RAOFrobert_ancell: Yo yo!  I know you've got a r600+ radeon card - have you noticed rendering problems in unity recently - the title bar being mostly-invisible, only the shadows of notify-osd showing?02:14
robert_ancellRAOF, sure have02:15
RAOFAny idea when they started?02:15
robert_ancella week or two ago?02:16
RAOFHah.  And it's unity only, right?02:17
robert_ancellI haven't tried anything else, but my guess would be yes02:18
* RAOF has just tried classic + compiz, and that works.02:18
RAOFRight.  So, there's a problem.02:18
robert_ancellthe window title one is the particular one I've noticed, occurs when opening new windows, clicking the top of the screen seems to redraw it right02:18
TheMusoYay! Multi-arch breaks unity builds, due to a dbus header file being in a different place. :)02:25
RAOFTheMuso: I think that's fixed with the most recent dbus upload?02:29
TheMusoRAOF: Will check, but I updated this morning...02:29
RAOFIt was post-this-morning.02:29
TheMusoOk hasn't come through yet.02:30
* TheMuso updates his local mirror...02:30
TheMusoAnyway, have symlinked the file for now, so things work again.02:31
RAOFOk.  Unity's doing something screwy with transparency it seems.02:33
RAOFUrgh.  What's annoyingly worse is that mesa master explodes into a thousand shards.02:35
bcurtiswxis the Ubuntu font still UbuntuBeta?02:50
IanLiuI have fixed a bitesize bug, but I'm having troubles pushing it. I'm following the instructions from http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/#coding . Any tips?03:04
IanLiuThe command I'm executing is "bzr push lp:ian-liu88/unity-place-applications/fix-for-bug-736471"03:05
stgraberyou seem to be missing a ~03:06
stgrabertry with: bzr push lp:~ian-liu88/unity-place/applications/fix-for-bug-73647103:06
stgraberor rather: bzr push lp:~ian-liu88/unity-place-applications/fix-for-bug-73647103:06
IanLiustgraber: I will try, thanks!03:14
IanLiustgraber: it worked ;-)03:14
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IanLiuThe "Getting Involved" also mentions to "Propose a Merge". I've found the Merge proposal form, but I'm having some doubts on how to use it. Is the "Target branch" my new branch?03:24
RAOFrobert_ancell: Would you be a dear and go to compizconfig settings manager→Blur Windows and disable “alpha blur”?  I suspect that will resolve the graphical glitches.03:26
RAOFrobert_ancell: No rush, just when there's an appropriate context switch.03:27
robert_ancellRAOF, hmm, blur windows appeared to be disabled03:27
RAOFI wonder why it is enabled here.  Have I enabled it locally, I wonder?03:28
RAOFWell, that's annoying.  ‘unity --reset’ doesn't re-enable blur.03:34
micahgrobert_ancell: are you planning to arrange a release exception for webkit 1.4.0?03:37
robert_ancellmicahg, is it released yet?03:38
micahgrobert_ancell: no, but I'm told it03:38
micahgs coming with GNOME 303:38
robert_ancellYes, as soon as it's released will do the paperwork03:39
* micahg wanted to make sure it's on the release team's radar since it'll be a very last minute update03:39
micahgwhich reminds me, I need to get a microrelease exception for webkit, but I'll do that later03:41
micahgrobert_ancell: thanks03:41
robert_ancellmicahg, np, it will be nice when we have the release..03:41
micahgrobert_ancell: indeed, unfortunately, kov couldn't commit to no ABI/API breaks, but said there were none planned03:42
micahgat least webkit looks like it's taken care of, now I need to worry about getting xul-1.9.2 dropped :-/03:43
LLStarksraof, is blur default now?04:52
RAOFLLStarks: No, it isn't.04:53
LLStarksthe blur appears quite spotty under the expo05:01
chrisccoulsonwow, am i the first one awake in europe for a change?06:57
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone06:57
TheMusochrisccoulson: Seems so.07:02
pittiGood morning07:08
pittibryceh: I think we should use the last "path: error: .*" line of DKMSBuildLog.txt for this?07:10
* pitti sighs -- unity hasn't crashed for two weeks, and with the last update it all went horribly unstable again :/07:11
TheMusopitti: Yeah, trying to test some merged in branches with nux/unity today and have had a horror of a time.07:11
* TheMuso realized that he didn't try unity trunk...07:15
* TheMuso goes and builds.07:15
chrisccoulsongood morning pitti07:18
pittihey chrisccoulson07:19
pittihow are you?07:19
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm good thanks, although a little tired. how are you?07:19
pittiI'm fine, we had a nice weekend07:20
pittichrisccoulson: woke up too early again?07:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, my daugher woke several times during the night, and i thought that would mean she would sleep in ;)07:23
chrisccoulsonbut she woke up at the usual time07:23
TheMusoWell well well, with a branch of some a11y signal fixes for nux, we finally have a somewhat accessible launcher. :)07:41
TheMusoNo quicklists yet, but I can navigate the launcher with orca and hear the application names, and launch them. :)07:41
RAOFSounds like an important milestone!  Rockin!07:42
TheMusoYeah, it certainly is. I am now going to take some time tomorrow to move my primary work environment to unity.07:43
TheMusoI'll just put all the most commonly used aps on the launcher, and launch everything else from a nautilus window/a terminal for now.07:43
RAOFalt-f2 isn't a11ied?07:45
TheMusoNo, and the dash isn't yet either, tahts more work.07:46
TheMusoNext cycle I'd say.07:46
pittiTheMuso: nice to hear about the progress there! do you think this should change the current plan of defaulting to 2d if a11y is enabled?07:46
pittiah, ok07:46
pittiso seems not07:46
