poolielooks like i got some interesting feedback about colo00:03
jelmerpoolie: indeed.. almost all enthusiastic too00:23
jelmerpoolie: when you say bring bzr-colo into core, did you mean as-is or in some form or another?00:23
sidneihi poolie00:25
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poolieoh, definitely with changes00:34
poolieapparently i should have been more clear about that00:34
mgzhm, how clean does pqm make things before trying a build?01:07
mgz...I'd better just give up for the night I think.01:07
lifelessmgz: rm -rf clean01:09
mgzout of clever ideas as to what's wrong then, will fall back to blaming cython. shame I can't actually get at the generated C file.01:14
mgzif someone has the same version pqm does and want to try compiling my branch while I sleep, that'd be great.01:15
pooliemgz, i'll see what i can doo; sleep well01:29
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ScottKHow do I remove a remote brach?  Not on LP, in this case on alioth.02:16
lifelessrm -rf02:20
lifelessuhm thats not helpful02:20
lifelesswhat I mean is, that just deleting the directory is the way02:20
lifelessand we don't have an API in bzrlib to do that at the *branch* level, but if you don't have sftp access to the branch, bzrlib's VFS can let you do the delete remotely with a few lines opython.02:21
lifelessprobably a bug report would be good too02:21
ScottKI do have sftp access, so I can do it that way, but I was hoping for bzr rm -rf && bzr push or something.02:22
ScottKI'll file a bug against bzr.02:22
spivI think there may already be a bug report.02:23
ScottKI didn't find it.02:27
spivOk, probably not then. :)02:27
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vilahi all !07:35
jam1morning all08:32
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vilahey jam :)08:32
jamsidnei: afaik, nobody is regularly running those benchmarks.08:32
sidneihi jam09:45
jammorning sidnei09:46
jamwell, morning here at least09:46
sidneijam, here too, 6:45 to be more precise09:46
sidneijam, we might have a volunteer for setting up the benchmarks. let's see if he sticks around :)09:48
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jamsidnei: are you usually up that early?10:19
sidneijam, i usually go back to bed for a few more hours, but decided not to today. my kids wake up around 6am. the good news is that they go to bed around 10pm. and they're just 5mo old.10:20
jamjelmer: so it certainly seems that python2.7 has yet-again changed the size of python objects10:23
jamsigh, I already had 2.5 vs 2.6 code, now I need to add 2.7 into the mix10:23
jamI can reproduce 3 failures here10:27
jamat least the failure for 'string' sizes10:28
jelmerjam: ah, urgh :-/10:28
jamjelmer: I just committed a change which handles the String cases. which are all that were failing here10:32
jamI think the other bits are probably a 64 vs 32-bit difference.10:32
jamCare to help me work them out?10:32
jamdo you have a python2.6 on your machine to work with?10:32
jelmeryep, I have 2.6 installed here10:33
jelmer3 of my 9 errors are gone with the latest trunk10:33
jelmerwhat can I do ?10:34
jamjelmer: can you run it w/ python2.6 and see if they all pass?10:34
jamI'm wondering if I'm just failing on 64-bit always10:34
jamI have a gut-feeling that I'm rounding to 4-byte precision, and on 64-bit it always rounds to 8-byte precision10:34
jam(a struct will always be a multiple of 8-bytes rather than 4-bytes, but that might also be a python-2.6 vs 2.7 ism)10:35
jelmerjam: fails on python2.6 too10:37
jelmersame 6 tests10:37
jamjelmer: k. Yeah, I think I'm just off on how 'packed' the struct will be.10:38
jamI'll poke at it differently, just a sec10:38
jamjelmer: try again with trunk revno 18810:45
jelmerjam: one left now with both 2.6 and 2.710:47
jelmertest__sizeof__with_dummy (meliae.tests.test__loader.TestMemObjectCollection)10:47
jelmerAssertionError: 8340 != 834410:47
jamjelmer: done in 189, I just missed the fix for that test.10:49
jelmerjam: I can confirm it works now10:50
jamjelmer: what brought it to your attention?10:50
jelmerjam: There's a transition going on in Debian (dh_pycentral/dh_pysupport -> dh_python2) so I had to upload a new meliae anyway and was looking at running the test suite at build time, just to be sure.10:51
jelmerjam: It looks like the exit code of run_tests.py doesn't change if any tests failed btw10:59
BlankVer1ehow to find the last three logs , bzr log | head shows only 111:00
jamjelmer: patches welcome, I've never needed the return code, because I didn't script it. I'm not entirely sure how to11:00
jamBlankVer1e: bzr log --last 3 ?11:00
jamsorry, "bzr log -r last:3"11:00
jambzr log -r -3..-1 is what I would use, though11:01
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leo2007How to resolve this error http://paste.pocoo.org/show/7CYpcX5yqrzmNUAVubHG?11:37
jelmerleo2007: run "bzr break-lock bzr+ssh://leoliu@bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/trunk"11:37
leo2007that only break locks by me right?11:38
leo2007I basically C-c interrupt a 'bzr push' and now this problem.11:39
jamleo2007: bzr break-lock will only break the lock you ask it to, but it will break anyones lock. Which is why we give you the preview of who is claiming the current lock11:40
jamin your traceback, you can see your name11:40
jam"held by leoliu@vcs-noshell"11:40
leo2007ok breaking in process.11:41
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happyaronwhere to find bzr-fast-export.py?16:35
