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sre-su!info wmaker01:28
ubottuwmaker (source: wmaker): NeXTSTEP-like window manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.92.0-8.2 (maverick), package size 2359 kB, installed size 6340 kB01:28
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s0phiahey, question guys01:55
s0phiaheadphones work for amarok, but not youtube01:56
s0phiawhat do? :P01:56
Walzmynthat's weird01:57
s0phiaDaskreech, can you help with my problem? x.x02:28
DaskreechWhat is the problem?02:28
tertl3i hear that KDE is loosing traction?02:50
tertl3it seems fine to me but idk02:50
Daskreechtertl3: you can ignore that :)02:50
Daskreechtertl3: though in reality it does not make a difference02:51
tertl3well, if you look at it like that then nothing really makes a difference02:51
beastI need help with make on wireless driver02:51
beastCan anybody help me with a wireless network card driver02:52
Mase_wkbeast: we don't  really know because you haven't given us any information02:53
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beastWas waiting see somebody had time before I put out all the dirty details02:53
tertl3lol, (no harm intended)02:54
beastI am trying to do a make on a ralink device 306202:54
beastbut I keep getting a gcc error02:54
beastinstalled gcc but still says it can't find it02:55
Mase_wkbeast: well if someone doesn't know what issue  your facing they don't know if it's something they have time / knowledge for.02:55
beastok have i given you enough details? can you help me?02:55
Mase_wkbeast: why are you compiling the ralink driver ?02:56
Daskreechtertl3: With FOSS that may be true.02:57
Daskreechtertl3: if you like using something then use it02:57
beasttrying to I edited a file as directed by the readme and then run make but that is when I get the error that says it can't find gcc02:57
Mase_wkis it not in the kernel because it's too new or because it's non-free software ?02:57
beastso I installed gcc but I still get the error02:57
beastok any suggestions on how to get an older version?02:57
Mase_wkno it was a question02:58
beastI'm not sure how to answer your question02:58
Mase_wkok, what license is the ralink driver under ?02:58
beastI just did a sudo apt-get install gcc02:59
Mase_wkok well, i may or may not be able to help you. I am trying to ascertain if i can help you, however in order to do that, i need you to answer the questions i have asked.03:00
Mase_wkalternately there may be someone else in the channel that can help you.03:01
Mase_wkhowever you may have to be patient03:01
Mase_wkguess he didn't want my help03:02
beastsorry computer froze and had to reboot03:03
beastsorry computer froze and had to reboot03:03
beastlet me look for the  license info03:03
Mase_wkok. also which version of kubuntu are you running ?03:04
beastI running 10.10 Kubuntu. Can't find any license info but I got it from the ralink website so maybe there is something there03:05
beastGNU license03:06
beastFree software03:06
Mase_wkok so is it in a newer kernel ?03:08
Mase_wk2.6.38 ?03:08
Mase_wkbecause if it has, then it's probably easier to just use a newer kernel03:09
beasthow do I find out?03:09
Mase_wkerm well i had a look in the 2.6.38 changelog and it's possible it got merged03:11
beastsorry I'm a bit helpless still03:11
Mase_wkno worries03:11
Mase_wkit's not trivial03:11
Mase_wkgenerally we just encourage people to wait until it's supported out the box03:11
Mase_wkso that would be natty, but if you're in a hurry there are 'testing' kernels03:12
Mase_wkwhich can be installed03:12
beastwireless is my only choice for my situation so it's either get it working or look for a different way to connect to the network03:12
Mase_wkit's for natty, but it will work in maverick03:12
Mase_wkbut YMMV03:13
Mase_wkgrab the _all.deb and the 2 others which match your achitecture03:13
Mase_wkand and install them by sudo  dpkg -i *.deb03:13
beastcool thanks will do03:13
Mase_wkplease be aware though, these are not production kernels03:14
Mase_wkat least not for ubuntu03:14
Mase_wkthey don't contain any patches which ubuntu make against the kernel so if you have other random hardware which is not supported in the mainline03:14
beastok I don't mind taking chances lol03:14
Mase_wkit probably will not work.03:14
Mase_wkgood luck03:15
beastI don't think I do thanks03:15
Daskreechbeast: You should apt-get install build-essential03:16
beastok thanks03:17
Daskreechbeast: what is the issue you are having?03:17
Mase_wkDaskreech: ralink wifi driver is not in his kernel03:17
beastI can't see my wireless network to connect03:17
Daskreechbeast: laptop?03:18
beastso I need driver to make it work but it is not in the kernel as Mase said03:18
beastno desktop03:18
beastformer Vista desktop03:18
Mase_wkDaskreech: his chipset only just got merged in 2.6.38 from what i can see03:18
Daskreechbeast: do you see the wifi card in lspci ?03:18
Daskreech or lshw -C network ?03:18
DaskreechMase_wk: Ah really? Hmm ok03:18
