faganhmmm can someone check out Bug #739226 this could be a few different problems08:54
ubot4`fagan: Bug 739226 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/739226 is private08:54
faganill wait to see if it gets marked automatically as a dup I suppose08:56
faganmorning mandel09:06
mandelfagan: morning!09:06
mandelfagan: sorry if I was late, I had to drive from Madrid to BArcelona and arrived at 1 am...09:07
mandelI hate having to go to weedings....09:07
faganwell im not starting today anyway09:07
mandelfagan: really? how come?09:07
faganHR :)09:07
faganTuesday+ maybe09:08
fagandepending on HR moving quickly09:08
faganbrb fixing empathy09:08
faganthats better09:09
duanedesignhello mandel09:09
faganI was getting double messages09:09
mandelfagan: have they told you what is the problem?09:09
mandelduanedesign: morning, how is the job hunt?09:09
faganmandel: well they are just taking ages, they rang me on friday and said they should have it today or tomorrow09:10
duanedesignmandel: nothing yet. But i am trying to stay positive :)09:11
faganduanedesign: have you tried google they seem to be really pushing for people09:11
mandelfagan: well be patient then, if you want I can give you something to work on, or we can wait for tom (I'd wait for tom, take advantage of as many holidays as you can)09:12
mandelduanedesign: what ae you lookng for?09:12
faganmandel: yeah ill wait but im still having a look around the code in my spare time anyway since its helpful09:12
* fagan remembers google HR googled linux people and emailed him for an interview but they didnt love my college record09:13
mandelfagan: sure, I think it would be the best09:13
fagangoogle have been doing lots of ads and stuff too looking for people09:13
faganmandel: yeah im spending the day in today watching films and stuff09:14
mandelfagan: yes, but they HR is strange, I know they have called people that owned companies or for jobs they had nothing to do with09:14
faganyeah they are kinda funny09:14
faganwell there is like 1k of them in the entire company so they have to get some work some how09:15
mandelfagan: good hehe, if you have some time for programming, you can always read a little of PyQt, I can give you the oreilly book f you want to09:15
faganoooh mandel give me :)09:15
* fagan is a book nerd anyway09:15
mandelfagan: ok, let me get it09:17
duanedesignmandel: graphic design is what i have done for the past 10 years. I am trying to transition to development.Right now though I only have python apps to show as samples09:17
mandelfagan: can you send me your email over pm?09:17
faganpm is cool09:17
mandelduanedesign: oh, so you are looking for a junior place in python, right?09:17
faganand you dont know my email? for shame09:17
mandelfagan: I'm ssure I can find it, but soooo much easier to ask for it ;)09:18
faganduanedesign: if you want a python development job the best thing to do is go do some patches for stuff in the open source world09:18
faganand if you are a designer you could do a good bit of gtk and stuff too and offer your design experience too09:19
duanedesignfagan: yes probably should do some patches. Been working mostly on making my own applications09:21
duanedesignmandel: yes09:21
faganduanedesign: well thats cool too and you can show all of what you know then09:21
mandelduanedesign: hm, if I know of anything I'd late you know, but I dont think I would find anything09:21
mandelduanedesign: which tools are you using to find the job?09:21
* fagan thinks the greatest tool to find a job is contacts09:22
duanedesignmandel: http://jobs.37signals.com/09:23
mandelduanedesign: use more places, look at monsters.com is not great, but there are lots of head hunters there09:25
mandelalso they have lots of junior jobs09:26
duanedesignbeen looking into using sites like Odesk and freelancer.com to get some contracted work09:26
faganisnt that monster.com09:26
fagancontract work is annoying most of it is 3 years + experience09:27
mandelwell, something like that hehehe09:27
duanedesignthanks for the tips mandel  fagan09:30
duanedesignoff to get breakfast09:30
duanedesignfile some bugs when i get back >:)09:31
duanedesigni can not reproduce bug 73557109:31
ubot4`Launchpad bug 735571 in ubuntuone-client ""Ubuntu One Control Panel" is cropped and contains unclickable scrollbar (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73557109:31
duanedesignbut I did notice another weird bug. When you maximize and then minimize the preferences panel. It minimizes back to a weird size09:32
mandelduanedesign: what do you mean? can you get a screen shot of that?09:35
JamesTaitGreetings, humans! :D09:35
faganmandel: oh I get that too09:37
fagannice catch duanedesign09:37
duanedesignmandel: http://ubuntuone.com/p/igP/09:40
faganyeah exactly that09:40
faganI wonder if thats the window manager or the window itself causing that though09:41
duanedesignsorry about the screenshot window in their. Seems the 'delay' till screenshot is not working :P09:41
faganduanedesign: file a bug on that too :)09:41
mandelduanedesign: hm, nessita took care of that, file a bug and assign it to her, she will know what to do09:43
* fagan really needs a new laptop09:44
faganthis one thinks its 2005 and wont charge any more :/09:44
ryefagan, is dbus-monitor --session working for you?09:46
faganrye: yeah its outputting a load of jibber jabber09:46
faganIt shouldnt boot if the dbus was broken09:47
ryefagan, and does running u1sdtool --start; u1sdtool --status09:47
fagangoing mental it seems09:47
ryefagan, exactly, it should crash all the desktop apps... but I keep seeing more and more of such reports, so if everything else works then we are not doing something we should09:48
ryeit reminds me of ubuntuone-login firefox browser startup bug which was never caught...09:48
faganrye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583251/ but its a little deceptive since its still spamming notify-osd with sync stuff09:48
faganand I am online09:49
faganIt may be that my computer is back in 2005 and I cant change the clock to 201009:49
ryefagan, spamming notify-osd ?09:49
faganyep I tried to upload a screenshot to it and its saying .... is being uploaded....09:50
faganlike its been up there for about 10 mins now09:50
ryefagan, well, it is supposed to say that unless it is disabled09:50
ryefagan, READY, not QUEUE_MANAGER in u1sdtool --status now?09:50
faganwell the screenshot is in the trash now09:51
faganqueues: IDLE09:51
ryei wonder whether datetime issue can prevent SSL connection from being established09:51
ryefagan, but is the State QUEUE_MANAGER ?09:51
faganoooooh ssl is going nuts in firefox09:51
ryefagan, because the certs issue date is in the future?09:52
faganprobably that09:52
fagandamn so many things going badly09:52
ryefagan, maybe you will have some luck stopping ntpd if it is running and issuing sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org to hard-reset the clock?09:52
faganok working09:53
faganoh nice that fixed the date time issue and the u1 notify spam stopped I think it just backlogged it09:53
ryefagan, so are you back in 2011 now?09:53
ryefagan, welcome to the future!09:54
fagantime travel is possible09:54
ryefagan, we have a bugreport for that09:54
faganrye: are there robots to do work for us yet?09:54
faganill try u1 again and see if it crashes09:55
faganyeah you can close that bug it was just the time issue09:55
faganI suppose u1 doesnt work in 2005 go figure09:56
ryefagan, which is quite an interesting thing, i'll parse the similar bug reports to see whether their clocks have a significant offset09:56
faganwell mine went back to the manufacture date09:57
faganid say the others did the same09:57
ryefagan, if your laptop switches to 2005 again after being powered off and battery is removed then you may want to see whether there is a CMOS backup battery somewhere on the motherboard. It was quite interesting to see one in my laptop09:57
faganrye: my computer's battery is broken and the charger is having issues id say thats what happened09:58
faganand I replaced the CMOS battery back about 6 months ago when I got this laptop09:58
fagansince that was one of the many issues with it at the time09:58
faganid say the computer is probably dying which happens to a lot of my stuff09:59
ryefagan, well, that may explain the date issue09:59
