aromanis the ubuntu keyserver not working?00:00
wgrantaroman: It looks OK to me.00:03
wgrantaroman: What's the problem you're seeing with it?00:03
aromanwgrant: hmm, I can't seem to add a PGP key to launchpad00:03
aromanI created one an hour ago, and published it to the ubuntu keyserver, yet launchpad refuses to add it00:03
wgrantaroman: What's your fingerprint?00:03
aromanD262 ACC4 8E1D 0033 7535 A85A D6F0 0BA5 7216 AE1500:03
wgrantIt's possible that it hasn't synced to the internal Launchpad keyserver yet.00:03
aromanany idea how often that happens?00:04
wgrantIt's meant to only take a couple of minutes. But sometimes it can lag a bit.00:04
aromanis there some way of manually checking if the ubuntu keyserver has it?00:04
wgrantIt's uploaded successfully, but it hasn't synced across yet.00:05
wgrantYou say you uploaded it around an hour ago?00:05
aromanah got it.00:05
aromanYeah, about that, I think.00:05
aromanwgrant: so have you any idea of an ETA for the sync to launchpad?00:10
wgrantaroman: I'm just checking with a sysadmin.00:10
aromanwgrant: awesome, thanks :)00:11
aromanwgrant: woot, just imported successfully00:35
wgrantaroman: Great! We restarted one of the sync daemons, and it must have just caught up.00:35
wgrantThanks for letting us know.00:36
aromanwgrant: alright. thanks for your help!00:36
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magciuslifeless, you're a cool support dude, can you help a brudda out?08:32
lifelessmagcius: possibly; the help contact, when one is set, is always a good place to start though :)08:33
magciusOh, whoops.08:33
* magcius didn't read the topic08:33
lifelessno worries08:33
lifelessso whats up?08:33
magciuswgrant, lifeless, https://bugs.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/569358 landed just a bit ago, and I'm pretty sure it's running right now due to the continuous deployment setup you're using08:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 569358 in loggerhead "Cannot view a directory by editing urls" [Low,Triaged]08:33
magciusBut it's not working on the server side.08:34
magciusCan you look at OOPS up for me?08:34
lifelessit hasn't synced yet, I'll check in a while08:36
magciusWhat do you mean "hasn't synced"?08:36
lifelessmagcius: when an OOPS occurs it is recorded to the local machine08:36
lifelessmagcius: a separate process comes along and rsyncs it to the analysis machine08:37
lifelessand then another process picks it up and puts it into a DB08:37
lifelessat the moment this is a high latency process08:37
lifelessit'll be ~ 15 minutes before I can pull up the oops to look at it08:37
lifelessmagcius: anyhow, I don't know if anyone has updated the loggerhead version we deploy08:40
wgrantlifeless: Does it matter? c-m doesn't respect sourcedeps.conf, does it?08:40
magciuslifeless, do you not do that in your continuous deployment system?08:40
magciusGiven how fast the CSS changed from the response to lvh's blog post..08:41
lifelessmagcius: I'm not sure css changes were driven by lvh's blog post : sinzui has been overhauling css every day for weeks - have a look at trunk :)08:42
magciuslifeless, lvh told me they were :P08:43
lifelessmagcius: we had a loggerhead deployment bug, which gfave us bad loggerhead css (a 404 on a needed file) which we fixed pretty quickly, recently08:43
lifelessanyhow, things in the main code base are the common-case and easy-path08:43
lifelessthings in separate trees - like loggerhead - sometimes require additional effort to go love.08:43
lifelessI'm not sure if thats the case here.08:43
lifelesswgrant: we run update-sourcecode as part of the built tree assembly, AFAIK08:44
magciusI was just hoping that fixing the bug, would, uh, fix the bug.08:44
lifelesswgrant: fwiw, c-m supports ;revno syntax, so I have no idea what update-sourcecode is needed for.08:44
wgrantlifeless: Then what's the point of all the c-m configs? :/08:44
lifelessmagcius: fair enough too :)08:44
lifelesswgrant: pqm speaks C-M08:45
magciusIs the PQM thing just an artifact of the before-bzr days?08:46
* magcius was always suspicious of needing a PQM bot... it screams "usable"08:47
kim0Hi folks .. My ppa (https://launchpad.net/~kim0/+archive/ppa) is using a non existent key "1024R/51D678E8"08:52
kim0The ppa is an hour old. Is that normal/ok ?08:52
wgrantkim0: The keyserver was having some syncing issues earlier. Let me have a look.08:53
wgrantkim0: There is a syncing issue of some variety. I've asked the sysadmins to have a look.09:01
kim0cool thanks09:01
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dokocan I setup a new vcs-import for a new branch myself?10:39
dokoe.g. for the gcc 4.6 release branch?10:39
dokowgrant: ^^^10:40
