mhall119French team just likes to be different I think00:26
mhall119paultag: awesome news00:26
paultagmhall119: what's up00:28
mhall119paultag: just read about ~locoteams being a delegated team, so loco teams can go back to being open00:28
paultagoh dur, right00:29
paultagmhall119: yeah, I'm stoked00:29
dscasselWoo! I got our Natty Narwhal design artwork back from an artist friend.         01:17
dscassel        01:17
dscassel        01:17
dscassel        01:17
dscasselNow to design CDs. :D01:17
nigelbgood morning02:51
YoBoYgood morning06:30
aakshayYoBoY: good morning06:34
YoBoYmhall119: french team is old. When I look at my community and how many ubuntu events we have in march, I think being different is good ;)06:47
YoBoYhi aakshay 06:47
aakshayhi yoboy :)06:48
aakshayYoBoY: where all the files for css are stores in loco_directory? i need to access them..07:02
YoBoYaakshay: most of them come from the ubuntu-website project07:04
YoBoYaakshay: but try in media directory07:05
aakshayYoBoY: media directory in ubuntu-website folder?07:05
YoBoYthis one, and the other one07:06
aakshayok. thanks.. :)07:06
YoBoYyou can't directly modify files in ubuntu-website, this files have to be modified in the ubuntu-website project07:06
aakshayYoBoY: ok.. and i would like to ask one more thing that07:07
aakshayhow can i access the comment id from the database?07:07
aakshayor what is the primary key they use to uniquely identify wach comment?07:08
YoBoYdon't know ^^"07:09
YoBoYYou have to wait and ask to one of the LD devs07:09
aakshayits ok.. thanks :)07:10
dholbachgood morning08:16
dakergood morning09:52
dholbachhey daker09:53
dakermhall119, Ronnie file a bug and assigned to me09:53
Ronniehey aakshay, back again10:00
Ronnie how can i access the comment id from the database?10:02
Ronnieaakshay: ^10:02
Tm_TK'day all10:03
aakshayRonnie: hey...  :)10:03
aakshayRonnie: yes.. i am facing the problem doing this.. 10:04
Ronnieif you need to edit CSS, think first is the changes should go to the whole ubuntu-theme, or just loco specific. If the latter, then you can add css to the newstyle.css in /media/css otherwise you have to change the ubuntu_website/media/css/default.css and merge it into ubutnu_website first10:04
RonnieHi Tm_T10:04
Ronnieaakshay: what bug are you trying to solve?10:05
aakshayRonnie: 616383Needs ability to directly link to a comment10:05
aakshaythe above bug10:05
aakshayin this, i need to print the complete comment on the new web page. but i am not getting how to access the required comment from the database?10:06
Ronniethere are 2 ways to do that. make a separate page with only that comment or work with hashes (name="myname" and url#myname)10:07
Ronniewhich of the two ways do you want to make10:07
aakshayRonnie: i am planning to make a new page10:07
aakshayRonnie: but then i need to declare "url" and many more things which i am confused in10:08
Ronniethe disadventage i usualy have, it that the context and latter comments are not visible10:08
Ronniei will lead you trough the process, but first we need to have to same "plan"10:09
aakshayyes.. 10:09
aakshayi have spent all these days deciding the plan only.. :D10:09
aakshaycan we start by today itself?.. :)10:09
Ronnieso whats your plan?10:11
aakshayRonnie: my plan is to add a "view" label instead of "#1" as in "https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1/comments/1" in the grey portion on the right most side10:12
ubot4`Launchpad bug 1 in tilix (and 20 other projects) "Microsoft has a majority market share (affects: 621) (dups: 1) (heat: 2890)" [High,New]10:12
aakshaythen link this "view" to the new designed page10:13
aakshayRonnie: Then on the new designed page, we will acess the required comment from the database and print as shown in the above demo web page. :)10:14
aakshayRonnie: thats my plan but i dont know whether its efficient or not.. :p10:14
Ronnienot sure about it. i guess its more work that adding a #mylabel to an url10:15
