aromanis the ubuntu keyserver not working?00:00
induzhello can u please tell me a simple program to iso a CD00:00
induz k3b asks me some permission which is above my intelligence i guess00:00
ActionParsnipb1lly: it gives the owner of thefile to root....wasn't that clear?00:00
induzI want to copy a CD  and its bootable Cd00:00
ActionParsnipinduz: gnomebaker....00:01
cjaeI tried a purge of flashpugin-nonfree and still exists, I think it has something to do with the pop out feature, is that new or do I not notice things00:01
fr00gCan anyone tell me why CoverGloobus is having problems with Banshee? It won't display any track info, or even acknowledge that something is playing. It works fine with Rhythmbox, though.00:02
sobczyk_hello, why gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-dev is not in repositories? (there is -doc -dbg but no -dev)00:02
b1llywhen I do chown -R root:root aptana3 it streams a bunch of changing ownership, but says opperation not permitted00:02
ActionParsnipb1lly: prefx with sudo00:02
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flamotok.. it is high resolution detailed slow mothing footage of space shuttle launches with commentary from nasa.. IT IS AWESOMEE.. u r a jerk.. hi poopeater00:04
induzwhy k3b is so complicated to copy a ISO Cd??00:04
uofm49426what is this usb looks like 3 prongs not 4 like normal it just a little smaller00:04
uofm49426it a new used laptop00:04
uofm49426never see one00:04
mickster04uofm49426: it'll probably be mentioned in the manual00:05
ActionParsnipinduz: doesn't it have a 'burn CD image' button00:05
slideIs there any way to see which source is listing a package in apt? For some reason Im still listing chromium 12 even though Ive removed the nightly build ppa, but its still listed and I want to install v1000:05
b1llyim in the nano editor, and i inserted a bunch of text that this guide told me to do for installing aptana, how do i save it o exit it lol00:05
needlezinduz: if you have an .iso file you should be able to right click the .iso file and go burn image to disc00:06
ActionParsnipb1lly: CTRL+X, Press Y, Press ENTER00:06
uofm49426you every have think pad00:06
sir_lukehi gurus, i want to be able to rebuild a php .deb file with my customer --prefix i am assuming i would need to download and compilet it again how do i make a deb of that00:06
fxhpb1lly: press crt x?00:06
uofm49426 x4100:06
ActionParsnipuofm49426: i have00:06
b1llyerror writing /user/bin/aptana3 no such file or dir.00:06
induzits not a file its a CD00:06
`greenlightI installed win7 then ubuntu so I have dual boot. Now, I want to reinstall win7, does my ubuntu 10.10 gets affected or could it be broken?00:06
b1llyhttp://pastie.org/1694207 is what im doing00:07
induzI am trying to copy the CD media to another CD[bootabel]00:07
b1llymy aptana file is in /opt/aptana300:07
ActionParsnipinduz: it also has a CD copy button....00:07
induzActionParsnip, it has CD copy button00:07
fxhp`greenlight: windows 7 will remove grub... So you will have to rebuild grub on the mbr00:07
maguey_hi is there any way to force to reinstall all the packages the packages in my ubuntu 10.1000:08
ActionParsnipinduz: http://files.fosswire.com/2008/01/k3bmainwindow.png00:08
uofm49426it on the left side you have powerplug vga then a usb then under the usb is a smaller usb with 3 pins00:08
`greenlightoh.. thanks fxhp00:08
ActionParsnipmaguey_: sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagename00:08
induzproblem occues after 50% action is done on k3b...i have tried almost changing 10 DVDs00:08
maguey_ActionParsnip:What about all the packages ?00:09
ActionParsnipuofm49426: this is ubuntu support, not hardware but I found this: http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=2362   in future please keep to the channel topic00:09
uofm49426look just like a small usb port00:09
needlezbilly:  shouldn't it be /usr/lib/mozilla ?? not sure just thinking that00:09
ActionParsnip!clone | maguey_00:09
ubottumaguey_: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate00:09
ActionParsnipmaguey_: use that but use the extra --reinstall option00:09
sheldondoes anyone know how to manually change the login screen background for gdm?00:10
uofm49426were is the ubuntu bs room00:10
sheldonyes...I'm running ubuntu server00:10
mrdebwhy does the face picture in gdm keep disappearing after i set it?00:10
SargonRosei mean gdm?00:10
jrtaylorivIf I set up a dual boot system with Debian and Ubuntu, I couldn't use the same /home because the different versions of gnome, firefox, etc. would be different versions, right? Or is there some way that I can make it where they won't stomp on each other's configuration?00:11
b1llyerror writing /user/bin/aptana3 no such file or dir00:11
induzActionParsnip, I am trying the copy Cd button and it fails due to some permission problems00:11
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ActionParsnipinduz: try a different app then.00:11
sheldonbut I installed xubuntu-desktop, but the login screen background isn't showing up properly.00:11
mrdebwhy do you want both debian and ubutnu00:11
jrtaylorivmrdeb, i'm going to be moving to Debian eventually, but want to keep my Ubuntu system up until i'm sure everything is working.00:12
ActionParsnipb1lly: sounds like you need to symlink the aptana3 binary to /usr/bin00:12
b1llyidk how to do this00:12
ruserhow do I enable MouseKeys from the keyboard, not the KDE or LXDE menu00:13
ActionParsnipb1lly: try researching some then, you'll learn some. If you are new to the OS it's  obvious you won't know00:13
b1llyis there like a good starters guide anywhere00:13
ruserI'm talking about MouseKeys  , the th ing activated by Alt+Shift+Num Lock00:13
induzcan i copy that CD to a DVd...or it has to be a CD??00:13
ruserThat lets you use numeric keypad to control the mouse cursor00:13
StarminnIf I want to make a script to simply launch a file, what filetype does it have to be, and what should the #! point to?00:14
fxhpActionParsnip b1lly: and by research we mean a simple google search before asking00:14
ActionParsnipfxhp: not necessarily00:14
fxhpStarminn: depends, linux doesn't require filetypes00:14
s-foxHello,  wondering if anyone can point me to an irc channel to discuss planet ubuntu.  My blog post has not appeared (posted over 3 hours ago). I checked my rss and it matches the config.ini . Any one know where would be better to get help? Thank you :)00:14
flamoti think stealcian should finally get sex from him than permanently get rid of h00:14
ruserThat lets you use numeric keypad to control the mouse cursor00:14
ruserI'm talking about MouseKeys  , the th ing activated by Alt+Shift+Num Lock00:14
ruserhow do I enable MouseKeys from the keyboard, not the KDE or LXDE menu00:14
fxhpStarminn: .sh might be a good start, and have it point to bash00:15
ruserDoes Alt+Shift+Num Lock work on ALL X Servers?00:15
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Starminnfxhp: Wait, really? You can just save a file name and not have a file type for it?00:15
ActionParsnipfxhp: by saying 'research' the method is not locked down to google, there are many search engines available00:15
induzActionParsnip, i get this error v00:15
ActionParsnipinduz: try:    kdesu k3b00:16
ruserWhy isn't anyone helping me?00:16
fxhpStarminn: in the terminal type: whereis bash   ...  get the path for bash, then on the top of the file to somethinglike  #! /bin/bash00:16
SargonRoseHi, is there a way to resize partitions?00:16
induzis it on terminal?00:16
ruserDoes Alt+Shift+Num Lock work on ALL X Servers?00:16
ActionParsnipruser: if nobody knows, they can't answer can they00:16
ruserYou're helping out others but you aren't helping me!00:16
Starminnfxhp: I have that already.00:16
IdleOneruser: maybe nobody knows the answer00:16
fxhpStarminn: did you set the file exec bit?00:17
induz kdesu k3b?? what is that??00:17
StarminnI chmod'ed it to be executable.00:17
Starminnfxhp: ^00:17
ActionParsnipruser: because I don't know an answer.......that crossed your mind...?00:17
padreHi all.. is there an apache help channel on here? I could really use a hand,. :)00:17
induzActionParsnip,  kdesu k3b ??? what is that? is it a command?/00:17
Raptorshey guys, how do I copy disk to iso with brasero?00:17
fxhpStarminn: is your pwd the same location as the file?00:17
ruserDoes Alt+Shift+Num Lock work on ALL X Servers?00:17
Starminnpadre: #apache ?00:17
SargonRoseIs there a way to resize a partition in ubuntu00:17
IdleOneruser: what does alt-shift-num lock do?00:17
Raptorsthe only options I have is cue and  cddao option00:18
ActionParsnipinduz: indeed, you can fire it in ALT+F2 or konsole (I'm assuming KDE)00:18
Ben64IdleOne: mousekeys00:18
fxhpStarminn: if you are in the directory with the file, type './scriptname.sh'00:18
Starminnfxhp: Nope, and that's why I change the directory. This works if I do it live in a Terminal, but when I set it in a file (so I don't have to memorize the file path) nothing happens. #! /bin/bash00:18
Starminncd ~/quake00:18
StepNjumpGuys, I am on the netbook version of ubuntu, why is it  Icannot just  drag  files right on the desktop directly?00:18
FloodBot1Starminn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
padreStarminn, thanks :)00:18
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Starminn(I thought I had the link in my clipboard. I guess not)00:18
IdleOneruser: it's ctrl-shift-num lock00:18
IdleOnenot alt00:19
Starminnpadre: :)00:19
StepNjumpI know I can copy them to the desktop using nautilus but not directly on the desktop00:19
padreHow can I register with nickserve? Starminn ?  can you IM me00:19
Starminn!register > padre00:19
ubottupadre, please see my private message00:19
induzActionParsnip, is it a programme??00:19
Starminnpadre: We don't do PMs here.00:19
fxhpStarminn: ohhh, I have a trick for you00:20
G00053!register > G0005300:20
ubottuG00053, please see my private message00:20
ActionParsnipinduz: is WHAT a program??00:20
Starminnfxhp: I like tricks.00:20
fxhpStarminn: right click on desktop00:20
StarminnCreate Launcher?00:20
fxhpStarminn: create launcher00:20
tripelbbHelp. Is there more than one memory in the control-C buffer ?  Can I retrieve an older one? ... this is so simple should be....00:20
ActionParsnipinduz: paste the command in konsole and press ENTER00:20
SargonRoseSo resizing a partition in ubuntu?00:20
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SargonRoseCan i do it without other programs00:21
induzActionParsnip, ok00:21
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php00:21
StepNjumpeven right clicking on the desktop doesn't do anything00:21
SargonRosethank you veery much00:21
Starminnfxhp: That does launch the program, but the way that program works, my working directory has to be something other than ~.00:21
induzActionParsnip, it says kdesu command is not found00:22
fxhpStarminn: place a cd ~/quake; before00:22
fixhey anyone here, I have a dns related problem with my server00:22
fxhpStarminn: you can have more then one command00:22
ActionParsnipinduz: are you using KDE?00:22
Ben64fix: just ask a question, best way to get answers00:22
fixI have a dhcp server/dns server running Ubuntu 9.10 on my lan and its not pulling dns requests from the dns server it should be00:22
Starminnfxhp: Do I do "cd ~/quake && <<rest of command>>"?00:22
fixI have no idea where the hell its going dns queries from00:22
padreStarminn, oh.. ok.. sorry about the request then :)  I think I'm registered now..00:22
padreI guess.. LOL00:23
fixbut its not getting it from the server I specificed in resolv.conf00:23
Starminnpadre: Awesome. :) The link on their t freenode tells you how.00:23
Ben64fix: you have bind running on it?00:23
induzi am using gnome00:23
fixyes bind900:23
Ben64then its doing the lookups itself00:23
fixI have a Mikrotik router above it00:23
induzActionParsnip, I am using gnome00:23
SargonRoseIdleOne, thanks00:23
fixIt should be pulling dns info from the mikrotik router00:23
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fixbut its pulling it from some unspecified dns server00:24
ActionParsnipinduz: then use:    gksudo k3b       don't you find te dependancies pulled down when you installed k3b a bit bloating. Just for a CD burner..?00:24
Ben64not if it's running bind, and you have it as the dns server00:24
IdleOneSargonRose: welcome. hope it helps, Please be careful with gparted, it has the power to destroy all your data.00:24
fixok, but obviously it has to also use a dns server for queries?00:24
Starminnfxhp: I tried the boolean and it didn't work.00:24
cappicardhrm.. hey folks. i have 10.10, and adobe flash keeps saying it's crashed... does it in chrome, firefox 3.x and 4.x.00:25
fixwell the Mikrotik it the core router that the internet goes through to the Ubuntu server machine, so, they both have a dns server on them00:25
fxhpStarminn: maybe have the launcher call your shell script00:25
SargonRoseIdleOne, thanks. im really new does gparted have a gui?00:25
fix want the ubuntu server to pull dns queries from the mikrotik dns server00:25
tripelbbPLEASE Help. Is there more than one memory in the control-C buffer ?  Can I retrieve an older one? ... this is so simple should be....   -- It was something I wrote and -mental-lapse-  I control-C's over it.00:25
IdleOneSargonRose: yes.00:25
ActionParsnipSargonRose: gparted is a GUI to parted.....00:25
fxhpfix: which dns server?00:26
Ben64fix: for dhcp settings, set the clients' dns server to the ip of the 'mikrotik'00:26
IdleOneSargonRose: you will find it in the menu under Partition Editor I believe after installing obviously.00:26
rcmaehlwhy doesn't Ubuntu-netbook have customization?00:26
SargonRoseIdleOne, lol makes sence. ok i installed it with apt, but i dont know were or how to find it00:26
SargonRoselol nvm00:26
fixthing is I wanted to use the mikrotik as the primary dns server that the Bind9 pulls all queries from00:26
fixbut its not00:26
SargonRoseIdleOne, lol thanks for answering before i asked00:26
Starminnfxhp: Says the file doesn't exist00:27
fixI have it set in /etc/resolv.conf     server but its completely not using it00:27
IdleOneSargonRose: :)00:27
fxhpStarminn: absolute path00:27
fixi can seee the dns cache on the mikrotik has no entries in it00:27
induzActionParsnip, its copying now ..lets see00:27
Starminnfxhp: I have it set to the path from root (I assume that's "absolute"?) /home/robert/quake/quakelaunch.sh00:27
_chunHi -- when I try to suspend my laptop, the screen goes black and I get a lot of hard-disk activity, but it doesn't suspend -- it's an asus g51j and google isn't show anything. Any tips?00:27
SargonRoseIdleOne, would it be under system?00:27
aeon-ltd_chun: no swap file?00:28
IdleOneSargonRose: System > Administration > Gparted...00:28
fixmight be a known bug00:28
ActionParsnipinduz: if you install gnomebaker and uninstall k3b you will save a tonne of space00:28
_chunaeon-ltd -- got a swap partition, yeah00:28
SargonRoseIdleOne, Thanks i found it as you told me. if i had spent a little more time looking and not asking i would have found it faster.00:28
induzActionParsnip, will it copy the extact copy of CD s this Cd is bootable00:28
ActionParsnip_chun: have you logged a bug00:28
rcmaehlMy desktop has the most updated bios but can't suspend/hibernate correctly which forces me to do a hard reboot00:28
aeon-ltd_chun: >512mb?00:28
rcmaehlHow do I fix this?00:28
induzi have downloaded gnoamebaker from the repo\00:28
_chunActionPartnership: no, I haven't, pretty new to this kind of thing...00:29
induzActionParsnip, k3b came with the kubuntu00:29
_chunaeon-ltd: yep00:29
fixthe mikrotik doesnt issue dhcp, its a static dhcp server00:29
ActionParsnipinduz: yes it will. Why install a KDE based app when gnome has fine burners which need a lot less space.00:29
azmHello, how do I get back my nividia drivers in jockey after using sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia* please?00:29
fixand the only thing on it is the ubuntu server than runs my lan00:29
ActionParsnipinduz: oh so you started with kde then installed gnome?00:29
SargonRoseIdleOne, Do you have experance with gparted?00:29
rcmaehlazm: sudo apt-get install nvidia*00:29
flamothasnt been..00:29
IdleOneSargonRose: a little.00:29
Ben64fix: for dhcp settings, set the clients' dns server to the ip of the 'mikrotik'00:30
rcmaehlSargonRose: I have experience with gparted00:30
induzActionParsnip, i started with gnome but then downloade KDE00:30
ActionParsnipazm: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current00:30
fixdid u not hear what I said00:30
ActionParsnipinduz: i see00:30
flamotyah it selaed.. sealed!00:30
fixIm not manually setting the dns server on my machines00:30
fixthats lame00:30
rcmaehlfix: you talking to me?00:30
SargonRoseIdleOne, rcmaehl, ok they have keys next to the names. does this mean they are locked from being resized?00:30
induzActionParsnip, can i use a DVD to copy this CD00:30
_chunaeon-ltd: just checked, it's 10 gigs, which I would have thought should be more than enough00:30
Ben64fix: ..... you have a dhcp server. make the dhcp server tell the clients the ip to use, its easy00:30
fixif I have to set the dns server manually, then clearly my server is misconfirgured00:30
induzActionParsnip, or it has to be a CD as its a copy00:31
SargonRoseand did it hightlight for both of you?00:31
rcmaehlSargonRose: keys or licks?00:31
fixjesus chrsit00:31
Starminnfxhp: Other suggestions? :)00:31
auserofirci'm using gpointing settings tool in xubuntu, but when I reboot the settings are lost. How do I prevent this?00:31
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SargonRosercmaehl, keys, does a lick look like a toung?00:31
IdleOneSargonRose: currently locked yes. Are you trying to resize a partition that is in use? Also to save you asking 40 more questions it would be best if you booted from a Live CD and ran gparted00:31
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fxhpStarminn: Where did you get the game?  I wanna play00:31
rcmaehlSargonRose: I meant lock not lick00:31
flamotah.. wget 'internet'.. ?00:32
Curatorwget internet00:32
rcmaehlSargonRose: oh the keys mean that they are mounted and in use00:32
SargonRoseIdleOne,  no, the part im trying to resize used to be my windows 7 one but it died because a rootkit froze my laptop during my last part resize00:32
ruserHow do I enable mousekeys in LXDE00:32
SargonRosercmaehl, keys00:32
rcmaehlSargonRose: oh the keys mean that they are mounted and in use, you have to unmount them before you can resize them00:33
ruserYou mean you type rcm aehl, keys00:33
wlosioon vmware i can play on windows xp guest on opengl games?00:33
ruserOkay... how do I install MouseKeys in LXDE00:33
ruserIs anyone here?00:33
SargonRosercmaehl, IdleOne, ok thanks guys, does this highlight for both of you when i start it with both names?00:33
aeon-ltdruser: sudo apt-get install mousekeys00:34
Starminnruser: Have you tried in #lubuntu?00:34
IdleOneSargonRose: it does00:34
aeon-ltdruser: if its not in the repos look for a ppa or compile it00:34
SargonRoseIdleOne, ok thanks00:34
rcmaehlSargonRose: yes00:34
IdleOne!patience | ruser00:34
ubotturuser: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:34
rcmaehlruser: what's your question?00:34
=== MC8 is now known as Bloop
Starminnfxhp: Anyway (get my PM?) so it works manually from Terminal but a script won't do it. Any other thoughts?00:34
aeon-ltdruser: i just did00:34
IdleOneruser you could also try asking in #lubuntu if you are using lxde/Lubuntu00:35
ruserHow can I get MouseKeys (use Numeric Keypad as a mouse) on LXDE?  It's not in Preferences?  Is it an application?00:35
tripelbbOK now we reward the complainer?00:35
tripelbbPLEASE Help. Is there more than one memory in the control-C buffer ?  Can I retrieve an older one? ... this is so simple should be....   -- It was something I wrote and -mental-lapse-  I control-C's over it.00:35
mickster04ruser: have you looked under mouse?00:35
Xacobeomanruser: somebody already answered you that..00:35
overcluckerruser: scroll up00:35
Starminnruser: Did you read aeon-ltd's response?00:35
SargonRosercmaehl, ok so the part i have linux on is ext4 above it is a folder called extended. If i unmount it will it mess with my linux part?00:35
udenis there a way to get empathy to open up a tab or window if closed when some one messages you?00:36
uofm49426hey i found what it is its a usb power connecter00:36
IdleOneuden: that would be in empathy settings00:36
udenIdleOne, do you know what setting exactly?00:37
siickhello, im running ubuntu 10.10, trying to run a .tcl script, giving me the error "Error: version conflict for package "Tcl": have 8.4, need 8.5", checking with apt-cache tells me 8.5.8-2build1 installed00:37
uofm49426external rom00:37
flamotuh.. huh00:37
SargonRose ok so the part i have linux on is ext4 above it is a folder called extended. If i unmount it will it mess with my linux part?00:37
IdleOneuden: no, but I remember seeing it once. I don't use empathy, just have a look and you will find it :)00:37
=== slackin is now known as GT-slackin
udenIdleOne, it is just a bit hard to test00:38
uofm49426ok hey how did they get 10.10 work with out using hard drive00:38
SargonRoseuofm49426, Maybe they ran it from a disk?00:38
IdleOneuden: let me know when you have found it and I'll msg you00:38
udenIdleOne, I guess I can use the lan chat thing00:39
udenIdleOne, thanks for offering though00:39
XacobeomanI just got 10.10 installed today under vmware.. tomorrow is going on my main partition :)00:39
rcmaehlSargonRose: yes it will try using gparted from a live cd00:39
Devlinhey there dudes and ladies00:40
DevlinI am having an issue with my joystick00:40
XacobeomanHey Devlin..00:40
HoboSteauxi got a 10.10 that isnt getting past the initramfs step, started suddenly00:40
uofm49426no see i dont have a hard drive yet i got this pc from ebay no hard or cd of any kind00:40
SargonRosercmaehl, ok. ill bot from the cd. will i lose irc while in cd?00:40
rcmaehlruser: sudo apt-get install xkbset00:40
suicidoltok, I installed chatzilla via xulrunner http://chatzilla.rdmsoft.com/xulrunner/all , but I can't figure out how to actually run it...did I do this wrong?00:40
eamonDevlin: stop playing with you joystick if you have issues00:40
Devlinit seems to have gotten the idea it's a mouse too and it's causing issues when playing games00:40
flamotThat pic of you running like a dog in a mixture of chalk and clay used for filtering urine from the initials of other stuff too.00:40
uofm49426its x41  it more netbook then anything00:40
HoboSteauxanyone fix non-mounting hd's in initramfs before?00:40
Devlineamon: not that kind of issue :300:40
tripelbbIs there more than one memory in the control-C buffer ?  Can I retrieve an older one? ...  Ubuntu HELP gives me nothing for "clipboard history"00:41
Xacobeomansuicido: tried searching for it?00:41
suicidoltoh, and why does ubuntu netbook not have a taskbar....it's  really hard to do stuff00:41
eamontripelbb: I  think only in special apps like openoffice00:41
uofm49426trying to use intrepid from flash drives to install to a flash drive00:41
=== Guest13453 is now known as DarkDevil
uofm49426just temperay thing00:42
Devlinsuicidolt: I didn't like the netbook interface so I just changed the session at login00:42
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest40310
udenIdleOne, ok found it. I had to disable the option, "display incoming events in the notifications area"00:42
Xacobeomansuicido: Ohhh you installed the plugin?00:42
IdleOneuden: I knew you would.00:43
suicidoltI think this is a great interface for someone who doesn't tweak their computer...but what linux user doesn't tweak their computer00:43
suicidoltXacobeoman: yes, it is normally a firefox plugin00:43
uofm49426intrepid wouldnt go pass ide problems because theres nothing there00:43
uofm49426but ubuntu 10.10 work fine00:43
flamoti know he took it off with a guy who fights the seven deadly exes of his legs..00:44
uofm49426lubuntu 10.1000:44
Xacobeomansuicidolt: it looks like you have to enter irc.domain.com on the address bar and it will work00:44
uofm49426how they get it to forget i dont have a hard drive00:44
suicidoltno, xulrunner, it makes it a program on its own00:44
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spezzahi is ruan verner in here00:45
tripelbbeamon another piece of wonderful writing in the trash. --- It should be that the system has this. So little resources used, so much hope gained.00:45
Xacobeomansuicidolt: ohh.. Sorry then.. I dont know..00:45
suicidoltI just don't know how to run the program in linux00:45
suicidoltI am very new here00:45
rcmaehlsuicidolt: ummm I know a few people who don't tweak their linux00:45
suicidoltrcmaehl: fair enough, I know one00:45
chroshi is ruan verner here00:45
DevlinOne of the first things I do to every ubuntu install of mine is change the theme and icons and wallpaper00:46
Devlinthen dive into gconf00:46
Xacobeomansuicidolt: this should help you http://chatzilla.rdmsoft.com/xulrunner/00:46
suicidoltthat's the link I just gave you :)00:46
XacobeomanLook at Item #600:47
suicidoltmy confusion iss not with xulrunner, but with linux00:47
XacobeomanStart chatzilla in /usr/lib/chatzilla.00:47
suicidolthow do I run the program now that it has been installed00:47
suicidoltright, start it how?00:47
suicidoltdouble clicking chatzilla didn't work00:47
mickster04suicidolt: try typing chatz[tab] the tab will autocomplete00:47
Devlinok, I was actually being serious about my issue00:47
mickster04suicidolt: then press return, you will get error messages if there are any00:47
spezzahi is ruan verner in here00:48
suicidoltwhere? in the applications pop-up thing?00:48
Xacobeomansuicidolt, try doing it from a terminal window00:48
DevlinAny input I make with the joystick translates directly to mouse movement, and I would like to turn this off without disabling my joystick completely00:48
ruserHow do I enable mousekeys?  Is it a program?00:48
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rcmaehlOh anyone know any packages like ubuntu-tweak and ailurus00:48
suicidoltI have to start my irc from a terminal....00:48
rcmaehlruser: sudo apt-get install xkbset00:48
mickster04ruser: you have been told about this now00:48
xfxfhi all00:48
ruserOr is it an xkb-map00:49
rcmaehlruser: sudo apt-get install xkbset00:49
zachlrTrying to get a wireless adapter working on 10.04.  It shows up under ifconfig, and I can set an IP, but there are no networks listed as available and it doesn't work.  It works on my laptop which is 10.10 and has another internet connection, but I don't know which of these caused it to work.  is this normal?00:49
ruserOk, thanks00:49
mickster04!mousekeys > ruser00:49
ubotturuser, please see my private message00:49
ruserMy computer crashed  so if you answer, I didn't see it00:49
Xacobeomansuicidolt: No, but you may be getting an error and it should tell you from there if you are getting any00:49
ruserRepeat the message if you can00:49
flamotwould rather be?. .. thanks a ton of errors and no jpg display..00:49
xfxfhi all00:49
xfxfhi is ruan verner in here00:49
ruserThanks a ton00:49
mickster04xfxf: you've asked that already00:49
rcmaehlzachlr: does it work after reboot00:49
mickster04xfxf: depends if that is a metric ton or imperial00:49
xfxfmickster04, are you ruan verner00:50
mickster04xfxf: no00:50
aeon-ltdxfxf: if ruan were watching ruan would respond00:50
ruserPlease private message me it again telling me what to do for getting Mousekeys00:50
Xacobeomanany recomendation for an IRC client under ubuntu?  running Xchat currentyl00:50
xfxfXacobeoman, mirc00:50
mickster04!mousekeys > ruser00:50
ubotturuser, please see my private message00:50
Xacobeomanxfxf.  thank you00:50
aeon-ltdXacobeoman: like cli? irssi00:50
DevlinXacobeoman: I would say irssi, if you love terminals :D00:50
zachlrrcmaehl, I can try rebooting.  Ubuntu was installed minutes ago on that computer, if it makes a difference.00:51
ruserThanks, it works!00:51
XacobeomanThanks guys00:51
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xfxfXacobeoman, no problems00:51
Devlinfor gui, I would use xchat or konversation00:51
rcmaehlzachlr: try rebooting00:51
xfxfmirc within wine00:51
ruserI think you guys are the best!  Takes i you forever to answer though.00:51
DevlinmIRC in wine? lol 'sploits00:52
Xacobeomanlaughing @ ruser.. hahaha00:52
ruserDon't forget the mIRC keygen00:52
xfxfruser, to make us answer faster, su init 600:52
Devlinthat's mean00:52
xfxfruser, then press enter00:52
mickster04xfxf: don't give false information00:52
ruserWhat does su inint 6 do00:52
Jasonnruser: if you wanna fix all your comp problems, try fdisk all00:52
mickster04Jasonn: again don't do that00:52
ruserWhy is it that the cursor moves so slow then?00:53
xfxfruser, activates high flow - makes IRC packets not drop00:53
suicidoltthis should work http://s127.photobucket.com/albums/p145/Suicidolt/?action=view&current=Screenshot.png00:53
`greenlighti have already installed wamp for ubuntu 10.10 and I want to install ruby on rails, how can I install it the proper way?00:53
mickster04!requirements | ruser00:53
ubotturuser: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu00:53
Ben64ruser: it reboots the computer, don't do it00:53
suicidoltthere, the chatzilla folder, you see  what is in there...what do I click on? when I type "chatzilla" into the terminal, naturally it says no such command00:54
ruserWhy does my mouse move so slowly or is very choppy when I use MouseKeys00:54
mickster04suicidolt: are you tab-completing the command00:54
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Xacobeomansuicidolt,  ./chatzilla ?00:54
Jasonnmickster04: xfxf wasnt giving false info,00:54
mickster04suicidolt: and how did you install it? sudo apt-get install chatzilla? software centre?00:54
xfxfruser, su init 000:54
zachlrrcmaehl, no change.  It's recognized (lsusb and ifconfig), but it doesn't work.  maybe there just aren't drivers for it on 10.04 or they need to be downloaded from the internet.00:54
Ben64ruser: because mouses are designed to be used by a mouse, not keys00:54
xfxfruser, thatll turn on mouse acceleration00:55
Ben64!ops | xfxf00:55
ubottuxfxf: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!00:55
suicidoltthe command doesn't tab complete00:55
ruserHow do I turn on Mouse Acceleration?00:55
Ben64ruser: don't listen to xfxf at all00:55
mickster04suicidolt: in which case you have either not installed chatzilla or the command is something else,00:55
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Xacobeomansuicidolt, I agree with mickster0400:55
suicidolt./chatzilla worked, thanks00:55
Ben64IdleOne:  :D00:55
suicidoltthat's what I was asking :)00:55
suicidoltnow how do I run it without using a terminal00:56
mickster04suicidolt: so how did you install it anyway?00:56
ruserI put mouse acceleration to the highest possible setting and it's still chioopppy00:56
mickster04ruser: choppy != slow....00:56
suicidolthttp://chatzilla.rdmsoft.com/xulrunner/all mickster0400:56
JasonnIdleOne: what does su init 6 do?00:56
Ben64ruser: mousekeys aren't a great way to use a mouse. it either will be precise and slow, or choppy and fast00:56
Ben64Jasonn: it reboots the computer00:56
mickster04suicidolt: is it not in the repos then?00:56
Ben64well... "sudo init 6" will reboot00:57
suicidoltXacobeoman: see, that was all I needed, thanks a million.  Is there a way to run it without using a terminal?00:57
suicidoltmickster04: it's a firefox plugin00:57
Ben64"su init 6" will do nothing00:57
Xacobeomansuicidolt, so ./chatzilla worked?00:57
mickster04Jasonn: so how can you say that he wasn't giving false info when you didn't even know what it was? you plank00:57
suicidoltrahter than just chatzilla, ./ made the difference00:57
mickster04suicidolt: uhm won't firefox start with it?00:57
suicidoltmickster04: I don't use firefox00:58
aeon-ltdJasonn: well it was more creative than the 'sudo rm -rf /*'00:58
suicidoltright now I'm on seamonkey, but it's slow and cumbersome00:58
xfxfaeon-ltd, i dare not be destructive00:58
Jasonnaeon-ltd: lol00:58
Xacobeomansuicidolt, I don't know why right clicking on it and clicking Run wont work00:58
suicidoltthere wasn't a "run" option00:59
ruserMy mouse just hung there, why?00:59
Xacobeomansuicidolt, I know enough to be dangerous :)00:59
ruseris there a keyboard command that lets me move a window, like in Windows?00:59
Xacobeomanruser: yes.. ALT-F4 will move them for you :). rather close them..01:00
ruserIs there a way I can enable a serial mouse (/dev/ttyS0) without rebooting or restarting X?01:00
suicidoltswitching out of seamonkey, brb01:00
ruserCould you help?01:00
rcmaehlMy desktop has the most updated bios but can't suspend/hibernate correctly which forces me to do a hard reboot. Fix?01:01
AxsuulIf I SSH into my server, and i press "up arrow" key to recall last command, instead it is outputting <[[A, any ideas?01:02
suicidoltah, much better01:02
udenruser, ctr+alt+shift+a direction key moves a window to another desktops01:02
mickster04suicidolt: i was thinking, have you set it to executable?01:03
suicidoltwhat is that?01:03
_antantdoes syslinux always take ages to run from a usb?01:04
mickster04suicidolt: well if it is an executable, you have to tell ubuntu that it is allowed to be executed, rather than just read or written to01:04
udenAxsuul, could your server could be running a shell that does not support that?01:04
suicidolthow do I do that?01:04
mickster04suicidolt: in terminal chmod +x ./chatzilla01:04
mickster04suicidolt: chmod modifies permissions, +x is executable, and ./chatzilla is the file name01:05
suicidoltcrap, gotta exit, brb01:05
mickster04suicidolt: i m sure you can right click > properties, and make it executable that way too01:05
fizyplanktonhow do i configure the xorg doohickey for multiple monitors?01:05
mickster04fizyplankton: what graphics card?01:05
mickster04siick: and have you installed the appropriate drivers?01:05
mickster04fizyplankton: and have you installed the appropriate drivers?01:06
fizyplanktonmickster04: onboard and nvidia geforece 9400gt01:06
mickster04siick: sorry, wrong nick01:06
mickster04fizyplankton: did you install the hardware dribvers for it?01:06
jakedreamsbigi need help with a quest everyone.01:06
fizyplanktonmickster04 the ubuntu hardware driver makeis it so when i reboot, none of the monitors work01:06
fabio333is it safe to use the accelerations flags in about:flags with chrome/chromium borwser?01:07
fizyplanktonso i got the linux driver from nvidia;s webpage, but id rather do the xorg myself01:07
jakedreamsbigi want to watch a video with a friend.01:07
jakedreamsbigthe problem is that my friend and i are very far apart01:07
suicidoltthat didn't work01:07
aeon-ltdjakedreamsbig: all in one line please01:07
jakedreamsbigso i need to play the video on my computer and somehow have skype recognize it as a webcam so i can brodcast it to them01:08
suicidoltthe chmod didn't do anything, though it did require sudo01:08
tbruff13hey can someone please help me undo this script01:10
Raptorshey guys, how do I copy disk to iso with brasero?01:11
Raptorsthe only options I have is cue and  cddao option01:11
ChogyDanfizyplankton: have you tried the xorg ppa?  it has experimental drivers01:13
sir_lukei need some help with packaging php01:13
sir_lukecan someone please help?01:13
Axsuuluden: hmm how would i get that shell though? I'm using Maverick 10.1001:13
fizyplanktonChogyDan: nope01:13
sir_lukei need to be able to package with custom modules and prefix01:13
fizyplanktonill see if nvidia driver works first. even tho it WILL break the xorg. twill be fun tho01:14
ChogyDanfizyplankton: yeah, the ppa might be better to try first.01:14
whizkenhow do you change your actual name on your ubuntu account?01:15
fizyplanktonChogyDan: where is the paa?01:15
osama_awny hi01:15
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ChogyDanfizyplankton: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates  or the mentioned xorg-edgers ppa for the bleeding edge01:16
whizkenhow do you change your real name in ubuntu?01:16
sir_lukewhizken, check your /etc/passwd file01:17
tbruff13can someone please help me undo a script01:17
sir_luketbruff13, that's a tough one01:17
sir_lukewhat happened?01:17
whizkensir_luke, thanks01:17
whizkentbruff13, that's hella tough01:17
tbruff13oh a runescape script for by brother oops01:17
tbruff13it seemed very basic i will pastebin it01:18
overcluckerAxsuul: type bash. if you want bash as your default shell, if you have access to sudo, run sudo usermod -s /bin/bash username01:18
Axsuulthanks overclucker01:18
udenAxsuul, could you not just run another shell after you ssh into your server?01:19
udenAxsuul, like bash or zsh01:20
sl33k_how to install from tarball01:20
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moltendorfIf I install a copy of Ubuntu Server 10.10 on a virtual machine, and simply copy the partitions over to a real machine, will it still run, or does it set up unique hardware-related configurations?01:21
sl33k_how to install a package from tarball?01:21
surialMy scanner only works via 'sudo'. However, the user I'm trying to scan as is in the 'scanner' group. How can that happen?01:21
