dholbachgood morning08:16
nigelbxdatap: ping17:13
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xdatapnigelb, pong17:16
nigelbxdatap: hey, pleia2 referred me to you.17:16
nigelbxdatap: I was wondering if you'd be interested in talking baout live iso testing17:17
nigelbwe're doing a classroom session next monday about ubuntu global jam and live iso testing is one of these things we'd like to see covered :)17:17
xdatapnigelb, what time exactly?17:18
pleia2it's in #ubuntu-classroom, you pretty much just chat about best practices for 45-60 minutes and answer questions17:18
nigelb1900 or 1700 UTC17:18
xdatapnigelb, pleia2 : 17:00 UTC I can0t because I'm still in office, 1900 maybe but I would be still on way home17:20
nigelbxdatap: would 2100 be better?17:21
xdatapnigelb, pleia2 the best for me would be after 20.00 UTC, I will be at home for sure17:21
xdatapnigelb, 2100 sounds good17:21
nigelbxdatap: ok, awesome :)17:21
nigelbI'll send you a reminder mail and stuff over the next few days :)17:21
xdatapnigelb, i never made this classrooms, are they just chat or I would prepare few slides?17:22
nigelbxdatap: its not necessary to do slides, its just chat mostly17:23
nigelbxdatap: do you want me to link you to one of the old logs for reference on how its done?17:24
xdatapnigelb, yes please17:24
xdatapnigelb, send me emails to xdatap1@ubuntu.com17:26
nigelbawesome, will do :)17:26

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