ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu (xfxf)00:55
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soreauIdleOne: Longer than what, a week?05:20
rwwsoreau: something we can help you with?05:22
soreaurww: Yes, I am banned from #ubuntu+1 and wanted to see about getting it lifted05:23
IdleOnesoreau: heya05:25
IdleOneHow you doing?05:25
soreauOk for now I guess05:25
IdleOneSo, here is the thing. I'll remove the ban but this is the last time I am going to remove a ban set by a different op on you.05:26
IdleOneYou realize that there are so many chances we can give you05:26
IdleOnealso, anytime you feel the need to vent, yell, swear. do it in a PM to yourself :)05:27
soreauYou know I don't mean any harm but pmming myself is like saying go-f-yourself05:28
IdleOneyeah I know but the ubuntu channels is really not the right place to let it out05:29
IdleOnesoreau: PM me if you ever need to talk or just vent.05:30
IdleOneban is lifted.05:30
soreauI appreciate your patience btw.. you guys seem to have the ability to handle extremely fragile situations very well05:30
soreauI, on the other hand, do not :P05:30
soreauIdleOne: Ok thanks05:30
soreauIt will mean a lot to me05:30
soreauif I can vent to you :/05:31
IdleOneanytime, if I don't respond to it don't get insulted :)05:31
soreauI only expect you to keep on idlin05:31
bazhangis radios the .pt problem user?05:52
rwwIdent matches Redmono and Plutu (who I vaguely remember getting actioned), so I'd guess so.05:54
bazhangthere's a ton of problem nicks from that range05:55
rwwnod. It's been annoying me and I don't know what to do about it.05:55
rwwThey change ident and nick and realname, and the IP address changes wildly, so there's nothing for a ban to latch on to unless I ban the whole ISP, which I've considered doing.05:56
rwwor maybe I'm connecting dots that shouldn't be and they're different people. I really don't know.05:56
Jordan_UCan we make Floodbot warn in #ubuntu-ops-monitor whenever someone joins from that range?05:57
rwwbazhang: heh, guest-dude-with-sean-ident appeared in -ot after you mentioned them.05:57
bazhangrww, heh yeah. my prescience is in overdrive05:58
rwwJordan_U: nope06:00
rwwbazhang: but yeah, as far as telepac goes, there are too many users that can't reasonably be tied to the one person I assume exists and is hopping IP addresses :(06:00
bazhangouch. that user just /amsg'd a ton of channels06:18
ubottusoreau called the ops in #ubuntu (eso4g1)09:45
ikoniaPici: I love that, "I'm running blind here and it still doesn't work"......maybe that's because your doing this blind with no idea12:36
bazhangcherokee signs?12:45
bazhangno idea where to point lalitha in -irc12:55
bazhanglinux chat server with windows client?12:56
Picijrib: some vpses configure their ubuntu installs differently.12:58
Picilinode (which everyone loves) comes with a root password by default :(12:59
jribPici: yeah just wanted to make sure he wasn't referring to his user as root12:59
Picijrib: okay :)12:59
bazhangMUILTFN_, hi13:13
ubottuDear $DEITY, Give me strength to understand and work with users who question my logic, the rules, netiquette, and common sense. Give me resilience to teach them the basics of Linux, Ubuntu, Community Guidelines and IRC. Allow me not to stray to nitpicking, argument, foul language, or leisurely op abuse. Deliver me my daily xkcd, User Friendly, LWN, /. and Planet Ubuntu, and guard over my encrypted drives. Let it be so.13:16
Piciso say we all13:18
* rww ponders writing a "how to undo the damage that Linode does to their Debian and Ubuntu images" guide at some point14:36
Picithere is one floating out there.14:39
Picirww: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/10/27/notes-from-setting-up-ubuntu-server-on-linode/14:40
rwwyeah, I've seen that. it's missing some stuff and includes some unrelated stuff, though. e.g. I think Linode has things set to not install recommended packages by default, that sort of thing.14:41
rwwhrm, maybe a "how to not use the built-in Debian image and roll through debian-installer on your own on Linode" post would be better. if that's even possible, iono.14:45
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ubottucapntrade called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:52
ubottucapntrade called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:53
jpds[Freenode] [ ~capntrade!~trade@2001:470:c475:3133:7:f:e:d  ] not for long16:54
jpdsChallange accepted.16:54
jpds<~capntrade> have you ever had sex with a man?16:55
PiciHow pleasant.16:55
jpds<~capntrade> i hear you have to to be a ubuntu member16:55
jpds16:56:04 <~capntrade> naw, i'll just evade and troll even harder next time16:57
jpds16:56:13 <~capntrade> fuck you and your illusion of power16:57
jpds16:56:43 <~capntrade> http://blog.feenode.net/?p=1272 for why16:57
