jmarsdenIs it expected behaviour that (for example) /usr/lib/libexpat1.a in Maverick is now /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libexpat1.a in Natty?  Is there a wiki page somewhere that explains this change?00:32
RAOFjmarsden: Welcome to multiarch!00:36
jmarsdenAh... *that's* how it does it.  Can you point me to docs?  It is breaking a package I am trying to update to a new upstream version, it seems...00:37
jmarsdenI may need to re-run autoconf or something to fix that, I suppose.  the ./configure is not finding the .a file...00:37
RAOFThe linker (and loader) have been changed to search in the appropriate multiarch paths.  I guess it depends on how ./configure is checking for that static library.00:39
RAOFAlso, urgh.00:39
jmarsdenYes, I was hoping I didn't have to wade through a bunch of autotools stuff to find the problem...!00:39
RAOFWhy is it statically linking expat anyway?00:40
jmarsdenI don't know... package is trustedqsl from the ARRL.  Ham radio software.00:40
jmarsdenI'll poke at it some more.  At least now I know the move was by design, so I *do* need to fix the packaging!  It builds fine on Lucid and Maverick as it now is...00:41
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GryllidaCan someone confirm the unconfirmed bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/739173 ? Is it relevant here?07:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 739173 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] gpy" [Undecided,New]07:41
GryllidaHrms, odd, it wasn't new initially; but I would appreciate a review of all that though.07:42
dholbachgood morning08:16
kim0Morning folks, got a little problem with my ppa08:38
kim0https://launchpad.net/~kim0/+archive/ppa .. is picking up some wrong signing key (My real pub key is https://launchpad.net/~kim0/+archive/ppa like on my LP page)08:39
geserkim0: what key is it using instead?08:41
kim0geser: 1024R/51D678E808:42
kim0As seen on https://launchpad.net/~kim0/+archive/ppa ..08:42
kim0that key doesn't even exist08:42
kim0and I never made any 1024r key!08:42
geserkim0: LP auto-generates a key it uses for signing your PPA08:47
kim0so it's not my key08:48
geserkim0: it can't use your GPG key as LP only knows your public key and it needs the private key for signing08:48
kim0yeah makes sense08:48
geserkim0: no, it's an auto-generated key08:48
kim0so .. it's non-existent because this ppa is 20 mins old ? :)08:48
kim0actually more like an hour now08:49
gesercould be, I don't know exactly the timing for generating the key for fresh PPAs (ask in #launchpad)08:49
kim0geser: thanks08:52
Gryllidageser, hi, can you tell me what I need to do with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/739173  please?08:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 739173 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] gpy" [Wishlist,New]08:52
geserGryllida: as you are already working on getting the package into Debian, not much more needs to be gone for the bug. Once the package is in Debian and got synced into the next developement version, the bug can be closed.08:55
Gryllidageser, I am not sure whether you have any experience with Debian sponsors at all, but they seem all dead to me so far.08:56
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geserGryllida: no, I don't have experience with Debian sponsors but finding an Ubuntu sponsor isn't easy either. We prefer to have the package in Debian instead in Ubuntu only. That way both Debian and Ubuntu benefit from the package and we hope it's less likely that the package will not bitrot in Ubuntu as nobody has time to update/look after it in future.08:58
GryllidaAlright, thank you for the clarification.08:59
LaneyGryllida: did you ask on debian-mentors@lists.debian.org? If you come to #debian-ubuntu on OFTC the people there can help you too.09:07
Laneyand... if it's a python application then there is a team just for that09:08
GryllidaI did both.09:08
LaneyI gave you three options there09:09
Laneytrying PAPT in the first instance and maintaining your package there is probably your best chance. I know there are other Ubuntu developers who also do work in that team09:10
Gryllida1) debian-mentors@lists.debian.org 2) #debian-ubuntu on OFTC 3) debian-python@lists.debian.org <-Did a few days ago.09:15
Gryllida4) PAPT - doing now.09:16
LaneyIRC might give you more luck09:16
GryllidaThey're not voiced or anything, I don't even know when one shows up09:17
