cong06no one ever comes here do they10:31
cong06oh hey!10:32
ebelit is a sorta quiet channel. :)10:32
cong06I guess I should have noticed that you left and entered10:32
* ebel automatically joins this channel10:32
cong06so you weren't a bot.10:32
cong06it is pretty quiet10:33
ebelNot a bot :)10:33
cong06it seems weird to me that such a quiet channel has 3 bots.10:33
cong06chanserv, locobot_3, and ubuntuloc...10:33
ebel#ubuntu-XX is registered by canonical/ubuntu commity, so they add their logging bots to all the channels.10:34
ebelit's all automatic10:34
ebelChanServ is from the IRC network operators and allows one to op/ban users etc10:34
cong06yeah. I guess it makes sense.10:34
ebelYou can see the IRC logs here http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/17/%23ubuntu-ke.html10:35
cong06that's pretty cool. I guess it's empty though since there wasn't any activity on that day...10:36
ebeli dunno when it's updated10:36
cong06I guess they ignore join and part messages10:37
ebelwell the only way to change that is to start talking. :)10:37
ebelNew ubuntu release soon10:38
cong06yeah, I'm pretty excited.10:38
cong06I found this: http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/ but they're not nearly as small as the ubuntu ones...10:45
cong06I found a script I want to test, but I don't want to run on my local machine10:46
cong06do you know what kind of changes they're makign for 11.04?10:52
ebelbiggest change is the 'unity' graphical interface thingie10:56
ebelyou could create a virtual machine and test your script in that? :)10:56
cong06that's what I'm doing. but I don't want to install a full blown desktop interface10:57
cong06so they didn't do unity in 10.10?10:58

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