auserofirchow do i get the gpointing tool to reapply the settings on boot?00:38
auserofircor is there an alternative one for xfce?00:40
ochosiauserofirc: what does gpointing-tool exactly do?00:40
auserofircit allows me to configure my touchpad00:41
auserofircfull name is 'gpointing-device-settings'00:41
ochosiah right00:41
ochosihm, afaik there's no xfce-specific alternative00:41
ochosidoesn't it save the values and reapply them on reboot/session-restart anyway?00:41
auserofircthat's what i thought, but it doesn't. after i googled a bit it seems that i need to have gnome-settings-daemon running for it to re-apply them00:42
auserofircdamn :(00:42
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xiaosheni just install xubuntu 10.10 on lenovo 3000 y400. but when i login there's no sound02:29
xiaoshencan you help me?02:29
EricR2427One thing you might want to check is Applications->System->Additional Drivers and see what that brings up02:33
knomexiaoshen, try installing 'pavucontrol', running it and unmuting the master channel :)02:34
xiaoshenknome, why my sound is not detected ?02:37
knomexiaoshen, it is probably just a bug, and the sound is muted in pulseaudio. did you try what i suggested?02:37
xiaoshenknome, muted? but alsamixer shows that it's not in a muted state02:38
xiaoshenhow to install that?02:39
knomexiaoshen, sudo apt-get install pavucontrol02:39
knomexiaoshen, alsa and pulseaudio are different audio systems02:39
knomexiaoshen, you need to unmute both02:39
xiaoshenso i need to install pavucontrol to unmute pulseaudio?02:40
xiaoshenso next time when i reinstall xubuntu i'll need to install pavucontrol?02:43
knomexiaoshen, that really shouldn't happen, but yes, if your soundcard is detected but you get no sound02:44
knomexiaoshen, as i said, it's bug in xubuntu (hopefully fixed for 11.04)02:44
xiaosheni see02:44
xiaosheni'm installing pavucontrol now02:44
xiaoshenwell it seems finished installing02:45
xiaoshenwhy when i type su then enter in terminal then input my password it said authentification is failed?02:46
knomesu shouldn't be used02:47
knomethere is no root user in ubuntu02:47
knomeyou should use sudo02:48
xiaoshenso i snot possible to login as root02:48
knomeyou are correct02:48
knomewell, there are ways to enable one-time root terminal, but even that is not suggested02:49
xiaoshenknome, my xubuntu is fresh installed then it won't support playing mp3 or another type audio orbideo?02:50
knomexiaoshen, install xubuntu-restricted-extras02:50
xiaoshenknome, is there any package that similar to klite codepack02:51
xiaoshenwhich can play huge number of audio or video02:51
knomexiaoshen, the package i mentioned should install pretty much everything you need02:51
xiaosheni used to sypnatic manager to install02:52
knomethat's okay as well02:52
xiaoshenwell i want to know how to install the xubuntu-restricted-extras package from terminal -> sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras?02:53
knomexiaoshen, yes02:54
xiaosheni see^02:54
xiaoshenoh -addons and -extras02:54
knomei hope you'll get everything working02:54
knomei need to go to sleep since it's 5am already02:54
knomegood luck!02:54
xiaoshentHANK YOU02:55
knomeno problem02:55
xiaoshenwhy is xubuntu's pidgin always failed receive/transfer file on yahoo protocol?03:23
ljsoftnethow do i make vlc use my current GTK theme?04:00
xiaoshenmy xubuntu still have no sound04:06
xiaosheni have unmuted alsamixer and pulseaudio04:06
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jarnosSysi, a solution for the problem with gksu found: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157778108:44
xiaoshenknome are you there?09:03
knomexiaoshen, actually just came online ;)09:03
knomexiaoshen, how did you know i only slept for 6 hours? :)09:03
xiaoshenknome my xubuntu still have no sound :(09:03
knomexiaoshen, after looking at pavucontrol?09:03
xiaosheni have unmuted alsamixer and pulseaudio09:04
xiaoshenyea i have installed pavucontrol09:04
xiaoshenwhat shoul ido then09:04
knomein pavucontrol, did it look like it was your sound card you unmuted (the name)09:04
xiaoshen knome: what do you mean?09:05
xiaoshenafter installed pavucontrol i go to pulseaudio then it eems that the master volume control is muted then i unmuted it09:06
xiaoshenbut still no sound09:06
knomesorry, i might be a bit unresponsive at times; work09:07
xiaoshenoh u are workingnow09:07
xiaoshensorry to bother09:07
knomeyup. :)09:07
xiaoshenknome, but still i have to bother you to help me if it's possible09:10
knomesure, just a sec09:10
knomei have one deadline to meet today, so i need to work with that :)09:10
knomewhat does 'lspci | grep audio' say?09:14
xiaoshennothing is printed out after i execute lspci | grep audio in terminal09:15
knomeif you run lspci only, can you see something that might relate to your sound card?09:15
xiaosheni can't find any audio related09:17
xiaoshenfyi, in winxp i must install UAA 1st before install audio driver09:19
xiaoshenit said because i have high definition audio device09:19
xiaoshenanybody can help me?09:34
Sysixiaoshen: if that's entire lspci, it's like you don't even have soundcard09:36
Sysinot related to drivers09:36
xiaoshensysi but my winxp has sound09:37
xiaoshen00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)09:38
xiaosheni found09:38
xiaoshenhttp://pastebin.com/QPCBJmuZ line 509:38
Sysiintel should just work..09:44
xiaoshenbut why still no sound09:44
dbmWhat distro should i take ubuntu or xubuntu or kubuntu for my pc CPU AMD Sempron 3000+ / Graphic NX6600 LE, 1GB of Ram15:51
Sysiwhat you find suiting you15:51
likemindeadXubuntu, of course! :D15:51
charlie-tcaXubuntu is good for any computer15:51
* likemindead is stupid excited about Xubuntu Natty.15:51
Sysii lost the game :/15:52
dbmSysi, i've already tryed ubuntu on pc, and its not working good. its like FPS dance.. everything is blocking around.. not much but yes..15:52
dbmI've thinking about Kubuntu or Xubuntu.15:52
dbmand i've heard that xubuntu requiments lower systems.. configurations.15:52
charlie-tcaWe tend to think Xubuntu is a great choice!15:52
dbmcharlie-tca, thanks gonna giv' a shoot.15:53
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joelbenavidezHello, Im a total noob. anyone willing to help me set up exaile and movie player?22:51
joelbenavidezas i figured22:52
joelbenavidezthanks anyhoo22:52
charlie-tca!patience | joelbenavidez22:52
ubottujoelbenavidez: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:52
joelbenavidezkk thanks22:53
charlie-tcano one is actually being paid to sit and wait for questions here. Most people are monitoring this while working.22:53
joelbenavidezYea, the philosophy is what sold me on it22:54
knomejoelbenavidez, what's the problem?22:57
joelbenavidezits just that ive downloaded every gstreamer and totem plugin/option from the package manager, and i still cant get exaile to play mp3's. tried the command line on the help forums as well and it said it was down temporarily or something. just dont know what else to do.22:57
knomejoelbenavidez, try installing the package xubuntu-restricted-extras22:57
joelbenavidezyea that one22:57
joelbenavidezlet me check the error message22:57
knomeif it's multiline, use pastebin22:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:58
joelbenavidezwow i feel like an ass22:58
joelbenavidezits working now22:58
knomeglad i can help.22:59

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