ali1234um, how do i enable compiz on natty classic?00:43
ali1234the "effects" tab is... gone00:43
ali1234also, who else thinks the icon for "no desktop effects" looks exactly like the ghostbusters logo?00:44
hamitron"don't like them creepy wavey windows?......" "who you gonna call?" ;/00:46
ali1234ok i am confused00:49
ali1234bug 70130100:49
lubotu3Launchpad bug 701301 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "[Natty] No compiz config tab on Appearance capplet" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70130100:49
ali1234this says i have to select it on the login screen00:49
ali1234ok, fair enough00:49
ali1234but the available options on the login screen don't appear to include unity00:49
ali1234and none of them give me compiz00:50
dutchieis there a #unity for you to complain in?00:52
ali1234complaining in #ubuntu+100:53
ali1234i don't want unity, i want classic with compiz :)00:53
ali1234*all* the options on login screen give me exactly the same thing: classic with no effects...00:54
ali1234oh jeez... why is byobu in the menus?00:55
ali1234why would i even want to use this if i have a GUI?00:55
dutchiesame problem with htop00:56
dutchiedoubt bugs in the menus are going to get much love though00:56
ali1234i don't see htop00:57
dutchieit is not installed by default00:57
ali1234fair enough then00:57
dutchiebut if you do install it, it inserts itself into system tools00:57
ali1234i dont even have a "system tools"00:57
dutchiethat's because it's empty with default apps00:57
ali1234i see00:58
dutchiei suppose you are slightly more likely to launch htop from a gui than byobu00:58
ali1234going to make a new user00:58
ali1234see if it fixes login stuff00:58
ali1234oh wow the user settings dialogue doesn't work at all00:59
ali1234popey: i confirm your bug btw01:13
ali1234looks slightly different with human-murrine but it is clearly the same thing01:13
ali1234can't post screenshot though cos for some reason i don't have a network-manager icon either01:13
ali1234i like how there is multiple flavours of indicator applet now :)01:19
ali1234ooo grub supports mode setting now?01:33
ali1234how do i tell what i'm actually running?01:44
ali1234...and then it locked up completely...01:48
ballI burned two Ubuntu CDs for a customer today.03:49
AzelphurAnyone awake feel like looking over cooling setup? http://pastebin.com/HMggUSkN03:55
Azelphurali1234: I thought you'd shout at me :o03:59
ali1234cooling system for your PC: £30003:59
ali1234opening a window: priceless03:59
AzelphurOverclocking to 4+ghz: priceless03:59
ali1234anyway, i don't know anything about cooling systems04:00
ali1234just felt like trolololing04:00
Azelphur*shrug* it's cheaper than the ridiculous old cars some people have, and it has more purpose too04:00
ali1234don't old cards sell for about the same as that set up?04:01
Azelphurali1234: not if you keep them in a garage forever staring at them like "OMG ITS AWESOME *_*"04:02
Azelphurand "Noooo never sell this car"04:02
Azelphurfast PC can actually earn me money too, bitcoin @ idle ftw04:03
Azelphuror save the world, folding@home while idle04:03
ali1234just no04:03
ali1234bitcoin is going to earn you less than the cost of the electricity04:03
Azelphurbut nah as I say the main reason is I enjoy it and it's not an insanely expensive hobby when compared with a lot of others04:04
ali1234you can spend as much as you want on PCs without much difficulty04:04
ali1234just buy a mac pro04:04
ali1234max it out: £1000004:04
Azelphurali1234: sorry, I think you've got me confused....I want good hardware.04:05
ali1234a mac pro *is* good hardware04:05
Azelphurit's ridiculously overpriced hardware with crappy software :D04:05
ali1234ok, it's not as good as the pricetag suggests, but it's not bad by any stretch04:05
* ball still fancies a Sun Ultra 6004:15
Azelphurball: haha :D04:18
* ball wanders off to the kitchen.04:33
* ball wanders back with corn chips.04:52
* ball falls down06:18
HazRPGwell I've managed to do something rather unusual!06:36
HazRPGI've managed to make any sounds that seems to be outputting from any application, sound electronic06:37
HazRPGor rather digitised - like a robot :S06:37
HazRPGall I did was open up mumble while totem was playing a DVD06:37
HazRPGI've since closed totem and mumble... and it still hasn't corrected itself06:38
HazRPGhuh, seems to be caused by speech-dispatcher06:43
HazRPGending that, seems to have fixed it06:43
Myrttimyääähh, I hate flus06:48
HazRPGMyrtti: yeah same06:58
HazRPGMyrtti: *hugs*06:58
livingdaylighthola ubunteros07:19
AlanBellmorning all07:28
AlanBellI am heading to the daubers area today07:40
daubersAlanBell: My area?07:54
AlanBellyou old area07:54
daubersReally? Who're you seeing? Someone in the Sawmills?07:56
AlanBellcompany that makes racing harnesses for F1 cars07:57
daubersThat must be in the old Sawmill....07:57
AlanBellNew Mills Industrial Estate, Post Office Road07:58
AlanBellso yeah07:58
daubersYeah :)07:58
daubershttp://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Inkpen,+UK&aq=&sll=36.668419,-104.414062&sspn=48.476708,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Inkpen,+Hungerford,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.379775,-1.462343&spn=0.00121,0.003484&t=h&z=19 There somewhere07:58
daubersI have no idea which pub is currently in favour in the village, but the swan used to do a very nice steak, last I heard the chef had changed though so might be different now08:01
TheOpenSourcererMy son is part of a select team of year 5s that have been asked to come together today and design the Olympic Stadium...08:01
TheOpenSourcererThought we'd have a bit further on by now.08:01
AlanBellgood to see they are getting some real expertise in08:01
TheOpenSourcererIndeed - although it is going to take a *lot* of Lego.08:02
AlanBellI am still awaiting my callup for the olympics08:03
MartijnVdSUbuntorch? :)08:03
MartijnVdSdear internets.. PLEASE RESPOND08:23
TheOpenSourcererlol: http://www.penguinpetes.com/Doomed_to_Obscurity/index.php?strip=0000412.jpg08:25
JamesTaitGreetings, humans! :D09:35
mungojerryo_0 looking at canonical's ubuntu for business PDF and guess what? Properties: Acrobat Distiller 8.2.2 (Macintosh)/Adobe InDesign CS4 (6.0.6)09:37
Myrttiit probably wasn't done inhouse09:47
mungojerrymaybe, yeah09:51
screen-xmorning :)09:53
kaushalHow do i find the wireless card is 802.11 g or 802.11 n ?09:59
kaushalI dont see it in lspci09:59
hoovergood morning09:59
kaushali checked nm-tool also09:59
mungojerrykaushal: do you know the model name of the card?10:01
kaushalmungojerry: yeah10:01
screen-xkaushal: possibly iwlist10:01
screen-xpopey: were there any interesting oggcamp development over the weekend...........?10:02
kaushal0c:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)10:02
mungojerrykaushal: iwconfig?10:03
screen-xmungojerry: ah, yes I get those two confused10:03
screen-xkaushal: but googling for ar5001 suggetsts its a/b/g10:04
kaushalscreen-x: so its half duplex ?10:04
kaushalsince full duplex is supported in 802.11 n ?10:04
kaushalIEEE 802.11n ?10:05
popeyscreen-x: maybe10:05
screen-xpopey: :)10:05
kaushalscreen-x: is there a way to see if its half duplex or full duplex ?10:06
kaushalfor wireless10:06
popeywifi is half duplex or simplex10:08
popey^ kaushal10:08
kaushalso full duplex is addressed in 802.11n right10:09
popeynot quite, but kinda10:09
popeyit uses two frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz.10:10
kaushalso is there a next version after 802.11n ?10:10
mungojerryguys, how can i know for sure which driver is being used by a network card?10:10
kaushalmungojerry: yes10:10
kaushalsudo lspci -s address -vvv10:11
kaushal^ mungojerry10:11
popeymungojerry: click network manager and choose connection info10:11
mungojerrykaushal: address?10:11
popeyit tells you the driver in the dialog box10:11
kaushalpopey: command line ?10:12
popeykaushal: pardon?10:12
kaushalI mean about mungojerry query10:12
mungojerrypopey: it's on a remote machine running redhat :(10:12
mungojerrykaushal: i don't see the module listed in the output from the command10:13
popeymungojerry: details dude, details :)10:13
kaushalmungojerry: sudo lspci -s 09:00.0 -vvv10:14
kaushalmungojerry: so run sudo lspci10:14
kaushaland then run this command sudo lspci -s 09:00.0 -vvv10:14
kaushalso the address 09:00.0 can be seen in the output of sudo lspci10:15
kaushalagainst the Network Controller Card10:15
mungojerryexpecting to see the tg3 module or other mentioned10:15
kaushalmungojerry: the pastebin is incomplete10:16
mungojerrykaushal: power dubgeting is the last line10:17
popeymungojerry: does it show up in lsmod?10:21
mungojerrypopey: yes tg3 appears in lsmod, but is not abolsute proof that tg3 is used by that card10:22
mungojerryit uses prior knowledge that i suspect it is the tg3 driver.10:23
mungojerrythe reason i'm asking is that the latest rhel pxe boot fails to boot on a machine due to missing driver10:23
mungojerryin the pxe kernel10:23
popeymungojerry: is it the only network card in the machine?10:27
popeymungojerry: do you have kvm access?10:27
mungojerrypopey: it's the only net card. i did a dmesg | grep tg3 and that seems conclusive enough i think10:29
mungojerrytg3: eth0: Link is up at 100 Mbps, full duplex. / tg3: eth0: Flow control is off for TX and off for RX.10:29
popeyi was going to suggest unloading the driver :)10:29
popeythat would be conclusive10:30
mungojerrythe bug is actually a regression since centos 5.5 worked fine :(10:31
screen-xmungojerry: lshw -C net10:31
screen-xshould specify module= in the capabilities: line10:31
mungojerryscreen-x: sweet, just installing it10:32
mungojerrythat's the one10:32
mungojerrymight help kaushal too :)10:32
kaushalmungojerry: ok10:33
ormiretElwell: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How_do_I_insert_a_Landscape_page_into_my_(portrait)_document%3F Though here you can ignroe the first half as the Landscape style already exists.10:33
popeymine doesnt specify the module on the capabilities line10:37
screen-xpopey: configuration line?10:38
mungojerrypopey: does it state driver instead?10:38
mungojerryconfiguration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes driver=e1000e10:38
popeyah yes10:38
popeyso it does10:38
mungojerrythe RH version must be ancient10:39
popeyalan@mrevo:~/click$ lshw -version10:39
screen-xpopey: I misread it initially, and didnt see thet start of configuration line.10:39
popeythanks, useful info10:39
mungojerryi liek how there's about 10 commands and they are all nearly right but only one does exactly what you want10:40
popey\o/ choice10:40
mungojerryman, i'm glad the weekend is over. now i'm back to work i can rest10:52
mungojerryand actually sit down for long periods of time only using my brain and fingers to type10:53