GryllidaYes, I'm idling there.09:17
Laneyjust ask your question and someone will get to you when they can09:18
GryllidaLaney, I largely appreciate that the Ubuntu MOTU team members list is public, and all the project spirit in general.  I asked about the package in the #debian-mentors @ OFTC channel directly and will go from there. Thanks for your time.09:37
les123Hello, I would like to put a game demo in multiverse. I have deb package ready.10:44
les123It's not open source10:44
les123any ideas where to start? Thanks10:45
mok0les123: can't have it in multiverse then10:45
les123too bad :-(10:46
les123so where is the best place to deploy it?10:46
mok0les123: your own website?10:46
les123already have10:46
mok0les123: you can't use a launchpad ppa either10:46
les123why is that? license?10:47
mok0les123: yes10:47
mok0les123: https://help.launchpad.net/PPATermsofUse10:47
les123bad :-( I thought I could get some exposure :-)10:49
les123I guess other distros have similar policy?10:50
mok0les123: you'll have to get that the same way other closed-source software vendors do10:50
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les123mok0: what they do? only through their own www?10:51
mok0les123: I guess they advertise10:51
les123mok0: if you have budget then you advertise :-D10:52
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mok0les123: if you want to develop games for ubuntu, you might contact canonical though10:52
les123I thought they ale olny open source?10:52
mok0les123: the company behind ubuntu10:53
mok0les123: np10:54
les123I guess I am too small for that :-)10:54
les123one more question - how did the codecs get there10:54
les123they are without source10:55
les123some approval process?10:55
mok0les123: canonical pays license10:55
mok0les123: they are in the restricted distribution10:55
les123mok0; why restricted/10:56
les123they are available in universe?10:57
les123there are packages like bad, good, ugly10:57
les123(I don't remember correctly)10:57
les123let me check :-)10:57
les123That's interesting :-)10:57
mok0les123: closed-source software can't get into multiverse10:58
mok0multiverse is open-source but with a non-DFSG-compliant license10:59
mok0les123: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats11:01
les123yeah - I am reading those11:01
les123makes sense - nobody want unchecked code in repository11:01
sorenmok0: Not necessarily open source.11:03
sorenmok0: ...but distributable.11:03
les123what do you mean/.11:03
les123every package is distributable?11:04
RAOFExactly that; where we have a license to distribute.11:04
sorenOpen source means that you can see the source from which it was built. That's not necessarily the case. Distributable just means that the copyright holder allows for the software to be distributed.11:04
les123game demo will be by default distributable?11:04
mok0soren: ok11:04
sorenles123: There's not such things as "by default".11:04
RAOFles123: By default, no-one is able to copy it.11:05
les123ok, so if I gave a license to distribute a demo it will be ok?11:05
les123if it's not open source?11:05
lifelesssoren: actually open source means remixable; - see the 'shared source' abominationf or something where you can see but not remix11:05
RAOF(Although that means multiverse, of course)11:06
les123ok, so where I can post a package for multiverse?11:06
les123also - is there any standard for distributable license?11:07
RAOFNo, not really.11:07
RAOFles123: revu is where packages generally get reviewed; it's going to be pretty quiet at this time of the cycle, as feature freeze is a while ago and we're not really adding new packages at this point.11:09
les123seems to be only for universe11:11
RAOFles123: You might want to check out the application review board.11:11
Laneythat requires Freedom11:11
RAOF(By contacting Canonical)11:11
RAOFI'm being confused by the many and varied.11:11
les123jeez :-) It's getting complex :-D11:12
RAOFles123: We generally only work with open-source stuff (although there's no *barrier* to proprietary stuff in multiverse), so few people will notice when docs don't cover multiverse :)11:12
mok0les123: open-source your game and your troubles are gone11:13
les123maybe some day :-)11:13
les123look - it's jsut for fun really (there are no real money involved in games today)11:13
les123but I would like to check how high that can go ;-D11:14
mok0les123: so what's the point of closed source?11:14
les123well, it's javas :-)11:14