aakshayRonnie: adding to which URL?.. :p10:15
Ronnieand you dont have the ability to see other comments, thats why i dont like the LP comment style10:15
aakshayRonnie: yes it is... 10:16
Ronniefor example: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/825/detail/#comment110:16
aakshayRonnie: but i dont get one thing that we need to display the above comment on the different web page as in demo or we can do as per our choice?10:17
Ronnieaakshay: its pretty easy. all comments we need to add a name= tag in the template, and make a link to the name= tag, thats all we need to do10:19
Ronnieif we want to, we can highlight the comment with javascript10:19
aakshayRonnie: ok. its like making "href" on the same page.. :)10:19
Ronnieaakshay: yes10:19
aakshayRonnie: ok.. that will be nice then10:20
Ronnieif the url caontains a #, the browser will scroll down the page, till it meets the corresponding name= tag10:20
aakshaythen one more thing, do i need to change the look of the comment display pattern? mans adding some CSS to it?. 10:21
Ronnieyou can add the 'highlight' part10:21
Ronniewe need to add some jQuery for that i guess10:21
Ronniei will lead you trough that too10:21
aakshayRonnie: ok thanks beacause i dont know about jquery10:22
Ronniefirst you need to find the template responsible for the comment part10:22
Ronniecan you find these?10:22
aakshayyes.. 10:22
aakshayits in event/team_eevnt_comment.html10:23
aakshayRonnie: and also in team_event_detail_comments.inc.html 10:23
aakshay*its in event/team_eevnt_comment_new.html10:24
Ronnieyes, the team_event_comment_new is to create a new comment10:24
Ronniethe team_event_detail_comments.inc.html  is the include to view the comment10:24
aakshayyes.. so i am editing the later one10:24
Ronnieany idea how to start?10:25
aakshayhmm.. i will add "view" label on the right side10:26
aakshaywith anchor tag with it10:26
Ronnieyes, an anchor tag (thats the word i was looking for all the time)10:27
aakshayis it fine?10:27
aakshaybut the "name= " wil be tough to design10:27
aakshaybecause in for loop we need to name it and need unique names for that10:28
aakshayi hope u got me.. :D.. i am making it all a mess10:28
Ronniei can still follow ;)10:29
aakshayso need a comment id or so to append in name of every commenr 10:29
aakshay*comment.. :)10:29
aakshaythis is the point where i am stucked.. :(10:30
Ronniedo you know in which part of the HTML you need to add the id?10:30
aakshayyes.. please wait for 1 minute.. let me tell you the exact line 10:31
aakshayRonnie: after line 17 "{{comment.commenter_profile.realname}}</a>:</label></th>" 10:33
aakshaywe cann add the required anchor tag with "view" label10:33
aakshayand there we add this unique id while defining the name10:33
Ronniethe view-label should be after line 18 i think10:34
Ronniethe unique name can be defined in line 1610:34
aakshayyes.. we can define "view" after 18 also10:35
Ronnieok, lets do that,10:35
Ronniewe need to add another TD10:36
Ronniein that td we need an <a>10:36
Ronniewith a href to ....10:37
aakshayi need to look the syntax. :p. i forgot it... :) let me see on W3C..10:38
aakshaygot it10:39
* Ronnie loves w3schools10:39
aakshaylets first add the href to comment for its unique naming10:39
aakshayme too..10:39
aakshayRonnie: added name only yet :D ... new line 17 is "<th class="form-item-label" scope="row"><label><a href="https://launchpad.net/~{{comment.commenter_profile.user.username}}" name="""10:42
aakshayRonnie: i worte "name="10:43
Ronnie<tr id="{{ comment.id }}"> <== line 1610:43
aakshay*"name="#comment....." "10:43
aakshaynow what to add to these dots to make it unique?10:43
Ronnie         <a name> is perfectly valid in XHTML 1.0 Strict. id may normally be preferred, but name is not deprecated until HTML5. – bobince Jan 31 '10 at 10:5010:44
Ronnie ^ quote from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2171237/how-to-create-named-anchors-in-django-for-getting-down-to-specific-parts-of-the-p10:44
