timClicksibeardslee, ?03:20
ibeardsleeso the madness I have been dealing to over the last week or so has been because of upper case MS domains and DNS names of exchange servers rather than the IP addresses03:20
ibeardsleetimClicks: been trying to get ubuntu to connect to an Exchange 2010 server and authenticate the workstation login against an Active directory server03:21
ojwbso filenames aren't case sensitive but domain names are?03:22
ojwbfun fun fun03:22
timClickssounds delightful03:23
ibeardsleeojwb: not sure where the problem was .. whether it was the ubuntu end or the exchange end failing03:26
timClickslalalololo http://trololololololololololo.com/21:25
* ibeardslee makes a note to mention timClicks' name to 'someone he knows' who likes catching up with people in dark alleys with a baseball bat21:29
timClicksthat may be the case, but even when I'm gone you'll never forget that website21:29
ajmitchthis is why I shall not visit that site21:30
timClicksajmitch, i'll let the intrigue eat away at you21:31
timClicksfyi GNU Free Call announced21:32
timClickshttp://planet.gnu.org/gnutelephony/?p=14 (Skype replacement in free software)21:32
chiltslooks good22:45
chiltslet's see how long it takes to go mainstream (if ever)22:45
ibeardsleeweren't there a bunch of others trying to do the same thing?22:46
ibeardsleeacutally maybe they were just clients rather than the 'full stack'22:48
ajmitchtrying to get users in a market like that would be challenging22:48
ibeardsleeit would have to interact with skype22:48
ibeardsleethe 'defacto'22:48
ajmitchotherwise you'd end up being able to call only a few people who were as dedicated as you were :)22:48
ajmitchthough it at least looks like it's a SIP client22:49
chiltsI'd probably get my brother in the UK to use it (assuming there is a windoze version)22:52
ajmitchbeing able to actually use skype without too many hassles is part of what's made it popular22:54
snailarchives.govt.nz and archive.org appear to have both screwed their DNS at the same time. that can't be a coincidence...22:56
ojwbtimClicks: I misread that as "GNU FreeCell announced"23:01

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