screen-xmungojerry: heh, I feel a bit like that, though I do enjoy the hectic weekends :)10:53
mungojerryscreen-x: for me, a good weekend is where i haven't done much.10:53
mungojerrythis weekend was the opposite. plus baby decided to get a fever during the night, meaning sleep deprivation of 50%10:54
mungojerryi don't know how single parents cope. we are both working flat out10:55
screen-xmungojerry: I guess I will appreciate tranquility once kids arrive!10:56
mungojerryscreen-x: yeah, and make the most of lie-ins.10:56
screen-xmorning s-fox, just in time for elevenses10:57
s-foxHello mungojerry :)10:57
s-foxHello screen-x =)10:57
s-foxmmm, food10:57
davmor2morning all11:00
davmor2czajkowski: why you in wales?11:00
popeydavmor2: ireland I believe11:00
popeyyes, they let her back in!11:00
davmor2popey: I think her is still on her way11:01
davmor2popey: we got time to put up the barriers before she returns this time :D11:01
mungojerrylooking at the list of ideas for google SOC. i notice debian are thinking of something similar to launchpad PPAs11:03
* bigcalm click/clacks noisily11:04
screen-xbigcalm: BOFHing?11:04
mungojerrybigcalm: IBM keyboard?11:05
daubersHAH! Agencies really are borrom feeding scum these days11:06
daubers£4.5k for 1 role11:06
screen-xoh dear11:07
mungojerryyeah, best to advertise on jobsite, cwjob and guardian jobs yerself. it's not as if they do much work on the CV fitlering11:07
daubersmungojerry: Already have :) They got my details from there and cold called me11:07
directhexwhich agency?11:07
daubersrecruit360 was the one that just rang11:07
directhexIT job?11:08
mungojerryonce i got sent to a java dev job, when i'm a sysadmin. clearly a mismatch. when i asked to see the copy of my cv they had been given , the agency had inserted a line into my CV that was clearly false11:08
directhexmungojerry, this is why you only send CVs as .pdf. if they insist on .doc, they want to lie on your cv11:09
daubersdirecthex: developer type, yes :)11:09
directhexdaubers, then that agency is a sham. there are a few semi-competent agencies for IT types11:09
daubersdirecthex: It's normally so they can take your contact details out and replace it with theirs so they can't be pulled out of the loop11:10
directhexdaubers, indeed. but if they want that, you can provide a PDF with that11:10
BigRedSyeah, where I used to work we got anonymised CVs from agencies. but if they're that into it there's nothing stopping them editing a pdf, too11:10
directhexBigRedS, there's the technical barrier. these aren't wizards11:10
screen-xgpg sign it :)11:11
daubersdirecthex: I just supplied CV's with my contact stuff hidden in the meta data bits :) Got a couple of phone calls from people who got my CV from that agency and didn't want to pay the rates11:11
mungojerryonce i was choosing between 2 jobs.. (back in 2001). one was a dotcom, one was a bank. the agency for the dotcom role got an ex-employee of the bank to cold call me to tell me why i shouldn't work for the bank. i took the bank job and 2 months later the dotcom folded.11:11
BigRedSach, you could've saved them!11:12
directhexreally though, some agencies aren't awful11:12
daubersI see no reason to pay 15% of an annual salary as an agency fee, what they do isn't worth that much11:12
mungojerryBigRedS: it was LOLtastic. they had a room full on sun kit they didn't know how to use. they had bought it cheap from boo.com when they folded11:12
directhexmonarch and huxley are some of the less bad ones11:12
gordubuntu not part of gsoc :(11:14
gordshame on google!11:14
mungojerrygord: http://askubuntu.com/questions/31064/ubuntu-isnt-on-googles-list-of-summer-of-code-participants11:14
* kazade is ill :(11:49
kazadepopey, you been running my app? ;)11:50
popeya bit :)11:51
kazadecool :)11:51
kazadeany weirdness?11:51
popeynot yet11:51
popeydont get to use it much because I'm not at an Ubuntu machine daytime11:52
kazadeyou on WIndows?11:52
* kazade raises the priority of the Windows port11:52
bigcalmNa, TweetDeck is good enough ;)11:53
kazadebigcalm, TweetDeck will have more features than mine11:54
kazadeI'm going for lightweight and elegant ;)11:54
bigcalmGood :)11:54
mungojerrykazade: do you have a PPA for your app?11:55
* mungojerry is good at breaking apps11:55
kazademungojerry, it's still way too early for mass testing. Popey has a copy because it was partly his idea :)11:55
mungojerryok :P11:55
kazade*popey (capitalize fail)11:55
bigcalmAnybody know how to change the key repeat rate in windows?11:57
bigcalmThis new keyboard is horrible slow11:57
bigcalmAnd, hi peeps :)11:57
kazademungojerry, btw #ubuntu-uk == beta testers ;)11:58
bigcalmFound it11:58
brobostigongood afternoon everyone.12:08
BigRedSG'morning brobostigon !12:12
brobostigonhi BigRedS :)12:12
BigRedShello! How's things?12:13
brobostigonBigRedS:  massive headache, dry throat, back pain. and you?12:14
BigRedSgenerally aching from carrying boxes all weekend, but otherwise pretty good12:15
BigRedSwhat've you been up to to end up like that?12:15
brobostigonBigRedS: i have been up to nothing,12:16
mungojerryit's lunchtime, so it must be my hour of eating and trying to break unity/natty12:29
* BigRedS doesn't need to try12:30
Pendulums/trying to break/breaking ?12:31
brobostigoni am on gnome-shell on natty, and other than gpu lockup's, it hasnt broken proper, in a while now.12:32
=== hpy2beme is now known as gregoryfenton
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 715096 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i945gm] GPU lockup (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x02000011)" [High,Incomplete]12:34
brobostigonthat is my natty bugbear,12:35
mungojerrybrobostigon: i have the 945g  - is 945gm the laptop version?12:38
brobostigonmungojerry: i am presuming so, as i am on an eeepc.12:40
mungojerryah, i was gonna try natty on my eee12:42
mungojerryjust noticed that the banshee systray control is gone and launcher doesn't have any features for playing/stopping music yet :S12:43
mungojerrybeta 1 in 10 days :P12:43
popeytest with the kernel bryce gave?12:43
popeycomment #5 and #812:44
brobostigonpopey: i did, the system wouldnt boot at all, and frooze just in mid boot.12:44
popeyyou might want to leave a comment to that effect12:45
brobostigoni will do, yes, i only managed to test tht kernel late last night.12:45
* mungojerry whips out his eee for some reformatting12:46
mungojerryfirefox has serious issues: open 50 tabs..1Gb resident RAM usage. close 49 tabs... 900MB resident RAM usage12:49
brobostigonsometimes it doesnt happen for days, and then it happens really often, its very weird,12:49
BigRedSI think weird memory usage is something of a Mozilla trademark12:53
X3Nmm firefox rc is running really nicely12:57
davmor2mungojerry: that's because FF the instance is still running so the memory is still in use for cache purposes,  if you close the one window and open it again it'll free up loads.  Well Known issue :)12:59
X3Naww they haven't fixed the resizeable dialog boxes13:00
screen-xThe upcoming samsung 900 series laptops have 5xYes ports apparently http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/pc-peripherals/notebook-computers/thin-and-light/NP900X3A-A01UK/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail&tab=specification13:19
directhexdamn, i need a yes hub then13:22
mungojerrydavmor2: yes, it's annoyed me for a long time since i rarely restart the whole app. thought they might have got round to fixing in ff413:24
screen-xmungojerry: my gmail __tab_ is using 470mb13:25
mungojerryscreen-x: wow, you can run thunderbird on less13:26
screen-xyah, but I wouldn't want to ;-)13:26
mungojerrythere seems to be a habit lately across the computing world to make computers less usable. firefox joined the game too with missing status bar and missing RSS icon. fortunately there's add-ons for that13:50
screen-xmungojerry: I really like the chromium status bar, its there exactly as long as you need it, but doesn't take up space when you don't need it.13:51
mungojerrydon't really like chromium as much for some reason13:52
jgjones_I was looking thru some old CD's and came across Darwinia14:26
jgjones_which was a decent game.14:27
jgjones_And looked up their site to see if they're around and happily they are.14:27
jgjones_but noticed that they have opensourced Darwinia and Multiwina - it's not free open source, you have to purchase it14:27
directhexthey did that with uplink too14:29
jgjones_Be nice to see a linux version of Multiwinia like there is with Darwinia14:29
jgjones_Anyway, have anyone got or played with an Android Honeycomb tablet?14:33
jgjones_Looking at getting a tablet14:33
mungojerryjgjones_: aybe they shoudl get it into the humble indie bundle14:33
screen-xwhat for jgjones_? (not sarcastic, I'm genuinely interested..)14:34
jgjones_Number of reasons - but one of the biggest use would be for video calling (something I do all the time)14:35
jgjones_Taking notes14:35
jgjones_quick access for surfing etc while on the move (I still don't like netbooks)14:36
screen-xjgjones_: hand written, or tapped?14:36
jgjones_screen-x, both14:36
directhexi'd consider one, if i didn't think tablets were pointless and android was sucky14:36
jgjones_finger-writing is fine14:36
screen-xjgjones_: I find it much harder than using a stylus14:37
jgjones_I had the chance to use an iPad and it was quite useful, but I felt rather restricted with it. I would consider the iPad 2 and root it.14:37
* brobostigon would like like to try a tablet with QNX.14:37
jgjones_screen-x, you can get stylus that work on tablets.14:37
jgjones_directhex, Android isn't perfect, but I find it easier to work with than iOS.14:38
directhexbrobostigon, rim?14:39
jgjones_anyway video calling is the biggest use though. Another use I would use for tablets is for use as a captioned relay14:39
brobostigondirecthex: yes, i tried QNX  few years ago now, and was really impressed.14:39
* mungojerry doesn't remember when he last used a webcam or made a video call14:40
directhexbrobostigon, i can't think of a worse os for a battery-constrained device though14:40
jgjones_Captioned relay - alternative to text/video relay - you call the relay, and talk on phone normally, but all replies can be heard, but you get the replies captioned on a display14:40
mungojerryafaik the touchscreens on tablets don't work well with stylus - correct me if i'm wrong14:40
brobostigondirecthex: yes, you maybe right.14:40
jgjones_mungojerry, I'm deaf - so I use sign language - thus I use video calling a lot :-)14:41
mungojerryjgjones_: do you use a real VC too?14:41
mungojerryi mean dedicated VC system14:41
mungojerrylike tandberg, polycom14:41
screen-xjgjones_: so you need a tablet with a stand...14:42
jgjones_mungojerry, too expensive - however I used to have Polycom VC software14:42