DaskreechMight want to try a new kernel then as stated03:19
Daskreechdo you want to try that first?03:19
Mase_wkDaskreech: well i'm not 100% sure03:19
Mase_wkthe changelogs say 280003:19
Mase_wkwhich I *think* is his chipset from the ralink page03:19
Mase_wkbut it only gives model no's03:19
Mase_wkso it makes it a bit difficult03:19
Mase_wki'm reasonably sure, but not 100% certain03:20
Mase_wkso by all means do some more tests03:20
beastits a fresh install so at worst I scrap it and start over03:20
Daskreechbeast: 64 bit or 32 bit ?03:21
beastjust installed gcc and need to restart brb03:22
Daskreechwget that to the computer03:22
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beastdownloading now03:23
Daskreechwhen it's done do a sudo dpkg -i /path/to/whereyou/downloaded/to03:25
Daskreechbeast: let me know if that gives an error03:27
beastsubprocess dpkg-split returned error exit status 203:29
beastnevermind I screwed up it worked this time03:31
beastI forgot to tell which file to process lol03:32
beastmake works now! thanks guys03:32
Daskreechbeast: ha of course it does03:32
Daskreechbeast: ok try and reboot and choose the 2.6.38 kernel and see if it boots03:32
Daskreechif it doesn't then just reboot and choose the next oldest one03:33
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dfreyIs there a way to get the kernel config that is used to build the "-generic" kernels for (k)ubuntu?05:04
Daskreechdfrey: ask for them?05:19
petetelook at /boot/config-*05:30
birdinatuxfirefox installer ran successfully but only the installer shows up in the menu. how do i access the actual broswer?06:12
Daskreechbirdinatux: Shoudl be in the menu06:14
Daskreechbirdinatux: try alt+f2 -> firefox06:14
birdinatuxstill only installer shows.06:15
birdinatuxi am running off live cd if that matters06:15
birdinatuxI was going to install but the  cd is scratched and freezes half way. Was going to download the iso to burn to a new one, but cant get a browser.  Firefox only shows installer, and rekong crashes at startup every time i run it06:18
Daskreechbirdinatux: It comes with a browser06:20
DaskreechKonqueror works06:20
birdinatuxrekonq web browser wont run. crashes every time i try to start it06:21
Daskreechbirdinatux: also as a question what were you going to use to burn?06:21
Daskreechbirdinatux: Konqueror?06:21
Daskreechfrom the LiveCD?06:21
Daskreechwhere are you downloading it to ?06:22
birdinatuxwas going to d/l it to a flash drive, the iso06:23
birdinatuxshould   I just boot into windows and do it there?06:23
Daskreechif all you are doing is burning a CD and you have the software under windows  I don't see why not06:25
birdinatuxok, shall return.06:25
james147birdinatux: probally best, if the installer is crupt due to the scratch there is no telling what else it ^^06:25
james147(or at least another os06:26
birdinatuxis it really worth getting the 64bit edition over the 32 bit edition?06:30
susundbergWell i wouldn't re-install my os for that but when installing newer version certainly i would get the 64b edition06:31
birdinatux64 it is then.  Just ppl saying not many 64 bit apps so no point...06:32
susundbergi guess there is not much difference in speed either way. And if you do not have more than 3Gb memory then thats not problem either ..06:32
Daskreechbirdinatux: They are all 64 bit apps06:32
Daskreech Being free and open does have perks06:33
birdinatuxI have 8gb ram06:33
susundbergso 32b program cannot use that all, so 64b might make sense ..06:33
birdinatux45 mins til burn time w00t06:38
birdinatuxWhile i'm downloading.... I have a ati radeon 5770 hd graphics card.  Should i use the drivers provided by kubuntu, or download the proprietary ones?06:42
james147birdinatux: install the preoprietary one using "aditional drivers" ... or "hardware drivers" (or what ever its called nowa days :p... or run jockey-kde form the terminal)06:48
birdinatuxjames147 cool. thanks06:49
Daskreechhow are you?07:31
eagles0513875hey Daskreech07:36
Daskreechhi eagles051387507:37
eagles0513875how goes it :)07:38
DaskreechAlright :)07:38
eagles0513875was gonna ask if you know a kde front end to drop box07:40
eagles0513875lol but i remembered the name07:40
eagles0513875!info kfilebox07:40
ubottuPackage kfilebox does not exist in maverick07:40
FloodBotK1eagles0513875: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:40
eagles0513875lol talk about sensitive07:41
birdinatuxInstall went smooth :)07:42
Daskreechbirdinatux: much better07:44
birdinatuxkde was laggy on my old comp, but this one I just built it's running great!07:46
Daskreecheagles0513875: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdropbox/files/kfilebox-0.4.7/Kubuntu 10.10/07:47
eagles0513875lol Daskreech way ahead of you bro lol im just finding it interesting that its not in the repos07:48
eagles0513875Daskreech: im really digging using html5 based youtube on my mac07:48
Daskreechcan you dig it? can you dig it?07:48
