cjaeHi, anyone here using kubuntu 10.10 with backports?00:02
cjaeMy problem is the flashplugin-nonfree flickers really bad in browsers00:03
Daekdroomcjae, this is not the right place.00:04
cjaeDaekdroom: right just cant seem to get an answer anywhere else, just want to see if anyone can confirm it, did some google searches and nothing really specific00:05
cjaeis there a ppa channel?00:06
Mocbtw, google ubuntu custom search is really annoyin00:09
MocI know canonical make money out of it, but if I have to change it to regular google, I don't think they still do then00:10
ali1234i just upgraded to natty00:51
ali1234when i log in, i get classic desktop without effects regardless of what i select on the login screen00:51
ali1234note, upgrade, not clean install00:52
ali1234compiz was working fine before i upgraded00:52
ali1234and my hardware should not require any proprietary drivers (it is pinetrail)00:53
ali1234i did a 'compiz --replace' and i now have compiz :S00:56
ali1234so i thought i would add a new user account to see if it is something in my profile01:01
ali1234but i can't... clicking "add" in the "users and groups" does nothing01:01
MocI'm back on 10.10.  oh I missed it already01:03
ali1234is there some way to search launchpad for bugs relating to natty upgrade installs?01:12
ali1234(that is, bugs with upgrading from maverick)01:12
ali1234i don't appear to have a network manager icon either :/01:20
ali1234i think there is some kind of problem with the keyring/passwords which is causing all my problems...01:26
nit-witali1234, a upgrade at this point was not suggested01:26
ali1234it's never suggested :)01:27
ali1234i'll let you know if i ever get it to work :)01:33
ali1234ok, so after a reboot everything works fine?01:35
eamonwhat's unity?01:50
trinikronoeamon: hope this helps http://unity.ubuntu.com/01:52
eamonthank you01:52
MocI think unity current ui style will be great for low usage user.  But heavy user... not sure02:04
suicidoltI'm being told that #ubuntu is hte wrong place for me and this is the right place?02:07
rwwsuicidolt: one sec, I'm scrolling through #ubuntu's log to see what's going on02:08
rwwsuicidolt: what's the output of 'lsb_release -r' in the Terminal?02:09
rwwsuicidolt: alrighty. #ubuntu is the right place for you, I'll have a talk with DasEi.02:10
suicidoltit's no one's fault, but CajunTechie is pm-ing me.  whoever he is, he's quite nice02:10
luckyonehello fellow natty testers02:56
luckyonedoes anyone have any idea why my system still uses the gdm login screen from 9.10?02:56
LLStarksis wayland feasible for oneiric?03:08
rwwLLStarks: UDS-O hasn't happened yet, so it hasn't been discussed, but I personally doubt it.03:08
LLStarksuds-o is close though, usually we'd have a sense of what to expect for later this year in terms of upcoming driver stack changes and kernel features.03:20
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voss749Im wondering if theres gonna be a gnomebuntu for 11.04 for people who dont want unity04:26
rwwpeople who don't want Unity can just pick GNOME classic in gdm...04:28
voss749In gdm, and hows a newbie supposed to know that04:29
sagacivoss749, how's a newbie going to know they don't want unity?04:30
voss749sagaci, when I say newbie I mean people who dont edit gdm.04:31
voss749Someone clicks upgrade from 10.10 and then sees a completely different desktop manager04:31
rwwoh no. the sky will fall.04:32
* rww uses Debian and KDE anyway, should probably hush up04:32
voss749rww, Im using mint debian04:32
* rww hushes up04:32
voss749linux mint 11 will be classic gnome04:33
voss749mint 11 is ubuntu based, mint debian is debian testing04:34
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bruceelo all.06:43
bruceeis this the right place for natty help?06:43
duanedesignbrucee: what problem do you have?06:52
bruceeduanedesign: well, normally both the eth and wlan work without any problems. Neither of them seem to have been configured after the install.06:52
bruceelspci output available at : http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_7.04_on_a_ThinkPad_Z61m06:53
susundbergyou mean you are unable to configure either one of them after clean install=06:53
bruceeI've just rebooted now with the lan cable in and it has picked up the network... wlan still seems missing - or I don't know where it is.06:53
susundbergdoes network manager work properly?06:54
bruceesusundberg: I eventually found it, but it did not appear to configure the eth device. (needed a reboot).06:55
bruceemy wireless device is not detected.06:55
susundbergdoes iwconfig show your device?06:55
bruceeit dies06:56
bruceeit does06:56
