gotik_is it right that lv2rack doesn’t understand midi ports?11:15
mousehi someone knows how to use flash with jack?21:01
holsteinmouse: several ways21:12
mousei have read some net informations.21:13
mousebut before i think its important to say i use jackd and pulse only with jack-sink an source21:13
holsteinthe pulse-jack bridge that falktx wrote would be easy21:13
mouseim using that already21:14
holsteinthat should do it21:14
holsteinpulse-jack is not routing flash audio to you're audio device running JACK ?21:16
holsteinmouse: ^21:16
mouseload-module module-jack-source load-module module-jack-sink this was added to pulse default.pa21:16
mouseand the other modules were put as comment21:16
mouseno its not working21:16
holsteinthis is the one that falk made?21:17
holsteinfor kxstudio21:17
holsteinthe package is actually named pulse-jack21:17
holsteinmouse: for example21:17
mouseno this i do not have21:18
holsteinall i did was add falks PPA21:18
holsteinsudo apt-get install pulse-jack21:18
holsteinthen, start JACK as normal21:18
holsteinopen a terminal21:18
holsteinand run21:18
holsteinand pulse 'shows up' in JACK connections21:18
holsteini suppose the other thing would be21:19
holsteinwhat are you trying to do?21:19
holsteinif its record some audio from a flash source21:19
holsteinyou might just want to ask the creator of the content21:19
holsteinSO, at the same time you are getting permission, you can probably get a higher quality file21:20
mousewell i was just checking falks ppa21:20
mouseits for kxstudio21:20
holsteinmouse: if you'd like21:20
holsteinjoin #opensourcemusicians21:20
holsteinand ask around21:20
holsteinjoin #kxstudio21:20
holsteinim using falks PPA with ubuntu 10.0421:21
mouseah ok thx for your help so far21:21
holsteinsure, it'll work :)21:21
holsteinmouse: i know about the sink that you are talking about21:21
holsteinbut i havent ever needed it21:21
holsteini can imagine needing even a web browser open on my production machine21:22
holsteinmuch less flash21:22
mousei want to preview samplefiles21:22
holsteinbut, you can21:22
holsteinyeah, i guess i would stop JACK21:22
holsteingo and do what i need to to21:22
holsteindownload them21:22
holsteinand get back to JACK21:22
mousei thought of wine21:22
mouseusing the browser there21:23
holsteinnah, wine wont do it21:23
mousebut there jack also does not work21:23
holsteinpulse-jack is easy21:23
mouseill try that21:23
holsteinyou could also download them all21:24
holsteinand preview them in VLC with the JACK plugin added21:24
holsteinOR audacious21:24
mouseyes butdownloading thousands of crap tones to find the one you want..21:25
holsteinwell, you gotta weed through them one way or the other21:25
mouseso the jack is installed21:28
holsteinpulse-jack ?21:28
mousenow just restart ff and it works?21:28
holsteinyou got JACK running?21:28
holsteinopen 'connections'21:29
mouseand working fine with hydrogen fe21:29
holsteinor whatever you use21:29
holsteinand then, open a terminal21:29
holsteinand start the bridge21:29
holsteinthen, you should see something new show up21:29
holsteini forget what its called21:29
holsteinpulse-sink ??21:29
holsteinsomething like that^21:29
holsteinmouse: you might need to route the bridge21:30
holsteini cant remember if it auto connects21:30
holsteinbut, yeah, that should be it21:30
holsteinprobably need to restart FF21:30
mousewait a sec21:31
holsteinmouse: be aware that there are a lot of different packages in that PPA21:33
mousesomething is wrong with pulse21:33
mouseit was running before..now it does not start21:33
holsteinmouse: pulse-jack kills it21:34
holsteinand restarts it so JACK can see it21:34
mouseyes well pulseaudio is not running21:34
holsteinmouse: you can restart pulse after stopping jack if you want21:34
holsteinmouse: do you have it routed properly?21:34
holsteinthe pulse-jack bridge?21:35
mousedo i need to revert changes made before in default.pa??21:35
holsteinmouse: maybe21:35
holsteinive never messed about in there21:35
mousei followed instructions in the wiki21:35
holsteinnot for falks package21:36
mousepulseaudio through jack21:36
holsteinthats for the other method21:36
holsteinthat didnt work for you21:36
holsteinmouse: falk is routinely around21:36
mouseyes right seems so...load-module module-oss-mmap device="/dev/dsp" sink_name=output source_name=input21:36
mouseload-module module-null-sink21:36
mouseload-module module-pipe-sink this uncommenting?21:36
holsteinim not sure21:37
holsteinive never needed to mess with that at all21:37
holsteinif its easy to revert21:37
holsteini say, go for it21:37
holsteinbecause, ive never had anyone say falks bridge didnt 'just work'21:37
mouseok changes reverted..its now working21:38
mouseso now back to it..so first pulseaudio then pulse-jack21:38
holsteinmouse: when i used the bridge21:38
mousepulse-jack bridge21:38
holsteinwell, just get JACK running21:39
holsteinthen, starting pulse-jack21:39
holsteinshould do the rest21:39
holsteinIF you need to restart afterwards21:39
holsteinOR if pulse doesnt start if you reboot21:39
holsteinwhich i had happen21:39
holsteinyou can start it with pulseaudio21:39
holsteini made a startup item for it21:39
holsteinand ive totally spaced mentioning that to falk21:40
holsteinits probably something on my end21:40
mouseso when starting pulseaudio manually it starts21:43
mousealso as a daemon21:43
mousewhen i start pulse-jack21:43
mouseit says its running need to stop then pulsejack then failed to load daemon21:44
mouseah playback only works21:46
mouseyep now it showed up21:46
mouseas a connection in jack21:46
holsteinyeah, thats the deal21:46
mouselet me test21:46
mousehmm..youtube fe still silent :(21:48
mousepulseaudio jack sink is connected with the output21:48
holsteinmouse: all pulse *should* be routed there21:48
holsteinis for me21:49
holsteinwell, i gotta grab a nap before the gig21:50
mousepulseaudio meter shows no audio output21:50
holsteinmouse: check over in #opensourcemusicians21:50

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