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kdub_reminder: ubuntu hour SD tomorrow downtown!16:28
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pleia2kdub: can you remind me tomorrow so I can update twitter/identica/facebook with a reminder? :)17:11
kdubsure pleia217:12
pleia2(typical reminder: I don't really want to hold the keys to the castle, if someone else wants to help keeping social media updated I'd be happy to share!)17:13
iheartubuntui dont mind. i recall i volunteered, but then the subject changed :) things move fast in an IRC meeting!17:20
pleia2oh, sorry for missing that :)17:21
iheartubuntulike a month or two ago. if no one else steps up, i'll do whatever you need17:22
iheartubuntuwe were mostly talking about feeding info to all of the accounts... facebook, twitter, etc17:24
iheartubuntuin other news i got this old 80 year old guys computer switched over to ubuntu17:36
iheartubuntuits an older P4. upgraded ram from 500mb to 2gb17:36
iheartubuntucomputer was a dog with XP on it17:37
iheartubuntunow it kicks butt17:37
iheartubuntui was worried when evolution didnt have a an outlook PST import option, so i ran all the updates and evolution was updated (whew). all his email is there and working!17:37
pleia2ram always makes a huge difference :)17:38
pleia2my 2nd desktop is a p4, 3G of ram and it runs like a champ17:38
iheartubuntustrangely, the motherboard had TWO different ram size slots17:40
iheartubuntuso i wasnt about to put the 3rd chip in17:41
iheartubuntuid never seen that before17:41
iheartubuntuit had two of one kind, and two of another kind17:41
iheartubuntuthe only thing i could think of is the two last slots accepted an older ram chip in case people were upgrading or something. i dont know.17:42
iheartubuntu2GB is better than nothing, especially for checking email17:42
pleia22G is great17:43
kdubpentium 4 was a strong chipset overall17:44
iheartubuntuso i3 i5 and i7 are no longer pentium4?17:44
iheartubuntuok i got your text thanks17:45
pleia2pentium4 is long gone17:45
kdubwell, they're the evolution of those architectures17:45
kdubthe big shake-up was when they slapped a second core on one die17:45
kdubcaused all sorts of disruptions :P17:45
pleia2and p4 is 32-bit17:45
pleia2the i-series is 64-bit, multicore and has hardware virtualization <317:45
pleia2I have an i7 in my desktop, paid a bundle for it a year ago but I would do it again :)17:46
pleia2and my poor boyfriend, we're ordering parts and he's an AMD guy, cringing with every intel decision17:48
iheartubuntui have a p4 thats 64 bit... hmmm.17:48
iheartubuntui think it says hyperthreading or something17:49
pleia2ah, I guess some of them were extended17:49
pleia2"In 2004, the initial 32-bit x86 instruction set of the Pentium 4 microprocessors was extended by the 64-bit x86-64 set."17:49
iheartubuntui think i had bought that system in 200717:51
iheartubuntui have a very similar desktop that i bought in 2005 thats only 32 bit17:51
iheartubuntudoes anyone here have ATT for their internet provider? im having a problem getting evolution to use SMTP. I realize i need to use att's smtp servers. evolution shows it sending the emails, but the mail never leaves the "outbox". it should go to the sent box if it worked correctly.19:17
iheartubuntui used the SMTP info here: http://mobile.yahoo.com/mail19:18
iheartubuntu(click imap tab)19:18
iheartubuntuand it has the setup for outgoing mail. should have worked19:19
iheartubuntumaybe the smtp server info is different, although that looks like the one iveh ad to use in the past19:20
iheartubuntuhtis family im helping cannot find their ATT fold with all the info in it19:21
jtatumthere's a lot of at&t isps19:25
jtatumuverse? dsl? sbc? dialup? worldnet?19:25
iheartubuntugood question19:25
iheartubuntui figured they are all using smtp.mail.yahoo.com as the outgoing server19:25
jtatuma lot of isps block all outbound smtp servers except their own19:25
jtatummailhost.att.net, mail.attbi.com come up as two to try19:26
iheartubuntui shouldnt assume (ass/u/me) anything otherwise i will make an ass out of u and me19:26
jtatumfrom command prompt, to test use $ telnet <host> 2519:26
jtatumno need, i'm already an ass19:26
iheartubuntuim pretty sure att blocks. at work here we use att and i have to use their servers if i use evolution19:27
