aztekbro s-fox12:08
aztekare u busy?12:09
s-foxHello aztek  =)12:10
s-foxHow are you ? 12:10
aztekfind bro...12:11
azteksorry, fine bro..12:11
azteki have problem when installing canon ip 1300 in my ubuntu12:13
aztekwould u like to help me bro12:14
s-foxAre you running ubuntu aztek ?12:15
aztekam trying to googling for that, but i can't solve the problem12:17
s-foxaztek,  Little dated but should be okay - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3450617 12:17
s-foxFollow that howto 12:18
s-foxHmm, canon changed their website  *sigh 12:18
s-foxWorrying - http://software.canon-europe.com/products/0010383.asp 12:20
s-foxNo linux software.12:20
s-foxaztek,  Have you created a thread on the ubuntu forums ?12:20
s-foxaztek,  Have you asked your question in other irc channels? For example : #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners 12:21
aztekyes, but don't solve yet12:21
s-foxaztek,  Link to the thread? 12:22
azteki also join #ubuntu-indonesia 12:23
azteki have follow the suggestion of my friend there12:25
aztekbut, i can't solve the problem12:26
aztekI need file canonip 1300.ppd12:27
aztekbut i only have canon ip1900 and 220012:27
aztekcan u help me to edit it in order to make it work for ip 1300?12:28
s-foxDo you have a link to the thread you created on the forum? If it has been 24 hours since your last post you might want to BUMP it 12:28
aztekok i will try....12:29
aztektq for ur suggestion..:-)12:30
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