Theravadanonly shows 2011-03-20T23:59:41+000000:00
Theravadanwhich ami should i use here: http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/maverick/current/00:00
pnunnWe are using ami-22423c70 on a huge machine quite happily.00:01
Theravadani need a 64 bit ebs, not sure if it really matters which one i choose00:01
TheravadanClient.InvalidAMIID.NotFound: The AMI ID 'ami-22423c70' does not exist00:02
pnunnOK... that's odd, I got that ID straight off my EC2 panel.  Ahh.. its in ap-southeast-1b that's probably why, are you using US?00:04
Theravadanpnunn: i will use any region, whatever works... i 'm in the US00:04
pnunnOK.. well, that ami is in the southeast zone.00:05
pnunnWe are running it in an m2.4xlarge00:05
Theravadanec2-describe-availability-zones on ly shows us-east-1 so i guess i cant put anything there00:05
Theravadannice, so it is possible... hmm00:05
pnunnChange your region to Asia Pacific (Singap.).00:06
pnunnBut... there should be workable instances in US regions too.00:06
Theravadani'd prefer the US00:07
Theravadanoh southeast = southeast asia, thought you meant southeast US00:07
pnunnWhen I was setting this one up, I just looked for EC2 instances that were pretty recent.00:07
Theravadanjust tried the ami i-9ce227f3 from http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/release/ ... terminated and no console output.00:09
Theravadanlemme try from the gui00:09
Theravadanpnunn, u using ebs?00:11
pnunnTheravadan: Yep.00:12
Theravadanpnunn, how is that going? reddit.com seems to be down because of ebs00:12
Theravadani am just going to run m2.4xlarge and put the db in memory so it doesnt use I/O.00:13
pnunnTheravadan, pretty much what were doing.  The reason were on Huge is so we can put our db into a ramdisk.00:14
Theravadanpnunn, do any load balancing? Not sure if a need a static id for each of the servers in rotation, hope not00:14
Theravadanerr static ip00:14
Theravadanok i created the machine via the gui and that worked00:16
pnunnGood stuff...00:17
Theravadanpnunn, gonna create a 500gb ebs and mount it, never done this, any tips?00:19
Theravadani'll create it via the gui first, gui seems to be better than cmd line00:20
pnunnTheravadan, I've only ever used the gui to this point.. it seems to work well.00:24
Theravadanpnunn, last time i used ec2 was 2 years ago and there was no gui so i'm used to the cmd line but.. gui seems to be easier to use00:24
pnunnTheravadan, yeh, its come a long way.00:25
Theravadananyone have success with the new cluster instances? seems to be kinda beta from the feedback i see via google searches00:33
pteaguedownloaded & burned the iso... booted it up & i get "1. \n 2. \n Select CD-ROM Boot Type : _"  ... uh, ok?02:15
pmatulispteague: do you have a question?02:30
pteaguewas wondering which to do... apparently 2 skips the cd/dvd so must be an odd bios issue even though i've set up the bios to boot correctly off the cd/dvd02:35
Theravadanif I create an ami from an existing ebs instance via the gui, it takes a snapshot, so when i create the new instance from the created ami, will it also have a totally new ebs volume?04:20
sakohey guys any way to get the numeric permission value of a file? such as 440 or 755?04:41
twbsako: stat04:43
twbstat -c %a foo04:43
sakoi want to make a good ubuntu desktop/server anyone build a computer recently can give me some advice? :)05:16
sakowas looking at either i5 or i705:17
sakonot sure if i _really_ need an i7...05:17
twbsako: those are just marketing names05:21
twbi5 is marketed at home/desktop, i7 at business/server05:21
twbBut you should be looking at the actual specs05:22
twbMost businesses won't care about paying an extra $80 for an i7-flavoured system05:22
twbCheck with your management05:22
twbUgh, aptitude is so slow on embedded hw05:37
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jamespagegood morning09:22
kim0Hi folks .. What's the root password for lxc container09:55
sorenkim0: How did you set it up?09:58
kim0soren: sudo lxc-create -n lxc1 -f lxc.conf -t natty ?10:02
kim0lxc.conf is just networking stuff10:02
sorenkim0: "root", it seems.10:05
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kim0soren: thanks :)10:16
sorenkim0: Sure :)10:30