Ronniei think we better use id instead of name10:45
aakshayyes.. so where can i find the syntax? w3schools?10:45
Ronniegood question, but somehow name= does not work here, so i want looking for a solution10:46
aakshayRonnie: we can use id as <a id="comment....">.. :D10:47
aakshaylet me aslo check10:47
Ronniewe can do both, id= and name=10:49
aakshaylet me aslo check"http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/links.html#h-12.2.3"10:49
aakshayit may help us10:49
aakshayplease check http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/links.html#h-12.2.3"10:49
aakshayok.. if we can do then its fine10:50
RonnieWhen both attributes are used on a single element, their values must be identical.10:52
Ronnieso were safe10:53
Ronniei think IE6 wont support id= but others will10:53
aakshayRonnie: we really need to think a lot before taking every step.. :P10:54
aakshayso we can go with name attribute also10:54
Ronniewe do, but thats good 10:54
Ronnieso how does your line 16 looks like?10:54
aakshaywe are editing line 17 10:55
aakshayi think so10:55
aakshayand it is after editing " <th class="form-item-label" scope="row"><label><a href="https://launchpad.net/~{{comment.commenter_profile.user.username}}" name="#comment""10:55
aakshaynow what to add to "#comment" to make it unique in every run of the loop?10:57
Ronnieline 15: {% for comment in comment_date.list %}10:57
aakshayok.. so we can use this date? :P10:57
Ronniethis means we can use the variable "comment" now10:58
Ronnieu can use variables {{ var_nane }}10:58
aakshaythen it wil become "name="#comment{{comment}}""10:58
Ronniewith {{ comment }}10:59
Ronniewe get the whole comment object10:59
Ronniewe only needs it "id"10:59
Ronnieany suggestions?10:59
aakshaywe can move to database primary ker or so??11:00
Ronniewe need the pk (primary key) or id (identifier - which is the same as pk)11:00
Ronnieof the comment object11:00
aakshaylike for the "comment" object we can access the database like comment.id11:01
aakshaythe same11:01
aakshaycan it be possible?11:01
Ronnieits that easy just use {{ comment.id }}11:01
aakshayok.. then its the solution.. :)11:02
aakshayRonnie: but i have doubt.. how "comment" is an object to access the database?11:03
aakshaywe have declared it11:03
Ronniewe have declared it in the models.py and views.py11:03
aakshayokiez.. :)11:03
Ronnieyou not need to worry about that when doing templates11:04
aakshayRonnie: so now line 17 is done11:04
aakshaynow its time for line 1911:05
aakshay(means added it pressing enter)11:05
aakshayRonnie: new line 19 is "<td><a href="#comment{{comment.id}}">View</a>"11:07
aakshayye. basically i wrote in line 20.. :D11:07
Ronnieyou can give the TD a class to have the same styling:  "form-item-value"11:08
aakshayin line 19?11:09
aakshaycan u please check the new file once.. if it is working correctly or not?11:10
Ronniepaste.ubuntu.com ?11:10
aakshayRonnie: thanks.. :)11:10
aakshayok.. let me paste it and send the URL11:11
Ronnieoh, i got to eat in a minute11:11
Ronniethis is what i got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583279/11:11
Ronniehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/583283/ <== diff11:12
aakshayits mine "http://pastebin.com/2BRxU9Ta"11:13
aakshayi done many mistakes... :p11:13
Ronnienot that much ;)11:14
Ronnieits pretty good11:14
Ronniesome minor differences11:14
Ronniei did put the name and id in the TR instead of th, because its easier to see in the short line11:15
aakshayRonnie: yes.. :)11:15
aakshayso it will work now..11:16
Ronnieyou need to add the id= too on your part11:16
aakshayyes.. thats the error i found.. i thought only name will work.. :p11:17
Ronniethe extra spaces before the View can be better with CSS styping11:17
Ronnieand the View text need to be translateble11:17
Ronnietherefore we use {% trans "translatable text" %}11:17
