pikkiemhi all09:20
pikkiemis there anyone online that might be able to help with a problem with a raid configuration that i have09:24
superflyNot at the moment, it seems...09:41
* superfly knows next to nothing of raid09:41
Kiloshi superfly  and all you other guys10:45
Kilosubuntu-za is shrinking10:46
Kilosis it because of peeps moving away from ubuntu or what I wonder10:48
Kiloshows ya Tonberry 10:49
Tonberryit could just be the fact that today is a public holiday10:49
Kilosoh, i hope so. been off for a while and come back to an empty house10:55
Kilosalmost empty that is10:56
KilosMaaz, coffee on10:56
* Maaz starts grinding coffee10:56
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:00
KilosMaaz, gracias11:00
MaazKilos: ¬°de nada!11:00
superflyhi Kilos!11:01
Kiloshow are you and the family superfly 11:01
superflyKilos: ja, alright thanks11:01
superflyhow's Kilos?11:01
Kilosgood ty11:01
=== superfly__ is now known as superfly
=== Chat4517 is now known as queery
queerysitting at varsity cup hope i can concentrate on thte meeting17:21
queerybb irc suck17:21
queerymaia is also stuck in traffic17:23
Queery1985ok over tp the n900 the bb sucks17:26
Queery1985drubin you here:17:27
superflyhrm, I wonder if everyone else has forgotten?17:33
superflyya, monthly meeting17:34
nlsthzneish... I did... and I am about to go to bed... day shift is killing me :/17:34
Queery1985im sitting at a rugby game17:35
nlsthznQueery1985: cool, who is playing?17:36
Queery1985maties vs uj17:37
nlsthznnice, enjoy :)17:37
Queery1985maties is breaking my hart17:37
nlsthznsounds like the Bulls game... was depressing :p17:38
Queery1985ok drubin knows about the meeting17:38
nlsthznguys, please excuse me from the meeting... I am off to bed... cheers17:38
* superfly has no idea what this "sport" thing is that everyone keeps talking about17:39
superflyOK, well, I have some domestic duties to take care of, and since it doesn't look like this meeting is going to happen, I'll get on to those17:40
Queery1985dont think so17:41
Queery1985propose a pospone?17:42
Queery1985all present say I17:44
Queery1985maaz coffee on17:47
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:47
Queery1985for the nerves17:47
superflybeing a dad is not for sissies17:49
superfly1 dirty nappy will separate the real dads from the fakes :-P17:49
Queery1985can imagin17:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Queery1985!17:51
Queery1985maaz thank you17:51
MaazQueery1985: Sure17:51
Queery1985so close17:54

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