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uvirtbotNew bug: #739297 in nmap (main) "Please update nmap: stable upstream version is 5.51" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73929711:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #738968 in samba (main) "Can't See Parts of DFS CIFS Share" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73896811:52
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pmatulisanyone have problems with tftpd-hpa on lucid after recent kernel upgrade?12:05
patdk-wkpmatulis, nope, but I haven't used a tftp client yet12:15
patdk-wkI can't imagine the kernel upgrade could have any effect at all on it12:15
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teddymillscat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr   < --why is file descriptors alwayz zero ? is that okay ?13:05
patdk-wkdunno, kind of hard for me to see that file on your system from over here13:07
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RoAkSoAxmorning all13:08
SuperRoachHello there. I have a general question - I'm running 8.04 on a rented vps. I've asked about doing an upgrade to 10.04 which appears dooable in the community guide, however they say they can only do 9.04, and require a complete recreation of the vm. Could you think of why they would go against doing an inplace update?13:17
patdk-wkbecause it's a vps13:21
patdk-wkand I wouldn't use 9.04, it hasn't been supported for awhile, and will get no security updates13:21
patdk-wkupdates for 9.10 will end next month also13:21
patdk-wkso options are 8.04 or 10.0413:21
_rubenor 6.06 ;)13:22
patdk-wkdoubt he wants to downgrade :)13:22
SuperRoach_ruben, heh i noticed that in the list too (6.06)13:22
jdstrand6.06 runs out in june13:22
jdstrandI know it was a joke, but I don't want there to be *any* confusion :)13:23
SuperRoachpatdk-wk, I understand. I didn't understand why I could only be offered 9.04 though... It seems the guide isn't relevant for a  vps?13:23
patdk-wknothing is relevent for a vps13:23
SuperRoachaw :(13:23
PiciSure it is.  It just depends whether you're planning on using the OS images provided by your provider or upgrading yourself.13:24
patdk-wkI would imagine it would be pretty easy to break the vps doing an upgrade13:24
SuperRoachpici - preferbly I was preferring to do an inplace upgrade if possible13:24
PiciSuperRoach: I've had no issues upgrading this VPS from 8.04 to 10.10, one release at a time as they came out.  Then again, this isn't being used for anything critical, just my personal stuff.13:25
patdk-wkI only have one vps, and hate it, they are doing 10.04 ontop of centos513:25
SuperRoachThe lack of grub made me weary of attempting it for starters though13:25
patdk-wkkernel is so broken :(13:25
SuperRoachpici - yeah just personal stuff here too13:25
SuperRoachYou've mentioned that you done one release at a time. I take it you mean 8.04 -> 9.04 -> 10.04 on your vps?13:26
patdk-wkthat is two releases13:26
patdk-wk8.04 -> 8.10 -> 9.04 -> 9.10 -> 10.04 ....13:26
SuperRoachahh, so not just the lts, got it.13:27
patdk-wk9.04 is not lts13:27
Pici"not just the lts"13:27
SuperRoachpici - yeah, the .10's ?13:27
PiciOr maybe it was 8.10 first.  Anyway, I started paying for it in late 2008, and as each release has come out I've upgraded.13:28
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SuperRoachOk. And you had no problems in your experience with your vps? Did you need to modify your boot parameters with each inplace update13:29
PiciSuperRoach: No. I didn't touch them.13:29
PiciThere have been some configuration file changes across upgrades, but nothing unexpected.13:29
SuperRoachThat's good to know13:30
zulSpamapS: you up yet?13:32
SuperRoachpatdk-wk, you mentioned nothing is relevant for a vps before - is that because of a vendor thing, or because of vps - actual installation difference?13:32
patdk-wkwell, it all depends on the vps13:33
patdk-wkthere are atleast 3 different versions they like to use13:33
patdk-wkand each one works differently13:33
patdk-wkI atleast have never seen a ubuntu vps upgrade manual, they are all for bare hardware13:35
patdk-wkso they aren't really relevent13:35
SuperRoachI see. Would knowing the vps version help? I'm aware it is Xen.13:35
patdk-wkare you sure it's xen? generally vps's don't use xen13:35
patdk-wknormally openvz13:35
patdk-wkif it's xen, it can be considered a vm13:36
patdk-wkand upgrades are ok13:36
SuperRoachJust got an email confirming... yeah I thought it was openvz too... Xen, and thats the reason for 9.04 it seems... they don't support 10.04.13:36