Todd200Ubuntu is so efficient that it bugs me, it only uses 2 gb of ram01:21
surialuname -a = 2.6.31-14-38601:21
mickster04Todd200: i know what you mean :p01:21
Todd200Anyone got good ideas for my other 6?01:21
tbruff13ok my pastebin code is HbQk5VMn can someone please help me with this01:21
moltendorfTodd200: A massive minecraft server.01:22
iostreamTodd200: disk cache!01:22
Todd200moltendorf: that could be arranged :p01:22
Todd200iostream: ?01:22
overcluckersl33k_: unpack it and look for an INSTALL or README file. usually 'tar -xf tarball' will unpack it01:22
udensl33k, first you read the readme in the tarball it normally has instructions on what to do ./configure then make then make install are the normal commands01:22
iostreamTodd200: yes.01:22
whizkenanything better than evolution mail?01:23
tbruff13help please im not trying to be rude i just dont want to have to reinstall01:23
udensl33k, also you need to have the correct decencies ./configure will tell you it you have them or not01:23
sl33k_overclucker: tar -xf filename?01:23
Todd200iostream: ??? Explain what you mean by that, I'm tried and my brain isn't working01:23
mickster04tbruff13: just link us the whole address please, some of us have link converters so we can just click the link and it autoforwards us to a web browser01:24
iostreamTodd200: you cache your disk.01:24
overcluckersl33k_: a tarball is a lot like a zip file, only using tar.01:25
Todd200I really need to buy minecraft01:26
tbruff13The line numbers must be a pastebin thing they are not in the original script01:26
whizkenanything like evolution mail?01:26
tbruff13whizken, thunderbird01:27
Todd200Any other ideas for ram? (like could I load my entire os into it?)01:27
sl33k_overclucker: there is no readme01:28
GilEvening all - I have an Ubuntu installation using separate partitions for /boot /home /root and /swap - I have upgraded my motherboard etc and cloned the image over to a new SSD and although I have the grub menu, Ubuntu is failing to boot. I remember in the old days of Kudzu, being able to automagically detect new hardware and continue - is there anything similar I can do without having to do a complete reinstall?01:28
sl33k_and i unpacked it by double clicking01:28
ChogyDanTodd200: I think there is a program called preload that would preload some files into ram01:29
mrdebGil: did you update the fstab file with uuids?01:29
ronsorry i cant type faster01:29
Todd200Gil: if I were you I'd just do a fresh install and restore /home01:29
Todd200ChogyDan: already use it01:29
overcluckersl33k_: what are you trying to install?01:29
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tbruff13hello can someone help with the undo i dont how and if i cant undo it it will just waste space01:30
overcluckertbruff13: what do you mean by undo?01:30
xrdodrxwhat does Processing - "Unable to connect to CIFS host, will retry in 60 seconds..." mean01:30
tbruff13a script i ran how do i undo it01:30
tbruff13the script is http://www.pastebin.com/HbQk5VMn01:30
xrdodrxI was able to print fine a little while ago but now this always appears01:30
sl33k_overclucker: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/virtualenv , easyinstall showing i dont have rights?01:31
Gilhi - I keep getting reset connections, so apologies if this is a double post: I have an Ubuntu installation using separate partitions for /boot /home /root and /swap - I have upgraded my motherboard etc and cloned the image over to a new SSD and although I have the grub menu, Ubuntu is failing to boot. I remember in the old days of Kudzu, being able to automagically detect new hardware and continue - is there anything similar I can do without having t01:31
Gilo do a complete reinstall?01:31
tbruff13overclucker,  you still there01:32
randomuserGil, your best bet is to reinstall and keep /home. /etc/ is a good canidate for its own part, too01:32
overcluckersl33k_: try: python setup.py01:32
overcluckertbruff13: you want to undo what the runescape install script has done?01:32
Gilrandomuser that's my fallback option, but I was hoping I could avoid having to configure ppas and install all my custom packages from scratch... if there's really no other way, looks like it'll have to do though :)01:33
AurigaHello, trying to get windows that are opening to stop moving across desktops when you switch cube sides... Any ideas?01:33
mickster04Auriga: don't press shift?01:33
randomuserGil, how did you 'clone the drive' ? I would look to see if fstab/grub are looking for UUIDs that didnt survive01:33
mickster04Auriga: or make sure they aren't sticky01:33
tbruff13overclucker, yes sorry about wait01:34
tbruff13overclucker, i dont really know how, but since i am not going to use it i would like to reclaim the disk space01:34
Gilrandomuser I did a complete forensic clone using ghost 8.3 - that usually does the trick but it's worth a look01:34
mickster04Auriga: on my set up ctrl+alt+left/right moves the cube. ctrl+alt+shift+left/right moves across with the focused window01:34
ShapeShifter499before I kill my system trying to update a driver I MAY not even be using....  how do I tell what graphics driver my computer is using, I forget01:35
Aurigamickster04, Okay... But i'm not holding shigt... I am opening or rebooting a vm for instance... I go to another cube side to do something else, & the vm will follow...01:35
Aurigamickster04, What is the 'sticky' option?01:36
tbruff13ShapeShifter499, go to administration and click additional driver01:36
mickster04Auriga: click on the top bar, opposite the [] _ X buttons and it'll list it there01:36
mickster04Auriga: it might be right click on that01:36
tbruff13overclucker, hello01:36
overcluckertbruff13: sudo rm -Rf /usr/local/share/runescape /usr/local/bin/runescape /usr/share/applications/runescape.desktop01:37
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks01:37
dave_cave10-10anyone know how to network a windows 7 and an ubuntu 10.10 system via usb 2.0 networking cable?01:37
eamonhello dave_cave10-1001:37
mickster04dave_cave10-10: a usb networking cable?!01:37
eamondave_cave10-10: buy a newwork cable or use your wifi setup01:38
Aurigamickster04, You mean in the top left of the window? There is nothing about stickiness.01:38
dave_cave10-10mickster04: yes its a standard USB cable with a chip in the middle so the computers can chat via USB, same as firewire transfer01:38
mickster04Auriga: what options do you see?01:38
tbruff13astley, is the issue hardware01:38
dave_cave10-10100baseT vs 400MBS hmmm lol let me think01:38
mickster04dave_cave10-10: ah ok, well are you sure it's not working?01:38
Todd200Anything else to hold in ram?01:39
dave_cave10-10mickster04: with windows its plug and play, but i dont know how to do it in ubuntu as i have never had to do it before lol01:39
ShapeShifter499tbruff13, ok seems I have the AMD/ATI FGLRX01:39
mickster04dave_cave10-10: plufg it in a see if you can see see another folder in places?01:39
Aurigamickster04, minimize, maximize, move, resize. always on top, always on visible workspace, only on this workspace, move options, then close01:39
astleytbruff: no people have been hjaving simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless01:39
tbruff13ShapeShifter499, okay install that driver that should be all you need01:39
ShapeShifter499tbruff13, I don't remember using "Additional Drivers" to install graphic01:40
ShapeShifter499tbruff13,  :/01:40
astleytbruff: no people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless *EDIT*01:40
ShapeShifter499tbruff13,  should this give me the newest for ubuntu?01:40
mickster04Auriga: sticky = always on visible workspace01:40
tbruff13astley, sorry i dont know01:40
astleytbruff: okay01:40
Aurigamickster04, No that shows it on all sides of a cube.01:41
tbruff13ShapeShifter499, yes It should have came up when you installed ubuntu01:41
Todd200I still can't use my other 6gb of DDR301:41
mickster04Auriga: exactly, so if you uncheck it it will stop that happening?01:41
mickster04Todd200: try in off topic now01:41
Aurigamickster04, I think you misunderstand my issue...01:41
Aurigamickster04, For instance...01:41
mickster04Auriga: yeah01:41
sl33k_overclucker: after python setup.py --help it shows build and install options?01:42
sl33k_overclucker: what do i do?01:42
uabn93Hello, can I get help with grub2? I have problems updating grub.01:42
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Aurigamickster04, If I am in a VM in cube 4, I am in a console, & I type reboot, then I move from cube 4 to cube 2, to change some music. The vm in cube 4 will follow me to cube 2 when the vm reboots.01:42
mickster04!details | uabn9301:42
ubottuuabn93: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:42
whizkenauriga, gl with that01:43
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overcluckersl33k_: try: python setup.py build01:43
Aurigawhizken, That means it's the impossible to solve...?01:43
astleytbruff: no people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless *EDIT*01:43
mickster04Auriga: oh, well that's because vm has an issue when it reboots, in gives itself focus on whatever desktop, there may be a setting for that, like "force focus on reboot" in VM01:43
whizkenauriga, no i don't understand01:43
sl33k_overclucker: ya01:43
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless01:44
Aurigamickster04, I was using the VM as an example it's the same with anything which is opening. In general things take longer to open than my cube switching. Just A VM is the longest.01:44
overcluckersl33k_: to run the install option, you will have to had already run build, and also prefix it with sudo: sudo python setup.py install01:44
randomuserAuriga, is your cursor 'trapped' by the VM? is it only with VMs?01:44
sl33k_overclucker: install na now? why it needs to be built?01:44
eamonuabn93: are you following a guide? Where are you stuck?01:44
mickster04Auriga: oh, well when you open a program it is going to appear on whatever desktop yoou have open, that's always been the case, just wait until it is open then switch desktops01:44
Aurigarandomuser, No it's not trapped.01:45
suicidoltok, that's a step in the right direction, I made a launcher for chatzilla, now I just want it to show up in my applications pop-up thing so that i can pin it to my sidebar, how do I do that?01:45
mickster04Auriga: it isn't which desktop you were on when you clicked it, more the  one you are on when it opens01:45
overcluckersl33k_: not sure, but i know it's common with python setup.py scripts01:45
n4pst3rhi guys01:45
mickster04suicidolt: you can make a launcher wiht the same stuff in it as the link?01:45
eamonhi n4pst3r01:45
n4pst3rdo you speak spanish01:46
sl33k_installed, thanks overclucker01:46
eamonsuicidolt: right click, move, move it to where you want it01:46
rwwn4pst3r: try #ubuntu-es for Spanish01:46
suicidoltmickster04: the link built the program out, I built a launcher to run it01:46
Aurigamickster04, Yeah I know that for other programs, in that I do just wait, but with a VM there is more than one part to the boot process, it will move when it first opens, then when it gets to the boot screen, then once again when it is logged in. At least lol.01:46
n4pst3rnice takns01:46
overcluckeryer welcome01:46
suicidolteamon: the sidebar doesn't work like that in netbook linux I don't think...unless I'm wrong01:46
eamontry it01:46
=== zeleftikam[S67] is now known as zeleftikam[bed]
mickster04Auriga: i don't think there is a solution to that... it is just the way VM works01:47
mickster04suicidolt: well whatever the launcher does, create it again but when you make one on the panel01:47
vicsarHello, I heard Ubuntu got rid of the scrollbars. How do I get that feature in my box? Preparing to install Ubunut 10.4.2. Thanks.01:48
suicidoltmickster04: I don't know how to make one on the panel01:48
mickster04vicsar: scroll bars are still available in ubuntu :p01:48
DasEivicsar: unity you mean ?01:48
mickster04suicidolt: right click?01:48
Aurigamickster04, Still worth asking to find out for sure though. Thanks all the same.01:48
suicidoltright clicking on the sidebar doesn't do anythign01:48
DasEi!natty | vicsar01:48
ubottuvicsar: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.01:48
vicsarYes, i mean unity.01:48
eamonwhat's unity?01:48
Aurigaeamon, The next bad move...01:49
vicsarmickster04, I know. I just want to try the alternative01:49
DasEivicsar: commong release , see above01:49
mickster04Auriga: i think that is more a fundamental piece of gnome functionailty, the focus thing, of course you can stop it but it'll be beautifully complicated :p01:49
Aurigamickster04, "beautifully complicated" I like that.01:49
mickster04Auriga:  :D01:49
uabn93Yes, I have a problem in ubuntu 10.10 where I edited the grub file line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="vga= 784..." I placed a "#" before "vga= 784 ......" in the program called GRUB CUSTOMIZER but I think I was supposed to place the "#" before "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX" . Now everytime I try to go back and edit the grub file and run sudo update-grub, I get the following error "/etc/default/grub: 33: =: not found"01:50
eamonAuriga: elaborate please?01:50
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless01:50
suicidoltmickster04: right clicking on the sidebar doesn't seem to do anything01:51
vicsarThanks. Rephrase: How can Unity be installed in 10.04?01:51
Aurigaeamon, Take a look for yourself, but personally I don't like the look of Unity. It's basically the new WM that Ubuntu will have when 11.04 is released.01:51
eamonuabn93: what's on line 33 of the grub.conf file?01:51
mickster04suicidolt: ooh side bar? you don't mean panel? uhm good luck with thta01:51
uabn93I will check..01:51
eamonAuriga: I'm not downloading the new ubuntu.... can't you describe it in text?01:52
suicidoltmickster04: it's whatever is on the left side of my screen in ubuntu netbook01:52
Aurigaeamon, Youtube...01:52
mickster04suicidolt: yeah ok, no i dunno how to do that :/01:52
suicidoltdoes anyone know how to add a launcher to the sidebar in ubuntu netbook?01:52
surialMy scanner device is at /dev/bus/usb/004/002. An ls -lah 002 in this directory gives me: crw-rw-r-- 1 root 189, 385 2011-03-21 02:48 002  <-- is '1' the owner? Who the heck is '1'? What's that 189 doing there?01:52
xanguasuicidolt: drag the launcher there¿01:53
DasEisuicidolt: left click, add to panel..01:53
DasEierr, right01:53
surialOh, actually, I think the '1' is the amount of files that link to that inode.01:53
suicidoltright clicking on it doesn't do anything01:53
surialwhich leaves the 189 which is a complete mystery to me. Whatever does that mean?01:53
suicidoltis it even called a panel?01:54
suicidoltare we referring to the same thing?01:54
rwwsuicidolt: is that comma after 189 in the original, or a typo?01:54
rwwsuicidolt: sorry, mistab >.>01:54
rwwsurial: is that comma after 189 in the original, or a typo?01:55
suicidolthttp://s127.photobucket.com/albums/p145/Suicidolt/?action=view&current=Screenshot.png <--the thing on hte left01:55
surialno, it's in the original.01:55
surialand its followed by a space, then 385, which i presume is the size of something.01:55
eamonAuriga: It looks like ubuntu is copying Mac OS X http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4019/5076533585_3cf50de4d9_o.jpg01:55
eamonI guess that's nothing new...01:55
tomasm-i installed gthumb and now opening up all my folders from Places shows up in gthumb - can i get that to change back to nautilus somehow? its annoying01:55
surialThe entries for . and .. have all whitespace where the entry for device 002 has "189, "01:55
rwwsurial: odd. If it weren't, I'd say 189 is the group ID, which ls shows if it can't resolve the GID to a group name. dunno what the comma's there fore, though.01:55
uabn93="" is on line 33 eamon. The exact same text is on line 34 as well.01:55
surialrww: Strangely enough I can't manage to make ls list any group info whatsoever.01:56
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless01:56
rwwsurial: o.O01:56
astleyplease help01:56
surialrww: Isn't it?01:56
surialrww: Does ls strip out the group name altogether if the group name is equal to the owner name?01:56
surialHere's a sample line from a file from my homedir: -rw-r--r--  1 huisbak    0 2009-09-22 01:58 .screenrc01:56
rwwsurial: oh hey, I have it too on mine. hrm.01:56
surialrww: The 189?01:57
rwwsurial: yes. but I also have group information...01:57
surialI'm going to change some groups around, see what happens to ls.01:57
overcluckerI get this on my machine: crw-rw-r-- 1 root root 189, 128 2011-03-17 03:13 /dev/bus/usb/002/00101:57
suicidoltanyone know how tto add a launcher to the thing on the left: http://s127.photobucket.com/albums/p145/Suicidolt/?action=view&current=Screenshot.png01:57
vicsarSorry... i got disconnected. Anyways I was here:01:57
surialrww: Well, confirm that. ls -lah simply doesn't show any group information.01:57
vicsarRephrase: How do I install Unity in 10.04?01:57
surialThe ls man page only tells me how to turn groups off (--no-group), not how to turn it on.01:58
DasEivicsar: repos arent ready, either install the testing, or for just an idea use a vm01:58
surialOh, f.... I'm an idiot.01:58
rwwsurial: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583134/ , although admittedly I'm on Debian. ls output is standardized though...01:58
surialI aliased my ls to ignore groups.01:58
rwwoh. lol.01:58
rwwokay, so one mystery down, one to go.01:58
surialDamn. That was stupid of me.01:58
astleydid anyone read my post?01:58
suicidoltDasEi: you said right click but when I right click there, nothing happens01:59
vicsar...I just answred my question. If anyone is interested you can take a look at this: http://digitizor.com/2010/05/10/how-to-install-unity-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/01:59
DasEivicsar: you can do on 10.04 probably, but I don't want to break your --working system, else ask in #ubuntu+101:59
rwwsurial: if I had to guess, I'd say it's something to do with character devices (that being the c at the start of the line). hrm.01:59
suicidoltthe thing on the left appears to be called the "launcher"01:59
vicsarDasEI, you are right01:59
eamonuabn93: I'd say yoou should hash those lines out too. Have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#/etc/default/grub (file)01:59
uabn93I forgot to mention that I deleted what used to be on line 10, which was " GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" vga=792 splash quiet" "02:00
surialokay, I have my groups back. Now back to /dev/bus/usb... Okay, device 002 is owned by root. Why? Shouldn't scanner own it?02:00
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless02:00
uabn93I also unhashed " GRUB_GFXMODE="640x480" "02:01
surialCan I just chown this, or are these files in /dev/bus/usb dynamically created as USB devices are plugged in and out?02:01
CajunTechieHi everyone. Is there any way I can find out where the Software Center install of ircd-ratbox stored its .conf file?\02:01
a1faanyone recommend a good accounting software?02:01
xanguavicsar: old guides usually tend to...not work anymore02:01
rwwsurial: I think pretty much everything under /dev/ is dynamically created by udev these days.02:01
DasEisuicidolt: ah, no thats unity, too, I'm still using gnome02:01
mickster04a1fa: ask in off topic?02:02
Aurigaeamon, Which OS are you running...?02:02
suicidoltso basically, I install linux and ask for help from the community and get told, sux to be you?02:02
surialThought as much. So how can I tell udev to make this as scanner. Or.. is there something else wrong? scanimage requires me to run as root, even though I'm in the scanner group (and so is saned). strangely enough sane-find-scanner does work, though it returns very slightly different information if run as root.02:02
mickster04suicidolt: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122947502:02
nesbittcould someone please help me, i am trying to create a directory /mnt/hpc, but i am getting "permission denied" i have tried "sudo mkdir /mnt/hpc" and doing "sudo su" then "mkdir /mnt/hpc" but every time i get: "mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/hpc': Permission denied"  anyone know why this might be happening?02:02
mickster04suicidolt: unity isn't really that fully functional yet i'm afraid, you can use normal desktop mode at log in?02:03
DasEisuicidolt: you installed natty ? #ubuntu+102:03
mickster04DasEi: no, nbr02:03
DasEimickster04: ah, I see, thought that had an adopted gnome, good to know then02:04
suicidoltwhat's natty? and why do I feel like I installed the "wrong" ubuntu, I just clicked through the downloads like it told me to02:04
mickster04DasEi:it's ok, nbr is being removed anyway02:04
eamonAuriga: OS X and gentoo linux, why?02:04
mickster04suicidolt: you haven't downloaded the wrong one, just an odd one02:04
DasEisee above, suicidolt, so ask for unity or try in #ubuntu+102:05
vicsarCrazy ramdom question: Can you create a virtual machine, say virtual box, then image the virtual drive atransfer it to a real life computer?02:05
|Long|i have geforce 8400gs, where do i change 800X600 revolution setting?02:05
Aurigaeamon, Then you know where the Ubuntu window buttons are by default now. On the left...02:05
eamonAuriga: ok02:06
DasEi|Long|: propitary driver installed ?02:06
mickster04|Long|: system>pref>monitors02:06
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless02:07
rwwDasEi: suicidolt isn't using natty. That screenshot they gave is of Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook.02:11
DasEirww: already worked out02:11
rwwDasEi: They do look similar, though; is best to ask for lsb_release output if you're not sure :)02:11
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless02:11
vicsarCrazy random question: Can you create a virtual machine, say virtual box, then image the virtual drive and transfer it to a real life computer?02:12
weird0{}is anyone aware of any math teaching software that runs on linux/ubuntu ?02:12
rwwDasEi: k02:12
ohsixvicsar: you can skip the imaging and install it on a physical drive if you want02:12
mickster04weird0{}: and chance you have asked in !ot?02:12
ohsixvicsar: windows won't like that, but it can be done02:12
weird0{}mickster04, no chance at all02:12
eamonShayd: how do we get off the island?02:13
mickster04!ot > weird0{}02:13
ubottuweird0{}, please see my private message02:13
mickster04weird0{}: just so you know where the channel is, that's the best place for those kind of questions02:14
DasEivicsar: which kind of math ? there is geogebra, ..02:14
vicsarohsix, I know. I just don´t have the other pc yet and wanted to avoid the re-install hassle02:14
eamonvicsar: you on windoze?02:14
DasEivicsar: nick-miss, sry02:14
weird0{}DasEi, about college algebra DasEi i only mentioned ubuntu and linux because i'm willing to compile it02:14
vicsareamon, yes W7 Ultimate, ubuntu on virtual drive02:15
weird0{}DasEi, i did pick that one up earlier, and i'm feeling much better now, just not well enough to study.02:15
eamonvicsar: You're using W7 now right? Your encoding is coming up all screwy on my screen02:15
Jordan_Uvicsar: Yes, you can.02:15
DasEiweird0{}: try to find a stud in #ubuntu-offtopic, they rather now, and oc, if you have a tarball, which is non-existant in repos can compile it02:16
vicsarJordan_U: How? Any links you recommend I read?02:16
vicsareamon: sorry :)02:17
domoulinghello everybody02:17
weird0{}DasEi, i can compile stuff just fine.  i'm just wondering if anything is available.  as a habit this is usually the first place i look02:17
surialWell, looks like my /etc/udev/permissions.d/udev.permissions file is screwed up. There's no mention anywhere of 'scanner' in that file. How'd that happen? How do I fix it?02:17
DasEiweird0{}: search synaptics, crawl through apt-cache search mathematic ..02:17
wingdspuranybody using ruby 1.9.x on ubuntu 10.1002:18
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless02:18
vicsareamon: maybe something to do with you IRSSI, is v0.8.15 the latest?02:19
eamonvicsar: Look for drive imaging tools in the ubuntu repos, image the drive, then unimage it onto a new partition with a drive imaging tool from the main OS02:19
astleyi have been trying to get help on and off for a few days or so, i know you are volunteers i just want to know if the situation is hopeless...i can just use ethernet like i am doing now02:19
tjiggi_foweird0{}, http://linux.nuvvo.com/lesson/1875-learning-maths-with-linux02:20
eamonvicsar: yes, it's just your apostrophes though02:20
weird0{}awesome tjiggi_fo thank you :)02:20
eamonI thin it has something to do with UTF-16 or something02:20
vicsareamon: I see. Thank for the tip, sounds like a weeeknd project. I will look into that.02:20
aPpLeSiAHi, anyone know how to install VLC on ubuntu 10.10 ?02:20
eamonaPpLeSiA: apt-get install vlc02:21
mickster04aPpLeSiA: use the software centre?02:21
osxfr33kIs there a channel for specific support on Ubuntu 10.10 desktop Macubuntu interface02:21
aPpLeSiAI could not find the package in the software center02:22
Jordan_Uvicsar: Are you familiar with the terminal command 'dd'?02:22
memorygap0hello.i wan't to try ubuntu on my xp.anyone can recommend on how to do that02:22
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless02:22
eamonosxfr33k: no02:22
ubuntun00bI'm trying to install ubuntu 10.10 on an external 500gb harddrive. I have windows xp installed on my default internal02:22
VxQeaPpLeSiA: what are you searching for? It's first in the list when I search for VLC.02:22
rwwaPpLeSiA: check that you have the universe repository enabled and have done a package update recently, then. It's in there somewhere.02:22
osxfr33kCAn I ask questions about it here?02:22
=== pbear is now known as nara
vicsaraPpLeSiA: see this: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html and this http://blog.sudobits.com/2010/10/13/how-to-install-vlc-media-player-in-ubuntu-10-10/02:22
aPpLeSiAhold on02:22
DasEimemorygap0: use a vm vbox or vmware are two solutions02:23
eamonubuntun00b: what's the problem.....02:23
=== nara is now known as narra
DasEi!virtual | memorygap002:23
ubottumemorygap0: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications02:23
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
DasEiVirtualBox is freem there for xp, too02:24
eamon!livecd | memorygap002:24
ubottumemorygap0: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.02:24
ubuntun00beamon: it asks if the installer should unmount the partitions or not. I don't know if I should choose yes or no02:24
narrais the patch in a kernel patch the diff output between a vanilla kernel and the patched up version based on the vanilla kernel?02:24
osxfr33kI bacailly wanted to know the differences in Dockey versus The Cairo Dock02:24
vicsarmemrygap0: use VirtualBox - virtualbox.org02:24
aPpLeSiA_I am on the ubuntu PC now02:24
uabn93eamon Thank you for your help. That solved my update-grub problem. Thank you.02:24
vicsarmemrygap0: that is what I use02:24
eamonubuntun00b: no, keep them mounted cause you want to install to that partition don't you?02:24
aPpLeSiA_ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ apt-get install vlc E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?02:25
vicsarmemrygap0: otherwise restart your pc and run the Ubuntu CD.02:25
memorygap0DasEi: I want suggestion which one more okai wubi or vm02:25
rwwaPpLeSiA: sudo apt-get install vlc02:25
ubuntun00beamon: I want to install to my external.02:25
eamonuabn93: np mate02:25
iTailsOh wow, a lot of people on here. O__O02:25
aPpLeSiA_Same error message02:25
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless02:25
eamonubuntun00b: yes so keep it mounted. You can unmount the others if that is your question.02:25
astleyfor the umpteenth time02:25
vicsarubuntun00b: word of advice - backup first02:25
VxQeaPpLeSiA: close the software centre/synaptic02:26
DasEimemorygap0: i recommend vbox, easy to handle n backup , less worry with a broken sys02:26
VxQeand the update manager if it's open.02:26
aPpLeSiA_E: Unable to locate package vlc02:26
eamonubuntun00b: no need to back up if you keep your windows partitions unmounted. just make sure you know what you're doing.02:26
memorygap0Dasei: thanks i'll try to install now02:26
ChogyDanastley: what version are you using?02:26
rwwaPpLeSiA: run sudo apt-get update, then try again. if it still doesn't work, copy the output of apt-cache policy to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and link the page it creates here.02:27
ubuntun00bvicsar: I just got my computer back the other day from a windows error. I don't have a recovery disk for it so I'm hoping I don't make any mistakes.02:27
astleyChogyDan: 10.10 Ubuntu02:27
astley64 bit02:27
ubuntun00beamon: ok I'll try what you said02:27
vicsarubuntun00b: yeah, I agree with eamon. Read carefully, know what you are doing... but I would still backup :)02:27
aPpLeSiA_how do i copy the output?02:27
ChogyDanastley: I think you should try linux-backports-modules before compiling yourself02:27
astleyhow do i do that ChogyDan?02:28
rwwaPpLeSiA: select it all with the mouse, hit Edit->Copy, open up http://paste.ubuntu.com/, do Edit->Paste.02:28
eamonaPpLeSiA_: select it with the mouse and copy and paste02:28
xanguaaPpLeSiA someone forgot to mention you to use sudo: sudo apt-get install vlc02:28
DasEimemorygap0: don't miss the FAQ on vbox' homepage, else there is an own channel for that, but pretty easy02:28
ubuntun00beamon: so I hit "no" then?02:29
vicsarDarn it! That stupid thing called reality is calling again. Got to go to work. Thank you guys for your help tonight.02:29
eamonubuntun00b: what's the question02:29
astleyChogyDan: how please, thank you sir02:29
ChogyDanastley: hmmm, those drivers look very new.  You maybe have to go the compile route I guess: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/14557202:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 145572 in imaze (Ubuntu) "[UNMETDEPS] imaze has unmet dependencies" [Medium,Fix released]02:29
ChogyDanastley: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-maverick-wireless-generic          something like that02:29
=== iTails is now known as iTails|Installin
astleyChogyDan: I have make and make installed already02:30
mickster04!tab | astley02:30
ubottuastley: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:30
mickster04astley: just so you know02:30
ubuntun00beamon: "Do you want the installer to try to unmount the partitions on these disks before continuing?"02:30
eamonIs the disk selected your windows drive, the drive you want untouched?02:30
eamonIf so then "yes"02:30
astleymickster04: tab?02:30
rwwaPpLeSiA: You don't have the 'universe' repository enabled. Open Software Center back up, go to the Repositories entry in the menu (I forget where exactly it is), and enable it in there.02:31
xiaosheni just install xubuntu 10.10 on lenovo 3000 y400. but when i login there's no sound02:31
xiaoshenhelp me^^'02:31
mickster04astley: yeah, if you use the terminal, tab auto-completes things for you, as in the tab key02:31
eamonastley: it's the button on your keyboard above "caps Lock"02:31
eamonastley: double tap tab to see all available autocomplete options02:32
astleyeamon: i got you i misunderstood, of course the tab key02:32
astleyin irc?02:32
eamonirc or shell02:32
ubuntun00beamon: now I'm guessing that I should click "specify partitions manually" correct?02:33
Jordan_Uubuntun00b: Yes, you want the partitions to be unmounted and I would *not* specify partitions manually unless you have a particular reason to.02:33
eamonubuntun00b: yes, then select your external hdd as the boot/install partition"02:33
aPpLeSiA_i enable it02:33
aPpLeSiA_there is still error02:33
_antanthow long is syslinux supposed to take to boot?02:33
aPpLeSiA_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/ E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?02:33
astleyeamon: still not sure what to do when i press tab, how will this help with my wireless?02:34
eamonastley: it just helps you use the command line in general02:34
_antantcos mine's been going for about 5 min02:34
rwwaPpLeSiA_: You can't have Software Center or another package manager open when you run apt-get...02:34
aPpLeSiA_No, nothing is open02:34
eamontype a, then hit tab for exam,ple, keep hitting tab to cycle through all the as in this room02:34
Jordan_Uubuntun00b: What filesystem is currently being used in the external drive, and do you want to whipe it out completely or only use part of the drive for Ubuntu?02:34
eamontype a, then hit tab for exam,ple, keep hitting tab to cycle through all the as in this room astley02:35
astleyok i got you now!02:35
vacuousMy gnome power manager icon doesn't change properly when the battery drains, or when its plugged/unplugged02:35
eamon:-) astley02:35
eamonyou can do the same in terminal it speeds everything up 10X astley02:35
eamonhello theteju02:36
ubuntun00bJordan_U: There isn't anything on the external, it's right out of the box02:36
astleynetwork manager or wicd wont allow me to connect to wireless networks people have been having simmilar issues, i already did make and make install for the driver again, and again. i edited the wpasuplicant, to no avail, i use the ralink rt5390 for wireless02:36
astleyeamon: have you ever heard of something like this02:36
eamonubuntun00b: do it manually and we'll walk you through it, it's only a couple of steps02:36
eamon!wifi | astley02:37
ubottuastley: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:37
aPpLeSiA_This error still exist02:37
aPpLeSiA_W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net maverick Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY EC7B7B7D4439DBD602:37
xBlueprintsup guys02:37
thetejuI need help, I have been using the ubuntu since more than two years now and all of a sudden my ubuntu runs slower than XP, to be specific the firefox and Chrome are slow for internet02:37
Jordan_Ueamon: Why did you have him select not to unmount the partition which is presumably ntfs and therefore not usable for Ubuntu, and why did you have him specify manual partitioning?02:37
eamonastley: it's a very non-specific problem:-(02:37
thetejui disabled, ipv602:37
thetejubut does not help02:38
Jordan_Ueamon: The simple, and IMHO best, solution is to let the installer unmount the partition and to tell it to automatically partition using the whole external drive.02:38
ShapeShifter499I ALMOST killed my system but didn't thanks to failsafe x mode :)     the problem is I tried to install proprietary graphics via http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Maverick_Installation_Guide#Updating_Catalyst.2Ffglrx                                                                   I got to Generic Config in the tutorial   and I found that the following command "sudo aticonfig --initial -f"  doesn't work because I have no02:38
eamonJordan_U: He wan'ts his internal unmounted, he's installing on the external02:38
ShapeShifter499 aticonfig installed and I don't know why02:38
ubuntun00beamon: "no root file system is defined"02:38
thetejuI am running 10.0402:38
ShapeShifter499any help?02:38
_antanteamon, what's the key to enter the grub2 menu?02:38
DasEiaPpLeSiAadd the key02:38
aPpLeSiA_<DasEi> how to add?02:38
rww!gpgerr | apelgate02:38
ubottuapelgate: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »02:38
rwwmeh, mistab02:38
rww!gpgerr | aPpLeSiA_02:38
ubottuaPpLeSiA_: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »02:38
Jordan_Ueamon: His internal being unmounted won't hurt anything either. Why have him do manual partitioning?02:38
astleyeamon: it has something to do with the wep passowrd, i think it is a security issues02:38
eamon!partitioning | ubuntun00b02:38
ubottuubuntun00b: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:38
astleyi have been having it for awhil eamon02:39
bcurtiswxis the ubuntu font still UbuntuBeta?02:39
DasEiaPpLeSiAadd : sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 9XXXXX correct number here02:39
bcurtiswxor does it have another name?02:39
Jordan_Ueamon: You are making this *much* more complicated than it needs to be for ubuntun00b.02:39
eamonJordan_U: I told him to unmount internal, you're not listening. Manual so he can make sure he's installing everything in the right place.02:39
_antantgod it02:39
eamonJordan_U: I don't want him clicking next then the installer wiping his windows partition. If he defines everything manually then this can't happen02:40
astleynetwork manager wont accept passwords on the ralink 5390 chipset, has there been a fix for this yet?02:41
ubuntun00beamon: "no root file system is defined, please correct this from the partitioning menu"02:41
aPpLeSiA_sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys EC7B7B7D4439DBD6 , correct?02:41
eamonastley: I don't know about wifi, sorry02:41
Jordan_Ueamon: I disagree, I think it's much easier to do something wrong accidentily with manual partitioning than with the automatic partitioning but I'll let you take it from here.02:41
suicidoltwhat is ubuntu one and why is ubuntu acting like I  need it?02:42