jelmerhappyaron: it's a part of the bzr-fastimport plugin16:36
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jmlvila: hello17:15
vilajml: hey ! . o O (In what TZ is he ?!?!)17:15
jmlvila: I can report that when I pull Launchpad branches that delete directories, Bazaar still gives me conflicts about not being able to remove those directories17:15
jmlvila: I'm in the UK17:15
jmlI am in *the* timezone.17:15
jmlhow about I make a minimal example17:16
vilayeah, that would help :-/ Orphans are still pretty rare so it's not that obvious to catch errors in edge cases17:17
vilajml: but you *do* have 'bzr.transform.orphan_policy=move' in your bazaar.conf right ?17:18
vila(carefully copy/pasted from mine to avoid typos)17:18
jmlahh... bzr not bzrlib17:18
vilaargh, 'bzr' not ... yeah17:19
jmltrying that17:19
jmldirectory/module.pyc has been orphaned in bzr-orphans17:21
vilanow, you have several options:17:22
vila- rm -fr bzr-orphans each time it appears17:22
vila- add it to .bzrignore17:22
vila- keep it intact to test that adding cruft there works ;)17:22
jmlvila: were there any options between "rm -fr" and "keep it"?17:23
vila - add it to .bzrignore17:23
vilajml: feel free to mix them ;)17:24
jmlvila: ok, thanks.17:24
jmlvila: is there a way I can customize the directory name / location?17:24
vilajml: and keep the feedback coming, I'm happy with it myself but I hit it so rarely I don't give myself useful feedback ;)17:25
vilajml: not really, one constraint of the implementation is that it should be *inside* the working tree17:25
jmlvila: hmm ok.17:25
jmllaunchpad has a funny .bzrignore such that anything beginning with '+' is ignored. Hoped I could take advantage of that and save a commit17:26
elmovila: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/udev.html#2011-03-15%2021:02:25.173640 <-- is that class of failure mode known?17:27
vilaelmo: I think so, at least it's not the first time I've seen similar backtraces17:28
elmovila: ok17:28
vilaelmo: and the link at the bottom of the page is a good way to check that too, in this case... there are far too many >-/17:30
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jamvila: isn't this http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/adduser.html#2011-03-15%2022:54:36.63461718:10
jamthe bug Andrew fixed about sharing transports?18:10
james_wyes, but it's not rolled out on jubany18:10
jamjames_w: ok18:10
jamjust checking, since it is currently the #1 failure18:10
vilajam: needs to be... as james_w said18:10
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vilajames_w: does this sounds reasonable: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583920/ ?18:32
vilajames_w: AIUI, there are 3 kinds of files involved there18:32
vilajames_w: 1) the logs (for the mass_import and the packages, bug #719888 asking for them to be grouped)18:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 719888 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "package import on jubany/pepo should write logs to a dedicated and configurable log directory" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71988818:33
vilajames_w: 2) the status files for the web site18:33
vilajames_w: 3) the diffs and merges (for debug ?)18:34
vilajames_w: so putting them in different directories should be a problem (as long as no imports are running when deploying the new scripts)18:34
vilajames_w: the additional question is: are diff/merges ever re-read by the scripts  (I'm 90% sure they aren't but I'd like confirmation) ?18:35
james_wthe diffs and merges are the start of replacing merges.ubuntu.com, so need to be served over http18:36
james_wthey are not re-read18:36
vilajames_w: so just http://paste.ubuntu.com/583921/ would be fine then ?18:37
vilajames_w: the bit I can't find is where the link is made between this directory and the web server itself18:37
james_wmaybe, depends how apache is configured :-)18:37
vilajames_w: what I'd like to do is separate the logs from the www18:38
james_w        DocumentRoot /srv/package-import.canonical.com/new/logs/18:38
vilajames_w: right, so that could be s/logs/www/ right ?18:40
james_wit could be18:40
vilajames_w: ok, thanks18:40
james_wif we don't want to make the logs accessible over http18:40
vilajames_w: well, if we want to publish relevant data the logs would need to be filtered anyway IMHO18:42
vilajames_w: well, I imagine that users won't be interested by all the details ?18:46
vilajames_w: or because the raw content won't be pretty enough ?18:47
james_wright, but they aren't even linked18:47
james_wI don't have a strong preference fwiw18:48
vilajames_w: indeed, and I understood that the bug was filed because the admins wanted to put the log files elsewhere to better track space consumption ?18:48
james_wI don't know18:49
vilaor did I went too far by considering that the mass_import log files and the import_package log files where in the same category ?18:49
james_wI never spoke to Tom about this18:49
vilajames_w: ok, thanks for the input anyway18:50
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lifelessfor jam/poolie - http://code.google.com/p/snappy/ - we were talking lzo etc back when looking at entropy coding in packs20:51
bob2is that the same as zippy?20:54
bob2ah, it is21:05
mgzfinally through most of the interminable python-dev vcs threads and reading poolie's colo post from the other day22:11

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