bonnyhow do i turn on compositing in lubuntu00:33
jmarsdenbonny: I think there is a blog article... http://www.dwasifar.com/?p=1442 which talks about adding compiz and emerald... probably worth a look.00:34
ruserHow do I enable MouseKeys (Numeric Keypad)00:47
ruserAlt+Shift+Num Lock and Shift+Ctrl+Num Lock doesn't work00:48
semitoneshey kind of offtopic question maybe, but what are some of the things from ubuntu/GNOME that you miss in Lubuntu?00:55
moonchildhey guys, quick question for y'all about lubuntu...01:07
moonchildI'm looking for a distro that I can install on a 1-gig flash drive01:08
semitonespuppy linux :)01:08
semitonesso nice to use01:08
moonchildwill lubuntu (with a normal set of dev tools) fit?01:08
moonchildyeah, I'd like to stay with the debian/ubuntu family of distros01:08
bonnyok i have compizconfig settings manager how do i turn compositing on01:14
moonchildso can I pack lubutu into a 1-gig disk?01:14
bonnyok i have compizconfig settings manager how do i turn compositing on01:15
szczurmoonchild, i doubt it. i think 2,5 GB is a safe margin not counting the swap partition. especially if you want to install something01:16
moonchildI don't want a swap01:17
szczurof course you can create live-usb but then you won't be able to save anything permanently01:17
moonchildjust something that I can temporarily install on a box01:17
szczurbut you can of course try :)01:17
moonchildyeah, I've tried a couple of distros that bomb out saying that they can't install on a medium that small01:18
szczuryou can also check installation from a mini.iso and install only base packages like lubuntu-core01:18
moonchildcheck installation?01:19
bonnyOMG help me01:20
szczurbonny, sudo apt-get install fusion-icon01:22
bonnyjust tell me wat to do afterwards ill be right back01:23
szczurwait for a moment01:24
szczurbonny, after installation follow these https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ#How%20I%20can%20autostart%20a%20program%20when%20logging%20in%20to%20Desktop01:28
szczurbut replace urxvtd.desktop with fusion-icon.desktop01:28
szczurthen go to system tools in programs menu and run compiz-fusion icon01:30
szczuryou can run, stop and restart compiz from there01:30
bonnyya i see a whole load off info but nothing about compositing01:39
szczuri mean making the fusion icon start automatically01:41
szczuryou have to run terminal and execute this01:42
szczur cp /usr/share/applications/fusion-icon.desktop ~/.config/autostart/01:42
szczurand then you're going to Menu -> Preferences -> Desktop Session Settings01:43
szczurand tick the fusion icon01:43
szczuryou can also start the fusion icon manually by going to Menu -> System Tools -> Fusion Icon01:43
bonnythen wat do i do how do i enable compositing01:46
szczurif you run fusion icon, you can rightclick it and in windowmanager choose compiz01:47
bonnyyep its compiz01:47
bonnynow what's the next step01:47
szczursomething like this > http://tombuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/fusionicon.jpg01:48
szczurif the compiz is chosen then you should have it running right now01:48
bonny_but then when i click compiz my taskbar just dissapears01:54
bonny_and then i had to shutdown01:54
szczurwhat graphics card do you have?01:54
bonny_how do i check on lubuntu01:55
szczurlspci | grep VGA01:55
szczurin terminal01:55
bonny_just type that in terminal01:55
semitonesIs it possible to adjust the DPI in lubuntu?01:56
bonny_00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82810E DC-133 (CGC) Chipset Graphics Controller (rev 03)01:56
bonny_thats wat it says01:56
* jmarsden thinks... compiz on an Intel 810???? Is that really possible?01:57
jmarsdencompiz is not really intended to be run on 12 year old onboard graphics chips, as far as I know.01:58
bonny_well i have two cpmuters ones a windows 7 and i had an old one so i decided to change it to a lubuntu01:58
jmarsdenThat part is fine, it is the compiz part that is not so... usual.01:58
bonny_well is there any way i can turn compositing on01:59
jmarsdenbonny_: I *think* you'd need to get a better graphics card, but I am not a compiz expert.  Why do you need compositing?01:59
bonny_to make docky work01:59
jmarsdenOK... and why is docky essential on an older PC?02:00
bonny_well that is true02:01
bonny_im not sure02:01
bonny_i need a dock i hate the taskbar for this02:01
bonny_is there a low quality dock02:02
jmarsdenI think you need to get a better graphics card or learn to work without docky.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compiz#Hardware_requirements for some nfo on which graphics chips can run compiz.02:02