IdleOnedon't click it16:58
IdleOneyou probably know that already16:58
PiciI did.16:58
marienzdon't click anything below feenode.net, yes16:58
PiciI misread.16:58
marienzand thanks for reporting16:58
IdleOnePici: me too16:58
PiciChrome handled it well though.16:58
IdleOneso did chromium16:58
popeyso did wget17:00
jpdsYay for NoScript17:01
IdleOnewhere is genii when you need a coffee :/17:02
jpdsIdleOne: The US?17:02
IdleOnethat doesn't help my coffee situation17:03
jpdsIdleOne: There's no coffee in the US?17:03
IdleOnesure there is17:04
IdleOneI'm not in the US though17:04
* genii-around slides IdleOne a large, delicious, lifegiving coffee17:07
* IdleOne sips17:19
IdleOnethank you good sir17:19
genii-aroundIdleOne: Anytime17:19
ikoniahello capntrade17:44
capntradeunban me now17:45
ikoniawhoa, err hang on17:45
ikoniawhy where you banned ?17:45
capntradeunban me now17:46
IdleOnecapntrade: please change the attitude17:46
ikoniacapntrade: ok, lets try to resolve this, why where you banned ?17:46
capntradeunban me now17:46
ikoniaok, converstion over, good bye17:46
capntradeunban me now17:47
capntradeunban me now17:47
IdleOnecapntrade: are you willing to discuss this with ikonia ?17:47
marienzhmm, "conversation"17:48
ikoniamarienz: oops, yes17:48
marienzI didn't mean the spelling17:48
IdleOneplease remind me to remove that ban in a few hours17:48
marienzI mean this wasn't much of one17:48
ikoniano, leave it, I won't remind you ;)17:48
IdleOneconversation continues in PM17:49
ikoniaand for me, ignoring17:50
IdleOnelots of unban me now17:50
ikoniaignoring it17:50
IdleOneyup same here17:50
ikoniaheads up on ubuntu-women17:52
ikoniapleia2: ping ^17:52
pleia2thanks, I'll keep an eye out17:52
ikoniaget ready for "unban me now" then a follow up on ban in pm17:52
marienzcan someone prod me if he hits another channel and I don't notice it?17:54
ikoniajust the ubuntu ones at the moment17:54
ikoniaremoved from offtopic and women17:54
jpdsSo much for "<~capntrade> i can evade that ban in 2 seconds"17:55
ikoniahe's l33t17:55
marienzwell, perhaps a little longer than two seconds, but yes17:55
IdleOnefor the record it has been 8 minutes of "unban me now" in PM17:55
jpdsIdleOne: Be thankful you don't have what I have from him in PM.17:56
ikoniaI'm curious to how far he can go as he's doing the pair of us17:56
jpds"<~capntrade> eat plagues of giant ******" - been going on for ages now.17:56
mrmisti guess i was lucky enough to have annoyed him sufficiently for him to stop talking18:00
marienzhe's been asking me for my help for the last couple of minutes18:02
IdleOnehelp him off the network18:03
jpdsmarienz: Do it.18:05
marienzis he still talking to anyone in here?18:07
ikoniapm'ing me18:07
IdleOneme too18:07
ikonia"un ban me"18:07
ikoniaunban me now18:07
IdleOne20 minutes18:07
ikoniathere we go....18:08
IdleOnelet's see if he is more responsive this time18:09
PiciI doubt it.18:11
jpdsIdleOne: That was no way a few hours right there.18:11
IdleOneagreed but we are to catalyse and offer a place for resolution18:11
IdleOneso if it continues when he returns I'll remember to !appeal before kb18:12
ikoniaI wouldn't18:12
ikoniawhy invite him through a pointless process for other people18:12
PiciAnyone who hands out the 'feenode' links doesn't exactly get that privilege in my book, but whatever.18:12
IdleOnethe nays have it18:13
* gnomefreak scared :(, but what is feenode?18:21
IdleOnenothing you want to click18:22
gnomefreakworks for me, thanks18:22
oCeannotice Jak3 returned in #u18:40
ikoniais he not meant to be18:41
oCeancdbs showed him out yesterday18:41
ikoniahe's not showing up as banned18:41
ikoniakicked or banned ?18:41
oCeangot pretty nasty18:41
cdbsyes, I banned him yesterday18:41
cdbsI remember distinctly18:41
oCeanso do I :(18:42
cdbshe is evading the ban18:42
oCeananyway, he's not making it a secret he returned.. :/18:42
ikonialets find out, thanks oCean18:42
IdleOnehe is using a different ip18:42
oCeanOk. Bye18:43
cdbsSo, it means18:43
cdbs /removeban?18:43
IdleOnecdbs: no18:43
Jak3i have joined18:43
ikoniahi Jak3 thanks for joining18:43
Jak3no problem18:43
Jak3just one thing.... y am i here?18:43
ikoniacdbs: would you like to talk to Jak3 or would you like me to ?18:43
ikoniausr13: can we help ?18:44
cdbsoops, my mistake18:44
cdbsof putting +z18:44
ikoniaJak3: be with you in one moment if you could please hang on18:44
Jak3lol.... silence18:44
ikoniaJak3: not ignoring you, won't be one moment18:45
Jak3o problem18:45
Jak3ok i understand18:45
ikoniausr13: hello ? do you need something ?18:45
usr13ikonia: not atm18:45
ikoniausr13: ok, then if you don't need anything could you please leave the channel, as this channel is for issue resolution only18:45
ikoniaJak3: apologies for the delay there18:46