RAOFIncidentally, how's gnome-do on the a11y front, and how can I test it?07:46
TheMusopitti: No, unless you are willing to put up with the missing bits, productivity would be severely crippled for anyone not willing to work around things.07:46
TheMusoRAOF: Don't know, never tried it.07:47
pittiTheMuso: right07:47
TheMusoSo yeah, default to GNOME for some a11y profiles.07:47
RAOFIt's made of custom GTK stuff, so I'm not sure whether it's inherited the default GTK a11y.07:47
TheMusoRAOF: The easiest way to see if its likely to be accessible is to run accerciser, and look at the application accessibility hierarchy.07:47
* RAOF adds that to his todo.07:48
didrocksgood morning07:51
RAOFOMG it's didrocks!07:51
didrocksRAOF: run run ;)07:52
pittibonjour didrocks, ca va? had a nice long weekend?07:52
didrockspitti: Guten Morgen pitti. yeah, I'm fine, the week-end was nice (even if not enough snow to ski). You?07:53
TheMusopitti: And, I think I might want to switch back to the standard gtk window decorator for accessibility profiles as well, because the unity window decorator window switcher is not accessible, even though it is derived from the gtk window decorator codebase...07:53
TheMusoUnless bug 724093 gets fixed soon.07:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 724093 in compiz "unity-window-decorator: When switching between windows, Orca does not speak the title of the focused window." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72409307:55
TheMusogrrr another unity window decorator crash...07:55
* RAOF builds from nux trunk so opening the dash isn't a compiz death sentence.07:55
TheMusoCOmpiz 0.9 still feels raw to me.07:56
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chrisccoulsonit does for me too07:59
chrisccoulsonit keeps locking up whilst i'm not at my machine07:59
chrisccoulsoni was going to blame RAOF because i thought X was locking up, but it's actually compiz ;)07:59
RAOFI'll let you in on a secret: it's entirely possible that's the fault of the X stack ;)08:00
chrisccoulsonRAOF, it does start working again if I kill -9 compiz and start metacity08:01
chrisccoulsonbut often, restarting compiz will just make it crash until i reboot08:01
RAOFThen I don't think that's the X stack's fault.08:01
RAOFThe typical “X causes compiz to lockup” would be a pageflipping snafu where compiz is sitting around in D state waiting for the swap to complete.08:02
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fta2pitti, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/apport-kernel.png08:26
pittifta2: heh, fun -- that looks like a bug in the kernel package hook; how did you get to this?08:27
pittii. e. was it the first question?08:27
pitti(and is this natty?)08:28
fta2pitti, no, one of the last, if not the last08:28
pittiwhat did you answer?08:28
fta2when i filed bug 73666708:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 736667 in linux "P5Q-PRO kernel OOPs: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 (ATL1E): transmit queue 0 timed out" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73666708:29
pittihm, doesn't happen here :/08:30
duanedesignI hade that happen to me08:30
pittifta2: do you get the same empty question with "DISPLAY= ubuntu-bug linux"? (that will use the CLI frontend)08:30
duanedesignfwiw :)08:30
fta2pitti, I had a valid DISPLAY at that time08:31
pittifta2: I know08:31
pittifta2: I just wonder if that's some bug in the GTK UI or in the hook08:31
pittifta2: it could also be weird characters which the dialog fails to render08:31
fta2in cli, it seems ok08:33
pittifta2: can you pastebin the entire dialog?08:43
duanedesignpitti: here is what i got. http://paste.ubuntu.com/583232/08:49
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pittiduanedesign: do you know which of the questions you got an empty dialog for?08:50
fta2pitti, as i said, iirc, it was the last one, before the apport UI with the summary08:54
pittifta2: the "Testing the upstream kernel can help isolate issues.."?08:55
fta2i think i saw that one08:55
fta2but that was friday..08:55
fta2is the retracer dead?08:58
duanedesignhello rodrigo_09:06
rodrigo_hi duanedesign09:13
pittihey rodrigo_, bonjour seb12809:23
seb128hey pitti09:23
seb128how are you?09:23
rodrigo_hi pitti, seb12809:23
pittiseb128: I'm great, thanks! nice and sunny weekend09:23
seb128same here ;-)09:23
seb128hum, GNOME guys are thinking to switch their tarballs to tar.xz09:30
seb128is soyuz handling the format?09:30
pittiseb128: I don't know; worth checking in a PPA, I guess09:32
fta2pitti, is the retracer dead? (been waiting for 2h+ for a retrace)09:48
pittifta2: possibly, let me check09:48
pittifta2: yep, will fix in a bit09:49
pittifta2: restarted (udev failed to upgrade in the chroots)09:56
duanedesignpitti: was able to reproduce the problem. Itwas after the window asking to test newer kernel versions.10:46
duanedesignpitti: strange. I can not reproduce it by running:  ubuntu-bug linux10:49
duanedesignit has to be triggered by a kernel issue10:50
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chrisccoulsonpitti, swt-gtk 3.6.2 has webkit support11:24
pittichrisccoulson: wohooo!11:24
chrisccoulsoni'm just testing that this morning11:24
chrisccoulsonperhaps that's worth a FFe if i can get it to work ;)11:24
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seb128pitti, if you have some time and want to review https://code.launchpad.net/~vorlon/glib/multiarch/+merge/54143 that would be appreciated11:37
seb128well extra eyes on that are welcome11:38
pittiseb128: I don't know much about it either, I guess we should just build and test it locally?11:38