aakshaysorry but what this translatable means? 11:18
Ronnieso other loco's can translate "View" into their own language11:18
aakshayokiez. language translation11:19
aakshayso its done11:19
Ronniei have to eat now11:20
aakshaysure.. enjoy the food..i am also goin to have lunch11:21
=== daker_ is now known as daker
aakshayRonnie: are you back?.. :)12:10
Ronniebakc, but nedd to do other thing, am sorry12:11
Ronniesee you later12:11
aakshayits ok.. see you..12:12
mhall119that Global Jam map sure is looking nice14:46
mhall119need to get some more in USA though14:48
aakshaywhere can i find the code of CSS for the grey strip of global events under "upcoming events in " "http://loco.ubuntu.com/"14:54
Ronniehey aakshay, im back (for a couple of minutes)14:58
Ronniei advisse you to install firebug addon for firefox14:58
aakshaythanks Ronnie  :).. 14:58
aakshaythis will help in?14:58
Ronniethere you can easily see what style is applied on what element, en where the stylesheet comes from14:59
aakshayok... thanks.. :)14:59
aakshayone more thing, do i need to add any Css to the work we did?14:59
Ronnieyou need to add a margin to the left of the link15:00
Ronniemargin-left: 8px should do just fine15:00
aakshaylink means "view"15:00
aakshayok.. i will do it.. thanks.. :)15:00
Ronniemaybe we need to change "view" to {{ comment.id }} too?15:01
aakshayya i will do like "#{{comment.id}}" eg. #6415:01
Ronnieyes, same like LP15:01
aakshayyes.. but in that the counting will not start by "1".. it will start by some value from database15:02
aakshayif it is fine then i will make it15:02
Ronnieaakshay: rigth about that15:02
Ronniebut its a bit harder to do i guess15:02
Ronnienot really15:02
Ronnieyou can use {{ forloop.counter }}15:03
aakshayokiez.. in plave of "view"?15:03
aakshayi will do this also15:03
Ronnieyou can even use the forloop.counter as the href=, id= and name=15:05
aakshayok.. this will serve the purpose.. :)15:07
Ronnieim thinking how we could do an non-javascript highlight15:08
Ronniebut nothing comes to mind15:08
aakshayhighlight? can you please elaborate little.. may be i can tell something 15:09
aakshayRonnie: you can do CSS highlight15:10
Ronniegive the comment which is 'selected' by the # and other background color or something, so its clear which comment is 'selected'15:10
aakshayif you can get the number or id of selected comment15:14
Ronniei can only think of an javascript method15:15
Ronniebut are there ppl who's not using javascript?15:15
aakshayRonnie, then we can add <tr style="background-color:grey">15:16
aakshaythis is CSS15:16
aakshaymay help somehow.. :P15:16
Ronnieyes, but how to get the number?15:16
Ronniei think ppl who dont use javascript should look at the number15:17
aakshayyes they will15:17
aakshayi am getting something very long way of getting number15:18
aakshayRonnie, you can use name attribute in anchor tag and then somehow append the name to the URL and extract from there  15:19
aakshaythis will not use javaScript  but may serve the purpose15:19
Ronniehow to extract from the url?15:20
aakshayif the number can be appended to URL then append it like after "?" and extract it from URL by separating the previous string15:21
aakshaybefore and with "?"15:21
Ronniehave to go15:22
aakshayok.. :D15:23
aakshaybye.. 15:23
Ronnieaakshay: back15:51
Ronnieany ideas came up?15:51
aakshayRonnie, no :(15:51
Ronniethen well do javascript15:52
aakshaybut what about the idea i told u?15:52
aakshayya.. that would be better n easier..15:52
Ronniehave you written javascript?15:53
aakshayno.. :(15:53
Ronniewe need to use location.hash to get the number15:54
aakshayok.. then you can use if(location.hash...) then  style="background-color:grey15:55
Ronnie$('[name=' + location.hash.slice(1) + ']').attr('background-color', '#f7f7f7');15:56
Ronnieor something15:56
Ronnieor even easyier $(location.hash).attr....15:57
aakshayya $(locatio.hash).attr.. 15:57
aakshayi suggest you to go with if()15:58