* fagan should be a hardware tester he would be able to stress test anything10:00
ryefagan, my sister's laptop exhibited a quite interesting behavior. If you set a boot/bios config password and remove the battery then it gets cleared (while the clock keeps ticking). Great security10:01
faganat least I have a desktop to work on10:01
faganso im not going to have any issues when im starting on the team10:01
faganjust I will have a personal lothing of a terrible laptop in my life :P10:02
ryefagan, you know, a terrible laptop can spot terrible errors that Never Happen™10:03
faganrye: interesting point10:03
faganwell spotting every error is the dream10:04
faganmorning Chipaca10:11
Chipacafagan: top of the morning!10:11
duanedesignhello Chipaca10:50
duanedesignChipaca: did you write magicicada?10:51
Chipacaduanedesign: negative10:52
Chipacaduanedesign: joint project between facundobatista and nessita10:53
duanedesignthank you sir.10:53
Chipacaduanedesign: why?10:53
duanedesignChipaca: i am remaking one of my apps using quickly. There were a few bits they did in their that i liked.10:54
faganduanedesign: if you have any quickly questions and no one is around in #quickly you can pm my btw10:55
duanedesignChipaca: i am going to work on it again this morning. Thought I might have a couple questions about a few things they did :)10:55
duanedesignfagan: thank you. did not know about #quickly. I usually ask in #ubuntu-app-devel10:56
faganduanedesign: im never in app-devel but the quickly channel is more dedicated so I always went there10:57
Chipacaduanedesign: speaking of the devil10:58
duanedesignfagan: are you shane?10:58
faganduanedesign: yep10:59
duanedesignfagan: aha. :)10:59
faganwell I just presume there arent many people with my last name in the open source world11:00
duanedesignfagan: do you have a second for a quick PM?11:12
faganduanedesign: sure im not doing anything11:12
mandelclarita: ping11:14
claritamandel: pong11:16
mandelclarita: I'm done with the doc, I'll share it with you right now, do you want to talk about it now or later?11:16
claritamandel: I'll have a read and let you know!11:17
mandelclarita: ok11:18
mandelclarita: it should be shared now, can you take a look11:18
* mandel is useless with google docs...11:18
claritamandel: google docs are on the road to greatness, but they are not there yet!11:20
mandelclarita: and I'm not very good at this things :P11:21
mandelclarita: I've tried to put as much info as I could, the UI is not frozen so we can change anything you might consider.11:21
mandeland right now there is nothing more that the default look, I'm sure you guys can make it nicer :)11:22
claritamandel: thanks - will peruse and ping you when I have questions11:22
duanedesignrye: ping11:30
ryeduanedesign, pong11:31
duanedesignrye: hello rye. Hasn't there been some work on the latest version of U1 to address the conlicts?11:31
duanedesignrye: have a user that is getting conflicts. Was thinking of recommending the nightlies ppa11:32
duanedesignit is from a setup with only one computer attached to U1 account11:33
ryeduanedesign, yes, bug #71892411:36
ubot4`Launchpad bug 718924 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "self conflict while saving the same file a lot (affects: 3) (dups: 2) (heat: 132)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71892411:36
ryeduanedesign, just made it public, it's been sitting in private mode due to logs from the users11:37
duanedesignrye: also I noticed when a user is on maverick and installs the PPA there are some/a package that is not getting pulled in on the update. Have you ran into this?11:43
karniGood day everyone :) I'm back.11:47
duanedesignhello karni11:48
karnihi duanedesign, how's life :)?11:48
duanedesignkarni: not bad, not bad11:49
karniI'm well rested (though a little bruised ;)) and equally suprized no new bugs where filed against U1F when I wasn't around.11:50
faganwow thats lucky11:52
faganyou could always make new bugs if you want some11:53
karnifagan: I don't believe that's what I want ;) I was just (happily) suprized the list didn't get longer, I wonder how's the app behaving at current stage.11:54
* karni waves at beuno and CardinalFang o/11:55
faganso I need to catch up with the lingo what is U1F? I presume its the file sync11:55
karniUbuntu One Files (for Android), so you're right11:56
karnifagan: you're a developer?11:56
fagankarni: oh you missed the announcement at the last meeting. Ill be starting as an intern this week on the port to windows11:57
faganI havent tried the android u1 sync stuff yet since I dont have a premium account11:58
karnifagan: oh nice, so you'll be working under mandel ?11:59
karnifagan: that's actually free stuff, but not yet released11:59
faganoh I thought that that was under the premium11:59
karnicontacts and music streaming are part of the mobile plan. I have no further knowledge about the file sync free/paid plans.12:00
JamesTaitHi karni. :) Welcome aboard fagan - I presume that's Shane of ubuntu-ie fame?12:00
faganstill awesome12:00
faganJamesTait: the very same12:00
karniJamesTait: hello James Tait! :)12:00
faganwell fame is a subjective word12:00
karniNow I feel bad for not knowing fagan before ;d12:01
karniPerhaps it was my leave that influenced that ;)12:01
JamesTaitfagan: I don't think it gets better than the Ubuntu UK podcast. ;)12:01
* popey hugs JamesTait 12:02
faganwell uupc was just a little 5 min segment it wasnt exactly a full on interview :)12:02
faganpopey must have an alert on any time uupc is mentioned12:02
karniJamesTait: is there any canonical-inside shell availalbe or ppl host their irc-sessions at some private/random locations? my friends server just died and I'm thinking of either setting my own or moving to paid host.12:02
popeymaybe ;)12:02
ryeduanedesign, re: package, hmmm, desktopcouch-related?12:03
karniJamesTait: uh, I meant ssh shell access12:03
karnihi rye !12:03
popeyfagan: you're working on the windows port. Great! I can badger you about proxy support on the windows version now then.12:04
JamesTaitkarni: Hrm, not that I know of. Are you thinking of a bip proxy or similar?12:04
ryekarni, i can give you an access to the VPS i have...12:04
ryekarni, /me is jumping ahead of ralsina, because he has the same type of VPS :)12:04
* rye definitely wants to get bip set up12:04
karnirye: oh, you're too kind. unless you let me pay for the part, which I'd like to :)!12:05
mandelsame here :P12:05
faganpopey: well I have less than a clue about proxy settings12:05
karniJamesTait: I was thinking of a VPS at http://www.hetzner.de/12:05
ryekarni, send me your public ssh key and the account will be ready in .. 5 minutes12:06
karnirye: \o/12:06
ryekarni, it is even ipv6-enabled12:06
karniuuuu :>12:06
ryeAAAA, to be precise12:07
ryemandel, ralsina has sold you the VPS idea too?12:07
mandelrye: no, what is it?12:08
rye"<mandel> same here :P" - hmm12:09
mandelrye: I want the bip proxy, the VPS idea I have no clue about :)12:09
mandelrye: so no idea about the idea, I so want the proxy :P12:09
ryemandel, i can give you the shell access too, PARTY MODE!12:09
karniJamesTait: I just hoped on to see what's bip proxy. Sounds good, but I guess screen+irssi is all what I need :)12:10
JamesTaitkarni: screen ftw. \o/12:10
mandelrye: would be nice, I'll send you my ssh asap I get back from walking the dog12:11
* fagan still needs to set up screen+irssi+ssh properly on his machine but is way too lazy12:11
* mandel fears the dog will pee on the carpet...12:11
JamesTaitfagan: If you're anything like me, you still have a dozen other, more fun things to do. ;)12:11
faganJamesTait: well at the moment im contemplating playing call of duty12:13
ralsinagood morning everyone!12:13
karnihello ralsina !12:14
ralsinahi karni12:14
faganafternoon ralsina12:14
JamesTaitHey ralsina. :)12:14
ralsinakarni: if you want, I can just give you a user/password in my VPS :-)12:14
ralsinamandel: same for you!12:14
karnifagan: enjoy your contemplation as time will come short once you start hacking ;d12:14
ralsinakarni mandel: you'd have to use quassel though12:14
karniralsina: thank you! rye just set up an account for me12:14
ryeralsina, :-P12:15
* ralsina curses the damn timezone12:15
fagankarni: yeah ill be busy soon enough ill enjoy my time procrastinating12:15