iheartubuntubut i dont really know what these peoples att is since they cant find their folder.19:27
iheartubuntuwhat info do i use for host?19:28
jtatumthe host you want to test19:28
jtatumsmtp.mail.yahoo.com or mailhost.att.net or whatever19:28
iheartubuntuohh i see19:28
jtatumactually, seeing some junk about smtp.att.yahoo.com port 465, so try $ telnet smtp.att.yahoo.com 46519:29
iheartubuntuhere at work it says connected when i use smtp.att.yahoo.com19:30
iheartubuntuand smtp.mail,yahoo.com did not work19:30
iheartubuntuatt worked, mail did not19:31
iheartubuntui need to remote to his computer again and try it19:31
iheartubuntusame service, same company, just a couple miles away so i think it will work19:32
iheartubuntuthanks jtatum!!!!19:32
iheartubuntudid not work :(20:38
iheartubuntutelnet showed it was fine20:38
iheartubuntuso the smtp server is correct20:38
iheartubuntuactually it should have worked20:38
iheartubuntubut i was using my att account login since they could not find theirs. apparently they need to use their exact login20:39
iheartubuntuto gain access to the smtp server20:39
akkI've never figured out how get att login info. We have att dsl, but no password I could use for the smtp server.20:41
iheartubuntuso what did u do?20:41
akkd has an account with another ISP and I use that instead.20:42
akkWhen we're at home we don't need a password (since we're on their net anyway) -- it's only for traveling that I need one.20:42
iheartubuntuwell, this person i am helping uses att, and evolution isnt liking att mail server. i tried to use his domains pop server got nowhere20:43
akkHave you tried without a password? This is just a desktop home system?20:45
pleia2iheartubuntu: might try port 587 for smtp instead20:46
iheartubuntui dont think i can enter a port in evolution20:46
pleia2(25 is largely deprecated, and a lot of ISPs block it both ways)20:46
iheartubuntujust SSL and then login and password20:46
pleia2you can20:46
iheartubuntui can?20:46
akkdon't mailers like evolution do that automatically?20:46
pleia2evolution would be useless if you couldn't specify the correct port (587 is correct, 25 is wrong)20:47
iheartubuntui should just go over there and do it. i keep waking him out of his rocking chair to remotely try things :)20:47
iheartubuntu465 is ATTs port20:47
pleia2yeah, 465 is the ssl port20:48
pleia2if it's actually an auth problem you may try variations of the usernames, some of them want "username" some of them want "username@domain.com"20:48
pleia2and it's easy to mix those up when configuring20:49
iheartubuntuso how do i change evolutions port settings20:49
iheartubuntushould give me something20:50
iheartubuntui add the port number at the end! duh20:52
iheartubuntuatt calls out for port 465 though20:53
iheartubuntuSSL automatically uses 465?20:53
iheartubuntuor should i specify it20:53
pleia2it should20:54
iheartubuntuso i should still use SSL but try 58720:57
pleia2465 is fine21:02
pleia2I was just saying 587 because you want to avoid 25 these days because a lot of ISPs block it so you can run into trouble21:03
iheartubuntui must need his exact att login then its not accepting my att stuff from work.21:03
akkSeems so silly -- like spammers can't figure that out and switch to 587?21:03
pleia2akk: it's a neverending war :) they will eventually switch to 587, but the tools they've been letting loose all over the internet via viruses and worms that hard code 25 will stop working at least21:04
pleia2it's amazing how long people have these nasty things installed on their computers21:07
akkI got some amusing telephone spam/phish this morning.21:24
akkPhone rang, I answer, some guy with an Indian accent says "I'm from the the technical maintaince department. We want to help you with your Microsoft Windows computer."21:25
akk(this is at home)21:25
jhana-frogi saw a commercial the other night that was for a so-called "stem cell topical treatment" that would eliminate the effects of aging22:55
iheartubuntudidnt ponce de leon search for that?23:08
pleia2fountains are so much more romantic than topical treatments23:09
akkThe Fountain of Pluripotence?23:13
iheartubuntuhe could have just ordered the topical treatments in 3 installments of $19.95!23:34

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