dscasselJust got the Natty Narwhal CD artwork from Holly. :D01:15
dscasselNow to do the CD design...01:16
BobJonkmanI think that's the best one yet!02:55
dscasselI'm working on it. :)02:55
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* genii-around sips17:37
willwhhow did the penguin liberation go? :D17:47
genii-aroundwillwh: They are all in my office and I am getting fresh paint for them this week. I want to paint the two plastic ones in Kubuntu and Ubuntu colours17:47
willwhsweet :)17:48
genii-aroundwillwh: So I can use them as funky decorations April 30 for release party, should be kind of fun to have some penguins there17:49
willwhyes indeed :)17:50
willwhok - so this is a little bit of a long winded explanation17:50
willwhmy parent's house (where I grew up in Edinburgh) - at the end of their street is the back door in to Edinburgh zoo17:51
willwhso I spent a lot of time in the zoo.17:51
genii-aroundCool. They are pretty colourful ones.17:51
willwhwell - that's the emporers17:52
willwhthey have a few kinds, gentoos17:52
willwhand rock hoppers17:52
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