jgjones_Still have it actually.14:42
mungojerryjgjones_: i think it's possible to make a direct video call with ekiga to one of those devices14:42
jgjones_screen-x, yup, a foldable stand, or a case that can be used as a stand.14:43
mungojerrylast employer used tandberg vc and 50 inch screens - really nice14:43
jgjones_mungojerry, you can - but video codecs tend to be an issue.14:43
jgjones_Best VC system I used was made by LifeSize14:43
jgjones_mungojerry, HD video conf is very nice14:44
jgjones_I'll get it if I succeed in my job application this Friday14:44
screen-xjgjones_: got an interview?14:44
jgjones_Sort of.14:44
screen-xCool :)14:45
jgjones_Go into a shop, hand over £2, get a piece of paper with a number.14:45
jgjones_If successful, I'll be employed as a millionaire playboy.14:45
mungojerryi have long discussions with people about the odds of winning the lottery14:46
DJonesmungojerry: Its 50:50, You either will or you won't :)14:46
mungojerryi start the argument by proposing that it is impossible.14:46
screen-xmungojerry: I was always taught that the lottery is a tax for the mathematically challenged14:46
jgjones_You have better chances of getting hit by a rock from outer space, so I'm betting on either winning or getting hit by a rock.14:47
jgjones_mungojerry, you should aruge that people should use the number 1,2,3,4,5,6 :-) People always say it's impossible and silly and doesn't accept that they have an equal chance of coming up as any other numbers.14:48
directhexscreen-x, you could say the same about insurance.14:49
mungojerrythe lottery plays on the idea that "see, somebody won it, could have been me", when humans can't comprehend the unlikelyhood of 1 in 15million odds14:50
screen-xdirecthex: except insurance is a legal requirement14:50
directhexscreen-x, some insurances are14:50
screen-xdirecthex: and the otherones I don't have. With the exception of house insusrance, but thats only because of the large debt attachted to it.14:51
directhexmost houses don't fall down14:51
screen-xdirecthex: I'd say electrical fire is the most likely catastrophe.14:52
screen-xdirecthex: though we've already had one break in :(14:53
directhexare you insured against earthquakes?14:53
mungojerrybuildings iinsurance is compulsory, not contents insurance14:53
screen-xdirecthex: no, I think "Acts of God" are excluded14:53
directhexinsurance is gambling, no matter how you dress it up14:54
mungojerryi am insured aganist earthquakes by virtue of living in teh uk14:54
screen-xdirecthex: yah, but its gambling against loss rather than gain.14:54
daubersmungojerry: I tend to enter the lottery on weeks when I see something I desperatley want but can't afford. I'm happy to pay a pound for a slightly higher chance of owning that thing :)14:56
dauberslike the replica light cycles14:56
daubersentered the lottery that week :)14:57
screen-xdaubers: but if you saved all those pound coins up, you could buy a box of cornettos14:57
mungojerrymmm cornettos14:57
daubersscreen-x: Still not a light cycle14:57
daubersscreen-x: and since it's like 5/6 times a year, it would take a lot of saving to get to the $300,000 those bikes went for14:58
screen-xdaubers: hence the realistic savings target14:58
mungojerrydaubers: but the odds you are hoping in are so ridiculously small, if you considered the chances of other 1 in 15m odds actually happening to you, you would never go out...in fact...even in your house it would be dangerous14:58
BigRedSAren't there smaller prizes with substantially higher odds in the lottery?14:59
BigRedSI don't know, I've never paid it much attention at all, but people seem to keep winning not-that-much14:59
daubersmungojerry: Indeed, but it's slightl better odds than I had to start with.  It's only ever for things that will come up once in a lifetime14:59
mungojerryi wonder if anyone has done a study on the death rates of jackpot winners15:00
mungojerry100% of course...but15:00
mungojerrypremature death..15:00
daubersmungojerry: Might be 99% if you take in account the ones that decide to freeze themselves15:01
mungojerryi heard that bankrupty rates are higher too among lottery winners15:02
mungojerryi still have no idea how sarah ferguson got into so much debt...it was millions i think15:02
daubersThat doesn't surprise me, when you have mroe money than sense you lose perspective of what it's worth15:02
PendulumI know some people who won a £100k or something at one point. They'd spunked it away in I think 2 years15:03
daubersIf I won that now, it'd be a house deposit15:03
popeyI'd buy a mac15:03
popeyand live in it15:04
dauberspopey: With that amount of money you could buy a mac AND a chupa chup lolley15:04
popeychupa chups!15:04
mungojerryi know a live who lives in a mac15:04
dwatkinsI'd buy a cheap house and get a bit of cash each month with the rent :D15:05
mungojerryhe's a flasher15:05
Pendulumdaubers: they owned a house. TBH, I don't know where the money went :-/15:05
daubersBuying houses is hard at the moment :(15:05
mungojerrya lot of premiership footballers seem to have gambling issues15:05
dauberssilly mortgage lenders wanting 25-30% deposits15:05
gingselling them is a lot harder15:06
mungojerrybecause 30k a week isn't enough15:06
screen-xging: yeah15:06
directhexi'd pay off most of my debts with that moolah.15:06
daubersging: Bit of a vicious circle, it's hard to sell because it's hard to buy15:06
daubershaving spoken to a few estate agents over the few weeks, the  number of people who're after a quick sale is almost everyone selling :)15:07
gingdaubers yeah but i dont just mean it's hard to find a buyer i mean it's hard to  get the sale done there is just so much pointless paperwork15:07
mungojerryGing, yeah that sucks15:07
daubersging: Meh, the missus deals with the paperwork, she's the one with the legal training15:07
gingi accepted an offer on my flat 6 month ago and they've still not exchanged yet15:08
mungojerryi even employed the same solicitor firm as my seller in order to get it moved through quicker - made no difference15:08
daubersging: That's a bit shocking... I'd harass the agent some more15:08
gingdaubers: i have been, i'm not sure if my solicitor sucks or if they other solicitor is being overly picky with the paperwork15:09
mungojerryrecently i bought a house from my sister and sold my house to my other sister. no other people in the chain- still took ages15:10
screen-xmungojerry: keeping it in the family..15:11
gingmungojerry: may not been other buyers involved but presumable there was atleast 3 mortgage lenders involved15:11
mungojerrymy first house i bought from my bruv too15:11
gingthe mortgage lenders demand a lot of the paperwork15:12
mungojerryGing, the hold up was just due to general faffing around by the solicitors15:12
mungojerryand they go on holiday without passing on work to other colleagues to do in the mean time15:12
mungojerryand complete lack of communication between solicitors15:12
* hamitron has bought some shares15:13
hamitronno house for me atm ;)15:13
mungojerryin which compa?15:13
gingwell i have 2 flat and 2 sets of bills at the moment15:13
hamitrona few15:13
hamitronwell, several15:14
mungojerrymy ARM shares fell 20% due to an earthquake15:14
hamitronmine have averaged about 25% increase over 14 months15:14
davmor2mungojerry: don't put your arm over a fault line is the lesson to be learnt here I think15:14
directhexit's a curious indirect issue15:15
directhexlcd manufacture is damaged by the earthquake, which means fewer devices out of japan in general.15:16
mungojerryi think  toshiba and samsung have closed their LCD factories for a bit15:16
mungojerrybut 20% is OTT15:16
mungojerrybut the market is not wise to these things15:16
directhexso whilst the japanese don't make any real quantities of arm chips, they aren't making devices to consume them15:16
hamitron3.1gb update download for WoW?15:18
* brobostigon shares his chocolate buttons with everyone.15:18
* mungojerry is munching on 31p sainsburys value chocolate bar15:19
daubersoooh... good time to buy shares then15:19
* brobostigon wonders if he really should be watching countdown.15:19
directhexhamitron, sounds chunky. do they have textures to make the game look as good as a 2004 release yet?15:19
* mungojerry is tidying up old user accounts because nobody else will do it15:19
mungojerrydirecthex: if WOW is 2004, then minecraft must be...1986?15:20
directhexmungojerry, to an extent15:20
directhexmungojerry, a high res texture pack brings it into the 90s15:20
brobostigonyay, i got the one of the countdown maths puzzles in the time, and right, :)15:24
hamitronblizard merged WoW accounts to Battle.Net when?15:24
mungojerryi need to buy  5 or 6 HP printers and i'm discovering that the toner costs the same as the old printer toner but only for 50% of the pages ... rip off britain15:24
brobostigonmungojerry: as my dad said the other day, after buying a set of cartridges, you could have almost bought a new printer or the cost.15:25
directhexhamitron, years ago?15:26
hamitronok ;)15:26
hamitronchrome isn't working well with the website either :/15:26
brobostigonfor the *15:26
hamitronthat or it is broken15:26
directhex(March 20, 2009)15:26
mungojerryone of my fb friends says he got an android tablet for £79 from maplins today15:27
mungojerrywonder if maplins is one of popey's special trigger words15:28
popeyno, but "popey" is15:30
mungojerryapparently special offer in liverpool street new branch15:30
gingwas it this http://www.maplin.co.uk/slate-5-inch-android-touch-tablet-506985 ?15:31
popeyit will be crap15:31
popeyi saw one in there at the weekend15:32
mungojerryhe hasn't updated his status,..prob playing with it15:32
popeyhaha they have lots of B-Grade ones too15:32
mungojerrymight be b grade http://www.maplin.co.uk/7inch-android-2.1-scroll-tablet-506956?ordercode=B60NG15:32
mungojerrywhat is B-grade ? returned/opened/refurb stock?15:32
mungojerryAKA ebuyer A grade15:32
mungojerryB-Grade includes used and unused returned products, end of line, slightly marked or refurbished products.15:33
popeywhich says they probably get a lot sent back :)15:33
popey3 hour battery15:33
gingpopey: i was thinking that15:33
popey"The high-resolution, extra bright colour screen is perfect whether you are watching a movie or browsing the web."15:33
popey"Resolution 800 x 480 pixels"15:33
* mungojerry might prefer a nook15:34
gingthat was high in 200215:34
* mungojerry has an eee pc15:34
mungojerryno actually 800x480 :P15:34
directhexyou can buy a crummy 7" android tablet at NEXT, let alone maplins15:34
brobostigon1024:600, is mine, perfectly resonable really.15:35
popeymungojerry: 701?15:36
mungojerryi broke the golden rule of early adoption by necessity15:36
mungojerrynever again15:37
popeyi had a 701, upgraded to 900, nice little devices15:37