les123you can decompile it whatever you want11:14
les123i am not obsfuracting it even11:14
RAOFPresumably you'd like to get money from your game at some point, that's why it's closed-source?  If so, talking to someone from Canonical about getting it into the software centre might be a good idea.  Although I'm not sure quite how good our processes are around that at the moment :)11:14
mok0les123: here's a free business model: 1) make great open source game 2) get lots of players via Ubuntu 3) make version for iPhone 4) Profit!11:15
les123yeah :-)11:15
les123iPhonr - 1-2USD :d11:15
les123Apple does not like java anyway11:15
mok0les123: Android11:16
RAOFSteam is translating that to PC games, too.  It's extremely tempting to drop $5 on a game, and steam makes it ridiculously easy to.11:16
les123could be :-)11:16
les123but look at that11:17
mok0RAOF: "Steam"?11:17
les12318 months of almost full-time work11:17
RAOFI'd *like* software centre to be that sort of market on Ubuntu. :)11:17
les123for developer is like a 100k USD minimum11:17
les123how many copies to sell to break even? ;-)11:17
les123no-way :-)11:18
les123better write business Orcale-forms11:18
les123sorry - games are not profitable :-)11:18
les123it;s just for fun11:18
RAOFYou'd only need to sell 20,000@$5 to break even; a good game should be able to sell that many, particularly at that price-point.11:19
RAOFAnyway, *ever* so slightly off topic :)11:20
mok0les123: so contact canonical like RAOF said or opensource it. Those are your options11:20
les123yes - probably my www will be enough ;-)11:20
les123mok0 - actually - there is great game - Battle of Wesnoth11:21
les123it's free and guy is porting that to iPhone11:21
les123I think it's in universe anyway11:21
les123we can check your theory :-)11:21
artfwoI'm looking for a friendly DD, which is interested in multimedia/sound to sponsor a couple of my uploads (1 new and 1 updated package). anyone interested?11:21
mok0les123: I hardly ever play games11:22
les123mok0 - me too11:22
les123but I wanted to create something :-)11:22
mok0les123: Your investment in learning will pay off, the game itself might not11:22
les123oh  -no problem with that. I am professional Jee developer :-)11:23
les123but anyone can be bored with some-else stuff11:24
mok0les123: indeed11:24
les123fixing broken code, corporate bull-shit policy, etc ;-)11:24
les123and you know - there is fun of creating something ;-)11:25
mok0les123: how can Java be closed source?11:25
les123why not?11:25
les123it's license thing11:25
les123practically it cannt be11:25
mok0les123: you can decompile it11:25
les123yes, but everthing can be decompiled11:25
les123so in that terms - nothing is closed source ;-)11:25
mok0les123: but java is particularly easy, you get the source back11:26
les123java is interpreted - so it's just easier11:26
les123you can use some tricks - but you are right - it's really like open code11:26
RAOFRather, java is introspectable, so you get a reasonable faximile of the source back.11:26
sorenI can hardly even read Java before it's compiled, let alone after it's been compiled and decompiled again.11:27
les123whatever the smart names - you can get your fingers on the source quite easily :-)11:27
les123soren: it's object oriented - it can be hard to read, especially with adnotations11:27
RAOFUnless you've got an open-source license on it you can't do anything with that source, though.11:28
mok0les123: so by closed-sourcing you don't prevent anyone ripping off your code, you just prevent anyone from discovering it11:28
les123why discovering?11:28
les123look - it will be ripped this way or another - it's legal thing11:28
mok0les123: because if the source is open, many eyes can spot if the code has been ripped of11:28
les123if I publish it as open source I will probvably lose all interest in it11:29
mok0les123: I don't understand that11:29
RAOFWell, if they care.  I'm not sure that crowd-sourcing your copyright enforcement is a winning plan :)11:29
mok0RAOF: what other options do you have?11:29
RAOF(That said, it *sounds* like an open-source license would be appropriate; encouraging patches from other people can be wonderfully interesting)11:30
mok0plus all the debugging you get for free11:30
les123heh ;-)11:31
les123look - maybe some day I will release it11:31
les123but for now I would like to experience whole process :-)11:31
les123including marketing11:31
les123it won't be gain financially - that's for sure11:32