eamonubuntun00b: select the external dirve as the root partition and make a swap partition also on the external and you should be good to go02:42
jribsuicidolt: like dropbox, you don't need it if you don't want it02:42
suicidoltwhy is my sound icon attached to an email icon? I don't want the email icon02:43
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ubuntun00beamon: What's a good size for a swap partition?02:43
eamonubuntun00b: 1-2X your RAM02:44
mickster04suicidolt: it's part of the notifications applet, i dunno if you can remove it (which you should be able to) but i think you could also remove the notifications and add the volume control back02:44
R1zaGreetings to all!)) help the novice user! A problem in the following, I can not unpack archive tar.gz in the necessary directory, all I do with the rights root that can be not so?? Explain how to make at once correctly is better!! In in advance thanks)02:44
suicidoltmickster04: I don't see volume control on the list02:45
CajunTechieI had to remove evolution to remove that applet02:45
aPpLeSiA_gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect: Connection timed out gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.02:45
eamonubuntun00b: make sure to click "write changes to disk"02:45
mickster04R1za: where are you trying to put it? and what are you doing?02:45
aPpLeSiA_I cant fetch the key02:45
trismsuicidolt: remove indicator-messages if you don't want the envelope with the sound icon02:45
DasEiR1za: make a dir under your home to unpack without sudo02:45
mickster04suicidolt: right click panel > add to panel > volume control?02:45
trismmickster04: there is no volume control applet anymore, it is part of the indictor applet02:45
astleynetwork manager wont accept passwords on the ralink 5390 chipset, has there been a fix for this yet?02:46
mickster04trism: ah ok02:46
eamonR1za: tar -zxvf file.tar.gz02:46
suicidolttrism: how do I remove  indicator messages02:47
eamonno need for sudo02:47
ubuntun00beamon: I'm in the "allocate drive space" menu. So to get to the partition for the swap do I right click "change" and then I'm in the "Edit a partition" menu02:47
R1za<mickster04>It is necessary расспоковать files in a directory/var/www I try to start the server on Apache202:47
bastidrazorsuicidolt: http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/remove-mail-icon-leave-volume-control02:47
DasEiR1za: what do you want to unpack ? tarball ~ sourcecode ?02:47
trismsuicidolt: sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages; you may need to log out then back in to see the change02:47
eamonubuntun00b: yes, edit it and make it the size you want. 2000MB is a good size for swap.02:48
R1zaIn what all and a problem that I give out an error probably I use not a correct command for decoding of archive from one folder in another02:48
mickster04RichiH: ok, unpack it in your home folder, then move it across02:48
eamonedit the rest of the drive to be ext3 ubuntun00b02:48
mickster04R1za: ok, unpack it in your home folder, then move it across02:49
mickster04RichiH: sorry, wrong nick02:49
DasEiR1za: try to prefix with sudo, if regular user has no write-permissions02:49
eamonR1za: what's your native language/tongue?02:49
mickster04R1za: alternatively use gksu nautilus and use that newly opened window to do it02:49
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:49
StepNjumpGuys I like to use the terminal rather than click on icons.. There are applications I would like to start in terminal but is there a way to know what their application names are ?02:49
jribStepNjump: right click -> edit menu02:50
astleyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/541620network manager wont accept passwords on the ralink 5390 chipset, has there been a fix for this yet?02:50
mickster04StepNjump: system>admin>main menu, check what is listed there, if you click edit you can see what command is being called02:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 541620 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT3090 Wireless Not Supported in Lucid" [High,Confirmed]02:50
eamonStepNjump: press tab twice to see all the applications in your path02:50
mickster04astley: unlucky02:50
eamonStepNjump: doubletap tab02:50
astleymickster04: i see02:50
astleymickster04: woe is me02:50
StepNjumpOh nice... thanks guys!02:50
mickster04astley: :D *02:51
mickster04!tab > StepNjump:02:51
astleymickster04: yup laugh laugh02:51
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R1zaUsual actions in nautilus www it is impossible to transfer folder contents to a folder, in what all problem and consists02:51
ubuntun00beamon: I type in "2000" for the size and then it spits out "3222"02:51
eamonubuntun00b: type in 2000MB or 2000M and see what happens02:52
suicidoltum...how do I undo that, that just made my ubuntu really ugly trism02:52
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trismsuicidolt: just install it again, sudo apt-get install indicator-messages;02:52
eamonR1za: what's your language, you're hard to understand?02:52
ubuntun00beamon:with the mb or m? it won't let me use letters02:53
R1zatnks guys im go to home(02:53
mickster04ubuntun00b: make it 1500 and see what happens :p02:53
astleyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/541620network manager wont accept passwords on the ralink 5390 chipset, has there been a fix for this yet?02:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 541620 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT3090 Wireless Not Supported in Lucid" [High,Confirmed]02:53
mickster04astley: it would mention if there was a fix02:54
eamonubuntun00b: 3222 will be fine if it wont let you do other options02:54
astleymickster:got you02:54
mickster04AStyx: confirmed means it has been noticed and is definitly a bug, if it was fixed it would say so, or fix available if it hadn't made it into canon02:55
mickster04AStyx: sorry wrong nick02:55
eamonubuntun00b: in the end it should look like this |-----------boot/477GB----------||-swap/2g-|02:55
ubuntun00beamon: Hypathetically, if I screw up formatting my external, I could always go back and fix the size of the partition right? I'm at the "last chance to go back" screen02:55
eamonubuntun00b: yes02:55
eamonyou can always do it again/resize02:56
eamonif it's letting you go forward then you have a boot and a swap, your internal is unmounted everythings on the external, you're good to go ubuntun00b02:57
johnhamblwould installing ubuntu from windows cause bugs in gnome?02:57
tcfshGeekhello to all02:58
ubuntun00beamon: It's still loading, I'll let ya know how it goes  in a minute. *fingers crossed*02:58
StepNjumpmickster04 what is !tab?02:58
* eamon crosses fingers for ubuntun00b 02:59
luckyonehello all, I am running 10.10, but my system still uses the gdm login screen from 9.10. Anyone have any ideas why that is the case?02:59
DasEijohnhambl: no.. in which way ?02:59
eamonStepNjump: it tells the bot to spit out an explaination of the tab kkey functionality02:59
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:59
luckyonetotally minor - I mean it works fine, but I am just confused as to why it didn't get updated03:00
johnhamblsay you did a software update03:00
johnhambland it asks for root password03:00
johnhamblwhen I authenticate, the window doesnt do anything03:00
johnhambldoesnt go away till I close it03:00
johnhamblthen it'll typically do what its suppost to03:00
johnhamblbut not always03:00
DasEijohnhambl: how did you install ?03:00
johnhamblthrough windows been having issues with usb install03:01
eamonhi visual1ce03:01
DasEijohnhambl: wubi ?03:01
visual1cehow do i tell if im running a x64 version of mozilla?03:01
francesco_johnhambl, ...thru windows .. as in wubi ?03:01
johnhamblyeah I believe so03:01
mickster04!enter | johnhambl03:01
ubottujohnhambl: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:01
visual1cehi eamon03:01
eamonvisual1ce: mozilla --version03:01
mickster04visual1ce: about?03:01
DasEijohnhambl: weak machine ? too much load in the xp  host ? ram  ?03:02
mickster04johnhambl: or are you doing wubi?03:02
johnhamblwubi install03:02
visual1ceoops - i mean firefox03:02
johnhamblit installs but I have issues inside of ubuntu03:02
DasEijohnhambl: anyway, can also update from terminal03:02
eamonvisual1ce: firefox --version03:02
* |Stygian| bows as he enters the dojo03:02
francesco_firefox --version wont tell u if it s 64 bit tho03:03
eamonfrancesco_: yes it will03:03
francesco_just tried it .. and it didnt03:03
StepNjumpmickster04 the main menu was exactly what I needed. thank you very much03:03
DasEijohnhambl: wubi tends to make problems after some time, due to  ntfs' defragmentation03:03
visual1ceall i get is mozilla firefox 3.6.16pre03:03
suicidoltalright, that's good enough for now.  g'night everyone03:03
visual1ceim running ubuntu 10.10 x6403:04
johnhamblI assumed that03:04
DasEirather use a virtual environment, better a dualboot, johnhambl03:04
|Stygian|wow....1484 users in #Ubuntu03:04
eamon!offtopic > |Stygian|03:05
ubottu|Stygian|, please see my private message03:05
|Stygian|If nothing else, that goes to say that Ubuntu is getting *a lot* of attention03:05
luckyonefrancesco_: sudo apt-cache showpkg firefox03:05
luckyonefrancesco_: you may not need to be root to do that03:06
francesco_its not for me luckyone03:06
luckyonefrancesco_: sorry03:06
luckyonefrancesco_: for visual1ce ?03:06
francesco_yes sir03:06
luckyonevisual1ce: apt-cache showpkg firefox03:07
uabn93Hello again, I fixed a sudo update-grub problem I had earlier so that I could try to fix the Ubuntu(10.10) splash/boot logo screen on startup. The splash screen looks like it has a really bad color bit and shows up with grainy purple and green pixels. How can I edit the resolution?03:07
eamonuabn93: have you looked at the grub2 guide?03:08
visual1ceim having a problem running java applets for coursework. i have the sun jre installed along with the plugin enabled in browser. i run the java test on the sun site and it works fine and simple applets that report the plugin version work03:08
visual1cei've tried ff 3.6, 4. beta and chrome03:08
visual1ceall with the same result03:08
eamonwhat's the probelm visual1ce?03:08
visual1ceone applet i get an error but the other just seems wonky03:08
luckyonevisual1ce: is it your code?03:08
ubuntun00beamon: This is taking a long time, how long does it usually take?03:08
eamonubuntun00b: is there a progress bar? If it's reformatting your drive it takes a while. Resizing takes even longer.03:09
bastidrazoruabn93: add something to the effect of GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768x32   to /etc/default/grub   ..edit to your resolution03:09
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visual1cetheyre not my applets - theyre on the course website...03:10
eamonubuntun00b: can you hear noises coming from your hard drive?03:10
bastidrazoruabn93: of course you'll need to update-grub once done editing that file.03:10
eamonvisual1ce: if it's a plugin problem (java plugin) try updating the plugin.03:10
ubuntun00beamon: there's a circle with a spinning thing inside, but no progress bar03:11
uabn93Yes, but the guide said "GRUB_GFXMODE" only applied to grub and not the operating system boot resolution. I tried 1280x1024x16 but nothing happened.03:11
eamonubuntun00b: that's ok, can you hear it doing stuff to your hard drive?03:11
francesco_uabn93, see my private message03:11
eamonIt sounds llike it's working uabn93, let it run its course03:12
visual1cei have the latest version running... is there a way i can debug an applet?03:12
visual1cea web applet03:12
visual1cei mean how do i go about getting this to work?03:12
eamonvisual1ce: yes, run it through a debugger03:12
eamonvisual1ce: are you a programmer?03:13
bastidrazorvisual1ce: there may be errors logged in ~/.xsession-errors03:13
ubuntun00beamon: I think I have one of the quiet ones it's a WD portable 500gb.03:13
visual1ceive done very little programming03:13
eamonvisual1ce: you don't have the skills to debug then03:13
DasEiuabn93: miss the tail off, the X1603:13
eamonubuntun00b: yeah, it sounds like it's working03:14
visual1cethanx bastidrazor and eamon03:14
brophati believe that when i install ubuntu and select to encrypt home directory it will prompt me for like a key word that it uses to encrypt, my question is if you have any advice on how to choose that word03:15
DasEibrophat: yes and no..03:16
brophatDasEi i heard it has to be big03:16
DasEibrophat: it uses your general password, the user password, so no additional, and you can generate a password03:16
Arisaka_Shrike"subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" is what I get when I try to install or remove using the Ubuntu Software center or the Synaptic Package Manager, and something about python-profiler. Any ideas? :S03:17
_antantcan anyone tell me how I would go about updating some drivers (for ATI) through putty?03:17
DasEibrophat: depending on needs, tools like makepasswd are fine, but best is a pass you can have in head03:17
brophatDasEi ic so i have the option of just using my user password or generating a new password for the encryption?03:17
DasEibrophat: the former03:18
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: in terminal <<sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade>>03:18
mickster04_antant: see the above command, it may help :p03:18
DasEibrohat: else you want whole disk encryption via luks03:18
rwwbrophat: and whole-disk encryption requires using the alternate CD, not the LiveCD03:19
DasEibrophat: or just a container/partition with extra pass03:19
Arisaka_Shrikeafter sudo apt-get upgrade, I get "Setting up python-profiler (2.6.6-0ubuntu1) ...03:19
Arisaka_Shrikepython2.7: can't open file 'py_compile.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory03:19
Arisaka_Shrikedpkg: error processing python-profiler (--configure):03:19
Arisaka_Shrike subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 203:19
Arisaka_ShrikeErrors were encountered while processing:03:19
FloodBot3Arisaka_Shrike: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:19
Arisaka_Shrike python-profiler03:19
mickster04!enter | Arisaka_Shrike03:19
ubottuArisaka_Shrike: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:19
brophati have the alternate cd do you think entire disk encryption is better?03:19
rwwmickster04: no need to tell them, the floodbot already did (:03:19
mickster04!paste | Arisaka_Shrike03:20
MrPocketsVNC from Windows to Ununtu 9.10, connection is established, but the Display is froxen03:20
ubottuArisaka_Shrike: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:20
mickster04rww: yup03:20
MrPocketsclick and keyboard go throgh, but doesn't show., It's a common issue, but i don't recall the resolution03:20
DasEibrophat: depends on your needs, luks is working fine, thou eats ressources03:20
brophatyeah nothing much for me just a home dir encrption would be good enough03:20
brophatbut i would need a good pass for my user cause that is what it uses to encrypt from no?03:21
MrPocketsah, it's a Compi issue.03:21
DasEibrophat: yes03:21
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: ok, so your install of python-profiler broke, does it suggest you run something like sudo dpkg ****03:21
brophatDasEi can it be a sentence with spaces?03:21
rwwbrophat: yes03:22
DasEibrophat: \03:22
brophatok that is cool cause i learned a trick where you make a sentence and just pull out vowels03:22
brophatmakes it easy to remember and hard to crack03:22
BosInthi budys03:22
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`greenlightIm trying to install apatana on ubuntu 10.10 and when I get to this part: /opt/aptana/AptanaStudio3 -clean, it returns me permission denied03:22
Arisaka_Shrikemickster04: wait, sudo dpkg **** with the asterisks? no, right03:23
DasEibrophat: common method, but why you need spaces there ?03:23
brophatDasEi good point03:23
BosIntsomebody help me ?03:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:23
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: no, but normally it suggests sumat to do to try and fix the problem03:23
Jordan_Ubrophat: That doesn't make it harder to crack if the method gets at all popular, and certainly not if someone is targeting you specifically and knows you do this (because you've now said so in a public IRC channel).03:23
BosInti need a programg to coneect yahoo03:23
mickster04BosInt: pidgin03:24
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete03:24
brophatJordan_U that is commonly known as a woopsie03:24
BosIntbut a ihad a problem?03:24
Arisaka_Shrikemickster04: "sudo dpkg ****" just gives me dpkg: need an action option03:24
brophatbut no one is targeting me03:24
Arisaka_ShrikeType dpkg --help for help about installing and deinstalling packages [*];03:24
Arisaka_ShrikeUse `dselect' or `aptitude' for user-friendly package management;03:24
Arisaka_ShrikeType dpkg -Dhelp for a list of dpkg debug flag values;03:24
BosIntdont conect to yahoo03:24
FloodBot3Arisaka_Shrike: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:24
Arisaka_ShrikeType dpkg --force-help for a list of forcing options;03:25
Arisaka_ShrikeType dpkg-deb --help for help about manipulating *.deb files;03:25
BosIntsomebody because03:25
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: i said no, as in that won't work.03:25
brophatbut ok i am gonna install ubuntu 64 tonight03:25
Arisaka_Shrikealright, sorry for not listening03:25
mickster04BosInt: it does03:25
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: it's ok, but usually underneath all that error message it tells you somethingto try, did you see anything abou dpkg or apt-get?03:26
BosIntyou can tellme03:27
BosIntthe server ip n port03:27
rwwBosInt: Please stop abusing your enter key.03:27
mickster04BosInt: you just enter your username/password03:28
Arisaka_Shrikemickster04: well it says (http://paste.ubuntu.com/583158/), pasted03:28
BosIntok i do it03:28
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: no i don't want that, i want the error message,03:29
Arisaka_Shrikeoh, right, hang on03:29
DasEiJordan_U: good a minute in #grub or fine with pm ?03:29
DasEigot, Jordan_U03:29
GryllidaWhere do I submit a Debian package for review to get it appear in Ubuntu repositories?03:29
_ohmWhat does it mean when something is "in your PATH"?03:29
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: i knew that wouldn't work, so that error message is pointless to me -_-03:29
grendal-primehey guys...ive been using virtualbox on my server..but im looking at kvm because it seems to handle thigns like server upgrades much better03:29
Jordan_UDasEi: Sure, I'd prefer #grub to a PM (assuming it's a grub related support question).03:30
mickster04grendal-prime: and your problem is?03:30
grendal-primeand...well sysetme shutdowns..and automatic starting of vms...but it looks like the management tools for kvm are a bit...well not so friendly03:30
Arisaka_Shrikemickster04: this is the only thing that it says after I sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. http://paste.ubuntu.com/583159/03:30
bastidrazor_ohm: your PATH is a list of directories that hold binaries of applications on your box.03:31
grendal-primecompaired to like virtualbox that is.03:31
grendal-primeand are the vms compatable with one another?03:31
grendal-primeiwould think they were..but...well you know  not sure..03:31
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-profiler/+bug/64485403:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 644854 in python-profiler (Ubuntu) "python-profiler fails to install due to manually installed python2.5" [Undecided,New]03:32
_ohmbastidrazor, I'm trying to compile something and it says make sure "config" is in your path, so i did PATH=$PATH:/config, is this correct?03:32
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: is that what you have going on? the fix is also mentioned03:32
grendal-primemickster04, you  use kvm?  what does the default tasksel give you in line of a management interface?03:32
|Stygian|please overlook the CTCP msg. It was a misunderstood kvirc command. (my apologies)03:33
mickster04no i don't but you didn't give us a problem03:33
grendal-primemanagement tools.03:33
grendal-primeare there any decient ones for setting up vlan, ha, clustering03:34
grendal-primeim talking for kvm that is.03:34
Arisaka_Shrikemickster04: But I don't think I have a different version of Python installed. Do you know a way to search for one? (hang on, it also says that python-profiler could fail to install if Python 2.7 isn't installed)03:34
bastidrazor_ohm: you added that to your .bashrc?  and it would be export PATH="/config:$PATH"03:35
Arisaka_Shrikemickster04: But when I type python --version in the console, it says "Python 2.7.1".03:35
sacarlson_ohm: I don't think so, normally you cd /to/path/of/source  then ./configure; make03:35
bastidrazor_ohm: is /config a valid directory?03:35
mickster04Arisaka_Shrike: i don't know how to solve your problem sorry :/03:35
_ohmbastidrazor, no i was using it as an example, this is what I'm trying to do currently http://ascendwiki.cheme.cmu.edu/Freesteam03:35
_ohmbastidrazor, I see this line, "# install ASCEND somewhere on your system, and make sure that 'ascend-config' is in your PATH. " and i have no idea what that means, and it isn't working haha03:36
bastidrazor_ohm: is ascend-config in your PATH?  type which ascend-config  :do you get a directory or returns you to prompt?03:37
_ohmbastidrazor, I get a directory. I did PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/ascend-config03:38
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
_ohmand i get that directory03:38
bastidrazor _ohm /usr/local/bin should already be in your $PATH by default03:38
=== seank_ is now known as sawce
bastidrazor_ohm: and with those results you have ascend-config in your $PATH. you can move on to the next step.03:39
_ohmbastidrazor, yeah it is, I thought this guide wanted me to do that though03:39
_ohmI get a compiling error, I think that's the problem03:39
bastidrazor_ohm: the guide is just getting you to double check.03:40
_ohmoh, great now I have no idea what the problem is03:40
_ohmascend/freesteam_ascend.c:23: fatal error: ascend/utilities/ascConfig.h: No such file or directory03:41
_ohmactually ill post the pastebin hold on03:41
_ohmnever used scons before, not enjoying the experience so far03:42
syrinx_!enter | _ohm03:43
ubottu_ohm: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:43
lamenthello, i'm trying to install ubuntu 10.10 from a cd on a macbook4,1 following the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook4-1/Maverick . The instructions say that to enable AirPort I need to enable an additional driver for BCM4328. But I don't have any additional drivers.03:43
=== Guest87034 is now known as DarkDevil
lamentWhen i went to System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers, it actually tried to access the network to search for them.03:44
lamentdo i have to connect wired first to get the drivers?03:44
corinthHi channel. I want to *upgrade* my Firefox 3.X install to 4.0. Upgrade - as in overwrite. How can I do this?03:44
syrinx_lament: yes03:44
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest86662
lamenti see thanks03:44
edbianlament, yes03:45
syrinx_corinth: apt-get update firefox03:45
edbiancorinth, Just download the firefox 4 from the website, remove firefox the package, and make a symlink to firefox4 in /usr/local/bin03:46
corinthsyrinx_, Is the 4.0 RC2 in the repo? Else, how would this work?03:46
edbiansyrinx_, That won't bring in firefox503:46
edbiancorinth, firefox4 is not in the repo.  See my previous post.  I can help more if you need it.03:46
tripelbbwhere's a good place to register a domain name?03:48
bonjoyeecould some one suggest a good rescue cd(preferably debian based) ...one that is small but has a full DE?03:48
vantage_n as root03:49
vantageis software-center typically ran as root03:49
bastidrazortripelbb: dyndns.com03:50
bastidrazorvantage: software-center will only install things if ran with with elevated permissions03:51
sacarlson_ohm: from what I saw seems ascend is one of the depedencies and I also see it's not in the ubuntu repository03:51
Unknown0BC1Hi, :) do any of you know the binarry/executeable filename for the NetworkManager applet ?03:51
bastidrazorUnknown0BC1: nm-applet03:51
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Zeku
_ohmsacarlson, yeah, I've already installed ascend and looked through their mailing list for the answer, just posted there, hopefully going to get a response soon03:52
changpeirui有人认识我在说什么吗? 这里是不是只能用英语阿03:53
sacarlson_ohm: how and where did you install it?03:53
sacarlson_ohm: ascend I mean, where did you install ascend?03:54
gratidudechangpeirui: #ubuntu-cn03:54
speedrunnerG55what are the advantages to installing ubuntiu in windows/03:54
ubuntun00bAnybody know how long resizing a swap partition on an external takes? I think i've been waiting for over an hour and a half.03:54
RhyskAnyone free to help me out real quick?03:55
Loshkibonjoyee: I'd start with http://www.sysresccd.org03:56
Unknown0BC1ubuntun00b, That depends but I will probably wait at   least another hour.03:56
Unknown0BC1*you will probably wait03:56
ljsoftnethow do i make vlc use my current GTK theme?03:56
shadow66142000I have an issue with keeping my internet connection alive on my Ubuntu server 10.04LTS. If I change my static ip address and restart, I will have internet for about 3 minutes. I have the results of running 'route' while the internet is working along with when it's down http://pastie.org/1693417 . My local network is always available, it's just the outside world that is having this problem. Here are results of several config files03:56
shadow66142000showing my settings http://pastie.org/1694702 . Would appreciate any help!03:56
StepNjump++ I would have a question: How can I add a directory to the search path on my ubuntu box?03:57
ubuntun00bunknownBBCI: There's no status bar, just the pointer with those dots moving clockwise. I didn't know if most people see a status bar03:57
=== PicCard is now known as PicCard_Away
paddybirdafter install tftpd-hpa,i want the service with: sudo service tftpd-hpa,then output:04:00
galamarhello i just installed ubuntu 10.04 on a dell latitude and i am having trouble with the wireless card (bcm4306) i have install the proprietary drivers and it says it is working but does detect any networks. when i enter the info in manually it attempts to connect but never does. i have no problems running wireless on my desktop with 10.04 a linksys card. any help would be appreciated thank you very much.04:00
edbiangalamar, I have the exact same card.  Connect to the internet using a wire.  Run sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter   restart the machine04:02
galamaredbian, i have install the fwcutter driver that popped up when i was wired. but i will try the command way right quick brb.04:03
edbiangalamar, Ok.  It will probably say 'already newest version'  Can you pastebin dmesg ?04:03
paddybirdafter install tftpd-hpa,i start the service with: sudo service tftpd-hpa start,then it output: "start: Job is already running: tftpd-hpa",but  when typing " ps -A|grep tftp" ,it outputs nothing at all,so anyone can help me?04:04
galamaredbian, it says that it cant find b43-fwcutter?04:05
paddybirdi cannt start the tfpt service,please help!04:06
StepNjumpmodify the path please guys?04:06
edbiangalamar, Did the thing you did download stuff from the internets?  (I think it was the same)04:06
bastidrazor!info b43-fwcutter04:06
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:013-2 (maverick), package size 15 kB, installed size 80 kB04:06
=== IdleOne is now known as MaverickOne
Architxhello, is there a know issue for ubuntu 10.04 and broken dhclient after recent updates ?04:08
galamaredbian, yeah it was the proprietary driver icon that popped up in the notification area and it did download the fwcutter stuff.04:08
edbiangalamar, pastebin dmesg for me04:08
DasEiStepNjump: gksudo gedit /etc/bash.bashrc04:09
galamari can pastebin my dmesg but it will take 2 minutes probably04:09
DasEiStepNjump: two lines :04:09
edbiangalamar, I can wait.04:09
DasEiPATH=$PATH:whatever your path is here04:09
DasEiexport PATH04:09
bastidrazorDasEi: wouldn't you edit the users .bashrc and not the global one..04:09
=== MaverickOne is now known as IdleOne
StepNjumpDasEi: Thanks but what do you mean two lines^04:10
DasEiStepNjump: watch last three lines, mind bastid as per user04:10
galamaredbian, http://pastebin.com/qzKjPeuy04:12
edbiangalamar, reading...04:12
edbiangalamar, The firmware is loaded and working correctly.  What does sudo iwlist scan do?04:12
edbiangalamar, Does it show you networks?04:12
=== tom___ is now known as Scruffles
b1llyfor some reason04:13
b1llyi had my dual monitor (extended) working fine04:13
b1llyand i downloaded my ati drivers or w/e04:14
galamaredbian, no it dont show networks just says disconnected. 2 seconds on the sudo iwlist scan.04:14
b1llyand now it wont let me disable same image ina ll monitor04:14
DasEiStepNjump: getting by ? if you just want a app to be found , put it in /usr/bin or in the already existing others04:14
galamaredbian, wlan0 no scan results04:15
dave_cave10-10hows ubuntu as a domain controller? any pros or cons off the bat?04:15
b1llywhen i do it triggers an error04:15
Architxnot that i am impatience, but i need to go, so i ll ask later again when i have more time. Thanks in advance04:15
b1llyis there a way to do a system rollback lol04:15
edbiangalamar, sudo ifup wlan004:15
edbiangalamar, Then try sudo iwlist scan again04:15
iTails|InstallinHello, sorry I've been in the channel so long. I am having an issue with installing my wireless adapter driver on my desktop via Ubuntu 10.04. This is a fresh install. I have the disk from ASUS which has the linux drivers, but I don't know how to install them. I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out. Much appreciated.04:16
galamaredbian, ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan004:17
DasEiiTails|Installin: what type of file ?04:17
StepNjumpDasEi, I know but what I am trying to do is to create ln with more familiar names than gnome-longname-that_I_will_never_remember to something simpler like: something_I_will_remember but would like to put them in my documents folder so when I back up my system, all my ln's will be readily available for backup.. That is the reason why04:17
edbiangalamar, can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file   (the problem is in here) :)04:17
b1llyi installed my ati drivers and it bugged out04:18
lvyiwanghi, everyone!04:18
iTails|InstallinDasEi: well, the folder it's in is a tar.gz04:18
edbianb1lly, Just remove them04:18
b1llyhow, im new to ubuntu04:19
iTails|InstallinDasEi: I wanted to try to run it in Terminal, but I couldn't figure it out.04:19
DasEiiTails|Installin: so lets have a closer look , open aterminal04:19
b1llyi clicked something and it i just clicked install lol04:19
iTails|InstallinDasEi: okay04:19
edbianb1lly, What driver did it install?  fglrx ?04:19
DasEiiTails|Installin: mkdir asus04:19
speedrunnerG55when i login is says david but my username is douglas04:19
b1llyidk i didnt even look tbh04:19
speedrunnerG55how can i fix this04:20
DasEiiTails|Installin: driver is on disk ?04:20
iTails|InstallinDasEi: yes04:20
edbianb1lly, what is the output of lsmod | grep fglrx   ?04:20
DasEiiTails|Installin: left click, copy + paste in your new asus folder04:20
b1llyfglrx 2523725  10004:20
edbianb1lly, That means you installed fglrx.  sudo apt-get purge fglrx04:21
edbianb1lly, that command will remove it.04:21
b1llyis that a list of my drivers?04:21
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, then repeat the same command?04:21
galamaredbian, www.pastebin.com/zieaeevz04:21
DasEiiTails|Installin: cd asus && ls                                       , file there now04:22
edbianb1lly, lsmod lists all the modules that are currently being used.  (linux calles drivers modules) so yes.04:22
edbianb1lly, grep just filters the list to show only things with 'fglrx' in the name04:22
edbiangalamar, reading...04:22
DasEiiTails|Installin:  file there now ?04:22
edbiangalamar, This is blank?04:22
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, now it recognizes the folder, now what do I do?04:22
galamaredbian, thats what i thought04:22
b1llydo you type it like this04:22
b1llylsmod | grep fglrx04:23
DasEiiTails|Installin:  copy the tarball from cd into that dir04:23
edbiangalamar, haha, did you type in right?  gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces04:23
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, i recognized the folder and then it says "Is: command not found"04:23
speedrunnerG55my username isnd what it shows when i login04:23
speedrunnerG55how can i fix that04:23
edbianb1lly, lsmod lists them all.  lsmod | grep fglrx will show the rows that have fglrx in them.04:23
DasEiiTails|Installin: ls = lower LS04:24
b1llywhat does grep stnad for04:24
edbianb1lly, After you remove the package (sudo apt-get purge fglrx) restart the machine04:24
iTails|InstallinDasEi: "Is: command not found"04:24
edbianb1lly, It doesn't stand for anything.  It's a great name on it's on I guess.  It filters the output of lsmod04:24
MuddflapsHey gang, here's my situation, maybe someone can help. I have the Creative XFI Xtreme (which uses the Audigy chipset and has issues with ALSA) so I went full on OSS4. Sound is currently coming through pcm1, which is correct. Thing is, sound will sometimes work, sometimes not. BUT, I found out that if I go to say, shoutcast.com for example, and get a stream playing and mute it, I have no problems. I guess what I'm saying is t04:25
Muddflapshat for it to work properly 100%, PCM1 will need to stay "open", since it seems like it's closing and opening and that's causing the sound to sometimes work and sometimes not.04:25
galamaredbian, there was only 2 linesin the file..... www.pastebin.com/ziEAeeVz........... i didnt know if the caps mattered04:25
edbianb1lly, You can grep anything though.  Like a file,  grep banana somefile.txt    will show all the lines of somefile.txt that contain 'banana'04:25
b1llyand what about apt-get04:25
DasEiiTails|Installin: ls in terminal not found ?04:25
b1llycan i grep *.txt04:26
iTails|InstallinDasEi: yeah.04:26
iTails|InstallinDasEi: I am thinking it might be a bad install, but not sure. I think i'll download the 10.10 ISO and burn it to a disk.04:26
edbiangalamar, make it look like this: http://pastebin.com/WVLv1viC04:26
ubuntun00bOk, I need some help. I've been trying to resize part of my external hard drive to make it a swap file. This is taking a very long time. I'm carving out only a few gigs. There is no status bar, just that circular spinning thing that goes clockwise.04:26
DasEiiTails|Installin: have you got wired inet on it ?04:27
galamaredbian, sweet 2 minutes04:27
b1llyi'm going to restart my pc brb04:27
edbiangalamar, Then restart networking: sudo service network(ing) restart    (I'm not sure about the ing)04:27
mrdebubuntun00b: why04:27
edbiangalamar, I have to go!  Any more questions?04:27
voss749unity looks goofy04:27
b1llyedbian: shut down pc or restart?04:27
edbianb1lly, Is there a difference?04:27
ubuntun00bmrdeb: So I can have ubuntu on an external hard drive04:27
iTails|InstallinDasEi: no, unfortunately my ethernet controller went out on this motherboard. This PC is old. Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 512MB DDR 400MHz, ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro AGP (256MB Overclocked)04:28
DasEiiTails|Installin: if so (or just the box you're typing on here): sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:28
DasEiso no04:28
iTails|InstallinDasEi: nope.04:28
DasEiiTails|Installin: so that might not work, because if it's not just a module, but a compile, we need additional stuff, no old nic lying around ?04:29
edbiangalamar, ??  I have to go04:30
iTails|InstallinDasEi: I'm not sure what a "nic" is04:30
iTails|InstallinDasEi: No, I had bought a PCI network card off newegg, but it was DOA. I just have the worst luck with wireless adapters. lol04:31
edbianiTails|Installin, network interface card = nic04:31
edbianiTails|Installin, network interface controller actually.  According to wikipedia04:31
galamaredbian, yes04:31
edbiangalamar, I have to go.  Any last minute questions?04:31
DasEiiTails|Installin: if not supported nativly, you'll probably need additional stuff, well we can have a glance at that thingy least:04:32
iTails|InstallinDasEi: yeah, just a sec04:32
galamaredbian, i get unkown instance for networking................. and unknown service for network........04:32
edbiangalamar, Just restart then.  Easier than trying to figure out the command ;)04:32
edbiangalamar, Have a good night!  I have to go04:32
galamarcan anyone else pick up where he left me if i still need help?04:33
iTails|InstallinDasEi: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833320049&Tpk=ASUS%20USB%20N1004:34
iTails|InstallinDasEi: That's the adapter I had bought.04:34