eagles0513875it buffers a hell of alot faster07:48
eagles0513875even downloading off u tube it downloads a hell of alot faster too07:49
naftilos76hi, does anyone know where the notes plasmoid usually with yellow background keep its' files? I have installed everything from scratch and forgot to copy the notes from the plasmoid. Can anyone help?08:21
* james147 thinks its in ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc ...08:22
naftilos76I can find anything in ".kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/"08:22
naftilos76ok let me have a look08:23
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coolnsanyone there11:23
nigelbthat wasn't long.11:24
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cadomeirelesHello, someone know how install the printer Kyocera FS-1016? I have already tryed use the foo2kyo, but don't compile.13:27
Note-bookmy KDE screensaver wont start :(14:47
k00paso I have installed the propriety drivers, how can I get dual screen working?15:06
k00paati card15:07
k00paon displays I can see two screens15:07
k00pabut for some reason it wont work15:07
james147k00pa: try this:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22117415:07
rosco_yDoes anyone know why the desktop pager widget gets colored like a progress bar when I have certain Desktops selected (what does it signify)?15:07
rosco_yk00pa: is it an NVIDIA driver?15:07
james147rosco_y: ati ^^ not nvidia15:08
rosco_ysorry, I guess not huh15:08
k00parosco_y: I have ati card15:08
rosco_yIt was my experience that the open source driver was a lot better for dual head setups than the proprietary driver15:08
james147rosco_y: not sure what you mean... a screen shot might help15:08
k00paso what driver should i install?15:09
james147rosco_y: depends which drivers ^^15:09
rosco_yI used to have ati, and it was very easy to configure the open source drivers, the ati proprietary drivers where the pits15:09
james147k00pa: i would think so, but I am not fimilar with ati cards :)15:09
k00pahmm hmm15:10
rosco_yI would google for some info on installing/using the open source drivers, although I think they are installed by default in 10.1015:11
k00payeah it installed something15:11
k00pabut aint working with dual screen15:11
rosco_yI think if you open the "Additional Drivers" dialog, and tell your system "Not to use" the proprietary driver, it defaults to the opensource driver, but you should double-check15:11
rosco_yk00pa: are you using the propriety driver?15:12
k00parestarting x ... ->15:12
k00pawhy the f ctrl+alt+backspace doesn't work anymore?15:12
rosco_yit's possible to get it working, but it's very flaky15:12
james147k00pa: alt+print screen +k15:12
rosco_ywhat are you using your system for (gaming/programming/other)?15:13
rosco_ythe proprietary driver gives you better hardware access, but it's much harder to configure15:13
rosco_yif your main goal is to have two monitors, then I recommend the open source driver15:14
k00pawell how I remove the old and get the new then15:14
rosco_yuse the open source driver, it's very easy to use15:14
k00pacurrently at black screen..15:14
k00paokey, where is ctrl+alt+f1 now?15:14
james147k00pa: that one hasent changed15:14
rosco_yok I think you need to go into your xorg.conf file and fix it there15:14
k00pawell cant get tty1 open15:14
rosco_yI believe it's in the /etc/X11 directory15:15
james147k00pa: you capslock light toggle on your keyboard?15:15
k00parestarted already15:15
k00parolling the backup of xorg15:16
rosco_ythere might be a way to build a default xorg.conf file from the command line....be worth googling15:16
james147Xorg --configure i think... while X isnt running that is15:17
k00pawell I had backups15:17
k00paso x is running now15:17
k00pahmmm ati catalyst control center15:18
rosco_ysorry k00pa, I hated ati.  I bought a NVIDIA on sale at Newegg.  Most productive purchase I've made in a long time.15:19
k00parosco_y: yeaah but I think I just got this stuff working just fine using the ati ccc15:21
rosco_yI think I recall that I had luck opening the "Additoinall Drivers" dialog, and "Removing" the proprietary driver15:21
k00paI dont have proplems with the proprietary drivers15:21
k00palast time I used proprietary were faster than free15:22
rosco_yk00pa: here's what would happen to me:  I'd fight with it until it worked, and then when I rebooted I had to do the same thing all over again.15:22
rosco_yIt didn't seem to remember my settings15:22
rosco_yWell, I gotta get too it....good luck!!!15:22
k00paAti catalyst control for the win!15:23
k00painstall propriety drivers -> ccc configuring -> done15:23
k00panow I have to get rid of this horrible theme15:23
Daskreech!dontzap | k00pa that should help15:35
ubottuk00pa that should help: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap15:35
Peace-k00pa: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/kde-4-x-ctrl-alt-backspace-kill-the-x-server/15:53
k00pathat simple15:53
* james147 dosnt understand why people cant get use to the new combo ^^15:54