seb128pitti, don't bother much that was in case you had some opinions or comment about it11:39
pittiseb128: I looked at it, but nothing that jumps out on me11:40
seb128ok, same here11:40
pittiquite ugly, though11:40
seb128I guess slangasek tested it and it doesn't break glib11:40
pitti(this cries for more abstraction/automation)11:40
seb128so let's go for it and see if things break11:41
pittiseb128: gio modules are mainly gvfs, I take it? I. e. URLs like gphoto:// or ssh:// ?11:41
seb128gvfs uri handling for gio yes and dconf11:42
seb128those are the obvious ones11:42
pittiseb128: want me to test it with gphoto? or are you already?11:42
seb128unity has some magic has well for application running and matching but I'm not sure how to test those, they improve reliability for some cases that's not technically required11:43
seb128pitti, if you want to do it feel free11:43
pittiI guess that requires changes to gvfs as well, then, as it ships /usr/lib/gio bits/11:43
seb128I'm about to go for lunch, I will build glib and test when I'm back11:43
pittiseb128: can do in a bit (still busy with something)11:43
pittiseb128: ok, sounds good; will build it in the background11:43
seb128pitti, right, it seems we will need patches for everything installing a .so in that dir11:44
seb128pitti, well slangasek added a fallback to read the old dir so technical that will not break11:45
seb128but still11:45
pittiseb128: ah, his latest changelog says "include /usr/lib/gio/modules as a fallback directory for compatibility"11:45
seb128do you know when that will land in Debian? seems that will add some extra delta otherwise11:45
pittiso, testing then11:45
pittiI don't11:46
pittiI think we are trailblazing here11:46
seb128ok, I will chat with steve when he's online11:46
pittibut the dpkg/apt/debhelper stuff is all in (or at least in git)11:46
pittiit hasn't been officially announced in Debian yet11:46
seb128is anybody there on 10.10?11:49
pitti10.10, what's that?11:50
seb128could you check if exec like in evolution-alarm-notify.desktop there?11:52
seb128it's in /etc/xdg/autostart11:52
seb128is the version 2.28 or 2.30 in the url?11:53
seb128ok, lunch time, I will read the scrollbar when I' back11:54
seb128be back in a bit11:54
fta2pitti, still no retrace...11:56
pittifta2: they are running now; they have some catch-up to do since they were down over the weekend11:57
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dobeypitti, seb128, kenvandine, mterry: anyone care to sponsor https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/natty/ubuntuone-control-panel/release-0-9-2/+merge/54081 please? :)14:06
seb128dobey, can do, I'm patch pilot today14:06
dobeyseb128: ok great. thanks!14:06
mterryseb128, you are?  sponsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgda4/+bug/722079 too please!  :)14:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 722079 in libgda4 "When installing Anjuta in Natty Alpha libsqlite3.so is missing" [Low,Triaged]14:08
seb128mterry, that one should be in the desktop set?14:08
seb128hey mterry14:08
mterryseb128, srsly?  main won't have anything left!14:08
seb128it's a GNOME lib...14:08
mterryk, will ping cjwatson14:08
seb128dobey, btw ubuntuone-client-gnome ship libubuntuone.a and .la in the g-s-d directory, would be nice to clean14:09
seb128mterry, how are you btw? had a nice weekend?14:09
dobeyseb128: oh right. i'll look into rming those as well14:10
seb128dobey, thanks14:10
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, hey, around at all?14:11
seb128didrocks, there is a new zg in debian if you want to sync it14:11
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, yep14:11
seb128hey rickspencer314:11
rickspencer3hi chrisccoulson, hi seb12814:11
chrisccoulsonhi :)14:11
rickspencer3so, flash is really really crashy on my desktop14:11
rickspencer3are other folks reporting bugs on this?14:12
rickspencer3it also seems to be playing video better, though14:12
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, yeah. are you on amd64 or i386?14:12
didrocksseb128: if you have time/want to go for it, do not hesitate, I'll go for it over the week otherwise :)14:13
seb128didrocks, well it's just a sync, I can do it ;-)14:13
didrocksseb128: thanks :)14:13
mterryseb128, yeah, it was fine.  I've been a little under the weather though14:14
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, i38614:14
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, it doesn't give you the option of submitting a crash report does it?14:15
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, no14:15
chrisccoulsonin any case, when i saw flash crashing, the backtrace was just full of flash :(14:15
chrisccoulsonwhich means it needs to go to adobe really ;)14:15
rickspencer3yeah, I figured it was all in upstream binary goo14:15
chrisccoulsonthere's not much we can do about crashes in the flash plugin, other than hope they fix it (or point to a problem in firefox)14:16
kamstrupseb128, didrocks: if you're talking zeitgeist 0.7.1 then I think that's a pretty safe bet. There are only slight tweaks in the Python client API (which we don't use) and then a very slight sql tweak to make it forward compatible with the upcoming 0.8 (which we'll prolly have for Oneiric, so forward compat is nice)14:16
seb128kamstrup, ok thanks14:16
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, i need to figure out why crash reporting is broken though. i guess it's the same bug that breaks it in chromium too14:16
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, ok, I was checking to see if I was the only one14:17
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, no, we seem to get quite a lot of reports recently14:17
