mhall119itnet7: do you want to move our LP team back to being an open team?00:29
dantalizingre: mhall119's last question ... open team ftw12:04
dantalizingmhall119: did they fix the issues with the teams in lp?12:12
mhall119dantalizing: yeah12:19
mhall119they created a new type called "Delegated"12:19
mhall119where the parent team is moderated, but child teams can have open membership12:19
tiemonsterI find it ironic that this online course on the Linux operating system requires a proprietary program that only works on Windows ;-)12:47
tiemonsteroh, there's a web version... that uses flash14:03
tiemonsterfor what is an overglorified powerpoint presentation14:04
tiemonsterThere we go. I'm registered for "Introduction to the Sun Solaris Operating System"14:10
mhall119slide 1: It's now Oracle Solaris14:14
mhall119slide 2: it's gonna die14:14
tiemonsterit's generic enough to apply to most distros in the solaris family14:15
tiemonstermy interest in Solaris centers on AIO, which allows for an efficiency of I/O (so I'm told) which far surpasses Linux14:16
tiemonstersorry - not flash. shockwave. installation pending. :-/14:17
itnet7mhall119: I moved it back to an open team, after I read Paul's E-mail this morning, it should be good to go!14:20
mhall119itnet7: got a second for PM?14:20
itnet7Sure sir 14:20
RoAkSoAxitnet7: o/15:41
=== crash|party-hat is now known as crashsystems
itnet7Hey there RoAkSoAx !17:30
RoAkSoAxitnet7: dude how's it going17:37
reya276hello everyone19:55
reya276is Dan around?19:56
reya276hey I keep getting this error on my server "update-alternatives: error: alternative path /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/amd64/libnpjp2.so doesn't exist."20:00
reya276why is that?20:00
reya276then I get this "dpkg: error processing sun-java6-plugin (--configure):20:01
reya276 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 220:01
reya276Errors were encountered while processing:20:01
reya276 sun-java6-plugin20:01
reya276E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"20:01
itnet7do you have synaptic open while you're trying to install something from CLI?20:03
reya276no not at all?20:10
reya276let me go upstairs and check20:10
reya276ok everything is closed, yet I'm still getting that same error20:14
reya276for some reason it always goes back to this "Errors were encountered while processing:20:16
reya276 sun-java6-plugin"20:16
reya276how can I install a .DEB file that is not in the repository but that is sitting in a directory, like the Downloads20:18
mhall119dpkg -i $file20:18
reya276itnet7, that link helped solve the issue, the sun-java6-plugin was an old version from my backups. one of my server blew up on Friday night so I had to do a full restore from backups, but for some reason not everything made it back20:19
reya276mhall119, thanks20:20
reya276mhall119, I think I may need your help on this, for some reason it wont let me install the software saying that it has unmet dependencies but the thing is that this is a self contained packakge which really does not depend on any dependenciaes20:31
reya276let me pastebin the errors as they are a bit long20:31
reya276mhall119, please take a look at this when you get a chance http://paste.ubuntu.com/583500/20:33
maxolasersquadreya276: Why not just enable the partnet repostiory and install sun java through apt?20:43
reya276oh dude, I don't know what just happened but this thing fixed itself20:44
reya276I have never ever seen anything like this wow amazing20:44
reya276everything is restored including data that was previously deleted20:44
maxolasersquadSounds better than hours of headache.20:45
mhall119uh...glad I could help?20:45
reya276thanks guys, no seriously it was as if the damn thing had a mind of its own, damn these guys really do built good software20:55

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