MutantTurkeyjedijf: got the email for pacs so i'll print it out and have it next time :D00:10
* ChinnoDog yawns01:42
* InHisName dives for stimulant to keep going for a while longer.01:48
andrewWatching CSI:Miami, I keep yelling at them for their technology fails03:01
waltmanandrew: let it go.03:02
andrewI.... can't03:02
andrewBut I've learned, if two people are communicating using encrypted emails, they both use the same key password03:03
andrewAnd if you clone an encrypted laptop's harddrive, you are still limited to 3 tries before it's all wiped, because apparently you can't clone your cloned drive03:06
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ChinnoDogtoo early to be awake09:48
ChinnoDogeven bread men are asleep at this hour09:50
jedijfno, we are up11:15
jedijffailing at new items11:16
ChinnoDog failing?11:53
ChinnoDoggobble gobble11:53
MutantTurkeygobble gobble11:56
ChinnoDogneed bacon12:03
jedijfChinnoDog: new item to rollout today.....no show.....fun12:04
jedijfi believe that meets the requirements for a fail12:04
ChinnoDogThey cancelled my connecting flight. pfft12:39
andrewthat's no fun12:41
andrewHow long until you get to fly?12:41
ChinnoDog9:48am CST. But, I'm on standby because all the flights to St. Louis are full12:48
andrewSo, why did they cancel your flight?12:50
ChinnoDogmechanical problems12:50
ChinnoDogShould have taken the train.13:12
andrewwhere are you stuck and where are you heading?13:17
ChinnoDogI'm stuck at O'hare. Going to St. Louis13:20
ChinnoDogbattery is dieing. :-(13:20
ChinnoDogbetter find an outlet13:20
andrewWell, good luck13:22
ChinnoDogfound one13:41
ChinnoDoghi lamalex13:41
andrewtrain? outlet? open seat on a plane?13:50
ChinnoDogThey are a sparse commodity around here though.13:57
andrewChinnoDog: It could be a lot worse: http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/haiti_oneyear/h13_26542305.jpg14:03
andrew(caption: A man listens to the radio inside his battery-charging business at Petionville Club golf course IDP camp in Port-au-Prince January 7, 2011.)14:04
ChinnoDogThat must be his data center14:06
InHisNameChinnoDog: a pacs member mentioned the reason for triple grounded outlet adapter was to ask nicely to remove someone's plug and plug them back in adapter.  Now there was a spare outlet for one more lost soul.14:37
InHisNamepleia2: this is for the cat lover in everyone --- http://www.lolcatpics.com/lolcat-going-to-moon-brb/14:57
andrewdid it really need the redundant caption at the bottom?14:58
InHisNamey knot ?   not much else going on.15:03
PennBothello andrew15:04
InHisNamehello PennBot and andrew too15:05

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