scott-worki'm baaaaaaack :)11:46
scott-workabogani: either this afternoon or tomorrow's i will begin again with the -lowlatency kernel11:46
scott-workabogani: i believe i have to correct the version number and use the tilde "~" in lieu of the dash or minus sign to correct what i had done11:47
scott-workhi falktx, how are you?11:47
scott-workailo, paultag:  i'm guessing that the -controls update isn't going to happen for natty11:47
scott-worki'll talk to luke about getting it out of natty unless someone has a very strong objection11:48
falktxscott-work: good, I'm working on rt-kernel drivers again (nvidia should be working by now)11:48
falktxscott-work: what about cadence?11:48
scott-workailo, paultag: the good news is that we have _plenty_ of time to get the -lowlatency kernel in the repository now for natty+1 (ocelette ?) for the -controls update11:48
falktxscott-work: I can work really hard on it, if you promise me it will be included in US11:48
scott-workfalktx: i don't know at this point, i'll need to refresh my knowledge of cadence lately11:49
falktxscott-work: http://repo.or.cz/w/cadence.git11:50
scott-workfalktx: i have seen screenshots from before, but that was probably three months ago and i think you've been working on it pretty heavy during that time11:50
scott-workheh, you, ailo, and abogani are going to drag me kicking and screaming into the 21 century with 'git'11:50
falktxscott-work: the GUIs itself don't change much, but there was a lot of bug-fixing11:51
scott-worki got pretty comfortable with bzr and so i didn't really worry about learning more about git, but apparently the rest of the world doesn't revolve around ubuntu :P11:52
scott-workfalktx: cool11:52
falktxscott-work: you should just try them11:52
falktxgit clone git://repo.or.cz/cadence.git11:52
scott-workfalktx: probably next week i'll look at it, but we need to also see how this contrasts with what ailo and paul have been doing11:52
falktxscott-work: yep, I'll be here waiting11:53
scott-workokay, thanks falktx for the instructions :)  you've just increase the chances i'll succeed dramatically11:53
scott-workactually i'm starting to get git11:53
scott-workheh, i made a funny11:53
scott-workhi holstein :)11:54
falktxscott-work: build depends: python-qt4-devel pyqt4-dev-tools ladspa-sdk dssi-dev libasound2-dev11:54
falktxscott-work: runtime depends: libjack0 python-rdflib python-qt4-dbus python-qt4-gl jack-capture11:54
falktxscott-work: my patchbay can now use GL for rendering11:55
ailofalktx, I think paultags idea was to make a controls application that was pluginable12:10
falktxailo: extensions to the control app?12:10
ailofalktx, My app so far was just a hack that was intended for Natty only12:10
ailofalktx, So, my idea was to make something like an indicator app called ubuntustudio-controls, and then let any app that wants to act as a plugin be called utc--<name>. That could be anything, like qjackctl.12:12
ailofalktx, Main part of it would be a system preferences plugin12:12
ailofalktx, But, I haven't really started coding anything yet.12:13
falktxailo: that gives me some ideas...12:13
ailofalktx, I was going to use GTK, but I don't have any problems with QT, though I don't see why the two couldn't be mixed, even.12:14
falktxi would prefer qt12:14
falktxqt plays nice with gtk, but gtk does not play nice with qt/kde12:14
scott-workthe new kernel patch that improves performance in the stock kernel is apparently in Ubuntu and Fedora :  http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/222185/speedy_wonder_patch_debuts_in_new_linux_kernel.html12:15
scott-workthis might seem ignorant or niave but i wonder if which kernel version it will be in and if we will see any performance boosts for latencies12:16
ailofalktx, I really have too little experience with QT and KDE to know the difference. I guess there could be two versions of a main app, if done the way I propose12:16
scott-worki realize it's in 2.6.38 mind you, just not what dot verison12:16
ailofalktx, One nice thing would be that the indicator icon could be activated by any plugin, like go red for xruns, or go yellow for system warnings and so on.12:17
ailoscott-work, It should be in all of them, though it might not be activated12:17
falktxailo: that could be a specific app12:18
ailoscott-work, As far as I have been able to tell, it makes it easier to watch Youtube while compiling from source.12:18
falktxailo: I already have some tools, your idea is good for a new one12:18
falktxailo: lol, compiling and watching videos12:18
scott-workailo: well then, that's a success!  we should make a advert for ubuntu studio and tell everyone how good this kernel is12:19
scott-workjust kidding :P12:19
ailoscott-work, I'm sure I'm missing something. The link you posted seems to adress other enhancements too.12:20
ailoAh, he quit. I was just trying out Cadence12:33
ailofalktx, Was just trying Cadence12:37
ailofalktx, On Natty. Perhaps easier on another system?12:38
ailofalktx, dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.jackaudio.service was not provided by any .service files12:38
falktxailo: you need to use jackdbus, not jackd12:39
ailofalktx, Ok.12:39
falktxailo: please stop jackd and restart the app12:39
* falktx will soon remove jackd support from his jack2 PPA package12:39
ailofalktx, Why jackdbus only? I must be missing some packages. I was able to start cadence, and start jack, but not configure. All other options were grayed out12:42
falktxailo: cadence itself is the most poor app12:43
falktxailo: try other tools like catia, claudia, carla, xycontroller12:43
falktxstill no readme in there though12:43
falktxfor 'carla' (the plugin host), run 'make carla' first12:43
falktx^ not build by default, still very unstable12:43
ailofalktx, Ok. About Cadence, I find the window is too large for my little screen. I would hide some options in an advanced tab, while keeping only the essential stuff on the main page.12:44
falktxyep, todo soon12:45
scott-workailo: do you still advocate removing -controls from natty?13:00