Ronnieaakshay: try to add this http://paste.ubuntu.com/583360/ into team_event_detail.html16:05
Ronnieafter: {% block title %}{% trans team_event_object.name %} | {% trans "Ubuntu LoCo Team Directory" %} {% endblock %}16:05
Ronniewithout console.log()16:05
Ronniedoes it work?16:09
aakshaysorry but what to choose means what to select? :P16:10
Ronnieaakshay: speak to you later16:11
aakshayRonnie, ok.. let me see this meanwhile16:11
Ronniei even improved it a bit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583363/16:11
Ronnieand http://paste.ubuntu.com/583365/16:12
Ronniegood luck with it16:12
aakshay:D.. thanx....16:13
nigelbYoBoY: pong16:44
nigelberr ping16:44
nigelbYoBoY: *ping16:44
YoBoYpong :)16:44
nigelbYoBoY: I'm guessing you guys have done several awesome global jams?16:44
nigelbYoBoY: I was wondering if you want to help with a classroom event (a small one) about global jams and how to make it rocking16:45
YoBoYwhen ?16:46
nigelbhow does 28th March sound to you?16:46
nigelbSince the event itself is in planning stages, I can move it around a bit16:47
nigelbwe'll have about 3 to 4 sessions16:47
nigelbone about the general planning (which I'm hoping youd do)16:47
YoBoYmonday ? it's good :)16:47
nigelbawesome, what time is good for you?16:47
nigelbdoes 1600 UTC sound okay?16:47
YoBoYneed to convert that ... wait :)16:48
RonnieYoBoY:  = 17:00 GMT+116:48
YoBoYyes ^^"16:49
Ronnieaakshay: im back16:49
nigelbYoBoY: awesome, I'll put you down for a session, thanks!16:49
YoBoYnigelb: a bit later if it's possible16:49
nigelbYoBoY: how much later?16:49
YoBoY(my yes is for Ronnie :p)16:49
YoBoY1800 UTC ?16:49
nigelbsure :)16:50
nigelbyou're the first recruit, you get to pick :D16:50
aakshayRonnie, hey16:50
aakshayi dint find anything good out of it16:50
Ronnieaakshay: didn't it work?16:50
aakshayif i selest any comment there is no change in color16:50
aakshayhave you checked it once16:51
YoBoYnigelb: in #ubuntu-classroom ?16:51
nigelbYoBoY: yup :)16:51
aakshayRonnie, WORKED!!!!16:52
Ronnieaakshay: it did worj here16:53
aakshayits changing the color16:53
YoBoYnigelb: subject ?16:53
nigelbYoBoY: "General tips to having a rocking Jam" :)16:54
YoBoYok :)16:54
aakshayRonnie: but its just highlighting the first selection only16:54
Ronnieaakshay: did you use the new code, here it works16:54
YoBoYping me when you have the other topics before, to adapt my presentation :)16:55
aakshayyes i used the new one16:55
aakshayno problem it worked there.. then fine... :)16:56
Ronnieaakshay: can i look into your code?16:56
aakshay1 min16:56
aakshayits here http://paste.ubuntu.com/583390/16:57
YoBoYRonnie: btw it's monday 28 it's UTC +2 we change to the summer hour sunday 27 ;) (it's why I needed to look this)16:58
RonnieYoBoY: ah, forget. Yay summertime :D16:58
* Ronnie likes summertime16:59
Ronnieaakshay: line 39-47 should be in team_event_details_comment.inc.html17:01
aakshayRonnie: err.. that is what i was thinking.. :p17:02
aakshayRonnie: where to add in  team_event_details_comment.inc.html?17:05
Ronniemost of it should be there alraedy17:06
aakshayRonnie: yo.. worked... :)17:09
aakshayRonnie: which bug is it?17:09
Ronniebug  61638317:10
ubot4`Launchpad bug 616383 in loco-directory "Needs ability to directly link to a comment (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61638317:10
aakshayok.. its the same :D17:10
aakshayso do i need to merge  the changes we made in morning?17:11
Ronnieyou need to:17:11
Ronniebzr commit -m "message of the changes"17:11
Ronniebzr push lp:~yourusername/loco-directory/fixes-61638317:12
aakshayok... i will do it later because i have not completed it yet.. :P17:12
Ronnieand then on launchapd page you can create the merge request17:12
aakshayok.. then17:12
Ronnieother developers will look at it and provide feedack of approve the code17:12
aakshayok and what about the coding u have done?17:13
aakshayRonnie: as it is also the same bug17:13
Ronnieits totally yours ;)17:13