ralsinahi fagan: are you official yet?12:15
faganralsina: well official as in officially waiting on HR :)12:15
faganbut its just waiting on the contract12:16
ralsinafagan: cool!12:16
mandelralsina: there is a doc with the current UI implementation that clarita is taking a look at, I've shared with you too, so you can give feed back. The underlaying impl is a QWizard in case is useful info12:17
faganshould be ready and going tomorrow or the next day12:17
* mandel walking dog12:17
ralsinamandel: gotit12:17
beunokarni!  hey hey!12:17
karniJamesTait: you're responsible for canonicaladmin website as well?12:17
karnibeuno: hello there! how's it been when I wasn't around?12:18
JamesTaitkarni: Thankfully not. ;)12:18
JamesTaitHola beuno. :)12:18
beunokarni, boring, of course!  ;)12:18
karniJamesTait: right. you wouldn't mess up that footer so easily ;)!12:18
beunokarni, weren't you back tomorrow?12:18
* beuno waves at JamesTait 12:18
karnibeuno: right, so I believe a totall opposite :D12:18
karnibeuno: yesterday evening, now getting around my stuff and preparing for the tomorrow :)12:19
beunokarni, \o/12:19
beunotomorrow, you go to the other side (tm)12:19
karniwhat a win! \o/ I can't wait12:20
karnibeuno: by the way, now tell me how bad was U1F when I wasn't around! the bug list didn't grow any, so I believe you've been collecting some critique on the side :)12:21
beunokarni, no new bugs seemed to crop up, although there is a battery consumption bug to look into12:25
beunoI haven't file the bug since it's a bit handwavy12:25
beunobut we've seen a few times our phone's battery drain very quickly with auto-sync on12:25
karnibeuno: I will have a closer look at that. I'm also thinking whether giving as little as 5min period is a good idea, since it's not REST but all the connect+sync+90sec timeout12:26
* beuno nods12:26
karnibeuno: I'm glad you noticed such detail, I'll definitely pay attention to that fact.12:26
* fagan has an android and it drains quickly anyway so dreads to think of what the u1 sync would do12:26
karnifagan: it's a tricky thing12:27
faganyeah is12:27
beunothis seemed to slash the battery in half, so pretty noticeable  :)12:27
karniuhh. that'd halve the rating on the market. nasty.12:28
* fagan would give it 5 stars anyway :P12:29
beunoyeah, although we're still testing, so this is expected12:29
karnifagan: I wish everybody did that heh ;]12:30
karnifagan: So I have to make sure they will in the end.12:30
beunokarni, one of my theories about the battery drain is that it connects to wifi if its not on each sync12:31
karnibeuno: right. that's very probable (that's actually true, the radio is turned on if sleeping). there's a trick we could use (I was planning that anyway)12:32
karnibeuno: it's called inexact alarms, which you might know. it would start sync not exactly when it's supposed to, but more or less at that time.12:32
karniwhereas the interval is.. I believe from 15 min or 0.5 an hour up. that way, Android wakes up and12:33
karnidoes what it needs to do one time for few apps, and then shuts down - thus, saving battery.12:33
karnibeuno: but good observation anyway, I'll see how flexible are inexact alarms and might implement it that way to further save the battery. we could even delay the sync on wifi to save it.12:34
karniwe'll get around that soon.12:34
beunokarni, perfect.12:35
karniI'll be back later guys, need to do some after-travel errands.12:36
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
* mandel back13:22
claritamandel: I've commented on the Google Doc13:35
faganclarita: I cant comment on the doc since I dont have permission but I think just the u1 banner should be there13:41
faganI think mandel has an issue with how many pictures he can embed13:41
ralsinaYes, having the alert icon and the semaphore is not good13:42
claritaralsina: yes it needs to be one or the other13:42
mandelfagan: you should be able to edit now13:42
ralsinaIf we could combine them into one thing, it would be great, but having both means you have a huge "gren light" but the password iss till bad13:43
claritaralsina: exactly - v confusing13:43
faganmandel: oh cool13:43
ralsinaMaybe we could make the third light be "sso acceptable"?13:43
faganoh docs you let me edit but not comment :)13:43
mandelralsina, clarita: I agree, I just implemented it because it was in the wire-frames, no more13:44
ralsinaOr the first one13:44
claritaralsina: mandel: exactly13:44
claritaralsina: mandel: I think the SSO acceptability is the only one we need13:44
ralsinafine by me, but you are breaking my sysadmin heart ;-)13:45
claritaralsina: oh dear...:-/13:45
mandelfagan: you cannot comment? bloody google docs...13:45
ralsinaYou know half the psswords will be "password" :-)13:45
faganmandel: yeah cant, funny13:46
claritaralsina: let me think about how we could combine the two in some way13:46
faganis the existing user bit not done yet?13:46
mandelwell, more passworD9, you need a upper case and a numbe ;)13:46
ralsinaP4ssword :-)13:46
ralsinaanyway, SSO acceptability is ok, really, since the user can change it online using only that criteria13:47
claritaralsina: mandel: how about the password complexity feedback only enables once the password format is adequate for SSO>13:47
mandelclarita: I'm completely open to any ideas as long as the will look good, the implementation is not too hard13:48
ryeno way13:48
ralsinamandel clarita: let's keep it simple. I say just the warning13:48
claritaralsina: mandel - ok I'll just update the wireframe design and let you know when that is done13:49
ralsinarye: way?13:49
ryeralsina, i am connected via bip, it has been telling me about auth failure for last 30 minutes13:49
faganoh commenting is working yay13:49
ryeah, i guess my message was in the middle of an argument :)13:50
ralsinarye: hahaha13:50
ryesorry people :)13:50
ralsinarye: notice how I laugh in english so it doesn't look  like I say yesyesyes ;-)13:50
mandelfagan: is weird, you should be able to comment, try the discussions button13:51
faganmandel: its working now something must have clicked with docs when you gave me editing powers13:52
faganor maybe you pressed a button here and there13:52
faganeither or13:52
ralsinaalecu nessita dobey mandel thisfred standup in 9'!13:52
thisfredack ack, 10-4, roger wilco13:53
ryeralsina, yes, "jajaja" is so "yesyesyes"13:53
mandelor if you are a lady: jijiji13:54
ralsinamandel: http://tinysong.com/#/share/ji ji ji/2636684213:55
ralsinaok, that URL really really sucks, tinysong!13:55
faganhmmmm thats interesting there is no sign out in u1 on ubuntu I know the reason why but I just found it a bit strange when I looked at the control panel13:55
ralsinamandel: so try http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/s/~/2YiDrZ?src=113:55
* fagan was just looking at the cp just to make a mental note on the looks we should be going for13:56
thisfredralsina: Being dutch, jaja took me a while to get used to :). It sounds to me like someone saying "yes yes, now go away"13:56
ralsinathisfred: well, we ARE saying that! ;-)13:56
thisfredI KNEW it :)13:56
dobeyor "hahaha you impudent monkey apes"13:57
faganits all weird to me :)13:57
ralsinaapes are not monkeys! You worked at Ximian, and should know better :-)13:58
dobeyi hope ubuntu narwhal works well on this new laptop13:58
fagandobey: well I got a new desktop and its working perfect on it13:58
dobeyralsina: clearly you didn't get the joke/insult :)13:58
faganif thats any help :P13:58
dobeyfagan: workstation13:59
dobeyubuntu is not yet installable to furniture13:59
ralsinadobey: I have this problem where I refuse to feel insulted, so that happens all the time.13:59
fagandobey: potato/tomato13:59
dobeyfagan: the old gods are dead. :)14:00
fagandobey: actually if you were looking at CES there is a table running ubuntu with a touch top14:00
faganwhats with this me talk?14:00
ralsinafagan, it's called a standup14:00
ralsinathe "me" sets the order14:01
dobeydesktop+ [sic] standup [sic]14:01
faganoh meeting14:01
thisfredlast one to say "me" has to get the donuts14:01
ralsinathisfred: and then eat the donuts since there's noone from the team in the next 2000 miles14:01
ralsinaexcept for me and alecu14:01
thisfredThat's why I was last :)14:01
dobeythisfred: i wish there was a krispy kreme closer14:02