ailoscott-work, Yes. How about earlier releases? I think on Lucid, only firewire settings are right.13:01
ailoscott-work, While 10.10 should be all wrong, just like 11.04.13:02
scott-worki'm not sure at this point, i'll need to talk to someone about what/how to do things13:02
scott-workobviously i would like to make sure natty is correct first since it's not released yet13:02
scott-worksecondly, i think we should evaluate for the last LTS verison (lucid)13:03
ailoscott-work, It would have nice to update those. At least make sure on Lucid that app edits the right file. That should be easy enought to do13:03
ailoscott-work, It would just mean editing one line or so in the source code13:03
scott-workand i'm least worried about 10.10 - if we ignored it or sent an email to the mailing list then i wouldn't loose sleep13:04
scott-worki'll start talking to luke later today about going forward then for information and see if he would be agreeable to remove -controls for natty then13:04
ailoscott-work, There are at least two other apps that are not needed. Both PA related13:05
ailoscott-work, I have to double check, though13:05
ailoscott-work, Since I use Ubuntu mainly, I seem to forge Ubuntustudio Desktop functions differently13:05
scott-workailo: okay13:05
ailoscott-work, What's the deal with wireless? Would network-manager still add any problems to Ubuntustudio? I hear it is less then before. Don't know about firewire13:07
scott-workailo: are you experiencing problems with wireless?13:07
scott-workailo: i expected less problems with network-manager than the previous gnome-network-admin13:08
scott-workto clarify:  i expect less complaints about getting wireless working with network-manager13:08
ailoscott-work, Not really. My wireless driver may be bad, but I don't think network-manager is causing whatever problems I have.13:09
scott-workhowever, i also wouldn't be surprised if someone complained that using network-manager increased intermittent xruns13:09
ailoscott-work, I haven't had any problems with network-manager. Doesn't many audio distros include that? If we investigate that, perhaps we could consider adding it to the mix?13:13
scott-workailo: we already include network-manager as a replacement for gnome-network-admin13:14
scott-workmany, many users complained about gnome-network-admin being difficult to set up wireless during installation (and post-installation for that matter)13:15
scott-workeffectively, many users simply couldn't use wireless directly after installation13:15
scott-workthey would have to use the DVD as a repository and install network-manager which had been included on disc but not installed13:16
ailoscott-work,  I was just trying Lucid. You mean since then, it is much easier?13:16
scott-workor download network-manager or one of the other managers and put it onto their machine13:16
scott-workailo: natty is the first one to include network manager13:16
ailoscott-work, Ok. Good. Then that is already decided.13:16
ailoOr, perhaps an app could be created on which ubuntustudio-controls could be a plugin.13:32
scott-workailo: i'm not sure i understand your defintion of 'plugin' in this instance13:33
scott-workdo you mean for previous version of ubuntustudio or for going forward13:33
scott-workand what use case would you need this13:33
ailoscott-work, Some of the many ideas that have been for ubuntustudio-controls could perhaps be divided into different applications. It would make it easy for users to find all of that from an indicator menu. 13:35
ailoscott-work, The main use for ubuntustudio-controls is to help users adjust their system13:35
holsteino/ 13:36
ailoWhatever is done on top of that, could be made into "plugin" that you can install, and add to that menu, if you want13:36
ailoI'm not of the opinion that we should add session management, and PA jack bridge as default components of ubuntustudio-controls. I am not against including those as options. Exactly how that should be categorized, divided into apps or menus and tabs, I don't know. 13:40
ailoscott-work, A plugin could be as simple as just including an application starter in a menu. At least, I think it would be nice for some apps, like a jack control app, to change the icon color for xruns and so on.13:44
ailoI'm just throwing ideas around at this point, and I was meaning to start working on a new ubuntustudio-controls, based on the work I did so far, but turning it into an indicator app. Also, I would want to include options for checking the system at startup, as my script did.13:46
scott-workailo:  okay, i think i start to understand13:46
scott-work-controls would provide the framework and the indicator menu in the panel13:46
scott-workand as the plugins are installed they are available in the indicator menu13:47
scott-worki like the concept :)13:47
=== falktx__ is now known as falktx
holsteinscott-work: boing19:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 739628 in Ubuntu Studio "STUDIO could do with an Ethernet OK ICON and the System should check "Ethernet OK", more often." [Undecided,New]19:18
holsteincould you or someone look at that19:18
holsteinand mark it 'wishlist' if you agree19:18
scott-workwe are including network-manager with natty now, which is what ubuntu desktop uses19:20
holsteinscott-work: COOL19:20
scott-workand i think it has a pretty good network icon already19:20
holsteini'll re-comment there on the bug19:20
scott-workso this may not be an issue then19:20
holsteinnah, that'll totally do it19:21
scott-workyou might wait to comment until we verify it in natty19:21
holsteinscott-work: maybe mark it fixed19:21
holsteinscott-work: OK19:21
scott-worki say that because we do funny things with the panel with the icon set, etc19:21
scott-workwell not "funny" but idfferent19:21
holsteinnot funny = haha19:21
scott-workso i would like to make sure it beheaves like expected, i'll do that tonight while i'm working on the -lowlatency kernel19:22

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