patdk-wkthe only issue you will have is, when using 10.04 or higher, you need to use an ec2 kernel13:36
patdk-wkand you will loose console output doing that13:37
patdk-wkI have two I run like that13:37
patdk-wkdon't really need console13:37
SuperRoachif you don't have console, how do you admin?13:37
patdk-wkand hope it doesn't break :)13:37
SuperRoachwas there a change that requires the need of ec213:39
patdk-wkya, xen isn't supported :)13:39
SuperRoachlosing console sounds like one of the scariest things possibnle13:39
patdk-wkec2 is based on xen though13:39
patdk-wkso instead of installed kernel-xen, you install kernel-ec213:39
patdk-wkand if you don't have grub13:40
patdk-wkyou probably don't have control over the kernel or ramdisk images13:40
patdk-wkand therefor can't upgrade them anyways13:40
SuperRoachah, darn.13:40
orudiewhile ubuntu server installation I get the following red screen "unable to set password for the mysql root user" , any idea  ?14:02
RoyKcan someone please test http://transport.nilu.no/products/fukushima and see if it works ok? the news hit .jp/.us and the server wasn't too happy about that...14:17
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jkgthe page loads, are you after testing anything specific?14:17
patdk-wkhmm, that is an old page14:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #739408 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package libmysqlclient16 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.16.0.0', which is also in package mysql-cluster-client-5.1 0:7.0.9-1ubuntu7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73940814:26
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raubvogelmysql question: should I have a file somewhere in /etc/mysql/conf.d/ with my local settings, which then will outrank my.cnf, or is it ok to edit my.cnf?15:10
pmatulisCaribou: o/15:14
CaribouHello pmatulis15:14
Caribouhmm. looks like grub2 will be a good friend of mine...15:18
hggdhsmoser, good morning, we need another hardy ec2 from proposed...15:26
smoserhggdh, remember you don't so much need it15:26
smoserbecause you can apt-get install kernel.. and reboot15:26
smoserif you've launched with pv-grub aki15:26
hggdhsmoser, huh.15:27
* hggdh blushes, and hides15:27
Orfeoushi! is it possible to make my samba-server like a domain controller? on my client computers on my lan i want to logon to a domain wich has all users and passwords etc centralized instead of using the local users accounts on the client computers.. is this the right channel for that question? im using ubuntu server 10.1015:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #739447 in puppet (main) "puppet-common: home directory `/var/lib/puppet' permissions issue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73944715:31
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kirklandhallyn: fyi, spice question on ubuntu-server@ mailing list16:03
kirklandhallyn: figured you'd be best equipped to answer that one16:03
hallynkirkland: actually kim0 might be as i've packaged it but he's used it :)  but thanks i'll take a look16:04
kim0just replied16:04
hallynkirkland: this is the week that dev-zero should be updating his packages and taking some of my stuff into his, and then hopefully pushing into universe16:04
kirklandkim0: rock16:04
hggdhzul, can I use cempedak?16:05
kim0hallyn: can I post another answer that it should be landing in universe soonish :)16:05
kim0didn't know that16:05
hallynkim0: i don't have your response yet, but sure16:07
zulhggdh: go ahead16:08
hggdhzul, thank you, destroying cempedak now16:09
zulnooooo :)16:09
plmHi all16:25
plmHow I configure in ssh for some users can't to do login?16:25
kim0plm: any idea why they can't login ?16:28
Japjekim0: i thought he was asking for a way to disable SSH for some users16:28
kim0ah maybe indeed16:29
kim0plm: check out AllowUsers and AllowGroups in sshd_config16:30
Japjeor change their shell to something like /bin/false :P16:30
plmkim0: thanks16:34
kim0Japje: that way they can't login locally either :)16:36
Theravadanwhat's the bwhat's the best way to create an AMI from a running instance? I am about to create a bunch of instances, should I make them EBS instances so I can make an AMI from the first one easily and clone the rest?e17:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #739495 in openssh (main) "include in .ssh/config" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73949517:03