DasEiiTails|Installin: in terminal you are in asus dir now ? ls should show the ~tar.gz, let's assume it's there:04:34
iTails|InstallinDasEi: yeah im there04:35
voss749itails what brand is the wireless card?04:35
iTails|Installinvoss749: ASUS04:35
DasEiiTails|Installin: tar -xvf *tar.gz ,04:35
DasEidoes it extract ?04:35
voss749itails, I know this sounds crazy, but use tp-link their wireless cards are atheros based04:35
galamarokay after rebooting it says device not managed. in the wireless notification area.04:36
iTails|InstallinDasEi: "tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory" "tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now"04:36
ubuntun00bOk so I'm in the middle of resizing a partition on an external. I open up GParted and it says "0 operations pending" but I started resizing 2 hours ago and nothing ever said I was finished.04:36
DasEiiTails|Installin: look in gui , was it a .tar.gz  file ?04:37
voss749Most people havent heard of Tp-link but they are a good chinese brand04:37
iTails|InstallinDasEi: Yep.04:37
voss749All TP-LINK cards that I know of work with linux out of the box04:38
timboyI need help getting three monitors set up with my ati card. Works in windows fine but can't get it to work in ubuntu. ati settings manager says I need to restart to apply settings but then defaults to mirrored no matter what I change.04:38
iTails|InstallinDasEi: Would it hurt to extract everything out of the tar.gz and put it in the folder?04:38
DasEiiTails|Installin:  so seems it's not in asus folder ,  can you navigate there by gui ? right-click, extract04:38
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, i extracted the folder04:39
DasEiiTails|Installin: go back to terminal04:39
DasEiiTails|Installin: cd ~/asus04:40
DasEiiTails|Installin: ./configure04:40
DasEidoes a thing ?04:40
b1llyso dumb of me to delete my gfx driver flgrx04:40
iTails|InstallinDasEi: "base: ./configure: No such file or directory04:40
Loopbackwassup guy? can i share a webcam over a local network?04:41
voss749itails, why mess with a wireless card that doesnt have drivers already in the kernel?04:41
iTails|InstallinDasEi: there are .sh files within the folder, would I have to run chmod?04:41
b1llyhow come i cant see04:41
speedrunnerG55my username is different than what it shows me when i log in04:41
b1llyalist of people that are in this irc chat04:41
DasEiiTails|Installin: so  semms no compile, really, w/o it's like a crystal ball, either a runfile or a module, hmm, sh files04:41
iTails|Installinvoss749: I went cheap with a wireless, thought it would be easy, but I guess you get what you pay for, lol.04:42
iTails|InstallinDasEi: theres a runwpa file in here too04:42
voss749itails, tp-link is cheaper and works correctly04:42
DasEiiTails|Installin: looks fine to me, though I don't that model, but without inet I can gather info very hard only04:43
iTails|InstallinDasEi: would there be a way to somehow grab updates via Windows XP? I have XP on the other HDD.04:43
DasEiiTails|Installin: you get mad by typing all that in, doing something in the dark can bork system and not unlikely a update would/might fix things already, an err ls is a basic comand04:44
DasEiiTails|Installin: no04:44
b1llyis there a way to automate ubuntu to automatically go on standby or something after x time04:44
SealedWithAKissRandom I know, but does anybody know what the default web root for IIS 6.0 is?04:44
=== Guest86662 is now known as DarkDevil
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, so I guess im pretty screwed in terms of getting this hooked up wireless lol. At least until I can afford another wireless adapter.04:45
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest83816
iTails|InstallinDasEi: it works fine in XP and I've tried it on hackintosh (teehee), but Linux seems to be the only one that isnt supported, lol04:45
DasEiiTails|Installin: easiest would be wired net,like a usb to rj45 or such, and don't through out money for no need04:45
galamaranyone got more advice for the bcm4306 wireless issues?04:46
speedrunnerG55my login is different than what it shows me in the welcome screen04:46
DasEiiTails|Installin: give me , as last resort a minute, so I can search a database for it04:47
iTails|InstallinDasEi: well, part of the reason i had bought the wireless adapter is because ethernet will not work at all. Even in Windows. I guess it's just my motherboard. Can't blame it, it's been around since 2003, lol.04:47
speedrunnerG55cow can i fix what it says in the welcome screen so it maches04:47
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright. :)04:47
DasEiiTails|Installin: laptop ?04:47
iTails|InstallinDasEi: desktop04:47
DasEiso a used nick is 2 bucks, if at all04:47
DasEifaster all the way04:48
YankDownUndergalamar, I'll assume you've "un-blacklisted" the driver in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf => or that you've tried to run your "Hardware Drivers" utility to see if a driver is available to install for that wireless card?04:48
* DasEi is in 04:48
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:48
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, I'll head to my PC shop tomorrow after work and see if they have any used ones or new ones. I would prefer new tbh, but whatever gets this on the net. Thanks for your help. :D04:49
iTails|Installinvoss749: I'll look and see if they have tp-link adapters there too.04:49
galamaryankdownunder, i have run the "hardware drivers" utility but i have not un-blacklisted yet04:50
YankDownUnderiTails|Installin, Um...if you can't get on the net via Windows, and can't get on the net using Ubuntu - what CAN you get on the net with?04:50
iTails|InstallinYankDownUnder: I can get on via Windows04:50
b1llyi got a .zip file application that i need to extract and install04:50
b1llyis this an incorrect linux format?04:50
iTails|InstallinYankDownUnder: and hackintosh, just not linux04:50
YankDownUnderiTails|Installin, Um...right...thought you said you couldn't....right oh...04:51
DasEiiTails|Installin: searched two lists, not listed, but pretty new and if asus anounces linux-able that 'll do.. yup, get a nic04:52
Guest40478grub config in puppy 520 says "the partition '/mnt/sda5/puppy520' is not linux'  ".  some one help04:52
KaldorI'm having some issues with wireless (on ethernet right now).. I have been using Ubuntu for a few years with no issue with wireless. I rebooted today to find that wireless won't work at all. Made a forum post with some details ( http://goo.gl/3a8ii ).. any ideas?04:52
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, will do. thanks. I am hoping that ASUS will release a new driver set, but seeing how they frequently switch up models, I doubt it's going to happen.04:52
galamaryankdownunder, how do i un-blacklist?04:53
speedrunnerG55how can i cahnge my username04:53
Kaldortried using rfkill and rmmod to find the issue to no avail04:53
DasEiiTails|Installin: if you're lucky it just works after some completition of the install04:53
YankDownUndergalamar, Look for the driver in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf => uncomment the blacklisted driver, reboot. Try the "Hardware Drivers" utility again.04:53
jsoftAnybody here ever had problems with flash crashing on youtube often?04:54
DasEispeedrunnerG55: /nick NewNick04:54
iTails|InstallinDasEi: well, i think i might try 10.10 and see if it's included in the installation. if not, oh well.04:54
Guest40478help.  grub config in puppy 520 says "the partition '/mnt/sda5/puppy520' is not linux'  ".04:54
galamaryankdownunder, so just remove the #?04:54
Jordan_UGuest40478: This is #ubuntu. We don't provide Puppy support here.04:54
DasEiiTails|Installin: simply try a live cd04:54
speedrunnerG55no not here04:54
YankDownUndergalamar, Yes04:54
Guest40478oh sorry wrong channle04:54
speedrunnerG55on ubuntu how do i change my screen name04:54
DasEiiTails|Installin: even on the 10.04, that ls thingy is real strange04:55
GryllidaspeedrunnerG55, system>administration>users and groups04:55
speedrunnerG55i can change my password. but how do i cahnge my username04:55
rob25hey can somebody help I put a cd in my disc drive but it won't appear04:55
DasEi10.04 live cd ^ , iTails|Installin04:55
GryllidaspeedrunnerG55, see above04:55
speedrunnerG55sounds like windows, but ok04:55
=== Guest40478 is now known as JokerSmile
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, will do. I'll download that and burn it to a disk. if that doesn't work then I know what the issue is. ^^04:56
DasEispeedrunnerG55: man adduser, man deluser .. man..04:56
GryllidaDasEi, that's cli; I said gui advice04:56
rob25anyone can help out with me?04:56
Gryllidarob25, with what04:56
galamaryankdownunder, do i need to remove the replaced by part?04:56
DasEiiTails|Installin: then you know if you nedd the driver disk or not, least04:56
rob25i put a disc in my disc drive but it won't appear04:56
DasEiGryllida: ok04:56
YankDownUndergalamar, I have absolutely no idea what that question was mate...04:56
rob25not sure if it matters but it sounds like it won't stop spinning04:56
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:56
Gryllidarob25, ^04:57
speedrunnerG55also how do i use ubuntu one after i made my account04:57
iTails|InstallinDasEi: alright, im going to reboot my desktop into Windows and download the ISO and burn it to a disk. brb04:57
Gryllida!ubuntuone | speedrunnerG5504:57
ubottuspeedrunnerG55: Ubuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone04:57
rob25so anyone know what my problem is?04:57
Gryllidarob25, see the mount link ubottu said04:58
rob25tried !mount, but it said event not found04:58
Gryllida!mount | rob2504:58
ubotturob25: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:58
YankDownUnderrob25, Have you tried running a CDROM/DVDROM cleaner through that drive lately?04:58
rob25it shows up in windows 704:58
rob25but not in ubuntu04:58
Gryllidawhat model04:58
=== iTails|Installin is now known as iTails
galamaryankdownunder, it says............ # replaced by b43 and ssb      blacklist bcm43xx........... i am just confused about what all should be removed04:58
YankDownUnderrob25, That's not the point.04:59
Gryllidarob25, and like I said, you should try to mount it and/or find a driver04:59
DasEi!broadcom | galamar04:59
ubottugalamar: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:59
YankDownUndergalamar, Uncomment the B43 stuff, save the file, reboot, then go to "Hardware Drivers" and see what gives.04:59
rob25when i go into drivers it says there are none in use05:00
YankDownUnderrob25, Mate, wasn't talking to ya...have you cleaned your CDROM/DVDROM drive lately?05:01
dfreyI have the package "linux-image-2.6.35-28-generic" installed on my system.  I want to compile a kernel that is identical to that except with a specific patch applied on top.  Is there an easy way to get the kernel config that is used in the ubuntu "-generic" kernels?05:01
ZupUbuntu Flash Help please.... I was using everything fine till the 2 days ago and now youtube won't work, auido works but the video won't.... what gives?05:02
YankDownUnderI think that YouTube works properly - and always will. It's your workstation that has issues with viewing Youtube... :)05:02
Zupwell yah I know that... so what do I need to do to fix it?05:03
lotutuhello , anyone can help me about virtualdisk?05:03
YankDownUnderZup, :)05:03
b1llycan someone please direct me05:03
YankDownUnderZup, What you could do is to make sure you've got the latest version of flashplayer...05:03
b1llyim confused how to install a third party software05:03
DasEilotutu: vbox ?05:03
b1llythe downloadable file is a zip05:03
DasEilotutu: or ramdisk ?05:03
galamaryankdownunder, ok it says there are no proprietary drivers in use on this system...... but then it says broadcom b43 wireless driver.. this driver is currently active and in use.05:03
ZupYankDownUnder: Just run update in ternima?05:04
lotutuI had created a virtualdisk by $dd if=/dev/zero of=disk.img bs=512 count=xxx, and partitioned it with arch in kvm05:04
lotutuhow can I mount it to /dev/sdb and visit it's contents05:04
YankDownUndergalamar, Right oh - so you're happy now - try testing connectivity using only the wireless mate...05:04
YankDownUnderZup, Er...yeah...ya could do that...05:04
ZupYankDownUnder: Did that the moment it stop working... I even uninstalled flash and reinstalled everything back05:05
YankDownUnderZup, Best way: sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get update && exit05:05
DasEilotutu: ermm, the dd did an image of a mbr, which you can mount to a dir, but not a device, mount --bind might be your candidate05:05
ZupYankDownUnder: I did that, but with aptitude05:05
YankDownUnderZup, Does flash work in Chrome (if you've got it installed) => as well, which version of flash are you using?05:06
ZupYankDownUnder: Yes, it works fine i Chrome... which why I am lost05:06
DasEiYankDownUnder: does05:06
ZupYankDownUnder: Not sure what version... how do I check for that?05:06
b1llyhow do you know if theres a linux file in the repository?05:06
b1llyis there a way to check05:06
lotutuDasEi: A bare mount command failed, I havn't try --bind05:07
YankDownUnderZup, What you might try to do - if it doesn't bother you - is to back up your FF bookmarks, blow out the ~/.mozilla directory, then restart FF, re-import yer bookmarks - test if flash works...05:07
DasEilotutu: mount it to a dir, not a devicepath05:07
pbearis installing from the ubuntu software center and doing sudo apt-get install the exact same? either way, the app can be upgraded with apt-get upgrade?05:07
lotutuDasEi: But how can I visit the second partition in the virtual disk?05:07
=== CarlFK1 is now known as CarlFK
DasEilotutu: mount it to a dir, cd there05:08
lotutuDasEi: I mounted it to a dir, and failed05:08
b1llyare there any good text editors in ubuntu like microsft word?>05:08
ZupYankDownUnder: Okay I will try that then, be back in a flash hahaha05:08
YankDownUnderZup, Hey - something I use on some machines is called "Flash-Aid" - helps to resolve conflicts with flash versions mate...check that out as well...05:09
ZupYankDownUnder: Hmm okay, will try that first then... brb05:09
DasEilotutu: that'll be hex (mbr): mkdir /media/mbr && sudo mount (pathHere/)disk.img /media/mbr && cd ......05:09
lotutusudo mount --bind arch.img  /media/arch/  -o loop05:10
lotutumount: Not a directory05:10
milamber!info apt-file | b1lly05:10
ubottub1lly: apt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.0 (maverick), package size 30 kB, installed size 188 kB05:10
galamaryankdownunder, not good my wireless bar and everything disappeared after i rebooted. and the add to panel "notification area" doesnt bring it back?05:10
DasEilotutu: sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint>05:11
milamber!ooo | b1lly05:11
ubottub1lly: a free and open source office suite that includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components. To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #openoffice.org.05:11
YankDownUndergalamar, Run network-manager05:13
lotutuDasEi: --bind operated with dir?05:13
galamaryankdownunder, from terminal?05:13
YankDownUndergalamar, Preferences => Network Connections05:14
DasEilotutu: the bind lets you set a ln-like way to have it appered as merged in another place, but just for acces the above is sufficiant05:14
lotutu mount --bind olddir newdir05:14
imsuretamtomoanyone can use bcm4312 wireless on ubuntu?05:15
galamaryankdownunder, okay what am i looking for here? it just shows to add, edit, and delete.05:15
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:15
DasEiimsuretamtomo: ^05:15
YankDownUndergalamar, Um, wracking my brain, I would have to choose: ADD05:16
ZupYankDownUnder: Flash-Aid worked perfect!! thank you soo  much!05:16
YankDownUnderZup, Coolbeans mate. Don't nuke Australia, and I'll be happy. :)05:16
DasEisup Zup05:16
ZupYankDownUnder: It took off Flash Pluginstaller something rather and then reinstalled some other things05:16
ZupZup DasEi lol05:17
YankDownUnderZup, Yeppers - it installed "the real deal" instead of the other carpie stuff...05:17
svetliohow can I restrict access to a folder on my apache Localhost?05:17
ZupYankDownUnder: You know what I think happened? I deleted everything in Macromedai and something must have not liked that05:17
svetlioany Apache Geeks around?05:17
galamaryankdownunder, right i got that but how do i make it connect to that network?05:18
YankDownUndersvetlio, Asking in #apache might help...05:18
svetliojoin #apache05:18
YankDownUndergalamar, Mate, are you serious?05:18
YankDownUnderWife's home, she's more important than even beer. C'yall in a tick05:18
svetlioCannot join #apache (Channel is invite only).05:18
lotutuDasEi: The terminal information http://paste.ubuntu.com/583182/05:19
svetliohow can I go there?05:19
soreauAlright, how do you unset a binding in gnome-keybinding-properties?05:19
galamaryankdownunder, yeah without the bar in the notification area i dont know how to connect.05:19
svetliohow can I go in #Apache?05:19
soreauIt's not Delete or Esc05:19
soreau! register | svetlio05:19
ubottusvetlio: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:19
soreausvetlio: FWIW, it redirects to #httpd05:20
galamarso okay what now? basically my installation is hosed if i cant use wireless. so much for trying to show other people the world of ubuntu. guess i'll put windows on this dam dell.05:23
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest28799
galamarwhy would he ask me if i was serious i wouldn't have asked if i knew the answer. that seem a little redundant and i wouldn't waste peoples time if i didn't need help.05:25
StepNjumpI want to add /home/system/links to my path, so I did sudo path=$path:/home/system/links, is something wrong with this picture?05:26
wliaoStepNjump, np05:27
Gryllida Where do I submit a Debian package for review to get it appear in Ubuntu repositories?05:28
StepNjumpwliao, why is it this is not working: /usr/bin$ sudo ln gnome-session-properties /home/system/links/startup_config05:28
fabiStepNjump, the var name in UperCase?05:28
StepNjumpwhen I invoke startup_config, doesn't work05:28
Flannel!motu | Gryllida05:29
ubottuGryllida: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU05:29
GryllidaFlannel, ok!05:29
StepNjumpfabi, what do you mean?05:29
rwwGryllida: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages05:29
wliaoStepNjump, try ln -s05:30
fabii think that the variable name of $PATH will by in Uper05:30
StepNjumpok thanks, let me try that wliao05:30
=== Guest28799 is now known as hensem
hensemhi all05:31
voltalocosi have intel i686 but why i got 86_64 kernel update?05:31
h3r0_hi friends05:31
h3r0_i've got problem of setting nagios in ubuntu jaunty05:32
h3r0_it keep telling me in its interface that "Could not read object configuration data nagios error"05:32
overcluckerfabi: export PATH="$PATH:/my/path/bin"05:32
h3r0_it keep telling me in its interface that "Could not read object configuration"05:32
svetliohow can I change my nickname?05:32
h3r0_you can try /nick svetlio05:33
svetlio\nick svetlio05:33
h3r0_oh sorry wrong slash05:33
h3r0_use another slash05:33
svetlioi see - just nothing happens05:33
h3r0_try to change different name?05:34
svetlioyes, nothing happens05:34
voltalocos i have intel i686 but why i got 86_64 kernel update?05:34
=== travis is now known as Guest92168
h3r0_oh how i can help you... try /nick superman12305:34
svetlioI do it and no reaction at all.05:35
FloodBot3svetlio: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
h3r0_oh someone please help svetlio i don't know how to help him05:36
Gryllidarww, ok.05:36
svetlioSorry about the flood...05:36
fulldaykgbah no worries, it's just an emotional bot05:37
rwwthat is right05:37
h3r0_can someone help me with nagios problem in ubuntu jaunty05:37
h3r0_its error is Could not read object configuration data05:37
cfeddeprobably the nagios config files are not owned by the right user/group.05:38
h3r0_oh so how i can change it cfedde?05:39
h3r0_i've tried chown -R nagios /etc/nagios305:39
h3r0_is it like this correct? -rw-r--r-- 1 nagios root   42722 2011-03-21 13:05 nagios.cfg05:40
* cfedde does a little research...05:40
h3r0_thanks cfedde05:41
cfeddeh3r0_: what are the permissions in /etc/nagios-plugins/config?05:42
h3r0_oh its like this drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 2011-03-03 09:58 nagios-plugins/05:43
h3r0_oh wait05:43
=== silvery2 is now known as silvery
h3r0_its like this drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2011-03-21 12:43 config/05:44
h3r0_cfedde: what should i do to this nagios-plugins :(05:45
cfeddesudo nagios3 -v /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg should give you some hints05:45
birdinatuxis it ok to make just the / and swap partition or is a /boot, /, and swap necessary?05:45
=== Guest83816 is now known as DarkDevil
bazhangbirdinatux, the former is fine05:46
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest39069
h3r0_its said: Total Warnings: 005:46
h3r0_Total Errors:   005:46
h3r0_Things look okay - No serious problems were detected during the pre-flight check05:46
birdinatuxbazhang, cool. thanks.  Second question someone told me I don't need a swap since I have 8gb ram. True or False?05:46
cfeddeh3r0_: same results if you use the nagios user? : sudo -u nagios nagios3 -v /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg05:47
bazhangbirdinatux, do you wish to hibernate/suspend?05:47
birdinatuxbazhang its not necessary but sure05:47
h3r0_cfedde: Total Warnings: 005:47
h3r0_Total Errors:   005:47
h3r0_Things look okay - No serious problems were detected during the pre-flight check05:47
bazhangbirdinatux, well then it's a good idea to have swap, presumng you are not squeezed for hdd space equal to the ram05:48
cfeddeh3r0_: then I'm not sure what is broke.  What are the errors again?05:48
h3r0_the errors is: 1st i managed to enter the web interface of nagios05:48
birdinatuxalright, sounds good. I'll get this install started then.05:48
birdinatuxThanks for the info, bazhang!05:49
h3r0_but when i want to click the left tab to see what i can monitor its give me of: Whoops!05:49
h3r0_Error: Could not read object configuration data!05:49
cfeddeh3r0_: oh! so apache is having trouble...05:49
Ub3r-N00bcan anyone recomment me tech supprt channel for windows ? ... I want to find out how to recover shift+delete files05:49
fulldaykgsounds more like a web access issue05:49
h3r0_oh... i used apache205:49
fulldaykgweb interface righT?05:49
ajinhello world05:49
bazhangUb3r-N00b, ##windows05:49
h3r0_yes it is05:49
KB1JWQh3r0_: If you punch that exact error into google the first result gives you the troubleshooting steps.  Just saying... :-)05:49
Ub3r-N00bthanks bazhang05:50
fulldaykgyou need to configure apache to have access to that directory05:50
h3r0_i've punched it more than 3 hours :(05:50
h3r0_maybe im not good enough to understand the errors...05:50
wall0pguys,how to connect a mysql service?05:50
cfeddeh3r0_: error messages are always tough to understand.05:51
h3r0_emmm... thanks cfedde anyway maybe i should check my apache2.. but my apache2 run correctly i guess...05:51
Radioserror message? call tecnical support05:51
cfeddeh3r0_: I'm still working the trouble too.05:52
bazhangRadios, pardon?05:52
h3r0_oh i see thanks cfedde :)05:52
Radiosbazhang: i beg of you05:52
h3r0_wall0p: if its remotely then you can try to do this mysql -u root -h 192.168.x.x -p05:53
StepNjumpWhy is it I cannot delete all files in my folder, rm -f?05:53
Radiosyou are not the owner ? StepNjump05:54
StepNjumpyes I am05:54
administrator__- -05:54
StepNjumpIt echoes back to prompt05:54
StepNjumpI even tried sudo05:55
LoshkiStepNjump: which files don't delete?05:55
StepNjumpjust ln05:55
StepNjumpWoah something is weird05:55
StepNjumpI can't even identify as su anymore!05:55
hikaru2204is anybody knows some apache-guru channel other than #apache?05:56
Radiosare you sure you didnt rm -fthe / dir ?05:56
StepNjumpLoshki, just links05:56
hikaru2204#apache is invite only05:56
Gryllidahikaru2204, yes! #httpd05:56
hikaru2204you can not type in the channel in #httpd - how can I ask a question?05:57
cfeddeh3r0_: did you try KB1JWQ's advice and google the error message?05:57
Gryllidahikaru2204, identify to nickserv (/msg nickserv help register)05:58
StepNjumpThat brings me to another problem05:58
RadiosStepNjump: are you sure you didnt rm -f the root dir ?05:58
h3r0_yes i found many type of answer... but maybe i didnt understand enough how to use it05:58
LoshkiStepNjump: can you run 'ls -l' on the directory and paste the result to http://paste.ubuntu.com05:58
h3r0_i tried to apply all of the solution05:58
=== italo is now known as Romualdo
h3r0_i even try change the shell of nagios tu bash :(05:59
StepNjumpRadios... is that possible? I figured it defaulted to the directory i was in? /home/mydirectory05:59
StepNjumpDid I delete some important stuff?05:59
h3r0_just to make sure it can really access all of its folder needed05:59
windparadiseHello Pls can somoene direct me to downgrade php 5.3.2 so I can hvae php 5.2.x installed?05:59
StepNjumpYes Loshki05:59
LoshkiStepNjump: tell us the url from http://paste.ubuntu.com so we can all look at it05:59
h3r0_removing several logging files in /var/log too.. hoping that my nagios would find bigger space of log...06:00
cfeddeh3r0_: so the nagios daemon is running?06:00
cfeddeps aux | grep nagios06:00
StepNjumpLoshki http://paste.ubuntu.com/583195/06:00
h3r0_yes its run.. including the nagiosgrapher, nagios-nrpe, nagios-statd06:00
StepNjumpRadios, is it possible I might have deleted my root directory?06:00
h3r0_nagios    3631  0.0  0.0   3764   912 ?        Ss   13:16   0:00 /usr/sbin/nrpe -c /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg -d06:01
h3r0_nobody    3676  0.0  0.0   7764  2932 ?        Ss   13:17   0:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/sbin/nagios-statd --pid=/var/run/nagios-statd.pid06:01
h3r0_nagios    3690  0.0  0.1  15192  5796 ?        Ss   13:17   0:00 /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/sbin/nagiosgrapher06:01
h3r0_nagios    4253  0.0  0.0   4804  1440 ?        SNs  13:19   0:01 /usr/sbin/nagios3 -d /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg06:01
FloodBot3h3r0_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:01
h3r0_oh sorry :(06:01
cfeddeh3r0_: there is a #nagios channel here. But it tends to be pretty idle.  Maybe you'll hve more luck asking there.06:01
h3r0_thank you cfedde...very much for your attention06:01
windparadiseAny answer please?06:01
LoshkiStepNjump: do you still have a su problem?06:02
StepNjumpYep Loshki, it's one problem after another.... I am learning so...06:02
StepNjumpWhen I do su alone, it prompts me for a password.. I can't seem to be able to log on to su but when I do su my_current_username it works06:03
LoshkiStepNjump: you should be using sudo, not su. Have you tried sudo?06:03
StepNjumpLohki, I'm starting to wonder if I hadn't deleted the root directory by doing a rm -f06:04
ajinanybody speak chinese?06:05
LoshkiStepNjump: one thing at a time: can you run 'sudo -i' successfully?06:05
cfeddea few billion iirc.06:05
MrStryker! cn06:05
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk06:05
StepNjumplet me try that06:05
rwwStepNjump: if you'd deleted the root directory, you likely wouldn't be able to run su at all.06:05
ajinthank u06:06
StepNjumpYes it echos nothing but the prompt is now root@06:06
ajinthank u ubottu06:06
MrStrykeryour welcome ajin06:06
StepNjumpLoshki it su -i gives me nothing but the prompt has changed to root@pete06:06
StepNjumpOk rww.06:07
LoshkiStepNjump: thats fine. Stick to sudo when you need root access in future, not su06:07
StepNjumpok Loshki, I will thanks06:07
LoshkiStepNjump: your system is probably ok if sudo is working...06:08
StepNjumpSo su is pretty dangerous stuff eh Loshki?06:08
StepNjumpBut why is it if I do a rm -f my two files in this dir aren't deleted?06:09
LoshkiStepNjump: it's kind of a loaded gun. Dangerous, but sometimes, it's what you need06:09
=== shark is now known as Guest87972
Guest87972Anyone here?06:10
StepNjumpLoshki, when I did sudo -i my prompt says: root@pete but when I do a ls, nothing happens! Is that ok?06:10
Guest87972How to use KDevelop?06:10
bazhanghttp://www.kdevelop.org/index.html?filename=tutorials.html guest8797206:12
LoshkiStepNjump: try 'ls -a' instead. That shows hidden files too...06:12
StepNjumpOh I see ok06:13
LoshkiStepNjump: sounds like you're ready to read the manual:06:13
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:13
StepNjumpAnd Loshki, how come my rm -f doesn't work to delete just two files?06:13
StepNjumpBecause I did a rm -help and the -f is the switch for deleting everything in a folder but it doesn't work! Go figure06:14
StepNjumpSomebody asked me if I was the owner... Of course I am yes!06:15
LoshkiStepNjump: rm -f doesn't guarantee removal. Try 'rm -vi' to get more feedback on why the rm fails06:15
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
RadiosLoshki: one think that bugs me about linux is that commands like that dont give any information about the completion of the task06:17
StepNjumpLoshki: rm -vi doesn't work06:17
Mygalehi ali i have a question: how i can change My AGP speed for better bandwidth 66 Mhz to 72 Mhz06:17
Loshki!work | StepNjump06:17
ubottuStepNjump: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.06:17
=== Guest75595 is now known as Vr_Ray
LoshkiRadios: I have to admit, it's a failing of verbose settings, and rm isn't the only culprit...06:19
=== MrStryker is now known as group
infidanyone know why it takes me like 1-20 times for a drag n drop of a single file into rhytmbox to work? (dragging mp3 from nautilus to my ipod in rhythmbox)06:19
=== group is now known as FreakyFruit
=== FreakyFruit is now known as Bawn
StepNjumpLoshki, like I said before, when I perform a rm -f, the only thing that happens is that I go back to the prompt. Nothing else is echoed back. And when I do ls, I still see my two files sitting in /home/system/links (a dir I just created). I even tried sudo rm -f to no avail.06:20
StepNjumpLoshki thank you for the manual. I downloaded it. Didn't know about that06:21
LoshkiStepNjump: just 'sudo rm -f'? Try naming the files explicitly e.g. sudo rm gnome-session-properties startup_config06:21
galamarokay so it appears i am just having trouble getting my bcm4306 wireless card to scan everything appears to be set up fine. and drivers installed but it just wont scan. anyone know how to fix this?06:22
Jordan_UStepNjump: What filesystem is /home/systm/links/ on? What is the exact command you are running? What is the output of "stat /home/system/links/*" ?06:22
osxfr33kAfter installing the nvidia 96 driver I now have a black screen on bootup any way to fix this?  Ubuntu Desktop 10.1006:23
StepNjumpLoshki, sorry I should have told you that it works when I specifically specify the file name. I was just curious why rm -f wouldn't work. I come from DOS days and rather use the terminal than the X for certain things... It's really just for fun because I could have just used nautilus!06:24
lastentHi, I want to install ubuntu on a raid array, do I need to install the alternate?06:24
StepNjumpJordan_U, all my system is in Ext4 and I pasted the output of stat at http://paste.ubuntu.com/583199/06:26
LoshkiStepNjump: rm -f usually needs a filename, and the -f really means 'ignore failures'...06:26
Jordan_Ulastent: FakeRAID or real hardware RAID?06:26
Jordan_UStepNjump: And what is the exact command you are running?06:27
lastentJordan_U, I suppous it is real, I make it on my bios, I think my mainboard includes raid support06:28
=== big_t_ is now known as big_t
StepNjumpLoshki, oh you are right! I just did a man. I shouldn't have trusted what I read on the internet! lol http://www.computerhope.com/unix/urm.htm sorry! So that brings me to another question: How does one do a del. on linux?06:28
Jordan_Ulastent: If it's a desktop machine then it's most likely FakeRAID, i.e. the CPU and software still do all the work.06:29
StepNjumpJordan_U I was just trying to delete all files (2 files) in that directory (eq of del. or del *.* in DOS)06:29
Jordan_UStepNjump: And what is the exact command you are running?06:29
lastentJordan_U, well so maybe it is fake, I am not sure06:30
LoshkiStepNjump: different linuxes (and sometimes different versions of the same linux) have slightly different options. Sorry...06:30
StepNjumpJordan_U, Loshki just made me realize it was wrong: rm -f.. There was a website that it was the way to do it... I was wrong. I should have doublechecked in the man pages first to ensure the validity of this website06:31
lastentJordan_U, I configure the array in the a program like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch_RDNSX5V8&feature=related06:31
Jordan_Ulastent: It should work with either the Desktop or Alternate CDs, but unless you need to dual boot with Windows on the same array I would go with normal linux software RAID.06:31
wagehow do i find out what my wireless device module name is?06:31
StepNjumpLoshki oh really! mmm didn't know that. But we are all in ubuntu. I'm on the netbook remix 10.1006:31
lastentJordan_U, I need to dual boot but windows is in another disk06:32
taranhow can I deveolp ubuntu OS my native  language?06:33
LoshkiStepNjump: yes, but the web page you looked at probably isn't ubuntu-specific...06:34
bruceehi all. is there a special channel for Natty queries?06:34
Jordan_Ulastent: Then I would disable the FakeRAID and install using linux software RAID (which does require the alternate CD).06:34
StepNjumpyep probably... They should keep all those switches standard across the distros. I didn't know that. Live in learn!06:34
Jordan_Ulastent: FakeRAID is supported, but it has no real advantage over linux software RAID.06:35
lastentJordan_U, my raid array will appear as one disk in window$? if I use the linux software RAID06:36
Jordan_Ulastent: No, Windows doesn't understand linux software RAID.06:36
dkannani am using xchat2 and it always tries to connect me twice to freenode. this is with the same nick so i have to always close one of them06:37
LoshkiStepNjump: actually they kind of do make an effort to standardize nowadays, I think posix has specs, so it's getting better...06:37
dkannandoes xchat2 have a startup-file?06:37
lastentJordan_U, so better I use the FakeRAID06:37
NontonJei have p4 , 2 G ram. is it enough to install ubuntu 10.10 ?06:38
StepNjumpok ok Loshki, yes I thought we were all standard with posix.. Must be a trademark issue too06:38
will_I was wondering if anyone knew of a media player that does motion interpolation06:38
koolhead11anyone using dell Inspiron mini 1018 with ubuntu 10.1006:38
koolhead11the wifi is not working after upgrade to 1.10 from 10.0406:38
junkafter upgrade to ubuntu 11.04 all windows can't move,how can i do?06:38
Jordan_Ulastent: If you want to be able to access the data in Windows, yes. Note that Windows also doesn't support the ext4 filesystem by default (there's third party software for ext4 support but I don't know much about it personally).06:39
Tm_Tjunk: #ubuntu+106:39
Tm_TNontonJe: yes06:39
lastentthanks Jordan_U06:39
Jordan_Ulastent: You're welcome.06:40
will_Or perhaps an mplayer addon that will let me do interpolation? I should be able to play 60fps files on most monitors06:41
NontonJehow to run a windows aplication through wine ?06:42
pcfreak30Hello. Could anyone assist me. I troed install a deb yesterday and it was freezing, i killed the process and now every time i go to reinstall it freezes on unpacking no matter what. This is the second time it has happened. Last time I was forced to re-install my OS..06:43
pcfreak30It just wont go past it. If I use dpkg, it will not even die if i kill it. It will just sit there forever06:44
will_Have you tried removing it from synaptic?06:44
pcfreak30it qont remove06:45
will_or perhaps even marking it for reinstall?06:45
pcfreak30its in a breoken state06:45
pcfreak30um i told you06:45
pcfreak30ifd i try to install06:45
pcfreak30it freezes on unpacking06:45
pcfreak30if i try to purge it says it needs to be reinstalled06:45
pcfreak30its jdownloader btw06:46
pcfreak30last time it was a system update06:46
=== Guest39069 is now known as DarkDevil
pcfreak30idk if its a package bug or a apt bug. but its definitly something06:46
pcfreak30any ideas to fix06:46
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest82431
pcfreak30if i can i need to remove its existnce from apt manually as it wont do it normaally06:47
wagei'm 3/4 the way through the instructions on the master kernal thread and stuck on #11: "If you have a wireless internet device, you must enable your wireless drivers in the kernel. The easiest way to do this is to press Ctrl + F and search for your wireless device module name."06:48
wagehow do i know the module name?06:48
pcfreak30if anyone wishes to see, http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/pzgower1/Selection_074.png06:48
pcfreak30its been like that for like 5 minutes06:48
shawnboyhow can I uninstall package without it uninstalling one or more of the dependencies that go with it? I installed digiwf but can't solve ruby seg fault, so I don't want uninstall of digiwf to remove libimage-exiftool-perl06:48
