mr_pouitmicahg: (re: #737324) I had to move xfce4-notifyd to depends, because daily builds were broken with it as recommends only (it should precisely be the same issue: another notification-daemon was selected first, and then the recommends was conficting :/)09:36
ochosimicahg: hey, can we talk about gmusicbrowser-patches again tonight (if you have time)?13:57
micahgochosi: sure, when's 'tonight'14:58
charlie-tcamr_pouit, micahg, cody-somerville : we need to adjust the colors used on the alternate installer now14:58
micahgmr_pouit: so, we need our notification daemon specifically?14:59
charlie-tcathis is a Xubuntu installation14:59
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: I know, this is another last minute change from someone who woke up one morning and thought this was a good idea15:00
charlie-tcaI know, and the design team got involved and changed the color pallette, to further screw with us15:01
mr_pouitI've been following the thread on ubuntu-devel, so I'll update xubuntu-artwork packaging to fix that soon15:01
charlie-tcaI had hopes we could use this, but these colors actually suck15:01
mr_pouitmicahg: no (because it works with other daemons), but yes (because xfce4-notifyd is better suited for xfce, it can be themed and its settings changed, unlike notify-osd, and is well integrated in xfce4-settings-manager, unlike all the other ones)15:02
mr_pouit*in xfce4-settings-manager and xfconf, of course15:03
charlie-tcamr_pouit: do we need a bug report to get an FFe?15:03
charlie-tcaThe single workspace seems to be a virtualbox feature only on installs15:04
charlie-tcahardware installations give two workspaces15:04
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: no FFe needed15:04
mr_pouitmmh, that's weird then15:05
charlie-tcaThank you15:05
micahgmr_pouit: what about notification-daemon | xfce4-notifyd?15:06
micahgor maybe even the other way around15:06
mr_pouitmicahg: yeah, I think it's doable, it just needs some manual patching of xubuntu-meta & ubuntu-meta15:08
mr_pouitpatching = sed, probably15:08
micahgheh, well i'm waiting to see what the ubuntu side says about this :)15:09
mr_pouitxubuntu-meta previously contained something to do that for gnumeric irrc: gnumeric-gtk | gnumeric15:10
mr_pouitmicahg: but are you sure these notification-daemons are the cause of the conflict?15:12
micahgmr_pouit: it's at least one cause15:12
mr_pouitthere's other possibilities, like libsdl alsa vs. pulseaudio (I didn't check)15:12
micahgI was wondering about that, but I think both are using pulseaudio now15:13
micahgat least aptitude seemed to be happy with just notify-osd being pulled15:13
ochosimicahg: $tonight == 6pm to 8pm CET ?15:15
micahgochosi: is that UTC +2?15:17
micahgoops +1?15:17
ochosimicahg: yeah, sry, UTC+115:19
micahgochosi: can probably do UTC 18:00 - 19:00, meeting at 17:0015:23
ochosimicahg: ok, so let's start looking at it around 18:0015:24
ochosimicahg: you around?17:18
micahgochosi: around?18:30
ochosimicahg: yes but i need one more min18:31
ochosimicahg: ok, i'm ready18:34
ochosimicahg: i did a quick git diff to check what's missing from 1.1.718:36
ochosimicahg: really not much :)18:36
micahgochosi: so, quadrispro uploaded to Debian, Debian ftp's on manual, so it might not be until tomorrow or the next day until it hits, I'd like to review your patches tonight so we can prepare the upload to go in right after Debian or EOD Wed, whichever is first18:39
ochositwo files we need to add to gmb:18:40
ochosior wait, do you want me to prepare a list of the patches?18:40
micahgochosi: list and diffs please :)18:40
micahgochosi: or just give me your version where I can dget it 18:40
ochosimicahg: https://github.com/shimmerproject/gmusicbrowser18:41
ochosibut you don't need to pick/review all the differences18:41
ochosie.g. there is an icon theme that we don't need for xubuntu18:41
micahgochosi: right, can you prepare a package or point me to the specific patches I need?18:41
ochosimicahg: you mean a debian package?18:42
micahgochosi: yep, if you want18:43
ochosithe debian package is in our ppa18:43
micahgochosi: am I taking all the patches in there?18:44
ochosimicahg: and this is approx the patches we need from there: http://pastebin.com/YLk2tEGj18:44
ochosimeaning: add the files shimmer.layout and makeitlooklike.layout18:44
ochosiand adding a few lines to the other files in that list18:44
ochosithe changes are really not much as you can see18:44
ochosiit's only UI stuff18:45
ochosino functions18:45
ochosimicahg: do you want me to go through the changes with you individually?18:45
micahgochosi: well, I either need a debdiff for the patch or I need to know what it does so I can make sure it works :)18:48
ochosimicahg: ok :)18:48
ochosimicahg: all the stuff that ends on .layout contain layouts for gmusicbrowser, it has an inbuilt system to rearrange the UI elements. so that's that18:49
ochosimicahg: there's nothing much that could really break there, the layout has been tested for ages (~1year)18:49
ochosithe lines in gmusicbrowser_layout add two new widgets that inherit everything from their parents and only changes what happens when you click them18:51
ochosimicahg: i'm a bit lost on that, what else can i do for you now?18:57
micahgochosi: I wish 1.1.7-1 was dgettable, but it won't be until tomorrow most likely18:58
micahgochosi: a debdiff would be great if you have time18:59
ochosimicahg: that shouldn't be a problem, any specific options you want me to add?19:00
ochosimicahg: here you go: http://pastebin.com/YbvsSWgr19:09
ochosimicahg: note that we don't need pix/Faenza/*19:10
micahgochosi: that's a diff WRT files, if I add all these files as a patch, will that be enough?19:13
ochosimicahg: no, the git diff i posted before is the real diff19:14
micahgochosi: there's no diff there and I think I have to go19:15
ochosimicahg: when would you have time again?19:16
micahgochosi: in about 2 hrs hopefully19:34
ochosimicahg: sorry, not sure i'll be around then... :/19:36
micahgochosi: ok, tomorrow work?19:37
ochosimicahg: well actually in the morning i'd have a bit of time19:40
ochosimicahg: the rest of the day isn't that great unfortunately19:40
ochosimicahg: gotta prepare for a work-trip that starts on friday morning19:41
micahgochosi: ugh, what time is morning?19:41
ochosibetween 9 and 11?19:42
micahgI hope to be sleeping then :)19:42
ochosiok :)19:43
micahgochosi: I'll can be available tonight from UTC 0:00 to UTC 6:00, but I guess you'll be sleeping then :)19:45
ochosimicahg: you could simply "git clone https://github.com/shimmerproject/gmusicbrowser.git" and then take the diff between 2703644caf9f3f66025cea78959c026bc97638b1 and master19:45
ochosimicahg: i really hope so, yes ;)19:45
micahgochosi: ok, I'll try that, thanks19:46
ochosimicahg: thanks for your help19:46
micahgochosi: you're welcome19:46
ochosimicahg: if you need more explanations on what the individual patches/changes do, feel free to ping me anytime19:47
ochosimicahg: i read the backlog, so i'd answer maybe tomorrow morning19:47
ochosimicahg: but as i said, it's all just UI stuff, changing popup-menus etc19:48
micahgochosi: do you have a sane author commit name set so I can use that in the patch?19:49
ochosimicahg: yeah, just use "Simon SteinbeiƟ"19:50
micahgochosi: ok19:50

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