englaAn appindicator question (I'm using the python bindings). How do I get the timestamp of an event when I get an 'activated' event on a menu item?00:12
kklimondaare you guys going to work on Unity performance on nvidia drivers? it's so much snappier on nouveau it's not even funny..00:17
Cimihumphreybc: why aren't you in #omgubuntu? :)02:06
humphreybcCimi: Whenever we go in there, we get pounced on by fanboys :)02:07
Cimiahaha ok :D02:07
Cimihumphreybc: dude, I'm going to bed, have a nice day, cheers02:18
humphreybcCimi: night!02:19
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didrocksgood morning07:36
MacSlowhey there everybody07:44
oSoMoNgood morning07:55
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kamstrupnjpatel: wrt http://twitter.com/#!/kamstrup/status/49945661554180097 if there was a renderer for the Dash home layout it would be trivially easy to adjust u-p-a to implement the omgubuntu mockup09:07
njpatelyeah, just running out of time :)09:08
kamstrupnjpatel: yeah, wanna borrow my worm hole?09:12
njpatelkamstrup, sure, but can I just escape down it? :)09:13
kamstrupnjpatel: wrt http://twitter.com/#!/kamstrup/status/49945661554180097 if there was a renderer for the Dash home layout it would be trivially easy to adjust u-p-a to implement the omgubuntu mockup09:14
kamstrupnjpatel: yeah, wanna borrow my worm hole?09:14
dbarth_apinheiro, rodrigo_: getting late for the call; can we postpone 30min?10:07
rodrigo_dbarth_, yes, np10:08
apinheirodbarth_, yes np10:09
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apinheiroloicm, I have just closed bug 73968910:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 739689 in unity "[a11y] Launcher a11y support works with at-spi2 but not with at-spi" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73968910:34
apinheiroso as usual it would require a milestone10:34
apinheiroloicm, and as far as I see, I can't set it by myself10:34
loicmapinheiro: unity-3.6.8 ?10:35
apinheiroloicm, well, yes, next one, but as I said, I can't set it10:36
loicmapinheiro: hum, I though you wanted me to set it for you...10:38
loicmapinheiro: but you want the rights to do it, right?10:38
apinheiroloicm, well, as you prefer10:38
apinheiroif for you is easier10:39
apinheiroyou can give the rights and I can put it10:39
apinheiroif not,  you can put the milestone10:39
loicmapinheiro: I've just changed the milestone, you should ask dbarth_ for the rights10:40
apinheiroloicm, ok thanks10:40
apinheironjpatel, hi10:46
apinheirocould someone review this merge proposal:10:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54190 in linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth doesn't work (HP Pavilion dv8220ea)" [Undecided,Invalid]10:46
apinheiroignore ubot5 it is about bug 73480310:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 734803 in nux (Ubuntu) "Missing child addition signals on nux::Layout and nux::View" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73480310:46
njpatelapinheiro, sorry was out, looking now10:49
apinheironjpatel, ok thanks10:49
njpatelapinheiro, +110:50
apinheironjpatel, ok thanks, I will merge it then10:50
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apinheiroloicm, I also have close bug 734803 and bug 734806, so the milestone thing also applies here12:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 734803 in nux (Ubuntu) "Missing child addition signals on nux::Layout and nux::View" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73480312:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 734806 in unity (Ubuntu) "Missing "children_changed" event emission from the atk support for the nux::View and nux::Layout objects" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73480612:19
apinheirosorry I didn't talk with david yet12:19
loicmapinheiro: np, done12:21
apinheiroloicm, ok thanks12:21
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bwrightJust a quick question, is a virtual machine loaded with a current natty image suitable for unity development12:23
apinheiroloicm, not sure if this affects12:32
apinheirobut bug 73480312:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 734803 in nux (Ubuntu) "Missing child addition signals on nux::Layout and nux::View" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73480312:32
apinheirois a nux bug12:32
apinheiroand you changed unity milestone12:32
klattimeranyone know when there was a release last on dbusmenu?12:35
klattimersomething merged isn't working for me12:35
Kaleokamstrup: I have a strange compile error in dee-qt since the latest release of dee12:39
loicmapinheiro: it's the only field I can change12:39