mok0les123: most likely you'll be spending :-)11:32
les123and if someone wants to have look at algorithms - no problem - he can ask me - i will give him source with notes :-)11:32
mok0les123: what IS the game, anyway?11:33
les123mok0 - not so much - only my time11:33
les123if you wanna: www.age-of-feat.net11:33
les123but there is nothing to download yet11:33
les123it's still in beta-tests11:33
les123it won't sell more than 200 copies11:34
les123above that I am going buy champage11:34
mok0les123: looks like it could fit on a smartphone11:34
les123not really - smartfones usually do not support fully JSE11:35
mok0what do I know11:36
mok0-> nothing11:36
mok0I don't even own a smartphone11:36
les123well -11:36
les123I was told I shoukld update myself - so I updated :-)11:37
les123I can check email and play tetris :D11:37
mok0OK, but I'm seated at a computer or my laptop most of the day.11:37
mok0I have no need for checking email when I'm walking my dog11:38
les123gmail has nice applet for phones - your dog will be happy ;D11:38
les123anyway - it mmight be a good idea to build some app-shop for Linux11:40
mok0les123: like RAOF said, canonical is working on that idea11:40
mok0(strangely, the app-store concept was INVENTED by Debian11:41
les123not sure if Steam-like11:41
mok0The app-store concept was brought to iPhone via the unlocking community11:42
mok0Apple saw it was a great idea11:42
les123hmmm... interesting ;-)11:42
mok0Finally, Microsoft copied it11:42
les123however, I am not sure if people will buy anything there - they are too used to free repositories11:43
mok0... and will probably claim they invented it11:43
les123M$ copies everything :-)11:43
mok0les123: amen to that brother :-)11:43
les123but they have army-like laywers department11:43
les123however I have to say they have good code quality11:44
les123there was tcp-ip stack somethere leaked from M$11:44
les123it was quite good11:44
mok0les123: they used the bsd one for years11:44
les123BSD was copied everywhre11:45
les123especially crypto11:45
les123well, that was their license11:45
mok0les123: You couldn't get onto the Internet with a Windows machine before Windows9511:45
les123? Internet Explorer was on 3.1111:47
les123I think up to version 5.011:47
mok0les123: Maybe. I never used Windows, but I remember being on the Internet YEARS before my friends could11:48
mok0With Unix, and Macs11:48
mok0The first browser I ran was Mosaic on the SGI11:49
les123I think there was some lynx-like thing for dos11:49
les123whaever ;-)11:49
mok0les123: gopher?11:50
les123don't know :-)11:50
les123we played Doom then :-d11:50
les123whatever - it seems to be too much issues with releasing non-open source on Linux :-)11:52
les123I guess my page will do :-)11:52
mok0les123: yeah11:52
les123and never more any games to develop - it's takes too much time!11:52
les123but try if you have time - you will learn a lot :D11:52
mok0les123: I'm sure11:53
les123Ok, thanks!11:53
les123Cee yaa!11:53
mok0good luck11:53
les123come to page in 4-weeks - maybe you will like it ;-)11:54
arandLicensing issue: Is this ubuntu-restricted compliant: http://redeclipse.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/redeclipse/license.txt?revision=2265&view=markup if not, what kind of requests would I make to the developers in order to make it, with as few modifications as possible? Are binary packages even possible for this, since that implies modification?12:07
arandAlso, a debian.tar.gz would use the name of the game, however I'm not sure it can be definitely claimed to be "redistribution of the game" since it is independent metadata?12:09
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mok0arand: looks problematic12:10
mok0arand: "Limited rights are granted to redistribute..."12:11
arandHowever, I know that sauerbraten and warsow use a very similar license, and they are both in debian/ubuntu non-free12:11
mok0arand: anyway, that license looks like a sorry hodgepodge12:12
arandmok0: I know, and already some things have changed as per me nagging about them...12:14
mok0arand: they advertise that it's a free and open game, but not really12:16
arandFor reference http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/non-free/w/warsow-data/current/copyright warsow-data has almost the exact same wording: "unchanged recompressed"12:16
mok0arand: what's the point of that clause?12:16
mok0arand: I don't understand how warsow made it in12:19