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SpamapSTheravadan: you might want to consider using configuration management rather than image management to make your systems repeatable.18:00
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Orfeousgot some problem with PAM...18:41
Orfeousmy errors looks like this: http://pastebin.com/6rAFEBAr18:41
RoyKOrfeous: erm ... that shouldn't happen. Take down the system in single and fsck the root18:44
RoyKs/root/root dev/18:44
Orfeousi cant understand why this has happened18:47
RoyKOrfeous: really, it shouldn't18:47
Orfeousmaybe there was an upgrade of a package that did this18:47
RoyKdoubt it18:47
Orfeoususing "natty"18:47
RoyKI guess a filesystem corruption18:47
RoyKwell, playing with alphas is like gasoline and matches... :)18:48
RoyKwhat filesystem?18:48
Orfeousext4 yes18:49
Aisonthe harddrive of my test ubuntu server is failing, how can I copy the system to a new harddrive? what's the best way?18:49
OrfeousRoyK: this pam issues is causing my imap-server not working propertly when i try to login.. :(18:50
RoyKOrfeous: obviously18:50
RoyKOrfeous: but I don't think it's a pam issue - those files really _should_ be there unless they have changed something major on natty18:51
OrfeousRoyK: the files isnt in the specified directory..18:51
Orfeousive checked18:51
Orfeousi reboot and i will see :)18:52
Orfeoussoon back18:52
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Orfeousthe reboot did it :)18:58
OrfeousPAM working again18:58
Orfeousbut the files isnt there anyway :D18:58
RoyKthey're there on my natty VM18:59
RoyKlemme update to the latest...19:01
RoyKlet me19:03
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RoyKOrfeous: heh - just upgraded my natty install and that seems like it broke it19:27
Orfeousyes, you see..19:29
RoyKforgot to make a snapshot before it also - oh well - a test VM isn't much of a loss :P19:30
Orfeousis it a bug or just a change? because pam is working without the files19:30
RoyKprobably a change19:30
Orfeouswhen i rebooted19:30
RoyKor somewhere in the middle of two changes :P19:30
* RoyK wouldn't use an alpha for anything but testing19:31
jkgI am trying to use trickle to rate-limit a file transfer over ssh (as in, tar ... | trickle -s -d 5 -u 10 ssh tar ...). without trickle it works great. with trickle the file transfer fails, and all I see is "Read from socket failed: Resource temporarily unavailable". Any ideas where I should be looking?19:44
jkgthis is on ... urgh, hardy, apparently.19:44
RoyKjkg: rsync --bwlimit19:45
RoyKrsync uses ssh for transport by default (since five years back or so) and does a better job than most19:46
jkgI'm trying to remember why I ditched rsync in the first place19:46
RoyKstandard ops (that I use) are rsync -avP --bwlimit /path/to/somedata somehost:/new/path19:46
jkgalso ... you're telling me for *5 years* I've been typing "-e ssh" needlessly?19:47
jkgoh well :)19:47
RoyKyeah, waste of calories :)19:47
RoyKrsync had some nasty bugs before v319:47
RoyKv3 works well19:47
jkgpart of me says "switch to this other tool" is the wrong answer when "why doesn't this tool work" is the question ... however "ditch the tool you've never encountered and go back to one you use daily" is, so I will :-)19:48
* RoAkSoAx starving... off to lunch19:48
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Picirsync 3.0.4 is in Hardy's backports, but 2.6.9 is in its normal repos.19:48
a7ndrewi'm not sure if this is helpful but if you use scp there is a -l switch19:48
a7ndrewfor rate limiting19:48
RoyKPici: rsync 3.0.7 is in lucid19:49
a7ndrewi'd never heard of trickle :)19:49
PiciRoyK: jkg stated he was using hardy.19:49
RoyKthen I'd use a backport19:50
jkgyeah, for my sins. legacy machine, and all that.19:50
RoyKrsync <v3 has some nasty issues19:50
PiciHardy is still supported.19:50
RoyKperhaps they've backported the fixes, then19:51
Picirsync | 2.6.9-6ubuntu2 |         hardy | source, amd64, i386 VS rsync | 3.0.4-3ubuntu1~hardy1 | hardy-backports | source, amd64, i38619:51
RoyKwe've moved (almost) all our servers to lucid19:52
jkgso, backports ... it's been a while, and it was probably on Debian Etch, so, any pointers? :)19:52
jkgsorry that's a dumb question, I'll STFW.19:52
RoyKone 8.04 box still on - can't get g77 for lucid :P19:53