Kaleokamstrup: http://pastebin.com/kPuazBWU12:40
Kaleokamstrup: any idea?12:40
apinheiroloicm, ok12:40
apinheiroloicm, I don't know too much about how the release thing works here12:41
Kaleokamstrup: please ignore that :)12:41
* Kaleo is dumb12:42
apinheironjpatel, one question, I'm reviewing Focusable, as is what uses Places to manage the focus12:53
apinheirobut it seems that it is not used by the Launcher12:53
apinheirothere is any plan to use Focusable related methods on the Launcher?12:53
rodrigo_njpatel, another question: what's the shortcut to activate the panel indicators?12:54
rodrigo_alt-f1 only works for the launcher12:55
njpatelrodrigo_, F10 but it needs to change12:55
njpatelas we're breaking some apps12:56
njpatelapinheiro, I don't think for this release, no12:56
njpatelapinheiro, it's a bit too late12:56
apinheironjpatel, yes I understand it, my question was more like12:56
apinheiro"it will be eventually used on the launcher"?12:56
didrocksnjpatel: btw, did you change the restacking of the systray?12:56
njpatelapinheiro, heh, I hope so :)12:56
njpateldidrocks, not so far, I'm doing panel stuff today so I'll try and fix it12:57
didrocksnjpatel: ok, just a coincidence so that I see mumble for the first time here :)12:57
njpatelyeah :)12:57
didrocksI was wondering if I missed a commit12:57
apinheironjpatel, well, the thing is that the current a11y focus support on nux::View is based on the signals OnStartFocus, but it is seems tht it is not used by Focusable12:57
apinheiroalthough I need to test it12:57
njpatelapinheiro, gord wrote the Focusable stuff so he'll know for sure if it's used or not12:58
gordapinheiro, OnStartFocus is from old nux code, it doesn't actually do focus in the toolkit sense, it just means that nux is attempting to direct keyboard events to that objecct13:00
gordapinheiro, using the toolkit level focus support on the launcher doesn't make too much sense because the launcher isn't rendered using a toolkit really, it doesn't use layouts (containers) or anything like that, its just a straight drawing operation13:01
apinheirogord, well, but as Focusable is not used on the Launcher, is the only thing that I have to know that Focusable has the focus13:01
bwrightHey guys minor bug you need to add apt-get install libutouch-geis-dev to the dependencies for getting started.13:01
apinheirogord, well you are talking about the content of the Launcher13:01
apinheirobut the launcher itself is placed on a layout and so on13:02
apinheirogord, I need somehow to know that the launcher has the key input13:02
apinheiroalthough for the specific icons, I use the information that expose the launcher13:02
gordapinheiro, yes it is, but the launcher has a different top level than places, places is almost its own application, it has its own top level. places and the launcher are completely distinct and separated when it comes to focus. you'll need to ask MacSlow about how the focus on launcher works13:03
apinheirogord, this is the reason that right now I'm using OnStartFocus  and other things to do so13:03
apinheirogord, yes I already realized that places and dash are completely distinct when it comes to focus, this is the reason I asked njpatel if there are future plans to use Focusable also on the Launcher13:04
apinheirogord, note that Im not talking about LauncherIcon13:05
apinheirothis can still be managed as a selection13:05
gordapinheiro, okay then, no - from my point of view there are no plans for the launcher to use Focusable13:05
apinheirojust talking about how to know if the Launcher has the focus13:05
apinheirogord, long-term plans neither?13:05
gordapinheiro, no long-term plans either - the launcher codebase is just coded in a way that wouldn't make it feasible13:07
apinheirogord, ok thanks, so I would check how to  implement the a11y focus support taking that into account13:07
apinheirogord, thanks for the explanation13:07
apinheiroin fact, explanations13:08
gordapinheiro, on the launcher, i'm not sure - not familiar with how focus happens there - MacSlow is your guy to ask about that13:08
bwrightapinheiro: gord Can I get a confirmation that libutouch-geis-dev is a dep that isn't installled by build-deps unity13:08
bwrightI am about to post a bug report.13:08
apinheirogord, well I already talked with MacSlow in the past about it,so I guess that nothing new here13:08
bwright(It is also not mentioned in the INSTALL file)13:08
apinheirobwright, no idea13:09
apinheirogord, sorry for the nuisance, just a last question, on Area there are some focus-related signals13:09
apinheirogord, and as far as I see, they are being using on the Focusable implementation13:10
