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bkeropersia: ping08:25
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dmart 13:26
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lil_petehey guys does anybody have problems with usb-hotplugging at a toshiba tegra-platform? maybe even a solution to problems relatet to that? :)15:02
ograworks fine on my ac10015:02
lil_petewell i got a folio100, pretty much the same system, but only one usb port15:03
lil_petecould you pastebin your dmesg and gzip -dc /proc/config.gz please?15:03
ograhttp://ac100.gudinna.com/kernel/ has the config15:04
ogranote that the folio and ac100 kernels are massively different (they arent cross functional) so you can just blindly apply this config to a folio kernel15:05
lil_peteooohhh... dyou know about any details?15:06
lil_pete'coz i thought since usb should be somewhere on the tegra-chip it _should_ be the same config in both kernels?15:07
ogranope, ask in #ac100, i think phh did some tests15:07
lil_petedidnt know that toshiba patched that much15:07
ograoh, related to usb they might be the same15:07
lil_petewell i _thought_ so, but thats just blind assumptions, i never touched an ac10015:07
ograbut that doesnt make the folio kernel bootable on an ac100 ;)15:07
lil_peteill ask in ac10015:07
lil_petewell if i wanted to i couldnt, i have a custom kernel since i need some wicked custom drivers, but as i said... i thought that usb-stuff should run out of the box15:08
ograit does as long as your kernel properly provides everything udev expects15:08
lil_peteim wondering if its some energy saving issue or something i messed up in the config... dunno.15:08
lil_petehehe thats the funny thing, if @ boot i plug in a usb-hub, i can plug/unplug everything i want to that hub. if i unplug the hub, its like usb is dead, nothing in dmesg at all. its... weird. :)15:09
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ppisatiguys, in maverick to support a beagle board/xm, which kernel branch did you use? master? linaro? ti-omap? or ti-omap4?16:58
ppisatiduring boot, my Xm says:16:58
ppisati[    0.000000] Linux version 2.6.35-22-omap (buildd@gourd) (gcc version 4.4.5 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-14ubuntu4) ) #33-Ubuntu Mon Sep 20 03:17:30 UTC 2010 (Ubuntu 2.6.35-22.33-omap
ppisatiso i guess it's linaro, right?16:58
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loolppisati: This only says which compiler was used18:04
loolppisati: In this case, one with the Linaro patchset applied18:04
ograppisati, for omap3 we use mainline18:11
ograomap4 is a special breed from mainline, TI patches and linaro patches18:14
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XaseI'm interested in learning me some ARM and running Ubuntu on "a device similar to a beagle board?"22:43
Xasehttp://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Demo_Image << I'm assuming trying this, and reading here will lead me in the right direction oh armites?22:45
GrueMasterDo you already have a beagleboard?22:59
Xase_GrueMaster: sorry my daughter pressed the sleep button.23:02
Xase_No, I don't however the Nook Color is really similar in processor and graphics processor.23:02
Xase_I was wondering if the demo image would boot over SD or at least throw a kernel panic.23:02
GrueMasterSimilar in that it is arm based.  That's about it.23:03
Xase_... eh.23:03
GrueMasterSlightly different processor than what is on the beagleboard.  In the arm world, the kernel needs to almost be specific to the system.23:04
Xase_Well... so it'll at least throw a kernel panic?23:04
GrueMasterWe have people working to unify the code so we have one kernel, but it will take some time.23:04
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Xase_Well I was thinking of rebuilding the Cyangoenmod kernel from android with the extra requirements for running a GNU/Linux distro23:05
Xase_So I technically have a kernel already =/23:05
GrueMasterI'm not sure what it would do.23:05
Xase_Well it would obviously needs to be configured to use the right display and all that nonsense.23:05
GrueMasterYou should google to see if someone has already hacked the nook.23:05
Xase_Glad to finally hear some info form here.23:05
GrueMasterThere is more to it than just the kernel.23:05
Xase_Well by hacked do you mean rooted?23:05
Xase_I have a custom kernel on mine running already =/23:06
GrueMasterYes, and has a link to a working base image.23:06
Xase_But it's still android... I wanted to step beyond that.23:06
Xase_Do you think my idea is plausible however? at least trying to get it to work?23:06
Xase_Like if I stuck at it, I could get it working near 100% capacity?23:07
GrueMasterPersonally, I only get to work on specific hardware that is officially supported by the current release.  That limits me to beagleboard, beagleXM (same kernel for both now), and Panda (dual core).23:07
Xase_What processor is in the beaglebord?23:08
GrueMasterIt is very plausable to get it working.  Others have done similar work with the Viewsonic tablet and the Toshiba AC100 smartbook.23:08
GrueMasterThe beagleboard & XM are omap3, just slightly different configurations than the nook.23:09
GrueMasterSo the omap kernel from Ubuntu may work wit hsome slight tweaking (or it might just work).  I don't know.23:09
rsalvetiprobably need the correct board file23:10
rsalvetiwith proper platform devices and drivers23:10
Xase_Hmm, I think I'll have a look at it and a talk with some associates who think I'm crazy.23:10
rsalvetiso I'd say that you probably need some additional patches to make it fully compatible with nook23:10
Xase_I am all new to this23:10
rsalvetiXase_: what is your kernel version?23:10
Xase_That is nonsense though, it's just running basically as a VM rsalveti23:11
Xase_hold on I'll check23:11
Xase_I don't expect it to be easy, and I know it will take awhile, I was just curious as to how plausible it is.23:12
GrueMasterCheck the link I posted above.  It has a howto for Ubuntu.23:12
Xase_... yeah to run it inside of android though =/23:13
Xase_Does that hold any relevance to my ideals in the long run.23:13
Xase_.sa0z56'tgh 6\tb ]6\523:14
rsalvetiit's probably plausible23:14
Xase_My daughter is amazingly computer loving.23:15
rsalvetiwould be good to check what bootloader are you using23:15
rsalvetiif it's possible to load an initrd file23:15
rsalvetithen see if it's possible to port the specific patches to at least 2.6.3523:15
rsalvetiso you can safely use the maverick rootfs23:15
rsalvetior 2.6.38 if you want to use natty23:16
Xase_Alright, I'll do some more reading then :D23:16
Xase_It uses uboot on nand23:16
Xase_Well I'll be back, and I'll read some on the kernel while I'm out.23:17
* rsalveti bbl23:26

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