akgranerHey y'all!  We are finally back in our house! :-)15:45
akgranerY'all are all invited :-)15:46
akgranerglobal jam at the graner's :-)15:46
akgraner(hmm I might should as pete and the kids if they mind)15:46
Nivexonce it gets warm just set up one of those big tents and a couple of port-a-pots out in the back yard :)15:47
akgranergeeknic at the graner's15:47
akgranerohhh I like that idea even more15:47
Nivexit even has some alliterative properties :)15:48
Nivexmy small group has started planning our SELF 2011 roadtrip15:48
holsteinakgraner: CONGRATS :)16:10
akgranerholstein, thanks!16:10
akgranerwhen you playing at Barley's again16:10
akgranerBecca will be there Wednesday night16:10
holsteinyou guys have totally earned some boring relaxing downtime :)16:10
holsteinakgraner: COOL, i dont have anything on the book right now16:11
holsteinbut i will16:11
holsteini played there this weekend16:11
akgranerdang we were enjoying some boring downtime16:11
akgranersorry about that we should have come out and listened to you play16:11
holsteinakgraner: no worries16:11
BugeyeDholstein: can you tell when folks are listening to your streams? i've done it a few times; it's sometimes hard to get anything out of it with the kids around though, so i haven't done it much.16:22
BugeyeDmy aunt has a plaque in her house that reads something like this:16:22
BugeyeDliving with small children is like being nibbled to DEATH by ducks.16:22
holsteinBugeyeD: if i remember16:23
holsteini can look and see the peak listeners16:23
holsteinand current listeners16:23
holsteini usually just close it down though16:23
holsteini think i might need to go with ustream or justinTV16:23
holsteinsomething with video16:23
BugeyeDakgraner: congratulations! i'm certain that's a relief for you guys. i simply cannot imagine going through what you did, and i'm happy that you made it through.16:23
holsteinthe rig i have now is all opensource though16:24
BugeyeDi like that fact16:24
holsteinme too :)16:24
BugeyeDi have no room for that kind of thing in my current life, but it definitely interests me16:24
holsteinAND, i could do video with it16:24
holsteinpretty sure i dont have the bandwidth here though16:24
holsteini could keep it open16:24
holsteinand run it on a VPS or something16:25
holsteinwe'll see16:25
holsteinustream is easy though16:25
holsteindepends on what my target is really16:25
holsteinif its us, then what im doing is fine16:25
holsteinbut, ustream would be more accessible16:25
holsteinand understandable16:25
holsteinto other OS users i think16:26
holsteini think its great that i post a link, and IE probably chokes on it ;)16:26
holsteinand hangs16:26
holsteinbut, i want to be more open in as many ways as possible16:27
holsteinand if that means using ustream, than i probably should16:27
holsteinand the social integration is handy16:27

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