popeyi used to sit in the curry house waiting for my curry with it15:37
popeyusing the stock xandros install15:37
popeywhich I didnt find that bad15:37
brobostigonand boost about it here.:)15:37
mungojerryexcept i generally want my hardware to serve me longer15:38
mungojerrythe specs and battery are a bit poo15:38
mungojerryubuntu boots quickly too15:38
mungojerryi should probably just install command-line debian on it15:40
mungojerrysince i mainly use it for ssh15:40
brobostigonmungojerry: connecting to wifi is easy in cli. :)15:40
mungojerryi really want a super quick boot15:40
mungojerrythat is all15:40
brobostigonmungojerry: thats how i do most of my installs, use thealternate installer, do cli install, and build from there.15:41
dauberspopey: My missus uses your old 701 on the train to Oxford and back every day15:41
mungojerrydaubers: new battery?15:41
daubersmungojerry: Yup, longer life on while I was at it15:42
* screen-x did have a 701 but it got nicked :(15:42
brobostigonscreen-x: thats sad, :(15:42
* mungojerry hopes popey typed that in a wrong window15:44
popey15:41:40 < daubers> popey: My missus uses your old 701 on the train to Oxford and back every day15:44
mungojerryoh :P15:44
daubersIt's quite good for typing up her lecture notes15:45
popeywhats it running?15:45
daubersUbuntu..... something... lucid I think15:45
mungojerryi installed eclipse on mine the other day15:45
dauberslast one with unity that contained the big desktop widget full of the apps15:45
daubersmungojerry: Ooof15:46
dutchiemungojerry: has it started up yet?15:46
* mungojerry has 2gb of ram15:46
screen-xdaubers: unity?15:46
popeymine only has 512MB15:46
mungojerrythe ssd is slow thogh15:46
daubersscreen-x: yeah, previous version of unity15:46
brobostigonmine has 1gb.15:46
screen-xdaubers: netbook launcher?15:46
daubersscreen-x: Thats the welly15:46
mungojerryhmm. just bought a site licence for £15k that allows resale to students. do i (1) give it to the students (2) charge the students a nominal fee of £10 to recoup costs15:48
screen-xhmm, either I'm going deaf or my headphones are knackered. I can't here any base unless I press them into my ears with fingers.15:48
screen-xmungojerry: hmm snap15:48
screen-xmungojerry: wassitfor?15:48
mungojerrywoops mathematica..15:49
daubersmungojerry: University?15:49
daubersmungojerry: If so, give it to them!!!!!15:49
screen-xmungojerry: yeah, give it to them15:49
mungojerrywe offer it currently via termina lserver15:49
daubersmungojerry: My life would have been much easier if I'd have been given a copy by the uni instead of paying £80 odd for the 12month student version15:49
dutchiespeaking as a maths student, give it to them :)15:49
mungojerrya lot of them are an ungrateful bunch though and give us hassle if its free15:50
mungojerryif there's a nominal fee then they might take more seriously15:50
daubersmungojerry: Or they'll just pirate it like 70%odd of my classmates did15:51
screen-xmungojerry: bung it on an intranet server somewhere listed as unsupported.15:51
screen-xpoint anyone who asks at said page15:51
mungojerryhowever any money recouped would be spent on IT15:51
mungojerrysince it's straight outta my budget15:52
mungojerry1000 students...10% take-up = £100015:52
screen-xmungojerry: give them ocatave then :p15:52
daubersoctave is really manky compared to mathematica15:52
screen-xyeah :(15:53
daubersIt's the one piece of massivley expensive software I consider to be worth the money15:53
mungojerrydaubers: i wonder if most students realise that15:53
daubersmungojerry: Probably not15:53
mungojerrymaple don't let us give it to undergrads15:54
daubersDidn't like maple15:54
mungojerrybut their licence is cheaper15:54
daubersI really did like mathematica, the manual was probably worth £50 on it's own as a maths text book15:55
daubersthe fact it works linux native too was a godsend15:55
mungojerryalthough rhel broke 3d drivers on intel for v5.x15:56
mungojerrywhich covers about 3yrs15:56
mungojerryat least on launchpad some bugs get fixed...try RH bugzilla15:56
brobostigongood afternoon jacobw16:11
X3Nwow it's 4pm already16:11
jacobwthanks for approving me X3N16:12
* jacobw prods webchat-testing 16:15
* webchat-testing squirms16:15
screen-xit's just me in another window ;-)16:16
X3Nnp jacobw16:16
bigcalmCan we cope with clones?16:16
DJonesscreen-x: Is that the round window or the square window16:17
screen-xDJones: its chrome, so slightly rounded16:17
DJonesbigcalm: Obi Wan will sort the clones out16:17
screen-xI was just wondering what happens when you click the chat link on ubuntu-uk.org16:18
webchat-testingseems to work pretty well16:18
X3Nit's via the freenode chat so it should work fine with multiple instances16:18
screen-xthats enough sock-puppeting16:18
=== Seeker` is now known as Seeker
mungojerrythis is the maplins £79 tab: http://www.maplin.co.uk/7inch-android-2.1-scroll-tablet-51066216:20
mungojerrylooks quite..."solid"16:20
popeyah yes, thats the one I saw on the shelf16:21
mungojerrythis is not the droid you are looking for..16:21
=== Seeker is now known as SeekerplusC
mungojerrynot bad for attaching to your toilet roll holder though16:21
mungojerryremember that jogglers were supposed to be £9916:22
* jacobw makes a note to suggest these for work16:22
popeyand running mains power to the loo16:22
=== SeekerplusC is now known as Seeker
DJonesmungojerry: http://www.coupondepot.co.uk/deal-Maplin-Electronics-%C2%A350-off-7-inch-Android-2-1-Scroll-Touch-Tablet%5E162740.aspx16:22
DJonesThat offer has expired, but I wonder if they're still discounting it16:23
jacobwits always sad how these things aren't marketed as mobile computing power but as a novel way to update your facebook status16:23
brobostigonwith android 2.1, thats dead old.16:23
DJonesjacobw: That reminds me, happy 5th birthday twitter16:24
popeyits on pre-order16:24
popeyso basically not available16:24
mungojerrytwitter is the reason why half the world now clicks on urls without knowing the desitnation domain :(16:24
mungojerrypopey: that's cos all of their stocks are in liv st getting sold to geeks who like bargains16:25
mungojerrylol 40 in stock16:25
DJonesmungojerry: The other half just click on a url shortened address & still don't know where they're going :)16:25
* mungojerry notes that adding a + on good url shortneing services gives a preview of the site16:26
popeywhat about bad url shortnening services?16:27
popeylike popey.me :)16:27
jacobwis that real?16:27
popeyheh, it does too16:27
bigcalmMight add that to my cuth.eu shortener16:28
mungojerryuse it when i can on desktop, but if ur on amobile, you just click don't you?16:28
brobostigonsilly three, why did they send me two lots of sims,16:30
mungojerryhow do url shortening services support themselves financially?16:31
livingdaylightguys, how stable is the latest Ubuntu? I'm itching to try it already16:33
bigcalmIt'll be out next month :)16:34
brobostigonwith the gpulockup errors i amgetting, i would say, not stable yet. myself.16:34
livingdaylightdayam, I feel like trying something new today. I tried Pardus earlier - Beautiful - best kde distro I@m sure... Ubuntu could learn something from its installer - very polished - BUT, Network Manager is broken, lol at least for my laptop its no good, so, back hunting16:35
mungojerrylivingdaylight: have you also tried alternative network managers?16:36
brobostigonlivingdaylight: iwould try a persistant live usb. and have a play, no-risk playing.16:36
mungojerrybrobostigon: +116:36
livingdaylightmungojerry, they didn't seem to have much of a choice in their repos. Someone said to use wicd ,but its not in their repos.16:36
brobostigon!info wicd natty16:37
mungojerrythat's the beauty of debian/ubuntu loads of packages.16:37
lubotu3wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-6 (natty), package size 7 kB, installed size 56 kB16:37
mungojerrylivingdaylight: you prefer kde to gnome?16:37
livingdaylightmungojerry, always been a gnome user, but Pardus persuaded me that I might be able to live with kde too16:38
brobostigonalthough i am mostly happy atthe moment with gnome-shell on natty.16:38
livingdaylightPardus just didn't persuade me it was ready for my laptop yet, lol16:38
mungojerrydepends what you want out of a distro i guess16:38
BigRedSit sounds, so far, like the sort of thing i'd expect from a pre-release distro16:39
BigRedSadmittedly, further from release than it is, but that makes little odds16:39
brobostigonand every so often, Xorg deciding to spontaniously restart itself, is rather weird.:(16:40
mungojerrydownloading natty to test on my eee - gotta gets those bugs squashed16:44
livingdaylightAnyone try Suse recently ? opensuse11.4 recently out.16:54
BigRedSI keep hearing that it's humane now, but I am still managing to avoid it16:55
=== Seeker is now known as Seeker`
livingdaylightBigRedS, they look to have done some nice things in this release.16:56
popeyAchievement Unlocked; Never used SUSE!16:56
livingdaylightpopey, huh? :P16:56
popeyjust being silly :)16:57
dauberspopey: BBC use SUSE all over the place16:57
BigRedSthey also use flash...16:58
mungojerryugh unity launcher isn't hiding when apps are maximised today16:59
mungojerryusb-creator has taken 15 mins to create a natty live usb, that can't be right17:00
livingdaylightLibre Office and OpenOffice are the same? except the name?17:01
brobostigoni just heard, gnome-shell's calendar, will be indepedent from evolution, so you wont need to mess with evolution togets calendar notifications, i like.17:01
X3NIt kind of already is as the calendar only uses evolution data server17:02
X3Nbut yeah, that does sound good17:03
mungojerrydata server used to have a bug that ate all of your memory - it's fixed now, but made me hate it for a long time17:03
* mungojerry just wrote his first software centre review 17:03
mungojerrynotice a lot of ubuntu-uk people have too17:03
gordeveryone should do that! or at least rate17:04
hamitronlivingdaylight: basically, yes. just developed by 2 seperate groups17:04
gordit would be really cool if all the good apps had a rating17:04
livingdaylighthamitron, I must have been sleeping, lol... catching up on this OO.o fork.17:05
livingdaylightsoneill, now we support the new group instead of Oracle?17:05
hamitronit really isn't long enough ago, to see them have many differences17:05
hamitronubuntu is going libreoffice I believe17:06
brobostigonhamitron: yes. we are.17:06
hamitronjust a shame about the name ;)17:07
hamitronsounds like a bunch of hippies have grabbed it and made it impossible to convince a boss to change to it17:08
soneill/ignore livingdaylight ;)17:10
livingdaylightsoneill, :o17:11
livingdaylighti get myself in trouble with autocomplete, huh?17:11
livingdaylighthamitron, its a bit of a mouth-full i agree.17:12
livingdaylightbut when "OpenOffice" is taken, what's left?17:13