susundberg(i use 'iwlist scan' to debug that driver seems to works properly -- it should show listing of networks available)06:56
bruceeit says no scan results and I'm < 1m away from the router.06:57
bruceeany idea how to get network-manager into the panel?06:57
susundbergsorry, no idea, i am using kubuntu06:57
bruceeso iwconfig says that the device is configured and supported?06:58
bruceeand iwlist indicates that it can't find any access points?06:58
bruceehumm, there don't seem to be any notifications when unplugging the network cable - not even ifconfig registers that the link went down.07:01
susundbergyeah you might want to check the iwlist again07:07
susundbergit sometimes after boot does not show anything .. dont know why07:07
susundbergi mean after a while07:08
bruceejust tried - still no results :/07:08
susundbergthen i would say its an driver issue07:09
susundbergif your card has not been physically disabled or anything07:09
bruceewhen I do an iwlist scan I get no results. when I do 'iwlist wlan0 scan' it does find the router07:09
duanedesignbrucee: the command  nm-tool07:10
duanedesignshould return info network manager has07:10
bruceefinds two ap's. One is my home router....07:11
bruceemaybe I'm not accessing nm correctly. any ideas on how to get it in the panel?07:11
duanedesignit 'should' be right next to the volume in the top panel07:12
bruceeI havebluetooth icon, battery icon, volumn and then the email icon07:12
bruceeno network manager07:12
bruceewhen i try to run nm-applet, it fails with 'Couldn't initialize the D-Bus manager'07:13
duanedesignps aux | grep nm-applet07:13
bruceebrb - battery icon is red :(07:13
duanedesignbrucee: try:   nm-applet --sm-disable07:14
bruceethat seems to be running07:15
brucee'ps aux  ... ' says that it is running ...07:15
bruceeI killed it ('killall nm-applet') and tried re-running it and it still says that an instance in running and also reports the D-Bus message....07:18
duanedesignlshw -C network07:18
duanedesigndoes that command associate a driver with the Wireless Interface07:19
bruceejust checked to make sure that I have the latest versions and there are some updates.07:22
bruceeshould have them all applied in about 2-3 min07:22
duanedesignbrucee: that is a good idea07:23
bruceealways :)07:24
duanedesignbrucee: was just reading an irc thread and it seemed to suggest that might do it07:25
* brucee feels stupid for not trying that first....07:26
bruceenm-applet is running, but no icon :(07:31
bruceeno change. nm-applet still fails with the 'Couldn't initialize the D-Bus manager.' error we were getting earlier :(07:32
bruceedon't get notifications when I unplug the eth0 cable, but I guess that is provided by nm-applet07:33
duanedesignbrucee: do you have  update-notifier-common07:34
bruceei do. getsion 0.111ubuntu107:34
duanedesignbrucee: might try:  sudo apt-get install --reinstall notify-osd07:37
brucee... and then running nm-applet again?07:37
bruceethat did something.07:39
duanedesignyou can restart it with:   pkill notify-osd07:39
bruceeI killed nm-applet and re-ran it as root and I get another icon in the panel.07:39
bruceewell, more like07:39
bruceeno-icon in the task tray, but it is nm-applet running ther.07:39
duanedesignare you using unity or the classic desktop?07:40
bruceescary thing is, I'm not sure. I think it is classic desktop. looks very much like 10.10 - although the application menus are in the panel?07:41
duanedesignunity has the launcher on the left side of the screem07:41
bruceeno unity then:)07:42
duanedesignand no panel at the bottom of the screen07:42
bruceeI've got a panel at the bottom... I though unity was the default for 11.04?07:42
duanedesignit is, well it depends on your computer07:43
bruceeahh. graphics.07:43
duanedesignit requires 3d acceleration07:43
duanedesignok so i am guessing you are missing the notification area in the panel07:43
bruceeI have 'ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility X1400'07:43
bruceegraphics card is more than capable07:44
bruceedrivers might be a problem though?07:44
duanedesignbrucee: r-click on the top panel and select the notification area07:44
duanedesignAdd to Panel → Utility → Notification Area07:45
duanedesigntrying to remember from memory...unity does not let you do that anymore :P07:45
bruceeI have a notification are07:46
bruceeso now I need to get drivers for my X1400 to get unity working?07:47
duanedesignyou would need the flgrx driver. Let me see if i that card is supported07:48
duanedesignit installs the open source driver by default07:48
duanedesignmight be available under System> Administration > Hardware drivers07:49