nessitaralsina: shall we?14:02
ralsinanessita: please!14:02
nessitaDONE: holidays, PyCon USA, started working on bug #70949414:02
nessitaTODO: propose branch for #709494 when the SSO bits are in production (waiting for deploy). Catch up with email (yeah right). String freeze discussion with ralsina. Define new schedule to accommodate teaching duties.14:02
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes14:02
nessitaNEXT: ralsina14:02
ubot4`Launchpad bug 709494 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Missing user's name field (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70949414:02
dobeyralsina: well urbanape is 1 hr from me, and thisfred is about 3-5 hours depending on ridiculous dc area traffic14:02
thisfreddobey: friday I walked 30 minutes to the nearest *dunkin*. I don't know of any KK in Bmore14:02
* fagan sits in to see whats up14:02
* JamesTait tucks into his last stroopwafel.14:02
ralsinaDONE: reviews, talked with possible contractors, misc stuff14:03
ralsinaTODO: send mail to invite testing, several calls, evaluations14:03
ralsinaBLOCKED: no14:03
dobeyλ DONE: started codec installer branch, releases/uploads, booked full taem sprint travel, bought new laptop14:03
dobeyλ TODO: bug #73332714:03
dobeymandel: you14:03
ScuniziI have someone that shared a directory with me on his ubuntu one account.. I've also shared one with him.  He cannot see the one that I shared.. What are we doing wrong?14:03
dobeyλ BLCK: None.14:03
mandelDONE: More SSO UI. Wrote a doc with the current implementation so that clarita can hurt my feelings ;)14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:03
mandelTODO: More UI, clean the code a little. Check if gettext hack works well. Hunt for reviews on windows branches.14:03
mandelBLOCKED: no14:03
mandelthisfred, go!14:03
thisfred* DONE remove (dis)connection notifications http://pad.lv/734895 http://pad.lv/737150 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/lp-737150/+merge/5398914:03
thisfred* DONE dbus activation of control panel http://pad.lv/728722 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/dbusify/+merge/5385414:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [2/3]14:03
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:03
thisfred - [X] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:03
thisfred - [ ] wait for the package to get through the upload queue14:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:03
thisfredNEXT: EOM?14:03
* dobey pokes thisfred in his org-mode14:03
thisfredHey, I seriously cut down the number of lines already :)14:04
ralsinaalecu, say me14:05
alecume (no notes yet, sorry)14:05
ralsinafagan: see the format? You are going to do this every day at this hour :-)14:06
nessitahum, so we have dates for our spriny14:06
dobeyyeah and you won't like them14:06
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ralsinanessita: the full team one? yes14:06
faganralsina: awh cant I get mandel to do it for me :P14:06
nessitawhich are very unconvenient for me :-/14:06
mandelfagan: I can do it, but I dont think you want me telling people what you have done :)14:07
faganI have to make notes anyway for my college anyway so taking smaller notes out of that would do14:08
dobeythisfred: btw, i think you can set your dbusify branch to approved now :)14:11
thisfreddobey: already merged ;)14:11
dobeycool beans14:12
nessitafagan: hey there, are you daniel? :-)14:12
dobeyi thought he was shane14:12
fagannessita: nope, shane14:12
nessitafagan: ah, sorry :-)14:12
fagandobey: correct 10 points to griffindor14:12
thisfredfagan: dobey's definitely Slitherin14:13
faganthisfred: well its points against him for getting it right then14:13
dobeyno and no14:14
alecuDONE: control panel ui small branches, managed to break my desktop unity,14:14
alecuTODO: peer reviews, london ticket,14:14
alecuBLOCKED: none14:14
alecuNOTE: more paperwork tomorrow morning, THU and FRI going to PyCamp!14:14
nessitahola alecu14:23
nessitaalecu: what u1cp branches have you been working on? (so I can catch up)14:23
alecuhola nessita! how was pycon? how was the sprint?14:23
alecunessita, just two small ui fixes:14:23
nessitaalecu: it was awesome! I'm now part of the big list of contributors to python itself :-)14:24
alecunessita, one to add a border to the devices and folders list14:24
alecunessita, what did you work on?14:24
alecunessita, the border we asked for design input, but since I never got any response on that, we decided to go ahead and add the border.14:24
alecunessita, the other branch was to fix the background color of the title label, because it was a slightly different shade of gray14:25
dobeyi don't think there is any useful design input to be put on that border14:25
nessitaalecu: but that last thing was a theming issue... wasn't it?14:25
alecunessita, this was because the title label was using a label inside an eventbox14:25
nessitaalecu: ah! right14:26
alecunessita, I removed the eventbox and it looks right now.14:26
nessitaalecu: good catch14:26
nessitaalecu: we used to colorize that label, that's why we used to have an event box14:26
alecuI think that branch was still up for review since last friday, let me check.14:26
alecuoh, right, it makes sense. I removed that bg_color arg too.14:26
nessitaalecu: re sprint, I worked on increasing the test coverage of the standard lib. In particular, I hit logging and distutils (I found a bug I also resolved :-))14:26
dobeyalecu: i never saw a branch for color change14:26
nessitaalecu: shoot the link, I'll review14:27
dobeythere isn't one in my merges folder anyway14:27
alecudobey, you are right, I didn't propose it yet. :P14:29
alecubut I have a few more branches for review!14:29
alecu(the later depending on the former)14:30
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thisfreddobey are you doing those reviews ^ or should I ?14:33
dobeythisfred: go ahead. i have to write code to use gstreamer in C14:34
thisfredok,will do, gl with that14:35
dobeyshouldn't be too hard. just ugly with the stream construction14:35
thisfredI've only ever played with it in Python, and not very much at that. Was trying for a beatmatching crossfade.14:36
fagangstreamer is interesting but never bothered to actually learn it fully. I learned about streams and the sort in college so I do understand the concept though14:38
dobeythere are only two things i find interesting, that i would want to use gstreamer for, really. and what i'm doing isn't one of them :)14:41
nessitaralsina, alecu: would you be available to review https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/displayname/+merge/54216 ?14:44
ralsinanessita: I have to do a bunch of calls, so maybe in two hours14:44
ralsinaif that'snot too late, happy to dio it14:44
nessitaralsina: I'll see if I can find another reviewer, thanks.14:45
nessitathisfred: would you be able to do a rather quick review?14:46
thisfrednessita: sure thing14:46
nessitathisfred: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/displayname/+merge/54216 (fun IRL testing instructions are attached as merge description)14:47
thisfrednessita: I'll do it right after alecu's branches14:47
nessitamandel: ping14:47
nessitathisfred: thanks!14:48
mandelnessita: pong14:48
nessitamandel: hello there! how are you?14:48
mandelnessita: fine, I got my hand back (more or less) and I've been breaking your sso project while you were away ;)14:48
ralsinamandel: it's her fault for not adding tests to setup.py ;-)14:49
dobeyadding tests to setup.py is like living in a plastic bubble14:50
mandelralsina: well, is my fault because I touched it, where it broke is a diff thing hehe14:50
nessitamandel: that's what I heard :-). Speaking of ussoc: I saw you added multiplatform code as per what we talked (yey!) but the tests for a python package are not located inside the package that owns them. I would like to propose a branch fixing that14:50
dobeyit is python's fault because setup.py sucks14:50
nessitadobey: I know it will not change your mind about setup.py, but you should know that Tarek <something> is working really hard on distutils214:51
nessitawhich will make our lives much easier14:51
mandelnessita: so, you want to move the tests from the tests/ path to be inside the package, right?14:51