livingdaylightLinux Office Suite? ;)17:14
bigcalmRar rar rar17:14
* DJones wonders whether bigcalm has just become a cheerleader17:15
livingdaylightfor some reason bigcalm has me think of Butterkist17:16
bigcalmIt is like Sunkist?17:18
popeyButterkist Butterkist RAR RAR RAR!17:18
popeyHey! Crusader! Have you any NUTS!17:18
* popey suspects he and livingdaylight are of the same vintage17:18
livingdaylightpopey, remembers the ads ;)17:18
* bigcalm goes looking17:18
bigcalmOh, the popcorn17:19
bigcalmBad for my teeth :(17:19
bigcalmI think that's why I've blocked it from my memory17:19
popeyMuhahaha, just got 38 points for "zit" in scrabble :)17:19
HazRPGafternoon everyone :)17:21
brobostigongood afternoon HazRPG :)17:22
HazRPGbrobostigon: :)17:22
HazRPGhow do I find out what my device ID is for my burner17:37
HazRPGapparently I need to run this command "cdrecord dev=0,6,0 speed=8 -v -multi -audio taudio01.wav"17:37
HazRPGbut I don't know what to change dev=0,6,0 to17:37
directhexHazRPG, the debian fork of cdrecord will accept /dev nodes17:37
HazRPGdirecthex: ah nice one :)17:37
gordheh i remember having to do that kinda crazy stuff a year ago, do we not have a gui for that?17:38
HazRPGI wish we did :/17:39
HazRPGthere's no easier way that I can find for grabbing out the info from .cdi and then burning it other than using cdirip and cdrecord17:39
gordtried the kde burning software? i remember that being pretty great17:40
gordtbh i haven't burnt a cd/dvd since usb ubuntu installs...17:40
HazRPGK3b ?17:40
HazRPGtried... didn't work - coasted about 5 discs so far :/17:41
HazRPGhmm, cdrecord didn't like those parameters apparently... hang on17:42
screen-xHazRPG: tried wodim?17:42
HazRPGthat's the same application as far as I'm aware :P17:43
HazRPGI just changed it to dev=/dev/scd0 instead of just /dev/scd0, and removed -v17:43
HazRPGall good so far...17:45
screen-xHazRPG: ahh, ;-)17:46
HazRPGtyping in cdrecord, shows wodim as outputs... so I'm guessing they are at least :P17:47
HazRPGwell its burned now... lets see if this does the trick...17:47
HazRPGhmm, seems I've coasted another disc :/17:50
HazRPGdid I do something wrong here :S17:51
gregoryfentonis the audio file itself ok?17:52
screen-xHazRPG: are you burning a wav directly to the cd and expecting to play in cd player?17:53
HazRPGscreen-x: trying to burn a dreamcast ISO17:54
HazRPGCDI* even17:54
directhexdoesn't boot with the dreamcast boot loader i forget the name of? pretty sure you won't burn a self-boot with normal tools17:55
HazRPGI only downloaded stuff I actually own, thing is my disc is all the way in Saudi with my dad :/17:55
directhexthe one with the spinning moose logo17:55
HazRPGdirecthex: Utopia, and yeah I'm currently looking at him :/17:55
HazRPGdidn't self-boot, so went with the boot loader option17:55
HazRPGneither worked17:56
directhexlinux burn tools can rarely represent the subchannel data needed for copy protection schemes17:56
gregoryfentonDo you have a patched version of cdrecord (as at http://poptix.net/CDI-HOWTO.txt )?17:57
HazRPGgregoryfenton: according to some people on ubuntu forums, it doesn't need to be patched17:58
gregoryfentondisclaimer: I in no way endorse the burning of anything to infringe copyright. I just googled.17:59
HazRPGI think I figured out what I did wrong though... I didn't set the data part as -xa117:59
HazRPGgregoryfenton: don't worry, neither do I...17:59
HazRPGgregoryfenton: also, that's the .txt I'm reading too :)18:01
HazRPGhmm, is it possible its because I'm not finalising the disc?18:01
gregoryfentondoes -cdi do anything on the command line?18:01
HazRPGgregoryfenton: -cdi by itself, or...?18:02
gregoryfentonno, your existing command and then -cdi (switch to cdi format from the cdrecord man page)18:02
HazRPGno I haven't18:03
screen-xevening MartijnVdS18:03
brobostigonnoswaith dda MartijnVdS18:04
* MartijnVdS has a delicious Ceasar salad18:04
HazRPGevening MartijnVdS18:06
livingdaylightanyone have/use a linksys wrt 54gs router? Looking to upgrade firmware and reading here that there are a few alternatives, and I'm wondering which is best. There's Alchemy and Talisman by Seasoft and another named DD-~WRT just for starters18:06
gregoryfentonhazrpg have you tried using nero linux to burn it?18:07
gregoryfentonlivingdaylight i use DD-WRT on my router, it works great.18:07
HazRPGgregoryfenton: I haven't no, but I haven't used nero for anything in over 10 years18:08
brobostigonlivingdaylight: i use openwrt.18:08
livingdaylightgregoryfenton, ok... just looking at talisman here18:08
livingdaylightbrobostigon, you got a linksys too? :)18:08
livingdaylightchoices choices18:08
brobostigonlivingdaylight: a wrt54gl. yes.18:08
livingdaylightmines' the gs version18:09
gregoryfentonlivingdaylight - try them all, flashing is easy and you can see which you prefer.18:09
HazRPGyou'd think linux would support multi-tracked discs though :(18:09
brobostigongregoryfenton: good idea, :)18:09
gregoryfentonbrobostigon I can but try18:10
livingdaylightI really don't want to try them all. I've just got Linksys default firmware since years now, and been having issues lately, probably due to ailing laptop, but thought if I can up the power of the router then I'd be happy. I don't need any other fancy bits18:10
HazRPGgregoryfenton: I'm just looking at cdrecord --help, and I've noticed the -cdi you mentioned, wouldn't that override the -xa1? Plus the cdirip changed the tracks to .wav and .iso18:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Andrew] Really useful development app  Parasite - http://whyareyoureadingthisurl.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/really-useful-development-app-parasite/18:12
MartijnVdSooh, BBC4 looks interesting tonight18:12
brobostigonMartijnVdS: elaborate? please.18:13
MezLes Pounder?18:13
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00vl3h1 + http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00yb59m18:13
Mezanyone here know who that is?18:13
MartijnVdSMez: brother of Quarter Pounder?18:13
MezDunno, apparently my connections come via here... popey ?18:14
Mez(you're a connection to both of us)18:14
brobostigonMartijnVdS: interesting,18:14
popeyhe is running ucubed18:14
livingdaylightgregoryfenton, Do I pick either VXWorks-killer or /prep? http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database18:18
livingdaylightbrobostigon, hi, do you know, one resets router to factory setting before pointing router to .bin file?18:20
brobostigonlivingdaylight: i cant remember, it was along time  ago, when i did the install, i would suggest looking atthe instructions, onrespective fw website and or wiki,18:21
Mezpopey: know who he is?18:26
gordgeez ubuntu makes it hard to convert things to mp3 these days18:47
gordactually no i just can't figure out how to at all - i thought installing gstreamer packages would do it but no18:48
KrimZoneverything I've tried has used lame18:49
gordoh well, there is an ac3 converting support at least - i guess my phone understands that18:50
brobostigoniwould be tempted to try ffmpeg to do conversion.18:51
brobostigonwhich i have successfully used before.18:51
gordvlc said libavcodec didn't have support, which means neither will ffmpeg18:52
MartijnVdS\o/ medibuntu18:53
MartijnVdSit has proper encoders for non-free/evil formats18:53
MartijnVdSalso.. banshee encodes to mp3 just fine (my phone)18:53
gordoh well, *moves MortalKombaaaaaaaaaat.m4a over to his phone to set as his new alarm*18:53
Jibadeehagord, Sound Converter18:58
gordJibadeeha, yes sound converter could not do it either19:08
revmarkpthanks for the welcome!19:10
brobostigonnoswaith dda revmarkp19:11
revmarkp i knew i'd find some strange jargon if i started using irc. Just had to look that up! good evening to you too.19:13
revmarkpsee i'm learning stuff already19:14
brobostigonrevmarkp: i am one of the chaps and gals that manage ubuntu-cym.19:14
revmarkpcool. do they do ubuntu-devonian (ooo-arrr)?19:15
popeyMez: 18:14:53 < popey> he is running ucubed19:46
=== jgjones__ is now known as jgjones
Myrttiboo flu go away come back another day19:54
* brobostigon has the flu he thinks here, allthe sympoms.19:54
jgjonesgord, Sound Converter? No idea what format you're converting from19:55
gregoryfentonGuys.. is it possible to either a) rename a virtual eth (eg eth0:0) to eth1 or b) make sshd output on a specific interface (eg no matter where the connection originates, reply on eth0:0)?19:55
HazRPGhmm virtualbox won't let me install windows 7 on it :/19:56
Myrttibrobostigon: run of the mill cough. congested nose, sneezing, popping ears and light temperature19:56
HazRPGkeeps saying I should insert the win7 disc because the install appears corrupt - but I haven't installed it :S (also says it could be due to hardware change ?)19:56
Myrttiminor headache is there too, also muscle ache but I don't know if it's the flu or the fact I fell on my knee on Saturday19:57
Myrttiand the headache could be because I've not worn me glasses today19:57
MyrttiI don't mind feeling miserable but I dont want to give the bug to mum, she's in a condition bad enough already that they've canceled her treatments19:59
Myrttiwell rescheduled until further notice19:59
brobostigonMyrtti: headache, back pain,hip pain, sore and or very dry throat, light headed'ness. here.19:59
Myrttithere's mycoplasm going around here in Finland20:00
brobostigonMyrtti: i think my mum has already caught it from me, has been feeling awful all day, aswell.20:00
brobostigonMyrtti: mycoplasm?20:00
Myrttia nasty bug that needs special attention as no normal antibiotics work on it, can cause prolonged flu symptomps20:01
brobostigonMyrtti: so me having immuno-suppresants is maybe not a good idea,if its the same.20:02
Mezpopey: that means nothing to me :D20:03
popeythere is this thing called google20:03
brobostigonMyrtti: my eczema was infected bt somethingsimiler last year, and it was really bad.20:04
Myrttibrobostigon: human immune system is fairly defenseless against mycoplasmas anyway20:04
HazRPGLunchie: sup dude :)20:04
LunchieHazRPG: heya dude in woodsy wid phil20:05
brobostigonMyrtti: ohdear, hmm. let me make an appointment with my doctor then, because my eczema has had aninfection aswell.20:05
HazRPGLunchie: cool, you using your phone or laptop?20:05
AlanBellMez: he was at oggcamp liverpool20:07
popeyMez: is that video _really_ appropriate for planet ubuntu?20:07
popeypsst: no.20:07
Mezpopey: due to the language?20:09
popeyyou have to ask me?20:09
HazRPGam I missing something?20:09
dutchieMyrtti: +120:10
Myrttimove along folks, nothing to see here20:10
* brobostigon goes tow watch tv.20:11
Myrttilook, a kitten20:12
ubuntuuk-planet[Martin Meredith] Japan Disaster - http://www.sourceguru.net/japan-disaster/20:12
LunchieHazRPG: iPod and free wifi20:12
HazRPGLunchie: haha nice20:13
