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LLStarksmicahg, is there any way to get the one-button firefox dropdown menu in unity?17:28
micahgLLStarks: idk, you'll have to ask chrisccoulson as I haven't tried the Unity menubar yet17:28
chrisccoulsonLLStarks, no. not unless you disable globalmenu-extension17:29
LLStarksstill doesn't appear even when it's disabled. do i have to manually set it?17:36
chrisccoulsonLLStarks, yes17:45
chrisccoulsonthere is a menu item for it17:45
LLStarkswhere specifically? there's nothing in customize.17:49
chrisccoulsonLLStarks, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=enable+firefox+button+linux17:52
chrisccoulsonsorry, i couldn't resist ;)17:52
chrisccoulsonyou just need to go view -> toolbars and switch off the menu bar17:53
LLStarksah. there we  go. thanks.17:55
LLStarkswow. this really suck. sure it looks cool, but it's just like chrome.17:56
LLStarksglad we went with globalmenu17:56
LLStarksreally sad that 4.0 won't have an official x64 release for win3218:05
ftamicahg, hi, do you plan on working on the security update of bugzilla?18:13
micahgfta: it's not on the top of my list, and my list just got longer :(18:14
gnomefreaki cant believe mozilla hasnt started on FF4.1 yet18:17
LLStarksgnomefreak, get 4.0 out first18:18
LLStarksbut you're right18:18
LLStarksi remember when 3.6 and 3.7 were being developed simultaneously18:18
micahggnomefreak: it'll be 5 and they have :)18:18
gnomefreakok 5 is good but on they daily releases its still 4.0b1318:19
micahggnomefreak: yeah, they haven't bumped the version yet18:20
gnomefreakah ok18:20
LLStarksnothing exciting on trunk yet18:25
fta[reed], ping18:25
gnomefreakdid i leave?18:46
gnomefreak.:14:44:11:. ==> Irssi: No PONG reply from server irc.freenode.net in 301  seconds, disconnecting  << i guess so18:46
gnomefreaki lost network connection it seems18:47
micahggnomefreak: happened to me earlier, missed half the security team meeting18:48
fta[reed], just installed bugzilla locally, the extra deps in the deb look crazy to me. http://paste.ubuntu.com/583444/  could you please tell me which of the Recommends / Suggests make sense to add?19:01
[reed]fta: run ./checksetup and see what's missing19:42
[reed]it depends on what features you need19:42
fta[reed], grr, why do components request an assignee. for a local install, it will almost always be me19:53
[reed]assignee is required, sadly... you could create a fake nobody@ or something if you wanted to separate stuff19:53
ftahm, the prefs are weird19:57
ftanew user / login name: i use 'fta' => error, invalid email19:57
ftadon't ask for a login name then, ask for an email19:58
fta[reed], ^^19:58
[reed]I agree19:58
[reed]file a bug? :)19:58
BUGabundoppl linking to servers with _final_ release of FF420:03
BUGabundohave this ppl NO idea how *releases* work?20:03
BUGabundoeven if in a mirror.... bah20:04
BUGabundoand no telling them to not push the links.... naa they are *special*20:04
BUGabundofta: grrrrr can't enable desktop notifications. u know of anything about that?20:07
ftanope, sorry20:09
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LLStarksare latest-trunk and latest-mozilla-central the same tree?23:47
LLStarkswrong chan23:48

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