bonny_do you know of any old games02:04
jmarsdenI'm an old command line server admin type guy, not a gamer :)  Others here may know.  if you want really old games, try nethack :)02:05
bonny_which one of nethack do i install there are 4 choices02:06
bonny_ nethack-x11 3.4.3-12ubuntu102:06
bonny_  nethack-qt 3.4.3-12ubuntu102:06
bonny_  nethack-lisp 3.4.3-12ubuntu102:06
bonny_  nethack-console 3.4.3-12ubuntu102:06
jmarsdenWhich one do you want?  console has console interface, lisp has lisp interface, and so on... :)  The console one is the closest to the original.02:07
bonny_just to let you know im a kid thats im not used to this stuff that much02:09
bonny_which category is it in (nethack)02:11
jmarsdenA little patience and fewer question marks would be nice.  Did you read the man page  (  man nethack ) ?02:13
szczurdepends on which one you have installed. x11 and qt ones should be in games, and console one you have to run through terminal by typing nethack02:14
szczuri don't think that rougelike rpg will be good for you02:14
jmarsdenszczur: Is there a list of "games that work well on older PCs running Lubuntu" somewhere?02:18
szczuri don't think so. you can try happypenguin.org02:19
jmarsdenI was just thinking where to point him when he comes back :)02:19
szczuri always installed supertux-stable and xmoto and on PC with OpenGL enabled hedgewars, openarena, teeworlds02:20
szczurit all depends on OGL since not too much ggames are capable of doing software rendering02:20
szczuron such old systems02:21
szczurdon't know much about opengl suport on intel olders that i 865 or something like this02:22
szczurnot that i care, too :)02:22
jmarsdenYes, i810 is really pretty old!02:22
szczurand another site will be playdeb.net02:23
szczurthey have even own ppa for easy installation of games02:23
semitones_teahow do you upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 on lubuntu?02:34
semitones_teaand is 10.04 an LTS?02:34
szczuryou can go to menu > Preferences > Update manager02:35
szczurand update from there02:35
szczuryou should get information abount new ubuntu release02:35
szczurand you can do this from there02:36
dio525iokay szczur .... i'm done installing...got everything to work...it seems a lot of things were easier to just install gnome apps on lxde....everything is still pretty snappy but i get to not have to go too in depth to configure things02:40
szczurand if you don't see it (which may occur) go to Menu > Preferences -> Software Sources02:40
szczurselect updates tab02:40
szczurchange the Release Upgrade drop down to "Normal Releases" and close the application02:41
dio525iyeah i am on lubuntu 10.04 which seems to have the ubuntu-main repos turned off by default...that's okay i checked02:41
szczurand then you can run update manager again02:41
szczurdio525i, that was to semitones_tea :)02:42
moonchildszczur: thanks for the info on the mini-iso02:42
szczurmoonchild, did you manage to install it?02:42
moonchildthat did an install in about 550 megs02:42
dio525ialmost the same thing i asked you 4hours ago02:42
szczurohh, great :)02:42
dio525ii was thinking "this guy is pretty persistent on the advice"02:43
szczurdio525i, yeah, some gnome programs are easier to use than lxde counterparts02:43
moonchildit should have been a bit less, but installing openssh-server from the installer sucks in xauth as a recommends + half of gnome02:43
szczurdio525i, that's called night shift :P02:44
szczurno one is here :>02:44
semitones_teathanks szczur :002:44
szczursemitones_tea, no problems :)02:45
dio525iszczur, night shift? what time is it where you are?02:46
moonchildszczur: in any event, I've had a 128 Mb usb stick sitting around & that iso is perfect to stick on that ;)02:46
szczur3:46 AM at the moment02:46
szczurGMT+1 (Poland/Lower Silesia)02:47
moonchildthen you are only an hour off of UK time?02:47
szczurdon't know when we make switch to DST however02:47
* moonchild thought you were 202:47
szczurthen it would be hour later02:47
szczuri wish i were 202:48
moonchildwe (in the US) just switched last weekend02:48
szczur6 days left02:48
moonchildanyway, I'll be back in a few02:48
dio525idedication to answering questions.... bad-ass szczur...seriously bad-ass02:48
szczur27th of March02:48
szczurdio525i, i'd rather say it's soem kind of insomnia02:49
szczurhowever i sleep to 12 AM :>02:49
szczurthat's badass :)02:49
szczuror 12 PM, i'm confused02:49
szczur12:00 (24hr clock)02:50
