erichammondsmoser: ping08:57
kim0Morning everyone08:58
koolhead11afternoon everyone :)09:51
koolhead11hi kim009:51
kim0koolhead11: hey man09:51
kim0It's morning for me .. but yeah :)09:51
koolhead11kim0, ping10:44
kim0yes ?10:48
koolhead11kim0, issue resloved!! :D10:49
kim0koolhead11: what issue :)10:55
koolhead11kim0, had some confusion soren helped me10:55
kim0ah awesome :)10:56
koolhead11its typo day 4 me. doing mistakes :(10:56
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smosererichammond, here now.13:09
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TeTeTsmoser: I discovered lately that 'persistency' does not seem to be an English word at all - should I ask to rename the project to be 'uec-persistence'?16:05
TeTeTTREllis: ^ your thoughts would be interesting as well16:05
kim0lol :D16:06
smoserTeTeT, i have no strong feelings.16:06
TREllisTeTeT: sounds fine, I have no strong feelings16:19
TeTeTok, so we leave it as is, hope we don't look like the fool that I am ;)16:21
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bhaveshdoes anybody has worked on UEC 2.0 ?17:30
bhaveshhello ?17:31
jeroI have been experiencing several and quite frequent lockups (machine becomes like frozen for 3-5 minutes, my statistics show one cpu stuck at 100% and load climbs at 40-50 while system is unloaded) with  EC2 "m1.large" instances those last weeks, with lucid ami-fa01f19317:38
jeros/unloaded/not much loaded/17:39
jeroanyone experienced that ?17:47
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bhavesh does anybody has worked on UEC 2.0 ?17:50
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kim0jero: I think there was some bug that did that .. smoser would know about it18:10
jerokim0: ah!18:10
jerois smoser around ?18:11
kim0just wait around18:11
jerothanks !18:11
jerothis is giving me white hair :)18:11
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smoserjero, please open a bug (use ubuntu-bug /boot/vmlinuz-$(uname -r) from inside an instance)18:15
smoserand describe anything anything you can do to trigger it18:16
smoserand see if console output shows anything of interest (or dmesg if you can get it)18:16
kim0oh so it's not a known issue .. okie18:16
smoserload in a ec2 instance might not be 100% useful18:16
smoserwell, there are kernel bugs.18:16
jeroI opened a case at aws too18:18
smoserhttp://tinyurl.com/ec2-bugs-linux and http://tinyurl.com/ec2-bugs-linux-ec2 have list of bugs that are open on 'linux' or 'linux-ec2' and are tagged ec2-images18:21
smoserjero, but please do open a bug. you can subscribe 'smoser' and stefan-bader-canonical18:23
jerosmolyn: I used m1.large instances some time ago with lucid (other AMIs), and didn't have that issue18:23
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gtaylor_laptopAnyone else notice that Ubuntu EC2 instances take -forever- to restart? Or get stuck and don't restart until you restart them a second time through the EC2 management console?21:14
erichammondgtaylor_laptop: What do you mean by "restart"?  Reboot?  stop/start? terminate/run?22:02
gtaylor_laptoperichammond: Reboot via the management console22:02
gtaylor_laptoperichammond: Though, it's done the same thing via SSH and 'shutdown -r now'22:02

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