Jak3ah.... i understand... my bad language.... sorry that was my lil bro..... he apologized last night18:46
Jak3its ok18:46
ikoniaJak3: I've asked you to join this channel, to discuss a few minor problems we've had with you in the channel, and hopefully resolve them18:46
Jak3yes i know what happened..... bad language.... threats......18:47
ikoniaok, so what's going on there ?18:47
ikoniayou're asking for #ubuntu to support backtrack-linux and seem to keep asking if people need help, despite being told, if they need help, they will ask for it18:47
ikoniaand as you said, the swearing etc18:47
ikoniaok, you where also banned from the channel, and have attmpted to get around that ban with an IP change (intentionally or not)18:48
ikoniaso what's causing this behaviour and can we please try and get you to stop  ?18:48
Jak3yes i will stop.... it was just a time of anger and stress and i was also tired....18:49
ikoniaok, a moment ago you told us that was your brother18:49
ikonianow you're telling us it was you ?18:49
ikonia(it's a lot easier if you're just honest)18:50
Jak3look i will stop going on the channel(s)18:50
Jak3i am being honest... it WAS me18:50
ikoniathat's not what I'm asking for, you're welcome to use the channels if you can follow the rules18:50
ikoniaok, thank you for being honest, that's easier to have a discussion with18:50
Jak3ok what are the rules?18:50
ikonia!guidelines | Jak318:50
ubottuJak3: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:50
Jak3thank you18:51
ikoniathe channel is also governed by a code of conduct18:51
ikonia!coc | Jak318:51
ubottuJak3: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .18:51
Jak3i just needed help18:51
ikoniaI fully understand you need help and I want to get it to you18:51
ikoniabut you must understand #ubuntu does not support backtrack-linux18:51
Jak3i am reading.... i will be a couple of mins18:51
ikoniaI gave you channel for #backtrack-linux yesterday and you where rude to me18:51
ikoniaif you needed help that bad why did you not join the correct channel and ask for help, instead of going off at people ?18:52
Jak3i needed help on my behavoir18:52
ikoniaok, so what can we do to help you keep in line with the ubuntu IRC rules ?18:52
Jak3ok 2 second i need to read the rules, OK?18:52
ikoniathat's fine, no rush18:52
Jak3can you get someone to monitor me?18:52
ikoniaI'm sorry no18:53
ikoniait's up to the individual to take responsability/ownership for their actions18:53
Jak3ok, no swearing, no bullying, no threats, no copyright...... i understand.... the admins must take control of the behavouir of members of chat rooms and the individual must be responsible for his/her's actions.... i am dearly sorry about this incident ikonia18:55
ikoniaok, and remember, the channel is for ubuntu support only, not backtrack18:55
ikoniaif people need/want help, they will ask for it, you don't have to go prodding for it18:55
Jak3yes.... i must keep that in mind.....18:55
ikoniathank you18:55
ikoniaI'll remove the mute I've just put on you, and the ban from the other day, if you have any questions or problems, just join this channel and ask, and we can help you with your bahviour issues18:56
Jak3may i go.... to the backtrack channel?18:56
ikoniayes, I gave you the backtrack linux channels yesterday18:56
Jak3thank you... yes i remember.... my hash button is not working.... can you help.... only if you want....18:57
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition18:57
Jak3yes sorry18:58
IdleOnetype /join #backtrack-linux18:58
Jak3goodbye.... will you always be here?18:58
ikoniaJak3: great. I've removed the ban and mute in #ubuntu, and you can join #backtrack-linux when you want, remember this channel can help you with the rules of the #ubuntu channels18:58
ikoniaJak3: someone is normally here and active yes18:58
IdleOneif God has any pity on us, no.18:58
Jak3OK, goodbye18:58
ikoniaJak3: appreciate the honesty18:58
ikonianice to have a simple resolution18:59
Pici!prayer > IdleOne18:59
ubottuIdleOne, please see my private message18:59
IdleOneI Ahman'ed that earlier18:59
ikoniaI'm off home, laters all18:59
PiciI saw18:59
IdleOnelater ikonia19:00
IdleOneI hope for the day we don't need ops on irc, a universe where people are nice and follow the rules...19:00
IdleOnestore run19:02
Jak3is there a monitor here?19:06
Jak3i need to talk19:06
PiciEr, what do you mean?19:06
Jak3i need something to relieve my stress19:06
PiciJak3: What does that have to do with IRC issue resolution?19:07
Jak3people are stressing me out.... i need to calm down19:07
PiciJak3: Are you just looking for a chat channel?19:07
Jak3what a issue channel you are!!!!19:08
KB1JWQOkay then...19:09
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PiciHeh.  I like ubottu's new !test19:37

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