wgrantdoko: You can great one, but if it's CVS or SVN then someone (eg. me) will have to approve it.10:41
wgrant*create* one10:41
dokoit's svn10:41
wgrantdoko: https://code.launchpad.net/gcc/+new-import10:43
dokoahh, ok, had to register first without URL10:44
dokowgrant: done: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~doko/gcc/4.610:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 4 in Launchpad itself "Importing finished po doesn't change progressbar" [Medium,Fix released]10:45
loolLP #4, wow10:45
loolHmm ubot5 seems confused10:46
lifelessdoko: edge is deprecated ... and slower10:48
dokolifeless: have to convince my browser not to complete to edge URL's ...10:50
lifelesssqlite3 can do that for you :)10:50
wgrantdoko: It looks like jelmer has approved it.10:54
jelmerwgrant: sorry, I didn't realize your question about ~vcs-imports was related to the discussion here. I didn't mean to steal your thunder...10:55
dokowgrant, jelmer: so the new branch will not show up in https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/gcc ?10:59
jelmerdoko: No, as it's owned by yourself rather than ~vcs-imports10:59
wgrantdoko: As of a couple of years ago, vcs-imports branches are owned by their creator.10:59
wgrantWe can change that, but it's not normally done.11:00
jelmerwgrant: I don't quite understand that change tbh, as it's still only possible for one person to ever register a particular URL.11:00
wgrantjelmer: Neither.11:01
lifelessjelmer: it stops ~registry being subscribed to merge proposals etc11:01
wgrantlifeless: That is not a good reason.11:01
jelmerlifeless: Ah, I see11:01
lifelesswgrant: actually it is, because the person that wanted the import then gets nagged and can decide what to do11:01
lifelesswgrant: I'm not saying thats a good reason for having the unique constraint11:02
wgrantThere needs to be a "disown" option like project registration has.11:02
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lifelessmagcius: https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=1906CBA611:08
lifeless Module loggerhead.controllers.inventory_ui, line 153, in get_values11:08
lifeless    filelist = self.get_filelist(rev_tree.inventory, path, sort_type)11:08
lifeless  Module loggerhead.controllers.inventory_ui, line 63, in get_filelist11:08
lifeless    for filename, entry in dir_ie.children.iteritems():11:08
lifelessAttributeError: children11:08
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magciuslifeless, OK, so it's just not updated yet.11:14
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dokowgrant, jelmer: is it possible to change the owner of a svn import, after the import is done?12:07
jelmerdoko: yes, should be12:07
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maxbdoko: Yes, but it'll need LOSA intervention unless done by someone who is a member of both source and destination teams (or a member of ~vcs-imports and the destination team)12:33
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cndI've noticed that lp:ubuntu/bash-completion isn't up to date13:42
cndshould I file a bug about this, or notify someone?13:42
jcsackettcnd: how do you mean out of date? is there another source you are comparing to?13:51
cndjcsackett, the branch is stuck at version 1.1-<blah>, but natty is up to 1.3-<blah>13:51
cndit doesn't represent what's in natty13:52
* jcsackett looks13:52
wgrantcnd: There's an import failure: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/bash-completion.html13:52
cndwgrant, yep, looks right13:53
wgrantLooks like it has some badly encoded path.13:54
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researcher123is it possible to add a new language for translation ?15:22
researcher123hello friends15:22
henningeresearcher123: it is, see https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/2315:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 23 in Baz (deprecated) "baz redo should use merge3 for conflicts like most other commands do." [Medium,Won't fix]15:24
researcher123henninge: thanks a lot15:24
henningeignore ubot5 ...15:24
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benjileonardr: hmm, let me look16:46
benjiheh, wrong chan16:47
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bjfsinzui, the staging server has been "Code Update In Progress" for about 6 hours now22:08
lifelessbjf: it failed to update in the weekend actually, we'll look at it soonish.22:08
lifelessbjf: you can test things on qastaging.launchpad.net if you like, it is up22:09
sinzuibjf: I believe it struggling to restore the product db which failed to happen a few days ago22:09
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