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yyyythe us downloads seem to be slow so I changed to australia site for updates11:19
yyyycan I set I aussie site for the install11:19
bwrightyyyy: Hello are you talking about downloading ubuntu11:19
bwrightyyyy: Or are you talking about installing ubuntu packages11:19
yyyyI plan to reinstall ubuntu 10.10 but last time the install was was due to delay in downloads during the install. I guessing it is not using the aussie repositries 11:21
yyyycan I force it use the repositries and speed up the install process11:21
bwrightOne solution is not to download additional packages during the install.11:21
yyyysorry grammar is bit off11:21
bwrightThen simply type sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; in a terminal.11:22
bwrightThat way you get the install over as quickly as possible.11:22
yyyythe idiot proof install only gives 2 options 3rd party and the other. cant remember what the other was for11:23
yyyyI ususally use ubuntu restricted extra's which I believe will give me the codecs I need11:24
bwrightThe mirror you want is http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu maverick11:24
bwrightCheck the other option and see if it will let you set it there.11:24
bwrightIf not just set it as the third party11:25
bwrightBut the codecs can be installed post installation.11:25
bwrightVery easily.11:25
yyyyyes sudo apt-get install ubuntu-rest...11:26
bwrightThat would be the safest way to do it.11:26
yyyyI have a netbook and installed the 10.10 netbook edition and found it to be slow. I have herd 10.04 has is better choice, do you agree.11:27
bwrightI am running ubuntu 10.10 on my netbook and I am working on unity-extras one of the core components of the netbook edition.11:28
bwrightIt seems to be running fine here.11:28
bwrightWhat are the laptop specifications/11:28
bwrightIf it is slow in general give Xubuntu a try it works better with older systems.11:29
bwrightBut in general it should be fine.11:30
yyyyonly a cheapy; i think it has 1g and n45011:31
iktlubuntu > xubuntu11:31
bwrightxmonad gentoo > lubuntu11:32
bwrightBut if it is running really slow try lubuntu or xubuntu. They are designed with speed in consideration (supports older hardware etc)11:32
yyyyi will it a try, the desktop seems to running fine although I had to tweak the mouse sensitivity on the touch pad. default was set to high and it light touch to activate it11:32
bwrightIt may just be the unity interface.11:32
bwrightIt is kinda bleeding edge.11:33
bwrightYou know the launcher on the side?11:33
bwrightI am writing the code now to be able to move that to the bottom, right or top as well.11:33
yyyysounds great. the change you a planning with unity appears to be significant task11:34
yyyymajor challenge but I am sure it worth it11:35
bwrightI have been told my major paid developers that it is probably one of the hardest things to possibly do.11:35
bwrightThey said it was like untangling two trains that ran into eachother at 100mph11:36
bwrightnp np11:36
yyyyps:  postive comment; a number of linux distributions and made it hard choice. I settled on ubuntu as it well supported and had everything I needed and then some. The move to wayland (spelling?) and unity is good thing in my view as it differentiates the distributions. If unity pays off and I hope it does, it will mean ubuntu will be hard to beat11:43
iktxmonad doesn't look to bad12:06

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