syrinx_!enter | pcfreak3006:50
ubottupcfreak30: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:50
pcfreak30Anyone help. This is basically blocking me from installing anything as it forces to install this package then freezes..06:51
shawnboyAnyone know how to remove package without removing some of its dependencies?06:54
wageshawnboy: try this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151382106:56
lamentI set "Trigger secondary click by holding down the primary button" in Mouse Preferences, but now if I hold down the primary button, both buttons get triggered when I release.06:57
pcfreak30So does anyone know how I can get this dumb deb removed otr get it to install.06:57
ndxtgI have 2 hdd, one 1TB and one 2TB. Is there anyway to clone 1TB into 2TB? Please suggest me the fastest way, have googled but gone nowhere07:01
shawnboywage: Thank you. I'll read that. Looks promising.07:01
Flannelndxtg: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome has a command about 3/4s of the way down (once you get to actual command line stuff), find . -depth etc, that'll copy from current directory (.) to /new/, modify to suit your needs.07:04
will_trying again: anyone know of a media player that does motion interpolation?07:05
=== michael is now known as Guest54956
xiambaxHahaha. Look at the photo i found of myself from six years ago07:12
xiambaxIm an OG07:12
FloodBot3xiambax: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:12
babylinuxnew ubuntu07:14
babylinuxsay something07:15
babylinuxmake ubuntu the  office environment07:17
al_nz2could someone help please with a ssh key problem? I put id_dsa on the client computer in /root/.ssh but I still cant login07:17
al_nz2the server is fine because I can login from other linux machines07:17
babylinuxuse  another  user ID07:18
Armini want make a VPN conection07:19
Arminplease tell me07:19
al_nz2baby: I am connecting with ssh xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -p xxx ?07:19
Armini want use pptp conection07:20
=== chiptatum is now known as gaddafi
Armindo you now how can make this07:20
mathijsHi all, I thought I knew tar by heart but I ran into a problem lately. I wanted to move my arch linux installation to other hardware. I created a tarball (preserving permissions/ownership) on arch, and extracted it to a new partition using ubuntu(on the new box). that all worked fine, I can now dual boot arch and ubuntu...07:23
mathijsnow after some time, I found that some UIDs/GIDs were wrong. it seems the mysql dir was owned by a UID that didn't exist. researching this, I found that the UID mapped to mysql on ubuntu! wasn't tar supposed to just use UID/GID and not try to map it in any way?07:24
coolrootwhy does ubuntu have to change gnome desktop?07:25
ajahgrub2 when load complain for syntax error linux-bzimage file not found any help07:25
lytecoolroot: you can still run gnome...07:25
coolrootyeah but not supported much from the ubuntu admins i think07:26
coolrootmostly are dealt by this new unity desktop07:27
coolrootim planning to shift to debian i think it's better07:27
streblois it a bad idea to change the home directory for the www-data user?07:28
jinkstreblo: What's it now?  What do you want to change it to?07:28
streblojink: its /var/www/, i want to change it to something that isn't being served by apache07:28
lytestreblo: i've changed it without issue... it being a "bad idea" would depend on how comfortable you are with apache config :)07:29
jinkstreblo: Why would you want to do that? :)  You can, of course.07:29
streblojink: i'm using a library in an application i've built that looks for a config file in the user's home directory07:29
lyteeww :)07:30
lytemy reason was a security review deemed it bad practice to have private content contained under apache's home dir (which seemed like BS)... I changed it just to make them happy07:30
strebloi'm trying to figure out how to bypass the config within the library07:31
strebloor just tell it to look in another directory besides the user's home07:31
lyteor just symlink the config to /var/www and document it thoroughly on your wiki?07:31
streblobut i have deadlines, and so in the meantime im thinking about just changing the home directory for the user07:31
streblolyte: the problem is the permissions. the file it's looking for contains config info, like a secret key07:32
strebloi dont want that to be in /var/www07:32
brophatjust installed ubuntu 64 bit and update manager showed up but when I try to use it it pops up with the error msg that action would require installation of packages from not authenticated sources and when i click details it lists libpst407:33
Jordan_Ubrophat: Try clicking check again.07:36
coolrootwhat's new to ubuntu?07:36
sagarchaliseHi I was trying indicator-network and connman. Although I am shown wired I cannot connect to internet ? Any help07:37
SoftdroidAny good flash player that can handle swf files so that you can forward or rewind the movie? Gnash and mplayer doesn't work07:39
brophatJordan_U ok it worked thanks07:40
Jordan_Ubrophat: You're welcome.07:40
ohsixSoftdroid: theres a bookmarklet and a userscript to do that in the browser07:40
Softdroidohsix: Where, in wich browser?07:40
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al_nz2can anyone pls help with a ssh key problem on the client?07:43
Gryllidawhat with it07:43
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:43
al_nz2pastebin coming up07:45
al_nz2here is the output from ssh on client : http://pastebin.com/vMdezN4U07:46
=== Guest82431 is now known as DarkDevil
al_nz2I know the server is ok because i can login to it from other pc's07:47
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest93453
caseyHey guys. Does anyone know why my alt key is defaulted to grab windows and stretch them (ie: Appearance Effects)? The reason I ask is i'm trying to use photoshop and I need to use the alt key. Any suggestions?07:47
thynctankanyone heard of a gui util for mac like unetbootin? I used something like it a couple months ago and can't find it now...07:50
caseyHey guys. Does anyone know why my alt key is defaulted to grab windows and stretch them (ie: Appearance Effects)? The reason I ask is i'm trying to use photoshop and I need to use the alt key. Any suggestions?07:52
omacanyone here a dovecot sasl postfix wiz?07:52
omacwarning: SASL: Connect to private/auth-client failed: No such file or directory07:53
bullgard4casey: Why? I presume bedause of Compiz.07:54
bullgard4casey: Why? I presume because of Compiz.07:54
juggernautsI want to write a driver for a USB mass storage device.Now I am able to register a device with usb core and send urbs to it and recieve it.But i dont knw how to proceed further.I am also not able to understand the usb-storage.c code...Is there any good site or help any one can provide!!!07:56
Robbo_is there an app or widget or something I can use to tell me when a program is using a lot of memory? basically an easy way to see if something is using a lot of resources / being a bottleneck07:57
G00053Does anyone else have an Asus P6X58D-E board here and if so do all eight chans work on your onboard audio ?07:58
ohsixRobbo_: smem can get you the best look you can get, runs in a terminal though08:01
Asad2005My .xsession-error file is filling up quickly, one of the repeated errors relate to Lifera is "Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to sort on invalid type gpointer" Can some help me resolve these errors08:03
coreyHow do i get Willowtree or something like to run on Ubuntu?08:03
=== corey is now known as Guest27986
Guest27986You can call me Cody08:04
schoneHi all, can anyone suggest the best tool to view a ubuntu desktop from a mac?08:05
Guest27986how do I get Willowtree or something like it to run on Ubuntu08:05
caseybullgard4: are you still here?08:05
Guest27986TeamViewer lets you see your own from another or another to see yours08:06
caseyHey guys. Does anyone know why my alt key is defaulted to grab windows and stretch them (ie: Appearance Effects)? The reason I ask is i'm trying to use photoshop and I need to use the alt key. Any suggestions?08:06
Guest27986I have been looking for something like WillowTree to run on Ubuntu08:06
ruanGuest27986: both08:07
Guest27986Does anybody know of a Game Save Editor for Ubuntu???08:08
caseyHey guys. Does anyone know why my alt key is defaulted to grab windows and stretch them (ie: Appearance Effects)? The reason I ask is i'm trying to use photoshop and I need to use the alt key. Any suggestions?08:08
ruanGuest27986: game save editor for?08:08
ruanGuest27986: is it a windows program/08:08
Guest27986I have looked for 3 days straight now08:08
ohsixcasey: you were told what it was, disable the binding in compiz, with ccsm or simple-ccsm, it's the move plugin08:08
Guest27986Willowtree is, but im trying to find one that works on ubuntu08:09
ruanGuest27986: have you tried wine to run it?08:09
ruanGuest27986: hmm08:09
caseyohsix: let me check to see if I can find it08:09
ruanGuest27986: did it work?08:09
Guest27986it shows the loading circle, but nothing pops up08:10
caseyohsix: found it :D! Thank you very much.08:10
Guest27986I tried to run it with archive too08:10
ale__hi, how do I set up a generic 35c-4  printer on ubuntu?08:10
Guest27986I tried Modio too.... but it costs so Im hoping for free08:11
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows08:11
xarinatanHello all, I'm having a weird problem with chown, not sure if i'm doing something wrong, but the user stays root, no matter what i enter. I tried e.g "chown -R www-data *" but ls -la still shows it's owned by root, anyone any idea?08:12
ale__well it's the searching for drivers bit... which do I pick...08:12
caseyDoes anyone know why I every time I unselect "Move Windows" in compiz fusion, it automatically reselects itself again?08:12
=== jason is now known as Guest63437
xarinatancasey: Sounds like a dependency, should try the compiz channel, i think it was #compiz08:13
ohsixdon't turn it off or you won't be able to move any windows, just unset the keybinding08:13
xarinatanah, well that makes sense too08:13
fairuzhow to launch disk usage analyzer form command line? :D08:15
Guest27986Does anybody know where I could find a program like WillowTree or Modio to run on Ubuntu???08:15
ohsixfairuz: it's called baobab08:15
fairuzohsix: ok ty08:15
=== juggernauts_ is now known as juggernauts
xarinatanDoes anyone have an idea of how to fix my problem? I'm kind of stuck, google remains silent..08:16
xarinatanI'm having a weird problem with chown, not sure if i'm doing something wrong, but the user stays root, no matter what i enter. I tried e.g "chown -R www-data *" but ls -la still shows it's owned by root, anyone any idea?08:17
=== Guest27986 is now known as CODY91
lytexarinatan: what's the output of "chown -R www-data *; echo $?" ?08:18
ohsixor id www-data08:18
xarinatanoutput is "0"08:18
xarinatanand what does "id www-data" do?08:19
lytehow about ohsix's question?08:19
lytelists groups/ids of www-data08:19
xarinatanuid=33(www-data) gid=33(www-data) groups=33(www-data),1001(subversion)08:19
lytecan you paste one line of the "ls -la" output ?08:19
xarinatandrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4096 2011-03-20 23:32 cedsprojects08:20
lyteyou are running chown via sudo or as root?08:20
xarinatanI'm trying to setup a SVN server with webdav, but it keeps failing, and i'm trying to run it as root08:20
xarinatannot sudo08:20
xarinatanwould that matter much?08:20
lyteno, as long as it's one or the other :)08:21
xarinatanah =p08:21
lytei've ruled out what's obvious to me and dinner is up, good luck.08:21
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=== alto is now known as allto
=== allto is now known as altto
xarinatanOh oh oh, damnit i forgot to say, it's a mapped folder over sambafs xD; that'd probably affect it08:22
xarinatanAlthough the samba folder does have full rights on the server08:22
ohsixneeds to be mounted with cifs & unix extensions for that stuff to work08:22
xarinatanHow do i check if it is? o.o08:23
noobdebuserHi guys, you're actually helpful, so I might have to ask you. I just installed Debian (I know this is the Ubuntu channel... Ahhh) and from terminal don't have auth/iface/ifconfig or anything by the looks of it... Has my install failed?08:24
xarinatannoodebuser: It sounds like it, what kind of install did you do? afaik it IS part of a normal default debian installation..08:25
ruan!info ifconfig08:25
ubottuPackage ifconfig does not exist in maverick08:25
Gryllidasudo apt-get install ifconfig08:25
noobdebuserif I had networking that would solve my problem08:26
noobdebuserIssue is, I don't... And don't have the command line tools to set it up, so it seems08:26
noobdebuserI did an install from the lxde live cd of debian 608:26
=== alfred is now known as Guest22703
noobdebuserWas a net install, and downloaded 800 or so packages too, so I assumed it would've got something for net config, haha08:27
Gryllidaapt-cache policy net-tools08:27
xarinatanah shuck, brb i gotta help a user somewhere, thanks for the help all, i'll go check on the cifs/unix extensions. Good luck and thanks for all the fish08:28
noobdebuserGryllida: that returns installed, however running net-tools says not found...08:29
caseyxarinatan: thanks08:29
Gryllidanoobdebuser: run this: which ifconfig08:29
ruan!info net-tools08:30
ubottunet-tools (source: net-tools): The NET-3 networking toolkit. In component main, is required. Version 1.60-23ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 232 kB, installed size 972 kB08:30
noobdebuserHAHAHAHA OK08:30
noobdebuserI am an idiot.08:30
noobdebuserYea, it's just in /sbin and I was in /usr08:30
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
noobdebuserWow... Well, I feel pretty stupid... Thanks though!08:30
Elephantmanhi :) I've got poor graphic performance on my new laptop (splash screen dirty, etc). I'm not quite sure what the best way to get current video driver is (lsmod gives me what could be real, but not quite sure). What's the good way ?08:31
ruanshouldn't it run regardless of directory?08:31
noobdebuserThought so, but eh.. I can work with this, won't need to touch it once it's setup anyway as it's a desktop08:31
=== KolakCC is now known as KolakCC|skewl
whizkenwhat's equivalent to /etc/inittab in ubuntus fs?08:33
andruhaanyone know what file the basic user database is kept in?08:35
NCS_Oneis it possible to move the network connections icon near the clock?08:35
Fuchsandruha: /etc/passwd?  or be more specific what the user database is for you08:35
StepNjumpguys how can I update my path var by adding a new location?08:35
cosweeyes ,you can08:36
ajahgrub2 when load complain for syntax error linux-bzimage file not found any help08:36
ComputerChicHi all :) I am new to this channel. How is everyone?08:36
andruhaFuchs, ty, thats what i was looking for08:36
StepNjumpGood ComputerChic08:36
StepNjumpHow are you08:36
FuchsStepNjump: export PATH=$PATH:/new/entry:/and/another/one08:36
ComputerChicStepNjump: I am good.08:36
StepNjumpOk thanks Fuchs08:36
FuchsStepNjump: you might want to put this in your shellrc file, e.g. ~/.bashrc08:36
StepNjumpHow do I export Fuchs? Do I just run this line in terminal?08:37
Fuchsor add it, as I just wrote, to your shellrc file08:37
Fuchs(export is part of the commend you have to write)08:37
andruhadoes each user in linux have a UID?08:37
StepNjumpI'm sorry Fuchs, how do I edit a hidden file again?08:37
FuchsStepNjump: with the editor of your choice08:38
NCS_OneStepNjump: ctrl-h08:38
NCS_Oneto show them08:38
FuchsStepNjump: e.g. gedit ~/.bashrc    or  nano ~/.bashrc08:38
Fuchsandruha: yes08:38
andruhawhich is the correct line to set a password for a user? setpasswrd? passwd? password? or  pwd?08:40
StepNjumpso Fuchs, I need to add PATH=$PATH:/new/entry:/and/another/one to that file you told me about?08:40
Fuchspwd would be print working directory, password doesn't exist, neither does setpasswrd.08:40
Fuchsandruha: you can use the command apropos in order to look up such things, or use tab completion (e.g. write pass and then press the tab key)08:41
FuchsStepNjump: with  export, as I told you. Export is part of the line.08:41
NCS_Oneis it possible to move the network connections icon near the clock?08:41
ruanNCS_One: you can move the notification area08:41
andruhafuchs, thanks good to know :) im just learning linux and i'm completing these exercises (or whatever you call these) that tell me to do something I try to figure it out... Just need a bit of help from time to time08:42
NCS_Onefor some reason it moved to the right of the clock :(08:42
Fuchsandruha: no problem. But I recommend that you get familiar with the commands: `man` (for manual page), `info`  (for info page) and apropos,08:42
ruanNCS_One: drag the dots near the network connections icon08:42
Fuchsandruha: they help you offline, e.g. if you have no internet access to ask us or other online documentation08:43
StepNjumpFuchs, sorry I never have done this. Just want to make sure I add line export and all the rest at the end of the file  ~/.bashrc, right?08:43
NCS_Oneruan: no dots were08:43
FuchsStepNjump: yes08:43
ruanNCS_One: left of it08:43
FuchsStepNjump: it should not matter where you put it, but at the end is probably a good idea08:44
StepNjumpFuchs, if so, do I need to reboot afterwards, logoff or nothing needs to be done to compile?08:44
ruanNCS_One: just try to drag what is left of the icon08:44
andruhaFuchs, i know about 'man'.. used it a couple of time, but it could give TOO MUCH info and just confuse me more. Sometimes simple answers are much better :P08:44
pikkiehi all08:44
FuchsStepNjump: just log out and in again.  You can check with    su - `whoami`    (hit enter)   echo $PATH   (hit enter)  first08:44
StepNjumpandruha, I know what you mean!08:44
pikkiei am new to this and would like to ask for some help with ubuntu raid08:44
StepNjumpwow. I learn a lot here. Thank you very much Fuchs08:44
Fuchsandruha: as manpages are displayed in your pager (probably less) you can search with the / key as well. Just as a side note, of course you can ask here.08:45
staukiI have a question about gparted and ubuntu I have a computer where ubuntu was installed on /dev/hda6 which is under a logical partition and not a primary. There is also two windows partitions that I want to delete and use the complete harddrive for ubuntu. The problem is that in gparted it is not possible to resize a logical partition, but it is possible to copy and paste the partition to the empty space. If I moved /dev/hda6 to that space w08:45
andruhaFuchs, awesome! thanks for helping me :D i gtg though, its almost morning :*(08:46
Fuchsno problem. Have a nice day.08:46
andruhayou too08:46
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pikkiemy problem is that i have installed ubuntu server on two 1TB drives that runs on raid1, and after i connected another usb drive the server wont start. when i removed the usb drive the server still dont start. i need to get information off the hard drives then i can reformat or whatever i need to do to set that up again, but first i need the data08:49
DJonesstauki: Your message got cut off at "to that space w" can you post the last part of your message again so people can see the whole thing08:49
whizkenwhat's equivalent to /etc/inittab in ubuntus fs?08:49
staukiDJones: oh sorry ... If I moved /dev/hda6 to that space would ubuntu still boot, or do I have to reconfigure ubuntu if the root partition is no longer on /dev/sda608:51
pikkieis there anybody that can help me to get to the data on the drives?08:51
staukiOr is it possible to change the number of the partition somehow afterwards08:51
koodoughI would need more ifno pikkie08:52
whizkenpikkie, can you be more specific08:52
soreaupikkie: I think your message got truncated as well08:52
pikkiewhere can i start?08:52
whizkenpikkie, start with what you're trying to do specifically08:52
koodoughpikkie: What OS do you have. How to want to access it (SSH, Graphical)08:53
pikkiei have installed ubuntu server on 2 1TB drives that run in raid108:53
koodoughpikkie: and why to want to access it08:53
pikkieit worked ok but then i attached a 1TB usb drive. i added this to the  /media/1TB08:53
pikkieto see if it was there (USB) after reboot i rebooted the server but then it says there is not boot drive. i detached the usb, but now there is still nothing08:54
DJonesstauki: I'm not sure personally, but if you ask again in a few minutes, somebody will hopefully be able to help08:55
pikkiekoodough: i have ubuntu server 10.04lts08:55
pikkiekoodough: i wanted to access the server to add the usb drive, but now i am stuck08:56
staukiDJones: I'll wait and see then otherwise I'll have to do it the hard way... :D thanks anyway08:57
pikkiei cant just redo everything because there is data on that server drives that i need08:57
Agent008Ubuntu os as good as Mac? or better?08:57
FrazerHi ! I have installed KDE then I don't have the folder "Desktop" in my /home, is this normal?08:58
pikkiekoodough: there is no gui08:58
nathicAgent008, haha better :D08:58
whizkenFrazer, make one08:58
Frazerit will match whizken ?08:58
whizkenpikkie, the server version doesn't come with a gui unless you specifically ask it to install08:58
nathicAgent008 , that just personal believe :D try it and make your own opinion08:58
whizkenFrazer, i'm not sure you should definitely try it though08:59
koodoughAgent008: mac and ubuntu are both unix. Just choose the right tool for the job08:59
xarinatanHayo all, i'm trying to chown files on a cifs mounted windows share, but the user doesn't change, anyone know what i'm doing wrong?08:59
whizkenAgent008, you have to understand that those are pitiful questions...08:59
pikkiewhizken: yes. and i do not want the gui anyway08:59
Agent008A real linux player --without gui08:59
ruanAgent008: mocp?09:00
ruan!info moc09:00
ubottumoc (source: moc): ncurses based console audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.5.0~alpha4+svn20091009-1build4 (maverick), package size 219 kB, installed size 644 kB09:00
Frazerwhizken: it does not :(09:00
whizkenpikkie, you're trying to locate a usb 1tb drive in /media?09:00
pikkieall i want now is to boot the server so i can access the data and get that off the drives, then i can start all over with installation of the server09:00
ArmChairWarrior_pikkie, tried a live cd?09:00
pikkiewhizken: the server does not boot now09:00
whizkenFrazer, have you googled?09:01
whizkenpikkie, how long ago did you install the server?09:01
pikkieArmChairWarrior: i am not sure how09:01
whizkenpikkie, the best thing to do is reinstall if you just installe dit and didn't make ne changes09:01
ArmChairWarrior_Hmm just put in your ubuntu client CD and go to the 'try' option. I don't know if Ubuntu server can do live09:01
pikkiewhizken: i installed it two weeks ago and it ran fine. just friday i added the usb then all the problems started09:01
Agent008I am new here, so iwant to start with an easy question09:02
ArmChairWarrior_I tried doing that just today, 10.10 didn't work, but I had an old 8.04 cd that did09:02
ruanAgent008: yes/09:02
Agent008I use ubuntu as main os aobout 1 year09:02
pikkieArmChairWarrior: ok i will do that then come back later to report09:02
whizkenpikkie, is your usb drive still connected when you reboot? connect any external devices and reboot it09:02
ArmChairWarrior_connect? You mean disconnect right?09:02
whizkenyeah lmao09:02
whizkenArmChairWarrior, great name lol09:03
ArmChairWarrior_It's irony too09:03
pikkiewhizken: there is nothing attached to the server. only the two drives inside09:03
ArmChairWarrior_Since I was in the military, but I make fun of all the 'armchairwarriors' with the alias :P And thank you09:03
whizkenwhat's the message when you boot it up?09:03
whizkenpikkie, message when you boot it up?09:03
ruanAgent008: what is the question?09:04
ArmChairWarrior_Ruan you scared him off.09:04
pikkiewhizken: the message is that i cant find the boot drive09:04
whizkenArmChairWarrior_, you're deviating from the topic and should take it #ubuntu-offtopic09:04
Agent008compare with mac and ubuntu09:04
Agent008I thing ubutu's better , just because it's for free09:04
ruanAgent008: mac - 0% open source, ubuntu - 100% open source?09:04
whizkenpikkie, i haven't messed with a server iso in almost a year and only for a few days if i did09:05
GavekortOSX actually have some open source code.09:05
ruanhmm ok. but not much i assume09:05
whizkenpikkie, i suggest you wait for better assistance or reinstall if you didn't do much to the server09:05
xarinatanAfaik it's way more difficult to harden a OS X server as it is to harden e.g ubuntu or *bsd09:05
ArmChairWarrior_He's trying to get his files off the HD09:05
pikkiewhizken: i cant reinstall before the data on the server is backed up09:06
whizkenArmChairWarrior_, oic09:06
ArmChairWarrior_I think a Live CD would be your best bet, then just FTP all of your files to another machine if you have one available09:06
Agent008yeah...    is there any hack software intoduce me?09:06
ruanAgent008: what type of hacking?09:06
GavekortAnyone know why my harddrive crashes in Linux when I'm on battery-power?09:07
ArmChairWarrior_wireshark, start with that :P09:07
Agent008use in linux ubuntu.09:07
GavekortThere must be something wrong with the Kernel.09:07
Agent008such as remote connect09:07
whizkenAgent008, hacking is playing around and toying with software09:07
ubottuA hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy09:07
xarinatanlol, i always start doubting a person's intelligence when he/she asks for 'hacking software'09:07
Agent008yeah, soft ware and internet09:07
Agent008I learn c++ and php .09:08
ArmChairWarrior_Good start09:08
pikkieArmChairWarrior: I have other pcś available but maybe i can connect a usb drive when the server is running and send the files there09:08
Agent008It's hard for me to program a hack program09:08
nathicAgent008 don't think about hacking at that  early stage :D just go on and learn  c++09:08
ArmChairWarrior_If that works for you, pikkie. If you set up an FTP or a Windows share, you should be able to access it via live CD09:09
Agent008thanks ...   I will...09:09
pikkieThanks i will try that first.09:09
whizkenxarinatan, thats everyones perception when they enter the game with their drive powered by movies they saw on tv... when finally they reach the truth of what it is.. then they decide if they're staying09:09
ArmChairWarrior_Mount your HDs (it's all real easy in the gui) and simply connect and drag and drop your files09:09
xarinatanHey but, i'm still kinda stuck with my problem, i'm trying to chown files on a cifs mounted windows share, but the user doesn't change, anyone know what i'm doing wrong?09:09
Agent008I think linux just for hack and the software developers..09:09
ruani use linux as i used windows09:10
ruana bit more advanced though09:10
kaolbrecAgent008: Also maybe look up "backtrack" - it's a distro dedicated to penetration testing. But general knowledge is required to make use of the tools.09:10
whizkenAgent008, not true. for end users too :)09:10
ArmChairWarrior_xarinatan, chowning to a windows user or linux user? (not much exp with cifs) but if it's a windows user have you tried their UPN?09:10
xarinatanArmChairWarrior_: I have a windows file server and a ubuntu HTTP/SVN server (or so it will be once i finished it), i mounted a share from the file server in ubuntu using cifs, but all files that i create are owned by root, no matter what i do or how i chown it.09:12
dns53xarinatan you can specify the uid and gid for the cifs share when you mount it09:13
xarinatanWhich is quite annoying since that disables apache from properly accessing the files09:13
xarinatanYea but, i want to use multiple usernames, or is that not possible?09:13
Agent008try this: chmod [num] [filename]09:13
Frazerwhizken: it was a config in KDE that I had to check "View the content of folder", by default it does not !09:14
ArmChairWarrior_Give me a sec I'll see if I can recreate that09:14
xarinatani tried chmodding it to 777 but apache still tries to eat my face off when i want to access my files.09:14
xarinatanPlus it's not a very good security practice to chmod them to 777 >.>09:14
Agent008I met the same question09:14
Agent008---can not access file form windows share09:15
Agent008But I figured it out by config windows settings09:16
dns53xarinatan so what is your goal? have http/svn and also allow smb access on windows?09:16
xarinatanI have multiple servers setup at home, and i have a windows file server to host all the files using samba, and one hypervisor that hosts all the virtual machines that i have, and i'd like to put the files that i'm gonna create with SVN on the file server.09:17
whizkenFrazer, i don't understand09:17
whizkenoh nvm enable it in a config file09:18
Agent008Ubuntu can use IE ? Cause in Chinese without IE, means you can do little.09:18
whizkenAgent008, lmao09:18
whizkenyou're funny dude09:18
Agent008what's lmao?09:18
xarinatanAgent008: You can try wine, but there's plenty chinese support in other browsers.09:18
whizkenmeans i'm laughing09:18
whizkenAgent008, you can use chrome which is a fully translatable browser09:19
fayceHello guys, I'm writing a little gnome panel applet that has to stop/start/restart a service. the problem is that my service requires the user to "sudo" ... so how, just like the package manager, ask the user to type his password in a popup window then execute that command (assuming he is in the sudoers and that in the console the command would have worked fine if he sudoed it)  ? - I'm sure there must some gnome api function for that09:19
Agent008firefox is not suppoted by BankServic09:19
StepNjumpIs there anything I could type in term in order to view all my applications instead of having to click?09:19
DJones!ies4linux | Agent008 From memory this will only allow you to install old versions of IE,09:20
ubottuAgent008 From memory this will only allow you to install old versions of IE,: ies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!09:20
Fuchsfayce: you can call gksu(do)09:20
Agent008wine.? I am using it.09:20
Agent008thinks for your info09:20
fayceFuchs: thank you so much ! I'll try that :)09:21
dns53xarinatan well what i have done is i have a directory on the file server that has my bzr repository and i use bzr+ssh to access it on all machines i have09:21
whizkenAgent008, yeah firefox is a bombass browser... i hated it... went to chrome... then went back to firefox and love it09:21
Agent008....Haha,  you are funny..  I never use chrome...09:22
StepNjumpOk good night everyone09:23
Agent008firefox is not widely use....  althougt it's safty is better than IE09:23
ArmChairWarrior_xarinatan, do you get an 'operation not permitted'09:24
whizkenyeah chrome smells funny09:24
ikoniaplease don't be silly09:24
Agent008Are you Windows + linux?  Or just linux?09:24
xarinatanArmChairWarrior_: No i don't get anything at all, as if it just works, but if i do ls -la it still says it's owned by root09:24
ArmChairWarrior_I just got operation not permitted when I tried. I'm on Ubuntu Server 10.1009:25
Agent008what about sudo su?  and try again?09:25
xarinatanlol, i am root09:25
ikoniaAgent008: don't do that09:25
ikonia!sudo | Agent00809:25
ubottuAgent008: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:25
ArmChairWarrior_Anything in your logs? I'm going to try some more things09:25
Agent008Why? I don't have any important date in my notebook..09:25
ikoniaAgent008: because the link I've just sent you via ubottu explains how to use sudo09:26
kaolbrecAgent008: bad practice - it may matter in future09:26
ArmChairWarrior_Hm, can't chown the mount point either. Maybe that's by design though, never tried :P09:27
ikoniaArmChairWarrior_: what file system is on the mount point09:27
Agent008xari...  chown, and how much users you  created?   Maybe the "root" means another acount09:27
ikoniaAgent008: bi ut doesn't09:28
xarinatanit -could- be that it's because NTFS doesn't support that kind of permission data09:28
ikoniaxarinatan: there we go09:28
ArmChairWarrior_well look, you're not changing anything on the windows side09:28
ArmChairWarrior_Go to your windows files, and the permissions will be for your windows local user09:28
ArmChairWarrior_Both your share and NTFS permissions09:28
ArmChairWarrior_and you 'took' those permissions when you mounted the windows share in linux with your supplied username/password09:29
xarinatanI set it on the windows side to give the user in question all rights on the files, and on the linux side i wanted to finetune the permissions per linux user09:29
ArmChairWarrior_So it's not Windows, I'm thinking, it's Linux (doublechecks his files to be sure)09:29
ArmChairWarrior_ikonia: ntfs09:30
ikoniaArmChairWarrior_: that's the problem then09:30
Fuchsif you are using the ntfs, and not the ntfs-3g driver, ntfs will be mounted read only09:30
Fuchsyou can use the `mount` command without arguments to see how the partition was mounted09:30
xarinatanIt's mounted read-write, and it's mounted over the network using cifs.09:30
ArmChairWarrior_Right, and you supplied a username/password when you mounted, correct?09:31
xarinatanI can create files etc fine, but it always stays owned by root, and i want certain files owned by www-data09:31
thauriswulfaQUESTION:hey guys is it possible to install ubuntu on macbook?09:31
ikoniaxarinatan: the windows permission model won't work on windows file systems when mounted under unix09:31
ArmChairWarrior_Wonder if you can mount it as the www-data user09:31
ikoniathauriswulfa: yes09:31
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:31
ruanthauriswulfa: see above09:31
Agent008ntfs has busisness with permission?\09:31
ArmChairWarrior_WTF, no security tab? Gdit09:32
ArmChairWarrior_hang on09:32
ikoniaArmChairWarrior_: control the language please09:32
xarinatanikonia: Aren't the file permissions set in the file headers rather than the filesystem data on lower levels?09:32
ikoniaxarinatan: but they can't be manuplated09:32
kaolbrecAgent008: permissions are specified in a different way, which is not recognized09:33
acepshi, is it possible to change the MAC address on an unbridged LAN router?09:33
xarinatanikonia: Darnit, meh i had to phase out the windows file server sooner or later anyway, is there a network file system protocol that is as convenient as samba that works on linux?09:33
kaolbrecaceps: maybe with dd-wrt. Not really sure.09:33
Agent008Of course09:34
staukixarinatan: NFS09:34
Agent008Mac is kind of unix09:34
xxxxxxI have a problem09:34
ruanxxxxxx: yes?09:34
ikoniaAgent008: mac is bsd09:34
xarinatanstauki: afaik NFS doesn't support securing with usernames and stuff o.o09:34
acepskaolrec - thanks, will check it out09:34
shentinoAre there any libpurple based IM apps that will run in a terminal?09:34
ikoniaxarinatan: it does09:34
shentinomy mouse broke and I can't use my desktop09:35
xarinatanikonia: I'll go look into that then09:35
xarinatani gotta go switch backup tapes now, i'll be back, thanks for the help all!09:35
Agent008NTFS's file's permission only configed in windows09:35
ArmChairWarrior_xarinatan, Look at the file permissions of your files on your windows box. I want you to see that the owner isn't 'root'09:35
ruanshentino: hmm. there is a way to use the mouse with the keyboard09:35
ProphetPXshentino yes: finch09:35
megabrakerhello, where cookies are saved in ubuntu ? (firefox)09:36
ArmChairWarrior_The permissions are as they relate to Linux. It's not NTFS that is at fault.09:36
ProphetPXmegabraker in your .firefox folder i think, under home/user09:36
staukixarinatan: I don't remember it was a long time since I did anything with NFS09:36
megabrakerProphetPX what did you mean with your nick name?09:37
ruanmegabraker: /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/profile.default/cookies.sqlite09:37
megabrakerok ruan09:37
ruanmegabraker: to see it in gui, press ctrl+h09:37
megabrakeryep i love console09:37
dns53xarinatan nfs supports uid and other unix permissions and is ideal for unix to unix mounting09:37
dimmwhere i can download driver for printer Samsung ML-1640 ?09:38
ProphetPXshentino:  finch is a libpurple app for console09:38
ruandimm: check samsung's website09:39
ruandimm: for drivers09:39
ruanotherwise, see:09:39
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows09:39
dimmruan, i was check , but driver from samsung official site is not work for me =(09:39
sl33k_how to find what PATH contains?09:40
Agent008Official website only shows you the picture...09:40
ohsixsl33k_: echo $PATH, or env09:40
DJonesdimm: Looking at a couple of website, it appears that a driver for that printer is included in ubuntu by default09:41
=== trey_ is now known as ArmChairWarrior
Agent008It's not that much dirvers for linxu09:41
xxxxxxHow do I add my windows xp to GRUB 2 so i can boot up heres what I have so far09:41
xxxxxx/dev/sda3           12624       19458    54889472    b  W95 FAT3209:41
ProphetPXdon't paste in channel!09:42
xxxxxxthats the paritition I have for myw indows09:42