nessitasince setup.py will dissappear14:51
thisfredTarek Ziade, and yes, improvements are coming14:51
dobeyi've looked at distutils2 and it doesn't actually add anything for us afaict14:51
nessitamandel: yes sir14:51
nessitadobey: It does, the setup.cfg will provide a lot of flexibiltiy to define paths for data and related14:52
beunonessita, what's this about?   129+ in_signature='ssssss')14:52
mandelnessita: I see no problem, feel free to assign me the bug, it will be moved :)14:52
nessitabeuno: a new string param was added to support passing the name to the SSO backend14:52
nessitamandel: I can do it really quick :-), I wanted to check with you first to not break anything for you14:52
beunonessita, ok, you sound like that's a proper thing to do, so +114:53
nessitabeuno: thanks!14:53
nessitabeuno: no more blank name for users! :-)14:53
dobeynessita: well in 10 years when it's ready, we'll see. until then, it sucks. :)14:53
nessita(new users...)14:53
mandelnessita: it should not, just take a look at the following, to make our live easier, u1trial will ignore anything called test_windows on linux and test_linux on windows, so ig you make a move, keep the naming that way14:54
nessitadobey: you're mean. People is working hard on their freetime, instead of complaining you could provide some help :-)14:54
mandelnessita: is better than having to add a long list of ignored modules14:54
nessitamandel: makes sense, I'll ask a review from you later today14:54
mandelnessita: sure :)14:55
dobeynessita: i'm not complaining. but i'm not jumping onto the bandwagon for "the rapture is coming" either. :)14:55
nessitadobey: if you're interested, I would suggest seeing the talk that Tarek gave at pycon (not usre if it's published yet)14:56
dobeynessita: free time is something i don't have :)14:56
mandelclarita: feel free to change anything from the UI the logic is not coupled with it and there should not be a problem with that :)14:57
mandeldobey: wait? and when am I getting a new web-browser ;)14:57
dobeymandel: when i get time to fix all the broken gobject-introspection crap in webkit and everything it depends on :(14:58
mandeldobey: ouch, that sounds bad...14:58
dobeyi'm starting to think it might have been easier to just write a whole new rendering engine15:01
claritamandel: please check the wireframe for some alternatives to password feedback15:04
mandelclarita: sure, on it15:04
mandelclarita: is that on the installer wireframes?15:04
mandelclarita: the feedback, do you want it as a help that appears all the time, or just after a number of secs? In the case of an error, shall we indicate what is missing (ex, got 8 chars but missing the other 2 requisites)15:08
claritamandel: the guidance text should always be there...if we could be that specific with feedback that would be great15:09
claritamandel: will mock that up15:10
mandelclarita: other thing, I'm ok with the use of a column for the fields, but we are forgetting about the captcha15:10
claritamandel: yup need to include that now15:10
mandelclarita: feedback on realtime is perfectly possible, we can get what the user typed and update the ui accordingly15:11
claritamandel: the wireframe is updated with realtime feedback15:29
claritawelcome lisette!15:29
claritaeverybody: lisette has joined the Ubuntu One design team at Millbank today15:30
dobeyhi lisette15:32
ralsinahi lisette, congratulations!15:32
beunolisette, \o/15:33
nessitahi lisette!15:34
thisfredhi lisette, welcome!15:38
lisetteTrying to figure out how this works still, so apologies if I'm slow to react!15:39
thisfredalecu: having some problems manually testing the ZG fixes15:39
alecuthisfred, please tell me15:39
thisfredalecu: tests pass, but I still see uuids in the journal, so I think I need to do something more than u1sdtool -q (twice) and then PYTHONPATH=. bin/ubuntuone-syncdaemon ?15:41
alecuthisfred, perhaps those are pre-fix zeitgeist events?15:42
mandelclarita: looks good, since we only have 3 things to have (8+, upper, num) how do we report more than one missing?15:42
thisfrednope, I changed some files after starting it15:42
mandelor do we just aim for a single message?15:42
thisfredsee the merge proposal for details15:42
alecuthisfred, I only fixed the storing of new events, didn't do an upgrade for older events.15:42
alecuthisfred, ok, looking15:42
thisfredalecu: oh wait maybe it depends on the journal view15:44
thisfredalecu: I see the filenames in multiview and thumbview15:44
thisfredalecu: but the timeline view shows me uuids15:44
alecuthisfred, oh15:44
thisfredalecu: that's probably intentional, or at least not something that needs to be addressed in this branch then?15:45
thisfredif the timeline view does not use the text field, that's a ZG issue at worst15:46
alecuthisfred, yes, I'm looking at the timelineview and it shows the detailed path url for other files/folders15:47
aleculike file://....15:47
alecuthisfred, so, I guess this is not an issue15:47
thisfredalecu: ok, approved15:47
alecuthisfred, great, thanks!15:47
alecuthisfred, thanks for the detailed review :-)15:48
alecunessita, here's the branch with the label background color fix: https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-control-panel/simplify-title-label/+merge/5422315:49
mandelnessita, ralsina, alecu: I'd really appreciate a review for this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_2/+merge/5340815:49
nessitaalecu, mandel: ack15:49
alecumandel, I'll take it15:49
mandelfagan: if you are around you can also take a look if you want ^15:49
mandelnessita: if alecu is on it dont worry I'd like to get a windows review too :)15:50
nessitamandel: hehe, sutil :-)15:50
mandelnessita: we all know each other ;)15:51
nessitamandel: 'no le pidamos peras al olmo'15:51
mandelnessita: exacto :)15:52
alecumandel, 1547 lines! ouch :-)15:53
ralsinamandel: I have the brand new tech leads call in 7' so if you find anyone else to review it's better for you :-)15:53
claritamandel: please see the wireframe showing dynamic feedback on all 3 password elements15:53
mandelalecu: sorry, I tried to make it smaller, but then it would be a crazy amount of branches, atm is 415:54
mandelalecu: es una putada, ya lo se15:54
mandelclarita: on it15:54
alecumandel, yeah, I know you are using the bzr pipelines and such, and that it's such a huge change :-)15:55
alecumandel, don't worry :-)15:55
alecuthisfred, regarding the "ignored base exception construct"15:55
alecuthisfred, the thing is that syncdaemon runs all event listeners inside a try: except Exception: pass15:56
alecuthisfred, so any listener that crashes with *any* exception derived from Exception is logged but ignored.15:56
thisfredright, I understand, but that could just be except Exception, or not?15:56
mandelclarita: that is what I was thinking of, the three ticks would give way more info, but if we use those, do we really need the field one? it looks a little redundant to have that extra one15:57
alecuthisfred, for testing this is undesirable, because we may want to catch some errors during the test, so I want to replace that Exception with some other thing15:57
thisfredalecu: that's test code influencing production code ;)15:57
claritano we don't - just the advice plus three ticks should suffice - either there is a green tick or there isn't!15:57
claritamandel: that was for you15:57
alecuthisfred, no: I'm not changing the behaviour on runtime at all.15:58
thisfredalecu: it's small, but this potentially introduces more room for bugs.15:58
claritamandel: I'm changing the order so feedback on 8 characters is last as this is the last thing that will be completed15:58
thisfredalecu: not behavior but there's more code than there needs to be, anyway, not a big problem, and I see how this would be a pain to patch in15:58
mandelclarita: makes sense15:59
claritamandel: great15:59
alecuthisfred, hmmm.... good point. I don't know a better way, so let's ask nessita to see if she knows of any.15:59
thisfredalecu: I understand why it's there15:59
nessitaalecu: shoot15:59
alecunessita, say I have a bit of code that catches all Exception derived classes16:00
alecunessita, for instance the bit of code in syncdaemon that runs all listeners16:00
alecunessita, and I want to replace that "Exception" with something else for testing that.16:00