apinheiroso, any reason to define them on Area instead of on Focusable.h itself?13:10
bwrightUm I broke your build.13:11
bwrightHmm maybe this is on my end I will check.13:11
gordbwright, should be picked up - its listed as a dep in unity13:12
bwrightgord: I just did a fresh install of Natty in a vm, it was not the case. It also is not listed in the INSTALL file.13:13
bwrightIs there anything i can do to help confirm it?13:13
gordapinheiro, eh, not really - they could happily move into focuasable - i need to clean up the api once i get some free time tbh13:14
gorddidrocks, any idea about bwright's dep issues?13:14
didrocksbwright: this build-dep is from this week in trunk13:15
didrocksbwright: that's why the packaging doesn't list it as a build-dep for now13:17
didrocksgord: FYI ^^13:17
apinheirogord, ok, thanks13:17
bwrightdidrocks: In addition, could you please update the INSTALL file to include this dependency.13:17
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didrocksbwright: I've updated the dep, maybe you can provide a simple merge req for the INSTALL file? :)13:20
bwrightdidrocks: It is too trivial for a merge to be honest.13:21
didrocksbwright: TBH, I'm not even sure the INSTALL file is up to date13:21
bwrightoh by the way I am going to be hanging around the project for a while. I am writing a patch to move the launcher location.13:22
didrocksbwright: nice ;)13:22
didrocksbwright: not sure if it can do the release though, as feature freeze is passed13:23
didrockswgrant: yeah, basically the INSTALL fie is outdate13:23
didrockswgrant: I'll update the bug report13:23
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bwrightdidrocks: That is fine I personally just want the feature.13:24
didrocksbwright: a ppa should be fine :)13:24
didrocksbwright: as we made recent big changes in the launcher, you should be safe now13:24
bwrightAlso I want to move towards Ubuntu membership at some point so I feel the best way to contribute is with code.13:26
didrocksbwright: yeah, it's a nice way to get the membership and testimonials :)13:27
bwrightI also am going to be implementing xmonad key bindings for unity at some point in the future. I might push that to a unity-extras package though.13:29
didrockswhat's the xmonad key bindings?13:33
bwrightdidrocks: Essentially they are similar to vim it allows you to move between programs exceptionally fast.13:36
bwrightdidrocks: Any idea why complication would fail on nux::View no member named LayoutAdded. I downloaded the nux source and it is in there. Old dependency?13:37
* bwright will figure it out in the morning13:39
didrocksbwright: you need latest nux13:40
didrocksand think to pick it on the cmake ;)13:40
kamstrupseb128: (psst... help... https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-place-applications/+bugs?search=Search&field.importance=High I'm getting quite some dupes on those two bugs)13:45
seb128kamstrup, close them or ask qa to do it?13:46
kamstrupseb128: i did - i did - i'm just nudging you ever so slightly because we may want to distropatch it..? :-)13:47
seb128kamstrup, if that's of any consolation the commit got distopatched earlier today as indicated on the bug13:47
kamstrupseb128: oh, lol, thanks then :-D13:47
seb128kamstrup, you should read the bug comments ;-)13:48
seb128kamstrup, you're welcome13:48
kamstrupseb128: no time to read comments, i'm triaging dupes! :-D13:48
seb128kamstrup, it will tech you to write code with bugs ;-)13:48
didrockswhat kamstrup had a real bug?13:48
seb128kamstrup, but don't feel alone, njpatel had a popular launcher crash we distro patched as well today13:48
didrocksnjpatel likes to be popular :-)13:49
kamstrupdidrocks: noooo, nooo, apparently some users have some stack traces that looks like they come from u-p-a, but we all know they don't right..? *ahem*13:49
kamstrupseb128: hehe, that's good comfort. Nothing like schadenfroh13:49
didrockskamstrup: yeah, all those people just faking that to destroy your reputation. so noisy :-)13:49
kamstrupdidrocks: yeah I know!!!13:51
didrockskamstrup: so, right now, 30 bugs at least (as I've got 2 I just fix released and didn't dup) on the launcher crasher, do you want to make a contest with Neil? :)13:52
kamstrupdidrocks, njpatel: I've got 33 if I am allowed to add my 2 together13:53
kamstrupdidrocks: the interesting thing is that the most frequent of my crashers only should happen very very rarely, and only if you're exceptionally lucky/unlucky... which means... we have a mother truck load of users testing this13:54
kamstrupfactor in the very small percentage that will actualyl file bugs... and I am dazzled13:55