k00paI am used to the old15:54
k00pamuch better15:54
k00pasame as saying why you cant understand that some people use dovark keyboard or something :P15:55
* Peace- wonders which is the new combo15:55
k00paalt+prtn screen+k15:55
* DarthFrog wonders why the key combo was changed in the first place.15:55
k00pano idea15:55
Peace-guess ctrl alt backspace15:56
Peace-are too used15:56
Peace-i guess15:56
Peace-*bah *15:56
DarthFrogBy that argument, CTL-ALT-Delete should be changed, too.15:57
Peace-who has 4.6.1 can try to run an gtk application like root?15:57
Peace-should appear ugly15:57
DarthFrogMeta-CTL-Put your righrt arm over your left shoulder- S15:57
james147^^ http://gquigs.blogspot.com/2009/03/ctrl-alt-backspace-restarts-x-dont-do.html15:57
Peace-james147: have you some gtk applications ?15:59
* james147 trys hard not to ^^16:00
DaskreechDarthFrog: X killed it upstream. Distros followed the default16:00
Peace-james147: could you run someone like root?16:00
james147Peace-: have you set up the gtk apps to use the kde theme on the root profile?16:01
DarthFrogDaskreech: Doesn't matter who killed it (but thanks anyway).16:01
Peace-yes but it doesn't work on natty james14716:01
* james147 dosnt use natty ^^16:01
Peace-james147: :P16:01
Peace-james147: on maverick works i guess16:02
* james147 dosnt use maverick either :D16:02
Peace-james147: wt he16:02
DaskreechDarthFrog: Just saying why it was disabled :)16:03
james147Peace-: :) currently running arch ^^ but i like this channel so decided to say :D16:03
DarthFrogDaskreech: That's not saying why, that's saying who. :-)16:03
Peace-james147: :P16:04
james147Daskreech: I would say because too many new users hit it by accdent not relising what it does16:04
james147though i cannot be sure16:04
DaskreechDarthFrog: Ah good point. I think the arguement thrown around was that they had a lot of reports of people hitting ctrl and backspace at the same tim and killing the server so it was disabled since the new X should be more stable16:04
james147alt+crtl+backspace was too easy to hit... i had dose it a few times by accdent16:05
DaskreechI'm not sure if that's the official reason (though history will verify that I've personally hit that combo while typing quickly dozens of times) but it was certainly the most thrown around reason16:05
quantjames147: how do you manage to hit that by accident? :)16:05
Peace-BluesKaj: are you there?16:05
james147quant: not rleaseing keys quick enough :)16:05
Daskreechquant: type quickly16:06
DaskreechShift backspace is another one16:07
quantDaskreech: I type quicky, but I don't get in a position close to that combo to hit it :)16:08
quantDaskreech: you're probably using many combos that I'm not16:08
james147quant: not in general typing, but when useing key combos16:08
Daskreechquant: indeed :)16:08
quantcrtl + alt + t is not terminal in kubuntu :(16:09
* james147 uses meta+t ... but he set that up manually16:10
Daskreechsetup a global shortcut?16:10
quantDaskreech: yeah16:10
Daskreechor install yakuake?16:10
kps_fooyaukuake +116:10
quantyakuake being?16:10
james147quant: ^^ unlike gnome you can assign shortcuts to any application using kmenuedit (or eight click the menu > edit menu)16:10
kps_fooquant: a drop down terminal16:10
quantkps_foo: no, never liked those :) integrated in dolphin, right? I'm more for a separate terminal16:11
DarthFrogquant:  Press F12 and a terminal drops down.  Name means "yet another kuake" terminal.16:11
kps_foonope they run without dolphin running too...16:11
quantbtw it seems that firefox 4 stable is on the servers, although no official announcement yet16:12
Daskreech!info yakuake16:13
ubottuyakuake (source: yakuake): a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.7-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 299 kB, installed size 2104 kB16:13
quantDaskreech: I'm much to anal to have a terminal that I cannot place where I like on the desktop16:13
kps_fooquant:    :)16:14
Daskreechquant: :) Yakuake is very configurable but I suppose not quite enough for you16:18
quantDaskreech: I'm just used to terminal being a normal program in its own window and I'm an old fart, that's all :)16:19
DarthFrogquant: Once you get used to using yakuake, you'll not want to do without it.16:20
james147DarthFrog: Depends ^^ I have been using it for a while... yet I still seem to just launch a new terminal most of the time :p16:20
james147espically when i need to do multiple things ^^16:21
DarthFrogjames147:  Do you actually prefer that over using yakuake or is it a matter of habit?16:21
Daskreechquant: if you were really an old fart you would want a terminal to come with a high band widtg connection back to the OneTrueServer16:21
quantDaskreech: I'm 31, so you make your own definition for me ;-)16:21
Daskreechquant: in fart years?16:22
quantDaskreech: but I do tend to set it to green on black very often :) similar to yellow on black that I was using on terminals in my local computer center in 90's :)16:22