Picijkg: If you're just looking to upgrade rsync from backports, I'd uncomment the line in /etc/apt/sources.list , sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install rsync   (replace with aptitude if you prefer that).19:53
Picijkg: You *may* want to disable the repo after that though, as there were other packages backported that you may not necessarily want.19:53
jkgok, thanks19:54
* RoyK should go pack for the trip to the north - a bit sad to leave the spring now.... :P19:54
jkg"rsync  version 3.0.4  protocol version 30" -- well that was less painful than I remember, and I didn't see the word "pinning" once ;)19:55
a7ndrewjkg: scp -l should work, and it uses ssh for its transport19:55
PiciI suppose there are other ways to enable backports safely using pinning, but that is complicated.19:56
jkgcan scp preserve timestamps/permissions though? (the original reason to use tar | ssh tar was to keep those)19:56
jkgPici: yeah, I think if the machine was ever going to go back into external-facing production I'd look deeper into the "right" solution, but for now, that worked great19:58
a7ndrewman page says it can do timestamps and 'modes' with the -p option. I've never used that though19:58
RoyKa7ndrew: any reason to use scp when rsync exists?19:58
jkga7ndrew: oh! I was looking for -a, as per cp/rsync. doh :-) but rsync -az will suffice19:59
RoyKjkg: add a --partial (or -P if you want --progress too) so that if you're rsync'ing large files, they can be resumed if interrupted20:00
a7ndrewwell, i could be wrong about this, but i find rsync sometimes spins its wheels a lot before doing anything, and uses a bunch of memory. I guess I only uses rsync for those cases where some of what i want to copy is on the other side.20:00
a7ndrewtyping that out, those seem like sketchy reasons :P20:00
jkgRoyK: this is for an unattended process run out of cron, so I'll keep it quiet, but thanks for -P (combining those options is what I usually want and don't bother to do)20:01
RoyKa7ndrew: rsync may use rather large amounts of memory (or at least in earlier versions) for the initial index process - no idea if that still is a case for v3 - don't think so20:01
RoyKjkg: for an unattended process, you surely don't want -P :P20:02
RoyKno reason to get emails that size :รพ20:02
jkggiven this process is going to run every minute (but look for, create and destroy a lock file, so not really every minute), I *really* don't want those emails20:04
a7ndrewI used to rsync stuff to and from a ARM-powered NAS box at home, very slow process. In fairness though it was probably the processor struggling with the encryption as much as the memory issue.20:04
a7ndrewI'm on the mailing list for backuppc and there are regular complaints there about rsync for the memory issue, but that's moving whole disks around20:06
jkgwoo, all working. thanks folks.20:11
jkgoh, spoke too soon. it failed on one file :-/20:13
jkg(a typical file is /srv/data/documents/queue/test.add/$timestampTIFF001.XSM/blah.tif)20:14
emindmediaHi everyone. I am getting ready to setup a new webserver, Does anyone know if ill have trouble with ubuntu on a poweredge 1650 / raid 520:16
ScottKemindmedia: I think you shouldn't.  Of course no one can say for sure in advance if you will.20:18
emindmediaScottK: I was just preparing to follow the guide step by step. I figured I would check, thank you.20:19
jkgemindmedia: it might be worth checking the list on http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/make/Dell/servers -- if you want a 'sure thing', pick from that list.20:19
jkgthat said I wouldn't expect a problem with any kit that wasn't really quite weird :-)20:20
emindmediaJKG: Thank you, unfortunately I'm stuck setting this up on servers we own before I can justify the CAPEX to buy certified equipment.20:21
emindmediajkg: Thanks, I'm sure it will go smoothly. Or hopefully. :-)20:22
* jkg finds and fixes the stupid bug in his rsync invocation20:24
jkghrm, no. rsync is failing right at the end of transferring each file, when it comes to rename the file20:28
jkg(I fixed the path-doubling-up thing, but it still breaks in the same way)20:29
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uvirtbotNew bug: #739694 in cloud-init (main) "KeyError: 'handler'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73969420:37