szczurmuch easier02:50
szczurHA! 12 PM :)02:50
szczurwiki, i love you02:51
dio525iindeed...it's 22:50 (toronto, canada) where i am...i'll stick around for a bit keep you company for a while02:51
dio525ijust configuring my vsftpd02:51
szczurheh, funny i helped 3 people in less than half an hour02:51
szczuror got a response after my help02:52
szczurftp server. always wantes to set one. never got myself to do this02:54
szczurcouldn't find a reason why i should have one :)02:54
dio525ii use it to serve files to myself when i'm at work02:54
dio525iftp:// is supported by firefox/chrome/ie8-9 so i don't have to install putty on a windows box or deal with mac os x crapness and do it through sftp02:55
szczurhttp+ssh is enough for me :)02:55
szczuraahhh, right02:56
dio525iyeah....is there a way to serve sftp though an http address?02:56
jmarsdenWell, you can run sshd on port 80, but I'm not sure what the point would be exactly?02:57
dio525idunno....vsftp seems to have the type of restrictions i need to serve files to the outside world....i just hate the configuration02:59
dio525iit takes me a while...i'm not a wizard and i always forget what i'm doing everytime because I don't have to configure ftps very often03:00
jmarsdendio525i: FTP has usernames and passwords in the clear... so insecure, so a bad idea except for anonymous use, IMO.03:01
szczur_see you tomorrow03:03
szczur_goodnight guys03:03
dio525ijmarsden ...i setup a virtual user for vsftp and restrict access to home dir, then mount specific directories without write privileges into that users dir....based on membership to another specific user group that doesn't have access to any other dirs on the system03:04
dio525ii don't know if that makes it any more secure...but it seems like to me someone would have to guess at a lot of things in order to gain access to my regular system?03:05
dio525ianyways.... sorry i'll cut the banter jmarsden ...03:10
aetherianwhy on earth is "internet" not in the dictionary, I mean really. (the linux english thing)03:20
jmarsdenaetherian: the command    dict internet    gives me 5 different definitions... do you really need more than that?03:27
aetherianthe library thingy, like03:28
aetherianwhen I type internet anywhere, it thinks it's a typo.03:28
jmarsdenIn what program using what spelling checker?03:29
EricR2427Try capitalizing it :)03:29
aetheriansince when is internet a proper noun o.o03:29
aetherianit works, mind you03:30
jmarsdenaetherian: dict internet will give you definitions for the capitalized and lowercase forms, technically they mean different things.03:30
aetherianI don't have dict. I don't need dict.03:31
aetherianit's bloty03:31
jmarsdenSince you apparently don't know the difference between Internet and internet, maybe you do need a dictionary :) :)03:31
aetherianbesides, you proved my point03:33
jmarsdenIf you prefer, see http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/internet#Noun03:33
aetherianif internet also has meaning, it should work :)03:33
aetherianand I don't need a damn dictionary03:33
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semitoneshey when I try the USB live cd method i get all these I/O errors starting up before getting to the login screen... and then i can't login17:28
semitoneswould those be present when i install?17:29
semitonesand on the login screen, everywhere there's supposed to be text, there are boxes instead17:29
semitonesi'm going to try restarting ... :/17:29
semitonessame thing... is using PloP to boot from CD problematic for some reason?17:37
semitoneshow can you change default keyring to not appear every time you turn on the computer?17:57
bioterrorrigt click that network icon17:59
bioterroredit connections17:59
bioterrorif it's wireless17:59
bioterrorchoose wireless tab17:59
bioterrorchoose your network connection, edit it and mark that "available to all users" checkbox17:59
semitonesawesome! thanks got it :)18:02
semitonesalso if update-manager is not installed, is it safe to install that and then do a dist upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10?18:02
semitonesor just install it to get security updates for 10.0418:03
bioterrorsudo do-release-upgrade -d18:03
semitonesand can I install the ubuntu-software-center on 10.04?18:03
bioterrorwhy would you want to install bloat software center18:03
semitonesthis pc is for my dad18:04
semitonesI think he'd like it better than synaptic18:04
bioterrorinstall openssh-server and install stuff remotely for him :D18:04