didrockskamstrup: that's nice to know at least. Seems that we got a recent natty user testing, indeed! :-)13:55
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njpatelzomg two panels14:06
didrocksnjpatel: really \o/14:06
njpatelyeah, it's a bit weird but I think it'll work14:06
didrocksnjpatel: is that part of one merge which will break everything? :)14:06
njpatelexactly :)14:06
didrocksheh :)14:06
* didrocks hurry to merge contributor's branch before :)14:07
didrocksnjpatel: everything is doubled apart from the systray?14:07
didrocks(and the bfb)14:07
njpateldidrocks, yeah14:08
njpatelbfb also right now, but I'm still playing with that14:08
didrocksyou rock!14:08
njpatelheh, thanks :)14:08
ryehi, was wondering whether it is known that now unity does not have numeric shortcuts, the application icons are being launched even when the launcher is not shown and that the menu does not work?14:18
* popey hugs njpatel 14:46
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njpatelI'm trying to make it as sane as possible for natty but I think it will be nice :)14:47
lamalexdidrocks, what do you suggest I do with bugs like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/73697314:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 736973 in unity (Ubuntu) "Window Previews compiz plugin applies in unity with the wrong offset" [Undecided,New]14:49
lamalexwontfix or confirmed/wishlist14:49
lamalexnjpatel, ^ maybe you can answer that as well14:49
didrockslamalex: confirmed/whishlist and stating that's a contributor patch are welcomed14:49
didrockslamalex: what do you think about14:50
didrockstriaged -> our team commit to do the work14:50
didrocksconfirmed -> we welcome external contributor to pick from that14:50
didrocks(just a rough idea)14:50
lamalexI think in progress + assigned is a better "we're commited to do the work"14:50
lamalextriaged if there's info on the bug report so someone can fix it14:51
lamalexor even just assigned to one of us or the team as a mark of commitment14:52
didrockslamalex: ok ok :)14:52
lamalextriaged should be a good place for anyone to go look for bugs they can work on that already have a fair amount of info14:52
lamalexbut we could assign bugs we are going to work on to unity-team or something until someone takes it, then they assign it to themselves14:52
lamalexor njpatel assigns it to them when he's dishout out work14:52
kenvandinejono, ping15:02
kenvandinejono, how big is your gwibber db? ls -lh ~/.config/gwibber/gwibber.sqlite15:03
kenvandinejono, i figure your's is probably the extreme case :)15:03
jonokenvandine, 71M15:03
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storrgie_What can I expect for dual monitor support from Unity?15:47
Mocstorrgie_: I find it very lacking so far.  It work, but few stuff are far from great15:50
storrgie_Moc, thats sad to hear15:50
MocI tried to report on launchpad the issues I found in multi screen setup15:51
apinheirogord, sorry for the nuisance, but I have a new question, but is about FocusActivated and FocusChanged signals15:59
apinheiroI guess that each time FocusActivated is emitted15:59
apinheiroFocusChanged is also emitted, right?15:59
apinheiroI see FocusActivated somewhat superfluous if FocusChanged is there16:00
gordapinheiro, only if the focus changed from one view to another view16:00
gordfocus activated is for when return is pressed whilst the widget is focused - focus changed is for when the focus changes from one view to another one16:00
apinheirogord, ah ok16:01
apinheiroI thought that FocusActivated was some kind of "focus-in" signal16:01
njpatelstorrgie_, Moc working on better support for multi-monitor now16:01
apinheirogord, thanks16:01
englahi, I'm repeating the following question from yesterday, in case someone knows:  An appindicator question (I'm using the python bindings). How do I get the timestamp of an event when I get an 'activated' event on a menu item?16:04
tedgengla, It doesn't come through the activated callback handler, but if you use the handle_event one you can get it.16:20
tedgengla, You just need to look for the "clicked" event name16:20
Cimismspillaz: you there dude? small chat16:21
smspillazit's 12:23 am, sorry dude16:22
smspillazsend me an email and I'll get back to you16:22
smspillazotherwise if it is simple I might be able to16:22
Cimismspillaz: I just need a quick response for the shadow on the panel in unit16:23
Cimismspillaz: I am in charge of understanding the best solution to follow, and then I'll propose it to the developer who will be in charge of that16:24
Cimismspillaz: said that, I can't miss "the WM guy" :-)16:24