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, it might be worth attaching gdb to the plugin-container process before it crashes though, just to make sure it is in the flash plugin14:17
chrisccoulsoni'm on amd64 here, so i can't do that14:17
tedgseb128, You might consider backporting this to Maverick (thought it'd be in appmenu-gtk there) bug 71716214:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 717162 in libdbusmenu "quodlibet UI freeze in Unity after accessing its menu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71716214:18
chrisccoulsoni get the wonders and joys of nspluginwrapper instead14:18
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, sounds like a good afternoon project for me14:18
rickspencer3will do14:18
seb128tedg, yeah, I doubt the indicator-appmenu is used a lot in 10.10 but seems worth backporting still14:20
tedgseb128, I used it ;-)14:20
tedgseb128, It'd be in use by anyone using netbook edition.14:20
* tedg reminisces about the olden days when Ubuntu had editions14:21
dobeywhen the web was the real web, and small furry creatures from alpha centauri were real small furry creatures from alpha centauri14:23
kenvandineugh, that is annoying... every time i open a document in LO i get an ubuntuone notification that it is uploading a .lock file14:25
kenvandineand then when i quit i get it again14:25
kenvandinethat might be annoying enough to make me turn off syncing of my Documents dir14:26
seb128not sure why syncdaemon needs to tell you it's uploading using a notification bubble to start with14:26
seb128it's annoying in quite some situations14:26
seb128it's not because you triage things and clean a bit that you want to get notified every time you store a change14:27
seb128or delete a file14:27
seb128or move one14:27
kenvandinei can see notifying for new shares, etc14:27
tedgseb128, Because people don't trust the syncdaemon as it's been flaky.  So they associate not having trust with needing more information.14:27
seb128notify-osd is not informations, it's spam ;-)14:27
kenvandinei guess it would spam me on every auto-save too14:28
tedgOn man's spam is another man's miracle meat.14:28
seb128just give an obvious way to open the control panel to see what's going on14:28
kenvandineyum, spam14:28
dobeykenvandine: hrmm. the lock files should just be ignored14:34
kenvandinedobey, well how should u1 decide what to hide?14:34
dobeykenvandine: there is a blacklist in the code, to ignore certain file patterns. like vim swp files14:36
kenvandinei would think .lock would be included :)14:37
dobeyyeah i thought it was14:37
kenvandine .~lock.MoM 2011-03-01.odt#14:38
kenvandinewhacky filename14:38
dobeyactually, it would be neat if .lock files were handled by not syncing them, and locking changes to the associated file, on the server14:38
dobeyso that other changes don't happen elsewhere while you're editing something14:39
dobeyoh, well, .~lock is probably not ignored yet :)14:39
dobeywonder why it has the ~14:39
* ari-tczew checks interesting merges available for natty.14:49
pittididrocks: hey15:05
pittididrocks: I have some time now to tackle bug 72378215:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 723782 in gnome-session "Finalize gnome-session fallback detection" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72378215:05
pittididrocks: I can backport and test that d-bus session name property now15:05
didrockspitti: oh, I should have warned you last week that with latest loicm's change, it's not needed anymore15:05
pittididrocks: you actually told me it's not necessary any more, but the bug is still open, so that's what I wanted to discuss with you now :)15:06
didrockspitti: if we keep the checks in compiz and in the helper tool in sync15:06
didrockswhich is the case right now :)15:06
didrockshope that we can keep it like that15:06
pittididrocks: so is it totally obsolete, or we can work around it, or would it still be useful then?15:06
pittiIOW, should we just close the bug, or would having it be an enhancement?15:07
didrockspitti: I *think* we should close it and avoid adding a big regression right now. Then, testing to ensure that we don't drop the user on some corner cases in a "no panel" session is needed15:09
didrocks(which means, compositor, but no panel)15:09
didrocksthat can be ensure by keeping the testing tool opengl tests in unity_support_tool and the test from the start in the unity plugin initialization in sync15:09
pittididrocks: i. e. with the dbus property we wouldn't need to duplicate the code and run the tests twice?15:10
didrockspitti: the tests will be run twice anyway, as it seems some people try to run unity even if it's not supported (with the "unity") command15:11
didrockspitti: so, a test rather than a crash is in order at unity startup :)15:11
pittididrocks: as long as this test gets reasonably cheap..15:12
pittididrocks: anyway, so I'll close the bug then, to get it off the radar?15:12
tedgpitti, seb128, So are you guys planning on taking the upower and gpm patches here?  It doesn't make sense to take the indicator-session one without those.15:12
tedgbug 57854215:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 578542 in gnome-power-manager "resuming from S3 wrongly prompts for password" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57854215:12
didrockspitti: yes, please :)15:12
didrockspitti: the tests are cheaps, it's reading in an array15:13
didrockspitti: and the array is initialized once opengl is initialized15:13
pittitedg: looking15:13