semitonespersonally I like it better, but if it runs slowly on this computer i'll take it off again18:04
semitonesI want him to be able to install solitaire on his own :p18:05
semitonesis "ace-of-penguins" pretty lightweight?18:10
kosaidpo|bioterror: hello18:12
kosaidpo|bioterror: now i've made resolv.conf static but the problem now when i launch wvdial it show other primary dns that those i have in my resolv18:14
bioterrorwhy dont you use network manager18:14
kosaidpo|uhmm ill but  i wanna keep it as the last solution : ] bioterror18:15
bioterroryou have it as a default18:15
kosaidpo|i unistalled it a long time ago  bioterror ;D18:16
bioterrorkosaidpo|, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-818169.html this one goes for free, for the next tip I'll charge 80e per an hour ;)18:19
kosaidpo|bioterror:  i've tried many ways in the net but it didnt work18:20
bioterrorhave you tried that uncommenting userpeerdns18:20
bioterrorsorry, commenting18:20
kosaidpo|bioterror: yeshh i diid18:21
kosaidpo|bioterror: http://kaliphonia.com/content/notes/how-to-disable-wvdial-auto-dns-use-static-dns-settings18:24
kosaidpo|fllowed this one too18:24
bioterroryou have opendns installed?18:24
kosaidpo|noo use google dns18:25
bonnyare there any old games for lubuntu?19:57
kosaidpo|try warmux idk if its old19:57
kosaidpo|its 2d game19:57
bonnyi have that already19:58
bonnyanything else?19:58
kosaidpo|i guess if u go to the doc or make a google seach u ll get plenty19:58
bonnythanks bio terror20:02
bonnyhow would i install nethack on lx terminal20:03
bonnysudo apt-get install nethack20:03
bioterrorsomething like that20:04
bonnyis there any mario games or something similar you know of20:05
bonnycan you tell me20:06
bioterrorapt-cache show smc20:06
bonnyjust type that in terminal20:06
bioterrorsupertix is also 2D jump n run20:07
bioterrorxscavenger this is nice game20:07
bonnywhat category is xscavenger in20:09
bonnyi dont see it in games20:09
bonnyand I tried sudo apt-get install supertix but in says couldnt find package supertix20:11
bonny86 megabites then i guess its a good game20:13
bioterrordisk space is almost free nowdays20:13
bonnywow haha it's aa different version of mario it looks liek from the screenshots20:14
semitonesdoes lubuntu 10.04 automatically update?22:24
semitonesmine doesn't have update-manager installed even22:24
Yorvyksemitones, it doesn't, you can install update-manager if you want.22:25
semitonesYorvyk, does a more lightweight option exist? The computer is for my dad/family, so it would be cool if I could run aptitude on a schedule or something22:27
YorvykThat's why it wasn't in 10.04 as it can bring low resource machines to a halt while it's functioning.22:29
semitonesit would have to have sudo powers, and automatically agree to download and install updates. can cron do that?22:30
semitonesi could have it run when idle or something22:30
Yorvykapt has a switch to force assume 'yes'22:31
MrChrisDruifsemitones: Well....it's possible, by having the password in a file (not very safe)22:31
YorvykI believe sudo can be forced to ignore the password or some thing.  Have a google there are various solutions available.22:35
aetherianhow on earth...22:35
aetherianhey, is there an easy to do port of zork for linux?22:36
semitonesYorvyk, that doesn't sound very safe :p22:36
aetherianall these source things have no makefiles :(22:36
Yorvyksemitones, this explains how it's done http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79171922:39
Yorvykthe sudo bit anyway22:40
Yorvyksemitones, I'd install update-manager and have it run weekly.22:44
semitonesthat's probably the best option :P22:45
semitonescan it install updates without a password?22:45
MrChrisDruifsemitones: Nope22:45
MrChrisDruifAnd Yorvyk's idea is probably best22:45
MrChrisDruifsemitones: Did he come from windows?22:45
semitoneshe's confident with windows and mac, I have no doubt he'll get used to linux22:46
semitonesaetherian, he had mac back in 1984 :p22:46
semitonesWhat if I made a script that ran aptitude update, and then popped up a terminal with aptitude safe-upgrade asking you for a password?22:47
semitonesand set it to run weekly22:47
Yorvykupdate-manager can be set to run as a background task with out any user intervention22:47
semitonesYorvyk, if that's true I'll probably just install that. if it runs weekly it won't have too much drag on the system22:48
semitones_teais "/etc/lxdm/default.conf" still all you edit to enable auto login?23:34

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