englathanks a lot to tedg (I know tedg disappeared)16:25
* engla goes to check16:25
englato be honest I don't see any "clicked" event on the menu item16:28
smspillazCimi: panel shadow?16:28
smspillazCimi: I think your best bet there is to render it with cairo and render it underneath everything else16:28
smspillazexcept the desktop16:28
smspillazso look into the way we paint the unity stuff just after its on windows16:29
smspillazlikewise you'd paint the panel shadow there just after the desktop window16:29
Cimismspillaz: so, 2d shadow done with cairo and not gl16:29
Cimismspillaz: software rendered16:29
Cimiwith a not awesome blur too...16:30
smspillazCimi: yeah, just render it to a pixmap with cairo, tfp it and paint it16:30
and471hey mpt16:38
mpthello and47116:39
and471mpt, have you had anytime to work on that screenshot stuff?16:39
mptand471, no, sorry, I keep taking home my sketchboard to work on it and then falling asleep16:42
and471mpt, no problem, you are a busy guy :)16:42
njpatelapinheiro, please can you make sure I didn't break a11y for primary monitor with https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/more-multi-monitor/+merge/5438917:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54389 in Launchpad itself "Implement a milestone command in the email interface" [High,Fix released]17:06
apinheironjpatel, ok, I will test it17:06
njpatelI've added you as a reviewer17:06
apinheironjpatel, as rodrigo_ asked you before17:07
apinheirothe keybinding to start to explore the panel17:07
apinheirowas F1017:07
njpatelapinheiro, the main thing is that single monitor a11y still works, and dual-monitor a11y works somewhat too17:07
apinheirobut it seems to have changed here17:07
njpatelinteresting, it's still F10 for me17:07
apinheironjpatel, well I didn0t test it17:07
apinheiroI just read the comment17:08
apinheiro- F10, Alt+$foo therefore effect the monitor where the active window is17:08
njpatelapinheiro, I just realised there's a bug17:08
njpatelA11y should be for the monitor that has the menubar showing17:08
njpatelnot the primary monitor (which may not have the menubar showing)17:09
apinheironjpatel, well so I should test this with two monitors?17:10
njpatelapinheiro, right now I mostly want to know that it still works with one monitor17:10
njpatelas we can fix the dual-monitor case next week17:10
njpateli.e. I didn't break a11y for the common case17:11
njpatelthough I think it works with dual too :)17:11
apinheironjpatel, ok17:11
njpateljust pushing up a fix17:11
apinheironjpatel, well looking at the code, it mostly modifies places17:14
apinheirothat Im still chekcing in order to provide the a11y support17:14
apinheiroand the panel17:14
apinheirothat was rodrigo_ thing17:14
apinheiroanyway I will test also the launcher, just incase17:14
* rodrigo_ reviews17:16
njpatelapinheiro, no, it modifies the panel to have more than one17:18
apinheironjpatel, this is the reason I added this "and the panel" ;)17:18
apinheirothis is why I think that rodrigo_ should also review it, as he made most of the panel-service thing17:18
njpatelwhat I'm worried about is the sync-geometries17:19
rodrigo_njpatel, yes17:19
njpatelplease make sure you have r99517:19
njpatelrodrigo_, hey!17:19
apinheironjpatel, in this case, rodrigo_ was the one working on that17:19
njpatelrodrigo_, for some reason my xchat doesn't show you in the channel list :) Are you a ghost? ;)17:19
njpatelapinheiro, okay, I can continue with rodrigo_, thanks17:19
rodrigo_njpatel, not yet :)17:19
njpatelthen a ninja17:20
njpatela spanish ninja17:20
njpatelThe only time you can find him is during siesta17:20
ronocDanRabbit, hey there17:23
rodrigo_njpatel, :)17:23
DanRabbitronoc: hey17:23
ronocDanRabbit, just noticed this morning there is no icon for the audio-input-microphone-zero ?17:23
DanRabbithmm, let me check it17:24
DanRabbitronoc: oops XD I don't know how that happened. I'll push a fix17:25
ronocDanRabbit, also do you remember the email I sent asking for a version which was closer to the mockup's with the waves around the mic17:25
DanRabbitronoc: yes, I'll check out the spec and fix that today :)17:25
ronoceven :)17:25
ronocDanRabbit, cool, I'm around for a bit, grab me at any stage17:26
DanRabbitronoc: have that link handy still?17:26
ronocDanRabbit, sure -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoundMenu#Microphone%20volume%20item17:27
ronocDanRabbit, like the playlists icons, big improvement on what is there now17:28
DanRabbitglad you like :D17:28
DanRabbitronoc: should it be "..zero-panel" or "..low-zero-panel" ?17:33
ronocDanRabbit, one sec I'll check how the volume ones go17:33