bruceeI checked, there was nothing listed there07:49
brucee (and it is under 'additional drivers')07:49
bruceeshall I install the offical AMD drivers?07:52
duanedesignbrucee: looks like that card is only supported by the open source driver07:54
duanedesignbrucee: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver07:55
bruceethat would be the fglrx?07:55
duanedesignbut it is listed as having 3d support07:55
duanedesignthat is the open source driver07:56
bruceethat is good news. So I should install fglrx instead of the official catalyst drivers from amd (http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.2&product=
duanedesignbrucee: the open source driver is the catalyst07:59
duanedesignthey have too many names for each card :P08:00
duanedesigni think, lol08:01
bruceefrom https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver "This driver is not as fast as the closed-source, proprietary "fglrx" driver from AMD/ATI Inc. f"08:02
bruceeit is very confusing....08:03
hifiwhat, no08:03
hifiyou don't have any other option than to use the default open source driver, radeon08:03
bruceewhat about gallium?08:04
hifiyes, the open source driver is called "radeon"08:04
hifi(one part of it)08:04
hifiyou'll be using r300g (the gallium driver) for opengl08:04
duanedesignand catalyst is the proprietary driver?08:05
bruceeI think catalyst=fglrx?08:05
hificatalyst is the name of the driver, fglrx is the name of the 'package'08:05
hifiit is commonly referred simply as fglrx08:06
bruceeIt appears as if the laptop has the radeo drivers installed. That should support unity as per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver08:06
duanedesignon the RadeonDriver page this sentence is confusing, to me.08:07
duanedesignYou are currently not able to use the "radeon" driver for the following Radeon cards and derivatives. For these cards you must use the Catalyst binary driver08:07
duanedesigni think they have that backwards?08:07
bruceeI read that to mean that the Radeon driver does not work for the card listed.08:08
bruceefor that series of cards you have to use the binary drivers provided by AMD08:08
duanedesignright. me too08:09
bruceehummm. software center indicates that unity is installed, yet I don't seem to be running unity.08:11
duanedesignbrucee: i have this showing the cards supported by the catalyst.  http://ubuntuone.com/p/ify/08:12
duanedesignon pages 2 and 308:13
bruceeno support for the X series is shown.08:14
duanedesignthat is what led me to think that wiki page was off08:15
bruceelists older cards, but surprisingly the X1400 is absent.08:15
bruceecheck out : http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha3#Graphics%20and%20Display08:18
brucee"The binary video drivers -fglrx and -nvidia do not have XServer 1.10 compatibility, so do not function in Alpha 3. We anticipate receiving an updated driver with this support from NVIDIA in the coming weeks, and an updated -fglrx from AMD at some point prior to Natty's release, but do not know their exact ETAs.   "08:18
duanedesignbrucee: this might be useful to setup your wireless without network manager http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3501096&postcount=108:29
zniavregood morning08:30
zniavredoes the color of the background in the launcher buttons means something N08:30
bruceewith nm-applet working, almost all my networking problems are gone. eth0 is still a pain though.08:30
bruceeany ideas on how to get unity running?08:33
zniavrebrucee,  run this into a terminal it will tell you if unity can run > '/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test  -p'   without quote08:38
bruceezniavre: "The system can run Unity"08:38
zniavrebrucee,  there is some bug with nux or compiz or unity that older hardware can't run unity even if the script say yes ....   :o(08:39
bruceehow would I run unity?08:40
zniavrelike my case with nouveau driver the script is positive but the desktop is empty08:40
bruceenot nice08:40
zniavrebrucee,  hoping new update of unity/nux/compiz i made a bug report that says it's fixed (but not yet updated)08:41
bruceerunning 'unity' from the console reports : 'Cannot register the panel shell: there is already one running'08:42
duanedesignbrucee: awesome. Glad you got that answered.08:42
* duanedesign saved that command08:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 735908 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::GpuRenderStates::SubmitChangeStates()" [Medium,Fix committed]08:42
duanedesignbrucee: yeah gnome-panel is running08:42
* brucee is completely new to unity.08:43
zniavrein fact unity is complety new for everybody08:44