stephdgRiddell: ping16:29
Riddellhi stephdg16:29
stephdgRiddell: pm?16:29
Riddellif you have something secret to talk about16:30
Riddellotherwise here is good16:30
stephdgRiddell: no not secret, i'm just a bit confused16:30
Riddellwhat's confusing?16:30
stephdgi can't figure out how to install the wireless driver16:30
Riddellstephdg: do you have a (wired) network connection?16:31
stephdgRiddell: of course, or how else would i be on irc?16:31
stephdgand how do i join freenode using this quassel program?16:31
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Riddellstephdg: then in theory it takes running jockey and it should prompt you16:31
Riddelljockey is called "Additional Drivers" in the menu16:32
stephdgRiddell: i did that16:32
stephdgits telling me no proprietary software is being used16:32
Riddellstephdg: does it give an option for anything?16:33
stephdgit says its downloading files...but nothing16:33
stephdgbut then it says that no proprietary files being used16:33
quantstephdg: about freenode - file -> networks in quassel16:35
stephdgquant: but its not letting me use my nick16:36
quantstephdg: in what way?16:36
stephdgquant: its telling me its already in use...when i'm sure its not16:37
quantstephdg: why are you sure it's not in use?16:38
Riddellstephdg: is there any to enable?16:38
stephdgquant: because i don't see that nick in the channel i'm in16:38
stephdgRiddell: enable what? last time i had to install something16:38
Riddellstephdg: does it list any drivers at all?16:40
stephdgRiddell: no16:40
Riddellwell that's no good16:40
stephdgwhen i had installed fedora indra had to google...and figure it out16:40
Riddellstephdg: probably installing broadcom-sta-source is what you want to do16:42
stephdgbut how do i do that?16:43
stephdgwith that link you sent earlier?16:43
Riddellstephdg: using software management in system settings or command line   sudo apt-get install broadcom-sta-source16:43
stephdgok Riddell am trying that...lets hope it works16:44
stephdgRiddell: and since i like kubuntu, and its sorta installed, now...is there any way i can move all my files from fedora to here and then take over that partition?16:44
stephdgor would i have to move all the files and then re-install kubuntu?16:44
Riddellstephdg: you have another partition with fedora on it including /home ?16:45
stephdgRiddell: yep16:45
Riddellstephdg: you could mount that partition and link the kubuntu /home to its home/16:46
Riddellyou'd risk having config file issues if there were different versions of apps installed16:46
stephdgohhh, well, its mostly i just want my music and photos and misc files16:46
stephdgnothing major16:46
Riddellstephdg: you should be able to just go into the file manager and mount the partition16:47
Riddellthen you can access the files16:47
stephdgok :)16:47
stephdgthen i can just take over the partition, or do i need to re-install kubuntu over fedora?16:47
Riddellthen you will be accessing files from the partition (I'm not sure what you mean by take over the partition)16:48
stephdgRiddell: what i'm wanting to do is get rid of fedora...so...would i have to re-install the kubuntu over it, or can i somehow magically just take it over?16:48
Riddellstephdg: you could format the fedora partition and use that as the kubuntu /home16:49
Riddellwell that would wipe your existing files16:49
Riddellso that might not be what you want16:50
stephdgwell, if i copied them over it wouldn't be such a big deal16:50
Riddellyes, if you hvae space for that16:50
stephdgi have all of my files backed-up except the most recent movies / photos / slides16:50
stephdgRiddell: i did that, now what? i still don't see any wifi points16:54
Riddellstephdg: might be better asking hobbs now, as I say I don't have broadcom so I've never actually had to enable it16:55
rodrigoboa tarde a todos17:01
rodrigosou novo no kubuntu17:05
naftilos76hi everyone, i have got a clean install right from the kubuntu iso (64bit). After i install nvidia drivers the boot splash screen goes away. Does anyone know anything about that?17:06
rodrigoe gostaria de saber se existe alguma maneira de instalar programas para win no  10.1017:06
genii-around!br | rodrigo17:06
ubotturodrigo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.17:06
sergey_what way, I can use subtitre in Dragon Player?17:06
naftilos76Anyone of the Kubuntu Splash Screen?17:09
naftilos76Anyone on the Kubuntu Splash Screen?17:10
sergey_I'm have *.avi file and *.srt file, but Dragon, not show subtitles, and menu item is not active17:31
genii-aroundsergey_: Dragon player only supports embedded subtitling, not ones in separate files17:32
Peace-sergey_: use vlc17:33
Peace-genii-around: natty ?17:33
genii-aroundPeace-: As far as I know it's a design decision17:33
BluesKajhi Peace- , I was away for an hr .so I'm here now17:36
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stephdgRiddell: its working now :)17:45
Riddellstephdg: the wifi?17:45