tedgpitti, seb128, Some helpful discussion on them: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/devkit-devel/2011-March/date.html15:13
Amaranthdidrocks: what tests are you doing?15:13
didrocksAmaranth: look at unity_support_tool15:13
Amaranthdidrocks: initializing GL and checking for supported extensions isn't all that cheap15:13
pittitedg: ah, "Adding an argument to Sleeping signal"?15:13
Amaranthdidrocks: Oh, that doesn't segfault anymore? :)15:13
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tedgpitti, Yup15:14
Amaranthdidrocks: I don't seem to have a unity_support_tool anymore, didn't nux ship that?15:15
pittitedg: will have a look and discuss with hughsie; as this changes the d-bus API, I won't apply it in Debian/Ubuntu only15:15
tedgpitti, Okay, it seems like he approves on the mailing list.15:15
tedgpitti, But good to double check.15:15
tedgI think that it's solving it in the right way.15:15
tedgThough, it seems that gss should listen for the signal not gpm.  But, that's a minor optimization :-)15:16
didrocksAmaranth: /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test15:16
didrocksAmaranth: talk to jay, he told that checking the extensions wasn't more expensive once opengl is activated. I think he knows a little on opengl so that I can trust him15:16
seb128tedg, seems a pitti thing, I will let him handle it15:17
Amaranthdidrocks: Oh, sure, checking extensions is free once opengl is initialized15:18
Amaranthhrm, I seem to be stuck in a situation that makes compiz crash without triggering an apport dialog15:19
Amaranthweird, and it just stopped doing that15:20
seb128rodrigo_, hey15:25
rodrigo_hey seb128! :)15:25
seb128rodrigo_, so one frequent issue users get in nautilus is that they right click on a directory, do open with and pick an application and associate the folder mimetype with the software they used15:25
seb128rodrigo_, we used the patch from https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=637264 to make less easy to run into the issue15:26
ubot2Gnome bug 637264 in File and Folder Operations "The 'Remember this application for ..." option changes the default for both files and folders" [Normal,Resolved: obsolete]15:26
* rodrigo_ looks15:26
seb128rodrigo_, that's sort of a workaround though (just toggle the default value), the issue is fixed in GNOME3 as well, cosimoc said he would welcome a 2.32 patch that hides the checkbox for directories though15:27
seb128rodrigo_, do you think you could work on that?15:27
rodrigo_is there a LP bug for it?15:27
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seb128rodrigo_, bug #66219415:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 662194 in nautilus "Nautilus: 'Remember this application for ..." option should be made inactive by default" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66219415:29
seb128rodrigo_, I've reopened and assigned it to you15:30
seb128rodrigo_, thanks15:30
rodrigo_ok thanks15:30
seb128rodrigo_, thank you! ;-)15:31
jcastrobugs with GNOME3 from the PPA should be filed on  ... ?15:31
rodrigo_jcastro, good question :)15:31
jcastroaha, I knew I would stump someone15:31
seb128jcastro, they should not be filed ;-)15:32
davmor2jcastro: bugzilla gnome of course :D15:32
seb128jcastro, there is no ppa bug tracker15:32
rodrigo_so far, people have been sending mail to me directly15:32
seb128jcastro, code issues should be filed upstream , packaging ones mentioned here15:32
jcastroand the mailing list looks like lp build announcements15:32
jcastromaybe just using the mailing list? I mean, it's there already15:32
jcastroseb128: also, is there a way out for people if they decide to not use it15:33
mterryjcastro, ppa-purge?15:33
jcastrobecause from looking at the packages, if I use natty, and I want to try gnome3, and it upgrades a ton of stuff15:33
seb128jcastro, what mailing list?15:34
jcastromterry: ok, I can add that to the instructions15:34
jcastroseb128: gnome3-team@lists.launchpad.net15:34
seb128jcastro, oh the gnome3 team one on launchpad?15:34
seb128jcastro, yeah they can use that15:34
seb128I'm not sure anyone is reading it15:34
seb128or subscribed15:34
seb128but seems the right location15:34
seb128we can check the list every now and then15:34
seb128jcastro, downgrade ... I wouldn't recommend it15:34
mterryI'm subsucribed15:35
jcastromterry: I want to avoid "I tried this PPA and now my gnome is totally hosed wether it's 2.x or 3.x!"15:35
seb128like GNOME3 will migrate your users datas to gsettings etc15:35
mterryseb128, but it won't delete old stuff15:35
seb128there is no easy roll back15:35
jcastroright, so really, this isn't "try gnome3!" this is a bit of a commitment?15:35
seb128no, you will just go back to the settings you had before upgrading15:35
seb128downgrade are not handled packaging wise either15:35
seb128it's likely that ppa-purge will fail on conflicts etc15:35
seb128like Replaces: are not made for going this way15:36
seb128you can downgrade but I would said it's not something a normal user will be able to deal with15:36
mterryI'm giving another global call if anyone wants to leave comments on my in-progress core-dev application.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mterry/CoreDev15:59
seb128mterry, when is your meeting?16:01
mterryseb128, haven't formally put myself in yet.  Was waiting for a few comments16:01
seb128mterry, ok, I will do that tomorrow then ;-)16:01
seb128mterry, btw if you get borred and are interest it could be nice to make appmenu-gtk work on gtk3 if we can16:16
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pittigood night everyone! have to leave a bit early today16:27
desrtpitti: cheerio16:28
desrtseb128: i have a new respect16:29