bruceewell. I'll try again later and see if I can get it running....08:45
bruceeCheers all08:45
duanedesignbrucee: try unity --reset08:46
duanedesignbrucee: a;so install the compizconfig-settings-manager08:46
duanedesignyou can access the unity plugin with that.08:46
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mateoburunity doesn't work anymore after an update10:28
mateoburcompiz (opengl) - Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing10:28
mateoburcompiz (opengl) - Fatal: Software rendering detected10:28
les123Hello, is it possible to put a demo of game in Ubuntu repository?10:35
les123I have deb pacakage ready, just wondering how is Ubuntu policy10:36
yofelif it's not open source it could probably go into multiverse, you should ask in #ubuntu-motu10:37
vega_use a ppa?10:38
vega_(as first step..)10:38
les123it's not open source10:43
les123ok, I will ry #ubuntu-motu10:43
yellabs-r2hello there11:02
yellabs-r2i have not been able to boot the daily builds of natty the last 4 versions11:02
yellabs-r2it crashes on compiz , i have several ibm thinkpads / lenovo T6011:03
yellabs-r2these all have intel 950 , wich i think is the issue11:03
yellabs-r2there is no fallback , so it does not go into an unity without 3D11:04
yellabs-r2i cant report a bug, since its really hanging dead in the air.. on these machines11:04
yellabs-r2is there an way to start x without compiz on the commandline ? i could try that ?11:05
yellabs-r2so , in short, compiz is really crashing on intel 950 graphics card11:13
yellabs-r2i will check out in an day or two , hope its fixed by then ..11:14
yellabs-r2take care , and have an good day :)11:14
david5345How do I disable special effects in ubuntu 11.04 ?11:56
susundbergHey, my microphone support is not working anymore11:57
susundbergi'd say it went broken 1-2w ago11:57
susundbergno sound anymore -- i havent check the hardware but there haven't been any reason to suspect why the hardware would have gone broken..11:58
david5345I installed Ubuntu 11.04, using deboostrap and apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. I don't see the new unity interface. Is it not yet available or is there some other package to be installed ?11:59
BUGabundonot sure12:01
BUGabundobut try to log off12:01
BUGabundoand pick from the bottom bar12:01
BUGabundomaybe you are in classic12:01
david5345does it matter that my hostname contains numbers* ?12:05
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patdk-wkI hope not12:12
patdk-wkmy hostname contains ONLY numbers :)12:13
david5345ok So I installed natty 11.04 on my machine, but "ubuntu desktop" in the login screen gives me Gnome and not unity. I installed using deboot strap and apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. Am I missing something ?12:22
patdk-wka supported 3d graphics card?12:24
david5345an unsupported card would cause it to default to gnome ?12:25
david5345Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device12:25
patdk-wkas far as I know, intel still doesn't do opengl yet, so no unity12:29
david5345Ah ok.12:33
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MarconMi can to install ubuntu minimal install without internet13:50
bullgard4MarconM: I don't think that your question is ubuntu+1 specific.13:56
thiebaudeMarconM, maybe ask in #ubuntu :)13:57
susundbergi think suspend breaks my mic14:00
susundberg(that is sound-in chain at some point)14:01
bullgard4susundberg: Suspend cannot break your microphone.14:01
susundbergwhy not?14:03
MarconMok man thiebaude14:04
susundberganyway that was not the case, it did not happen 'again' -- mic works: ?? -> suspend mic works: no -> apt-get upgrade -> boot -> mic works: yes :o14:04
susundbergannoying that the time it didnt work was of course when i had skype meeting and mac ppl were "oh its linux thing, its not working" .. damn those ..14:05
shaneois it safe to remove samba4 if i dont use it or is it a system necessity15:44
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ankreloadedhey fellas, theres something weird here....i updated natty and now....when i press the super key, the shorcuts in unity do appear, but why does the "listen to music" shortcut open firefox? Also it does not have an image associated with it16:34
ankreloadedany ideas?16:34
ankreloadedHere's the screenshot: http://img41.imageshack.us/i/screenshotrl.png/16:36
ankreloaded_Okay so I'm reporting a bug16:43
guntbert!bug | ankreloaded_16:47
ubottuankreloaded_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots16:47
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gnomefreakanyone know if gnome-user-guide-en was replaced with something, or is it just held back for deps or what not?17:29