arandmok0: I am not completely sure, but I consider it to be a way to accomodate for specific items which are otherwise under a restrictive nondistributable license, to be redistributed if accompanied as a whole with the game.12:19
mok0arand: looks like it's forbidden to patch it12:19
arandmok0: Indeed.12:19
mok0arand: which means we can't fix bugs12:20
mok0arand: that is unacceptable in my view12:20
* mok0 wonders why we get all these questions about non-FLOSS games today12:21
arandsauer/warsow manageds that by splitting into data and a engine-dfsg12:21
mok0I see12:21
arandAlthough as I have poked about at them for reference, I'm not sure if they actually hold up...12:21
mok0arand: you might try debian-legal12:22
arandOr a mailing list?12:22
mok0arand: I was thinking of the ml12:22
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ari-tczewhow can I fix this FTBFS? ../libs/uti/sge_edit.c:67:9: error: ignoring return value of 'chown', declared with attribute warn_unused_result12:51
ari-tczewsource line:    chown(fname, myuid, mygid);12:52
ari-tczewgeser: around?12:55
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chrisccoulsonari-tczew, the error message is self explanatory isn't it? ("ignoring return value of chown")13:26
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: sorry, I'm noob. do you want to see full buildlog?13:26
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, no. it means that the program ignores the return value of chown (ie, it doesn't check for success)13:27
chrisccoulsonyou either need to fix that (or work around it by dropping -Werror, but that is wrong)13:27
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: -Werror is in actual Ubuntu delta and I want to get it fixed right.13:28
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: I'd like to fix it, but I don't have an idea how.13:28
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/functions/chown.html13:28
chrisccoulsonyou basically need to check that chown doesn't return -1. if it does, you need to check errno, and retry if errno=EINTR13:30
chrisccoulsonand then figure out what to do if it does fail13:30
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: black magic :O13:30
chrisccoulsonbut i don't know what package you are building, or what it does. you'd need to figure out how to handle the error13:30
ari-tczewpackage calls gridengine13:31
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: how about use int chown(const char *fname, uid_t myuid, gid_t mygid) ?13:32
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, well, that is the prototype of the function13:33
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: could you help me fix this one? this package has got a lot of errors, I have done fixed loads of them. I'd like to finish,13:35
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, i can't at the moment, i'm pretty busy with a lot of other work13:35
ari-tczewhyperair, Ampelbein: about geany: bug 73937313:38
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 739373 could not be found13:38
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 739373 not found13:39
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: look, I found this: http://old.nabble.com/copy-file.c-vs-ignoring-chown%27s-return-value-td31041001.html13:39
ari-tczewis it may be useful?13:39
hyperairari-tczew: wrong bug number?13:49
ari-tczewhyperair: it's private.13:50
ari-tczewhyperair: couldn't you see this if you're motu?13:50
hyperairari-tczew: no, it's not. that bug doesn't exist.13:51
ari-tczewhyperair: do you want to see screenshot?13:51
hyperairprivate bugs are shown as private bugs by launchpad13:51
hyperairyeah why not13:51
hyperairari-tczew: ^^13:53
hyperaireither launchpad's acting up, or the bug really doesn't exist13:53
hyperairdid you mistype the number?13:53
ari-tczewhyperair: http://img138.imageshack.us/i/launchpad.png/13:55
ari-tczewhyperair: and?14:02
Laneywhy don't you unmark it as private?14:03
ari-tczewLaney: I'll but we are investigating in odd case.14:04
hyperairari-tczew: it appears now. maybe the stuff didn't get saved properly to the database? =\14:11
hyperairbug 73937314:11
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 739373 could not be found14:11
hyperairhmm ubottu still can't find it14:11
hyperairari-tczew: interestingly, apport has marked your bug as invalid.14:11
hyperairari-tczew: could you send me your core dump, please?14:12
hyperairif you feel paranoid you could gpg-encrypt it with my key -- it's 0x588752a114:13
