master5o1Stupid OMG! Ubuntu has "IRC: #ubuntu-manual.org on freenode.net"05:30
godbykmaster5o1: Ah, well.  They'll find us. :)05:30
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c7phey godbyk21:35
godbykHey, c7p.21:37
c7pam i intrerupting you or something ?21:37
c7pinterrupting *21:37
godbykI'm just troubleshooting some multithreading issues.  Please interrupt! :-)21:39
c7pif you are working on something just ping me later21:40
godbykWe can chat.21:41
godbykI may be a titch slow to respond occasionally, but otherwise, it's okay.21:42
c7pi don't have problem with that21:42
c7pwe got one more applicant for the EiC job21:42
c7pso now we have around 4-5 candidates for the Editor position and two for the leadership21:44
godbykI think the editor is more important that the project lead, actually.21:46
c7pyes i totally agree on that21:46
godbykI see the project leader role as having more to do with marketing, recruiting, motivating, etc.21:46
godbykAnd the editor role actually makes sure everything gets done.21:46
c7pappart from the EiC that we will "earn" from this process, the rest candidates can work as authors or editors21:47

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