nessitaalecu: you lost me there16:01
alecunessita, let me point you at the code.16:01
nessitaalecu: thanks16:01
alecunessita, line 209 in https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/fix-ziggy-createshares/+merge/5374016:01
nessitaalecu: your branch, approved16:01
nessitaalecu: reading16:02
thisfrednessita: where should I see the test string show up for your branch? https://login.ubuntu.com/+applications ? Because it's not there16:02
thisfredI see six mumbles though :S16:02
nessitathisfred: in your profile, in https://login.ubuntu.com/ front page, as display name16:02
nessitathisfred: the name you're setting is your own16:03
nessitathisfred: did you register and entered a 'name' in the UI?16:03
thisfredyeah, so did this overwrite my SSO account?16:03
alecunessita, so, regarding line 209: I want to be able to replace that Exception in the tests (with self.patch)16:04
alecunessita, so I moved that Exception to a variable.16:04
nessitathisfred: nopes. You can't register twice with the same email address, so if your registration succeeded, you have a new SSO account16:04
nessitathisfred: so you should login to https://login.ubuntu.com/ with the newly created account16:04
alecunessita, thisfred does not like it, since we are modifying runtime code to ease tests, and I tend to agree with him. But I can't see any other way there.16:05
nessitathisfred: that meaning, this only works for new accounts (old account can't be fixed)16:05
thisfredalecu I think it's fine, really, I just didn't understand why it was done, and then I was being a pedant16:05
thisfredBut I don't see a better way either16:05
nessitaalecu: that's not good. We should have no test code in our prod code16:05
alecunessita, that's not test code.16:05
thisfredwell, yeah, but it's not really test code, it's writing the same code differently to make it more testable16:06
alecuthisfred, exactly.16:06
nessitaalecu: you are replacing Exception for a variable to be able to test something16:06
thisfredalecu: maybe add a comment there, to say why it's written this way16:06
nessitaalecu: I understand your code, but I don't understand why would you want to replace Exception with something else16:06
nessitaalecu: before modifying something further, I would like to understand why you need to overwrite Exception, that is a bad "smell"16:07
alecunessita, because that exception is always ignored.16:07
thisfrednessita: uhm, ok so I should register with a different email address then? I only have two and both are attached to my sso account I think.16:07
alecunessita, it's a very specific thing that happens in the code that calls the listeners.16:07
nessitathisfred: you can use something like "thisfred+anysuffix@gmail.com"16:07
thisfrednessita: ah yeah of course, thx :)16:08
nessitathisfred: were anysuffix can vary as much as you want/need16:08
alecunessita, when a message is sent to each listener, all possible errors in the listener are catched by that Except and ignored.16:08
nessitaalecu: right, but I wonder the following: (trying to be very explicit here)16:08
thisfrednessita: minor annoyance: having to type the email address twice is very 199716:09
nessitaalecu: if your production code is catching everything (with Exception), why would you need to test against a specific exception type? seems like a mismatch between the test and the production code. Not sure if you understand my question16:09
dobeylunch time, bbiab16:09
nessitathisfred: I know... but... design issue. Same for password (since you have password retrieval, you could type it only once)16:10
alecunessita, I want my tests to fail if there's an exception. If there's an exception on my tests and they are catched by that Exception, then my tests would pass, but it would be wrong.16:10
nessitaalecu: I see. I would suggest something like this:16:11
thisfrednessita: full name only shows my first name, that's not right, surely?16:11
thisfredI entered both16:11
nessitathisfred: there is no distinction between first and last name. there is only a display name field16:12
nessitathisfred: what did you entered in the "name" field in the SSO ui?16:12
nessitaalecu: in your test suite, your should: * hook a MementoHandler to the logger16:12
nessita* in the tearDown, assert that no exception was logged16:13
nessitaalecu: that way, your test suite will fail if there was an unexpected Exception16:13
nessitaalecu: having that code in the production code is not a good practice, despite is arguable, that is test harness code, which is being leaked to live code16:14
alecunessita, that sounds reasonable.16:14
nessitaalecu: imagine someone reading that code, having a variable instead of a known (or custom) exception makes the code hard to read+understand16:14
nessitathisfred: I performed a test using as name "Test Me Display Name very very long, no limit please Ñoño Ñandú" and that is what I've got in the login.ubuntu.com site16:15
nessitathisfred: please let me know if that is not working for you :-)16:15
alecunessita, thisfred: I'll land the branch like it is, and I'll set up a new bug for this issue.16:16
thisfrednessita: yeah, sorry I tested again and it works, I must have just put eric the first time ;)16:16
nessitathisfred: :-)16:16
nessitaalecu: sounds good to me (as long as the bug is taken care of before final freeze :-))16:16
thisfrednessita: approved16:17
nessitathisfred: thanks!16:18
alecuthisfred, nessita: bug #73948316:21
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739483 in ubuntuone-client "Remove ignored_base_exception from event dispatcher (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73948316:21
nessitaalecu: whislist? is at least a Medium from my POV16:32
alecunessita, nah16:32
nessitaalecu: is important. Is not more important than actual bugs, but this is something that needs to be done before final freeze, and I'm afraid that we may miss this having it as wishlist16:34
faganOk starting tomorrow HR just signed off16:34
alecunessita, no way. "makes the code hard to read" is an opinion, and it's cosmetic. That's why I think it's wishlist.16:35
nessitaalecu: is a change of 15 minutes, and makes the code hard to understand. Since this is an open source project where more than 5 people actively contributes, I think we should be careful about this...16:37
nessitaalecu: shall we settle on Low?16:37
alecunessita, sorry, I was afk. Ok, let's make it Low.16:46
* alecu bbls, lunch & bank break16:46
=== alecu is now known as alecu-away
karni#join is16:53
* nessita -> lucnh16:58
faganok see you all tomorrow17:24
karnilisette: I've sent you a private IRC message. You might notice a new tab / window depending on what IRC client you're using :)17:28
dobeynessita: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-control-panel/+bug/73953817:30
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739538 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Spacing around banner image (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]17:30
nessitadobey: ack17:31
nessitadobey: have you talked to design people? since the way is now is the intended design17:31
nessitadobey: I can ask them if you prefer not to interact with them17:31
dobeyi have not talked to anyone on design no. i just filed the bug because i saw it and it annoys me :)17:32
nessitadobey: makes sense, thanks17:33
nessitadobey: I'll ask ivanka and daniel fore17:33
nessitamandel: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/move-tests/+merge/5424317:40
mandelnessita: on it17:41
nessitamandel: is trivial :-)17:41
nessitamandel: but if you can confirm norhing is brokwn on windows, that would be awesome17:41
* ralsina wonders if we should be able to assign bugs to ivanka17:44
mandelralsina: we should17:44
dobeyralsina: sure you can. you can probably assign it to wil wheaton if you really want to17:45
ralsinadobey: I am talking about assigning them with a practical purpose. Sometimes things are as they are because of a design decision, and then maybe the design team should decide how to react to it.17:47
ralsinaalecu: I have a report that syncdaemon inhibits shutdown before connecting17:47
dobeyralsina: sure. everyone @ canonical should have an lp account17:47
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
ralsinaalecu: as in "it started without network, and I couldn't shutdown"17:48
