;)18:51
HorusHorrendus(at least seem to know)18:51
apacheloggermarkey: do you also have people who understand the difference between x86 and arm? :P18:52
* apachelogger shakes head and drops some more pain killers18:52
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: what lib are we talking about?18:54
* apachelogger could have guesed ^^18:54
HorusHorrendusa Kubuntu Dev just wrote me about it ;)18:54
apacheloggerI can do a quick native build if you want18:55
HorusHorrendusif you want you can try ;)18:55
apacheloggerto proof to the nice nokia dude that it is not the lib but his setup :P18:55
HorusHorrendusbut try current git18:55
apacheloggerwouldn't have done it any other way :P18:55
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: cool proof, I like ;)18:55
apacheloggerclass SuProcess : public QProcess18:56
apachelogger<3 android18:56
apacheloggera system made so you can geek around with su18:56
HorusHorrendushow can I in a file like http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.txt18:57
HorusHorrendusstate this or any later lgpl licence18:57
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: you cannot and you you should not18:58
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: why would you?18:59
c2tarunI got this error while building a package http://paste.kde.org/7836/ manual.pro is missing, I guess manual.pro should be generated when we run qmake -project in manual folder. What is wrong here?18:59
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: cause my files say LGPL 2.1+19:00
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: huh? where?19:01
apacheloggeryou mean the source?19:01
apacheloggerjust change the license header in the source (if you have permission of all potential copyright holders that is)19:01
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: no problem is19:02
HorusHorrendussource say 2.1+19:02
HorusHorrendusLICENSE File say 319:02
HorusHorrendusso I wanna change LICENSE File to also say 2.1+19:02
HorusHorrendusor is it good if it say 2.1 and the Source say 2.1+19:02
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: where is that license file?19:03
apacheloggera license only can have one version at a time, if your code is 2.1+ then you include the 2.1 version of lgpl and are done19:03
HorusHorrendusok good19:03
HorusHorrendusthx apachelogger that's what I wanted to know19:03
HorusHorrenduswhere do I have to make the "Cut off"19:06
HorusHorrendusinclude "END OF LICENSING TERMS"19:06
HorusHorrendusor delete that line ...19:06
bambeewhere dh-make finds debian/copyright templates ? I've also to change debian/copyright from lgpl3 to lgpl2.1+  (so the summary too)19:07
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: use the file as-is19:08
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: hmm including the stuff after END OF LICENSING TERMS and the "how to apply this ..." ... :)19:09
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HorusHorrendusok probably should be done that way ;)19:10
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: it is not like it does any harm ;)19:12
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: it fails to build :P19:22
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583470/19:22
HorusHorrendusahh that could be19:25
HorusHorrenduscause we set the errors pretty high19:25
HorusHorrendusso that it stops on warnings19:25
HorusHorrendusthat was a problem on ARM ...19:25
HorusHorrendusand that's all Qt Stuff ... they should fix it ;)19:26
HorusHorrendusbut have to do something in CMake about ARM19:27
c2tarunRiddell, sorry I tried to work on two packages, ktorrent and qtiplot both failed to build from source :( you can switch off that ec2 machine. thanks19:34
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: could you maybe pull & try again ... there was a -Werror definition in there that made it stop on warnings and somehow these Warnings only appear on ARM20:15
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/tmp/libmygpo-qt.arm.log20:33
apacheloggernative arm build definitely works20:34
apacheloggerblame scratchbox20:34
ScottKor Meego or Nokia.20:34
apacheloggerScottK: I actually think he is building on the maemo toolchain20:36
ScottKSo my blame pointing is appropriate.20:37
apacheloggerI do not think a meego scratcbhox target would be named after the current maemo series20:37
bambeehuh... two people wrote the same package ?20:37
apacheloggerbad communication20:38
bambeeseriously ? just read your logs I said that 3 days ago... 20:38
bambeewell, I contacted devs on upstream COPYING was changed from lgpl3 to lgpl2.1 and a unit test fails, it's also reported20:40
HorusHorrendushi bambee ;)20:40
HorusHorrendusyeah that stupid Unit Test, already replied to you20:40
HorusHorrendusapachelogger was testing something different for us ... arm special ;) so that he can blame nokia devs ;)20:41
bambeeHorusHorrendus: your rules are done ?20:42
HorusHorrendusbambee: what rules do you mean?20:44
bambeedebian/rules 20:44
HorusHorrendusyou mean the COPYING File? Yeah corrected it to LGPL 2.1 in GIT20:45
apacheloggerwhy would HorusHorrendus write the rules? ]:D20:45
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: no idea ... this whole packaging thing confuses me ... first I look for Packagers over the mailinglist (amarok & gpodder) since 2 Months already and now all of a sudden they all come to me ;)20:45
bambeeapachelogger: we're both working on the same package or not ?20:46
ScottKapachelogger: More trustworthy than relying on your alcohol induced fits of procutivity?20:46
* bambee is confused20:46
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: you need to poke Nightrose to advertise stuff to them20:46
apacheloggerthere is a secret packager society somewhere20:46
* apachelogger is not allowed in anymore20:46
apacheloggerapparently there was a vodka incident20:46
apacheloggerScottK: perhaps20:47
apacheloggerbambee: you and me?20:47
apacheloggerI am getting drunk20:47
apacheloggersenior devs do not do development, look at nixternal :P20:47
ScottKapachelogger: nixternal isn't quite old enough for senior.  He just doesn't do much ...20:49
HorusHorrendusbambee: apachelogger did only some tests for me, not packaging20:51
HorusHorrendusbut you worked on the same lib ;)20:51
HorusHorrendushe made sure that it builds for ARM ;)20:51
bambeeI just don't want to work on something for nothing :)20:52
HorusHorrendusif anyone wants to run Kubuntu on ARM :)20:52
bambeebut no problems20:52
HorusHorrendusbambee: It's never for nothing, I appreciate your Work ;)20:52
bambeeokay okay20:52
HorusHorrendusJust a little bit overwhelmed today ;)20:53
* apachelogger once was overwhelmed20:54
apacheloggercouldn't sit for a week20:54
Riddellreminder to world: revu needed http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/qt-at-spi; plasma-widget-networkmanagement test needed https://launchpad.net/~jr/+archive/ppa/+packages20:57
HorusHorrendussome people call that too much caffeine ;)20:57
apacheloggerthat is not what I meant20:58
HorusHorrendusapachelogger: what did you build it under? Kubuntu/ARM, Debian/ARM, ...??20:58
* apachelogger has an almost working vpnc gui for androidz20:59
* bambee drank too much coffee20:59
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: kyoubuntoo 11.0420:59
HorusHorrendusthat is Kubuntu for ARM? ;)21:00
apacheloggerHorusHorrendus: otherwise it would be difficult to do a native build :P21:00
HorusHorrendussure sure ;)21:00
apacheloggeranyone knows why my qtcreator aint got no qtquick designer thing?21:04
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Riddellapachelogger: upstream haven't released the qt quick bits as far as I know21:08
Riddellnot stable enough21:08
ScottKapachelogger: Speaking of which, did you get the ice creaming working on the .200 box?21:10
apacheloggerScottK: no, I forgot :P21:11
ScottKapachelogger: OK.  Now you are reminded.21:11
apacheloggerI will try again tomorrow :D21:14
Riddellfregl: W: qt-at-spi: old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file   warning on the qt-at-spi package22:25

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