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AlanBello/ newz200021:47
newz2000hey AlanBell21:47
AlanBellso with the wiki you may have noticed that when you google for something and end up back on the wiki you are almost always on wiki.edubuntu.org21:47
AlanBellsecond link on there for example21:48
AlanBellthis is because we don't use the <link canonical=wiki.ubuntu.com/foo> thing in the head so google just picks one of the domains21:48
newz2000I was actually talking to my boss about this earlier today21:49
newz2000AlanBell: any suggestions on the best way to handle it?21:49
AlanBellI think the perfect way to handle it would be to have a little macro that you could tag a page as being edubuntu or kubuntu or whatever but by default set it to ubuntu21:50
newz2000Hmm, that's an interesting idea21:50
AlanBellthe easy way is to just slap in a wiki.ubuntu.com reference for everything21:51
newz2000Can a macro add stuff to the <head> of a document?21:51
newz2000I don't know what the current priority for this task is. It is probably a post-natty thing.21:52
AlanBellhttp://moinmo.in/HelpOnProcessingInstructions#keywords that stuff goes in <head>21:53
newz2000So do we make a plugin that enables our own PI21:54
AlanBellsomething like that21:54
newz2000If so, that'd be a good way to do it21:55
newz2000The only prob with this is that it won't be very discoverable21:55
AlanBelltrue, but parsing the url string looking for "kubuntu" or whatever seems like an ugly hack22:04
AlanBellprobably quite an effective ugly hack though22:04
AlanBellin fact it is I think totally effective22:07
AlanBellif it starts with /Kubuntu it is wiki.kubuntu.org, if it starts with /Edubuntu then wiki.edubuntu.org else wiki.ubuntu.com22:08

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