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duanedesignmorning all05:59
pleia2evening, duanedesign05:59
duanedesignanyone seen ircanswers.com?07:27
* duanedesign nods07:28
nigelbbasically generating ad revenue through some good progamming work.07:28
duanedesigni just found an answer to a question from that site07:28
nigelbI like the idea :)07:28
duanedesignlooks like it queues in on ?07:29
nigelblooks like it works of irclogs.ubuntu.com07:29
nigelbIts not hard to run an irssi session and get it working that way.07:29
duanedesignthey kinda overdid it with the Google ads though07:31
duanedesign4 google ad windows per page07:31
duanedesignplus a banner ad07:32
nigelbyeah, that's what I'm a bit irritated about.07:32
kim0Morning everyone07:42
duanedesignanyone with an ati card care to give an opinion about a wiki page?08:16
dholbachgood morning08:16
dpmgood morning all08:17
kim0what's the .28 ? :)08:18
duanedesignsupposed to be /2808:19
duanedesignto change windows in irrsi :P08:19
kim0ah hehe08:19
duanedesignstill dark here and I am bad at typing :)08:22
kim0Illuminated kbs ftw :)08:23
dholbachhey kim0, duanedesign, dpm08:23
kim0dholbach: howdy08:24
duanedesigni was just showing nigel this site i found this morning http://ircanswers.com/08:26
dpmhey dholbach and all :)08:30
duanedesignnigelb: you had that bug  where you got the blank question while apport was collecting info08:32
duanedesignnigelb: for a kernel bug. Did you ever find anything out about that?08:33
nigelbduanedesign: don't know about tat08:55
nigelbduanedesign: but if you need some help in apport, feel free to poke :)09:12
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jcastroakgraner: ping15:22
akgranerjcastro, pong15:27
jcastrohey how is the new castle?15:27
akgranerstill need curtains and a desks for the offices but we are getting there :-)15:28
akgraneryou all are invited to stop by and visit if you are ever in NC15:30
akgranerno to tell some more people about kim0 's cloud days :-)15:31
kim0akgraner: hehe :D15:31
akgranerI upgraded to Natty and well I set the classic desktop back...but I kept unity on my netbook15:32
akgranernot sure how I feel about using Unity but I like how it looks :-)15:32
akgranergrrr I can't get qwibber to open - it keeps closing unexpectedly now :-(15:34
popeyakgraner: broken for me too15:36
popeybug filed15:37
akgranerlooks like I was stuck in some kind of loop15:37
popeyhave you unwedged it?15:37
akgranerload meter was pegged...and it finally opened15:37
akgraneryep it finally opened for me now I am going to see if I can post anything15:38
akgranercould be I just got lucky too15:38
popeybug 73684815:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 736848 in gwibber "gwibber crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73684815:39
akgranerhmmm...I need to find aout exactly where the issues was at and file a bug b/c I just closed qwibber and tried to reopen it and got "gwibber crasher unexpectedly" again15:42
dholbachjono, enjoy the recording15:57
* nigelb wavse15:57
nigelbwaves even15:57
nigelbtoday is a fail day.  sigh.15:57
jonothanks dholbach15:57
dholbachjono, I had nothing to discuss for our call anyway ;-)15:58
jcastroMORE BASS.15:58
jcastro"I don't know, I just feel like the bass is taking away from the vocals"15:58
* dholbach gets back to presentation material15:58
jonodholbach, cool :-)16:07
akgranerjcastro, no needs more cowbell ;-)16:11
nigelbso are we getting the gong for lightning talks this time?16:11
akgranerwe really need a gong...wonder if rackspace will let us borrow theirs?16:12
akgranerthey have one in their Austin office16:12
nigelbjcastro: ^^16:12
nigelbask soren to pick it up his way :P16:12
jcastroif someone brings a gong16:13
jcastroI will use it16:13
akgranerif not we can give jcastro the cowbell to use16:13
nigelbgive the bell to the person doing the talk16:13
akgranerI have cowbell on the brain today.../me goes back to work on that note and returns everyone to their regularly scheduled channel chat :-P16:14
nigelbI wonder if we should try lighting talks for uadw too.16:28
jcastroAlanBell: something I am just noticing now16:47
jcastrois how unideal the new wiki skin is with tables: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses/Ideas16:47
nigelbjcastro: its missing css for the tables16:48
nigelbwe can submit a patch for it if you'd like16:48
jcastrosure, but it's no big deal16:48
jcastrowould be nice though!16:48
nigelb(well, they actually removed the table borders, we can put it right back)16:48
AlanBellyeah, that can be fixed16:49
AlanBellthat was broken in the last version too, someone really doesn't like table borders16:49
nigelbAlanBell: you need to find the desingers and give them a heart to heart talk ;)16:50