stephdgRiddell: yes :)17:45
Riddellstephdg: excellent, how did that happen?17:45
stephdgRiddell: i had to install b43-fwcutter17:45
stephdgthen i ran jockey again17:45
stephdgand it found the broadcom driver17:46
budweiserrralgun español???18:05
budweiserrrme podeis dar alguna direccion con guia para usar kubuntu??18:06
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:06
stephdgRiddell: can you tell me how i can access my fedora partition? its telling me i'm unable to do it18:09
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Riddellstephdg: what is telling you18:10
stephdgRiddell: could not enter folder /media/stephanie18:11
Riddellstephdg: can you do so on the command line?18:12
stephdgRiddell: well...probably, but i don't know the commands...18:12
Riddellstephdg: cd /media/stephanie18:13
stephdgRiddell: yes i can see the contents with the cd /media/stephanie18:14
stephdgso...can i do cp /media/stephanie to ./ ?18:14
Riddellstephdg: cp -r /media/stephanie .18:15
Riddellassuming you're in the place you want to copy it to18:15
stephdgRiddell: will that just copy it to my desktop?18:15
Riddellit will copy it to your current working directory, whatever that is18:16
apparlehey guys, when I use ark to compress a file with 7zip what are the settings used for compression?18:31
elijahI am trying to use Ksnapshot to drag the screenshot into Konqueror file browser per the help tool tip, when I do so I get a red, slashed circle. Is this functionality confirmed to work? My ideal use case is to drag screenshots into gmail via chrome but I want to at least be able to drag into file browser first.18:38
BluesKajelijah, try copy and paste instead18:40
elijahcopy paste works18:41
BluesKajelijah, you don't need ksnapshot for screenshots , just save it your /home/user18:42
elijahBluesKaj: not following you, how else would I get screenshots?18:42
alex1990Hello, i tried to install a driver for my wlan card in my laptop, but i didnt succeed, the error says that i need this packages """  libc6-dev  libstdc++6-4.4-dev  build-essential  g++-4.4  g++"""" how can i get them? Do i need internet for that?18:43
elijahBluesKaj: I just found shutter, drag/drop works with gmail with it, do you know how to get printscreen hard key to work with shutter instead of ksnapshot?18:43
Peace-alex1990: i guess so18:44
Peace-alex1990: ya...18:44
BluesKajelijah, do you have a prtscn key ?18:44
Peace-alex1990: put the ethernet up18:44
elijahBluesKaj: yes18:44
BluesKajuse that elijah18:44
elijahBluesKaj: where do I program it to use shutter?18:44
alex1990ok peace. I m from germany and i asked in a german forum, but nobody could help me to fix the errors, i downloaded many files, but the error ist almost every time the same18:45
Peace-alex1990: wel downloading dependeces = packages you need is a pain18:45
Peace-alex1990: without internet18:45
Peace-alex1990: so use the ethernet connection18:45
Peace-alex1990: download the stuff..18:45
Peace-alex1990: set well the wlan18:45
alex1990i have internet (wlan) actually im on my windows7 :(18:45
BluesKajelijah, that key is linked to snapshot , save the shot and copy and paste18:46
alex1990but how to download the packages on kubuntu? and how to install them, where to find them? i can put my ethernet cable on18:46
Peace-alex1990: you ahve a router?18:46
BluesKajelijah, ksnapshot that is18:46
elijahBluesKaj: drag/drop is much more convenient, I found out how to reprogram prtscrn button18:46
alex1990yes, i have a router18:46
Peace-alex1990: so use the ethernet18:47
Peace-alex1990: waht's the problem18:47
BluesKajelijah, well, whatever works for you18:47
alex1990Okay, and how to download? sudo apt-get ?18:47
Peace-alex1990: sudo apt-get udate && sudo apt-get install PACKAGES18:48
MayankHello, how do i change the default Kubuntu (blue screen with loading dots) screen that appears while booting ?19:00
masesecan anyone help me solve this problem?19:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:05
masesehow to setup ZTEMT USB MODEM in kubuntu 10.04?19:07
Mayankmasese: I do not know about ZMET modem in particular, but most modems in ubuntu do work after you install the drivers when u insert the modem for the first time, if u ask what exactly is ure issue, people are more likely to help19:12
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maseseMayank: ZTEMT moden is a CDMA2000 1x/EV-DO modem a product from ZTE corparation.19:16
maseseModel: AC272619:17
masesewhen i plug it the system sees it as a flash disk19:20
genii-aroundmasese: http://www.ztemt.com.cn/ennewzte/service/ziliao.action shows there an ubuntu driver19:36
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MatisseI have attached a new keyboard to my system and changed the settings from generic 102 -> 105 keys keyboard19:37
Matissei thought now I can open the k-menu with the windows key or the right click menu with the other key..19:38
Matissenothing happens, when using these keys19:38
maseseMatisse: what os are you using?19:40