DanRabbitronoc: volume is "low-zero" I thin17:33
ronocDanRabbit, aye well spotted, 'low-zero' it is then17:34
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DanRabbitronoc: okay pushing.rev 8717:37
ronocDanRabbit, will check in a bit, in the middle of debugging a nasty one17:37
DanRabbitno problem17:37
rodrigo_njpatel, seems notrhing's broken with your branch, but haven't tested with 2 monitors17:41
rodrigo_njpatel, if you hold the branch till tomorrow, I can do a multimonitor setup17:41
njpatelrodrigo_, sounds like a plan17:42
rodrigo_njpatel, but 1 thing I see is that you're not changing SyncGeomtries, but it should take into account the 2 monitor's geometries17:49
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njpatelrodrigo_, so what i've done is only sync the geometries of the monitor witht he menubar showing17:53
njpatelso only one panel in a11y terms17:53
njpateli thought that would make things simpler17:53
rodrigo_ah ok17:55
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lamalexDBO, Where is the code that actually does the animation for the launcher icons?18:20
lamalexI'm looking at LauncherIcon.cpp's Present method18:20
DBOwhich animations?18:20
DBOthat just sets a quirk18:21
lamalexI see that18:21
DBOare you trying to disable the present animation?18:21
lamalexno I'm trying to make a patch for something I think is annoying18:21
lamalexI think it pops out too far for minimize18:22
lamalexand I'm trying to see how it is if it only pops out some fraction, yet to be determined as much18:22
DBOlamalex, the first float is the "present urgency"18:23
DBOlamalex, that determines how far it pops out18:23
DBOwhen you call Present18:23
lamalexthat's what I thought but I couldn't find the drawing code to actually determine that18:23
lamalexand the variable name doesn't really explain that18:23
DBOwell its not supposed to be directly related18:25
DBOthe animation is a pop out, and it determines how far to pop out by the present urgency18:25
DBObut thats just the animation, it could change18:25
chaoticDanRabbit: thanks for the new audio input icons, I think they look much better18:35
DanRabbitchaotic: no problem :)18:38
chaoticDanRabbit: only one consideration - do you think we should have had three sound waves to keep it consistent with the volume indicator icon? We could make it a little wider couldn't we?18:39
DanRabbitchaotic: yea I wasn't sure if I was able to make it wider because it's in the menu and not on the panel?18:40
DanRabbitchaotic: but if that's not a problem then I can definitely change that18:40
chaoticDanRabbit: good point, I was assuming it could be a little wider, maybe we should check with ronoc18:44
ronocchaotic, DanRabbit I pass them to the ido slider so really I have little control of their placement. My only suggestion would be for them to be identical in positioning and size to the volume icons18:45
ronocchaotic, DanRabbit, that way at least they will lineup properly18:45
chaoticronoc: cheers18:46
chaoticDanRabbit: so probably best as they are then18:46
DanRabbitkk sounds good18:46
ronocchaotic, DanRabbit shall I get them packaged ?18:46
ronocand into natty ?18:46
DanRabbitronoc: that would be lovely :D18:47
ronocDanRabbit, sweet, thanks guys18:47
chaoticronoc: yup, cheers :)18:53
ronocchaotic, no probs18:53
ronocchaotic, are you in London ?18:53
james_whi, is it known/reported that the launcher will sometimes unhide for a moment when you switch virtual desktops with the keyboard (where the launcher hides on both)?19:09
didrocksjames_w: yeah, I fixed that in trunk19:11
james_w\o/ didrocks19:11
didrocksyw :)19:11
james_wmy other bug is that unity seems to have the wrong idea of the size of my screen19:11
james_wany tips for debugging that?19:11
didrocksjames_w: hum, one or multiple monitors?19:11
james_wone monitor19:12
didrocksjames_w: is the panel not taking the screen width?19:12
james_wsorry, I should be more precise, the /dash/ doesn't seem to know what size my screen is, but the panel does19:12
james_wif I go to the Applications view then the right-most icons are drawn off the right edge of the screen19:13
didrocksjames_w: so, the dash is fixed in width if your screen is =< 1024x76819:13
didrockscan you show us a screenshot?19:13
james_whow can I get a screenshot when the dash is active?19:13
didrocksjames_w: gnome-screenshot -i + delay19:14
didrocksjames_w: then, ubuntu-bug unity, and attach it (answer yes on the apport question if the issue is related to a graphical issue)19:14
didrocksso that we can get all the compiz/xorg infos19:14
didrocks(dinner time, bbl)19:15
htorquedidrocks, isn't it only fullscreen if the height is >800px?19:17