sl33k_ohsix: how to change PATH?09:42
ArmChairWarriorpastebin :/09:42
xxxxxxits one line bro09:42
xxxxxxpastebin one line?09:42
ohsixthat's a few lines bro09:42
ohsixdon't be so defensive ;]09:42
ProphetPXwell ok but it's usually frowned upon.  isn't there a #flood channel?09:42
xxxxxxoh my bad then wtg09:42
sacarlsonxxxxxx: normally grub2 will scan and add any partitions that are bootable by default09:42
DJonesdimm: http://g33q.co.za/2010/06/06/samsung-ml-1640-usb-printer-and-ubuntu-lucid-lynx/ According to this, all you should need to do is plug it in and it'll be detected09:42
xxxxxxwell something is wrong09:43
ohsixxxxxxx: you shouldn't need to add anything to fstab, and grub should pick it up automatically09:43
xxxxxxbecause it had it in the list09:43
xxxxxxthen it was gone after09:43
Cr0pany one used ecomorph?09:43
ProphetPXxxxxxx YOUR fstab is not part of grub09:43
ohsixtry update-grub, see if it says it's adding the label for all the os'ii you want to boot09:43
eso4g1hola to los jipisssssssssssssssssssssssssss09:43
ProphetPXyou pasted a line from /etc/fstab - that's not what grub uses09:43
ProphetPXgrub uses it's own info09:43
ProphetPXyeah what ohsix said09:44
xxxxxxI am going to pastebin a script for GRUB 209:44
DJones!es | eso4g109:44
ubottueso4g1: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:44
sacarlsonxxxxxx: try hold shift at boot and see if you already find your xp boot and see if it works09:44
xxxxxxand the fstab info for my windows partition09:44
pikkieArmChairWarrior: Can i talk to you please09:44
eso4g1_q pasa loki09:44
eso4g1aqui estamos09:44
xxxxxxcan someone help me create a script to add windows xp09:45
eso4g1que no sabemos cambiar el nombre09:45
Adkq093lkhi everyone, I'd like to know whats the current sandy bridge support status on ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 if anyone tried them I'd like to know if there are any issues, considering also that im interested in using the integrated graphics09:45
ArmChairWarriorSure pikkie09:45
ProphetPXu dont need a script09:45
eso4g1pc friky go to sleep09:45
m4veso4g1: por favor ve a #ubuntu-es por ayuda en español09:45
sacarlsonxxxxxx: you could have added a fstab entry for xp just so it automounted at some location when you booted ubuntu09:45
ProphetPXjust boot to your linux partition and then type: update-grub from a root shell09:45
eso4g1_fuck you09:45
xarinatanAdkq093lk: I heard the latest kernel updates 'upgraded performance on sandy bridge processors' so i assume it works already.09:45
ProphetPXyes but he wants to boot via grub and grub never references fstab09:45
soreau! ops | eso4g109:45
ubottueso4g1: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!09:45
dimmDJones, i use samsung ml-1640 via cups, which connected by usb to centos09:46
Agent008I got one:  Everytime I update software with Software package in Ub, it mentions:  /boot is no room for update.  how to figure it out???09:46
Adkq093lkxarinatan: works well or works enough?09:46
dimmfrom opensuse 11.3 via cups this printer work fine =/09:46
=== eso4g1 is now known as WeRules
eso4g1_soreau Me eat it09:46
sacarlsonxxxxxx: you can modify grub2 default boot and analize what is available to boot with the gui startup-manager09:47
xarinatanAdkq093lk: That i'm not sure of, i heard the windows performance was a tad better than the linux perf, but you'd have to try yourself, should use a live CD to test it09:47
pikkieI have used the 10.04 LTS bootdisk, and used the boot from the first hard disk option to start the server. it started correctly09:47
alkisgI've installed Ubuntu to an external USB disk. I want to use it with multiple systems and I don't want it to remember the ethX name for the NIC on each system (cause eventually I'd get eth123 :)).09:47
alkisgDo I just need to delete /lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules for that?09:47
DJonesdimm: I would have though all you need to do is use the add printer option, and search for it on the network, and then pick the samsung driver from the list that should come up09:47
ProphetPXjust run update-grub from a root shell .... fixed09:47
Adkq093lkxarinatan: i dont have it right now, was getting infos before buying, you think it would be worth switching from arrandale to sandy bridge? (i can give you processors models, i have em already)09:47
=== Gwar_Trolle is now known as Guest28
pikkieArmChairWarrior: I will get the data off now09:48
xarinatanAdkq093lk: I heard good things about the sandy bridge processors, i don't know the fine details, but afaik the performance is always an upgrade versus the previous versions of the i series09:48
dimmDJones, yes, in common case action what you desript is enough, but in my case i see error (Wrong Application/Octet stream)09:49
Agent008....yeah.  But there is no problem before..09:49
Adkq093lkxarinatan: sorry i didnt specify, i meant to ask if it was worth "stability wise", i mean arrandale is supposed to work 100% isnt it?09:49
Agent00817:46 < Agent008> I got one:  Everytime I update software with Software package in Ub, it mentions:  /boot is no room for update.  how to figure it out???09:49
Agent00817:46 < Adkq093lk> xarinatan: works well or works enough?09:49
ajuHai all, I need to import cacerts into the online server using ssh .for that which command i can use.09:49
xarinatanAdkq093lk: I'm sure there's reviews out there that'll clarify, and 'stability wise' i'm sure it'll work fine, depends on what you mean by 'stable'09:50
DJonesdimm: I'm not sure what will cause that09:50
Adkq093lkxarinatan: reviews about speed and performance? i saw those but noone talked about stability lol, and by stable i mean that if one day i decide to go play assault cube it shouldnt bother me, i seen on forums that 3d acceleration is a lil tricky to get and sensors dont work too well, is it still true?09:51
sacarlsonaju: I guess part of the command would be to scp or rsync it to the location that you then point your apache configs to09:51
sl33k_my PATH seems to have messed up, how to rectify it?09:52
aju<sacarlson>  In my local machine I am using import command. This is for configuring jre for mailserver09:52
xarinatanAdkq093lk: I'm afraid i don't know anything about that, it's normal that new devices need a little time to get proper drivers for linux, but the platform itself is quite stable i'm sure09:53
windparadiseHello Pls can somoene direct me to downgrade php 5.3.2 so I can hvae php 5.2.x installed?09:53
Adkq093lkxarinatan: thank you very much, very helpful, gotta make up my mind now :D09:53
sacarlsonaju: sorry I've not used jre I just setup https09:53
xarinatanAdkq093lk: Good luck, and no problem ^^09:53
cdbswindparadise: Which version of Ubuntu are you running?09:54
Adkq093lkxarinatan: awkard thing is that i recently bought an arrandale pc, and now for same price they re giving sb ones lol09:54
windparadisethe latest one09:54
xxxxxxokay i need help to add my xp boot09:54
cdbswindparadise: 10.10, right? Okay, wait for a second09:54
ajuAnyone can help me for configuring jre09:54
xarinatanAdkq093lk: The new series are a lot cheaper yea, i seen that too, and faster i heard, i can't say i'd complain about things getting cheaper though =p09:55
cdbswindparadise: Is it a highly-critical production system?09:55
sacarlsonxxxxxx: did you take a look with sudo apt-get install startup-manager   the gui?09:55
sl33k_how to set path?09:55
lyteaju: what do you need to configure?09:56
windparadiseno, development plattform09:56
cdbswindparadise: okay, then. But I would recommend you to run 5.3 anyways09:56
Adkq093lkxarinatan: if you want to take a look mine is a dell vostro 3700, 2 weeks after i purchased they came out with 3750 with sb lol09:56
windparadisebut php 5.3 is bringing lot of errors so I wnt to change it into php 5 . 209:56
cdbswindparadise: Why won't you want to run it?09:56
windparadiselot of errors09:56
cdbswindparadise: You can set ERROR_REPORTING to EC_NONE09:56
cdbswindparadise: the errors its reporting are deprecation errors09:57
xxxxxxsacarlson,  I have  some grub2 thing09:57
cdbswindparadise: set ERROR_REPORTING in php.ini to E_ALL && ~E_DEPRECATED09:57
windparadisebut some are not outputing the result I needed09:57
xarinatanAdkq093lk: I bought the 5970 ~5 months ago for 500 euros, now the 69xx series is out, which are a lot faster AND cheaper :P09:57
ajulyte : I need to congigure jre in the online server using ssh.This is for sending mails from our online server using ourown mailserver09:57
sacarlsonxxxxxx: that's what the startup-manger  is for the grub2 thing09:57
cdbswindparadise: error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED09:58
windparadiseok, let me try09:58
windparadisehow can I find the php.ini files?09:58
cdbswindparadise: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini09:58
sacarlsonxxxxxx: do you know how to manualy change boot with grub2?09:59
xarinatanHey, i'm having trouble getting SVN working on my ubuntu server, i constantly get "Cannot open SVN filesystem", can anyone point me in the right direction?09:59
Adkq093lkxarinatan: thing is that i knew 3750 was coming out but i said "sb is fairly new, probably wont be that supported", as i bought it i started seeing support lol09:59
ajulyte: I used this link for local configuration http://www.java-samples.com/showtutorial.php?tutorialid=21010:00
Adkq093lkxarinatan: tried a cleanup?10:00
xarinatanAdkq093lk: It's a fresh repo, no files added yet10:00
xarinatanI'm suspecting it has something to do with the fact i'm saving the files on a cifs mounted filesystem10:01
lyteaju: sorry that's beyond my familiarity with java10:01
Adkq093lkxarinatan: may be that10:01
cdbswindparadise: did it work? You'll need to restart Apache after changing that setting10:02
windparadiseI am doing it now10:02
Adkq093lkxarinatan: google said "cifs has a lot of problems with svn" (just googled it a lil, im not that informed about svn troubleshooting lol)10:02
ajulyte : from where i get help in this case10:02
lyteaju: if no one helps shortly i'd suggest you provide a summary and then a very detailed explanation of the problem on the ubuntu forums10:03
Adkq093lkxarinatan: maybe this may help you? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1289850/svn-repository-on-windows-network-share10:04
ajulyte: Thank you...10:04
ubutuHow to find env/lib directory?10:04
soreauubutu: env/lib?10:05
ubutusoreau: yea10:05
soreauubutu: What is telling you need to find an env/lib?10:05
ubutusoreau: does it not exist?10:06
moeHey, anyone here running proftpd on ubuntu, because i've bin messing aroudn with this for hours and i just cannot get a working username and pass10:07
soreauubutu: What do you mean by that? Why are you thinking you need to find this?10:07
windparadisecdbs: it has already been set to error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED10:07
cdbswindparadise: :o10:07
cdbswindparadise: what are the errors you are getting?10:07
ubutusoreau: i have to change something form there?10:07
ShishKababWhen doing 'find /tmp/test/ -type d -maxdepth 1' is there any nice way to avoid getting /tmp/test/ in the results?10:07
phoenixsamprasis there any patch to make Hibertantion and Suspend work already?10:08
=== _human_blip_ is now known as human_blip
soreauubutu: What is telling you need to change something there?10:08
sacarlsonubutu: are you compiling something?10:09
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
froeshi guys . i am trying to make a copy of my windows ntfs partition and by doing dd if=/dev/sda1 of=backup.img takes too long. another thing is i have a partition of 100gb with only 20gigs on it. the first 20 ..25 gigs go fast but then.. it just keeps going for hours and the file increases but it does not stop10:09
ubutusoreau: ya10:09
ubutusacarlson: ya10:09
froesthe file even gets larger than the partition10:09
soreauubutu: Maybe its a subdirectory in the source tree of whatever it is you are trying to build10:09
xxxxxxi need help to add windows xp to grub210:10
sacarlsonubutu: normally you point the value needed in ./configure to the libs it needs to know where they are10:10
sacarlsonubutu: with export command10:10
moeHey guys, can anyone gimmie a hand with proftpd, i cant get the username and password to work, i set them up the exact same way that like 100 different guides say but i always get Error:Critical error Error:Could not connect to server10:10
soreauxxxxxx: Is it not detected by the os detector scripts?10:10
sacarlsonubutu: you see what's present in the env  now with the env command10:10
moeme or froes?10:11
ShishKababAlread found it: -mindepth 110:12
xxxxxxI need some help10:12
sacarlsonxxxxxx: do you know how to use the grub2 menu at boot?  hold shift at boot to select xp at boot time10:12
ubutusacarlson: would you show me an example how to use export command10:12
xxxxxxadding windows xp boot option in grub210:12
xxxxxxI held shift10:12
xxxxxxnothing happened10:12
xxxxxxthere was no xp selection10:12
xxxxxxdo you understand that?10:12
xxxxxxthe grub menu came up10:13
xxxxxxno xp selection10:13
xxxxxxI need to add it10:13
xxxxxxxp is installe don another partition10:13
xxxxxxbut it was copied over10:13
soreau! compile | ubutu10:13
ubottuubutu: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:13
marypoppinshallo zusammen10:14
soreauxxxxxx: Did you try to reinstall grub?10:14
yogi__anyone can solve bcm4312 wireless on ubuntu?10:14
soreau! grub2 | xxxxxx10:14
ubottuxxxxxx: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:14
ubututhanks soreau and sacarlson10:14
xxxxxxok how do i reinstall grub 210:14
soreau! broadcom | yogi__10:14
ubottuyogi__: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:14
yogi__anyone can solve bcm4312 wireless on ubuntu?10:14
moeHey guys, can anyone gimmie a hand with proftpd, i cant get the username and password to work, i set them up the exact same way that like 100 different guides say but i always get Error:Critical error Error:Could not connect to server10:15
soreau! repeat | yogi__10:15
ubottuyogi__: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:15
yogi__oke thanks ubottu10:15
xxxxxxI cant do it without help10:15
xxxxxxI am too new10:15
soreaumoe: Are you able to enter your user name and password ok?10:15
xxxxxxi cant just read that guide and do it10:16
RealEnder@yogi__: it works out of the box, both with 10.04(with STA driver) and 10.10 (with STA and b43)10:16
yogi__i have searched on google anytime and can't resolved this problem.10:16
sacarlsonxxxxxx: is it a wubi install of ubuntu?  meaning did you install ubuntu from withing windows?10:16
soreauxxxxxx: That is why there are guides written for you to read10:16
xxxxxxI installed lubuntu10:16
moeyeah, im using filezilla to connect, and it lets me input all the stuff, it just keeps asying hte password is wrong10:16
RealEnder@yogi__: what exactly is your problem?10:16
xxxxxxthen I copied over windows xp over to a partition10:16
xxxxxxon this machine10:16
yogi__i have installed STA driver but wireless doesn't work10:16
xxxxxxthat was saved from before i reformatted this machine10:17
soreau! broadcom | yogi__10:17
ubottuyogi__: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:17
RealEnderyougi__:this sometimes happen if you have dualboot with win10:17
RealEnderyogi__:try with b43, follow the link;)10:18
sacarlsonxxxxxx: oh then you need to recover the windows bootloader with a windows cd or recover disk,  after you can boot windows you can install grub2 over it that will auto chainload xp10:18
yogi__RealEnder_: same with b43, it still doesn't work :(10:19
xxxxxxhow can I do that10:19
xxxxxxmaybe use a bart pe disc?10:19
xxxxxxok ill figure this out10:20
soreauxxxxxx: That copy-over is probably whats confusing everything10:21
fairuzHi, I installed a linux-headers package. Where does this installed to? I look at /lib/modules/ but no luck10:22
sacarlsonxxxxxx: you might get lucky if the disk still has the bootloader so try http://paste.ubuntu.com/562593/  or the single liner grub2 install sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt; sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda # change sda1 and sda to your choice10:22
azmHI, I did apt-get remove --purge nvidia* and would like to get it back10:23
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest28484
azmin jockey there are now drivers available anymore10:23
azmwould apt-get install nvidia* help?10:24
soreauazm: I believe you need to install modalias packages for drivers to appear in jockey10:24
sacarlsonxxxxxx: if you can already boot ubuntu I guess this line is all you need sudo grub-install, that will scan for your xp if it can find it and add it10:24
phoenixsamprasis there any patch to make Hibertantion and Suspend work already? SOS10:24
azmsacarlson, ok, so eg. the nvidia-1810:26
soreauazm: apt-cache search nvidia|grep modalias10:26
soreaufor example10:26
azmalso why is there only 185 when on nvidia page there is 26010:26
Guest28484is cfedde here :)10:26
soreauazm: You might need the -current package, not sure how it works10:26
azmsoreau, that will be prolly nvidia-current-modaliases10:27
soreauazm: right10:27
morgananyone have any experience with imdb-tools or something similar?10:30
flashucksis there a way to disable hardware accelaration by default in adobe flash?10:34
DarsVaedahi, i have an onboard graphics card and monitor attached to it up and running gnome...i now want to install a graphic card and attach my monitor to that - how do I apply the new card software wise -  i remember running some command to setup the graphics server10:35
flashuckswhen i delete the flash cookie the settings are gone!10:35
fredrikkdid it work?10:37
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:38
venkateshHello everybody .....Can anyone tell me how to uninstall a software which is installed using wine that means a .exe file10:38
flashucksvenkatesh: right click the file and make it executable10:38
flashucksthen try to install10:39
peethi everyone10:39
flashuckshi peet10:39
peetI try to disable USB storage10:39
peeton ubuntu 10.10 how can I do that10:40
venkateshflashusks: I have installed the .exe file in ubuntu using wine software ...now i wish to uninstall it .....can u tell me how10:40
stbainpeet: sudo echo "blacklist usb-storage" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf10:41
ankreloaded_venkatesh: there is a "uninstall wine software" option in the menu10:41
flashucksvenkatesh: Applications > Wine > Uninstall IWne Software10:41
venkateshflashucks: ya i got it ...thank you very much....10:42
phoenixsamprasMr. mark shuttleworth please make my Hibernation and Suspend works, im sick to restart 150 apps every time i move from place to place every day..... IM SICK!!!10:42
Fuchsphoenixsampras: it should work on most notebooks. If it doesn't on yours, you might want to consult the HCL and launchpad for known bugs and workarounds10:43
peetstbain: how it work10:43
jattshuttleworth won't fix your issue :)10:44
stbainpeet: http://www.ossramblings.com/disabling_usb_storage_in_linux10:44
DarsVaedabet shuttleworth runs macos :D10:44
flashucksphoenixsampras: shuttleworth uses windows10:44
[biabia]help please, got ubuntu live disk running and old windows partition mounted.  i'd like to save some pictures to my flash drive but i cant seem to get it mounted10:44
peetanother one is how to disable sudo for nonroot user?10:45
stbainpeet: just make sure they aren't set up as a sudoer and you're fine. You should always have one sudoer to perform root functions.10:45
phoenixsamprasflashucks: tho he was using OSx10:45
elFidelpeet: check your sudoers file regarding sudo persmissionsd10:45
venkateshflashucks: how to minimize the command prompt length , that means venkatesh@venkatesh-desktop:/media/Backup/soft/windows$ when i open a new folder it keeps adding , how to make it small10:46
peetok thank10:46
flashucksvenkatesh: command prompt or title in  gnome terminal window?10:46
venkateshflashucks: i dont know  exactly, i am using ubuntu 10.10,10:48
stbainvenkatesh, based on what you pasted it looks like the prompt itself10:48
abhinav_singhis there any random password generator in linux10:49
stbainvenkatesh, it is stored in an environment variable. This article has the information you're looking for: http://beginlinux.wordpress.com/2008/09/12/modify-your-command-prompt/10:49
stbainabhinav_singh, GUI or command line?10:49
abhinav_singhcommand line...stbain :)10:49
=== ogra is now known as Guest34611
flashucksabhinav_singh: there is one sys > admin >users and groups > change password copy it and hit cancel :P10:51
stbainabhinav_singh, try... sudo apt-get install gpw10:51
stbainor that10:51
|Long|good mornig guys, can someone help me with geforce 8400gs nivida driver?10:51
flashucksabhinav_singh: but it only uses 8 chars you can add the rest manually10:51
stbainabhinav_singh, you can also try the apg package or otp. Those both look like password generators.10:51
=== Guest34611 is now known as ogra_
abhinav_singhok stbain10:52
=== RaiBot5 is now known as RaiBot
Pumpkin-abhinav_singh: I use "pwgen". Its got a few options, like length, non-alphanumerical characters, "pronuncable passwords" and the like.10:53
[biabia]two machines on my network can ping each other but when i try to scp a file it says connection refused10:55
abhinav_singhokay Pumpkin :)P10:55
Pumpkin-[biabia]: do you have the ssh server installed and running on the machine you are targetting with scp ?. It isn't installed by default with Ubuntu Desktop Edition ?10:56
elFidel[biabia]: ping != ssh/scp. is there any firewall running? checked your ssh config10:56
TaevI need some assistance. Every single time I load Konqueor as a web browser I get a "This application unknown (nspluginviewer) crashed and caused the signal 11 SIGSEGV"10:57
Taevand there is no such application running, is it a plugin or something?10:57
[biabia]Pumpkin- and elFidel I have used scp on one of the machines before, the other is running the live cd, i am trying to recover some pictures and cant get the flash drive to mount10:58
[biabia]i have port 22 forwarded each way, on router10:59
elFidel[biabia]: try to check/answer the questions ;)10:59
peetstbin: not work. disable usb-storage not work10:59
[biabia]elfidel as in iptables -F ?  also not sure how to check ssh config11:01
peethow can I disable usb-storage for nonroot user11:02
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DJones!cn | administrator_11:03
flashucksdoes apt use an user-agent?11:03
ubottuadministrator_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:03
flashuckspeet: go to system > admin > users and groups11:03
flashuckspeet: select the non root user11:03
_NiCHowdy. I've built a VM using vmbuilder (with kvm hypervisor). The build itself went fine, but when I boot it up through virt-manager, the VM hangs on "Booting from Hard Disk...". Does anyone have any suggestions what might be wrong?11:03
flashuckspeet: then click on advanced settings11:03
peethow to select?11:03
flashuckspeet: just click on it..11:04
flashuckspeet: then go to user priviliges tab11:04
erkan^Hello, which menu for GIMP can I conservert a picture "color" to "black/white"?11:05
flashuckspeet: then you look for mounting  box or something11:05
stbainerkan^, you may want to ask in #gimp11:05
_antantOk, someone please help help help! Somehow while I was sleeping something deleted ALL the films off my external HDD!!!11:05
erkan^Good idea, stbain11:05
flashucks_antant: how is that possible? what did you do11:06
_antantI had couchpotato set to extract films there11:06
Tempory72286ok, anyone here remember SargonRose?11:06
Ben64i do11:07
Ben64he wanted to pirate windows 711:07
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o11:07
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct11:07
Tempory72286lol i was trying to burn it. Anyway it wont let me have my screen name. Any help?11:07
swapxoanyone good with ubuntu on laptops?11:07
flashucks!anyone | swapxo11:08
ubottuswapxo: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:08
Tempory72286It keeps saysing already in use11:08
swapxonew install, need to get all the fancy drivers to control keyboard backlighting, screen brightness etc.11:08
peetflashucks: still not work11:08
flashuckspeet: check group permissions11:08
Tm_TTempory72286: you tried what exactly?11:08
Tempory72286tm_T, i had to reinstall ubuntu about 7 times in the past 2 days. Now it keeps saying the my screen name SargonRose is taken. Is there a way i can get it back?11:09
erkan^but they are not answer my question. i think that very people are working , stbain11:09
stbainswapxo, I usually find that doing a Google search with the laptop model and "ubuntu" does the trick. If you're looking for specific help on a certain topic (e.g. keyboard backlighting), you may want to toss that into the search, too.11:10
Ben64Tempory72286: you'd need to provide the password when you use that nick11:10
swapxoyeah, i've tried google, theres nothing for my specific laptop11:10
erkan^now yes11:10
Tempory72286it doesnt ask for one.11:10
=== Ben64 is now known as SargonRose
stbainswapxo, anything on the Ubuntu forums?11:10
SargonRoseworks fine11:10
_antantPlease please can someone point me in the right direction of how to get back 1.6TB of movies11:11
swapxoim looking as im on here. :)11:11
[biabia]Help? need to mount usb flash drive on pc running live cd11:11
Tempory72286How do i change my nick then?11:11
swapxoill have a bit more of a look and come back.11:11
SargonRose/nick <nick>11:11
=== SargonRose is now known as Ben64
=== Tempory72286 is now known as SargonRose
Jonathan_GlamHi, I'm having trouble installing Matlab from a CD. I get this error: http://pastebin.com/ZW97GRid Can anyone help me out?11:12
stbainerkan^, Image --> Mode --> Grayscale11:12
SargonRoseok, is there a way to register it?11:12
Ben64Jonathan_Glam: have you tried what the error says?11:13
erkan^stbain: colors->desaturate , that I have found (-:11:13
Ben64SargonRose: /msg nickserv help register11:13
Tm_TSargonRose: ah, you meant your irc nick11:13
Jonathan_Glamben64: yeah. No command 'install*' found, did you mean:11:13
Ben64Jonathan_Glam: it would be "install_unix.sh -t"11:14
Ben64* is a wildcard11:14
samsunghi all11:14
SargonRosetm_T yes11:14
Jonathan_Glamben64: ah. Still get install_unix.sh: command not found11:14
Tm_TSargonRose: you got it back, I notice11:15
SargonRosetm_T yea ben helped me. now i just want to add a pass to it11:15
Ben64Jonathan_Glam: you ran that in the pastebin :|11:15
Jonathan_Glamben64: what do you mean?11:16
SargonRoseben64 How do i add a pass to my name?11:16
dodo_hello guys11:17
Ben64Jonathan_Glam: look at line one. http://pastebin.com/ZW97GRid11:17
Ben64SargonRose: i told you already11:17
dodo_does any one know how long are the non-lts server versions have support for?11:17
SargonRoseben64 it just replys with help or help nick register11:17
dodo_i am thinking of using 10.10 server11:17
SargonRoseben64 mimicking me11:17
zvacetdodo_: 3 years I think11:18
dodo_what about the lts version?11:18
Jonathan_Glamben64: ah. now i get this error :( http://pastebin.com/N76Ugp1P11:18
Ben64normal releases are not 3 years11:18
zvacetdodo_: 5 years11:18
dodo_ah cool11:18
zvacetBen64: server not desktop11:19
dodo_yeah i am talking about the server11:19
d0lph1nHola a todos11:19
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:19
dodo_any recommendations for remote desktop ?11:20
dodo_vnc is too slow11:20
Pumpkin-dodo_: http://www.canonical.com/enterprise-services/support/server/support-life-cycles11:20
ruanhow do i split a file into 4 gb parts?11:20
dompeewhat new features ---->  ubuntu 11.04 alpha release????11:21
Ben64ruan: check the manual page for "split"11:21
stbainman split11:21
stbain(sounds painful)11:21
tasseruan: http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Applications_GUI_Multimedia/Split_and_Reassemble_files may help11:22
dodo_stbain: you can try rar if you want11:22
d0lph1nHi all11:22
stbaindodo_, oh, I'm good. It was ruan who was asking. I was just cracking a joke.11:22
zvacet!ask | d0lph1n11:23
ubottud0lph1n: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:23
d0lph1nsorry about my bad english11:23
dompeed0lphin: have you tried the ubuntu 11.04alpa???11:23
d0lph1ni have a problem with the screen11:23
d0lph1ndompee, no11:23
satonioi executed sudo fdisk -l but not all partitions are shown. any idea?11:24
zvacet!natty| dompee11:24
ubottudompee: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.11:24
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dompeeubottu: i see11:25
_antantHow could something have deleted all my movies??11:25
dodo_Pumpkin-: lol that states that support is for 18 months which is 1.5 years not 3 years11:25
zvacetd0lph1n: did you try under system>administration>additional hardware drivers to install driver11:25
ruannevermind, i got lxsplit. seems a lot easier to use11:26
Ben64_antant: you deleted them, bad drive, bad program, not looking in the right spot, not enough space free, corrupt filesystem, friend deleted them11:26
d0lph1nno drivers in this section11:27
Pumpkin-dodo_: I think its 18months for support on anything non-LTS, 3 years for LTS desktop and 5 years for LTS server. That canonical page seems to agree.11:27
zvacetd0lph1n: sorry then maybe someone else know more then me11:27
d0lph1nzvacet, thanks11:27
_antantHow can I check system activity for the past few hours?11:28
dodo_yeah that what i guessed, i wanted a non-lts server edition, which i am guessing is 18months ? not 3 years11:28
PiciPumpkin-: dodo_ : Thats correct.11:28
Pumpkin-that said, the way I run servers means I tend to upgrade servers about 3/4 months after the a release comes out, but I know that doesn't work for everyone.11:28
scarleo_antant, Maybe go through the logs in /var/log/*11:29
abhinav-hi, I deleted my windows partitions as I was no more using windows, and now I am unable to boot, I think I deleted the boot partition as well . how can I get back to Ubuntu ?11:29
dodo_Pumpkin-: they made a mess with tomcat on 10.04 lts11:29
ruan_antant: yeah, logs. depends what you want to do11:29
ruan_antant: but logfile names generally tell the content11:30
_antantwell somehow all but 2 movies got deleted from my drive11:30
soreau! grub2 | abhinav-11:30
ubottuabhinav-: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:30
_antantThere were about 150 on there11:30
redbox_antant: I propose it was divine intervention!11:30
_antantLoki. Must have been11:31
redboxGod was upset with his thievery of intellectual properties that he deleted this information from his HDD using God's awesome like powers. :)11:31
ubottuDear $DEITY, Give me strength to understand and work with users who question my logic, the rules, netiquette, and common sense. Give me resilience to teach them the basics of Linux, Ubuntu, Community Guidelines and IRC. Allow me not to stray to nitpicking, argument, foul language, or leisurely op abuse. Deliver me my daily xkcd, User Friendly, LWN, /. and Planet Ubuntu, and guard over my encrypted drives. Let it be so.11:31
whizkenruan, i love it11:32
redboxruan: Say 5 of these and be on your way my child.11:33
soreauwhizken: $DEITY loves you too11:33
Ben64Notice: Undefined variable: DEITY11:34
soreauBen64: Your computer is an atheist11:35
swapxoi have a fresh install of ubuntu 10.10, on an ASUS G73Sw laptop. does anyone know where i can find drivers for laptop specific things such as keyboard backlight control, volume control, functions etc?11:35
scarleoMy NFS mounts in fstab gets umount when I logout, I've understood this is not normal behaviour. How can I make them stay mounted?11:37
Ben64scarleo: probably depends on the settings in fstab11:37
mtlifeswapxo: http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ that is one thing you could try11:38
scarleoBen64, Yes of course, but I wonder what the right options would be, this is NFSv411:38
sargon_What is the name of the partition manager. Something like gartion11:39
Ben64what do you have the options at now?11:39
swapxoty mtlife ill check it out now. :)11:39
redbox!gparted | sargon_11:40
ubottusargon_: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php11:40
scarleoI have gone through the docs and I'm using the options _netdev,auto but this doesn't do it11:40
brandoneyHow can I change the port number used by rhythmweb or rhythmote?  Config buttons are grayed out.11:40
sargon_redbow thanks11:40
obscurant1stI have a cd image file .img, how can i extract the contents to a folder?11:40
sargon_redbox thanks11:40
Ben64obscurant1st: mount it, then copy11:40
swapxoi checked it out but thats not what i want, thanks anyway.11:41
obscurant1stBen64: its having permission erros, its a img of debian cd, i think11:41
Ben64obscurant1st: how does an image file have permission errors?11:41
obscurant1stBen64: no while mounting11:41
AdvoWorkive edited /etc/fstab added an entry like //IP/SHARE /mnt/folder cifs exec   when the pc reboots, it wont mount, if i do sudo mount -a it asks for a password(i press enter(ie no password)) and it works and mounts ok. any ideas please?11:41
mtlifeswapxo: np, only thing i could think of :) I thought maybe you could fix the volume keys etc with that.11:42
obscurant1stBen64: its coming while tying to copy from the mounted place11:42
Ben64AdvoWork: you should specify user/pass in fstab11:42
obscurant1stanyother tools or way to do this?11:43
=== jason is now known as Guest70427
AdvoWorkBen64, but if pressing enter works, that means theres no password set11:44
jrib!samba | AdvoWork11:46
ubottuAdvoWork: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.11:46
memorygap0what is the best file downloader on ubuntu11:46
jribmemorygap0: there's no real "best".  Depends on what you need and what you like11:47
stbain!poll | memorygap011:47
ubottumemorygap0: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:47
vietredI'm finding a RTS game on linux (something like C&C) which I can play with my friends on LAN/internet. Does anyone knows a good one? thanks :D11:50
jjpvietred: warzone 2100 is fine11:51
stbainvietred, I think Glest is still around if you're interested in a more medieval setting11:52
jjpAgreed, had some fun with Glest too11:53
nadavHmm, what is a good program similiar to vmware I can get on ubuntu?11:53
vietredstbain: well, I'm interested in medieval war but my friends want tanks :D (and nuke) so a modern war game is better :D11:53
stbainvietred, here is a list I found http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55630711:54
vietredjjp: I'm viewing some screenshots :D11:54
level09is there a way to execute something when a file is changed/modified11:55
d0lph1nI solved my problem by installing compiz, thanks11:55
level09how do I watch a file changes ?11:55
brandoneynadav virtualbox11:55
vietredstbain: thanksss11:55
sacarlsonlevel09: there is a program called tripwire but it will run with cron or at boot to see changes11:56
level09sacarlson: I'm trying to find a way that doesn't use cron11:56
level09if possible11:57
Pumpkin-level09: read about inotify11:57
brandoneyDoes anyone have rhythmbox with rhythmweb or rhythmote plugin?11:59
vacuousMy gnome power manager icon doesn't change properly when the battery status changes (plugged/unplugged, level, etc).  Any ideas?12:00
ileai have a whierles mouse with a usb stick and wont work on my laptop. How to make it work?12:00
fizy[laptop]does ubuntu have the ability to be ssh'd into by default?12:00
Pumpkin-fizy[laptop]: desktop, no. server, yes.12:01
fizy[laptop]Pumpkin-: darn it. so what do i need to get lucid desktop be able to be sshed into. i already have port dorwarding set up on an unusual port12:01
Pumpkin-fizy[laptop]: just install openssh-server12:02
fizy[laptop]on the desktop or my laptop? (i want to use my ;aptop to connect to my desktop12:02
Pumpkin-on whatever you want to be able to ssh into12:02
fizy[laptop]ok. man, if that didnt need the root password for a sudo command, id text my mom and get her to type in the apt-get command12:03
david5345in #ubuntu+112:05
jribfizy[laptop]: you can reboot and have her choose recovery mode.  She should get a root prompt with no password12:06
fizy[laptop]my madre has roughly the technical know how of an orange12:06
jribfizy[laptop]: presumably, she can select "recovery mode" from the grub menu and press enter, then type in the apt-get command with your assistance, then reboot though12:07
fizy[laptop]id just say hit ctrl-f1 and type in "sudo apt-get install openssh-server"12:07
jribfizy[laptop]: that's fine.  It seemed like you wanted to avoid telling her your password12:07
fizy[laptop]then id tell her to type in the root pass, but i dont trust even my own mother with root. (also, i use that password on EVERYTHING)12:08
jribfizy[laptop]: then see my suggestion...12:08
jribfizy[laptop]: and please stop calling it the "root password", sudo prompts for your user's password12:09
fizy[laptop]jrib: actually, that may work. i dual boot winxp and lucid, so it always shows GRUB on startup.12:09
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nmvictorhow has everyone been, long since I joined the room12:09
fizy[laptop]jrib: sorry. i mean the password needed for root access12:09
jribhi nmvictor12:09