desrtseb128: it turns out i have fat fingers for packaging16:29
seb128hey desrt, new respect for who? ;-)16:29
desrtseb128: for you :)16:29
* desrt tried to repackage gnome-screensaver and failed spectacularly16:30
desrtthe ..90->..91 transition is brutal16:30
desrtlots of vendor patches no longer applying, packaging broke in various other ways16:30
desrti wanted to kill bzr by the end of it :)16:30
desrtyou should produce (and blog?) a 'packaging for ubuntu with bzr' cheetsheet... after some googling i wasn't able to find one16:31
desrtbasically the tips you gave me on IRC the other day, but expanded a bit16:31
desrtfor example, i wasn't ever able to rediscover that command you told me that looked at the apt database to determine the bzr repository that the packaging for a specific source package was kept in and check it out with an appropriate name16:32
seb128desrt, debcheckout?16:32
desrtya.  that one.16:32
desrtall of the tutorials i found skipped it16:32
desrtin any case, it seems like there are a lot of tricks that you know that are not easy to discover16:33
desrti had another question too: i was working in my checked out repository16:35
seb128well the desktop team workflow is mainly on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Bzr16:35
desrtand i removed a vendor patch because it was no longer required16:35
desrtthen i did a bzr bd16:35
desrtbut it complained that files were missing16:35
seb128but yeah we should really try to converge with standard ubuntu practices and have things documented16:35
desrtit seemed like the only way to fix that was to commit the file removal16:35
desrtwhich i didn't want to do because i was still working16:35
seb128how did you delete it?16:36
seb128yeah, don't do that16:36
desrtya.  i learnt my lesson :)16:36
desrtbzr is not very forgiving in this case16:36
seb128usually modern packages use quilt and you just have to comment it in the series16:36
desrtthat's another thing16:36
desrti need to learn to use quilt16:36
seb128otherwise bzr del it and bzr revert before commiting ;-)16:36
desrti had to update some vendor patches by hand... NOT FUN16:36
seb128you know about edit-patch?16:37
seb128it's from mvo16:37
desrti'll go learn about it now :)16:37
seb128it's an "give me a shell where I can edit my patch and update the diff with what I do there when I exit 0"16:37
seb128which abstract the patch system16:37
seb128like it can be cdbs-simple-patchsys or quilt16:37
seb128it will wrap the commands for you16:37
desrtsee?  neither edit-patch or debcheckout are mentioned in this wiki page you just gave me :)16:37
seb128just give you the shell to work16:37
seb128yeah, we need to update that documentation ;-)16:38
desrtthis is like that other command you told me16:38
desrtto extract the tarball and toss the debian/ directory in and throw me into it16:38
seb128bzr bd-do ?16:38
desrtsimilar idea, i guess16:38
seb128you usually want to do bzr do-do to get in the unpacked source16:38
seb128then edit-patch <somepatch>16:39
seb128then exit 0 twice16:39
desrti guess i can recursively use edit-patch from there16:39
desrtwell, i guess you might need to do several edit-patch16:39
seb128well I tend to exit 0 and call up bzr bd-do again16:39
desrtdoes that record a commit when you're done?16:39
seb128just to make sure I don't exit != 0 by error and trash my work16:39
desrtor just leave the changes in-tree?16:39
seb128that just let the changes in the checkout without commiting16:40
seb128well I tend to ctrl-D16:40
desrtdoesn't the shell always exit 0 by default?16:40
desrtor does it use the exit status of the previous command?16:40
seb128and if the previous command didn't return 0 and you ctrl-D you migh just drop your changes :p16:40
seb128it uses the exit status of the previous command16:40
desrtthat's ... annoying16:40
seb128well in fact the unpacked dir is still in ../build-area16:40
seb128so you can go back there and restore things16:41
desrtincluding the modified debian/16:41
seb128if you don't run bzr bd-do again which wipes it with a fresh unpack16:41
desrtyou guys need to switch to rpm :)16:41
desrt((never thought i'd say that))16:41
seb128well that has nothing to do with the packaging format ;-)16:41
seb128it's just a vcs workflow16:41
desrtright.  of course.16:41
desrtapt, dpkg, etc are much better16:41
seb128the "real" ubuntu recommended way is full source checkouts16:42
desrtand all the support infra for building deb is awesome16:42
desrtbut..... you guys do it perfectly backwards16:42
desrthave the source package at the toplevel with a debian/ directory16:42
seb128it's just annoying to have to checkout 10 years of history of the full source when you want to update a changelog16:42
desrtrpm does it the other way.... upstream source gets unpacked into a subdir of the package dir16:42
desrtseb128: so upstream source in the same bzr as the packaging, you mean?16:43
seb128bzr get lp:ubuntu/gconf-editor16:43
seb128or whatever source16:43
desrtyes.  i suppose that would be quite annoying.16:43
seb128those are autoimport for most sources16:43
desrtfor people like me who only work with half a dozen packages or so, it's not so bad16:43
seb128but some are manually maintained source16:43
desrtbut for someone who is doing new software every single day... that would get annoying16:43
seb128like it's very handy for things which are upstream on launchpad like dx work16:44
seb128you can bzr get lp:ubuntu/indicator-something16:44
seb128cd indicator-something16:44
desrtoh.  that's something else i wanted to ask about16:44
desrtdo i have to worry about this pristine-tarball business?16:45
seb128bzr merge lp:indicator-something -r 12316:45