ari-tczewhyperair: where it is?14:36
ari-tczewis it*14:36
hyperairwhere is what?14:37
hyperairmy key?14:37
hyperairoh you mean the core dump?14:37
hyperairwell it's inside the .crash file14:37
hyperairwhich is in /var/crash14:37
hyperairyou can unpack it using apport-unpack14:38
ari-tczewmight be it helpful for you? (coredump)14:38
ari-tczewhyperair: apport is pretty buggy :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/583335/14:44
ari-tczewhyperair: done, check your mail box14:47
ari-tczewhyperair: ah, still sending... I've only 1Mb/s upload ;)14:47
ari-tczewhyperair: ok sent14:50
dholbachLaney, do you think we should try to get a FFe and get the packaging guide into natty or should we wait for a few more submitted articles and get it into oneiric?14:56
dholbachLaney, also was I thinking if it'd make sense to rename it? there's content in there already that's not exclusively related to packaging14:57
dholbachalso... can somebody please review my merge proposals for lp:ubuntu-packaging-guide? :)14:57
Laneydholbach: Would you recommend it generally yet? I think we should have an alpha/beta period where it bakes in a PPA or something.15:01
Laneyand what's not about packaging in there?15:01
dholbachok, fine with me15:01
Laneyand I just read it a bit and saw that it talks about looms. Do we recommend those for general use now?15:02
dholbachwell, there's a lot of ubuntu infrastructure stuff, there's a upstream guide ready almost ready to be merged15:02
dholbachand I guess there'll be more stuff about "developing ubuntu (the platform)"15:02
dholbachLaney, barry would know about looms15:02
LaneyI thought that stuff would be out of scope for this guide15:03
dholbachLaney, there's one branch of mine up for review that moves a lot of UDD stuff into the knowledge dataabase15:03
* barry takes notice15:03
dholbachso not up there on the "I want to solve a specific task" mainpage15:03
dholbachI think it's fine to put that kind of stuff (in-depth articles about tools, etc.) into the knowledge database15:04
barryLaney: looms are a great feature, but as far as the workflow described in docs, i think we're still trying to work out how they all fit together15:04
dholbach(the 'restructure' branch)15:04
dholbachit'd be nice if more folks joined the ~ubuntu-packaging-guide-team mailing list and took notice of the merge proposals15:05
Laneydholbach: yeah I agree with this approach; task-driven main interface and then a reference section15:05
LaneyI probably ought to do that. :-)15:05
* dholbach nods15:05
* dholbach hugs Laney15:05
Laneybarry: Yeah, I just wonder if there's some over-generalisation here15:06
Laneyin an ideal world, of course ;-)15:07
Laneymainly in that it assumes 3.0 (quilt)15:07
dholbachLaney, barry: thanks for your help15:07
barryLaney: definitely.  it could use some discussion of other patch systems, and a critical eye on how patch systems work with bzr.  i think we have a commitment from the bzr dev team to pull looms into the core, make them rock (i.e. fix the warts and smooth the ui out), and concentrate on the story for working with packages that have patch systems.15:09
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dholbachif anyone is bored: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/+activereviews :)15:14
barrydholbach: saw that, but i'm massively behind on post-pycon catch up ;)15:15
AnAntHello, I get a UnicodeEncodeError message when I try to login on wiki.ubuntu.com, where should I report that ?16:08
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c2tarunI got this error while building a package http://paste.kde.org/7836/ manual.pro is missing, I guess manual.pro should be generated when we run qmake -project in manual folder. What is wrong here?19:19
ari-tczewiulian: does FFe needs 2 ACKs?19:51
iulianari-tczew: No.  Just one.19:54
ari-tczewiulian: hmmm, I was wondering which thing in the past needed 2 ACKs.19:55
geserREVU still needs two ACKs from MOTUs20:03
geserI'm not sure if FFe needed two ACKs in the past and was changed later to only one ACK20:04
ari-tczewgeser: I think MOTU Release Team needed 2 ACKs.20:07
ari-tczewThen it was merged into Ubuntu Release Team and now only one ACK is needed.20:08
gesermight be (too lazy to check the archives now)20:09
ScottKWhat geser says is correct.20:21
ari-tczewgeser: do you know how to fix it? ../libs/uti/sge_edit.c:67:9: error: ignoring return value of 'chown', declared with attribute warn_unused_result20:44