abhinav_singhI am using Aspire 5740 laptop and ubuntu 10.10 ...dim display problem is the known bug for aspire 5740..is there any way to check if my laptop is using 100 % brightness or not?12:12
brandoneyRhythmbox is going to repeat Justin Bieber songs cranked all the way up until the end of time if I can't get the port number changed on its web interface.12:13
AdvoWorkjrib, sorry but i dont get what part you're relating to about samba? it works if i dont enter a password, so what can i do?12:13
jribAdvoWork: did you read the first link in ubottu's message?  It offers suggestions on mount options you should use with cifs12:14
arizon@abhinav_singh: did you try using the laptop function keys for changing brightness?12:14
nmvictorThe new kernel, 2.6.38 that boasts for the "wonder patch" some performance boost patch, is it too early to compile it for use in maverick or is it important to wait for the mainstream kernel12:15
fairuzhow to access network mounted disk using command line?12:15
abhinav_singharizon yes12:16
jribfairuz: use it's mount point?  If you're using gvfs, check ~/.gvfs/12:16
jribagh, its*12:16
abhinav_singhbut how can i be sure that my laptop is using 100 % brightness12:16
ad_hello .i am new here12:16
ad_no ome?12:17
SpeedfxHello :p12:17
nmvictorWhy does empathy chat window resize past the screen size while typing, and why doe it even resize, is it important?12:17
fairuzjrib : how to know the mount point?12:17
arizonCreated a "quickly ubuntu-cli" application and packaged it using "quickly package", got a deb out of it which installs fine with dpkg locally. However, I want to use it on a ubuntu server and suddenly it has a bunch of dependencies to other packages, which in turn, have dependencies. does anyone know if it's possible to package a quickly-application and include dependency stuff? I had this link describing that you can create a package for another distro. I hav12:17
arizonen't tried it though.12:17
jribfairuz: check output of « mount »12:17
fairuzjrib: i have the .gvfs fodler but nothing in there12:17
ad_i don't know how to use the website12:17
fairuzjrib: ok12:18
ad_anyone help?12:18
SpeedfxWhat's wrong12:18
Piciad_: You haven't asked a question yet.12:18
jribad_: what website?12:18
martyno not me12:18
arizonabhinav_singh: okay.. then I'm not sure :(12:18
ad_so many log info...12:19
jribarizon: well if apt is the one complaining about dependencies when you try to install the package you created then it seems like it does contain dependency information.  Are you sure it's not an issue with differing ubuntu versions?12:19
ad_install right now...12:19
arizonjrib: using dpkg, might be. I'm not sure. I think I will try to make it simpler by not using quickly12:22
uleHi guys... Is there an alternative command to access the terminal console without graphics ambient?  An alternative command for: "ctrl + alt + F1"12:24
=== angel is now known as Guest10213
s3r3n1t7ule, you mean completely disable all graphics? You could shutdown the X server, that'd drop you in a terminal, but a real "alternative" to that command there is not.12:25
arizonsudo apt-get -f install seems to solve my issue12:27
ules3r3n1t7, ok thanks12:27
ad_Karoto has changed the topic to: d * Now talking on #ubuntu   * Loaded log from Mon Mar 21 20:26:17 2011   * Now talking on #ubuntu12:27
brandoneyabhinav did you see this?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158069512:27
ad_why i can not join12:28
soreauad_: This is #ubuntu12:28
Piciad_: You're in #ubuntu right now.  If you have a support question, please ask it all on one line.12:28
ad_i know.but i use XChat12:28
tinuxinI'm having trouble with my machine restarting while I'm running some experiments. The experiments are written in c++ and output are sent to a file (different file for each experiment). I'm running two batches of experiments parallel and every time I get about halfway through my machine restarts. It's not at the exactly same spot every time but it's close. I've run all the experiments that it crashed on earlier separately without any problems. I'12:29
elFidelad_: please try to use full sentences in single lines ;)12:29
tinuxinve checked the code for memory leaks with Valgrind==no problems. I'm going out of my mind here, any ideas? e.g. can I see in some log somewhere why the machine restarted?12:29
ad_i want use XChat loggin to this chat12:29
_antantHey, if a program deletes files (couchpotato) would it send them to trash or just plain delete them? What happens with most programs?12:29
elFidelad_: in general thats a question for the xchat channel - not for this one12:29
leongooHi! Could anyone tell me is linux-image ( compiled from 2.6.38 final? I need support for AMD Fusion. Thanks.12:29
soreautinuxin: Try ##linux maybe12:30
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, it keeps a rotating dmesg log in /var/log if i remember correctly. have you checked those?12:30
ad_so sad.12:30
_antanton an ntfs partition12:30
s3r3n1t7_antant, it probably just deletes them as in *poof*, not move to trash.12:30
elFidelad_: use the command field in the server-list12:30
_antantso photorec is my only option12:30
elFidelapart from that - it helps to ask in the related channel (general IRC hint)12:31
tinuxinhaven't checked any logs yet, as I don't know where those things are logged (not exactly a linux buff :) )12:31
_antantCouchPotato is a moron. Or maybe that's me.12:31
s3r3n1t7_antant, mind the language, please.12:31
=== Sh4wn- is now known as Sh4wn
ad_elFidel: command field ?12:31
_antantwhat language?12:32
ikonia_antant: please don't call people names12:32
elFidelad_: could you please just read the xchat faq? http://xchat.org/faq/12:32
_antantWho did I call a moron?!12:32
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, ok, let's see what we can find out. first, could you add my name when you're referring to me? just type s3r and hit tab, it will auto complete (probably). second, can you pastebin the content of /var/log ? It should have a file called dmesg.0.12:32
_antantCouchPotato. A program12:32
ikonia_antant: ok, easy on the derogatory terms "please".12:33
ad_elFidel: OK...i read it first...thanks guy.12:33
tinuxins3r3n1t7: ok, to secs12:33
tinuxins3r3n1t7: two12:33
sacarlson_antant: there are tools to undelete files and if you delete from nautilus it normally goes into the trashbin12:34
s3r3n1t7sacarlson, as he stated, he deleted it using another program.12:34
sacarlsons3r3n1t7: it can still be recovered12:35
xarinatanDoes anyone know where i should go if i have trouble with setting up an SVN server in ubuntu? I'm running blind here and it still doesn't work12:35
tinuxins3r3n1t7: http://pastebin.com/UZpYzkqz12:35
Picixarinatan: #subversion is their support channel.12:35
azi_hm.. each time i try to open my windows partition, (in places) vlc starts instead of the file browser.. is there any way to set my file manager to be executed instead of vlc?12:35
xarinatanPici: Thanks12:35
leongooCould anyone tell me is linux-image ( compiled from 2.6.38 final? I need support for AMD Fusion. Thanks.12:36
ikonialeongoo: no12:36
leongooikonia: Thank you12:37
tinuxins3r3n1t7: that was dmesg.0, there's also a "dmesg"12:37
brandoneyAnyone have Rhythmbox with Rhythmweb or Rhythmode plugins?  or can intall plugins real quick to check if config buttons work?12:37
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, hmm, hold on ... Ah yes, you can view the logs yourself via system - administration - system log viewer. See if you can see log files from the time it crashed.12:37
tinuxins3r3n1t7: ok12:37
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, check under syslog12:38
tinuxins3r3n1t7: ah yes, that looks more like it!12:39
arizonI installed KDE desktop from synaptic at home and unfortunately it f***ed my flash up totally. If there is a flash player (youtube or flashing ad) on a web page, that get's stuck on the desktop the rest of that session. So annoying! Have anyone had this issue before? solutions? Ubuntuforums said the flashplayer.so is buggy..12:39
ikoniaarizon: drop the language please, if you need to star it out, don't type it.12:39
arizonsudo apt-get remove swearwords12:39
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, anything that has some good info in there?12:40
brandoneynobody warned me when I typed justin beiber...12:40
ikoniabrandoney: what ?12:41
s3r3n1t7brandoney, try not to go offtopic12:41
brandoneyI'm trying to get Rhythmweb/mote to change port number.12:41
tinuxins3r3n1t7: afraid i don't know what i'm looking for, also i'm not sure exactly when it restarted, anything i can look for that would signify that it was restarting/starting?12:42
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, the very bottom of it should be it's final instructions before reboot12:42
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, and work your way up from there.12:43
ad_I don't know how to use XChat to join this channel!!!12:43
ikoniaad_: join #ubuntu when on the server irc.freenode.net12:43
elFidelad_: i already pointed you to the FAQ which covers that point12:43
s3r3n1t7ad_, 1. you're already in this channel. 2. Please refrain from going offtopic like that.12:43
bazhangad_, put it in the autojoin list12:43
ad_When i join ubuntu in XChat,only me in it.12:43
Picis3r3n1t7: But using the webchat.freenode.net right now.12:44
ikoniaad_: you have to join the network irc.freenode.net first12:44
s3r3n1t7Pici, i'm not following?12:44
lun4tichi somewhere in firefox is an ugly bug which makes google show me cherokee signs12:44
monaDeveloperI just installed playonlinux and installed IE12:44
lun4ticis there a workaround allready? i guess it must be a bug where the "chrome://..." in the settings is somehow abreviated to "chr"12:45
monaDeveloperbut the site I'm trying to access needs windows media player plugin12:45
ikoniamonaDeveloper: contact playonlinux support for what is supported and no-supported12:45
monaDeveloperalso silver light12:45
ikoniamonaDeveloper: that's not an ubuntu product, so they can answer best12:45
lun4ticok found a brute force workaround :D12:46
lun4ticsearched for "lang" in about:config and replaced the language settings that was "chrome://global/locale/intl.properties" with "de" :D12:46
tinuxinah, found it: Mar 21 10:27:21 BIGBOY kernel: [ 5392.063654] fitnesslandscap[6567]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000408c57 sp 00007fff9e0dee30 error 4 in fitnesslandscapelsgraph1[400000+10000]12:46
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, looks like a coding bug then?12:47
tinuxins3r3n1t7: sure does12:47
tinuxins3r3n1t7: just weird that i can run the experiments no problem, as long as it is not in the batch12:48
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, perhaps that a setting changes that affects it somehow?12:48
monaDeveloperikonia: Yes I understand thank you :)12:48
brandoneyIs Rhythmbox an ubuntu product?  Is there nobody using the web interface plugin?12:48
ikoniabrandoney: it's certainly an ubuntu package12:49
tinuxins3r3n1t7: could anything be building up from outputting lots of data to different files (in my bash script that is)?12:49
ad_elFidel: thanks...i join this channel through XChat....12:49
elFidelad_: please join #xchat OR even better read the FAQ link o forwarded to you12:49
=== Abhijit is now known as Guest69404
ad_ikonia: ...thank you all the same..12:50
elFidelboth ways should easily answer your question12:50
tinuxins3r3n1t7: or could there be a problem calling the same binary from two different threads?12:50
ad_my name is raroto...i change my name now.12:51
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, i don't see a problem as long as it accounts for thread safety (i.e. doesn't write to the same file at the same time)12:51
elFidelbrandoney: its a gnome focused app - which doesnt mean its ubuntu/canonical or similar12:51
ikoniapankaj_sharma: ?12:51
ajahgrub2 complains for missing file, syntax error , [  Linux-bzImage , setup = , size= ] , any help12:52
tinuxins3r3n1t7: it shouldn't be, guess I'll tripple check the code, thanks for your help!12:52
ikoniaajah: what happened to break grub2 ?12:52
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, you're welcome. Have you tried running it in a single mode batch, so it only runs 1 experiment at a time, all after each other?12:53
ajahikonia, i recently delete one partition ntfs than i update-grub to update the menu and since then shows me this12:53
ikoniaajah: is this a wubi install ?12:53
ajahikonia, no12:53
ikoniaajah: shouldn't cause an issue then, but if you follow the link ubottu will give you in a second, it will tell you how to re-apply grub212:54
ikonia!grub2 | ajah12:54
ubottuajah: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:54
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ZanozkHello, I'm in abit of a bind with a developer leaving me stranded with a nearly finished project..12:56
brandoneyelFidel:  Thanks, I was just trying to get someone to try to configure the plugin to duplicate the problem.12:56
ZanozkI've SSH'd into the webserver he setup in a desperate attempt to get the last bit done, but I'm having some issues due to lack of base understanding of Linux..12:57
elFidelbrandoney: isnt there a project-related irc channel?12:57
jribZanozk: we prefer it when you just get to the point and ask the question :)12:57
ajahikonia, can u tell me [  Linux-bzImage , setup = , size= ] the size in this is in hex but in what mesure units refers12:57
ZanozkI've managed to login as root, but there are actions I need to do where I need to login as www-data, I do not have the password for this user though.12:57
ZanozkI assume I can get it somehow while logged in as root (sorry for the wall of text(12:57
brandoneyI didn't see  one, but I have been on comptuer all night.12:58
jribZanozk: is this ubuntu?  Ubuntu doesn't have a password for the root account by default12:58
ZanozkI have the root password, and have logged in as root.12:58
ZanozkIt's the www-data account I need to login to though12:58
elFidelbrandoney: http://projects.gnome.org/rhythmbox/developers.html -> seems like channel is in the gnome irc network12:58
jribZanozk: that wasn't my question12:58
ZanozkIt is Ubuntu.12:58
ikoniaajah: don't worry about that, it will go away if you re-apply grub12:58
jribZanozk: you can use "su - www-12:59
jribZanozk: you can use "su - www-data" to login as www-data12:59
ZanozkAh, I thought it was that easy. Thank you.12:59
ajinhello every one,good evening13:00
Adkq093lkhi everyone i need help backing up a flash video, i fully streamed it and used "cp /proc/"plugincontainer pid"/fd/"numberoffile"  /home/"myuser" but when i go in the copy folder nautilus wont show it up, i know its there only if i use ls from cli, is there any way to make nautilus show it? (its not a hidden file i guess there is no dot)13:01
jribAdkq093lk: press "reload/refresh" in nautilus13:02
brandoneyah, thanks.  I don't even know if I'm spelling rhythm correctly half the time.  And BTW, Justin Beiber really is playing on repeat in the next room, all night so I'm pretty frazzled.  Thanks again.13:02
Adkq093lkjrib: lol is this a bug? i completely reopened the window (closed actual and gone back) and it wasnt there, thank you fixed it13:02
jribAdkq093lk: I'd call it a bug as it's not behavior I'd like for any reason...13:03
Adkq093lkjrib: pretty odd tho, till last week it used to work, thanks again anyways, i would have lost it (i accidentally removed a vid of mines from HDD lol)13:04
jukenDoes anyone know of a way to check if an mp3 is DRM'd? Either CLI or GUI is fine.13:05
teddymillscat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr   < --why is file descriptors alwayz zero ? is that okay ?13:05
Dallxari can't log in  i receive   Error  : failed to connect to the server . please log in again13:06
tinuxins3r3n1t7: I did a long time ago, when I didn't have so many experiments, now I've got 18 hours of cpu time in those experiments, so makes sense splitting them up. I will investigate whether the parallel thing is the problem though!13:06
Dallxarcan any one help ??13:06
s3r3n1t7tinuxin, it would be a test ofcourse, to see if parallel is the problem indeed. Also, i assume it has it's own program that you're calling multiple times from a script? Then perhaps monitor the exit codes?13:07
dinzyi lost ubuntu off topic channel code..grrr13:07
sky_hello .i want to ask why my function fd=open("/dev/viedo0",R_ONLY);  always return -1???13:07
dinzyis that right?13:07
tinuxins3r3n1t7:  yep, that's the setup, I'll try and log what's going on!13:07
[TK]D-FenderDallxar: Please provide more complete details for your problem13:07
sky_is there anyone who can help me ???~?13:08
dinzycode -> /join #ubuntu offtopic13:08
dinzywhat help? sky_13:08
sipiorsky_: "video", not "viedo"13:08
NET||abusehey there guys. anyonek now where the hamster project folks chat?13:09
ajindinzy: what does "lol" mean? COZ i heard a lot of people saying so13:10
sky_hello .i want to ask why my function fd=open("/dev/viedo0",R_ONLY);  always return -1???13:10
[TK]D-Fenderajin: "Laugh Out Loud"13:10
[TK]D-Fendersky_: [09:08]<sipior>sky_: "video", not "viedo"13:11
sky_no````i know that13:11
Dallxari just installed the client from your site and i opened the LASTCO LAUNCHER  (short cut)  and i registered and i loged in then this msg appear Error : failed to connect to the server .please log in again.13:11
sky_but still not work13:11
sipiorsky_: no point in asking the question if you're not going to read the responses.13:11
ajinthank u13:11
tsimpsonsky_: in what language? and are you sure the file exists?13:11
dinzyHey Sipior!:)13:11
[TK]D-FenderDallxar: What client?  frrom what site?  To connect to what kind of server?13:12
sky_/dev/video0 : could not set the channel13:12
sky_i use qt to write a program13:12
sky_this is the message from it13:12
[TK]D-Fendersky_: That is also a completely different error.  Nice of you to finally share that new bit withut13:12
[TK]D-Fenderwith us*13:12
Dallxarhttp://lastco.net/index.php?categoryid=10    this site13:12
tsimpsonsky_: first, if you're using Qt, use QFile, second Qt support is in #qt13:12
sky_no body can help me ?~~~13:14
tsimpsonsky_: ask in #qt13:14
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
Dallxari'm trying to log in to lastco server13:15
NET||abusehmm, can't add text description to activity while in hamster quick tracking switcher dialog, how annoying.13:16
sky_sky_: in what language? and are you sure the file exists?                         c++                and i have ensure it13:16
dinzyPls give me the code for loggin into Ubuntu off topic server13:16
[TK]D-FenderDallxar: You should probably be asking in their own support channel if they even have one13:16
Picidinzy: /join #ubuntu-offtopic13:16
[TK]D-FenderDallxar: that doesn't appear to be an Ubuntu supplied program and is an ".exe" from their own download page....13:16
sipiorsky_: look, this isn't a programming channel. we're happy to help if it's some obvious syntax error, but we're not going to debug code for you.13:17
Dallxarokay thanks13:17
dinzythnx PIcasso13:17
sipiorsky_: you might try asking the folks who wrote the toolkit you're using.13:17
Sidewinder1Hi Blue13:21
egoleohello how can i disable passwd for root using sshkeys13:22
egoleoi mean how can i use only ssh keys13:23
sipioregoleo: ensure that PasswordAuthentication is set to "no" in sshd_config.13:24
sipioregoleo: you'll want to make sure that rsa key login is working before making that change :-)13:25
pankaj_sharmapasswd -l root13:25
egoleobut that line is even commented13:25
egoleoand all seems ok13:25
sipioregoleo: the default is "yes".13:25
sipioregoleo: you need to uncomment and change the line.13:26
egoleoto no13:26
egoleonow it says the key is wrong13:26
egoleoi guess is a good sign13:27
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
laserbledHi...while building a kernel is it necessary to do it from /usr/src.....or can I built it from any location ?13:29
Acsanyone know of a good ocr app for ubuntu?13:29
sipiorlaserbled: in fact, it's generally considered good practise to build the kernel in your home directory.13:29
tgywawhere is my swap file ... I don't have a partion devoted to it13:30
sipiorlaserbled: you should only require superuser privileges for the actual installation of the kernel.13:30
ajinif u have enough physical memory, the kernel won't use swap at all13:31
telaserbled: I agree, because if you do it at the office, you'll be interrupted by troublesome work related issues.13:31
laserbledsipior, but...the kernel 2.6.68 goes to over 2 gb while building and it stops since its run out of space....my home doesnt have much space left....so it will work if i built it outside rite..or is there any way that I could reduce the built size ?13:31
v_v2.6.68 ?!13:32
v_vwhat ?13:32
sipiorlaserbled: doesn't *have* to be $HOME, of course, if you've another convenient spot. or just make a symbolic link to the build directory.13:32
v_va big surprise13:33
laserbledsipior , I was in doubt wether the smlink will work...no that helped a lot :)13:33
=== jonta__ is now known as jonta
xarinatanI'm having trouble setting up an SVN server, it seems to be installed fine and svnadmin commands work, but the webdav is giving me trouble, can anyone help me out?13:33
philinuxtgywa: See this > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq13:33
teAcs: See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OCR13:33
sipiorlaserbled: you'll generally want to keep /usr/src for kernel sources shipped by your operating system vendor, since your C library is built against that version.13:34
bullgard4man sqlite3: 'sqlite> .dump ?TABLE? /home/detlef/.config/banshee-1/banshee.db; Error: unknown command or invalid arguments:  "dump". Enter ".help" for help'.' --   Whats wrong in this syntax?13:34
=== fernando is now known as Guest78575
Travis-42some of the help.ubuntu.com documentation refers to a command called vol_id, but I can't find this command. which package do I need to install?13:34
bullgard4Travis-42: packages.ubuntu.com can help you.13:35
DJonesTravis-42: have you got a link to the page you're looking at so we can see what the package is in reference to13:36
Travis-42bullgard4, I can't find it on there13:36
Travis-42DJones, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingUUID13:36
tsimpsonprobably blkid13:36
Travis-42tsimpson, blkid exists, but it's a different command and I'd like to be able to use the vol_id version13:36
PiciTravis-42: It likely doesn't exist, that page says that it doesn't exist in karmic, and I'd bet no later versions as well.13:37
Travis-42ok thanks Pici13:37
xarinatanI'm having trouble setting up an SVN server, it seems to be installed fine and svnadmin commands work, but the webdav is giving me trouble, can anyone help me out?13:38
tsimpsonTravis-42: vol_id just printed the UUID="..." part of what blkid prints anyway13:38
Travis-42ok then maybe someone can help with this. I just have a blank drive that shows up as /dev/sdf (or some other letter depending on boot), but doesn't show up in /dev/disk/by-id -- is there some other way I can refer to it by something that doesn't change?13:39
ajinwhen i uninstalled evolution, the gnome panel disappeared. can anyone help me out?13:39
teTravis-42: Make an entry in  fstab for it.13:40
Travis-42te: using what?13:40
teTravis-42: Create a mount point and a corresponding fstab entry.13:40
brandoneyI always assumed gnomes would be surly, but jeez.  Can anyone help me out with Rythmbox by testing a plugin for web interface?13:40
Gulfstreamhow do I defragment my hard drive in Ubuntu?13:41
aeiofuuuuuu!anybody | ajin13:41
ubottuajin: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:41
Travis-42te: how do I find the ID to refer to it with?13:41
ni1sTravis-42, does the drive have a partition table(i.e /dev/sdf has /dev/sdf1 etc.)?13:41
sipiorGulfstream: it's generally not necessary with modern filesystems, unless the volume is very full.13:41
aeiofuuuuuu"Leave message" in lock screen is not working. What can be the cause?13:41
sipiorGulfstream: you're sure you have a problem with fragmentation?13:41
teTravis-42:  But it depends on  what you intend to do with the drive. If it is not going to stay plugged in all the time, that may not be the best alternative.13:42
Travis-42nils, no it does not have a partition table. it's effectively blank. But I have a different drive that also has no partition table, but shows up in by-id13:42
Gulfstreamsipior: I think so, the system is slow.13:42
gonzo38how do I send a message to another user when I am connected to freenode and using empathy ?13:42
sipiorGulfstream: that's not very convincing evidence :-)13:42
ni1sTravis-42, ah! thats why youre not seeing it in /dev/disk/by*13:42
Fuchsgonzo38: you could use /msg or /query, but both is considered rude in IRC.13:42
Fuchsgonzo38: IRC is not meant for "instant messages"13:42
ajinfine, sorry ,i'll figure it out myself.13:42
teTravis-42: Well, you first need to partition and format13:43
Gulfstreamsipior: is there any way to make the system go faster?13:43
aeiofuuuuuu!irc | gonzo3813:43
ubottugonzo38: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:43
Travis-42te: that would erase the encrypted data on the drive13:43
sipiorGulfstream: i would check memory first, with "free". is your cpu pegged as well?13:43
gonzo38fuchs: sure. let's say, it's a friend of mine, and I only want to ping him13:43
teTravis-42: Well, if there is data on the drive, It has already been partitioned and formatted.13:43
Fuchsgonzo38: connect to freenode and use /msg or /query.13:43
aeiofuuuuuuok I disabled notify OSD thats why "leave message" doesnt work in lock screen13:44
teTravis-42: ... but you just said it was blank...?13:44
Fuchsgonzo38: but I really recommend doing this via services meant for that, e.g. jabber, icq, msn or similar.13:44
Travis-42te: no, the whole drive is encrypted. no visible partition unless I mount it in truecrypt. so it's effectively blank to linux13:44
ankersanyone know why my audio doesnt work on my laptop? im on ubuntu netbook using fluxbox i go into alsa mixa all turned up all the way, go into pulse audio play a song and it shows noise is going threw but not coming out the speakers?13:44
Gulfstreamsipior: how do I check that?13:44
gonzo38fuchs: That's my concern, /msg returns "unknown command"13:44
Fuchsgonzo38: it should not. Try /query or even /notice13:44
Travis-42nils -- is there any way to refer to it with some sort of static identifier without a partition table? strangely I do have another similar drive that shows up in by-id13:44
gonzo38fuchs: /query, same fate13:45
Fuchsgonzo38: they take the nickname and the message as arguments,  e.g. /msg nickname message,  /notice nickname message   or /query nickname13:45
teTravis-42: You said it was blank and had no partition table.... oh well, never mind.13:45
Fuchsgonzo38: then get a real IRC client instead. The link from ubottu lists a few.13:45
brandoneyactually direct messages is exactly what irc is meant for, that is why the DCC protocol.13:45
sipiorGulfstream: there's a system monitor utility shipped with the gnome desktop. figure out which process(es) are consuming memory/cpu cycles.13:45
Travis-42te: i said effectively blank and it has no partition table that can be recognized by fstab13:45
gonzo38fuchs: hence my question .. how to do that (or can I do that) with empathy13:46
Gulfstreamsipior: I found the System Monitor, now what do I need to find?13:46
sipiorGulfstream: there's a cpu and memory usage indicator.13:46
ankerscan someone help me get sound on my laptop :(13:46
sipiorGulfstream: also, *is* your disk nearly full?13:46
ni1sTravis-42, well,  not really sure i understand what you're doing here13:46
brandoneyI dont know.  You could ask in a different channel.13:47
Gulfstreamsipior: not really... I have a lot of space left, so it might be my slow CPU.13:47
Travis-42nils -- I have an encrypted drive that I need a script to be able to refer to, but I'm having trouble finding a way to refer to one of two drives because /dev/sdx changes at every boot. Until the drive is mounted by the encryption software, it looks like a blank drive with no partition table.13:48
aeiofuuuuuuhow to search in nano?13:49
jukankers: it's useless saying this, no one here is santa claus, post some output of your research on your laptop13:50
v_vsanta claus ..13:50
xarinatanaeiofuuuuuu: ctrl+w (where is)13:51
jamesgeckoaeiofuuuuuu, The shortcuts are at the bottom of the screen. ;-)13:51
laserbledhi...there is a folder home/.local/share/tracker which gets created everytime i reboot...i assume it is some indexing info...how can I stop this...i has some 1 gb+ size always13:52
BluesKajaeiofuuuuuu, use the arrow keys13:52
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aeiofuuuuuuis there a way to go the a line number in nano13:53
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: a easy way, give up nano. pick up vim13:54
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: )13:54
randomuserlaserbeam, quit downloading torrents?13:54
jamesgeckoaeiofuuuuuu, Dunno, but you can check what like you're on by using Ctrl-C13:54
BluesKajaeiofuuuuuu, look thr options at bottom13:54
aeiofuuuuuuv_v: vim is more complicated13:54
randomuserlaserbeam, sorry, tab fail13:54
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: vim is simple13:54
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: believe me13:54
laserbeamhihi... ok13:54
obscurant1sthow can i zoom into a specific part in my current desktop, is there any possible combinations with the mouse scroll, coz now when i scroll using the mouse, the whole desktop is zooming centered to the mouse pointer. Some key is stuck, but dont know which one, pls help!13:55
aeiofuuuuuuyeah v_v it uses colors :p13:55
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: 10min you will get used to vim13:55
=== Gurty` is now known as Gurty
jamesgeckoaeiofuuuuuu, Ctrl+_13:55
jamesgeckoaeiofuuuuuu, Ctrl+G pulls up the manual.13:55
jukaeiofuuuuuu: he is right, ctrl+_ in nano in vim you do :line or vi file +line13:55
pcperiniok, so call me really really dumb, but i accidentally ran "chmod 777 -R /etc" (meaning to run it on a folder in /etc). the repercussions have been pretty wide reaching, not the least of which being that i can't sudo anymore. is there anyway to fix this without reinstalling the entire OS?13:56
s3r3n1t7pcperini, short answer: no13:56
sipiorpcperini: vastly quicker to reinstall, i'm afraid.13:56
jamesgeckov_v, I wouldn't wish vim on anyone who was having trouble with nano. :)13:56
sipiorpcperini: or restore from backups, of course.13:56
s3r3n1t7pcperini, long answer: you could in theory reset all permissions by hand again, which would take a LOT more time then a reinstall.13:56
pcperinis3r3n1t7, sipior: fair… though it seems just a touch ridiculous that the operating system would be so fragile...13:57
aeiofuuuuuuctrl+z to the rescue13:57
pwuertzhi, I'm having trouble starting applications from my home directory after a update/restart today... trying to execute binaries just displays a "Permission denied" error13:57
sipiorpcperini: if you don't know what you're doing, leave superuser privileges alone :-)13:57
v_vpwuertz: any details ?13:57
s3r3n1t7pcperini, there is nothing fragile about it13:58
v_vjasonjang: good luck ~13:58
pwuertzv_v, what kind of details do you need?13:58
pwuertzv_v, the executable flag is set13:58
v_vpwuertz: what's your app, and what's the basic attributes like lh -l ?13:59
s3r3n1t7pwuertz, what kind of permissions are set on the file? are you the owner?13:59
jamesgeckopcperini, many things break when you smash them with a hammer, unfortunately.13:59
pcperinisipior: i did/do know what i'm doing. i just had the misfortune of missing a few characters worth of subdirectory in the command. something that small, i feel, shouldn't render my system that crippled13:59
pcperinijamesgecko: true enough...13:59
aeiofuuuuuuI can't even quit vim14:00
s3r3n1t7aeiofuuuuuu, escape :q!14:00
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: :-P14:00
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: ZZ14:00
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: shift + ZZ14:00
jukaeiofuuuuuu: powerdown14:01
pwuertzs3r3n1t7, v_v, I'm the owner, the executable flag is set.. binaries are downloaded (eclipse or blender for example).. or own compiled applications.. they all refuse to start because "permission denied"14:01
jamesgeckoaeiofuuuuuu, Press 'i' to get into edit mode. Press escape to leave edit mode. Type ':wq' outside of edit mode to save and quit. ':!q' to quit without saving.14:01
sipiorpcperini: well, you're not the first to make such a mistake. consider it a lesson learned: triple-check everything prefixed by "sudo", or a root prompt. turns out most operating systems are pretty easy to cripple.14:01
pwuertzs3r3n1t7, v_v, is this some kind of new ubuntu security feature?14:01
s3r3n1t7pcperini, if a surgeon misses your lung and accidentily removes a piece of your heart, you will die, despite the difference being so so small.14:01
s3r3n1t7pwuertz, i don't have any issues with it, hence i'm suspecting something with just your system.14:01
pcperiniyeah… reasonable. unfortunate, but reasonable. thanks guys14:01
pwuertzs3r3n1t7, hmm.. calling mount says: /dev/sda5 on /home type ext3 (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,user_xattr,commit=0)14:02
ptlisIf a source package is installed via "apt-get source pkgname" where is the source installed to? I assumed it would be /usr/src or /usr/local/src but this is apparently not the case14:02
pwuertzs3r3n1t7, is "noexec" the reason?14:02
ruanwhat is the fastest way to change the default port of a ssh server?14:02
s3r3n1t7pwuertz, that'd be my guess. Why, i have no clue though.14:02
v_vpwuertz: if you want to be professional, you can run you app with strace14:03
ruanconfig files of openssh server?14:03
Pumpkin-ruan: change Port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and reload sshd14:03
ruanPumpkin-: thanks, needed path14:03
obiwan__hi please, id like to know some way to make a thumb drive bootable. i _dont_ want any distro or anything installed. just make it bootable. is there some easy way to do this in linux? i tried with mbr.bin froms yslinux and then syslinux /dev/(myusbpartition) but it didnt work14:03
MarconMi can to install ubuntu minimal without internet14:04
=== KolakCC|skewl is now known as KolakCC
aeiofuuuuuuruan: sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config       and then change port and save14:04
obiwan__theres one hp app that works in windows, but id like to know if theres some alternative as i dont want to install win just for that14:04
aeiofuuuuuuruan: then sudo service ssh restart14:05
pwuertzs3r3n1t7, v_v, ok, its probably the noexec flag, seems that it was set by upgrading "dropbox"... guess I should blame them ^^14:05
AndrewMac hi guys, ive been foolish and destroyed my python on an ubuntu 9.04 server image, i believe at some stage i manually deleted the files and then tried to reinstall it with apt by forcing it, now unfortunately anything i install seems to fail, (eg: http://pastie.org/private/jwuhc5fwdlpotcqbisdkg ), even if i try --fix-missing it  i still cant get any additional libs/modules installed (like python-scapy) -- anyone got any ideas?14:05
BluesKaj!pt | MarconM14:05
ubottuMarconM: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:05
ruanok thanks. my openssh server was refusing connections14:05
ruanchecking if a forwarded port works14:05
orudiewhile ubuntu server installation I get the following red screen "unable to set password for the mysql root user" , any idea  ?14:06
MarconMBluesKaj, what ?14:06
aeiofuuuuuuruan: check the router or iptables14:06
BluesKaj!minimal | MarconM14:06
ubottuMarconM: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:06
ruanhmm. it does nothing14:06
aeiofuuuuuuruan: what14:07
ruanit doent say refused connection now14:07
ruanthe windows client14:07
ruanit doesnt connect tho14:07
elfrannehow do i create a shortcut on the desktop like the bookmarks for a sftp ?14:07
aeiofuuuuuuruan: did you restart the SSH server?14:07
MarconMBluesKaj, yes man i know ... but i want to install just the system ok ... can i to make this without connection14:07
ruanconnection timed out14:07
ruanyes i did14:07
aeiofuuuuuuruan: are you connecting over the internet or lan?14:07
ankerscan someone help me get sound??14:08
ruansame wireless server14:08
=== mike is now known as Guest41289
aeiofuuuuuuruan: you need to port forward14:08
ruani did14:08
ruanport is open14:08
aeiofuuuuuuruan: open the tcp for the new  port14:08
ruanno refused connections, but it times out now14:08
BluesKaj!cd |MarconM14:08
aeiofuuuuuuruan: maybe windows is not allowing connections to the ssh server?14:08
ruanwhy would it refuse on a port that isnt forwarded and time out on a forwarded port?14:09
aeiofuuuuuuor ubuntu is using iptables and blocki connections14:09
v_vruan: make sure your sshd is listening on the port you want with  a 'netstat -antl'14:09
v_vruan: execute that cmd on the server14:09
ruanit is listening14:09
aeiofuuuuuunice command v_v14:09
=== mike_ is now known as Guest35949