seb128and bzr bd16:45
seb128no you don't16:45
desrtdue to the separated nature of the packaging16:45
desrtjust sucks the tarball from the source url...16:45
desrti noticed that there is a neat little utility in there that is good at finding random source tarballs :)16:46
seb128bzr bd-do will typically fetch the source from the archive if available or use the watch file16:46
desrti forget what it is called, but it started running when i was having connectivity troubles at one point16:46
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bcurtiswxgstreamer install failed.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/583393/16:59
seb128kenvandine, ^17:05
seb128kenvandine, it's your recent change it seems17:05
seb128pitti, you noticed there is a new pygobject upstream tarball I guess? (just pointing in it case you didn't)17:06
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seb128didrocks, I can't run gconf-editor from unity, known issue?17:44
seb128well, alt-f2 gconf-editor enter doesn't run anything17:45
didrocksseb128: no, not a known one. Someone referenced xkill though17:45
didrockswhen you press enter, do you wait for the model to be synced?17:45
didrocks(I mean, is the first item showing gconf-editor)17:45
seb128didrocks, could be that not, it works now17:48
seb128oh, come on!17:49
seb128kenvandine, !!!17:49
seb128where is ken?17:49
kenvandineseb128, ?17:50
* kenvandine looks17:50
seb128kenvandine, I got like 15 duplicates of that gst conflicts in my inbox nox17:50
seb128kenvandine, can you please fix it before every single natty user send a bug? ;-)17:51
* bcurtiswx runs to submit bug report!17:51
* bcurtiswx then runs17:51
kenvandinehehe, indeed17:52
kenvandineseb128, i used Breaks17:53
seb128kenvandine, you screwed the version then I guess ;-)17:53
kenvandinewhich afaik is the right thing to do...17:53
seb128or the name17:53
* bcurtiswx was banking on control file typo17:53
kenvandine -good17:54
kenvandineBreaks: gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad (<< 0.10.21-1ubuntu5)17:54
kenvandine -bad17:54
kenvandineBreaks: gstreamer0.10-plugins-good (<< 0.10.28-0ubuntu2)17:54
dpmseb128, re: bug 729631, it seems not to be fixed for me. Do you see the day of the week and month in French on your desktop's date & time indicator?17:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 729631 in indicator-datetime "Date label on the indicator is partially untranslated" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72963117:54
bcurtiswxone version too high?17:54
bcurtiswxno no, nvm17:55
Sweetsharkpitti: could you clue me in on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice-l10n/+bug/729727 ? I can reproduce the errors in the last two comments.17:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 729727 in libreoffice-l10n "[natty] Invalid liblucene2-java Conflicts in packaging" [Undecided,Fix released]17:55
kenvandinelooks right to me17:55
bcurtiswxSweetshark, <pitti> good night everyone! have to leave a bit early today17:55
seb128dpm, it's showing "lun, 21 mars, 18:56" for me now17:56
Sweetsharkbcurtiswx: oh, ups! thanks for the headsup17:56
bcurtiswxSweetshark, np :)17:56
cdbsdbarth: You sent me a mail?17:57
dpmseb128, weird, it's "Mon, 21 de Mar, 18:56" for me, thanks for checking17:57
cdbsdbarth: I replied to it, will contact you after half-an-hour here for more details. Right now I g2g17:57
seb128kenvandine, not sure, check with mvo, but I usually use Replaces when there is a file replaced17:57
kenvandineoh... from the docs this was one of the exact use cases it said to use Breaks for17:58
kenvandinemvo, ^^17:58
kenvandineand it worked installing from my local repo17:58
seb128it seems to deconfigure it but not uninstall18:00
mterryseb128, what's the deal with bug 739575 ?18:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 739575 in apr-util "Bad path in libapr-util-1.la" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73957518:00
seb128mterry, -> slangasek on #ubuntu-devel18:01
kenvandineseb128, so you think i should just change those to Replaces to make sure everyone gets unbroken?18:04
kenvandineConflicts worked, but produced noise on upgrade18:06
seb128Conflicts will tell it both version should not be installed together18:06
seb128Replaces will make sure you don't get file conflicts18:06
mvokenvandine: sorry, was at dinner and now I leave to play some hockey, could you email me the question please?18:11
kenvandineseb128, uploaded18:18
seb128kenvandine, thanks18:19
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cyphermoxdoes anybody have time for a review? --> https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/gnome-media/lp737029/+merge/5407218:28
ari-tczewcyphermox: short URLs in DEP3 rulez ;)18:30
cyphermoxari-tczew, ah, certainly you mean the gnome one, ;)18:31
ari-tczewcyphermox: headers in your patch :>18:31
didrockschrisccoulson: complaining about weird bug reports: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/739539 ? :)18:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 739539 in gchildcare "Can just log in to Classic Desktop with no effexts otherwise get just empty screen with wallpaper only" [Undecided,New]18:48
kenvandinehey didrocks, i have a gnome-session related question if you have a moment18:51
kenvandinereally about doing things in an app on SIGTERM18:51
didrockskenvandine: hum? SIGTERM is directly directed to the app18:52
kenvandineif i want to do some purging of db records and a vacuum on a sqlite db on shutdown, is it safe to do that on SIGTERM18:52
kenvandinelike if it takes 30s one time, will it kill it hard?18:53