HazRPGLunchie: Tell everyone I said hi. Who's about (other than Phil)?20:14
Mezpopey: mind if I /msg you in your role as CC member?20:15
andylockranhowdy all20:15
LunchieHazRPG: did u see that ludicrous display last night (from phil)20:16
HazRPGLunchie: I knew he'd say that20:18
Mezwow, ubuntu CC are active20:20
LunchieHazRPG: lol20:20
HazRPGLunchie: your barely online anymore... how's college going?20:20
LunchieHazRPG: good man just got loaded cask20:21
NeoSilkyhello :)20:22
HazRPGLunchie: you'll have to pull Dave about how the LUG is doing, since you see him about most20:22
LunchieHazRPG: loving doing connect4 in c++ ATM20:22
HazRPGLunchie: haha nice, we did noughts and crosses when we were doing that20:23
popeyMez: sure20:23
NeoSilkyso what do all you guys do in your free time?20:24
bigcalmPlay MineCraft20:25
HazRPGgo to the pub20:26
brobostigonplay openarena and tuxracer20:26
brobostigonHazRPG: :)20:26
bigcalmTake pain killers20:26
HazRPGbrobostigon: :P20:26
gregoryfentonjet around the world as a fedora ambassador :D20:26
HazRPGwrite websites from time to time... think about the next big money making thing... friends... meddling with electronics... that kinda stuff20:27
brobostigonwrting car controls.20:27
gregoryfentongizza job brob:  while (!crashed){try_not_to_crash()} call_the_AA();20:29
NeoSilkybest open source fps games\ games anyway? :P20:29
jgjones_How would I set xchat to reidentify with nickserv for nicks after a reconnection?20:30
jgjones_it seems my BT line keep reconnecting20:30
gregoryfentonjgjones http://docs.zetaboards.com/irc/xchat#auto-identifyingrun it with20:31
gregoryfentonjgjones http://docs.zetaboards.com/irc/xchat#auto-identifying sorry20:31
jgjones_gregoryfenton, thanks - I already do that for when starting up Xchat20:33
jgjones_but it seems that when I get disconnected and reconnected automatically while xchat is running, it doesn't reidentify my nick.20:34
=== jgjones_ is now known as jgjones
Mezgregoryfenton: ooh, zetaboards :D I used to work for them :D20:35
gregoryfentonjgjones /set net_auto_reconnect on20:36
gregoryfentonmez :)20:37
jgjonesgregoryfenton, thanks, let's see if that sort it out, am fed up with seeing jgjones_, jgjones__, jgjones___ etc :)20:40
gregoryfentonit should be sticky across xchat sessions too20:40
MartijnVdSwoo! working fingerprint auth on my laptop20:44
MartijnVdSthat's the last device (that didn't work before)20:44
zleapis there a page for oggcamp 2011 yet20:47
popeyand yes20:47
popeymore no than yes20:47
daubers7heh :)20:48
zleapwe need some events like this in Paignton,20:49
* bigcalm chuckles20:53
bigcalmpopey: this keyboard is amazingly clicky. Did your friend ever order any?20:53
popeynot yet bigcalm20:57
bigcalmGlad I didn't wait then ;)20:58
bigcalmTell him to get the supplier to double check orders before they ship though. They sent me a 104 key US layout :(20:59
* brobostigon puts bbc4 on , to watch the prog MartijnVdS suggested earlier.21:01
bigcalmMicro Men?21:01
* bigcalm is guessing without checking21:01
zeratasthis is my first time on IRC is this the right place?21:02
bigcalmzeratas: This is indeed an IRC channel21:02
zeratasok i was told to come here for some technical help lol21:02
bigcalmzeratas: the 'right place' is open to discussion though :)21:02
bigcalmzeratas: what's up?21:02
zeratasi recently have been having some problems with my wireless.. I'm using ubuntu 10.10 and recently my wireless has been acting weird. I could SEE wireless networks but couldnt actually connect to them21:03
brobostigonbigcalm: everything and nothing. it is called.21:03
zeratasI went to launchpad to see if they could help and when i did what they said, it made it worse lol, now my wireless doesnt work at all21:03
bigcalmbrobostigon: no idea :)21:03
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 149292 in scrollkeeper (Ubuntu) "package nautilus 1:2.20.0-0ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: problemi con le dipendenze - lasciato non configurato (dup-of: 218049)" [Undecided,New]21:03
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 218049 in scrollkeeper (Ubuntu) "scrollkeeper-update failed with "corrupted double-linked list" during update-manager update " [Medium,Won't fix]21:03
bigcalmAh. So far I haven't had any problems with wifi, so maybe somebody else will be able to help :)21:04
zeratasthats the original discussion from launchpad that made it act all wonky21:04
zeratasha k21:04
brobostigonbigcalm: it is new.21:04
zeratasI tried resetting what he had me do on there but it seems that didnt change anything21:05
zeratasthank god in my dorm theres an ethernet connection lol21:07
zeratasso whos the king of this irc channel21:14
popeywe have no kings or queens21:15
popeyjust loads of serfs21:15
Azelphurcan I be the placeholder king?21:15
MartijnVdSyes master popey21:15
* popey puts Azelphur on the throne21:15
Seeker`no queens? *cough*Gary*cough*21:15
AzelphurIf gary is princess can I resign?21:16
Azelphuror queen, rather21:16
MartijnVdSAzelphur: don't you want a pony?21:16
Azelphurtrue, I could do with the pony21:16
zeratasOh!  Come and see the violence inherent in the system!21:21
zeratas      HELP! HELP! I'm being repressed!21:21
zeratasListen -- strange women lying in ponds distributing swords21:21
zeratas      is no basis for a system of government.  Supreme executive power21:21
zeratas      derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical  aquatic ceremony.21:21
popeyyou'll fit in21:24
* AlanBell goes to update the governance documents to add swords21:25
MyrttiI just have an emp gun21:26
Myrttiwith hello kitty stickers on it.21:27
AlanBelldo you have a pond?21:27
* Myrtti looks outside21:27
Myrttidoes a huge pool of snow melting water count?21:27
zeratashow much snow? is it yellow?21:27
Myrttigood two feet, there are some yellow patches21:28
zeratasshould be fine21:28
MyrttiI do have a cast iron bathtub21:29
zeratasis it seasoned?21:29
Myrttiwith white enamel21:30
AlanBellyou know you are a bit of a geek when you wonder about the effect of induced currents caused by firing an EMP cannon whilst in a cast iron bathtub21:30
zeratasconnect a radio and a lightbulb to the bathtub lol21:30
MyrttiI bet I'd cause a good amount of havoc anywhere in this apartment, with the central heating on this 14 storey building21:31
Myrttidoesn't need to be in bathroom :-D21:31
Myrttianywya, getting late here, ttfn21:33
popeyin firefox 4...21:33
popeyopen any random website that has links on it21:33
popeyhover over link, observe url displayed in bottom left of screen21:34
popeypress CTRL+F to search the page, hover over link again21:34
popeyobserve url moves to the bottom right of the screen21:34
hamitronI hope that can be turned off :/21:34
popeyi am guessing its a bug21:35
ali1234probably a side affect of writing the whole UI in a bizarro version of html21:35
popeyhence the "?"21:35
ali1234cos we all know how well html works when you insert a new element into a page... right?21:36
hamitronis ff 4.0 any good?21:37
ali1234not really no21:37
ali1234you're better off using chrome, than a bad copy of chrome21:37
ali1234(or chromium)21:37
hamitronI was using ff 3.6, switched to chrome and thought it was better.... now switched back to ff 3.6 and feel it is better again21:37
ali12343.6 is better than chromium21:38
ali1234except for the speed and memory usage21:38
ali1234but then chromium is pretty bad for memory usage too21:38
hamitronespecially with loads of tabs21:38
* brobostigon uses chromium everyday, and is very happy.21:38
brobostigonon my eeepc.21:39
hamitronI change daily atm :/21:39
* mgdm uses Chrome on basically everything21:39
popeyunity, right click "Rubbish bin" see menu item "Empty Trash.."21:39
popeywhy can we not get this right!21:39
zeratasi use ie621:39
hamitronI wonder what life would be like, giving up the GUI for a month21:41
gregoryfentoninstall a ubuntu server on a VM21:41
gregoryfentonyou'll soon find out21:41
hamitronI mena properly remove it21:41
gregoryfentonserver has no gui21:42
ali1234wrong. but w/e21:42
hamitronI reckon I'd end up talking on here all day21:42
mgdmI can be mostly productive without a GUI21:42
gregoryfentonhere's me running a ubuntu server, it has no gui.  I can install X if I choose but it is by no means needed21:43
mgdmwhich is my much of my day is spent with a full-screen terminal on my 24" monitor, running vim :)21:43
zeratasi just started using ubuntu as my sole OS21:44
hamitronI may give it a go21:44
zeratasprob cause my windows crashed and i dont have a dvd to re-install it21:44
gregoryfentonwelcome to the revolution zeratas21:44
hamitronno gui for a month :)21:44
zerataswhen i get dvd's to burn an iso of windows im debating on whether im gonna go back or not SUCH A HARD DECISION21:45
ali1234i just realised something21:45
hamitronali1234: ?21:45
brobostigonali1234: that we rock?21:46
zeratasi saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geicko21:46
hamitronshame on him if he has taken this long to work that out :/21:46
* brobostigon prods hamitron 21:46
* hamitron glares21:46
ali1234people who complain about consoles not having a mouse to play FPS are the same people who gush about console text editors like vi and emacs21:47
hamitronno mouse since when?21:47
brobostigonhamitron: i reckoned you commented on what i said,21:47
Azelphurali1234: it's true, I gush about both21:47
ali1234and it occured to me that editing code without a mouse pointer is somewhat like playing a FPS game on keyboard only: completely stupid21:47
hamitronbrobostigon: yeh :)21:47
* brobostigon prods hamitron some more.21:48
hamitronbrobostigon: is I no right?21:48
ali1234anyway this is what i thought of while considering "what would life be like without a GUI" : it would be like playing quake on a joypad: really really horrible21:48
brobostigonhamitron: i hadnt just realised it, i knew it all along,21:49
hamitronbut why not use a mouse on the console?21:49
brobostigonhamitron: nopoint.21:49
ali1234because it only has the most basic of functionality21:49
hamitrontechnically, the mouse is a "point" ;)21:49
mgdmcopy/paste on a no-X terminal is quite handy21:50
hamitronI must admit, I do like using a mouse to highlight stuff21:50
hamitronand gdm takes little memory21:50
brobostigonhamitron: why have the graphical need, to point and click on something, in a space that has no such thing?21:51
hamitronor gpm21:51
hamitronor something21:51
mgdmbrobostigon: try doing copy/paste in a terminal without a mouse :)21:51
hamitronwhen editing files ofc :)21:51
mgdmhamitron: well if you're editing a file in a sensible editor (like, for example, Vim...) you can highlight things fairly easily without a mouse21:52
brobostigonmgdm: maybe.fair point.21:52
mgdmbut, in a shell, not really21:52
