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stgraberwho should I contact for yet another kde language pack breaking Edubuntu livefs build ?13:57
cjwatsonI asked pitti about that this morning13:57
pittistill in the pipeline13:57
stgrabercool, thanks13:58
* stgraber go read #ubuntu-devel's backlog13:58
stgraberah, ok, it broke more than just edubuntu this time ;) Usually we are the only ones getting the weird issues as we include all the existing langpacks and get broken livefs when a langpack stops being generated (or similar).14:00
pittistgraber, cjwatson: langpacks fixed; was noise in the source dirs on macquarie, sorry about that15:01
stgraberyeah ! thanks pitti15:08
stgrabercan we get a respin ?15:09
pittistgraber: the two packages still need to build/publish15:09
pittistgraber: tomorrow's cronjobs will take care of it, or do you need it urgently?15:09
stgraberI guess we can wait till "tomorrow" (as in, later this evening here).15:11
highvoltagestgraber: fine, I'm here now :)15:21
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stgraberhighvoltage: cool ;)16:53
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micahgskaet: ping re latexila and cairo dock18:25
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skaetmicahg, latexila seems reasonable, impact scope (via rdepends) is localized, approved.    looking into cairo dock now.19:17
skaetmicahg,  what's the bug number for cairo doc?   (am not spotting it, probably overlooking something :P )19:21
micahgskaet: bug 723994, it's not entirely ready for upload yet, but basically it's in Debian, but we still might need to keep a diff, I hope to have it ready before beta19:32
ubot4`Launchpad bug 723994 in cairo-dock (Ubuntu) "FFe: Please update Cairo-Dock to 2.3.0~0rc1 version (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72399419:32
skaetmicahg,  have gone in and subscribed ubuntu-release team to it, so it shows up on the list properly, and indicatedits being targetted to Natty.     When its ready,  please update the bug with the testing done and scope of impact, so we can figure out the risk and timing based on when its available.  :)19:37
micahgskaet: ok, thanks19:38
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ScottKskaet: Why do we have a new mailing list for the Ubuntu Release team?  We already have a mailing list.20:05
* iulian nods.20:13
skaetScottK, Iulian,  because I was trying to send a message to just the members of the release team to do some coordination and discussion, and since its set for individuals right now, people weren't able to see each others responses.20:18
ScottKskaet: We have ubuntu-release on lists.ubuntu.com.20:19
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skaetScottK, Iulian, Sorry, was OTP.  Yes we have that list, but the culture that has evolved around it, is that it appears to be generally used for announces from what I've been able to observe (since I've been the one posting to it mostly for the last couple of months ;) ).   There are 50+ folk subscribed to it, most with gmail accounts and names I don't recognize, so I think they're expecting it to be release announc21:45
nhandlerskaet: I don't think it has ever been marketed as being for release announcements. That is what ubuntu-announce and ubuntu-devel-announce are for.21:46
skaetnhandler, it seems to be mostly a dead list if you look at the archives, and with 50+ folk subscribed didn't feel like a good place to have the discussion about final release freeze date.21:48
slangasekskaet: quite - that list exists for (public) discussion among the release team, that it's mostly used for announcements these days is really beside the point21:49
slangasekI don't think we really want another new mailing list21:49
nhandlerI also think you will find a number of developers and users subscribed to that list for the sole purpose of being able to observe these sorts of discussions21:50
skaetok.   will tryi it that way then.21:51
skaetand see what emerges.21:51
evslangasek: are you on archive admin duty today? Would you mind NEWing apt-clone?22:34
slangasekev: I am, and I would not mind in the least22:47
evyay, thanks22:47
slangasekev: I'm assuming it's ok for this to be in universe, it's not expected to go into main this long after FF?22:50
evit already exists in ubiquity, this is just better organizing things22:50
evso I'd like it to go into main22:51
evbrilliant, thanks again22:54

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