jkgok, throwing away rsync and picking up scp. wonder hwo long until I'm back trying to get trickle working ;)20:45
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RoyKjkg: why did you ditch rsync?20:46
jkgat the end of transferring any file of significant size, the rename it does was failing. I tried with/without --delayed-updates, got the same errors.20:47
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jkg(glad I tested it with real files, I had just been creating a directory structure with mkdir/touch!)20:50
jkgoddly, scp has worked perfectly, except that it failed to set the timestamp on one particular file, claiming it didn't exist20:51
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gtaylor_laptopAnyone else notice that Ubuntu EC2 instances take -forever- to restart? Or get stuck and don't restart until you restart them a second time through the EC2 management console?21:12
jkgwrong terminal21:13
jkguh, nobody saw that, right, I don't need to change any passwords...21:14
guntbertjkg: of course not21:14
jkg(also: when will GNOME implement focus-follows-eyes?)21:14
guntbertand the logs wil just show *****21:14
jkgthe blessing is that I only use it in 3 places, for relatively unimportant accounts...21:15
jkg... make that used. whew.21:15
hallyndoes anyone here use the open-vm-tools?  The community documentation doesn't say anything about the kernel modules in open-vm-dkms.  Are they actually required on the host for the vm-tools in the guest to work?  (i'd assumed so)21:39
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: ping21:44
Theravadani want to add swap to my ec2 ebs instance, i'd prefer to put it on local disk, is that an option? using ebs for swap seems wrong21:47
sorenhallyn: I don't believe they're needed on the host at all, no.21:47
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: pong, sup?21:52
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: quick question about mysql. I'm doing this: mysql_install_db --datadir=/mnt/export21:54
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: that installs a mysql dir under /mnt/export (/mnt/export/mysql)21:54
hallynsoren: interesting, thanks.  so they're for the guest?21:54
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: now, when running the daemon, should I sue /mnt/export or /mnt/export/mysql as datadir?21:54
guntbertRoAkSoAx: don't sue your system  - sorry, couldn't resist :-))21:55
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: /mnt/export21:55
sorenhallyn: Yes.21:56
sorenhallyn: They're their paravirt drivers.21:56
sorenhallyn: ...and such.21:56
hallyngood then i don't need to worry as much about ltp crashing with them installed21:57
sorenhallyn: There's a special driver for the emulated nic, there's a driver for a host-guest shared fileystem... err... and some toher stuff.21:57
sorenhallyn: I forget. It's been a number of years by now :)21:57
hallynone custom-designed to screw up xfs?  :)21:57
hallynsoren: thanks.21:57
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: I get this though:21:58
RoAkSoAxMar 21 21:57:36 natty1 mysqld_safe: Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /mnt/nfsexport21:58
sorenhallyn: Sure thing.21:58
RoAkSoAxMar 21 21:57:41 natty1 mysqld_safe: mysqld from pid file /var/run/mysqld/mysql1.pid ended21:58
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: looking at /var/log/mysql/mysql.err?21:58
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: for some reason the port is still open even though mysql is stopped22:10
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: lsof -n -p | grep 330622:14
SpamapSnetstat -tnlp | grep 330622:15
SpamapSmixed two commands there22:15
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: will ping you later. Split brain in my cluster :)22:17
storrgieIs it possible to use a PERC 5 as an HBA instead of as a hardware controller?22:30
pyropheliaI've got 45 disks in a single 4u, how do I determine the identity of a bad disk from an error in the syslog.  [ 8670.445436] ata11.03: exception Emask 0x100 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x6 frozen22:39
pyropheliaI need to figure out which disk that is in /dev/ so I find identify the right backplane22:40
kim0Hi .. How do I update the tgz file that lxc clones to create guests?22:41
pyropheliafor whatever reason this sytem does not boot with the same disk order every time.22:41