BluesKajMatisse, have you rebooted since connecting the new KB ? ..I have to ask :)19:45
MatisseBluesKaj, i did :)19:49
masesegenii-around: that gives me the settings for ubuntu 9.04. i need for 10.04.20:02
genii-aroundmasese: I'm pretty sure it works with 10.04 as well.20:07
maseseok. let me try it20:08
Matissehow can I check if the windows key is pressed?20:15
Peace-Matisse: xev20:15
wn1zidim new to wireless, it works good in ubuntu, on the other hand, im not sure how to in kubuntu, any pointers ??20:18
wn1zidit sees the network, but not connecting20:19
Matissedescribe more briefly20:20
wn1zidin networking it sees the network, and i put the pass in, but no connect.20:20
wn1zidin ubuntu, it came up with asking me for the wep name and pass and connected, kubuntu dont do that20:24
wn1zidthanks anyway, guess ill have to go where the pros are.20:28
masese_genii-around: thanks alot. it worked.20:30
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Matissehow do I temporally stop compiz? or how do i see if its running?20:39
kkszysiuIs possible to make dist upgrade of Kubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 easily?20:45
Matisseis 11.04 beta?20:46
k00pakkszysiu: when its released you will be able to do it without problems20:46
k00pakkszysiu: but 11.04 isn't out yet so I dont know for sure20:47
kkszysiuI got new laptop and I want to help guys with hybrid graphics drivers feature20:47
Matisseps ax | grep compiz   <-- told me that compiz is running ... how do i start a x-/kde-session without it?20:48
kkszysiuBut for that I need  noveau nVidia drivers20:48
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.20:51
Matissed*%&§/$ it20:51
kkszysiuA lot20:51
Matisseso, I changed the window manager with the tray icon to icewm... which has no tray icons...20:52
TorchMatisse: you should be able to run another wm from a shell with, e.g., "kwin --replace"20:52
Matissewell, after changing the window manager i tried     ps ax | grep compiz20:53
Matissebut it tells me that some programs are running with compiz as option (f.e. kdeinit4: ksmserver [kdeinit] --windowmanager /usr/bin/compiz )20:54
TorchMatisse: check system settings -> default applications -> Window manager20:54
MayankHello, to change the usplash screen to a customized logo, I update the symbolic link it /etc/alternatives/default.plymouth after updating the kubuntu-logo.script file for logo_filename with the new file, but this does not seem to work, i still get the blue kubuntu usplash screen. what am i missing?20:55
MatisseTorch, kwin has been set...20:55
MayankI have checked the paths of the new .png file. it is same as the old one20:56
Matissei've chosen ubuntuusers.de for help21:11
Matissethx for the commands21:11
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districtis there a package that's more lightweight than kubuntu-desktop? something that will just install a functional kde and let me build it up from there?22:39
Aloneadistrict: not easily I would say. Not just an alternate package that has the bare minimum.22:44
Aloneadistrict: probably easier to remove the apps you don't want22:44
JontheEchidnadistrict: kde-plasma-desktop should have just the components necessary to run the desktop, with no extra apps22:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »22:45
districtAlonea: yeah that's what i was doing before22:45
districtJontheEchidna: oh neat, i'll give that a try, thanks22:46
JontheEchidnaDepends: kdebase-runtime (>= 4:4.6.1), plasma-desktop (>= 4:4.6.1), kdebase-workspace (>= 4:4.6.1), kdebase-apps (>= 4:4.6.1)22:46
JontheEchidnaok, so it does bring in dolphin, konsole and kwrite via kdebase-apps22:47
JontheEchidnabut it's pretty bare-bones22:47
Aloneadistrict: yeah, JontheEchidna knows a bit more than me on how the packages are set up. Its been forever since I have done kde...just put it back on recently. though, like I said, it might be easier to remove what you don't want than go bare and built up. I have no idea what kind of end result you are going for.22:49
wittihallo hallo!22:49
districtAlonea: well i always get purge happy on a new install. was wondering if there was a simpler way from a barebones ubuntu install. trying it now.22:51
districti want to use the 4.6.1 backport as well, installing that from scratch seems nicer than replacing an older kde.22:52
Aloneadistrict: yeah, I have more than enough space and Kubuntu doesn't install too many extra stuff. so far I have only had to viciously rip out pulseaudio. Generally if I really want to customize my linux I use other distros. As this is my netbook that I do homework on, I am just too lazy to put extra effort into the OS. I wish you luck!22:53
districtAlonea: space is far from an issue :) it's more about random background things that hog resources. again, not much of an issue, until something freaks out and hogs 100% of a cpu :)22:55
wittijust found this quassel by clicking too fast, kubuntu sometimes makes me crazy22:56