ali1234because the alternative is to memorize the keyboard shortcuts for efficiantly moving the cursor (which are different in every single program) or to press the up/down/left/right arrows a million times when you want to move around and edit things21:52
hamitroncan you play video files on the terminal?21:54
brobostigonhamitron: yes, vlc does terminal playback. insie terminal.21:54
ali1234mplayer is better on terminal21:55
shaunoused to use aalib for that.  funny, but useless :)21:55
hamitronit use svgalib or something?21:55
brobostigonali1234: either works,yes, :)21:55
ali1234uses whatever you want21:55
ali1234mplayer command line usage is a lot simpler than vlc... a *lot*21:57
brobostigonali1234: i havent tried with mplayer, only vlc,but i knew mplayer did it.21:58
hamitronI just wasn't sure if it needed X21:58
brobostigonhamitron: no,it doesnt,21:58
hamitronI knew could display jpeg fine21:58
popeymplayer -vo caca <file>21:59
hamitronso my last hurdles are yahoo mail, and games21:59
brobostigonhamitron: mutt ?21:59
hamitronmutt supports yahoo?21:59
brobostigonhamitron: its supports pop3 and imap.21:59
hamitronI am cheap and have a free account22:00
ali1234so i just went on commandlinefu22:00
ali1234and they are being cute by saying "click here to grep the archive" in their search box22:00
brobostigonhamitron: yahoo used to provide free acess to pop3.22:00
ali1234but unfortunately their search engine does not support regular expressions22:00
ali1234so it's not greap22:00
ali1234so nice try, but sorry, WRONG22:00
popeyhamitron: so you're "the guy" who still uses yahoo mail22:01
hamitronI would move, only too lazy to change all account details22:01
shaunoyou can't setup a forwarding rule in ymail?22:04
hamitronsays I need a yahoo plus account22:04
hamitronI used something called ypop (or something like that) a while ago22:05
hamitronbut it never worked fully22:05
hamitronthink it was because I had so much to download22:05
popeyfetchyahoo - Retrieve mail from Yahoo!'s webmail service22:06
popey FetchYahoo is a Perl script that downloads mail from a Yahoo! webmail account to a local mail spool, an mbox file, or to procmail.22:06
hamitronmaybe worth a bash again22:06
popeyworth a punt22:06
hamitronover 3000 mails all sorted into folders...22:07
hamitronthe pain /o\22:07
Azelphurhamitron: can't you set forwarding for free?22:11
hamitronAzelphur: no22:11
hamitronmy parents can on yahoo.co.uk22:12
AzelphurI've hated yahoo ever since they stole my domain and did other such nasty to me22:12
hamitronit is just the lack of pop3 or imap access that ugs me with them22:13
Azelphuralso they published all my info when I was paying for protection :D22:13
ali1234yahoo has always been lame22:13
Azelphuryahoo are cool like that22:13
hamitrongmail weren't about when I started though22:13
Azelphurhamitron: gmail can import yahoo apparently22:14
Azelphurand gmail supports imap/pop/everything22:14
ali1234even back when it was run by two guys22:14
hamitronI have my gmail forwarding to yahoo atm22:14
Azelphurhamitron: so add your yahoo box to your gmail22:17
Azelphurgmail can pull from yahoo22:17
Azelphurhamitron: change your location setting to yahoo asia to enable forwarding22:17
Azelphuryou can thank me later :D22:17
hamitronI should really just setup stuff to go to a new address22:18
Azelphurhamitron: that's what I do, I have a slightly ridiculous forwarding chain22:18
hamitrongot a tree of forwarding, about 5 deep22:19
Azelphursame xD22:20
hamitronis it safer to use an email address with your own domain to sign in with you think?22:22
hamitronmy main worry has always been, if yahoo decide to charge for the service22:22
hamitronor if google do, etc.22:23
Azelphuryea I worry about companies doing irritating things too that's why I own a domain22:23
Azelphurthat way if company A annoys me I use something else22:23
Azelphuratm I use my own domain with google apps22:23
hamitronit forwards to my gmail one22:23
hamitronthen it forwards to my yahoo ;)22:23
hamitronbut it is a pain changing the account details for everything22:24
hamitronall games, places I order from, forums, etc22:24
Azelphurhaha, I did that when I changed my name from CShadowRun...big job22:25
Azelphurhamitron: http://www.overclock.net/water-cooling/970827-check-my-setup-before-i-buy.html cooling :322:26
hamitronI keep wanting to change from hamitron, since someone else has started using it22:26
AzelphurI see22:26
hamitronI've never done water cooling22:27
hamitronI curse at the price of a £10 cooler22:27
hamitronpersonally, I see no point in overclocking your comp until it is starting to feel slow22:28
Azelphurthere's some guys on that forum that have my CPU running at 5.2ghz :o22:28
hamitronyour comp is plenty....22:29
Azelphurhamitron: I'm mean to my computer, I quite often expect it to play 3 games at the same time22:29
Azelphuron top of whatever else I might be doing22:29
hamitron3 of what? ;/22:29
Azelphur3 is normal, I've done 6 before :D22:29
hamitroneve online or soemthing?22:29
Azelphurhamitron: 3 is usually TF2 + WoW waiting in LFG Queue + Minecraft with my automagical free stuff machine22:30
AzelphurI did 6 wow's at the same time for a few months at one point22:30
hamitronI still think you have plenty for both them arrangements22:30
hamitronWoW is low end22:31
hamitronmc is just a memory hog22:31
Azelphurhamitron: my pidgin setup seems to be evil too, because I have it open a new window for absolutely everything22:31
Azelphurso I have 100+ windows open, that seems to make compiz not that happy22:31
hamitronso don't!22:31
Azelphur"so don't" isn't a fix :D22:31
Azelphurbut yea, apart from that I've always wanted to build myself a really nice PC :)22:32
hamitronimo, cheaper to build a 2nd comp, then use synergy22:32
ali1234more reliable too22:32
AzelphurI used to do that22:32
Azelphurali1234: I DISPUTE YOUR CLAIMS!22:32
Azelphursynergy was buggy as crap that's why I stopped doing it22:32
* hamitron is using synergy now22:32
Azelphuralthough the maintenance fork on synergy probably changed that now :)22:32
hamitronwell, synergy plus ;)22:33
Azelphurhamitron: it's synergy again now they merged back into the original22:33
Azelphurthe dev came back out of the ether22:33
hamitronwell, I not updated22:33
Azelphurbut yea back when I used synergy it was really buggy and would dc for no reason and clipboard sync wouldn't work22:33
Azelphurand it was very frustrating, so I switched to separate X22:33
Azelphurand got a whole new bucket of bugs :(22:34
hamitrontbh, I do all my work on 1 PC, so not tried clipboard sync22:34
dwatkinssilly ralink bug in my Eee22:34
hamitronI ahve main PC, and 3 slaves22:34
AzelphurI really want proper cross-card multi display for Linux22:34
ali1234for the money you'll get better performance from multiple normal computers than 1 super powered gaming rig22:34
AzelphurThen I'll be happy as a clam22:34
ali1234assuming multiboxing some MMORPG that is22:34
dwatkinsbug 49609322:35
lubotu3Launchpad bug 496093 in linux-backports-modules-2.6.32 (Ubuntu Lucid) "[lucid] rt2860 frequently fails to connect to mixed mode WPA/WPA2 secured wireless networks" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49609322:35
ali1234and assuming you'll be running linux22:35
Azelphurali1234: yea but it's not the only thing I do22:35
AzelphurI just pick totally random stuff and expect my computer to be able to handle it while doing bunches of other totally random stuff22:35
brobostigondwatkins: sothe fix it suggests, doesnt chane things?22:35
ali1234multiple commonodity PCs wins in just about every scenario these days22:35
Azelphurand I'd prefer it done as fast as possible rather than at a cost effective speed :)22:36
hamitronI really want to have xen with 2 graphics cards, each dedicated to 1 OS.... so each OS has proper hardware acceleration22:36
ali1234yay i made up a word "commonodity"22:36
dwatkinsbrobostigon: the power command is not supported on my wifi adapter, still reading it all22:36
Azelphurhamitron: can you do that?22:36
AlanBellali1234: that deserves to be a word22:36
Azelphurhamitron: does that mean I could sling another GFX card in my machine and game in a VM? lol22:36
hamitronwith the high end workstation nvidia cards22:36
dwatkinsbrobostigon: yeah, I was just considering upgrading from the LTS release22:37
Azelphuroh, the quadro stuff22:37
hamitronwith parallels workstation, yes22:37
hamitronthere is something on the nvidia site22:37
ali1234seems to me that there is some kind of glass ceiling on linux 3d, at least with nvidia drivers22:37
brobostigondwatkins: try an live usb, or similer, no risk test, with persistance, incase you need to add anything.22:37
hamitronbut each card cost £800, and I needed a supported workstation for another £2000 on top of that22:38
hamitronali1234: what makes you say that?22:39
dwatkinsbrobostigon: good plan, it's infuriatibg :(22:39
ali1234hamitron: because even the most simple scenes (like for example draw 1 triangle) cannot get above about 30fps even with the most powerful nvidia card22:40
brobostigondwatkins: i know the feeling, i have a bug i have found in natty, with libdrm/xorg, that justdoesnt seem towant to be tracked down, because people keep on handing the bug around to different bug numbers.22:40
hamitronali1234: I assume you are exagerating? ;)22:41
ali1234hamitron: somewhat22:41
hamitronbecause I get 40 fps ;)22:41
AzelphurI've seen a decent performance boost with wine gaming going from my 8800GT to the 570GTX22:41
AzelphurI play TF2 on all max now, I couldn't do that on the 880022:41
hamitronI not tried linux gaming beyond my geforce 6600gt22:42
Azelphurand it can handle multiple games fine now, that just wasn't happening before22:42
AzelphurTF2+wow = fall over and die22:42
ali1234so what's your max framerate with only 1 copy of wow running and no compiz?22:42
ali1234and what is same with compiz?22:42
Azelphurdunno, I'll try now22:42
hamitrondoes running stuff under wine count?22:43
ali1234or try this:22:43
dwatkinsbrobostigon: yeah, it's a shame as the array.org kernel worked perfectly, so this all makes ubuntu look bad22:44
ali1234run some game that doesn't use 3d acceleration at all under compiz and "not compiz"22:44
hamitronI'll try on my geforce 6, hopefully beat Azelphur ;D22:44
ali1234eg quake benchmark mode22:44
ali1234compare framerates22:44
ali1234now do the same thing with a graphics card which is supposedly "slow"22:44
ali1234eg any intel graphics22:44
hamitronor geforce 2 go?22:45
Azelphurali1234: I can compare the 8800GT and the 570 side by side they are both in the box22:45
Azelphurso I'll do it all22:45
ali1234something that doesn't use nvidia driver22:45
ali1234last time i tried stuff like this my atom + gma 950 actually beat my P4 + gf620022:46
hamitrongf6200 is not really any good ;/22:47
ali1234and gma 950 is?22:47
hamitrongma is newer22:47