ari-tczewcode: chown(fname, myuid, mygid);20:44
geserint unused = chown(fname, myuid, mygid);20:44
gesermight perhaps work, but it's not a proper fix as we still don't check the value but only "quieten" the warning/error20:45
* ari-tczew is checking20:45
gesernot sure if gcc can be tricked that easy20:46
ari-tczewgeser: ../libs/uti/sge_edit.c:67:8: error: unused variable 'unused'20:51
ari-tczewpretty logical, unused variable unused ;D20:54
Bachstelzeari-tczew: you could compile with -Wno-unused-result20:58
ari-tczewBachstelze: is it really different than -Wno-error  ?20:59
ari-tczew(which actual package has got and I'm going to drop it by fix)20:59
Bachstelzeit only ignores this particular warning21:00
Bachstelzeotherwise you have to actually use the result, like if (result == -1) return -1;21:00
Bachstelzethe second one being obviouly better, error codes exist for a reason21:01
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RoAkSoAxwin 921:05
ari-tczewBachstelze: anyway, thanks, I'll check it later.21:11
ari-tczewkklimonda: are you going to sponsor this one? bug 68571021:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 685710 in matplotlib (Ubuntu) "UnicodeEncodeError on help(polar)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68571021:14
ari-tczewif Debian maintainer has added missing libraries to LDFLAGS instead LIBS and package builds fine, shall we sync it or point out maintainer to fix it right?21:16
ari-tczewat natty's start we've sent patches to Debian where are patched LDFLAGS cause LIBS has been used later in toolchain.21:17
kklimondaari-tczew: last time I tried I couldn't build the package due to segfault in python-dbg21:19
ari-tczewkklimonda: so, are you going to try again?21:20
kklimondaari-tczew: I would unsubscribe sponsors if I were to fight with it but I don't have much time recently - the patch is fine, it just needs someone to upload it :)21:20
ari-tczewkklimonda: did you test it?21:20
ari-tczewkklimonda: I can upload this one.21:22
kklimondaari-tczew: I didn't test it but it's a trivial and logical fix that comes from the upstream. You can test it by installing matplotlib and running21:25
kklimondapython -c 'from matplotlib.projections import polar; help(polar)'21:25
kklimondathere is actually a test in the bug21:26
ari-tczewkklimonda: You ACK is enough for me. ;)21:26
ari-tczewI will do it tomorrow. Now I'm off to learn some russian language.21:28
kklimondaScottK: heh, I've managed to backport evo 2.32 to lucid - I wonder if anyone actually cares about it enough to test it though - the bug got quiet after you closed it :)21:31
ScottKFeel free to ask.21:31
ScottKDid you backport it in a way that isn't going to make me cringe?21:31
kklimondaScottK: well, that depends - what makes you cringe usually? I didn't do much evil stuff so far. :)21:34
ScottKkklimonda: OK.  As long as you warped evo to fit lucid and not the other way around it should ~be OK.21:34
kklimondaScottK: I've updated a few libraries where it was required but none of them broke ABI/API. I've also tried not to update anything user visible (like gnome-icon-theme)21:40
kklimondaI wonder how will Red Hat handle Evolution updates for RHEL621:42
kklimondathey also have 2.2821:42
kklimondaand they are going to be around for a little longer then 10.0421:42
kklimondaScottK: btw, wrt backports - would that be feasible to backport parts of API when it makes sense to support newer versions of software?21:43
kklimondaor would that create a mess so big no one could support it? :)21:44
arandCan I in packaging use something like "this packaging (i.e. everything debian/*) is GPL, except for the name of the game which is only to be used with unmodified redistribution"? I have a feeling this might conflict with GPL, would I need to use another license for my packaging?22:24
ScottKkklimonda: Possibly.  It depends on the details.23:40
ScottKkklimonda: Desktop is a little less important for RHEL than Ubuntu.23:40
kklimondaScottK: has it been done in the past? i.e. backporting small parts of the API?23:49
kklimonda(in -backports, not in the entire archive)23:49
ScottKkklimonda: Not that I recall.  We have backported full new versions where there was a strong argument for it and we could test it.23:49
ScottKSo in theory this would be less invasive than that.23:49
kklimondain practice it's still a lot of work for a small team :)23:50

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