_antantwell it's been quiet on here today03:24
morganhey, anyone have any experience with IMDB scrapers etc.. imdb-tools is useless10:29
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kenniHi guys, have you decided (or looked into) if the MythTV 0.24 locale configuration will be supported in Mythbuntu 11.04? With the current use of a custom database on a clean Mythbuntu install, I suppose it will be too much work to get it done in time for the 11.04 release(?)20:38
tgm4883kenni, locale config?20:53
kennitgm4883, bug #72469320:54
ZinnBug 724693 in mythbuntu "New MythTV 0.24 locale auto configurations doesn't work with Mythbuntu 11.04" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/72469320:54
tgm4883kenni, hmm, ok20:55
tgm4883kenni, what is it looking for in a clean DB?20:55
tgm4883superm1, ^20:55
tgm4883I see no reason that couldn't still make it into 11.04. Would seem like a bug to me that is isn't already there since the functionality already exists in 0.2420:58
kennitgm4883, AFAIR it checks for a clean settings table21:00
tgm4883kenni, ok, are you able to check if just dropping that table makes it work. I'd have to check what we currently set in there21:01
tgm4883which wouldn't get checked until tonight21:01
superm1kenni, i think the proper solution is to pass that information to the database from during install21:05
superm1because we definitely need to have a prefilled database (at least somewhat) so that there isn't an error the backend isn't running on first boot21:05
tgm4883superm1, that seems logical to me, since that type of information is already gathered during install21:11
superm1hell if i'm gonna have time to help get it propagated though21:12
Zinnsuperm1: Please watch your language.21:12
rhpot1991tisk tisk superm1 :)21:14
tgm4883well pulling it from the installer is going to be a feature21:16
tgm4883which would be 11.1021:16
kennisuperm1, tgm4883: it seems like the language selection dialog is shown if the "Launguage" and "Country" field in the settings table are empty. But I haven't tested it, so I might be wrong, I just had a brief look at the code21:18
superm1kenni, i wonder if there's a good way to have it pull up that dialog the first time and still pre fill the database21:20
kenniit will probably need some fitting to make it work in Mythbuntu21:20
kennistuartm is the person to talk to about it, he wrote the feature21:20
kenniperhaps the feature needs to be altered a bit upstream, to make it compatible with distributions like Mythbuntu. At the moment the feature is written to specifically require a clean database.21:23
superm1well the other way to look at it is that a backend shouldn't require anything in the database to run21:29
superm1and then we could start with a clean database21:29
superm1but i think something has to happen upstream either way21:30
kenniunfortunately, I'll not have much (if any) time to play with MythTV/Mythbuntu for the next 1½ month. Otherwise I would gladly have helped with the testing...if it's just the two mentioned fields which need to be empty to bring up the dialog, you can probably pre-populate some of the other settings if needed. You then just need to beware when you startup mythtv-setup the first time, so the language dialog will be shown in the initial startup pha21:30
kennisuperm1, why do you want to start the backend? Shouldn't you only start mythtv-setup on the initial bootup?21:32
kenni...and then start the backend afterwards21:32
superm1kenni, well we don't currently start mythtv-setup on initial bootup21:34
superm1and it requires some work to make that happen21:34
superm1at least in the proper fashion that it needs to21:34
kenniwhat is the reasoning behind not starting mythtv-setup on initial bootup? I can't remember what Mythbuntu currently does - does it start the backend & the frontend on initial bootup?21:36
superm1yeah it starts the backend and frontend on initial bootup21:44
superm1mythtv-setup is a bit confusing, you dont want to boot up and immediately feel like you have to configure things21:45
superm1whereas if you start the frontend on first boot, you can go explore around etc21:45
kenniyeah, okay, but not much will work and it's a quite unsupported state to be in (with no tuners defined)21:47
kennibut I do see your point, realistically perhaps this is a 0.25/11.10/12.04 milestone21:48
kennito await the setup rewrite21:48
kenniand we'll most likely also generate a lot of locale-files for 0.25 - currently only manually contributed locale configuration files exist in MythTV. Without much effort we can provide a baseline locale config (MythTV language, date format, etc.) for the most widespread locales.22:06
superm1kenni, exactly, 0.25 sounds a good time to do that22:11

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