kim0pyrophelia: I'm not sure .. but /dev/disk/by-path/ would probably show reboot consistent device paths22:42
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: ok this is what I keep getting: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/583558/22:42
pyropheliaI do but it reports PCI addresses not, ATA :/22:43
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: netstat -tnlp | grep 3307 should show anything listening on 330722:43
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: doesn't22:43
pyrophelias/I do/it does22:43
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: whats bind-address set to?22:43
RoAkSoAxSpamapS:daahh I think that's the problem22:44
pyropheliaI don't get it.  Why does the syslog report errors in ATA addresses but I can't translate that to an actual address.22:45
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: apparently not22:45
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: i think it is apparmor22:49
sbeattieRoAkSoAx: is there anything in dmesg?22:50
sorenpyrophelia: There's a lot of symlinks in /sys that might help you.22:52
RoAkSoAxsbeattie: it is not an error with apparmor, but rather it is enforcing mysql whne I don't really want it to22:53
RoAkSoAxsbeattie: at least that's what I'm thinking might be going on22:53
sbeattieRoAkSoAx: I'm only picking up the tail of the discussion, and am not sure what you're trying to do, but you can put the mysql profile in non-enforcing mode via aa-complain or aa-disable (the latter is natty only)22:55
Davieyooo, i didn't know about aa-disable...22:56
RoAkSoAxsbeattie: I'm trying to get MySQl in an HA Cluster, and actually launching mysql from another datadir which causes apparmor to not allow MySQl to do so22:57
patdk-lapwell, edit apparmor22:59
RoAkSoAxpatdk-lap: that';s what I already did22:59
pyropheliasoren, nothing uselful.  thanks anyway23:07
pyropheliaok maybe i'm going about this wrong23:07
pyropheliawhen you have a ton of disks in a single system, how do manage them?23:07
pyropheliathere has to be something better than syslog errors23:07
pyropheliaata11.03 tells me nothing if I can't resolve it23:07
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: ok, this is the mysql command I'm using: /usr/bin/mysqld_safe --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/my.cnf --pid-file=/var/run/mysql1.pid --socket=/var/run/mysql1.sock --datadir=/mnt/nfsexport --user=mysql --bind-address= and the conf is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583581/23:44
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: the error it shows is that it cannot bind the port, ideas?23:44
jeeves_mossjust wondering, if I put 2 NICs (in the same box) on 2 diff subnets, then have the router with static NAT routers for the "web only" subnet, what other configs do I need to do?23:45
twbjeeves_moss: what are you trying to achieve?23:46
jeeves_mosstwb, I'm trying to keep ETH0 as our "web interface" so all web traffice coming into/out of this box stays on that one interface,and the gig interface is ONLY for inter....  nm, answered my own question.  dual gateways23:47
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: does that IP actually exist?23:47
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: yes23:47
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: strace it and figure out the errno that its catching23:48
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: ok ;)23:48
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: that really doesn't make any sense23:48
jeeves_mosstwb, can you quickly have a look @ the config for me please?  http://pastebin.com/nQ1CmK3j23:49
twbjeeves_moss: you have two upstream interfaces?  That is, two ISPs?23:53
twbHm, except they're both using /24s in 192.168/16, so that doesn't make any sense23:53
jeeves_mosstwb, they dual into a single router with dual NATs to the same external interface23:54
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: weird, it is like if this bug: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=28516 was still present23:54
jeeves_mosstwb, with the current config, I can see it externally.  but I've only got 2 ports open, so I think I've got it licked.  I don't think it's a Ubuntu issue23:54
twbI think the problem is you not knowing what you're doing23:54
jeeves_mosstwb, that's a distinct possibilty23:57

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