EricR2427Hey, everyone02:06
Cheri703how are you?02:06
EricR2427Pretty tired...02:06
EricR2427Yeah, it's my fault I suppose :)02:08
Cheri703when is your spring break?02:11
EricR2427March 28 - April 102:12
Cheri703ah, looking forward to it?02:13
EricR2427Completely forgot about it until yesterday, but it'll be nice02:14
EricR2427Especially after graduation tests last week :)02:14
Cheri703blarghity blarghy blargh my friend02:18
canthus13Heh. Just finished my first P90X workout today. It's painful.02:18
canthus13..And creatine powder tastes like fruity bicycle innertubes.02:18
Cheri703I've heard that...on both counts02:19
canthus13Seems worthwhile, though. I've been doing the diet for about 3 weeks and have already lost 15 pounds.02:19
Cheri703is it maintainable though?02:19
Cheri703long term02:20
canthus13Think so. Just changing my diet to something healthy has done wonders.02:20
Cheri703that's good02:21
canthus13and the exercise routine is pretty varied, so I'm not too worried about getting bored with it.02:21
EricR2427Is it bad when I spend more time writing a program to do my Algebra II homework than it would have taken to do by hand? :)03:09
Cheri703I used to do that...programmed my calculator03:12
EricR2427Yep, done that, too03:16
EricR2427Made one for dist. formula, midpoint, etc that actually saved time03:17
EricR2427This time it was more just because I hate factoring :)03:17
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thafreakcanthus13: you started p90x eh? good luck, stick with it....14:44
thafreakThe first time I started it, I also lost like 20lbs just on the diet part before starting the workout...14:44
thafreakIt's not so easy if you try to do it again though...14:44
canthus13Heh.  I'm working on pushing myself down to the basement to start the workout.  I'm in a fair bit of pain right now. :P14:47
thafreakhaha, yes, but you'll be in more pain if you don't work out and keep your muscles moving...14:48
thafreakget down there....do some "ballistic" stretching :_14:48
canthus13That's what I'm thinking. Most of it isn't too bad, but I think I pulled a tricep a little...14:48
thafreakouch...yeah, I think I hurt my shoulder this last time around...now it pops out randomly...14:49
thafreakactually, it's been a while since it's poped on me...maybe all the siitting and playing call of duty has healed it14:50
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thafreaksad...I have to run a windows vm so that I can watch netflix...19:14
djoebecause watching netflix is now compulsory19:15
djoelike the Two Minutes Hate, but with popcorn19:15
canthus13Haha.  texting 'F**K OFF' actually works to get you unsubscribed from SMS spammers. :)19:48
canthus13(At least, they sent me back a text saying that I'd been unsubscribed...)19:49
Cheri703-_- accidentally closed team viewer on remote computer...and the guy left his office already so can't open it back up :(21:31
Cheri703oh well21:38
Cheri703oh well, at least now I have it set so I can put in a static password instead of needing someone there every time. I may set it to open automatically next time I'm there :)22:22
Unit193Hello! did I miss anything? (USB failed again, had to restart)22:54
canthus13Unit193: yeah. they just announced that ubuntu development will cease immediately and canonical is shutting down.  Shuttleworth is throwing all his efforts behind Windows now.22:55
Unit193wow, I missed a ton... ;)22:56
* Unit193 just got back from Kalahari :D23:09

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