Aloneadistrict: ^_^. yeah. though so far the thing that crashes the most is the desktop itself. I do get really concerned with background and extra apps in windows environements22:57
districtAlonea: my current gripe is that the search indexer thing goes absolutely crazy when i select a large (3000+ page) pdf in dolphin. it runs a background task to convert the pdf to text, but it just eats cpu for several minutes. i don't even use the indexed search. :(22:57
Aloneadistrict: ouch. don't think its freaked out on me yet, but I will watch for it22:58
wittii recently upgraded to 10.10 & love my kde3, but some things are very strange now!22:59
districtAlonea: when i used kde several years ago i used to have a lot of issues with the desktop crashing. nowadays not so much. i finally returned after getting sick of gnome and it's been great.23:00
Aloneadistrict: yeah, I just went back to kde last week after using xfce for a while. the desktop crashes sometimes on this netbook, but it picks itself back up fine23:01
beast_Well I'm back again and still can't get my 10.10 to see my wireless network. I've tried downloading, compiling and installing the drivers and firmware but it still does not work23:15
beast_can anybody help me23:15
Aloneabeast_: trying to use a wrapper with windows drivers I would guess?23:17
beast_No not windows drivers linux drivers but had to modify config file do make and make install23:17
beast_and then load the driver. All seem to go well after a few twists and turns lol23:18
beast_but still won't show my network to connect to it23:18
Mase_wkbeast_: what does dmesg say when your wifi card is turned on?23:20
districtJontheEchidna: worked great, thanks!23:20
beast_not sure if it is on23:20
JontheEchidnadistrict: cool23:20
Mase_wkifconfig wlan023:20
beast_still a bit advanced for me but I'm doing my best23:20
beast_let me check23:20
beast_wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr c8:3a:35:ca:e4:a023:21
beast_          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:123:21
beast_          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:023:21
beast_          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:023:21
beast_          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100023:21
FloodBotK1beast_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:21
beast_          RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)23:21
beast_did that paste come through?////23:22
beast_wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr c8:3a:35:ca:e4:a023:22
beast_UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:123:22
beast_RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:023:22
beast_TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:023:23
beast_collisions:0 txqueuelen:100023:23
beast_RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)23:23
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Mase_wkyeh perhaps use a pastebin next time23:24
beast_how does that work?23:24
beast_ok I went there but how does it get back here?23:24
Mase_wkyou copy /paste it23:24
beast_I will next time thanks23:25
Mase_wkcan you paste the contents of dmesg23:25
beast_like that?23:28
Mase_wkyup, looking now23:33
Mase_wkbeast_: what chipset did you have again, i thought yesterday you said it was a ralink23:34
beast_that's what I thought too and so that is the driver I went after23:35
beast_we got it from some commands you gave me to run23:35
Mase_wknup, not me, i just told you how to grab the latest kernel23:35
Mase_wkfrom mainline i was assuming you knew what you wanted23:35
Mase_wkrt2800pci 0000:01:06.023:35
Mase_wkthat looks like realtek to me23:36
beast_ok so I should search for that driver? Probably why it didn't work lol23:36
Mase_wknah that means it's there an in the kernel as far as i can see23:36
Mase_wkcan you pastebin the output of lspci23:37
Mase_wkok well you do have a ralink device23:40
Mase_wk01:06.0 Network controller: RaLink Device 306223:40
Mase_wki am confused23:40
beast_me too23:41
beast_is it possible one is the ethernet and the other is the wireless?23:41
Mase_wkYeh that's what i thought but the ethernet device should be listed in lspci also.23:42
beast_maybe i still have the box for the card and it will tell me what it is for sure23:45
nerdy_kidanyone experiencing random hard lockups since the 2.6.35-24-generic kernel appeared in Maverick?  I have a LAMP/postfix/webmin/ssh server that is suddenly locking up really hard, only REISIUB works.23:46
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beast_Mase_wk: sorry I couldn't even find the driver disk.23:51
beast_Mase_wk: I could always take my computer down and look at the card itself.23:52
Mase_wkdriver disk ?23:53
Mase_wkerm yeh i am sorry i don't really have time to look into it further atm. my guess is that either another driver is trying to grab the device OR the card it's self is not yet fully supported23:54
beast_thanks anyway23:55

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