didrockskenvandine: if you are registered with the session18:53
didrockskenvandine: and are reactive on ping (so multi-threaded)18:53
didrocksyou won't be SIGKILL*ed* by gnome-session18:53
kenvandinewhat do i have to do to make sure i am registered?18:54
didrockskenvandine: do you have sm-… options on --help?18:54
didrocksso you are not :)18:55
didrockskenvandine: best thing is to take an easy exemple, like gedit18:55
kenvandinethis is for gwibber, users are really starting to suffer from massive sqlite dbs18:55
didrocksotherwise: http://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBwQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Flive.gnome.org%2FSessionManagement%2FGnomeSession&rct=j&q=gnome-session%20sm&ei=7Z6HTbGuLYv24Qa_sfSLCQ&usg=AFQjCNEba-dg-9CvbDiiHIsUUsrobGBe5Q18:55
didrocksgrr, don't know why google doesn't want to copy me the inner linj :)18:56
didrocksyeah, that should be ok :)18:56
didrocksdinner time now!18:56
didrocksyw ;)18:56
dpmhi tedg, have you had the chance to look at your schedule for your session on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek? I'm trying to wrap up the timetable and there are only a few slots free18:56
tedgdpm, Can I get the 20 slot on 14 Apr?19:00
dpmtedg, sure! If this looks ok to you, then we're set -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable19:05
tedgdpm, Looks good!19:06
dpmtedg, awesome, thanks tedg!19:06
cdbsdpm: Wait, can I claim one slot there?19:32
cdbsdpm: okay, unping, it appears others are doing the sessions I'd have done19:33
dpmcdbs, if you've got a session you think it might be interesting for application developers, sure! What were you thinking of?19:33
cdbsdpm: about the one of introducing PyGI19:33
dpmcdbs, no worries. Is there another topic you'd like to talk about? Or perhaps pick up one of the proposed sessions?19:35
cdbsdpm: No leave it, looks like I'll be busy in other work that week, would be difficult to get 1 straight hour out19:36
dpmok, no worries19:36
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bcurtiswxkenvandine, do you use nautilus for ssh/sftp?20:34
kenvandinebcurtiswx, yes20:34
bcurtiswxdoes that crash unity for you?20:35
bcurtiswxkenvandine, ^^20:35
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kenvandinebcurtiswx, wow... it does20:36
kenvandinei don't recall that happening before20:36
kenvandineand i use it pretty regularly20:37
bcurtiswxwell at least i feel better it's not just me20:37
kenvandinefie a bug and i'll "me too it"20:37
bcurtiswxanyway i can catch that crash to put in the bug report?20:38
mterry_bcurtiswx, it doesn't appear in /var/crassh?20:49
mterry_crash even20:49
bcurtiswxmterry, ah right, i never look there :X lemme check right now20:50
bcurtiswxmterry_, nope nothing in there :-X, checked the compiz crash, was from the 16th.20:52
bcurtiswxmterry_, if you use sftp/ssh from nautilus you may be able to confirm the crash.. just use sftp/ssh in nautilus and unity will crash20:54
bcurtiswxspecifically in my case i had to input a password20:54
bcurtiswxchecked the keyring crash file, nothing recent in it tho20:54
mterry_bcurtiswx, i'm in a weird state, in classic gnome, right now20:55
mterry_can't easily switch to unity20:55
bcurtiswxmterry_, OK np :)20:55
bcurtiswxkenvandine, do you have a crash file in /var/crash ?20:55
bcurtiswxfrom unity, specifically20:56
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mterry_bcurtiswx, crashes you'll see there will likely be in the compiz binary, as unity is just an in-process plugin20:59
mterry_unless we're talking the unity-panel-service or the unity-window-decorator20:59
bcurtiswxmterry_, yup i've checked all crash files that would come close to unity/compiz and nothing recent21:00
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kenvandinebcurtiswx, nope... no compiz crash file21:04
* kenvandine waves on the way out :)21:04
bcurtiswxkenvandine, k thx. enjoy your afternoon/evening21:04
htorqueseiflotfy: hi, zeitgeist-datahub seems to become a zombie process early in the session start (seeing this on two systems) - is this a known issue?21:26
seiflotfyhtorque, can u come on #zeitgeist an report that so the maintainer can catch on it21:31
chrisccoulsonhi jasoncwarner21:55
chrisccoulsoni recreated your right-click bug btw ;)21:55
chrisccoulson(and there's a pretty easy reproducer for that too)21:55
chrisccoulsonif you open the dash and then click back in the firefox window, the context menu is always messed after that21:56
chrisccoulson(until you focus another window)21:57
jasoncwarneroh really? hmm22:00
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson: wonder if that makes the firefox global menu disappear as well...which is something else I'm seeing but can't get to recreate...22:00
chrisccoulsonjasoncwarner, you mean that it stops appearing in the panel>22:01
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson: yeah22:01
chrisccoulsonjasoncwarner, i bet that's bug 71892622:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 718926 in bamf "Some apps don't integrate to appmenu after having their windows closed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71892622:02
chrisccoulsonthat's pretty bad, we could do with getting somebody to look at that22:02
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure if it's on anyones radar22:02
jasoncwarnerI'll check22:02
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson: lets see if we can get it on someones ;)22:02
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson: care to talk to didrocks about that?22:03
chrisccoulsonjasoncwarner, yeah, sure22:03

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