v_vruan: and try ssh to localhost:that-port on the server14:10
v_vaeiofuuuuuu: thanks14:10
aeiofuuuuuuruan: install nmap and do nmap localhost -p PORT14:10
ruanit works14:10
ruani mean14:10
ruanlocalhost connects fine14:10
ruanrefuses on any other ports as well14:11
v_vruan: what's the problem now ?14:11
ruanit still times out on the client14:11
BluesKajMarconM, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto14:11
v_vruan: where is the client14:11
ankersno one wants to help me get sound? :( i neeeeed musicccc14:11
ruanv_v: right next to the server, on the same network14:11
aeiofuuuuuuv_v: btw i prefer netstat -plantu14:11
v_vruan:  same LAN ?14:11
ruansame lan yes14:11
ruanbut its connecting from the internet14:12
aeiofuuuuuuruan: port is not opened to the internetz14:12
ruanhow would i open it? its forwarded for sure14:12
ruanand i dont have ufw running14:12
aeiofuuuuuuwindows firewall14:12
ruanwindows firewall? hmmmmm14:12
v_vruan: ok, do you mean you have a router connecting to that server, and your client is trying to connect to you router14:13
aeiofuuuuuuruan: are you using putty to connect ?14:13
ruanmy client is on the router, sharing connection14:13
ruanim using openssh on windows14:13
ruanclient is attempting to connect to server14:13
ruanthrough internet.14:14
aeiofuuuuuuruan: external IP is correct?14:14
obiwan__please any simple way to make a usb bootable? and no, im not trying to install any live partition, just make a drive bootable. thanks14:14
v_vruan: whats' the ip of your server and your window, it's ok, they are LAN ip, don't worry about the secure14:14
ruanthey're not LAN ips14:14
ruaninternet ips14:14
=== RobotCow is now known as MuayThai
aeiofuuuuuuobiwan__: live usb or persistent?14:14
obiwan__no live14:14
obiwan__just make it bootable14:14
samlhow can I make rhythmbox to use alsa?14:14
v_vruan: you said LAN, and now, internet ?14:14
ruanv_v: they share the connection14:14
ruanthats as far as lan goes14:14
aeiofuuuuuuobiwan__: system > admin > startup disk creator14:14
samli set up equalizer for alsa .. so mplayer sounds good but not rhythmbox14:14
ruanim in need of an internet ssh though14:15
obiwan__that asks me an iso14:15
obiwan__i dont want any iso14:15
aeiofuuuuuuobiwan__: unetbotin14:15
obiwan__i just want to install the code in the disk to make it bootable14:15
ruani dont think its windows firewall, because it can attempt on other ports14:15
ruanon the forwarded one it times out14:15
obiwan__just like the hp drive key boot utility does with any thumb drive . but its for win, im looking for somethjing simmilar in ubuntu14:16
v_vruan: that seems complicated now, we don't know how your server get connected on the internet, maybe there is firewalls between your client and the server14:16
alienr3bornjoin #python14:17
juk!syslinux | obiwan__:14:17
v_vruan: afaik, the windows firewall won't block a connection which is going out14:17
ruanmy ufw is disabled14:17
AbsalonHi! Anyone who can help me with an Ubuntu issue here? Trying to access my WD Sharespace so that it can be recognized by xbmc?14:17
ruanbesides, it refuses on all ports other than the forwarded one, which times out14:17
v_vobiwan__: syslinux is nice14:17
obiwan__juk: i tried syslinux but didnt work14:17
obiwan__after rebooting it states ' no os found'14:17
aeiofuuuuuuruan: sure it's not a DNS problem ? :p14:17
aeiofuuuuuuor r u using the IP14:18
jukobiwan__: you said you whant to just boot14:18
ruanaeiofuuuuuu: jsut the IP14:18
ruanmy ISP does the DNS work14:19
obiwan__im trying to run a program for my disk. and i need to boot from a usb to use it14:19
v_vobiwan__: usually, a program is ruuning on a OS. which OS do you need, linux or windows ?14:19
ruani know for sure that it's my IP because its my forwarded port that does something unique14:20
jukobiwan__: do you want to flash your bios?14:20
obiwan__thats the problem v_v im not suppoed to run any os14:20
Christoph_vWwhen I install 11.04 alpha 3 now - can I just update to the release later?14:20
v_vruan: can your client visit any port of your server ?14:20
obiwan__that program should be copied to the drive and then make it bootable14:20
obiwan__but its an exe14:20
aeiofuuuuuuruan: http://canyouseeme.org/14:21
xanguaChristoph_vW: yes, for natty support #ubuntu+114:21
aeiofuuuuuuruan: if you just changed port in sshd_config it should work..14:21
v_vobiwan__: if that exe file is an win32 PE, you need "Windows", or "DOS"14:21
obiwan__oh that must be v_v , i need dos14:23
obiwan__thanks a lot14:23
AbsalonNeed some help ppl! :)14:23
obiwan__im restarting now to install dos see ya14:23
v_vobiwan__: np, it's easy to get dos installed and be bootable on an usb stick14:24
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ruanit says connection refused on canyouseeme.com14:25
=== hugo_ is now known as Neddio
ruanin fact, it refuses on all ports.14:26
ruantherefore the site is incorrect14:27
ruanbecause i port forwarded 41114:27
ruanand connecting to 411 times out14:27
coz_ruan,  I am not getting timed out here with that link :(14:28
ruani dont get timed out either14:29
ruani get connection refused on _all_ ports14:29
coz_ruan,  however it does say that   canyouseeme.com is for sale14:29
coz_ruan,  oh!!14:29
ruanits canyouseeme.org14:29
AbsalonNeed some help connecting to my WD sharespace in Ubuntu, anyone?14:29
coz_ruan,  right  it says its for sale14:29
Taevhey I've got a question, I'm running a web server off my ubuntu box, now i know this isn't technically an ubuntu question as it is an apache question, but sometimes when i view a particular page several times, it ll view, view, then Error 503 Forbidden14:29
Taevcan anyone explain that?14:29
ruanhttp://canyouseeme.org/ not for sale14:30
coz_ruan,  now it does not say that?  I am confused :)14:30
v_vTaev: interesting, check your apache logs14:30
ruananyway, i've port forwarded 411 for UDP and TCP14:30
ruanand it times out14:30
Taevaccess or error log?14:31
v_vTaev: error14:31
ruani can ping the address14:31
coz_ruan,  I can tell you I am the last person to deal with network stuff,, however if no one here can help try the ##Linux channel,,,make sure you name is registered first14:31
Taev[Mon Mar 21 10:28:23 2011] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /var/www/mediawiki/index.php, referer: http://smokey.homelinux.net:8080/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page14:31
Taevgot a lot of that14:31
coz_Taev,  mm   whoa14:32
Taevi can look at a page 20 times, then all of a sudden it says 503 forbidden, then it works14:32
coz_Taev,  I am going to suggest the ##linux channel as well if no one here asweres the issue14:32
ruanhmm i'll try my local address14:32
=== KolakCC is now known as KolakCC|bbl
Taevsee I just brought up the page in 3 different browsers and it worked fine each time14:33
Taevi also had several people outside my network hit it, and it displayed fine14:33
ruanif i run ssh -p 411 it connects to itself14:33
ruanwait nevermind14:34
ruanit tries to connect with the local computer's name14:34
ruansuccessful ssh!14:34
stevecamWhere can I find packages for nvidia drivers?14:35
coz_stevecam,   under system/administration/ additional drivers14:35
juk!find nvidia-common14:35
ubottuFound: nvidia-common14:36
juk!find nvidia-current14:36
ubottuFound: nvidia-current-modaliases, nvidia-current, nvidia-current-dev14:36
coz_stevecam,  which card do you have?    lspci | grep -i vga14:36
ruan!info nvidia-current14:36
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 260.19.06-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 25690 kB, installed size 76364 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)14:36
stevecami have the FX14:36
jukruan: ;)14:37
ruanhad to use ssh to do file operations while someone else is using the computer14:38
lil_petehey guys i got a running 10.04 system that acts strangely when unplugging + replugging devices (they wont work / be recognized any more)... is there anybody who can look at that issue (maybe some udev-experts) ? :)14:39
juklil_pete: pastebin dmesg14:41
johnernautHi everyone, are there known issues with the top status bar of 10.10?  Like icons overlapping and stuff?14:41
lil_petejuk: one moment, please... gotta get the file from the (tablet) computer first...14:41
copawhy is this pastebin and why it is used14:41
juklil_pete: take your time...14:42
copawhat is there ti paste14:42
copais something like git,svn etc14:42
DJones!pastebin | copa14:42
ubottucopa: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:42
copait is cool14:42
lil_peteand handy if you try to paste several dozens of lines in irc ;)14:43
johnernautanyone else experience icons overlapping in the top right status bar for no reason?14:44
leowcjhi all14:44
copaall is needed is to sign up pop and thats it right14:45
Dynamicisthi guys.  what's the simplest way to set up a flash/flex IDE?14:45
copause eclipse pliugin14:46
copafor flex14:46
copait will be the easiest i guess14:46
johnernauti wish itunes supported ubuntu >.<14:46
stevecamcoz_, ahh, i also see other packages with nvidia-123, i should of just search nvidia in the first place14:47
Note-bookmy KDE screensaver wont start :(14:47
monotuxjohnernaut: you should try amarok or the gnome copy :)14:47
johnernautI know, they work fine.  I just prefer itunes :/14:47
Dynamicistcopa, it's really that simple?  damn.  i must've misread something and needlessly gave myself a headache14:47
coz_stevecam,  mm did you see the nvidia-current driver t here?14:48
stevecamcoz_, yes, but i am installing nvidia-173, i have a geforce FX 520014:48
ZetashiftWere do I get the drivers for my ALC880(atm I have no sound at all), I find the wiki quite confusing, do I need to download ALSA or a seperate driver from Realtek?14:49
copadynamicist i have fried my brains with git so pastebin is easy even i am trying it for the first tiem14:49
coz_stephaaan,  ah ok,,, that driver should be fine.. i dont recall any real major issues with it14:49
monotuxjohnernaut: it took me quite some time to feel comfortable with itunes after using amarok for a long time, altho iTunes grows a bit on you14:49
lil_petejuk: dmesg is flooded with useless messages from crappy ethernet-drivers... gotta reboot to get a "clean" dmesg... im on it. :)14:50
stevecami am now going to reboot14:50
juklil_pete: ugh14:50
johnernautmonotux: yeah it does14:50
johnernautHey guys, what do you think is the most light-weight yet well-documented distro of linux?  I like Ubuntu but it seems a bit bloated and 'windows-ish.'14:51
monotuxesp since they made those vertical scroll-lists default, I think they're awesome14:51
johnernautI've heard good things about opensuse14:51
monotuxgah, don't talk about itunes and then about 'bloated' distros :p14:51
Silivrenionhi, I installed mailutils, and tried sending an email to my gmail account, and got an error that sending to remote domains isn't allowed. how can I send to remote domains from the terminal?14:51
johnernautLOL, yeah i know right14:51
monotuxI use Arch Linux, it has some good forums and a great wiki14:51
johnernautbasically I only want to use linux for development, everything else I'm not worried about14:52
monotuxit's a bit more old school (which isn't always a good thing) than debian and it's siblings14:52
johnernautI see14:52
llutz!minimal | johnernaut use this to install just what you need14:52
ubottujohnernaut use this to install just what you need: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:52
johnernaut0.o cool beans14:52
monotuxI run it on my netbook and I'm really happy with it, ubuntu was a bit buggy with my wireless setup14:53
Note-bookmy KDE screensaver wont start despite the fact that I have ticked the AUTOMATICALLY start button14:53
johnernautubuntu has been a bit buggy on my regular laptop as well...14:53
johnernautnot sure why14:53
johnernautsome of the icons in the top right status bar merge together sometimes14:53
monotuxthat isn't ubuntu bugging, it's probably GNOME14:54
monotuxand most distros out there ship with GNOME14:54
=== mkaay_ is now known as mkaay
johnernautis there a gnome free version?14:54
johnernautwell, i guess not14:54
monotuxof what?14:54
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde14:54
lil_petejuk: sent you private message14:54
johnernautnot kubuntu lol14:54
monotuxkubuntu, xubuntu and I guess there's a version for fluxbox too14:55
zthtrying to use pulseaudio with cinelerra on ubuntu 10.04 (using esound driver and port 7007) crashes the program, is there any fix for this?14:55
johnernautmaybe I'm looking for something that's too old-school14:55
johnernautprobably the wrong path14:55
johnernautI do like ubuntu so far though14:55
llutzjohnernaut: probably you just don't know what you want14:55
johnernaut^ yes14:56
DrPoOHow do i add a directory to the system path?? (for every user) is it /etc/profile?14:56
johnernautProbably a fair statement considering I have macs, pc's, and now ubuntu.  Yet I'm not satisfied completely14:56
johnernautI have to use all 3 to get what I want14:56
shesekCan I get emacs to work in console by default, instead of adding the -nw parameters every time ?14:56
lil_peteDrPoO: edit /etc/bash.bashrc, add a line PATH= something (google) and another line export PATH14:56
tobisHi !14:57
coz_shesek,  you might want to ask in #emacs14:57
copahi all14:57
telil_pete: He's talking about a directory...14:57
DrPoOlil_pete, thnx... Once modified do i need to restart to activate it?14:57
tejohnernaut: What exactly are you wanting  to do?14:58
lil_peteyeah, he needs to run binaries in a dir doesnt he?14:58
monotuxshesek: why would you want to run emacs in the console? :/14:58
johnernautwell, i use the mac primarily for design and multimedia.  I use windows for .net development, and I'm looking at ubuntu primarily for cross-platform development14:58
lil_peteDrPoO: you need to re-start the bash, not the whole system14:58
teI dono.... maybe I'm not understanding properly.14:58
johnernautalthough cross-platform development is new to me14:59
johnernautit's also hard to beat visual studio's debugging capabilities14:59
johnernautalthough it's not the best IDE as a whole14:59
coz_johnernaut,  well it should be easily done with ubuntu... although  I would not use mac for multimedia,,, my opinion,, but a bit outdated14:59
lil_peteDrPoO: PATH=$PATH:/my/custom/dir14:59
lil_peteDrPoO: export PATH15:00
tobisI looking for someone who have some knowledge on scripting and rc process15:00
lil_peteDrPoO: that should do. :)15:00
DrPoOlil_pete, thnx15:00
johnernautI know there are tools like GIMP, etc for ubuntu.  I think I'm just too lazy to give up photoshop...15:00
coz_tobier,  you may get additional input on those in the ##linux channel as well15:00
coz_johnernaut,  that I understand :)15:00
monotuxjohnernaut: don't let anyone fool you into thinking that GIMP is anything near as good as photoshop. that's a outright lie.15:01
johnernauthah yeah that's what I hear15:01
coz_johnernaut,  however,,, as much as I love photoshop,,, I have found gimp to be just as reliable but then I have moved over to maily svg format15:01
lil_peteso... anybody who can  debug udev / usb-hotplugging?15:01
monotuxcoz_: ever tried to open a 16 bit image in gimp? ;)15:01
johnernautI'm hoping svg's will be the new png for the web15:01
coz_monotux,  no not yet :)15:01
coz_monotux,  going  to test now15:02
johnernaut*COMPUTER EXPLOADZ*15:02
shesekmonotux, I'm used to it... I don15:02
shesekmonotux, I'm used to it... I don't really like the graphical version15:02
monotuxever tried to make non-destructive editing with like curves/levels?15:02
shesekcoz_, will do, thanks15:02
johnernautWhat happens with curves/levels?15:02
monotuxshesek: don't fall into the "oh my terminal is soooo haxxy and cool", you miss out on a lot if you ditch the GUI emacs (:15:03
monotuxjohnernaut: do you use adjustment layers in photoshop?15:03
johnernautare they similar in gimp?15:03
monotuxlast time I checked they weren't even there15:04
Dannydcan i send issue the telnet command with username and password specified?15:04
monotux...in gimp15:04
johnernautbigger bummer15:04
coz_johnernaut,  there are plans for adjustment layers15:04
johnernauteven then, i'm sure it won't be close to the functionality of photoshops15:05
monotuxthere were plans for duke nukem forever too :)15:05
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sipiorDannyd: username yes, password no. you don't really want to use telnet, do you? It's not 1989...15:05
coz_johnernaut,   photoshop is the premiere photo editing application ... it can beinstalled via wine on ubuntu  not sure about cs5 though15:05
johnernautYeah, I think only cs3 is supported via wine right now, I may be wrong15:06
LordXe-gnuIn my /etc/network/interfaces file I've defined several static IP configs for my interfaces.  The one for eth1 contains this line "post-up ip addr add dev eth1" but afterward if I "ip -4 addr list dev eth1" the address is not listed (only the first address, specified using "address" is). If I run the command manually, it works. Any ideas?15:06
shesekmonotux, it seems like it has about the same functionality, doesn't it?15:06
Dannydbut i can only login into the ethernetswitch using telnet15:06
monotuxcoz_: yes, but using it in wine introduces a constant risk of having photoshop crash before you save your changes :)15:06
sipiorDannyd: fair enough :-)15:06
coz_monotux,  agreed15:06
sipiorDannyd: most of them have web access now; this an older model?15:07
johnernautnot only that but doesn't wine with most programs use up a huge amount of resources?15:07
Dynamicistthanks, copa15:07
monotuxshesek: try to use more than 8 colors (that can be fixed), try to resize your buffers, try to quickly view a pdf or a image in the console :)15:07
johnernautlike running a vm almost?15:07
Dannydim trying to script it using expect..but the interface is really tough to write something for?15:07
teLordXe-gnu: What exactly are you trying to do?15:07
LordXe-gnute, configure a 2nd IP address on eth115:07
DannydHow do i pass <tab> using expect?15:07
coz_constand pressure on Adobe may bet it ported which shouldnt be hard since it is already on mac15:07
monotuxshesek: those are things I use quite frequently (:15:08
johnernautI'm sure they will, especially as ubuntu grows15:08
teLordXe-gnu: Using an alias ?15:08
monotuxI've heard that talk since I began with linux, in 200315:08
LordXe-gnute, an alias?15:08
teLordXe-gnu: Yea, and alias. That sounds like what you really want. i.e. eth1.015:09
monotuxI think it's highly unlikely that the CS-suite will ever be introduced in linux (:15:09
johnernautThat's unfortunate15:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:09
LordXe-gnute, i.e. create a vlan interface with vlan id 0?15:09
mtlifeuntil linux has a userbase larger then 1% (or whatever it is now) of the market, it will never be ported15:10
nibbler_hi there. i'm getting crazy with this one. my laptop is in a specific state, harddisk-wise. no matter what i do, after a reboot its back to exactly this state. i install software using aptitude or synaptic, after reboot its gone. i touch/echo-into a file, validate it, sync it, reboot -> gone. i booted from cd, mounted the encrypted / and removed the "discard" option in fstab (ssd- specific, i suspected it to be responsible), synced, reboot - i15:10
nibbler_ts all back to old version. system works perfectly stable besides this, discs are all mounted rw15:10
johnernauti think the mac will slowly start to become the new windows15:10
teLordXe-gnu: What exactly are you trying to do?15:10
LordXe-gnute, just configure a secondary IP address on the interfaces, so that I can bind to whichever I need15:11
LordXe-gnute, the config works, just can't figure out why I can't make it get configured inside of /etc/network/interfaces15:11
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semitonesHey I'm trying to persuade my old P3 computer to boot from USB -- is ARMD-FDD the appropriate option to boot first?15:12
teLordXe-gnu: It would be something like this: sudo ifconfig eth0:0 up15:12
DrPoOhow do i prevent a program from starting at boot?15:12
LordXe-gnute, .. I want to add it to the config *file*. I can configure it on the command line just fine15:12
semitonesDrPoO, open system>preferences>startup programs and change the settings there :)15:12
s3r3n1t7LordXe-gnu, add it to /etc/network/interfaces ?15:12
DrPoOsemitones, how can I do that but from the command line?15:13
johnernautDoes anyone here do any C/C++ development in Ubuntu?15:13
teLordXe-gnu: Maybe if you show us your config file. i.e. pastebinit /etc/network/interfaces15:13
semitonesDrPoO, I don't know that, :/ sorry! someone else here might15:13
LordXe-gnus3r3n1t7, I did,  "post-up ip addr add dev eth1" <-- that command works fine if I enter it manually, howveer for some reason doesn't work here15:13
Fuchsjohnernaut: I recommend that you ask your question instead :)15:13
s3r3n1t7johnernaut, why not ask the real question and find out?15:13
s3r3n1t7LordXe-gnu, checked logs to see what error it gives?15:14
johnernautOk, what IDE would you recommend (aside from codeblocks)?15:14
LordXe-gnus3r3n1t7, no.. that's a good point. Need to figure out hiwhc log15:14
johnernautLet it be known that I'm coming from VS...15:14
LordXe-gnute, h/o installing pastebinit15:14
Fuchs!poll | johnernaut15:14
ubottujohnernaut: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:14
s3r3n1t7!ide | johnernaut15:15
ubottujohnernaut: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator15:15
johnernaut:o damn bot15:15
s3r3n1t7mind the language15:15
LordXe-gnute, http://slexy.org/view/s2BBhzMPvb15:15
sipiors3r3n1t7: enough with the sanctimony.15:15
Fuchsout of the ones named, eclipse, qt-creator and kdevelop would be suitable for C/C++, plus the text editors (emacs, vim, ...)15:16
LordXe-gnuhm, broadcast addr is very wrong.. need to fix that15:16
s3r3n1t7sipior, I'm not following?15:16
johnernautwell, specifically related to VS, I was just wondering which has the best (in your opinion) debugging capablities15:16
semitoneshow can i make my computer boot from USB? I'm in my bios now but which option?15:16
sipiors3r3n1t7: no doubt.15:16
johnernautobviously vim and emacs wouldn't fall under that category ( I don't think )15:16
Fuchsjohnernaut: eclipse, kdevelop and qt-creator have debug-possibilities, but it is up to you to decide which one is best15:17
LordXe-gnute, s3r3n1t7 it was my goofed up config before that line... duh. Should have caught that. Thanks guys15:17
mtlifejohnernaut: http://xkcd.com/378/15:17
s3r3n1t7LordXe-gnu, np15:17
johnernautmtlife: lol @ vim vs. emacs15:17
SirDysticbuen dia, a ver si me pueden ayudar, borre el Gestor de Red sin querer se puede volver a cargar?15:18
Fuchs!es | SirDystic15:18
ubottuSirDystic: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:18
johnernautAnd yes, I've actually been told 'real programmers use vim'15:18
mtlifereally, who uses vim anymore15:18
johnernautmostly web developers15:19
FuchsSirDystic: no problem15:19
mtlifeim a web developer and use eclipse15:19
s3r3n1t7mtlife, johnernaut would you mind to take the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic?15:19
Fuchsthat's why usually you don't discuss which application is "the best", since it leads to discussions or even flamewars. Please use the offtopic channel15:19
semitonesis it possible to make a cd that boots the computer from USB?15:20
Squarismcan you do updates with dpkg using the package file? the .deb file that is15:20
teLordXe-gnu: Looks liked the gateway address is wrong too. (Not within the subset)15:21
mtlifesemitones: search google for plop boot15:21
FuchsSquarism: you can use dpkg -i to install .deb files, but it is not recommended and it won't take care of any dependencies15:21
LordXe-gnute, yep. copy+paste fail :< haha15:21
semitonesmtlife, ty15:21
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SquarismFuchs, if i have one version installed.. will it "overwrite" that?15:22
FuchsSquarism: if the version is newer: yes, it will. Chances are as well that it doesn't detect that it is an already existing application and only overwrites the files,15:22
semitonesmtlife, hmm have you heard of "Ultimate boot cd"?15:22
Fuchsdepending on how the package has been built15:22
johnernautok serious question: I installed firefox 4 (release candidate), but it didn't overwrite firefox 3.  Any way to fix this?15:23
amin2511hi all , i'm havin a DVB-s card compro s500  i'm finding trobul  to make it work under ubuntu  any help please15:23
mtlifesemitones: heard of it, never used it, why?15:23
semitonesmtlife, it came up on the search15:23
pikkieArmChairWarrior: I am back and have backed up the data. there is nothing wrong with the server drives and mdadm utility reports that the raid1 is all ok. i need the server to boot by itself and not via a live cd. how do i do that? can you or anyone else help me to accomplish that15:23
semitonesand it looks like it uses plop15:23
nibbler_anyone heared of persistency problems running from an ssd (harddisk) in ubuntu? i am like in kiosk/sandbox mode :/15:23
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mtlifesemitones: i use plop boot manager15:23
Fuchsjohnernaut: use a better package15:23
Fuchsjohnernaut: or build your own15:23
s3r3n1t7 johnernaut, a beta shouldn't overwrite a RC. You can remove firefox 3 and symlink firefox to firefox 4?15:23
teLordXe-gnu: "post-up ip addr add dev eth1" confuses me. What is that supposed to do?15:24
johnernautAh ok15:24
LordXe-gnute, it just adds another IP to the interface. Basically what's happening here is that this box holds multiple IPs on the subnet, which are used for different (sets) of services.  I can determine which address is used for outbound connections using bind()15:25
LordXe-gnute, it's a rather eccentric and unusual setup I'm aware ;) It's a testbed for some networking software15:25
teLordXe-gnu: I've just never seen something like that  b415:26
pikkiehi all, can anyone help me to get the required files to the boot part so that ubuntu server can boot on its own and not via a llive cd?15:26
v_vruan: have you solved  your problem ?15:26
mtlifesemitones: and for system rescue operations (win or linux) i use systemrescuecd. (only used ultimate boot cd 4 windows once, to replace a motherboard and fix a blue screen error)15:27
tepikkie: You mean that grub needs to be re-configured / installed15:27
pikkiete: i think so?15:27
LordXe-gnute, you will probably see it a lot more used with ipv6 (assuming ISPs actually give us decent blocks of IPs.. I think they're *supposed* to give out /48 and /64's). You could do something like have an address for your outbound connections and run services like sshd on a different IP so that just connecting to someone doesn't give out enough info about you to expose your services15:27
pikkiecan you help me with that please15:27
tepikkie: You need to boot the cd15:28
tepikkie: And then mount the file system. Have you booted the CD yet?15:29
pikkiete: yes i did that and selected from the menu boot from the first hard disk. this is for ubuntu server15:29
tepikkie: What do you mean, "selected from the menu boot from the first hard disk"?15:30
pikkiete: how do i mount the filesystem? the server is running already.15:30
tepikkie: Well, maybe it already is mounted....15:30
pikkiete: it think so15:30
tepikkie: Need to find out where you are at on this.15:31
pikkiete: what do you need to know15:31
=== Chousuke_ is now known as Chousuke
tepikkie: see my pm15:32
pikkiete: the server is running but only when booted with a cd, i need it to run without the cd15:32
pikkiete: what does pm mean?15:32
foo-nix.join #codeigniter15:33
amin2511any ideas ,how to make a dvb-s compro 500s to work under ubuntu .or, if ,some1 could tell me  where can i get help15:33
foo-nixpardon me :)15:33
tepikkie: Never mind....15:33
tepikkie: What does fdisk -l say?15:33
tepikkie: (pastebinit)15:33
pikkiete: just a moment please, checking15:34
tepikkie: I was wanting to take to private channel.  PM = Private Message15:34
pikkiete: okay, yes please.15:34
GOMIi got 185 task running aren't that alot , because i dont know how much is normal for ubuntu15:35
tepikkie: are you on irssi?15:35
tepikkie: It will be next channel to the right.15:35
GOMIhow many tasks is normal to run on ubuntu ?15:36
v_vGOMI: that depends15:36
teGOMI: Define normal.15:36
cfeddeGOMI: that's a hard question to answer.  I've seen as few as 7 or 8 and as many as 100,00015:36
kevinSJIf I want to delete all .svn in a folder-structure how do I do? I tried ls -la | grep svn | rm -frv but didn't work15:36
kevinSJI want to delete all .svn-directories in a folder heirachy15:36
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
cfeddefind . -name .svn | xargs -t rm -r15:37
tepikkie: /join #pikkie15:37
kevinSJcfedde, Thanks a lot15:37
tepikkie: /join pikkie15:37
amin25111598 person and no 1 can help :-/ never mind15:37
v_vamin2511: what's up15:38
pikkiemte: i see you but you don't answer15:40
pikkiete: i am still here15:40
fabiosilvapreciso de ajuda.15:41
pawneed the last bit of help getting my broadcom to work. I have Peppermint, Ubuntu 10.10 and Vista installed. Peppermint live stick sees the broadcom wireless card, and It works. Wubi install of Ubuntu 10.04 could also see the broadcom. but.. installed Peppermint and installed Ubuntu 10.10 can not see that broadcom hardware. what can I do ?15:41
=== paw is now known as landingonwater
landingonwaterbroadcom trouble15:42
landingonwaternever ending It seems.15:42
landingonwaterI was thinking its related to some IRQ hickup ? But how do I fix It ?15:43
SITZplease help me15:45
jontapretty please15:45
SITZmy cd driver can't read any CD/DVD15:45
jontawith sugar on top15:45
jonta: )15:45
SITZwhat to do ?15:45
jontacould it be broken?15:45
SITZno, it works nice when I boot to windows15:45
SITZdoesn't read any video whenever I insert into it :(15:46
bahaahow to reinstall "apt-get autoremove" packages? (I've deleted half the system)15:46
icerootbahaa: packages which are deleted from "apt-get autoremove" are not important, its ok to delete them15:46
v_vbahaa: lol. what's up15:46
landingonwateranyone ever experienced hardware working on live USB or Wubi, but NOT on HD install ???15:47
icerootdf -h15:47
sipiorlandingonwater: check to see which kernel modules are loaded when booting from your usb stick. compare that with the normal install.15:47
BluesKajlandingonwater, what hardware?15:47
bahaaiceroot, v_v: it seems the system has missmarked important packages as inimportant and made me delete them15:47
icerootbahaa: no15:48
shaneois it safe to remove samba4 if i dont use it15:48
icerootbahaa: then you have used another command. apt-get autoremove is harmless15:48
BluesKajshaneo, yes15:48
shaneook thanks15:48
v_vbahaa: i understand, sometimes it's because of the deps of the packages. usually you needn't worry about them15:48
shaneoit must be corrupted or something its been giving me a hella time15:48
bahaaiceroot, I've reviewed the history it's autoremove15:49
An_Ony_MooseI want to set up a second session as the same user on my computer that I can then access via VNC. The problem is that I need it to run at a lower resolution and with some panel options changed so I can use it via a mobile device (VNC), while retaining my normal options in the main session and the configuration files. Is this possible?15:49
landingonwaterBluesKaj: ITs a broadcom wireless card. I thought I had a software problem, but... wubi install of Ubuntu 10.04 and Peppermint life USB could see the wireless internal card. HD install of Ubuntu 10.10 and Peppermint see nothing15:49
BluesKajshaneo, just regular samba should work15:49
bahaav_v, iceroot : I always use it but this time it's different15:49
icerootbahaa: trust me, autoremove is just removing packages, which came because of other packages, which are removed15:49
bahaav_v, iceroot : it has deleted totem, empathy, and many other programs :(15:49
icerootbahaa: then you deleted a package before which was pulling them15:50
landingonwaterBluesKaj: the Peppermint im running right now is a fresh install from USB. no updates. USB stick has wifi, HD install doesnt15:50
v_vbahaa: why not just get back whatever you what15:50
v_vte: how is it going with the pikkie ?15:50
juklil_pete: can hotplug without using hub?15:50
BluesKajlandingonwater, you mean network manager , right . Is there an icon in the panel ?15:50
dbmWhat distro should i take ubuntu or xubuntu or kubuntu for my pc CPU AMD Sempron 3000+ / Graphic NX6600 LE, 1GB of Ram15:51
bahaav_v: you've got a point of view but the problem I don't know the libs it deleted, dvds don't work any more :)15:51
shaneoare there any deps for samba415:51
v_vbahaa: apt-get install totem ?15:52
landingonwaterBluesKaj: It doesnt see the broadcom wireless card at all. so no software can help.15:52
BluesKajdbm, any ubuntu version should work fine with those specs15:52
bahaav_v, iceroot: should'nt be there a place where it logs what has been deleted?15:52
BluesKajlandingonwater, have you tried wicd ?15:52
icerootbahaa: /var/log/dpkg.log i guess15:52
BluesKaj!info wicd15:53
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-5 (maverick), package size 40 kB, installed size 88 kB15:53
landingonwaterBluesKaj: wicd ??15:53
bahaav_v, Segmentation fault :D15:53
bahaasorry for the happy faces15:53
landingonwaterBluesKaj: software is not the problem15:53
BluesKajlandingonwater, it's an alternative to the default NM for ubuntu15:53
sipiorshaneo: try "apt-cache rdepends samba4"15:54
v_vbahaa: ;->15:54
sipiorlandingonwater: establish which driver the usb live install is using to see the card.15:55
negevhi, i want to upgrade from 9.04 to 10.04 LTS but i can't find the docs, the docs i found are only for 8.04 or 9.1015:55
bahaav_v, iceroot : I've got a huge log would it be beneficial to post it?15:55
bahaanegev, you should upgrade to 9.10 first15:55
Flannelnegev: You can't upgrade directly from 9.04 to 10.04, you'll need to upgrade to 9.10 and then to 10.04.15:55
BluesKajlandingonwater, well a missing driver is definitely a software problem and how can you be so sure ?15:56
bahaanegev, it's sequential I believe15:56
Lars_GHi all.15:56
landingonwatersipior: the Live Peppermint recognizes the broadcomcard, and offers the driver in Additional driver. same result if I use ndiswrapper. so the driver is not the issue.15:56
* BluesKaj takles a break .....bbl15:56
jontaLars_G: lars from ITG?15:56
bahaav_v, iceroot : gedit is deleted, too15:57
Lars_GQuestion, doesn't kernel 2.6.32-28-generic-pae in 10.04 LTS have XEN support (to work as a DomU)? I checked the config file and it should15:57
Lars_Gjonta: Nope another Lars15:57
bahaav_v, iceroot: I said half of the system15:57
sipiorlandingonwater: so that driver has been loaded on your ubuntu installation?15:57
icerootbahaa: maybe you removed "ubuntu-desktop"?15:57
b1llyhow come ubuntu wont detect my second monitor (it's hooked up thru a hdmi)15:57
icerootbahaa: dpkg -l ubuntu-desktop15:57
landingonwaterBluesKaj: im sure because both HD installs cant see the broadcom card at all. ealier wubi install of Ubuntu did, and Peppermint live USB does as well.15:57
shaneowhats the command to purge samba15:58
icerootshaneo: sudo apt-get remove --purge samba (if you mean complett deinstall)15:58
Picishaneo: It depends how you installed it.15:58
landingonwatersipior: the Peppermint live USB can see the broadcom hardware, so It automatically offers the broadcom driver under Additional Drivers.15:58
An_Ony_MooseI want to set up a second session as the same user on my computer that I can then access via VNC. The problem is that I need it to run at a lower resolution and with some panel options changed so I can use it via a mobile device (VNC), while retaining my normal options in the main session and the configuration files. Is this possible?15:59
sipiorlandingonwater: that's not what i'm asking. does the ubuntu install, that does *not* see the card, load the same driver? if not, what happens when you attempt to load it?15:59
v_vbahaa: grep -n  'autoremove'  /var/log/apt/history.log15:59
v_vbahaa: and you can see when and where you autoremoved15:59
Lars_GQuestion, doesn't kernel 2.6.32-28-generic-pae in 10.04 LTS have XEN support (to work as a DomU)? I checked the config file and it should, but I'm having troubles starting it.15:59
sipiorlandingonwater: you can display loaded kernel modules with "lsmod"16:00
icerootLars_G: there should be a xen-kernel16:00
landingonwatersipior: the installed Ubuntu, both 10.10 and the Peppermint, does nothing when I install the driver. They simply cant see the hardware at all.16:00
sipiorlandingonwater: is. the. module. loaded?16:01
thauriswulfaQUESTION: I have two gprs modems connected to internet, i want to use one of them in firefox and other one in  opera , is it possible?16:01
sachaelare the LTS releases more stable/better tested for day-to-day use than non-LTS? Or is the extended support time the major difference?16:01
v_vAn_Ony_Moose: that's possible, i think16:02
landingonwatersipior: lsmod shows no broadcom16:02
pikkiete: you ther16:02
tethauriswulfa: Well, I suppose you could run a proxy server on one16:02
tepikkie: Yea16:02