nessitaralsina: I have assigned bugs to ivanka several times17:48
nessitaralsina: and to daniel as well17:48
ralsinadobey: yes, but I am more interested on it having a useful outcome than on what it says on the "assigned" field17:48
ralsinanessita: ok, good to now17:48
dobeyralsina: probably better to ping someone on IRC then. bugmail oft goes unnoticed by humans. :)17:49
=== alecu-away is now known as alecu
nessitamandel: any update in the merge proposal? is it working for you?18:34
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
dobeynow to make it install stuff when one clicks on install18:48
ralsinadobey: shiny!18:54
ralsinaOTOH, what theme *is* that? the scrollbar looks craptastic.18:54
dobeyit's just an off by one error because the scroolbars are so narrow18:55
mandelnessita: yes, I'm approving, do you need a second one?18:56
nessitamandel: already have one, thanks!18:57
mandelnessita: cool, then I'm done for the day18:57
mandellaters everyone!18:58
nessitamandel: enjoy! and thanks18:58
alecuralsina, your tab-complete is buggy... I've just by chance read the "alecu: I have a report that syncdaemon inhibits shutdown before connecting" because my nick at the time was "alecu-away" :P19:21
ralsinaI was not tab-completing19:21
ralsinaSo it's my own fault19:21
alecuralsina, no prob. So, what's the bug for that?19:23
nessitaralsina: can you please confirm if desktopcouch, when installed from scratch, is working on your box? I'm suffering from the following: assuming DC (and couch) is not running, when the control panel tries to access it, it gets stucked using 99% of CPU :-(19:23
ralsinaalecu: none19:24
nessitathisfred: does that ring any bell? ^19:24
ralsinanessita: will check19:24
ralsinaalecu: happened to lucio19:24
thisfrednessita: hmm, is that the problem you reported rye?19:25
nessitaralsina: scratch that, it was PICNIC19:25
nessitathisfred: no, sorry, it was my bad19:25
ralsinanessita: ok19:25
thisfredah whew :)19:25
nessitaI was creating an infinite loop in my code :-(19:25
nessitaso the app was stucked right when I was trying to start DC :-P19:25
thisfredYou should always use generators for that19:25
thisfredto efficiently make your code loop infinitely :)19:26
nessitathisfred: is more complicated than that, the loop was caused by the connection of a GTK signal19:26
* thisfred disconnects19:26
* nessita nods19:26
* thisfred hides under his desk19:26
* thisfred goes "NANANANA I can't hear you"19:26
ryethisfred, huh? my dc is working better than ever, not that evolution contacts are working, but dc itself is very happy19:27
thisfredrye, yeah sry false alarm there19:28
dobeyalecu, ralsina: there is a bug about the shutdown inhibit when disconnected...19:29
dobeyalecu, ralsina: it's bug #73762019:31
ubot4`Launchpad bug 737620 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Disconnected Syncdaemon prevents logout (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73762019:31
alecudobey, great, thanks.19:32
alecuralsina, everybody, I still need one more review on these two branches:19:33
ralsinaalecu: I'll do one19:33
alecuthe first one is very small, the second one is older :-)19:34
ralsinaok, let's try the small one first (and thank god manuel didn't read that)19:39
ralsinaalecu: +1 on simplify-title-label19:41
ralsinaalecu: the uuids in timeline view are a zeitgeist problem?19:43
ralsinaand/or a activity journal bug19:44
dobeyralsina: parse error. you want a browser that reads pages from a server that can't serve them?19:45
ralsinadobey: no, I want a browser that displays pages the server can't parse19:46
ralsinadobey: the server serves a template and the encrypted data, the browser generates the final HTML19:46
ralsinadobey: delicio.us for the paranoid19:47
ralsinaalecu: +119:48
dobeyoh, i thought that was how all the web sites worked these days. just make the client do all the work19:48
alecuralsina, thanks * 219:48
ralsinadobey: well, but with a real reason for it19:48
ralsinadobey: also, a remote cookie jar, and you end with a portable & secure browser19:49
dobeynot really19:50
dobeybut ok :)19:50
beunoI would say, people can have either a locked down Ubuntu One, that has no web features19:50
beunoor a normal mode, where lots of things can be done with their files19:50
ralsinabeuno: this is not really u1 related (but I could use u1 to sync the data and avoid writing that part...)19:52
ralsinaThen again, I don't want the data in the client even encrypted, so not a good idea19:52
* nessita needs to reboot19:56
karnipeople tend to compare U1 and DB as far as privacy is concerned. the point is, Dropbox just took the easy way, and holds one subtree (~/Dropbox/Public) unencrypted, while the rest is encrypted. at least that's what I recall.19:56
dobeykarni: that isn't how dropbox works19:56
dobeykarni: afaik, they do not store your data encrypted on the server19:56
karnidobey: oh they do dobey19:57
dobeykarni: Public is a default "share to the world" folder19:57
karnione sec.19:57
beunothey probably encrypt it with their key19:57
beunoso it's private to them19:57
dobeyralsina: just install chromeos :)19:57
karnidobey: please see the "For our advanced users box" https://www.dropbox.com/help/2719:58
karninote: Dropbox employees aren't able to access user files, and when troubleshooting an account they only have access to file metadata (filenames, file sizes, etc., not the file contents)19:58
ralsinadobey: I doubt any privacy-concerned person is going to ever install chromeos ;-)19:58
karniThey use AES-256 with the user password being the key19:59
* ralsina is not one, though, so he might19:59
karnidobey: at least that's what I know from their webpage, nothing more. I've read up once on that when I saw people comparing security of U1 and DB (also, that's when I found the post about guyd syncing .ecryptfs folder hehehe)20:00
karni*about a guy20:00
dobeyralsina: or use the web. or the internet. or cell phones. or live anywhere near electrical wiring. :)20:00
* dobey hands ralsina a tin foil hat20:00
ralsinadobey: I am a remarkably non-paranoid computer user. All my devices boot to my account, the only encrypted part is the canonical secret stuff20:03
ralsinabesides, the efficiency of tin-foil hats is empirically tested, you know20:03
alecuyeah, mentalists are not able to read the mind of people wearing those hats.20:04
dobeyhrmm, no more mvo availability today20:05
alecuso if you encrypt your files, make sure to wear one of those hats while reading them.20:05
alecuand, after reading the files, make sure to wear a tinfoil hat till you forget the contents.20:05
karniralsina: hahahah u made my day20:07
* ralsina has an endless source of that kind of thing. It's called google.20:07
ralsinaFor example, today I read someone say "a few years back I had access to a gamma-ray detector and we could barely detect a banana’s emission". Lesson learned: bananas are radioactive, science says so.20:08
ralsinafiled for future reference.20:08
dobeyralsina: everything in the universe is radioactive20:08
karniralsina: right, google's there. I simply can't think of any reason why would I google "Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Hat" ;D20:09
ralsinadobey: yes, but not everything emits gamma radiation on detectable levels. That's what happens when you say "bananas are nice because they have potassium"20:09
ralsinakarni: my first "tech" job was as research assistant finding stuff n the internet for mad scientists. Before google existed.20:10
karniralsina: =D20:10
dobeywell, bananas are also proof of god. just ask kirk cameron20:11
ralsinadobey: so... if we add 2+2... god is radioactive? Or kirk cameron is!20:11
dobeyralsina: i think the logical conclusion from that is that bananas *ARE* god20:11
ralsinabananas are god for you. We have been mistyping it all along!20:13
karniralsina: hahahah20:14
ralsinaok, I'm EODing now. Have productive fun everyone!20:15
karnibye ralsina !20:15
dobeywell i got half the magical mp3 install magic done today at least. now to figure out the actual installing bits20:25
nessitaoops, my internet went down and I didn't notice20:25
karninessita: you didn't miss much, although dobey and ralsina had an awfully funny discussion, wrapped up with "bananas are god for you. We have been mistyping it all along!"20:27