Ronniesame bug17:13
Ronniei was just helping you17:13
aakshayoh.... :)... its totally ours... :)17:14
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
aakshayRonnie: than which one should i commit? one we did in morning or this one?17:14
Ronniei think the latter one is the best17:15
aakshayyes.. :) thanks for the help.. :)17:15
Ronniebut you need the lines between <style></style> to put in the newstyle.css17:15
Ronnieyour welcome17:16
Ronniewere happy to see new loco directory developers17:16
aakshayRonnie: in which file ?17:16
mhall119+1 Ronnie 17:26
Ronniedaker: there is already a bug report for it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/71244017:37
ubot4`Launchpad bug 712440 in loco-directory "twitter, picasaweb, flickr, pixie should be a separate .js file (affects: 1) (heat: 4)" [Low,Confirmed]17:37
dakerah ok thanks Ronnie 17:37
Ronnieill assinged it to you17:38
Ronniehave you any experience in writing jquery plugins?17:38
dakerwill try :)17:38
Ronnieyou can have a look at the twitter script, and twidenash script.17:39
dakeryes ok17:39
Ronnieand im available for help too17:39
dakeri think twitter is done ?17:39
Ronnietwitter is done17:39
Ronnieand jslint is my friend too17:40
RonnieWARNING: JSLint will hurt your feelings.17:40
Ronniewhen i think my code works good, jslint can find 20-50 errors in it ;)17:41
Ronniedaker flickr does have a script too i guess17:42
dakeryou mean a jquery plugin ?17:42
aakshayRonnie: i have committed the change and pushed it. now what will the address to aceess the merge on launchpad?17:47
Ronnieaakshay: this page is created: 17:48
Ronniehttps://code.launchpad.net/~akshaytayal/loco-directory/fixes-616383  there is a link " craete merge propsal"17:49
Ronnieuhm, "propose for merging"17:49
Ronnieyou can also link it to the bug report17:49
aakshayok.. how to link to bug report?17:50
nigelbitnet7: ping18:03
Ronnieaakshay: with the link "link to bugreport"18:05
aakshaydone.. :).. thanks a lot... :)18:10
aakshaygood night.. 18:32
mhall119thank you aakshay18:51
mhall119gone, I know...18:51
mhall119Ronnie: you rock for walking him through the process18:51
Ronniethx mhall119, i did it eith pleasure18:52
itnet7nigelb: pong19:12
nigelbitnet7: hey, I was looking for someone to take a session about ornaizing ugj.  Youup for it19:15
nigelbbah, spelling :(19:15
itnet7nigelb: When would this be?19:15
nigelbinmonday 28th at either 1700 or 1900 utc19:16
nigelb*on monday19:16
itnet7nigelb: Let me see if I can get off of work early on Monday, and if I can I will19:18
itnet7nigelb: pm?19:18
nigelbitnet7: sure :)19:18
cjohnston 5/4519:21
nigelbcjohnston: 4219:21
Ronniemhall119: any progress on the django openid auth bug?19:22
nigelbcjohnston, mhall119: quick one line code review https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/summit/fix-735633/+merge/5425819:46
nigelbDaviey: you too ^^19:48
Davieynigelb, I think it is safe, but are you sure it doesn't modify the db?19:54
nigelbDaviey: yes, it only makes the form validation change.19:55
nigelboh wait, what's that coding uft8 thing19:56
* nigelb removes19:56
nigelbOnly a few more days left for the applications to close, but you might want to get it live nevertheless19:58
nigelbI guess I should just subscribe to summit bugs20:00
mhall119Ronnie: I finished my test cases and enhancements over the weekend, waiting for new reviews20:00
Ronniemhall119: do you have to link to the merge>20:00
mhall119https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/django-openid-auth/fixes-642132/+merge/54193 is for renamed users20:01
mhall119https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/django-openid-auth/strict-username-requirements/+merge/54065 is for enforcing that we get a launchpad username20:02
Ronnieill have a look tomorrow i guess20:02
mhall119Ronnie: thanks, I'll try and get one of the maintainers to look over it too20:06

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