maheanuuI am having a problem with the Document Viewer. No matter what I try to open the Doc Viewer pops up a02:21
maheanuuI am running Ubuntu 10.10 and this started just a couple of days ago.  I cannot find any way to return to any other viewer02:23
aveilleuxmaheanuu: So evince is opening *every* file?02:25
aveilleuxmaheanuu: Or attempting to open02:25
maheanuuIt doesn't matter if I am trying to look at files on an ext hard disc yes apparently no matter what i try02:25
maheanuuYes, and I end up with nothing working02:25
aveilleuxmaheanuu: You can try uninstalling it, if you don't need a PDF reader02:26
maheanuuexactly aveilleux02:26
maheanuuI have a pdf reader on my firefox, so don't need the Document reader at all, but I cannot seem to find a way to uninstall the dam thingh02:27
aveilleuxmaheanuu: From Terminal: sudo apt-get remove evince02:27
maheanuuThanx aveilleux, that did everything I wanted....   I looked and looked and begged and asked with no joy...   you have been the biggest help I have found02:31
aveilleuxmaheanuu: No problem \o/02:31
maheanuuHow did it appear all of a sudden?  That is the question I would like to have answered02:32
trinikronodoes that happen with evince regularly?02:34
aveilleuxmaheanuu: I've never encountered a problem like that before.02:35
kristian-aalborghi all03:21
kristian-aalborggiving the expert mode install a try ;)03:21
kristian-aalborgas I need *not* to have grub written at the end03:21
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kristian-aalborgholstein: when installing to cf/sd, do you get everything right from the start or tweak things later?04:12
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i have only installed to SD card04:12
kristian-aalborgI tried making an install with only / but it failed me04:12
holsteinand it seems just like normal04:12
holsteinexcept for GRUB04:12
holsteini like to install grub to the SD card04:13
kristian-aalborgwhat kind of machine do you have it on?04:13
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i have an old EEE90004:13
holsteinthats what i did the install on04:14
kristian-aalborgah, I was fighting an Eee 2g surf recently04:14
holsteinbut, the SD card has booted on several other machines04:14
holsteinan eee1001p04:14
holsteinand an hpmininote 213304:14
kristian-aalborgwhat file system do you use?04:14
holsteinusually just ext404:14
holsteinBUT, sometimes i do an ext2 with no swap04:15
holstein^ thats probably what you should do04:15
kristian-aalborgI'm thinking of getting an IDE adapter04:15
holsteinand you'll have more space on the SD without swap04:15
kristian-aalborgyeah, swap is not good for sdhc it seems04:15
holsteinhardly ever got used anyways04:16
holsteinbut, yeah, ext2 without swap is the way to go04:16
holsteintil btrfs gets straight04:16
holsteini did a btrfs install04:16
holsteintook 4 EVER04:16
kristian-aalborgthere was another flash file system, but it seems abandoned04:17
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i wouldnt lose sleep over it04:17
holsteinkristian-aalborg: if i were you04:18
holsteini would probably try to get a machine04:18
holsteinwith no other HD's in it04:18
holsteintry installing to that CF drive in the pcmcia thingy04:19
holsteinand get it booting04:19
kristian-aalborgnone of my machines can boot from it04:19
holsteinkristian-aalborg: AH04:19
holsteintheres the problem then04:19
holsteinnow i remember04:19
holsteinyou'll have to do something complicated i bet04:19
kristian-aalborgthe oldest one (surprisingly) sees it sometime before grub04:19
holsteinto get that pcmcia loaded04:20
holsteinand readable04:20
holsteinAND a bootloader04:20
kristian-aalborgwith a bit of luck, I just have to move it to that machine, then update grub04:20
holsteinkristian-aalborg: you might want to check out some other boot loaders04:20
holsteini have no suggestions though ;)04:21
kristian-aalborgit's okay, worst case scenario is that I just keep running from hdd04:22
kristian-aalborgI fear there might be a bottleneck also... the pcmcia could well be so slow that the advantages of CF are lost04:22
holsteinshould be fine04:23
ubuntu_Anybody know how long it takes to resize a swap partition on an external USB hard drive?04:48
holsteinubuntu_: have you already started?04:49
holsteinwell, im heading out04:50
ubuntu_It's been taking forevor. I don't know if I should stop it or start again.04:50
holsteinbut, i was going to try and talk you out of it04:50
holsteincould take a while i suppose04:50
holsteindepends really04:50
ubuntu_do you have any experience in that?04:51
holsteinnot a swap partition04:51
ubuntu_I'm trying to put linux on an external04:51
holsteinubuntu_: are you 30 minutes in?04:51
ubuntu_2 hours in04:51
holsteinwell, i guess you could sleep on it04:52
holsteinand see if its done the the AM04:52
ubuntu_oh well, thank you anyways.04:52
holsteinmaybe someone else will know04:52
holsteini say, dont bother04:52
holsteinanyways.. good luck04:53
yulerhow do I connect to facebook through nautilus?  Supposedly, one can add photos this way.10:47
bioterrorno you dont10:51
bioterrornautilus is a file manager, facebook is a web page10:51
bioterroroh look10:52
bioterrorhttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/12/nautilus-facebook-image-uploader-script/ google gave something like this10:52
yulerYes, bioterror, but Nautilus can connect to a remote server.  My question is if it can connect to Facebook.11:05
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kristian-aalborgholstein: yo15:23
holsteinkristian-aalborg: o/15:25
kristian-aalborgso, I managed to put debian on the CF card.... grub is  acting up, though15:25
holsteinkristian-aalborg: is it booting the OS on the CF card?15:28
kristian-aalborgholstein: the errors I get suggest the BIOS is not up to it16:12
holsteinkristian-aalborg: yeah?16:12
kristian-aalborgwhich makes sense, given the age of it16:12
holsteini suppose you could flash it16:12
holsteini went all around town a couple years ago trying to find floppy discs to flash a bios16:13
kristian-aalborgthis baby will flash from cd16:18
kristian-aalborgbut I think it's just too old perhaps... 1997 is a long time ago for some things :)16:19
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simarhello everyone...16:38
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melsaswahhey every one19:57
melsaswahi need some help on installing ubuntu19:57
melsaswahi can't get the cd to launch19:58
bdfhjkPlease look at this bug20:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 691515 in clicompanion "setting language only works for utf8" [Undecided,New]20:27
bdfhjkIt is invalid?20:27
bdfhjkany comments?20:28
charlie-tcalooks valid. Can you reproduce it? That is a good starting point to triage a bug, attempt to reproduce it your self.20:36
charlie-tcaYou should always be able to use language settings other than utf8 for applications20:37
bdfhjkI can do that do who report bug20:38
bdfhjkAnd then not working20:38
bdfhjkI not sure that20:38
bdfhjkis vaild20:38
charlie-tcaYes, it is20:39
bdfhjkSo what may cause that bug?20:39
charlie-tcaIt installs for Netherlands20:39
bdfhjktrue2self: hello20:39
charlie-tcaI don't fix bugs, I only triage them. Developers fix them, which is very different. I don't need to know how to fix a bug to know it is valid.20:39
bdfhjkI concerned about ''' (process:29197): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library. '''20:42
true2selfbdfhjk:  are you asking how to file a bug report?20:42
bdfhjktrue2self: I asking about what may cause bug, I am working at path20:43
bdfhjkmaybe this bug is related to GTK, not CLI Companion20:44
bdfhjkanyway thanks charlie-tca for help20:47
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:47
Cheri703I have a computer running 10.10, and the fonts (in applications and menus and everything) are weird. Like they're missing a row of pixels or something. I don't know how to describe it. it's like they're not fully rendered or something. I tried messing with it in the fonts tab under appearances, but no real change20:48
bdfhjkCheri703: I have the same issue on 11.0420:49
bdfhjkDo You use notebook/netbook ?20:49
Cheri703any solution? it's really annoying20:49
Cheri703it's on a desktop20:49
bdfhjkWhat is your screen resolution?20:49
Cheri703just changed it20:50
Cheri703previously it wasn't giving me many options for resolution20:50
Cheri703I changed it to 1280x800 and it's happier20:51
Cheri703thanks :)20:51
charlie-tcaThere is an option for anti-aliasing fonts that also helps with that20:51
bdfhjkI have worst situation20:51
bdfhjkin my netbook only resolution, with I can use, is 1024x60020:52
bdfhjkcharlie-tca: do You remember where it is?20:52
charlie-tcaI don't. I use Xubuntu, and it is under my appearance settings20:52
Cheri703charlie-tca: that didn't help mine, bdfhjk system > preferences > appearance > Fonts20:59
charlie-tcaIt doesn't always, sometimes it really is dependent on the the lcd itself. bdfhjk might benefit when natty releases, since it is more tuned to those smaller screens21:01
charlie-tcasometimes changing fonts also will help make the letters more clear.21:02
charlie-tcaDroid is supposed to be pretty good21:02
MrChrisDruifDoes anybody know if sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-dx-team/une sudo && apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unity is the official ppa install for Unity in Maverick?21:34
aveilleuxMrChrisDruif: Unity is in the default repositories...21:35
MrChrisDruifI'll check aveilleux :)21:35
MrChrisDruifThanks aveilleux :)21:45
aveilleuxMrChrisDruif: You're welcome21:45
bdfhjkIf I plan to create program for ubuntu, can I use qt ?21:54
aveilleuxbdfhjk: I don't see why not22:02
bdfhjkIt can be later added by MOTU to standard, ubuntu (gnome) repository22:03
bdfhjkThe most applications using gtk22:03
aveilleuxbdfhjk: Just because a program is written in Qt doesn't exclude it from being included in the repository22:20
bdfhjkthanks again :-)22:21
aveilleuxbdfhjk: VLC is written in Qt22:21
javierbravocondehi there22:42
MrChrisDruifHai javierbravoconde22:43
javierbravocondedoes anybody knows how to check if your IRC nick is registered?22:43
javierbravocondei've tried to follow the official step by step but looks a bit complicated22:44
javierbravoconde(i'm using pidgin btw)22:44

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