nessitakarni: interesting :-) thanks for the heads up ;-)20:28
karniheheh ;)20:28
nessitadobey: ping20:30
dobeynessita: hi20:31
nessitadobey: regarding bug #732820, I'm changing the legends to read "Install the evolution plug-in to...." and "Install the Firefox extension to..."20:32
ubot4`Launchpad bug 732820 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Bookmark Sync requirements description is misleading (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73282020:32
nessitadobey: is that what you were suggesting?20:32
dobeyEvolution does call them "Plugin" [sic] though20:33
dobeyor i would suggest just using "extension" for both20:34
nessitadobey: what would be better for Evolution?20:39
nessitaapt says:  evolution-couchdb                         - Evolution support for CouchDB databases20:40
dobeynessita: plug-in, since that is what Evolution calls its extensions20:40
nessitadobey: ack, thanks20:41
dobeythisfred: ping20:41
thisfreddobey pong20:41
dobeythisfred: i just noticed; the new service.in file you added to u1cp doesn't actually get generated/installed, because you didn't add the necessary bits to setup.py to do that20:42
thisfreddobey: I knew that, I thought you said I had to do that in the packaging branch20:42
thisfredwhich I also did not yet do20:42
nessitathisfred: I will package u1cp soon, shall I help you?20:44
nessitathisfred: soon == maybe tomorrow20:44
thisfrednessita: yes please!20:44
dobeythe packaging has to be appropriately updated as well, but not to just install files from the source build20:44
nessitathisfred: what do you need sir?20:44
nessitathisfred: file me a bug with details and I'll do that20:44
dobeynessita: i made a release/upload on friday. you can probably do another wednesday morning; for any UI/string/etcc stuff that has to happen before freeze20:45
thisfreddobey: ok, nessita, ok I'm not sure I know the details yet.20:45
nessitadobey: sure20:45
nessitathisfred: if you need a new dbus service to be provided I know the bits. Just state what service20:45
thisfrednessita: ok will file a bug20:46
nessitathisfred: gorgeous20:46
dobeynessita: com.ubuntuone.controlpanel.gui.service.in20:46
thisfrednessita: do I file it against u1cp, u1cp (ubuntu) or both?20:46
nessitathisfred: both, please20:46
thisfrednessita: bug #739714 assigned to yourself20:50
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739714 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Add service: com.ubuntuone.controlpanel.gui.service (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73971420:50
thisfredI'll do the setup.py part now20:50
dobeythisfred: i was about to update the nightlies packaging for it, and saw it wasn't actually being generated or installed :)20:51
nessitadobey, thisfred: can you please review? https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-732820/+merge/54269 you both reported one of the 2 bugs being fixed20:52
nessitatranslate that to proper english, please :-P20:52
thisfredwill do20:53
ryefacundobatista, so I guess the best thing I can do now is to restart syncdaemon, right?20:56
dobeyugh glade20:56
=== alecu is now known as alecu-afk
facundobatistarye, yes, did you open a bug?20:58
dobeyi didn't report either of those bugs :)20:58
dobeynhaines reported the one i commented on :)20:58
ryefacundobatista, i don't know how to reproduce this, and I am not sure what I am observing, a queue being stuck or the uploads/moves being locked... I just put an "a" file and it got uploaded immediately21:00
facundobatistarye, open a bug on "client got stuck", attach the logs, tell me the bug number for me to comment21:01
facundobatistarye, in that comment, I'll explain what is going on, why it's stucked, etc21:01
nessitadobey: I'm not sure I understand your comment in my merge proposal. Can you please explain?21:06
nessitadobey: what do you mean "you've made the text into titles for the extensions"? I'm using the same code as before but I changed the wording21:06
dobeynessita: i mean it looks like those two strings are presented as titles to the user. so they should use title capitalization21:07
nessitadobey: they are not presented as titles, I can share a screenshot if you want21:08
dobey+ INSTALLING = _('Installation of <i>%(package_name)s</i> in progress')21:08
dobeythat looks like presenting as ttle to me21:09
nessitadobey: the only thing changed there is the capital I21:09
dobeyi'm not talking about that change to the I21:09
nessitadobey: but that's the only change to that line21:10
dobeyi'm talking about the "<i>%(package_name)s</i>" bit21:10
nessitadobey: that was there before21:10
nessitaand package_name is the actual package name21:10
nessitanot the user-friendly message21:10
dobeyyes, but before the strings were just "Evolution" or "Firefox" and the thing it was called was generic21:10
nessitadobey: nopes, for that particular line the package_name was always "evolution-couchdb", "dekstopcouch-ubuntuone", etc21:11
dobeyperhaps a screenshot is necessary then21:11
nessitaso there is nothing new there21:11
thisfreddobey does this look ok: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/add-service/+merge/5427321:11
nessitadobey: http://ubuntuone.com/p/ipH/21:12
dobeythisfred: the .in shouldn't be in the string there it seems21:15
ryefacundobatista, bug #73973321:15
ubot4`rye: Bug 739733 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/739733 is private21:15
nessitaok, I gotta go21:15
nessitadobey: let me know the outcome in the merhge proposal, please21:15
nessitabye all!21:16
thisfreddobey: oops good catch pushed fix21:16
dobeynessita: oh ok, so you removed the italics i guess, but it should still be plug-in not plugin21:16
nessitadobey: where do you see the word "plugin"? :-)21:16
dobeynessita: "Evolution plugin" is the string you changed it to21:17
nessitadobey: you're right, I was convinced I added plug-in21:17
nessitachaning that right now21:17
nessitadobey: fixed and pushed to revno 10721:18
nessitanow, bye!21:18
dobeyalright, i'm off, later all21:31
thisfredme too dog needs a walk21:36
beunothisfred, alecu-afk, ping21:51
beunothisfred, I just "bzr branch lp:ubuntuone-client" into U121:52
beunoand my natty box is going crazy with notifications21:53
beunoindividual notifications of files downloaded, that is21:53
beunosometimes, it says "and 1 more"21:53
beunobut most of the time it doesn't21:53
beunooverall, it seems like I'm getting a few hundred notifications one after the other\21:54
thisfredbeuno: hmm, it's supposed to collate them.21:54
beunoit _is_ updating the message21:54
beunosometimes it says "and 6 others"21:54
beunobut overall, pretty crazy21:54
beunodo you have 2 computers to try and reproduce it?21:54
thisfredI do21:55
thisfredwill try tomorrow21:55
beunothisfred, if it's of any help, the control panel seems to constantly switch between "syncing" and "up to date"21:56
beunolike, once a second21:56
thisfredbeuno: it's *supposed* to wait until no new ones come in and then sum them up21:56
thisfredbeuno: yeah I think that's the proble,21:56
* beuno kills it and brings it back21:57
beunoit starts flipping back and forth21:57
thisfredbeuno: yeah, so it stops for new events waiting too soon21:58
beunowell, now it doesn't, it stopped at up-to-date21:58
beunoso lots of small files seems to be problematic21:58
thisfredwill investigate tomorrow21:58
beunothe good news is, the branch uploaded very quicky, and leaving aside the executable bit that we don't store, "bzr status" on the other end works great22:00
beunowhich means verterok, __lucio__ and facundobatista continue kicking ass22:01
__lucio__thanks :)22:02
thisfredI never doubted that :)22:02
thisfredbeuno: perhaps the problem is that they kick too much ass, and we can't handle the speed on our side. We suggest you get a slower connection to mitigate22:07
thisfrednow the dog REALLY needs to be walked22:07
* beuno does the same22:08
* verterok waves22:23
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
karninot cool. the 'Shop for ubuntu' green button on Dell's page returns.. roughly empty page with no further info. http://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/ubuntu?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=anavml23:53
karninight everyone!23:53

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