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philinuxHas the nvidia 8600gt been tested ok?13:42
jibelyes but a specific setting is required to make it work, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/52258813:54
ubot4`Launchpad bug 522588 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "nVidia 8600 GTS needs "NoPowerConnectorCheck" option to work (affects: 5) (heat: 22)" [High,Triaged]13:54
xdataphi everybody16:10
xdatapGuys, I'm testing Xorg drivers (http://xorg.qa.ubuntu.com). Testcase Case ID: gpr-001 try to remove an icon from Unity bar with drag out. It doesn't works anymore, the icon stay on the bar. Is it a new feature or a new bug? :)16:12
xdatapjibel, Hi ^^16:12
jibelhi xdatap16:13
jibelif your test doesn't match the test case then it is a bug16:14
xdatapjibel, I was wondring if it was a bug on the testacase instead on the Unity16:16
xdatapjibel, *wondering16:16
jibelxdatap, it works fine here. So it's a bug with unity.16:18
jibelhi patrickmw16:18
xdatapjibel, ok16:18
xdatapjibel, thanks16:18
patrickmwhi, jibel16:18
jibelmvo, hi,16:21
jibelmvo, patrickmw and myself were wondering if you figured out how to test buttons in webkit view like those in software-center ?16:22
mvojibel_: sorry for the late reply, I was in a call. well, we dropped the webkit in s-c.17:02
jibelmvo, there are buttons on the right pane which are not accessible, when you investigate the interface with accerciser all the interfaces are marked as 'not implemented'17:08
jibelmvo, what is it ?17:09
mvoI need to investigate that17:09
mvowell, it should be accessible17:09
mvoits all gtk now in natty17:09
mvoI can have a look after dinner (or tomorrow morning). what buttons in particular?17:11
jibelmvo, you can try this: ldtp.click("frmUbuntuSoftwareCenter", "btnDeveloperTools")17:12
jibelit fails with ldtp.client_exception.LdtpExecutionError: Object does not have an Action interface17:12
jibelmvo, no hurries, bon app├ętit17:12
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chadadavisHi. Can someone tell me if xorg testing should be done on a fresh daily ISO, or if apt-get update is sufficient?18:20
fader_chadadavis: A fresh update *should* be sufficient for xorg testing18:27
fader_Though if you've monkeyed with config files or made major changes to your system it might be a good idea to do a fresh install18:27
fader_(I believe -- if e.g. ara says something different I'll bow to her greater knowledge :) )18:27
fader_chadadavis: Whoops, forget I said that -- the wiki page says to do a clean install18:28
chadadavisThanks for the reply. Makes sense. Should one also generally report which daily ISO was used in test reports. I would imagine that would be significant, since they're updated ... well, daily.18:28
chadadavisYeah, I remember that bit now, thanks.18:29
chadadavisAre the ATI proprietary driver still on the schedule to be tested, once their released?18:29
fader_Hmm, it doesn't seem to specify if you need to report what ISO you used, so I'm not sure :/18:30
fader_chadadavis: That much I don't know, sorry :)18:30
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xdatapjibel, hello22:31

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