hamitronisn't it?22:47
brobostigondwatkins: i remember that kernel when i did my initialresearch about linux on eeepc. i never needed it on my eeepc 900 here. everything worked strsight out fine, which did surprise me, and xorg did work right on debian sid, and ubuntu maverick, untill natty.22:48
ali1234gma 950 is 200722:48
hamitronbut tbh, Azelphur's test to see if a better gpu is better, would mean more?22:48
ali1234so yeah 3 years newer22:48
hamitronyou are comparing different drivers22:49
ali1234point is people say "lol intel sucks you need nvidia"22:49
hamitronI don't agree22:49
ali1234but this isn't actually true at all22:49
ali1234even though it is largely because nvidias drivers totally suck22:49
hamitronthe new intel graphics are behind the new nvidia gaming chips ofc22:49
ali1234(yeah, that's what my test tests)22:49
ali1234no point buying a $500 GPU if the drivers suck so bad that it runs like a IGP22:50
hamitronthe gf6200 is IGP ;/22:50
ali1234not really22:50
ali12346100 and 6150 is IGP22:51
Azelphurlol I think something is up with my 8800 tbh22:51
AzelphurI'm getting 2fps22:51
ali1234but here is the thing: the 6200 actually is more powerful than the gma 95022:51
Azelphurcompiz off xD22:51
ali1234the problem is the drivers completely blow22:51
hamitronit would be interesting to see what modern gaming hardware could do, with decent software22:52
dwatkinsbrobostigon: yeah, Ubuntu used to work great, then somewhere along the line the wifi driver got broken again, so I'm now downloading 10.10 with my Mac... ;)22:52
hamitronboth for gfx drivers AND slimlineness of OS22:52
brobostigondwatkins: more to the point, i have everyway of getting all the information needed, and would be happy to do it, as roughly  twice a day, the gpu just hangs/locks up, and only a forced restart will straighten it out. that is also a major bug.22:52
ali1234hamitron: there was a demo video released recently of some PC game with pretty much photorealistic graphics22:53
hamitronbut it isn't in nvidia's interests to make their cards sold, run better.... they make more money selling you the upgrade22:53
brobostigondwatkins: it should work better, the newer kernel, as more of the drivers are oss, and inside the kernel, nd dont need to be installed sepertly.22:53
ali1234it was released same time as the new unreal demo, and the new crysis engine demo, which both sucked22:54
ali1234anyone got link?22:54
hamitronali1234: with normal drivers?22:54
ali1234depends how you define "normal"22:54
ali1234i mean sure they probably were the "normal" drivers22:54
hamitronthe ones we are given :)22:54
AzelphurI'm typing blind :D22:55
ali1234if you're making a multimillion dollar game that is going to make people want to buy a new video card, then the video card manufacturers tend to be more responsive to bug reports22:55
AzelphurMy 8800GT is doing like 2FPS haha22:55
AzelphurI can see it slowly scanning down the display drawing each line :D22:55
Azelphurgonna restart X to clear this \o/22:56
hamitronmy voodoo2 runs faster22:56
dwatkinsthanks brobostigon - I chose 10.04 because I thought that being well established that version would be less likely to have issues with my Eee22:56
ali1234hamitron: here's the unreal demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgS67BwPfFY&feature=player_embedded22:56
ali1234it's not very good IMO22:56
hamitronI can't view youtube :/22:56
ali1234and this is the cryengine 3 demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHNWj8HmWwQ&feature=related22:57
ali1234also nothing particularly amazing22:57
brobostigondwatkins: and then maybe try newer kernels ontop from th kernel teams ppa.aswell.22:57
brobostigondwatkins: also remember, it is almost a year behind now, so you are missing a years worth of development,22:58
ali1234ah here's the game with actually good graphics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBu_tH8muq0&feature=relmfu22:58
ali1234battlefield 322:58
Seeker`anyone know a lot about mpeg transport streams?22:58
ali1234Seeker`: i know a bit22:58
Seeker`when I play back a TS from a DVB recorder, at advert breaks the sound drops for a second, which I assume is it changing format in some way. How on earth do I detect these?22:59
ali1234good question :)23:00
ali1234i reported a bug dealing with aspect ratio changes in ad breaks23:00
Seeker`Ideally I would be able to process the file and generate a list of frames or timestamps where it happens23:00
Seeker`nono, not aspect ratio23:00
ali1234it's the same thing - change in format23:00
ali1234mythtv can detect these changes23:00
Seeker`the audio thing happens whether or not there is an aspect ratio23:00
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.23:00
hamitronnn brob23:00
ali1234and gstreamer and mplayer can too since i bug reported it23:00
brobostigonnight hamitron23:01
Seeker`ali1234: link to the bug report in mplayer?23:01
hamitronright, coffee time23:03
hamitronbrain need23:03
ali1234bug 52152623:04
lubotu3Launchpad bug 521526 in gnome-mplayer (Ubuntu) "gnome-mplayer does not correctly handle aspect ratio changes in mpeg streams" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52152623:04
ali1234bug 52009123:04
lubotu3Launchpad bug 520091 in totem (Ubuntu) "Totem does not correctly handle aspect ratio changes in mpeg streams" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52009123:04
Azelphurali1234 / hamitron pretty much same fps on both cards23:07
Azelphurcompiz off yeilds a little FPS boost but nothing special23:07
ali1234and there you go :)23:08
AzelphurI was pretty sure when I upgraded my bottleneck was CPU though23:08
Azelphurgames would always 100% a core on my q6600, they don't on my i723:08
Seeker`ali1234: thanks23:09
Seeker`ali1234: can't find the svn commit associated with the fix :(23:09
ali1234Seeker`: well i dunno about that23:09
ali1234Seeker`: but look at the mplayer log23:09
ali1234mplayer -v23:09
ali1234it will tell you if the format changes23:09
ali1234then you can grep source for that message23:10
ali1234or just make your list based on the mplayer log23:10
ali1234or look at how mythtv does it23:10
hamitronAzelphur: what about glxgears?23:10
Seeker`ali1234: no idea where mythtv does it. But if i can find where mplayer does it, I'll have a better idea of where to start looking23:10
Azelphurhamitron: glxgears = "lol I'll just freeze"23:12
Azelphurmulti X \o/23:12
ali1234quality software23:13
hamitronhow do i disable vertical sync for glxgears?23:14
hamitronis there a standard native linux gaming benchmark used?23:15
ali1234phoronix probably has something but it's nearly impossible to understand how it works23:17
hamitronhad to share23:21
ali1234considering that nouveau project doesn't even accept bug reports on 3d i have to wonder if that test is even worth anything23:21
ali1234i mean i can write a driver that would easily get 100 FPS on any graphics card running any software at all23:21
ali1234as long as you don't mind that it always displays a black screen23:21
hamitronah, true23:22
ali1234but hey, that's phoronix for you23:22
ali1234pretty much every report they make is like this23:22
ali1234i notice there's no screenshots to prove that nouveau isn't just displaying a black screen23:23
ali1234"The most telling part is one comment in that thread that points out that  nouveau doesn't support things like AA/AF but the tests include them.  So while the binary nvidia driver is rendering everything beautifully  with all available features, the open source version is pushing out a  haggard shell of a render. That would give it a substancial speed boost.  Benchmarks need to be like-for-like."23:24
ali1234comment in phoronix forums23:24
ali1234so... yeah23:24
ali1234completely worthless unscientific test23:25
hamitronwell, I just assumed it was right23:27
hamitronI was hopeful for all of a few mins23:27
hamitronthen you ruined it23:27
ali1234nouveau still don't even accept bug reports on 3d23:27
ali1234i think i already said that23:27
ali1234after the first page the comments degenerates into ATI trolling :/23:29
hamitronfun while it lasted23:29
hamitronpersonally I can't see gaming ever been great in linux, till there are native games23:30
hamitronso I always hope it will come23:30
ali1234all the good PC games already run on linux23:31
ali1234(of which there are about 3)23:31
hamitronoh I like loads of games23:31
hamitronand until they all run, plus the high end ones run natively, still more to do23:32
hamitronalthough, with older windows games now not working on newer versions of windows, that may well attract some to linux23:32
Seeker`argh, this is why I hate trying to get involved in projects; people never answer any damn questions23:33
ali1234that won't work23:33
Seeker`spent 2 hours searching for stuff and found nothing23:33
ali1234Seeker`: read the source code23:33
Seeker`ali1234: where do I start? Any idea how many LoC there are in mythtv?23:33
ali1234whats a LoC?23:33
popeyLine of Code23:34
Seeker`line of code23:34
popeyapt-get source mythtv23:34
popeywc -l23:34
ali1234no, no idea at all23:34
Seeker`ali1234: one file alone has 4689 lines.23:34
ali1234that's ... not much code...23:34
Seeker`thats one file23:34
Seeker`there are many such large files23:35
ali1234mythcommflag = 13k lines23:37
hamitronhmmm, MS Windows is catching Ubuntu23:37
Seeker`ali1234: the .cpp files in libmythtv are 115l lines23:40
ali1234so? mythcommflag is all you care about23:41
Seeker`no, it isn't23:41
Seeker`what I want to do is try to add a new detection method, one that is based on the audio (which mythcommflag currently doesn't do)23:42
Seeker`I need to understand how I can work out where the audio format in the files change23:42
ali1234i doubt it is possible actually23:44
ali1234if the audio sample rate changed then you could23:45
ali1234i think what you actually need is a stream analyzer if you want to do it that way23:45
ali1234eg dvbsnoop23:45
ali1234not sure if that is even possible23:48
ali1234if you just want to do it based on volume then that's more likely to work23:48
Azelphuryay lost diamond pick thanks to minecraft downtime :(23:49
Seeker`ali1234: no, it isn't more likely to work23:50
ali1234there must be something you can catch eg if the adverts are in stereo and then the program is in DTS or something23:51
ali1234unless the DTS signal is encoded into the stereo signal23:52
Azelphurhmm, I'm trying to patch kupfer with this https://bugs.launchpad.net/kupfer/+bug/614796/comments/823:55
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 614796 in kupfer "Support for separate X screens" [Wishlist,New]23:55
AzelphurI grabbed the source from git and ran patch -p0 < 0001-Use-one-Kupfer-D-Bus-service-per-DISPLAY.patch23:55
Azelphurbut it doesn't appear to work :(23:55
* Azelphur pokes23:59

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