ChrisBuchholzThere seem to be a bug in Unity, but i would like to hear your thoughts on it before i report it. I have a macbook pro and i have activated multitouch (two finger) scroll. If i press SUPER to open the "shortscuts" thing in unity (which is not scrollable because theres not enough items. If the pointer now is pointed at one of the clickable buttons and i start scrolling (with two fingers), which doesnt scroll because its not scrollbar, ...17:29
ChrisBuchholz... but i do it anyways, and then stop scrolling and lift fingers, the item will get clicked. This doesnt happen ANYWHERE else for me in ubuntu.17:29
gnomefreakmaybe now in gnome-user-guide17:30
gnomefreakChrisBuchholz: there are a few bugs centered around unity, superkeys and touchpad. however you would have to look at them to see what fits your problem best.17:31
ChrisBuchholzgnomefreak: okay thanks17:31
gnomefreaksorry havent checked mail in over 2 months17:31
ChrisBuchholzno worries17:33
* gnomefreak not sure why i care since i dont need a guide to use gnome17:41
bullgard4Why cannot coexist the packages gnome-user-guide-de gnome-user-guide and ubuntu-docs?17:46
gnomefreakbullgard4: they might have merged all lang into the gnome-user-guide but i have not gotten an answer yet17:56
gnomefreakit should be safe to remove unless you need help with using gnome? i honestly never used it or gave it any thought17:57
bullgard4gnomefreak: I do not understand you very well. The gnome-user-guide is only 1409 kB size. This can hardly include all languages.17:58
gnomefreakbullgard4: it looks like it replaces all the lang. see http://paste.ubuntu.com/583424/17:58
gnomefreakit seems to replace gnome-user-guide-*17:59
gnomefreak1409kb = ~1.2mb18:01
gnomefreakfor a bunch of text files thats good. also im not sure that you get all lang. or just the ones you set up18:01
gnomefreakChrisBuchholz: look at the Xorg stack link in the topic maybe that is related to your problem?18:03
* gnomefreak be back need smoke18:03
ChrisBuchholzgnomefreak: it might be, who knows18:05
bullgard4gnomefreak: Thank you for providing http://paste.ubuntu.com/583424/ . I am curious what will come out of this. I am still convinced that the package gnome-user-guide will need complementary packages for several user languages.18:06
gnomefreakbullgard4: it may but i went along and removed *-en since i really dont need the user guide18:12
bullgard4gnomefreak: My native language differs, and I appreciate competent GNOME help.18:20
gnomefreaki understand18:21
BUGabundomessed up BIG time18:59
BUGabundotried to login into unity18:59
BUGabundoand I have no bars at all18:59
BUGabundoand can't even logout to go back to classic18:59
om26erBUGabundo, probably unity crashed, try from tty ?19:00
om26erlogin there19:00
BUGabundoand ?19:00
BUGabundothat I did19:00
om26erexport DISPLAY=:019:00
BUGabundobut I want classic19:01
BUGabundoI'm right now on *some* WM19:01
BUGabundowhich I have no idea which is19:01
BUGabundoand have no menus or applets19:01
om26ergnome-panel running?19:01
* BUGabundo checks19:02
zniavretry alt+f2 if does not work gnome-panel is nt launched19:02
BUGabundothat worked19:02
om26erBUGabundo, starting gnome-panel worked or the alt+f2 ?19:02
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OmegaInstalling gstreamer0.10-plugins-good version 0.10.21-1ubuntu6 removes a lot of packages, including ubuntu-desktop.21:13
zniavregood evning21:33
zniavreim experiencing an huge memory leak with vlc playing .avi file , first the sound stop and then the RAM is filled at 100% with the swap too the LA is something around 45 that is doing an unsable system21:35
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zniavrei can't get a crash report about it due to the crash itself i think21:35
Moczniavre: killall -SEGV vlc might do it21:52
zniavreMoc, i do not hav the time to do it21:57
zniavrejust reset the PC to reboot it21:58
zniavreim trying to find a bug report and leaves a new comment or new report ...21:58
Mocubuntu-bug pid would do it also21:59
MocI think anyway21:59
zniavreim doing it right now thank you22:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 716868 in vlc (Ubuntu) "Vlc rapidly leaks memory when pulseaudo output changes" [Undecided,New]22:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 673462 in vlc (Ubuntu) "vlc: growing memory usage when reading some AVI files" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:10
zniavreone of those ...22:10
DaekdroomThey could be duplicates.22:11

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