robertzaccourhey yall01:55
chris4585hey robertzaccour01:56
robertzaccourJust got done with a 13.5 hour shift and got a 16.5 one tomorrow afternoon01:56
chris4585ouch, doesn't sound fun01:57
chris4585where do you work?01:57
robertzaccourI love my job though01:58
robertzaccourthe 16.5 shift tomorrow is actually for 2 days01:59
robertzaccour3:30-midnight and then midnight-801:59
chris4585I have no idea what that is lol01:59
robertzaccourI assist people that are intellectually disabled01:59
robertzaccourthe hardest part about the overnight shifts is being sleepy02:00
cyberangerrobertzaccour: not too hard on the overnights here02:00
robertzaccourcyberanger, in irc you mean?02:00
cyberangergo long enough, I will be tired02:00
cyberangerno, my work02:00
robertzaccourcyberanger, where is that?02:01
cyberanger3 computer shops in the Chattanooga02:01
cyberangerwell, consistantly 3 shops, there's a few others02:01
robertzaccourdo you sell stuff?02:01
cyberangerI do repair, networking, Unix and Linux02:02
cyberangerbut some of the stores also sell stuff02:02
robertzaccourah i see cool stuff02:02
cyberangerone is B2B focused02:02
robertzaccourwhats B2B?02:02
robertzaccourbusiness to business?02:03
cyberangerBussiness 2 Bussiness, outsourced IT02:03
robertzaccouroh ok02:03
cyberangerLinux is unique, and on top of that, so is Dial up and Asterisk02:04
robertzaccouri guess you have more os options than radio shack down the street then02:04
robertzaccourmost computers don't come with a phone jack port these days haha02:05
cyberangerso I'm in touch with shops that aren't used to some stuff02:05
cyberangerbut between hughesnet and dial-up, ton of rual areas that have little else02:05
robertzaccouri meant as far as computer sells you offer more OS options than the other places most likely02:07
chris4585robertzaccour, I don't know how but I have about 6 phone cords and probably equally that pc cards02:08
robertzaccourchris4585, maybe you had dial up years ago and lost cords and bought more and found the lost ones later?02:09
chris4585pretty much, actually most of them are from DSL I think, we haven't had a landline phone for 4 years or so02:09
robertzaccourI don't have a house phone, but if I did it would be a magic jack02:10
cyberangernot really, I'm the reason most shops offer everything02:10
cyberangerjust a matter of hassle02:10
robertzaccourdon't understand why people still pay for regular landlines, unless they save money that way as a package deal02:10
cyberangerprice and such02:10
cyberangerever had a power failuer02:11
cyberangeror a job that required a dependable means of being reached02:11
cyberangerthat's one reason02:12
chris4585cyberanger, a few days ago they were stringing a new cord down our road, I was quite pleased02:12
cyberangercelluar networks get overwealmed over a simple bridge collapse,02:12
cyberangerand landlines don't need power02:12
cyberangerthere gets to a point where your SOL, but that's one reason02:13
robertzaccouri know. in tornado season some days cell phones aren't a great means of communication02:13
robertzaccouralso having a 911 line is a good thing02:13
robertzaccourbetter to have it and not need it than not have it and wish ya did02:14
cyberangerI killed my landline, but I added redundancy when I did, becuase of all this02:14
cyberangerI'm ARES & RC, I gotta be activated if needed02:15
robertzaccourI haven't had a landline at home in a long time02:23
robertzaccourIf I did it would have to be a package deal where I spend less having a landline than not having it02:24
cyberangeryeah, I wish Tennessee had a Do Not Disconnect policy02:26
robertzaccourfor what?02:27
cyberangera number of things change with that02:27
cyberangernumber one is it keeps landline 911 access open,02:27
cyberangersomething that'd be helpful in a disaster02:27
cyberangercell phones have to as well, but cell phones have only so many circuts, easy to overwealm02:28
cyberangercompared to a landline02:28
robertzaccouryeah true02:28
cyberangerlandlines is connected, it has a local circut02:29
cyberangerstill possible to overwealm a PSAP, but not as likely as overwealming all the long distance circuts02:30
robertzaccourthese days its not likely to drop a call unless you live in the woods, mountains, or under ground02:30
robertzaccourI live underground, so I make most calls in my bedroom haha02:30
robertzaccourwell mostly underground02:31
robertzaccoura basement style apartment02:31
cyberangerin an emergency?!?02:32
cyberangernot one house on fire, but citywide02:32
cyberangerand keep in mind, one of those three apply to alot of tennessee02:33
cyberanger(and I had never said dropped call, I said unavailable circut)02:33
robertzaccouroh right02:34
cyberanger9/11, katrina, 2003 blackout, minnesota bridge collapse02:36
cyberangerall events that overwealmed celluar networks, causing ARES to be activated02:37
cyberangeralong with the Red Cross02:37
cyberangerthat's my concern, a prolonged blackout, or any other event causing issues to the celluar network02:40
cyberangeron top of the fact that the celluar system isn't built like the landline network02:41
cyberangercelluar is allways at capacaty02:41
cyberangerany spike in calls will fill the circuts02:41
robertzaccouri suppose if there's a big crisis then landline is the way to go02:58
robertzaccourI'm not home a lot though haha02:58
cyberangerhence my percautions03:00
robertzaccourI do live in a basement style apartment though, so I might get magic jack just for freedom to talk anywhere in the house03:02
robertzaccour$20/year is probably worth it03:02
cyberangerbesides the spyware infected xp install03:04
robertzaccourcyberanger, it doesn't work with Linux?03:05
robertzaccourI thought they were gonna support Linux this year03:05
cyberangernope, and it's the spyware source03:05
cyberangeroh, well maybe...03:05
cyberangerI don't trust them, even if I have to pay more, just safer for a more trusted company03:07
robertzaccouryeah true03:08
robertzaccouror like i said, If I decide to get cable and the phone saves me money instead of costs based on a package plan03:09
robertzaccouri'm goin to sleep03:11
robertzaccourlater dude03:11
Juzzyanyone tried 11.04 yet?03:12
cyberangersee ya robertzaccour03:15
cyberangerJuzzy: sorta, my build, openbox, and serve03:16
cyberangerJuzzy: not the gnome or unity builds yet03:17
wrstJuzzy: i am testing it11:50
wrsthello Xpistos13:19
XpistosHey daddy!13:23
XpistosHows that baby doing?13:23
wrstdonig great Xpistos13:26
wrsthey orias23:50

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