htorquedidrocks, err, <=800px19:19
james_wbug 74041519:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 740415 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dash draws some icons off right edge of screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74041519:20
htorquejames_w, ok, forget my comment :)19:21
didrockshtorque: I didn't follow last commit, but I think it should be < 1024 right now19:38
didrocksjames_w: it's interesting, and you get that reliably at each start?19:46
didrocksjames_w: seems the font size is quite big, isn't it?19:46
didrocksdo you have the standard one?19:47
didrocks(trying to find what can impact you)19:47
james_wone minute19:49
kenvandineDanRabbit, ping19:55
DanRabbitkenvandine: pong19:56
kenvandinehey, your complete-redraw branch is removing a bunch of icons19:56
kenvandineis that planned?19:56
DanRabbityea, it actually fixes a lot of icon leak issues19:57
kenvandinedoesn't build anymore :/19:57
DanRabbitthe redraw branch should cover only those icons which we actually show in the panel19:57
kenvandinemake[1]: *** No rule to make target `ubuntu-mono-dark/status/24/nm-device-wired-secure.svg', needed by `all'.  Stop.19:57
DanRabbitbefore it was kind of a "OMG draw every icon because we have no idea what we're doing" >.<19:57
kenvandinethe icons used to create the animated nm icons are missing19:58
DanRabbitah hmm19:58
DanRabbitokay that's not right19:58
kenvandinei didn't think so :)19:58
DanRabbitnvm, I guess that needs to fix :p19:58
kenvandinecan you take a look?19:58
DanRabbitkenvandine: yea no problem19:58
OmegaWoohoo, Firefox 4 :)19:59
ronochyperair, hey20:06
james_wdidrocks, sorry for the delay, was in meetings20:14
james_wdidrocks, which font will be used here?20:15
didrocksjames_w: no worry20:15
didrocksjames_w: the gnome system ones20:15
james_w"Desktop font"?20:15
didrocksI don't remember which one20:15
didrocksjames_w: just report the values on the bug report please if you don't have the default ones20:15
kenvandineronoc, just fyi, hit problems with ubuntu-mono merge, see the merge proposal for details20:16
james_wdidrocks, ok, that was it20:16
kenvandineronoc, DanRabbit is looking at it20:16
james_wdidrocks, I was on "Sans", and switching to Ubuntu fixed it20:16
didrocksjames_w: ok, nice that it was the issue! Can you report that one the bug? I'll target it for this week release :)20:17
didrocksshould be quite easy to fix20:17
ronockenvandine, okay20:18
james_wdidrocks, posted, let me know if there is any more info you need20:18
didrocksjames_w: sure, I'll. Thanks!20:18
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nhainesWell, there are lots of things about Unity I don't like, so it's time to file bugs.21:00
nhainesYou're welcome.  ;)21:00
OmegaIt's much appreciated!21:01
nhainesActually the new one is that if a maximized window has focus and you drag the Unity panel down, the window loses focus.21:01
nhainesI'm pretty impressed with how much Unity has improved in the past 3 weeks I've been using it.  It's been fun to watch everyone in here.21:02
ronocDanRabbit, any luck with that  ?21:04
ronocDanRabbit, i think Paul is back around, probably the best man to ask about this21:04
jcastrofta: new bugfix compiz upload just now, this will hopefully suck less for you21:04
DanRabbitronoc: sorry I'm trying to figure out this U1 control panel thing too :p21:05
DanRabbitlot's going on at once21:05
DanRabbitI'll have the fixes committed before day's end :)21:05
ronocDanRabbit, cool well sladen is around at the mo if you need to ask him anything21:05
ronocsladen, hi, DanRabbit needs to get his branch merged in tonight if poss21:06
ronocsladen, he had issues earlier21:06
ronocand merge is21:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 52449 in Ubuntu "Where is the firewall in Kubuntu" [Wishlist,Confirmed]21:06
ronocah flaky matching21:07
DanRabbitlol bot fail21:07
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nhainesThere, that's bug 740495.  :)21:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 740495 in unity (Ubuntu) "Maximized window loses focus when "pulled down" from Unity panel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74049521:18
ftajcastro, ok. what should I expect? less crashes? my xterms working? the follow focus mode working? compiz keeping my workspaces like they are? webapps recognized? the side panel no longer on top of fullscreen apps? etc, etc etc21:28
ftaok, none of the above then, but some look promising enough, thanks21:32
jcastroyour last 2 issues are unity related, not compiz21:34
sladenDanRabbit: ack21:42
DanRabbitsladen: can I do for you?21:42
