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NontonJei have p4 , 2 G ram. is it enough to install ubuntu 10.10 ?06:34
Tm_TNontonJe: although this is not that kind of support channel, yes06:35
NontonJeoh, sorry. any idea what channel is suitable ?06:37
Tm_Tno problem (:06:37
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lalithacan u plz tell me how do we connect linux chat server using chat client on windows?12:46
bazhangtry ##windows perhaps12:46
lalithabut i have to use chat server on linux...12:48
lalithacan u tell me what are the settings we have to do in linux chat server ?12:50
bazhanglinux chat server?12:50
lalithaI have installed ircd-irc2 on ubuntu and i change some settings in conf file but i dont know how to proceed with client12:53
lalithaplz can anybody help me?12:55
Picilalitha: This channel is for coordiation of ubuntu channel operators on freenode.  Our support channel is #ubuntu12:55
tsimpsonwe can't help you setting up your own chat server12:55
Picilalitha: Although finding specific support elsewhere for ircd-irc2 would probably be best.12:56
lalithaok thank you..12:58
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