nigelbespecially about fluid layouts16:50
AlanBellI think they know my views on that16:50
nigelbjcastro: ^^ if we arrange that, there will be nor more design issues like /ever/ :-P16:51
jcastroassuming we had a meeting on the wiki16:51
jcastroand I was in it16:51
jcastroI would say "I don't know why we bother fixing the default skin, everyone who uses GOOGLE ends up using an edubuntu skin ANYWAY."16:52
jcastrogreatest irony, Canonical unable to use a canonical tag16:52
AlanBellyup :)16:52
nigelbdpm: ping?16:52
AlanBellI was coding up a fix for that in the old skin16:52
dpmhey nigelb16:53
nigelbdpm: hey, I'm trying to coordiate that UGJ set of classroom sessions16:53
nigelbdpm: would you be interested in a translations session on monday 28th, or can you recommend someone who could possibly do it?16:53
dpmnigelb, yeah, I'd be up for it. What times are you thinking of?16:54
nigelbdpm: 1600 UTC?16:54
nigelbor 1700 UTC if you want16:54
dpmnigelb, 16:00 UTC sounds great16:55
nigelbawesome thanks :)16:55
nigelbdpm: what should I title your talk as? "How to start helping with translations"?16:55
dpmnigelb, yeah, or "How to run a translations jam", depending on what the general topic for the sessions is16:56
nigelbthe general topic is how to rock UGJ :)16:57
dpmnigelb, yeah, whichever fits in best, "How to start helping with translations" sounds good17:03
nigelbdpm: :)17:03
dpmdoctormo, around? Would you be up for a session on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek?17:03
doctormodpm: What would you want tought?17:03
akgranerkim0, what's the hashtag for Ubuntu Cloud Days? UCD?17:07
kim0akgraner: yep17:08
nigelbakgraner: #kim0onthecloud :P17:08
kim0oh nooo :)17:08
dpmdoctormo, what about something along the lines of "Ground Control + Launchpad: Application Development Made Easy"? What do you think?17:08
akgranerk thanks!17:08
kim0thank you!17:08
nigelbdpm: if you can't fill the last session on last day17:08
nigelbdpm: I can organize a set of lightning talks :)17:08
doctormodpm: Sounds like a good idea, I'll check my calednar and get back to you tomorrow?17:09
dpmdoctormo, sure, thanks!17:10
dpmnigelb, sounds great, do you want to add it as a suggestion to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Prep?17:11
nigelbyup, will do17:11
dpmdoctormo, btw, http://ground-control.org/ seems to be down17:14
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* nigelb stabs the wiki17:14
doctormodpm: Seems to work here, are you in india?17:15
dpmdoctormo, worse (internetwise): in Spain17:18
doctormonigelb: Can you access ground-control.org?17:18
nigelbdoctormo: YES! India fares good :P17:20
doctormodpm: Can you send me a route log? Would be interested in seeing where is failing.17:21
dpmdoctormo, if you tell me how to, I'll be happy to do it :)17:21
popeydpm: mtr ground-control.org17:23
popey(site works for me in the UK btw)17:23
dholbachI'll call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:24
* dholbach hugs you all17:24
* nigelb hugs dholbach :)17:25
nigelbdpm: is it possible that I can bump you to 1700 instead of 1600?17:26
nigelbpopey: poke17:29
nigelbpopey: (yes, I'm going to ask you for an IRC session :P)17:29
popeyabout what?17:30
nigelb"How the ubuntu-uk does it - ubuntu global jam"17:31
nigelbpopey: ^^17:31
popeynever been to one :D17:32
nigelbdarn :p17:32
popeyso I _may_ not be the best person to ask :)17:32
popeybut fire away with other ideas :D17:33
nigelbI have only 2 more topics to fill17:33
nigelbone about triaging bugs17:33
nigelband one from someone who's hosted/been to one:)17:33
popey\o/ off the hook17:33
nigelbIs it too early for a release party session? ;)17:34
dpmpopey, thanks for the tip17:34
dpmdoctormo, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/583413/17:34
dpmnigelb, I'd prefer 1600 if possible, or perhaps earlier?17:34
nigelbdpm: np, then, I'll fill people and make it bigger :)17:35
* nigelb pokes AlanBell 17:35
nigelbAlanBell: would you like to talk about 'how ubuntu-uk does it - UGJ' ?17:36
AlanBellum, we kind of haven't really17:36
AlanBellwe do plan to do one17:36
nigelboh noes.17:36
AlanBellnot sure what we are going to do for it exactly17:36
nigelbhehe, same here17:37
nigelbI figured there'd be a lot of people in that situation and we're having a bunch of sessions for that ;)17:37
* nigelb looks at loco.ubuntu.com17:38
nigelbbah, no paultag.17:41
paultagwhat's up nigelb18:03
akgranerpopey, looks like I will be filing a big after all - gwibber opens and it looks like it posts updates but it's a trick :-(  it posts nothing19:16
mhall119akgraner: which network?22:05
mhall119oh, you posted that hours ago...22:05

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