englatedg: hi, can I ask you again about the event timestamp. You mentioned a "clicked" event, on which object do I find that? What my program is doing is constructing a gtk.Menu and setting it on the appindicator21:43
nhainesAnd now I've filed bug 74051, yay.21:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 74051 in defoma (Ubuntu) "Defoma fontconfig backend creates weird fonts.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7405121:44
nhainesAlso I really mean bug 740515.21:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 740515 in unity (Ubuntu) "Window controls in Unity panel do not extend to top of display" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74051521:44
sladenDanRabbit: lots of weather deletions.  This is intentional?21:45
DanRabbitsladen: I'm under the impression that we don't show the weather in the panel anymore right?21:45
DanRabbitsladen: having those mono weather icons breaks a lot of other apps. If we can remove them it'd be better.21:46
nhainesHaving the mono-themed icons breaks other apps?21:46
sladenDanRabbit: sed -pie 's/#dfdbd2/#3c3c3c/g;s/#000000/#ffffff/g' */*/*.svg   might replace that only file in a single command21:47
DanRabbitnhaines: yes in a lot of cases. You get mono icons in places on backgrounds in sizes that you don't want them21:48
sladenDanRabbit: sed -p -i -e 's/...21:48
DanRabbitsladen: oh I'll have to try that21:48
tedgengla, It'd be coming from the dbusmenu menuitem object.  You can get that from dbusmenu_gtk_parse_get_cached_item(menuitem) after you've passed it to the appindicator.21:49
englatedg: hm, I'll see if I can find this in the python API I'm using21:49
nhainesDanRabbit: hmm, that's surprising to me.  Well, it's a shame... I know there's a great weather application indicator out there.21:50
engla(but there is no dbusmenu 'layer' basically)21:50
tedgengla, Yeah, that happens internally, but you should be able to get to it with this function.21:50
* tedg wonders if we could set the gdk timestamp.21:50
tedgmight be evil21:51
DanRabbitnhaines: the problem is we're not using -symbolic icon names. So really what we're doing with monochrome icons is very hackish21:51
sladenDanRabbit: btw, are the two directories now a pure copy-and-replace of each other?21:52
englatedg: I don't think this is available in appindicator (python module), but I surely don't have the latest version either. I see with dbus-monitor that the timestamp is flying across though hehe21:52
sladenDanRabbit: in which case, should we build the ambiance/radiance from the Makefile as part of the build process?21:52
englatedg: I think "all abstractions leak" strikes again.21:52
DanRabbitsladen: the difference is in the index.theme file where the name is changed to "...mono-light"21:52
DanRabbitsladen: but yes I would have no problem with that being part of the build process. that would rock :)21:53
nhainesDanRabbit: thanks for the explanation!21:56
nhainesOkay, now that I've filed bug 740519, I'm done until I remember the last thing that was bothering me about Unity.  :)21:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 740519 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity panel fades application title on mouseover when focused application has no menus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74051921:56
DanRabbitnhaines: no problem21:57
sladenDanRabbit: correct, the weather icons are not shown22:10
sladenDanRabbit: okay, kenvandine has reported that it breaks the networking stuff22:11
DanRabbitsladen: okay, I'll see what's up with the network icons and fix those22:12
sladenDanRabbit: 1318 removals, of which only 748 are symlinks22:13
DanRabbitwe did the original site prior to a lot of the appindicator stuff22:14
DanRabbitso a lot of those reference gnome-panel applets that we don't use anymore22:14
DanRabbitbut I'll double check everything22:14
sladenDanRabbit: we definitely use the network ones ;-)22:16
nhainesOoh, what site?22:16
DanRabbitsladen: yea I know I know :p I gotta double check22:16
nhainessladen: unrelated, thanks for filing the Ubuntu Font bugs on the console font.  I was just heading to do that yesterday when I saw you had done it.  :)22:17
ronoc DanRabbit, all good ?22:37
seiflotfyDBO, please ping me when the stuff is fixed for the launcher that will allow me to create jumplists23:08
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ion“move to 0px borders now that Unity and Unity-2D/Metacity can cope” What does that mean? I fail to see a changelog entry in the metacity package saying something’s been done to facilitate that.23:44

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